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  1. Chuck and Winkler

    08/30/16: Chuck and Winkler 8am Hour


    How will the Packers fare in the NFC North this season? Arthur Arkush, from ProFootballWeekly.com, joins the show this hour to talk some football.

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  2. Bill Michaels

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    08/29/16 - Mike Clemens joins The Bill Michaels Show


    Do you expect Jordy Nelson to return to his old form this season? Has there been a change in Mike McCarthy's coaching strategy? Mike Clemens from Sirius XM NFL Radio joins Bill Michaels.

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  3. The Big Show

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    08/29/16: The BIG Show 4 PM Hour


    How do you feel regarding Colin Kaepernick not standing during the national anthem? Did you like what you saw out of the Packers against the 49ers? The BIG Show takes your phone calls. Did you see what you needed to see from Aaron Rodgers? Is the team giving up long passes a thing to be worried about? Ryan Wood from the Green Bay Press Gazette joins the BIG Show.

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  4. Packers Coverage

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    08/30/16: Arthur Arkush joins Chuck and Winkler


    How will the Packers fare in the NFC North this season? Arthur Arkush, from ProFootballWeekly.com, joins the show to talk some football. What will hold the Packers back from making the Super Bowl this season?

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  5. Bucks Coverage

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    08/12/16: Steve Novak on The Big Show


    Is he near a deal to re-sign with the Bucks? Former Marquette Forward Steve Novak stops by. What are his thoughts on Dwayne Wade going to Chicago?

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  6. Brewers Coverage

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    08/29/16: The FAN Baseball Post Game Show


    Steve "Sparky" Fifer recaps the Brewers 6-5 loss to the Cardinals in Game 1. Plus hear from manager Craig Counsell and starting pitcher Zach Davies.

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  7. Varsity Blitz

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    08/27/16: Varsity Blitz High School Football Coaches Show Hour 2


    Mike McGivern and coach Tom Swittel are joined in studio by Union Grove head football coach, Craig McClelland. Also, hear from Rob Erickson of UW-Whitewater and Jake Landry of UW-La Crosse in the Coaches Corner as well as Kyle Oppenheimer of Helmets to Heal in this busy hour.

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  8. Home Improvement

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    08/27/16: Milwaukee NARI Home Improvement Show


    "Big Time" Mike McGivern is joined each week by a member of Milwaukee NARI to discuss new and innovate ways to improve your home the right way!

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  9. Fantasy Football

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    08-28-16 Fantasy Football Weekly


    Fantasy Football Weekly is BACK! Tim Allen and Ramie Makhlouf get you ready to draft your team and what sleepers to look for. Already drafted, the guys will grade your team.

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  1. Faith in the Zone

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    08/28/2016: Faith In The Zone


    Mike McGivern and Pastor Ken Keltner, from Brookside Baptist Church, talk to former Clemson Head Football Coach Tommy Bowden about his career and his faith.

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  2. Sparky's Final Inspection

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    08/27/16: Final Inspection Show Hour 2


    Steve Zautke is joined by John Wiedemann of RacingNation.com in this hour. Also, hear from drivers Alon Day and Michael McDowell.

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  3. Cutting Edge

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    08/27/16: Cutting Edge Outdoors Hour 2


    John, Tom, and Bushy take you on a wild ride through Wisconsin's great outdoors!

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  1. Mike Clemens is in Green Bay for rookie orientation

    Mike Clemens is in Green Bay for rookie orientation

    aj hawk found at 1:31