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    Chuck and WickettUndefinedstxwssptrue09/19/14: Chuck and Wickett 7am HourBrewers fans vent their frustration after last night's disastrous defeat to the Cardinals. 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Plus, Gary Payton is adivising the Greek Freak?2014-09-19T09:05:00Z2014-09-19T09:45:35Z96968580Sports Radio twelve that WS as good morning shut it wicket served up by Perkins restaurant and bakeries that is Geoff Freeman Mike wicket glad to have The at a football Friday. We can talk all the the the football that we won here this morning shot but I think what's on everybody's mind right now before we get into. A lot of Packers stuff today we have a lot of Packers stuff coming your way. It's all about the Milwaukee Brewers what happened last night. Losing yesterday the way they gate. The mental error made by EO Mark Reynolds that extended the eight dating it. The inability to get anything across with all those runners on it in now the extra innings I mean I does that. That's a frustrating frustrating loss and Brewers fans you what jumping you 4147991250. 4147991250. Was that Vietnam was that it are they are they you done it. Mean I it is then. It's been and is very interesting year for the Brewers and here they are now three and a half behind Pittsburgh who they face this weekend. lose tonight and it's over. Yeah yeah I think if you get any less in the less than two with this weekend it's over less this we take Beckett less than two. It's over because they put themselves in this position but you know that loss last night with Mark Reynolds forgetting how many outs there were. There's been a lot of tough losses. Put that ranks right up there considering the Brewers had so many few opportunities. You had a chance to. Take two three in Saint Louis C a two nothing lead need your offense was not there when they came. Most pitches his mind out okayed you know Broxton gave some base hits afterwards but you have the bounce out there he got the ball solid inning ending double play. That should have finished things off. I don't understand how do you. It Mike you can't make any excuse for Mark Reynolds creating the out count. All in all you can say is that does happen now I'm not I'm not giving excusing it from it was a it's one of those Regis yeah can't. You can't have that happen you just can't have that happen but it it dollars a mean it. Mean guys call time outs when they coming Chris Webber thing about Batman that's you often know the situation you have to know what's going on didn't know all I I didn't know those kind of things they do mental errors they need to sometimes creep in. I'm not it doesn't justified not excusing Mark Reynolds that was inexcusable. Yeah I I know it happens it just shouldn't happen and what it does happen that just George's the guy. In a pennant race in a tight situation against your rival. What was his mind. Housing that how does he won't what's he think it there. I still two outs and you know there's something can happen obviously and especially until this point in the season you know for success softened These guys battled hard got the game and just. I neighbors fans can call 479912. If I just messed up. Really sums up 45 years suburban sport there is somebody yesterday hit me up on Twitter and wanted to know you guys to sugar coating this collapse for the Brewers now we're we're talking about each and every day and we talk about this were I it's like. People say all you guys it'd take people to can you take the but the manager to task what people. One is exactly to do we what do you want to say this morning what you wanna say this morning. That was a bad loss a game you had control of part of the entire season that you had control of and he let slip away I mean there is some bad losses that one right there really really hurt. Yes. Really really work for out there who is starving. To go to the World Series start renewal of the post season even. Just even the wildcard at this point because the only as the way to division. Just to get the wildcard okay finance fear is out there and brewer fan is base in this country that's anymore. Supportive than the Milwaukee brewer fan base in his were so little lives that seemed out of the south. The Chicago Cubs okay. We have 35000. In him for Bobble head day the other day against the when the Packers are playing the same day it's very surprising I'm just I think for going for what the people how how they've supported this team and with so little results that we've got to Milwaukee Brewers. In 45 years where it is very sport great baseball town. Yeah great baseball the 41479912. Every 4147991250. And don't forget folks. It wasn't over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor like it may view on Sports Radio well fifty. I hit it solid I think it movie and I'm. Almost left about that but I'm not this morning and I'm gonna go to work tonight after work I'm gonna pick up my grandkids and forget about it. I don't know all you know I feel for Reynolds it's like get was a guy from Boston yeah yeah I mean. But I'll continue. Its its understandable. Motionless sort kicked off from the dugout yeah because sees as a player and good quality baseball. But. Wanting to Brewers don't seem to do is communicate you know I I I remember seeing nick Molina. his two fingers up that there's two wallets and communicating a little stop the Brewers drew up too much. And yet in numbers and to do that but. You guys are fighting with the way your hands I mean it's so obvious. When the Germans are bombing London people weren't getting up on all their killer not mean it's obvious they're collapsing. You know we're talking about why you mean you in my training I got to get a better have a guys. Enjoy the ballgame tonight with a grand that's great for you need to go out there and do me put this one behind you and he watched baseball. You know you don't take losses nearly as tough as I had no I don't you can be your kind of little lighthearted the switch from. Which of a little anger at that's. Great another reason normally the embroidery that you're not with me and I am but I mean that's I don't I don't take anything too typical I don't get too high don't get too low now. in Oak Creek on Sports Radio 1258 I don't do it all right yeah you know It even in the paper at just yet because or we earlier post season but. It is what it does right now. good at what they've mention guys like eager get but our stronger advocates but so what I. I think that's a good sign that the US what you paid. The coming for next year I really the biggest change is just the way he approaches the game to that that. Whether I would rent went deep. I'll let court and telling you that I think he had well technically at the to compete not person as we get. a lot of that because lack of so I think we do elections Cardinals to know. There it every single and I just thought it was the Brewers I really inched into the ops he's. I think it's more mental approach how we approach game. Anything that's gonna have to be changed. want to make the one aspect of his team it gets in a flat out a even though they went through little tough stretch there aren't lost sixteen of nineteen. Is the starting rotation the starting rotation goes out and gives them all three games of the series you give the offense a chance the win. It minus because that blemish which I would greeted me and I don't think you can look at the starting rotation and end I don't know what the future holds for guy but. coming back Lohse and back. Willie's going back buyers coming back penalty and you know you can debate goes for this and you're starting rotational estate. Completely screw up in spring it's still a get a chance. Come next spring to. You know start of the rotation. Mean you'll Vonnie Jameer Nelson mean on a dollar bill Michaels say this yesterday is not a bona locked into the rotation pictured I would agree with that mean. The guys CRA is like one the first time through the lineup it's 70 dad I mean Jimmy Nelson is not exactly. A guy you can just and into the rotation next year who knows gonna do with my best guess suck they're gonna bring back. And and what the twelve or thirteen dollar million my best guess is coming back and having Jimmy Nelson thought of the bullpen in the worst move in the world. Have a guy like get out there as a long reliever and Marco Estrada. Look you can back up mark all you want DiMarco has been great as a as a reliever he wasn't very good as a starter this year but he's been great as a I was little worried when he came in that game I thought one. One home run ball here or and branding Kinsler came into that was good again it got a little lucky with that line drive put was he was good yesterday. sought to land who suburb Waukesha Len you're on Sports Radio 12:50 good morning. I don't they're not done because they played So they're not done all right if the Brewers were in the pirates' situation. I guarantee they BUT beat get beat the pressure's off on. But they did not on but the reason. Roster so bad in this other quality just all about seeing as popular it's not the game. work physical errors happen. It's not that was just it's a mental Wear and This is the bad to me that it is right the run reading it's why it yet He's a Smart manager eaten bowls want you kind of manager like by. He doesn't have any insight he let his players to what they want. I'm sure he you need a lot these guys but it's hard that hard to see that because there's so many need mental mistake just you don't do. The last series we get there were men on first and second weapon in ball ground ball hit Arnold won't it back to second base. You know that's just. You look at the you cannot use players' union Richard you allowed spectacle if you keep talking about it and game. Yeah out these guys but you kept Thought did it at the clock thinking about we just he would do He eventually will get into some other. There's so many players went so much little pit stop you just don't see that we ate at St. Louis Cardinals they're not. If we don't have a better team and but mentally. get a cap who ruled that. When you when she gets that body because you went up what make sure not only. Players owe it to be in quote just know they're being done some BS are the on the guys got out like when he. This year how many people I mean. I think round frantic he's gone in and that you put up this kind of and unfortunately you never know what kind of manager we get. You can you talk about the disciplinarian we can end pocketed every but he. We'll see that's thing to you've got a guy like Ron he was a quote and quote player's manager. Or do you want ten mock goes try to rule and iron fist the guys who. You know what are gonna want illicitly what do you want I'm not gonna come out here and say Iraqis go on based on you know this season in the collapse it. The other the that is certainly it's not d.'s fault. That Reynolds that know how many were last night that's on mark that's routes gonna say that the manager or you know he needs to keep everybody focused ams are a veteran like Mark Reynolds should have enough around the infield to. From any level of play. You know they always say you know one out two outs everybody knows the situation while we're going to two were young and I think he just had a lapse in judgment. And let's say it's okay I'm just saying that's probably would have but he doesn't put up he did he More calls coming up. There's lines open for you you wanna jump in we're to Tony and Waukesha next 4147991250. 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Sports Radio twelve that the WSS three jug with you Brian Anderson on to the call there on fox sports Wisconsin for manager Ron recchi after last night's 32 loss in thirteen innings. At Saint Louis has wishful thinking his same thing while morons well you know it hasn't happened 258 games or whatever it is. It happened now you are what you are 40147991250. Was that ever sense is that it minutes. Pads kind of almost did it's that's is closed it done and as I've seen it here's a tweet I just got jock. This is from. Beef MW B five STH here's what they are. Is he says about the Brewers called what they are overpaid failures they don't deserve the fans they have disgraceful un discipline bombs break them up. Why wouldn't say that the most overreact if we think is seen in along time but I will say the one part of bought and I think brewer fan is not rewarded. Enough by that organization. Not enough for all the support that we give their their franchise and come up their when their team is. Mediocre or less than mediocre in you know so supporting their team on Saturday Wednesday afternoon games and all that. Do not get the reward Like cardinal fan like the Cardinals reward their fans all the time with the division titles. a series win once in awhile like more than twice every 45 years. Point 47991250. in Tony here on Sports Radio 1250. My issue that I don't glaring much good point. Mark Arnold air because you know mental error or losing that game or what caught but it. there still want more people appointment turnaround Redick. Yeah get myself. Why are you totally. how you're leading team out of it might. Put. It's great all people don't pitchers Robert and try to be Smart that we actually He caught a more actually we oh did that court that the court reporter thrown out every players make extra good respect and coaching out. not doing their job. And and that's why they're rooting. Yet reporter mark program Hitler couldn't it so they gave up caught perfect game. Well I know it wasn't what cost them the game but it was a big factor I don't know I really question Ron Kyle Lohse hired doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever I always say why ruin a good thing. If it ain't broke don't fix it we know why ruin a good thing you know you got going he's for hits he's given up in seven and a third. Not as I entered smashing balls all over the yard against the guy a couple loud outs but okay. keep I don't understand why told him for a righty. Mean if you were gonna make a change and there was some sort of pitching match you didn't like Matt Carpenter was coming up from that and you wanted to bring in Zach Duke or whatever that would have made sense to me. What you pulled him for Jonathan Broxton I don't understand that and has been very good. get Iran's you know what They're and they're doing well when lotion male he's the paint a lot of money right give out agreed you are not on the same boat as you write him out because he's pitched you know it's like he's been. out there trying to escape jams and all do you see his role a man KJ in west Dallas you're on Sports Radio 1250. guys yelled at McCraw you got it. That was most colossal meltdown that I've seen and I've been watching baseball for years this whole season. As them that way I don't think I've seen. The team lose some in that type of variety of ways that it was a lot this year. just so disappointed. And the point that I wanted to it is the mental errors are coming from veterans. It's coming from guys like Rickie Weeks and there are in his helmet. Everett from last night. We just aren't right I could figure out why did it route there's three outs in an inning. You know you got isn't. Secure in the Edmonton I mean just all currently you don't know what pitchers coming out of the bowl ban. just so many different ways. Like I export you said the other guy that's as he can't go through and just. echoed from the pop. You know dealing and was stupid. No I think Redick the is not. Managing up these guys and and veterans. Are the. AOL article that you think Ron Redick is the reason why Ryan brawn and swung a bat and it's a in the hell you later here. I'm listening to what you're saying just know what you mean. What what I it has series there's certain situations that need to be coached. And he's not a good situation or manager been saying that all year. The it just doesn't. It doesn't reflect on his personality. The Kyle Lohse moved to me was a mistake I can't blame Ron key for Mark Reynolds not knowing how many outs there not knowing your identity. I dirt to some degree somebody will say well you know it all starts at the top and you know if his guys do with with something like that ever happened in Saint Louis. I don't know. But admitted he wears the same not a lot they talk about suppose we're gonna start falling from the sky I was just bowled over by the I was like so what dads are shining and the Brewers yep. Where is your idea doing the same any Well yes you know. Bulls the other there was a bit with the one had met Adams Shelby Miller threw the ball go to second base joining us yes I was like does that doesn't happen to the Cardinals anyone a bad decision on his part to should throw to first base do little Matt Garza on everybody if you're. Than field. But now fallen well I've never Adams thing kicked data should went after it but all the fat ass again. Well the love down for a one cities. He shouldn't he be straying away for a 1479912. If there's got no range go to Brown Deer Ron you're on sports radio and it scores second base two and a base hit and run you're on Sports Radio twelve heavy Friday. Broad jump despite this five hour energy it is what across the in their rounds I pissed off their game last night Jesus. And it was. All air or that they want that that after rather a lack the art that they. Pushed. You would in the field at the wrong base a lot. At this what a manager I don't think there's any account a totally What you react how the big run tell what accountability would be in your minds bench for a week. That's a that golfers after they'll cut at a place. Especially at bat that it yesterday for carpet. At the to try to do except. Strain yeah I was are out there and accept that but well. We every bat it's that there used breeders' out of his mind ball. Right about the ball digital now okay who can afford it any play they are trying to bunt the ball. what they actually it yet they gave me like I don't know. And he did she didn't finish G insecure last night I mean you'll be caught adventure where you want but the bottom line you have in a big dad it's a girl is on the bench and as. Started at shortstop last night roll around me ask you this Carlos Gomez bench tonight star center fielder bench tonight the most important game of the year. You just said you want accountability one goma's made a couple of mistakes he was for six yesterday do you want Carlos Gomez bench tonight. What par was in the gallery Davis I. Ron once Carlos Gomez Benson I don't I don't think that's a Smart move. Any rentals you don't as dumb as that move was a thought in my use him because he knows that it's a really stupid last night made one of the dumbest moves in. Wisconsin sports history last night not knowing at to decent point not going to America. Say okay I'm gonna use him tonight because when it. Imagine tonight there's a a fly ball to deep center that our misses by six inches that you know go go club would wouldn't would get. Mean do you feel better because he got benched but I of they hold these guys accountable. This week we've had this discussion before and we're going to one more call appreciate the I didn't like damn mind games the guys right at its like people think the Brewers are the only team that makes mistakes you know why you notice every mistake made by the Brewers now because you watch him every game. Go watch the Pirates every every day blocks that the Blue Jays every day go watch any team every day and you know what you're gonna see. About the same amount of mistakes and the reason you notice every brewer mistake. Or a bad roll every base running blunder or whatever or every blown call bullpen appearance is because you watch the Brewers they're not a dumb team. There is Smart as any other team out there they just maybe not as good as it everybody else you know this rif ideal Scott Skiles theory. It's hold guys accountable what are you wanted to If you like your outfield beaten Logan Schafer and Carlos got I was Logan Schafer. Arnold Parra and and and not even is he's out because he he can't beat up clutch a lot. On Chris Davis and left Arnold are in and Logan right is that you want now I mean the certain cases where you can like like for the Florida State the bench in Winston for the first bright ideas or he's screwed up royally. I get Okay that's disciplinary action But if that goes out there and throws 31 Again I still Heisman Trophy candidate you know you don't know who feels worse and knows how poorly he was the plate I'll I'll was the play yesterday or the Carlos Gomez nobody. Carlos Gomez knows he screwed up yesterday he doesn't need benching him tonight the most important game of the year to go like you know they Of course you don't see united did no that is. You know Gomez in obvious situations becomes of this is what we're at the live with that we know that Dan senior on Sports Radio 1258 Dan. They're more accurately all morning. I mean on it. Or yep absolutely aglow the happened receipt and just you hugged your tonight. And besides as rattles you gotta look at collectively after the ninth inning comedy based they have. And nobody gets in the. That is frustrating is the Reynolds play was they were still tied at that moment. They had four or five more innings to try to push somebody across and all kinds of base runners we had down with a guy he opposite the guy at second at second base to go ahead there. What ever one other thing if you're gonna change the pitcher wanted to go to Toni Braxton. back I wanted to keep its Jonathan Broxton is what it was not Braxton Jonathan Broxton when he Broxton the singers and yes yes yes let ordered it. All come odd man and our. Because Jonathan Broxton went on what by the way this the first time in three years of birdie say hey why didn't they go to Estrada desperate for anybody Broxton is a guy right there rocks it has been great yes. Since he's become not come over from Cincinnati I've got no problem. If you had to go to somebody that's the guy I don't like that he went to anybody know what if they had to go to somebody. That's the guy that's that I'll tell you what they want to Estrada and he gives couples four hits in a are oh and ball ahead Broxton all you realize somebody calls were taking an out of them why they go to and I'm like Broxton. It's is that you know Squared up a couple after that mean he probably going to be getting him. It was an instant replay that didn't work in favor. Sound off the John BO GMC twelve these sound off line for 4821624144482162. On the Brewers last night are they done is it over sound off 4144482160. You're not gonna get to anymore your calls on this will be some free food in two minutes also got a three to get to a lot up Packers stock coming. From up until 10 o'clock chuck and we Sports Radio twelfth at the WS has me. But twelve Milwaukee sports reports starts right. On the legends of the field Sports 1250 updates studio. I'm chills then solo legends of the once I've shopper memorabilia autographs custom framing an athlete appearances and charity fundraising legends of the field dot com. Well Mark Reynolds thought they were they had two outs in the eighth inning but stepped on the bag and it wasn't the case. Rose miss out on a double play potentially lose in thirteen innings three to two with a Burress had a two nothing lead. Going into the eighth inning surrendered one run over seven and a third. tonight in Pittsburgh faced the Pirates of the first three Milwaukee now three and a half back in the wild card race the Pirates won last night. Siebert on that show starts at five on WSS PN and after the last pitch you make the switch to the as baseball post game show. Colorado Springs sky Sox and serve as the Brewers knew triple team. I'm a football the Packers face alliance Sunday at Ford Field the wide receiving has been the topic of conversation as of late. WS this is more Jordy Nelson has been Aaron Rodgers favorite target but Randall Cobb has three touchdowns in two games. You know we had the production majorities that of course is gonna get hurt just wrote this way they don't really have on him I'll go make some plays so they may look out for some things that don't repeat about the Adams caught five passes for fifty yards against the Jets have a lot of fun this is. You know we pay taxes to do we love them things that we investments were kids in Green Bay. Like Clemens public access BJ Raj you'll be out six and nine months recovering from biceps surgery this so to by the Milwaukee County parks all the parks to get a great deal in golf but any of their fifteen courses 142578024. County The BST weather today it's going to be a beautiful one and a good day for golf mostly sunny high 75 right now 56. And I'm radio on Sports Radio 1250 WS this big. Brewers fans who was yesterday's MTV meet first and only 4147991250. And food from Chile so chilis more life happens here this is second served up by Perkins restaurant grease spot the only season Brewers fans need Sports Radio 1215 WS fifteen. Brewers fans who was yesterday's MTV first and only 4147991250. And win food from Chile Chile's more than life happens here this is second served up by Perkins restaurant big grease spot the only season Brewers fans need Sports Radio 1215 WS fifteen. chuck his way we would even have a chili's and maybe. So anyway I was I was Stephen for a few hours after they do you know first off he's still on the down now and on on on Watson Miller might go about 230 thrust of that out the window to the eight track player and a no I look at the standings is this painful look at the Brewers three and a half on a wild card considering they were a month ago. Stockton John. On Sports Radio 1215 John kitty tell us who the was in the heart breaking loss for the Brewers yesterday. But I don't I listen to those guys I just stay up a little bit longer which it did last Tuesday night but I'd done rigid what last night well we'll read today and just his second Tommy got free food given away from chilis more life happens here speaking of Tim Allen check I always wonder what Tim's thinking. Theory is to wrap it up from last to repeat as baseball post game show Allen all right good morning boy. Is started here a brewers' loss in thirteen innings 32 and a rushing defeat. As the Brewers had an opportunity. To win this ball game. Actually more than just one opportunity had plenty in this one offense still struggling to get some runs on the board did they get just enough. It's a really kind of take this thing off the it didn't happen early on the ball game after Alou Croix double. It was our promise Ramirez knocking in the first run scooter to the very next inning that was the fourth and fifth. As the Brewers take two zip lead and then it's the well eighth inning when now all hell breaks loose is Kyle Lohse. Ends up on seven and a third on his line four hits one run it was earned a walk in two strikeouts veteran run. Will be applied to Mark Reynolds says he has a mental lapse in the ball game with a one out one on. He thought there was two outs in the inning and went over to step on first for what he thought was the third out. Should have been a double play to get out of that eighth inning just didn't happen Jonathan Broxton comes in and then things spiral out of control. End of that inning. It was the Cardinals and Brewers tied at two chance after chance in the tenth eleventh and twelfth and even the thirteenth. Can't get the Brewers any runs and Jimmy Nelson allows the Cardinals get on the board and win the ballgame in the bottom of the thirteenth Brewers now. Trail the Pittsburgh Pirates by three and a half games in that race for the wild card and they'll fire up a three game set against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Tonight. Z Bart on deck show presented by Allegra allergy relief underway gets you ready. For game one and that airs at five and after the last feds make the switch repeat as baseball post game show built by ace hardware. We're going to be right here tonight live in the on and art studios in what. look in the A must win if there's not a must win it's as close as you can be without being a must win tonight for the crew boys enjoy your Friday. Somebody on Twitter having appeared shocked this is from Jan 0019. and she says Tim taught us how to count to three in four languages last night. I can do it in in French it's all of the Taiwan Spanish is would illustrate security set toi. And injured so I. I can't do it in German radio Jody you identified why I think is that right I think that York a German restaurant yeah. That on what I am so wide I had German and high school I think one etc. so I think yeah little illustrates that's why would you say it. I mean why why beer before the B I don't know I got out of the hopper spent one word you said don't ever swap all watch it. Is it worse than moist. that's like the worst word ever ranked. With people and people people yeah I don't know we I don't know little bit late that they'll use the word on people especially women eight or. Gary Payton the glove is you assume a role with the Greek looks like Peyton. It's going to be special advisor to bucks big man got us out of the Colombo and Jason Kidd division going to Milwaukee to see undecided Kubel running the point for the bucks it. This from NBC sports the new coach of the box is not only determine and implement this idea. But it's good to have the help of the top point guards in the ninety's Gary Payton easy Athens right now at an event held during the afternoon in the northern Serb suburbs. And has revealed he's agreed to put the box to assume the role of special advisor for on us out of school ball okay so don't forget his record that you're you're trying to make point Like you're six. Brandon Knight Kendall And it and they got to point carts you don't like getting a common out of Kubel as a point guard of the future they that's apparently we're taking us. Okay I little surprised at debt and get Gary I guess no more he wasn't good enough of one guy needs a job I guess no. It's OK to me it sounds like Peyton wants back in the end. Decent kids throwing involved. That's what is sounds like to me yeah. The body system that sounds about right doesn't yet know that that's the way it works in the coaching have it totally got a choice bodies because you know if those guys are going to be gunning for you like to think those guys are going to be gunning for your job. You can check out this story in her FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash well that BW as as the bus tour. stayed close to our move now yes Chris Milton is going to be on the first Christmas but they're two guys solve all the people that you want to be on that bus tour the people wanna meet Chris Middleton it's two guys who do all the public appearances Chris Middleton John and John John Henson of course it enough the trip to northwestern they're going up I think. Oh Claire and that way. Next week them. And they're gonna announce who's going to be a you know it's going to be Jon Hansen oh absolutely it will be and it kind of appearance they call John hey Johnny boy. You know it should be by the way Jabari freak Parker that's what should be it should be Jabari Parker over and over and over again. Yeah the guys crazy Brandon Knight would bread and it's not a guy and the they use him but it's like Chris Middleton pop. middle to Chris the could walk into it of blocks all pair of an alias door behind nobody would know we wise. Is Chris Middleton biggest drill middle and I don't know. Up moving on finally last night what a terrible Thursday night football game we got. Threw mostly eliminated the on the reverse. That's the fifth game. Devin Hester returned a kick for a touchdown he had the end around for a touchdown Hi Devin Hester was all over the field yesterday. He also a lot caught a pass for 25 yards sold three hot dogs park nine cars yet and they did what they want with Tampa last night and Orlando Bloom out it's 35 nothing at half time it was a horrible football game that you like horrible football game that was like Ohio State against. Ohio State or Gatorade duels duels and Hendry of 66 about the donate 5614. The final score Matty ice was incredible yesterday 21 at. Of 24 286 passing yards. I guess you never really expected to end up this way but is exactly what we needed to do. We wanted to start fast I've offensively first drive of the game was about as good as we can do it. And we kept that momentum going but I think golf very came here really did a great job tonight. Never lies elsewhere besides Matty ice Stephen Jackson fourteen carries 54 yards and a touchdown Devin Hester had the touchdown on the ground also took one back Julio Jones nine catches a 161. Yards and two touchdown catches from Matt Ryan on the other side Josh McCown. Was five well for 58 yards and a pick. Mike letting came in seventeen to 24121. And a touchdown that was pretty much it Bobby raiding by the way seven catches. 64 yards eleven carries 41 yards. But a 5614. horrible football game yet it has got two wins now one they lost the in the Cincinnati enemy one at home in the opening week. Against New Orleans so one in their movement better start than last year coming up at 8 o'clock we'll talk Sports Illustrated this you may know him from she said TV dot com as well 815 packer insider Tyler will be here. And shut the color voice of the Detroit Lions Jim brands that are stops by 35 I was like him on Brady's got the best in the world Saturdays he does play by play on the radio for Michigan football. Sunday's he does. Font color commentary for the Lions and and the rest of the tide was beat up yet does he like fly commercial on that route to go from one city to another that for the next day that's hard to do most of the time he only has to go from Ann Arbor to Detroit. Okay but other our times and jury has to go from. Say South Bend. Wherever Green Bay does it him it wicket what does Calvin Johnson think of I'm sorry what is Calvin Johnson think of Jordy Nelson start to the year you're gonna hear from mega Tron coming up next check with Sports Radio 1250 WS has fielded that on the other side. September governance what does that mean football. Warm days cool nights time to enjoy delicious meat from our favorite all time butcher. Robert specially of your tailgating in Madison tomorrow for the badger game. Makes you got plenty of Roberts ribs on his stick on the grill the boneless pork ribs marinated it take eat barbecue sauce ready in minutes or their new chair they chicken skewers in barbecue garlic parmesan and door county cherry All easy to cook and ready minutes you can enjoy your favorite beverages in the kind of sticks in out. Roberts on Sundays serving up their hot it hamper the packer game watching parties. Or some of their thirty varieties of original sausages and brought will be on display ready for you to pick up. Like zesty Al Capote Italian sausage just bursting with true Italian flavor. Call Roberts today 262549. Meets next 262549. ME AT. And when you stop on out samples of their smoke beef jerky Cubs in five different flavors online at Roberts special to me to dot com. That's Roberts special to Waukesha dot com for information and those money saving coupons for the best and meets this weekend at every weekend during the NFL season. Roberts special debates in Waukesha they're your hometown butcher. I'm more pitched today and more so than anything else is and you know on getting better each and every week I mean that's the key target the challenges that we have to and there were facing we are really a great challenge in terms of the team that's played extremely well and historically and traditionally. A lot of great players on both sides of the ball also really folks around the fact that we got to get better so we got to get better we have been better we were last week stand. You know we can be a ground. Sports Radio twelve VW SS for each served up by Perkins restaurant make three's good morning 753. Lions head coach Jim Caldwell right there talking about your Green Bay Packers Detroit hosting Green Bay on Sunday high today 74. 56 right now in the brew city. We're to talk to a Sports Illustrated Aaron are you it she said TV dot com as coming I'll say this about Aaron I don't and personally I only from Twitter going back and forth a little bit Nobody watches more film outside of Ron Jaworski in the sports world than Aaron sounds like he watches a ton of film went. And we're looking forward talk with him coming up at eight insider Tyler will join at 815. And the color voice alliance gym brands federal join us at 835 Dorsey levens coming up in 93 does have a horse here we go at 915. Coming on Sunday you know you and I would back and forth a little bit on what was the bigger concern Ndamukong Suh or Calvin Johnson and it. It was got a split our listeners about 5050 mega Tron is as dangerous as they're there is the national football. Yeah because of his height 65. Just always get open The Packers giving up a lot of lot of high to that guy Pam you just hope that. You know they once he makes catch. You don't let him get yards after catch tackled right away that was a thing when he came out of college at Georgia Tech it was like not only does this guy just a freak at six foot five to fifty or he's got 43 and a half speed he was a burner coming out of college up there he carries that weight well and he's just a load to bring down and he's got great hands and he's though leading receiver I think leading receivers in the NFL he's the best wide receiver the National Football League and we spoke to the media yesterday obviously he knows hosting the is a big deal. Who began his divisional games the home game for off. We don't want secure home field and then playing time we'll get our particular. and again you know whenever they come. Well you know it. He's got new coach. He said so many it's a replica those coordinators and coaches exactly. I Jim called balls the new man on the block year. And dumb. You know called try to do things nice things on both sides of the football offensively and defensively but you know what is Jim Kolb will do for him. Carlo and great friend comes in from you know Columbia did but definitely better disciplined team you know as far as not killing ourselves you know we're still work to do. You know but it's still begin the season but I'll definitely wanna get all the horrible things that are don't that we do to her so. The biggest problem the lines of face of the last few years chuck has been penalties we know they've had such an undisciplined football team even in the victory against the Giants on the mother ninety Mike that a lot of pain for 81 step penalties lots please see in his first since they'll destroy them because overcame a bad team but. The Al lot of penalties and games from a Calvin Johnson he was asked his thoughts on the Packers leading wide receiver the NFL's leading wide receiver nobody's been targeted has more catches. Or more yards. Going into this week and then green Bay's. Jordy Nelson. And Jordan you'll see him make some big plays you know he's definitely their big play guy and got that we got to do to on the home come Sunday you know not let him get the ball around with his home to find seems to us. You know make bigger plays after catching the. So obviously there's some respect their because you gotta have some respect very highly has been so big agreement yet he has Jordy. Jim he's gonna have more opportunity is this week I think the Adams is gonna have some catches we'll see if the tight ends. And I got a career opportunity for you if you're looking for a new career listen up young express is hiring drivers are right there looking for you to move expedited But you don't need to have a seedy promise yet about drive in one of those bagel Riggs. Look good for you would have your own van a cargo van whatever it is. Because they are looking to hire you and the cool thing is when you sign with a young express. You become your own boss controlling your own paycheck set your own hours. And you could earn up to six figures now you're not gonna earn six figures were in two days a week are right if you're gonna work expressing you wanna make a ton of money. You gonna work hard a sacrifice a little bit for success which a realistic ability to make six figures a year. No need to worry about being in business for yourself they're gonna walk you step by step throughout the entire process don't know the industry they're gonna teach don't worry go to young express dot com. That's JUNG express dot com and get all the information. You can be working the same day when you sign on with a young express all you need is your own vehicle. The insurance and a cell phone that is it what would you rather do sit back and worry about your financial future. Provide other details doesn't hurt to check it out right young express dot com JUNG express dot com young express success drives them.Brewers fans vent their frustration after last night's disastrous defeat to the Cardinals. Plus, Gary Payton is adivising the Greek Freak?
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