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  1. Chuck and Winkler

    Latest Audio Clip

    12/02/16: CW 9am - Wrestling Hour


    The guys are joined by Wrestling Legend Tommy Dreamer at the Toy Drive this hour.

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  2. Bill Michaels

    Latest Audio Clip

    12/02/16: Greg Koch joins The Bill Michaels Show


    What is going on with the Houston Texans? Who has stepped up for Houston due to injuries to starters? Was it wrong to sign Brock Osweiler to the mega deal the Texans made? Former Packer offensive lineman Greg Koch from Sports Talk 790 in Houston joins Bill Michaels.

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  3. The Big Show

    Latest Audio Clip

    12/02/16: Wendy’s BIG SHOW 5PM Hour


    The guys make their final predictions for this weekend’s Packer game when they take on the Texans

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  4. Packers Coverage

    Latest Audio Clip

    12/02/16: John Anderson joins The BIG SHOW


    Former Packers linebacker John Anderson joins the show to discuss the Packers game against Houston.

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  5. Bucks Coverage

    Latest Audio Clip

    12/02/16: John Henson joins The Bill Michaels Show


    Are the Bucks comfortable with each other? Who is the guy who brings the team together? Are players aware of the business side of sports with the trade deadline looming? Milwaukee Bucks center John Henson joins Bill Michaels.

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  6. Brewers Coverage

    Latest Audio Clip

    12/01/16: Brian Anderson joins The BIG SHOW


    How will the Brewers look in 2017? What makes Milwaukee such an underrated city? Voice of the Brewers Brian Anderson joins The BIG SHOW

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  7. Varsity Blitz

    Latest Audio Clip

    12/03/16: Varsity Blitz Basketball Coaches Show Hour 2


    Mike McGivern is joined by Shawn Cassidy of Concordia, Ty Moesler of Milwaukee South and Bill Cromackl an Official from Lakeland Officials Association

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  8. Home Improvement

    Latest Audio Clip

    12-03-16 Milwaukee NARI Home Improvement Show


    "Big Time" Mike McGivern is joined each week by a member of Milwaukee NARI to discuss new and innovate ways to improve your home the right way!

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  9. Fantasy Football

    Latest Audio Clip

    12/02/16: Tom Kessenich joins The BIG SHOW


    The Godfather, Tom Kessenich joins to answer your fantasy football questions

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  1. Faith in the Zone

    Latest Audio Clip

    Former Dodger Brett Butler talks about his great baseball career and his faith.


    Coach Mike McGivern host Faith In The Zone. This show aired on Sunday December 4, 2016

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  2. Sparky's Final Inspection

    Latest Audio Clip

    11/19/16: Final Inspection Show Hour 2


    Steve Zautke is joined in-studio this week by The Fan's Jeff Orloski. Also, hear from Eddie LaPine of RacingNation.com as well as David Hobbs of NBCSports in this hour.

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  3. Cutting Edge

    Latest Audio Clip

    12-03-16 Cutting Edge Outdoors 7am Hour


    John, Tom, and Bushy take you on a wild ride through Wisconsin's great outdoors!

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