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  1. Chuck and Wickett

    Latest Audio Clip

    05/05/15 Chuck and Wickett 9am Hour


    Chuck and Wickett discuss the Brewers in over the Dodgers in Craig Counsell's first game as new manager of the Brewers.

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  2. Bill Michaels

    Latest Audio Clip

    05/05/15 – Brent Sobleski joins The Bill Michaels Show


    Bleacher Report's Brent Sobleski joins Bill to break down the NFL Draft. What grade would Brent give the Packers on their draft? Which Packers pick will make the biggest impact? Which pick did Ted Thompson reach on? What team had the best draft in the NFC North?

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  3. The Big Show

    Latest Audio Clip

    05/05/15 The BIG SHOW 5pm hour


    Brewers, Packers, Boxing, and more were the hot topics of the day on the BIG SHOW's "Pick-A-Lane" free-for-all!

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  4. Packers Coverage

    Latest Audio Clip

    05/04/15: Mike Clemens on the Bill Michaels Show


    What was the reaction to the Packers' draft picks like in the media room? Mike Clemens, of NFL SiriusXM Radio, joins the show to discuss the NFL Draft. Did Ted Thompson find the right players to give the team depth heading into next season? Why did the Packers draft Brett Hundley?

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  5. Bucks Coverage

    Latest Audio Clip

    05/01/15: Jon McGlocklin on The BIG SHOW


    Mr. Buck gives his review of the Bucks loss to the Bulls and the season as a whole, plus tips on what the Bucks need to work on to take the next step in 2015-2016.

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  6. Brewers Coverage

    Latest Audio Clip

    05/05/15 Rupena's Baseball Postgame Show


    Tim and Sparky discuss Brewers rebuild after Mark Attanasio addressed the media during the game.

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  7. Varsity Blitz

    Latest Audio Clip

    5-2-15 - Varsity Blitz Baseball Coaches Show Hour 2


    Big Time is joined by West Bend native, Paul Hoenecke, who's playing in the Los Angeles Dodgers organization. Also, Joe Kaszubowski, the Pick N' Save student athlete of the week is in studio this hour.

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  8. Home Improvement

    Latest Audio Clip

    05/02/15 - The Milwaukee NARI Home Improvement Show


    Mike McGivern is joined by a guest each week from Milwaukee NARI to discuss how to improve your home the right way!

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  9. Fantasy Football

    Latest Audio Clip

    08/28/14 Jung Express Fantasy Football Weekly Hour 3


    Tim, Ramie and Sparky break down everything in fantasy football and rate how your rosters stack up.

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  1. Faith in the Zone

    Latest Audio Clip

    5/3/15: Faith in the Zone


    Mike McGivern and Pastor Ken Keltner discuss the role God plays in sports figures lives.

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  2. Sparky's Final Inspection

    Latest Audio Clip

    5-2-15 - Sparky's Final Inspection


    The whole gang is back again this week to discuss the world of racing and give their predictions for this weekend's races in this abbreviated edition of SFI.

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  3. Cutting Edge

    Latest Audio Clip

    5/2/15: Cutting Edge Outdoors Hour 2


    John, Tom and Dan talk everything hunting, fishing and the great outdoors

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  1. 3-12-15 Brewers Spring Training - Highlights from a win over the Giants!

    Double plays, strikeouts, RUNNING INTO OUTS!! Catch the highlights of yesterday's Milwaukee Brewers​ win over the San Francisco Giants​!

    matt garza found at 1:52

  2. 3-10-15 Brewers Spring Training - Matt Clark

    There are lots of Matt Clark fans out there...check out what the Milwaukee Brewers​ 1B thinks of his chances to make the team this year!

  3. 3-10-15 Brewers Spring Training - Ron Roenicke

    VIDEO: Milwaukee Brewers manager Ron Roenicke with good stuff including his thoughts on C Jonathan Lucroy & P Dontrelle Willis!!

  4. 3-9-15 Brewers Spring Training - Matt Clark goes DEEP!

    Check out the highlights from yesterday day's Milwaukee Brewers​ loss including a 9th inning home run from 1B Matt Clark! Isn't just the SOUND of baseball, AWESOME?

    opposite field found at 1:53