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  1. Chuck and Wickett

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    12/24/14: Chuck and Wickett Hour 4


    Tim Allen, Bart Winkler, and Mario Tirabassi try to figure out how the Pro Bowl can be changed plus - Be Honest! Do you drink too much during the holidays?

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  2. Bill MichaelsUndefinedwssptrue12/26/14: Eric Baranczyk on the Bill Michaels ShowEric Baranczyk, of the Green Bay Press-Gazette, joins the show to talk Packers and their upcoming game against the Lions. Are the Packers overconfident going into this game? Will this game end up being a shoot out? What is the key to the game for the Packers?PubDate2014-12-26T11:55:00-05:00Fri, 26 Dec 2014Created2014-12-26T11:55:31-05:00Fri, 26 Dec 2014Updated2014-12-26T12:05:10-05:00Fri, 26 Dec 2014audio/mpegforbilltodayhowareyouvoting.Allma'amdoanawesome.PaulByrdneverstoppedourcommitment.ThereitlookedtosalutethisweekwasChristmasandthennot.OnepickleballgameSundayatwellasthedefenseplayedagainstTampaBayitisstilltheTampaBayBuccaneersandyouknowlastyearthewaytheorlastweekIshouldsaythewaytheoffensegotofftoarattledjustlikeanyquarterbackwould.Youknowhe'sgotalittleTonyRomoandBostonwider.ProblemssoIyouknowII.ThinkthatthatintheIan.Whichnormallykeyregionalseeker.ButnewssaidhenewinformationhereonsomeoftheseinjuriesnamelyAaronRodgersandandyouknowII'msurewillbefarI'mpersonallyEricandandIknowyouknowmoreinmesports_football100430664http://media.1057fmthefan.com/hosting/media/wssp/1623045/100430664/122614ericbaranczyk-100430664.mp312/26/14: Eric Baranczyk on the Bill Michaels ShowAaron Rodgers#Tampa Bay Buccaneers#Tony Romo#Paul Byrd#the Packers#Calvin Johnson#Green Bay#Julio Jones#Tampa Bay16230453606cbf67900b61244520ed00164116e985#2052/Audio#/EZNavType/Audiohttp://media.1057fmthefan.com/hosting/media/wssp/1623045/100430664/122614ericbaranczyk-100430664.mp312/26/14: Eric Baranczyk on the Bill Michaels ShowEric Baranczyk, of the Green Bay Press-Gazette, joins the show to talk Packers and their upcoming game against the Lions. Are the Packers overconfident going into this game? Will this game end up being a shoot out? What is the key to the game for the Packers?2014-12-26T11:55:00Z2014-12-26T12:05:17Z100430664Here or there are brand check Green Bay press gazette aired Tim Allen in for bill today how are you voting. All ma'am do an awesome. Paul Byrd never stopped our commitment. There it looked to salute this week was Christmas and then not. One pickle ball game Sunday at you know I I'm I'm shocked that the Packers are or are. And a half point favorites what. I don't I think it's difficult getting it up you know I don't know I'd it could be that they just. You know we just ought to depend on how it starts they could start quick and give. Detroit out of the running game altogether and have little bought into going to be okay. Yeah I I agree as well as the defense played against Tampa Bay it is still the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and you know last year the way the or last week I should say the way the offense got off to a really kind of a sketchy start their had they played a better offensive team. Eric. I think they would've gotten beat last week. Well you know he got out. I look at it this way I I bet going that fast you know we've been out long enough to get a pretty good idea what what do you think. And how they do it. I think deep deep routes the kitchens and go to. At new England. And did a lot of things we're. In the passing game was slow formation LaDainian route combinations that. Lately we have not seen that are. Whole farce on offense. Probably come out tomorrow probably on Sunday. We're gonna see a much better. Much more. Exciting Auckland and what he recently and while not I actually that they didn't play a little articles of the grass got a little bit of glared at her predicament. Win was playbook in. You know Morse agree that probably netted more circumstance Len I think that. Opened things up again and knows that you get in in all of that going and get ready playoffs. Yeah do you think they go in of a little overconfident I mean it's good to be confident I get that you wanna have a little bit of a swagger to yet no question but I think. You know. I'm afraid that that's going to be a shoot out game American you know as much as anybody about the NFL and I and I've been around the block he didn't do a shoot out man that's a little volatile situation. A missed tackle. Touchdown bomb a missed assignment. Man that's a volatile situation the point where that could beach I'm a little concerned that it will be a shoot out there are some weapons on Detroit for sure. All that looser you know predicted he would you know the can they get will they need to get pressure. And that's got to come down to me. Being able to move quarterback spot and if they can they can do it. They're gonna have net. They're they're missing a starter starter so. I think that affects running game more than an sacks the past Indy. With the Lions in there and you don't let that I don't think that's going to be a situation and helped attract as much but. I they're gonna happen in. You know it really solid hit it in on defense and get after the quarterback there's no question well are. Yeah and a quarterback. Been followed his career pretty close and and the numbers are pretty impressive at times but. The thing about Stafford isn't he checks out about once every three or four games where he just looks he looks really bad. About 25% of the time I think in terms of the Packers don't their opened that's on Sunday. You're hurt and yet it didn't unit and it seems like day. Once you get rattled just like any quarterback would. You know he's got a little Tony Romo and Boston wider. Problems so I you know I I. Think that that in the Ian. Which normally key regional seeker. But you gotta you gotta get him more not a slot in a little bit it would get injured and had to warm but you know. The worrisome part and he had that big. It directly on it and then there are. And that opened things up with those they either certainly come up and tackle especially recently you know I'm up in accuracy do you. There's there can be some problems are there aren't you are gonna get yet they'll adopt an old topic. What you know everybody knows that that's pretty scary proposition. Oh absolutely considering what Julio Jones did a few weeks ago did do you think they'll they'll cut and snooker and and Bates those safeties they come up a little bit tighter. You are in the and on and on about how it goes in the united that running unit or. Then there it's gonna happen but the wanted did not do its. Julio Jones. Didn't do anything special stop him the I mean and you know. In another situation like here or out situation at. They're looking cooler topic in the entire time they better now. I think they'll mean you'd have we heard that you look back and we will know you know Albert got to look at our property and look a lot more. We get even when the quick and he's not quitting Dick and Burnett now finally. Oh open and a wanna come back yeah that wouldn't that wouldn't mean anything. Courses that Egypt and missing and stroke and there's some of that when they had so outlook in the Scott McConnell. In that there were two special it is when they went overboard. And they would. Special special would be. Acting here and coming in on the line and but it could not add that you know since they're showing that may have that again and that. Are going to be you know you the ball as if they can stop the run. Yeah not at their guys up playing 89. Yeah I know it's it's half. I am not saying it's easy vote well when you face a team that has a a Julius Thomas for example in your inside the ten in a passing situation how the world does he continually catch TDs. Gronkowski inside the red zone. Out toward the especially out toward the 1618 yard line. How the world as a defense not spotlight that guy when you've got a a Calvin Johnson in this case. There I mean to my defensive game plan as a man you may get a few touchdowns but I can tell you one thing that nudity. Well you said and done and you know our guys are Smart and limit. It was formations and took favor. To move guys around him to stop while. Well you know you can't wait to see you go on the same side of the field there is little or you know also you guys. You know they they are Smart enough of a move guys around in donations in the Coca answered your figures. Those guys are special players. There's nobody that guard gronkowski one on one and not even nobody can it's just. He wouldn't do it you know the arms are great on the ground per here and sit by. Utley and stopped you don't destruction and sure that your quarterback actually. Any news said he new information here on some of these injuries namely Aaron Rodgers and and you know I I'm sure will be far I'm personally Eric and and I know you know more in me because you're you're there. I think it solid to do vowed not then and he's just fine them by Adam let's just get the latest and if that. Is the case worries hampered a little bit how does that affect the game plan. Works out like Aram went greater year. You know it was a little bit limited practice which you kind of expect welcome. I would you like I don't think they can get a lot to book and you're going to be able to play him. WR around like he normally does. You know big big time players complained that term game. Looked back yet that you're just kind of look across that shoulder during UN. You know they went out Scotland beats Scotland. Oh I. Just one in the yeah. A lot to do blown up and into the biggest. Caught the current concern is that in truth it really cute ankle can hold up well that kind of stuff that's equal we are slightly Vladimir. And you know what order. What I did and on the game. Or small we normally. The last couple yeah. This game and this and starter. And a bunch of guys are are they stayed relatively healthy and want and keep going in the playoffs. Give him a ball called hockey teams. And moderate alcohol is healthy and I don't think I that there is that in addition to keep sticking him on long you'll get away from themselves and just aren't. Very good Eric land check Green Bay press gazette Eric thanks for the time man have a great weekend. What you do Merry Christmas sand enjoy that we can and be at all. Absolutely happy holidays areas Eric brand checked. Green Bay press gazette joining us on the Schneider orange hotline.Eric Baranczyk, of the Green Bay Press-Gazette, joins the show to talk Packers and their upcoming game against the Lions. Are the Packers overconfident going into this game? Will this game end up being a shoot out? What is the key to the game for the
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  4. Packers Coverage

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    12/22/14 Wes Hodkiewicz joins The BIG SHOW


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  5. Bucks Coverage

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    12/23/14: Pick N' Save Basketball Post Game Show


    Sparky breaks down the Bucks 108-101 loss to the Hornets. For Christmas, what did you ask for that was Bucks related? What did you get others that was Bucks related? Gery Woelfel, WSSP Bucks Insider, joins the show as well.

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  6. Brewers Coverage

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    12/22/14 Mike Fiers on 105.7 FM The FAN


    Brewers pitcher Mike Fiers checked in from Florida to discuss the 2014 season, and what's in store for spring training.

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  7. Varsity Blitz

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    12/20/14: Varsity Blitz Coaches Show Hour 2


    WSSP High School Insider Mike McGivern is joined by Paul Wollersheim as they break down the action from another week of high school basketball in Southeastern Wisconsin.

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  8. Home Improvement

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    12/20/14: Milwaukee NARI Home Improvement Show


    Mike McGivern is joined by a guest each week from Milwaukee NARI to discuss how to improve your home the right way.

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  9. Fantasy Football

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    08/28/14 Jung Express Fantasy Football Weekly Hour 3


    Tim, Ramie and Sparky break down everything in fantasy football and rate how your rosters stack up.

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  1. Faith in the Zone

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    12/21/14: Faith in the Zone


    Mike McGivern and Pastor Ken Keltner discuss the role God plays in sports figures lives.

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  2. Sparky's Final Inspection

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    11/15/14: Sparky's Final Inspection Hour 2


    Sparky, Summer and Steve Zautke break down the race for the Sprint Cup in their last show of the season

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  3. Cutting Edge

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    12/20/14: Cutting Edge Outdoors Hour 2


    John, Tom and Dan talk everything hunting, fishing and the great outdoors

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