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  1. Chuck and Wickett

    Latest Audio Clip

    04/24/14 Packers' Insider Tyler Dunne joins Chuck and Wickett


    Tyler Dunne talks about the Packers' schedule, their trip to Seattle in week 1. What are they looking for in the draft? what are they going to do with their remaining free agents?

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  2. Bill Michaels

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    04/23/14 Don Walker joins Bill


    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Don Walker joins Bill to talk about the financial aspect of building a new arena. Does Don think a deal will get done for a new arena? Would it be a smart business decision to keep the Bucks in Milwaukee, and build a new arena? Has the Milwaukee community benefited from Miller Park?

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  3. The Big Show

    Latest Audio Clip

    04/23/14 The Wendy's Big Show 5PM Hour


    The guys revisit the big topics from today's show and ask you to pick a lane followed by the best of the 1250 sound off line

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  4. Packers Coverage

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    01/30/14: Packers' Mike Daniels on the Bill Michaels Show


    Packers defensive lineman Mike Daniels joins Bill to talk about his first visit to Radio Row and the experiences he's had so far. Also, whose brain has he picked since being in New York? What kind of insight has he gotten from the NFL greats?

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  5. Bucks Coverage

    Latest Audio Clip

    04/16/14: Pick n Save Basketball Post Game Show


    [Bucks loss ends Kohl era ATL 111 @Bucks 103] Sparky wants to know: What do you want to say to Senator Herb Kohl on his way OUT and to the new owners on their way IN? (Sparky sits down with Bucks Insider, Gery Woelfel and get his thoughts on Herb Kohl.)

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  6. Brewers Coverage

    Latest Audio Clip

    4/23/14 Adam McCalvy joins the Rupena's Baseball Post Game Show


    Brewers insider Adam McCalvy joins the show and discusses the Brewers win and their bullpen.

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  7. Varsity Blitz

    Latest Audio Clip

    04/05/14: WFCA Show Hour 2


    Mike McGivern and Tom Swittel are joined by six guests as they discuss High School sports

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  8. Home Improvement

    Latest Audio Clip

    4/19/14: Milwaukee NARI Home Improvement Show


    Mike McGivern joins a guest each week from Milwaukee NARI to discuss how to improve your home the right way

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  1. Faith in the Zone

    Latest Audio Clip

    04/20/14: Faith in the Zone


    Mike McGivern and Pastor Ken Keltner talk with Roy Silver who helped MLB outfielder Josh Hamilton turn his life around.

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  2. Sparky's Final Inspection

    Latest Audio Clip

    Sparky's Final Inspection Hour 2


    Sparky is joined by regular co-host Steve Zautke from California to discuss the week's racing action.

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  3. Cutting Edge

    Latest Audio Clip

    4/19/14: Cutting Edge Outdoors Hour 2


    John, Tom and Dan talk everything hunting, fishing and the great outdoors

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