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  1. Bill Michaels

    Latest Audio Clip

    09/16/14 – Gail Sideman joins Bill


    Publiside's Gail Sideman joins Bill to talk about the NFL's image problem. What should the Minnesota Vikings due with Adrian Peterson? Should the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell be speaking about this situation? Should Goodell step down as commissioner?

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  2. The Big Show

    Latest Audio Clip

    09/15/14 The BIG SHOW 5PM hour


    Packers, Brewers, or the Vikings crisis - BIG SHOW fans drive the topics today on "PICK-A-LANE!!!"

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  3. Packers Coverage

    Latest Audio Clip

    09/14/14 – Green and Gold Post Game Show


    Bill Michaels and Gary Ellerson break down the Green Bay Packers come from behind 31-24 victory over the New York Jets. They are joined by numerous former Packers, discussing all things Packer football. Should the Packers being giving Eddie Lacy the ball more? Why isn't Julius Peppers playing more? Are the Packers smart putting Randall Cobb in the backfield?

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  4. Bucks Coverage

    Latest Audio Clip

    06/26/14 Pro Hoops Draft Show 10pm Hour


    Ramie Makhlouf , Mike Maxcy, Chuck Freimund , and Steve "Sparky" Fifer breakdown the second round picks of the NBA Draft.

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  5. Brewers Coverage

    Latest Audio Clip

    9/14/14: Rupena's Baseball Post Game Show


    Tim Allen breaks down the Brewers 9 to 2 Victory over the Reds

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  6. Varsity Blitz

    Latest Audio Clip

    09/13/14 - Wendy's Varsity Blitz Football Coaches Show Hour 2


    Mike McGivern is joined by three coaches wives this week. In studio are Linda Koch, Emily Iverson, and Rhonda Trickey. Plus, find out this week's Student Athlete and Team of the Week!

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  7. Home Improvement

    Latest Audio Clip

    9/13/14: Milwaukee NARI Home Improvement Show


    Mike McGivern is joined by a guest each week from Milwaukee NARI to discuss how to improve your home the right way

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  8. Fantasy Football

    Latest Audio Clip

    08/28/14 Jung Express Fantasy Football Weekly Hour 3


    Tim, Ramie and Sparky break down everything in fantasy football and rate how your rosters stack up.

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  1. Faith in the Zone

    Latest Audio Clip

    9/14/14: Faith in the Zone


    Mike McGivern and Pastor Ken Keltner discuss the role God plays in sports figures lives

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  2. Sparky's Final Inspection

    Latest Audio Clip

    Sparky's Final Inspection Hour One 9-13-2014


    Sparky, Summer and Steve Talk NASCAR Chase, Chicagoland and Fantasy Racing

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  3. Cutting Edge

    Latest Audio Clip

    9/13/14: Cutting Edge Outdoors Hour 2


    John, Tom and Dan talk everything hunting, fishing and the great outdoors

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