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  1. Chuck and Winkler

    09/30/16: Chuck and Winkler 6am Hour


    How concerned should we be about the latest Badgers’ injuries? The guys share their thoughts on the Badgers this hour as the team gets prepared to take on Michigan.

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  2. Bill Michaels

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    09/29/16: Jason Galloway joins The Bill Michaels Show


    How do the Badgers match up with Michigan? Jason Galloway from the Wisconsin State Journal/Madison.com joins Bill Michaels.

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  3. The Big Show

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    09/29/16: The BIG SHOW 5PM Hour


    What will the Starting lineup for the bucks be? Who is the Packers best defensive player? Can the Badgers beat three top 10 teams in one season?

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  4. Packers Coverage

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    09/29/16: Andy Benoit joins The Bill Michaels Show


    Is the Packers run defense legit? NFL Analyst for Sports Illustrated/The MMQB Andy Benoit joins Bill Michaels.

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  5. Bucks Coverage

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    09/27/16: Gery Woelfel joins The Bill Michaels Show


    What can we expect from the Bucks this season? Gery Woelfel from The Racine Journal Times joins Bill Michaels.

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  6. Brewers Coverage

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    09/29/16: Adam McCalvy joins The BIG SHOW


    What will the Brewers look like next season? Adam McCalvy from MLB.com joins The BIG SHOW.

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  7. Varsity Blitz

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    09/24/16: Varsity Blitz HS Football Coaches Show Hour 2


    Mike McGivern and coach Tom Swittel are joined in studio by Chad Hofmann, head coach at Shorewood-Messmer. Also, hear from Tony Aker of Carroll University in the Coaches' Corner. And, we check in with Wisconsin AD, Barry Alvarez, in this hour.

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  8. Home Improvement

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    09-24-16 Milwaukee NARI Home Improvement Show


    "Big Time" Mike McGivern is joined each week by a member of Milwaukee NARI to discuss new and innovate ways to improve your home the right way!

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  9. Fantasy Football

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    09/29/16: Paul Charchian joins The Bill Michaels Show.


    Get all of your fantasy football questions here as Paul Charchian from LeagueSafePost.com/LeagueSafe.com joins Bill Michaels.

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  1. Faith in the Zone

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    09/25/16 - Faith In The Zone


    Grace Norman - 2016 Paralympian Gold and Bronze Medalist

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  2. Sparky's Final Inspection

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    09/24/16: Merle Bettenhausen on the Final Inspection Show


    Former USAC driver, Merle Bettenhausen, joined the Final Inspection Show to talk about becoming an inspiration after losing his arm in a racing accident and his work with veterans.

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  3. Cutting Edge

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    09-24-16 Cutting Edge Outdoors 7am Hour


    John, Tom, and Bushy take you on a wild ride through Wisconsin's great outdoors!

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    Mike Clemens is in Green Bay for rookie orientation

    aj hawk found at 1:31