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2/14/13 Former Marquette great Travis Diener on Chuck and Wickett

Feb 14, 2013|

Travis joins the show to talk about the 10th anniversary of the Marquette Final Four team back in 2003. Travis chats about Dwayne Wade and also tells us about playing in Italy for Dinamo Sassari.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Market great Travis -- joining us H hey Travis I'll -- Armed or are here are fantastic -- at Travis -- on the great midwest bank -- absolutely -- -- do you think about this final four celebration it's coming up on Saturday can I I take you're not coming back for. And -- I that there are a lot of Q did the golf. Unfortunately I've. I've got a commitment earlier in -- -- I will not be attending next game -- you know I -- -- -- -- -- you know I get fed up. It is next reunion mobile to make it. They each one year reunion -- -- -- go -- hopefully Travis -- joining us on Sports Radio twelve to be WS has paid at Travis I gotta tell ya. -- speaks well you -- a lot on this radio show and off the air. And right now and I've seen that you kind of take it a notice of it on Twitter. Chuck is donning your Jersey that 34 blue and gold Jersey as we speak -- he's been doing so since we got on the air at 6 AM. Ask. A lot of -- I'm surprised that they don't have those alongside those -- the old man out. Yeah -- grade. Man had been a long time to time flies they can't believe you know thirty years older and it. And I -- at least thirty so I immediately that Missouri twelve. Paid eight draft talk to Bartlett that that whole run their way but the -- What stood out most about that whole three week run you guys have -- a final four. You know look like -- baton and that players. And I think it coaches. You don't realize you know all the -- the magnitude of what you're accomplishing until you know years Donald down the line you know I've. Looking back in in now. Watching college grad -- does the amount of you know energy and passion that you know alumni band have herbs for everyone's program. -- -- accomplish something I had played that means in -- a lot to me and and you know it's just you know those 33 -- -- so -- he really didn't get a chance to really enjoy -- you know I wish I would have you know I wish I would've. Yes I mean it went by so quickly and you have you know great games and all four goals what. -- what point they have run their did you think get a chance the national JB -- Ali you know -- -- you know earlier that -- -- me you're. -- -- very talented team we had a lot of a lot of pieces a lot of you know great players but we started off that you can kind of sluggish. You know or lose some ball games but. I thought the turning point a year was you know came out Louisville -- we -- -- huge numbers that. Slump you know -- opt -- environment. You know comeback win that game I think David -- that. You know we had a chance to have to do some special and you know we had a tough draw in the tournament you know -- first. First round game of the battle. I mean every game we had -- -- game one. The game to get it and get it to the final four and now against the best in the country so. You know just it was a matter plan and our best basketball the right time and we did that -- there. Travis judge shut -- the pretty neat story earlier about -- Tom Green and visited you -- and what he said do you take our listeners back to that recruiting visit and why. Tom green was able to get you to come and recruit you -- -- Marquette. I knew it was very resistant I -- need. He was everywhere from open -- in the summertime. You know most coaches would send their assistant coaches to that do that stuff because you know really not gonna get much out of you know got way open him -- -- you would you call himself news you know -- He call it right. You know he really believe that. He was the -- Marquette back -- to where it wasn't in the past and you know I bought in and a lot of guys bought and it. You know I can just say that. You know he did more my career. You know and anyone you know use. And you know I can't -- -- -- so. You know when -- committed there was very tough decision for me but you know looking back on liners you know are good but this is -- -- You want to go to Wisconsin didn't at first because most -- market they -- what was barely on the radar here in the state backed them. But you -- to -- to the -- went up with the badgers. Yeah I mean you know growing up in it -- got -- in all you know most people. Almost get post stands there are a badger fans and you know they had some success they've -- -- final four. But. You know that in him you know coach Bennett was recruiting me and -- neither did an outstanding that we'll go to bed laws that Tony Bennett but. You know I doubt it didn't fit you know the way that I thought I could be more successful land you know and no problem. Up in region. You know Lawton as -- Korda too is -- -- you know what style they're gonna play -- and -- -- -- that you know -- quote on. In being a part of you know court created what used what are -- selling them and you know worked open for everybody. -- Travis -- of the 2003. Marquette final four team of course Golden Eagles. Will be honoring med team on Saturday to be lawyers Bradley Center its jockey -- is Travis joins us from Italy before we get to what -- -- -- now. Go back today year and win Dwyane Wade was running wild -- what was going through your head with some of the stuff he was fallen off. Yeah I mean it was it was great program had been a point guard that you know player what would a guy like that make your double Lackey. You know he's an unbelievable college grad school -- I think. You know people. You know -- realize you know -- -- -- -- do in college. We're just you know nobody else to do and we're lucky. -- on our team he could take over you know basketball games. Whether it was scoring passing. Oddly it habitat and the -- blocking shots you know. He did he kind of know that you know old school game you know I resist you found unique ways to score -- -- And you know -- -- that in the NBA. A lot better and I think anybody body what you know a lot about where -- -- but I have a chance to -- two years. There's been two years with them and plan. You know alongside him on it was special -- in all -- on the main reasons why we're you know able to accomplish so much. It looks like we first got the market in his freshman year he didn't know how to be a competitor buddy I think you learn how to be a competitor on the court -- compete. The buy time is a soft war and -- out obviously Terry -- that the NBA. Yes. But you know early in his career work you know we've been you know -- And you know -- and I don't think you you know really don't know what to expect what to do and -- end of his -- -- -- -- against -- -- you'd like out in -- and I remember there's. You know he took some -- early in his career or not you know making big shots or not they're not even taking that shot but you know by the but -- -- second year I mean he has. Know you could pretty much call thing and you know we could well you know some of those good good was gonna happen Munich when he had the ball there. Strategy bounced around the NBA little -- -- the magic the Pacers C the Blazers center at three year contract with Indiana a year over in Italy and -- gonna try to get this right did did not most is sorry in my anywhere near it. You know about her game and that is literally I could have been -- Rothstein technical to Brooklyn and -- closer than to get an MRI. Bad -- -- -- a little while. They're young. He's Italian he's he's been economic four years first -- Hate them. Untrimmed tickets it was like playing there in New York of people have not been overly -- -- beautiful island there. Yet beautiful spot the -- and have been very fortunate. My mind and now my daughter and you know we enjoy it the weather's great the basketball is. Is very competitive. I level. Since its high level if you can get it I was helping in the NBA. It's the atmosphere in our -- there I -- I compared to college a lot of fans there are extremely passionate. They're energetic. You know obviously we're not getting. Point dog people but you know there's 5000 people crammed into and every -- It's fun to play gonna respond to to play and you know -- you have to play well to give your age you came chance to landslide. You know all those -- northern very competitive so all of those one of the main reasons for me to come or billiards. You know to play at a high level and -- -- onto to produce. -- did you ever see yourself coming back and played in the MBA they maybe after a couple more years. Odd you know I did -- the question quite a bit. You know I don't have much interest. You know my mind they are obviously in college -- to play in the NBA. Today. I learn a lot and but -- enjoyed my three years over here. You know tremendously a minute span is doing great and you know I get that I love to play a lot of where that law and I get a chance to play. 35 minutes a game here it's. And compete against great players and the high level basketball -- you know I don't want to go back to. To the NB you know -- somebody's in all had a very bad -- -- -- -- big man and did not maybe the thirteenth man I'm I'm not. I'm not don't two. To sit on the best and collect the check out rather you know -- -- playing and competing. -- box George that a couple years nor drink. Yeah -- came down to. You know going. Having a chance to play with the blog operated you know like get -- -- going and has has been their point guard and I made a decision a very tough decision. Agonize over -- for weeks since. I he had had a better -- Riordan's you know I can't say that wasn't great decision for me. And Travis. You know are you viewed on the human Africa -- couple years are you look at that -- well -- the American on our team are their other guys from other -- how does that work how're you viewed as a member of this team playing in Italy. Yeah if you're dead American. There's little they can only guess you know X -- Americans up borders on each team. So you're looked dead and American men in the you can sign Americans the commented. You know usually be you know the better player in the team so your respect and do a lot but you know it's great to have expectations. You know especially when you know you put an -- you know great expectations on yourself. Insult. Yeah you get an American but. At the end of the day you know I'm wrong -- so they're competing and I. Hey before we let you go now you've known shop for quite some time and I apologize -- in front of that but from a Lonnie if you can't for a second obviously you had -- hoop with -- Sometimes. When you're twelve and now that you're 38 Italy. Breakdown shot -- men's game on the court. Hot or not you can shoot it I think I got a good stroke up I lacked the the lateral quickness -- You know upright but I like to bang a little bit and you've got to make -- for it for a big Fella. Did he ever passed the ball. All I -- not. -- hey Travis continued success over there I think is so much for the time thanks for calling in we hear your baby cried in the background take -- what's important end up. And extending your no -- key swing on by and I'll I'll put up by -- he can sit next -- shot for the entire show. Two -- ought to pretty shared based draft. Aren't -- -- -- Travis -- joining us from Italy and boy did I just butcher the name of his team I thought it was did not -- sorry. I was way off and he joined us on the -- -- West Bank on line does a great midwest bank dot com or. -- 8884854400. For today's thirty year three point 65% APR mortgage restrictions applied rates can change any time great mid West Bank since 1935. Simply. Local you -- -- the rules of plane over -- Italy is out which side the Americans find difficult is. You know in the American gas when you can take -- one step -- and put the ball on the floor you got to drill first in over there are you gotta put the ball on the floor and then take the step on the -- call for travel.