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5/10/2013: Duke Roufus joins The Bill Michaels Show

May 13, 2013|

Last Friday legendary MMA trainer Duke Roufus joined the Bill Michaels show to discuss Knockout Kings. He also talked about Anthony Pettis vs. Jose Aldo.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

No big deal going on this weekend. In the great state of Wisconsin. At the Eagles club gland grand ballroom if you're into the the North American fighting championship to be taken place this weekend in the talk more about it what's going on all the event statistics. Was now joining us don't I don't. Aren't better at peak wind popular. Oh man that's huge right there either of you are you by yourself and split that's that's good stuff. A market that we hope we'll be excited. That. Gupta you'll -- some of the suburbs Rogers just huge. We've got Sergio and I are injured or revert -- Easy for final order book. That America tomorrow that was special near and dear to my heart that long before you have you rose Milwaukee has ever. You sure are good for kick -- people are fighting. What what other are -- by a bear market which is the way that I don't civil. All of their what their leader and you just -- here on the game while -- popular reiterate UG enter their. -- I think Milwaukee is an incredible -- on. There and look over it's. Cool what you saw it separate Eagles well it -- Lugo followed all of you -- -- the birdie. What we have all the of the really cool thing. It's probably I think the office has evolved. Or. About the USC. The flow -- boxing championship all I respect all. What's happening tomorrow night is there's -- fighters that are over -- people all. These fighters are quite. Really doesn't want gotta gotta win replay and whatnot. And you may know lately the one night. The other be regarded as one might not want to play -- fight for one very -- April 40000 Bolivar. Objects. In your city contract with. The World Series or you are seeing that now he gets -- So there's. Really cool that an -- on the while we've got eight. Other written or called partners in North America. Are you know the popular vote. Obviously there are quite required for the verdict because he guards he's got a little bit bigger turn our guys vote as soon as possible. Look we've -- knocked out there fighting. This is your saying that well we're gonna have traditional party people are aren't. They have more. Lou -- kick out of walking on the burglary for. I'll remember these bargains you ruptured in from Detroit. They actually you know -- -- and so -- I was. You have you see other than user needs their help -- It's serious matters that are sharing. It's going to be hurt you're sitting low there's thirty part of the current surge derby although our local temperature I've ever heard. And I'll vote without rose. -- is it. Under our equipment very all of the -- the temperature out of Milwaukee I've not been without the experience here Milwaukee a great huge. Milwaukee tool they're not factor in the certainly more he lived about they're concerned that it be cool. -- we -- or were you appreciate it worries that the -- -- such a -- if we -- as a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- appeal Libyan -- and negotiate very wrestler and vote for him in better a little bit also. If you're on the right there's going to be in his sliding on the other word used. I'm excited America I appreciate epic about -- order. You know I've never seen an event like this in person before where you have a couple fights but you've got to win one night and I guess what I'm wondering is what did. Generally speaking and when you -- -- in the past the finals of an event like this when you've got two guys who have just been through at all. Into fights already what's that like when you get those two guys in the ring -- -- for that third fight you kind of touched on -- but I guess the strategy have to play a big part. All night long and keeping yourself. Ready and fit for that final match. Oh yeah I've made no other book like -- senior Iraqi one when rocky. Drop Apollo focus groups developed in the bulk atmosphere to be. -- your -- little bit. Indicated bode well let's figure out ago that create their final. That's that's a perfect day at the perfect I -- I know that exact seeing him Obama. And you get guy's -- -- all over duke I was looking at this -- -- guys conference also all of that rouge Louisiana you've got to come from California not to mention right Euro backyard Marquette Michigan and it. It's not like it's just local talent. Dollars. Are considered Q well boxing you're gonna be you know -- launching. All are sort of package overall if you Jalal mixed martial art you know it's you agreed to. You know the corporate. It's still more short Circuit Court martial art. Public school work all who will regard or respect or recover. With a lot of -- lottery didn't reject the crap out of each other -- our -- and there are two words. Lose their cool thing. You -- thirty years or. Let's -- it. You know the what do that you opens or -- order. Flooding and fighting you -- about the -- food and drug negate your salute your point about the people who you -- picture -- there is nothing here that well there's four. There it is it's going to be. I've it used the word spectacle. They're actually the people came -- from. Our new York and they probably get through -- all -- got this week so far the moment policy you know. There's there's so all you know that you're -- I got to ask about a getting live on this event parole for one minute August 3 it UST 163 Anthony pettis and Jose although. This is going to be a fireworks fly when that comes up in August is -- All you in. You know although all of our interning. You know really close and obviously you know Portugal. You know we have looked very good relationship -- -- -- I'm I'm afraid all the things on the Mercedes that he's probably need to do that but I larger -- and her record. What truck me is -- -- -- saying they would fighters like in any problem. This is probably going to be the bat striking art ever she's striker stores each other in UFC. At this point how -- are so excited over and it's been beaten real you know get all the while it was there are these big now the real turning what part -- -- Really. You know you rebels are a part of their. -- really pushed her and I think -- going to be crazy vote. There at all will be victory you have but you know what nothing injury -- their operations or -- I'll -- in particular. Larry you're become the final orient you can't you know -- -- was Michael Jordan -- -- not only got to speak about these about. You know that's what it probably legendary. That's what -- they whether all all we never got into the fact you know quite a lot of equipment whether or agree now these used -- -- has worked. There's something that may have misspoke while they're Milwaukee Wisconsin writes we can really be proud that we. We've got all of our -- You know he could be Mayweather votes for Obama was. A problem. He has -- all your work and so hard but it -- here at the end of the patent it is to sort all of our sit there. It's all Blunkett for more Q well you know -- city. I'm excited criticism -- I've done a lot of cool during the quote. I never had the opportunity to rebel fighter -- you'll -- Well I do last summer there cold he had injured but that some probably I don't know all leading up by the violent have they accomplished. I really believe in the bottom if it's at a that the eye -- -- -- all our children -- outrage. Although but not all. Where some of the best fighters that are -- very dangerous. You know -- I -- -- -- You know in the ancient -- a year ago outsmarted and my dad was let go from that they want probably gotta you gotta be about to be the got to -- out late into the jungle you know. You know you know if you -- dedicated -- -- insecure now. That the reporters that -- go to duke we certainly appreciate your time if they want tickets for a quick court they go. Are -- -- are well prepared. Are you also get -- -- in -- -- thought -- be. -- -- you know about the -- they have operate hurt. Even. I think people spiritually built up all their balcony. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Although what -- Who dealt with an inept actually. That's what I call the emperor's new of the coliseum -- -- great velvet battery in that regard it it is -- But yet here he got sick you've got to certainly haven't. And thanks everybody's it was something well. Or there there's -- work special reverence by the European government. Here -- refer to you know we are. -- -- -- -- Or variants are clear and certain they're only calling it there's a lot of big things will work the futures. In Milwaukee and others will now. Although they voted for Obama did very well what do -- could now ten seconds quick. I'll what other things are people are what -- purple everybody supports -- -- reverend Peter Bergen record. -- not elaborate. Natalie and -- all people would regretful. Good stuff there -- certainly appreciate it thanks for joining us for trouble and as Matt -- at -- kick boxing and UFC's common and they got a big one going on the -- this coming weekend -- -- -- go to the -- that come to find out more information there won't come back.