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06/07/13: WSSP Basketball Insider Gery Woelfel Joins The Wendy's Big Show

Jun 7, 2013|

Gery talks about if some Hawks free agents could follow Larry Drew to Milwaukee, the news of Monta Ellis being offered a contract extension, and a possible trade being in the works?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

If I -- work inside the Racine journal times and at -- sports zone now how about that doesn't call me back back -- terrible we'll talk now. Other Great -- -- out Gary I do. I don't call you back. -- calling the whole round. Ha ha well yeah -- -- you are under. What. -- It's great -- -- to spark history not okay this is. Did you like that -- a year ago. Or Colin you talked about. -- -- -- Josh. Harris -- possibilities. Of possibly. Coming to the Milwaukee Bucks. Devin Harris obviously I know how we've been -- highly sought after so that's I think that's a legitimate possibility. What are the realistic possibilities that Josh Smith ends -- in a box. Not good question you know -- told. We have two -- -- -- sort of like that. He -- -- -- -- what we're interest is in you know what he is in the books. You know it's a real possible. I think -- sure it would -- during the epic there. Books on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Core group what those three point shooters we. You know probably -- which I think is -- or that would be nice replacement. And the big one -- but the group is the -- up. It and personally I don't think it -- where we're. I think he's -- but -- well. Well I had talked to somebody that don't fit very well and assess what what -- -- But Milwaukee. Is what was -- -- So. I think that would be you know really interest watch. What time the Hawks were cold in Milwaukee Hawks you know. Period I'll. Sell it -- don't you go to your. Oh. Absolutely yeah -- you bring out. The fact that they. -- -- was their coach one time heavily. And there -- go to junior one. I did not -- that you. Marty boy. While guys -- ready goal. Target apple was immediately -- -- -- -- -- ask -- this there was a report today in the journal sentinel. That the the Bucs have offered Monta Ellis a two year extension. Including next year be a three year package that totaling 36 million dollars. I think they've been talking about an extension pretty much this entire year I think it deals but on the table while. It's just now becoming public what are you like that. Yeah I heard they're talking extension last year yet you know it makes sense so we've slipped up on me you know that that was major trades while. Let you know the numbers are not sure how bill they are what -- they -- they'll. I think what they're really close they -- and thirteen billion dollars a year after -- actually -- But it might wonder -- -- get -- the -- you know from the time you rise. That he would so in -- has changed. Why -- I guess you targeted disagree on -- to a degree now only because. How we talk about this earlier in Christ -- -- -- -- with Watson. It if he's a starting point guard you can win with him if he buys into playing the position he clearly bought into playing the position after the all star break now you could say it was a contract -- Very well could be rat we won't know that I guess that -- once we get going here in the next season. Or if he's a sixth man. If he agrees to come back and play the point -- position. And you're able to get a nice to guard in this draft to play next to that 6566. Somewhere in that area that back court. Fiasco will finally be taking care of the right way at -- -- essentially a post player away from having a decent roster. Florida I totally agree with you and you know -- one would be at this point. That -- -- didn't press conference was that popular aren't that ball -- wearing oh. And I thought that was very very -- -- -- else specifically you will be. Yeah and I would think at some point you in the draft or free agents. They're gonna -- after -- should be. -- -- -- He's a guy whether they get Josh Smith or they don't get Josh meant. Just doesn't seem to be if that means you go back to relate your press conference -- -- he talked about -- Right off the bat man because it was sitting there but he talked about -- Any talked about Larry Sanders and Al both of them had huge upside she can't wait to coach Altman what he -- a huge dialogue at the beginning of a press conference a while then. Didn't really bring up her side -- later once we got into the Q&A portion it sounds like. He's kind of buying in the fact that these are the two guys he's gone with going forward. What do you think the likelihood is that it Ersan Ilyasova gets moved on draft night or gets moved at some point this summer. Well -- problem obviously it's going to be a major or so. You know pretty -- And one of the rumors and that repeat rumor or -- the workers here. Yeah is that Washington. Might you have an interest -- -- we have so you know some outs later. And for number agree. Just just yeah just not do -- a little bit. I ice -- on outright airport by. That it got it and let it more credence to the other it's rather what John Wall he -- Yeah obviously other nowhere I'll be. -- could using cold stretch for. -- is over at me. I got here not here just do your thing and -- I'm saying on Ellis is the starting point guard tackle or is might suit up an unpalatable that back yeah and then you still -- it. It takes somebody else adds what you -- I ever get heckled more that's -- I had so until everybody on -- team. That's -- so I that you could be. I -- mock draft. Who was I so -- at the other day that had tackle more falling to find. Yeah. Of course but I mean you know B well basically what -- number one -- Everybody -- it was going to be well lord medical war. They don't need tackled more in the league and I'd pick leaders in the -- leaders. In the open court what is. They -- the unexpected I mean nobody expects them to -- -- -- -- Who they picked a trio last year. -- -- Yet nobody thought that equated -- you know -- and all. So so I mean they're compatible wild parties or not actually sure what you can do what would put. Gary were almost out of time but where do you think George -- up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Look at girl but he -- take the year off as he did it last time he's got that Europe they coming let it be coaches next year where you think it would be. But my money would be on the Clippers. I really believe that you thanked the workers that chance when you're -- title. And if you look at -- -- wrote today you know you spent for the finals we have what are able. So I think that would the theory your own place fault all of -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm twittered. Hopefuls. Like -- -- -- really. It's an -- here. Now the darker side for three on excited when warts that all of the order. You are. I don't care how quickly forgotten what that even means. One line that number three because -- back -- -- there. All the peoples going to -- pocket decline. So I'll take a long athletic offensive guy who's got super scales and is developing an -- The ring like always people jackets have a -- -- -- Mary -- you're here out here -- mainly. Now well. I don't think I'd like -- and or you're not there. -- It. It let me. Make that. -- four days. There a year or point. 03. Or four points -- read that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --