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06/14/13: Comedian Robert L. Hines

Jun 14, 2013|

Comedian Robert L. Hines who will be at The Comedy Cafe in Milwaukee Friday and Saturday talks with Ramie.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Wendy's big show live from the ram truck studios and kind enough to join us this afternoon you can catch him tonight and tomorrow at the comedy -- tickets and details. At Milwaukee's comedy kept -- dot com. Robert L Hines joins us Robert thanks for a few minutes man I can't thanks for having me I love the -- and strokes -- it's badly right at Manley Manley. So badly that a ram truck right. And it and it gets me excited. -- also. Which is -- ram truck out. On the knowledge has led the folks in -- catch I got you last night and you're very funny man and very funny man. But if the ladies come out should should they waste their time talking to Robert L high afterwards you. Terry Glenn out at the -- absolutely they should come out and I am married but you know as I think one month you don't stop no -- you look -- him and you know I can hit out. I'm going to be extremely sexy for the ladies -- Milwaukee can't love Milwaukee I love with -- and everybody was kind of nice if it. Many of the -- but constantly have. It's blue do you find in this finds -- hot. Do you mean look like large. It's okay dad danced -- -- a black to waist ratio that's proper home and an end and the dimensions of the blessed. And yet people. -- have like a movie theaters that. That's not -- exciting exciting part is the curve of it should be like lips like it should be like. Or like upside down ample time. Yeah. I've added now are you wearing -- -- -- and -- bluntly it's about. Well what we knew we meet women come up -- you introduce yourself as you or as Toby Jones I I I introduce myself as -- now there are people who recognize -- -- Toby Jones. But I don't you know really as a guy in the pig that I am whatever you think immediately found -- I don't know. It's -- must have a Bill Clinton if it doesn't want to yeah. He really -- -- -- Now for those. Who don't know who are familiar with Toby Jones -- very popular went viral. I'm on YouTube and everywhere else is like a character that you played in some sketches -- is a group called big dog eat out escaped from the group removed and it would wanna check to make -- make it -- says I think you -- do why don't you come in and and to be connected as we go to this warehouse. And and it was funny because there but they've asked you need to do that as -- and do. I had to do some -- to make up for so that's how a lot of the stuff rolled it -- -- out of necessity I had his big ugly Bratton. On a bird in a -- tops like water in the bottom of it and it was like it was an opportunity did tell -- poisoning -- but yeah. And it and if I get what you definitive trying to lag. It. Enough about that -- out -- I don't Cameron I make something happen. I don't know if I had a funny among the video can really fit on the -- you don't have a -- -- thing you know of the could not. And I think we didn't send the -- to turn a camera -- -- -- different books and different above them in -- Horrible my own. I think -- -- -- book the -- and I hope that is because he's stolen stuff. Whatever you have -- story so it just obvious but yeah -- And then in that moment. Think it's -- perfectly. I'll let well -- profit off poignant and I became a staple in all of the commercials like operated as a logo free. You'll still -- out or just as doubtful felt she. -- right now. That have gone through -- and he had to. Try Rollins to pop story. It's a good image of acting like it like when you look at the comments you think they felt like -- anyway and -- it doesn't each video we get there -- -- -- go. -- gonna have barbecue and put my thoughts okay excuse. Now. Barbecue and put -- that I'm intrigued. With. A -- of -- is that they had it up the night before. And some of them had not been refrigerate. The smelly it's mauled to have to of the -- -- -- what they intended -- -- -- like a weird mix between. I'm ranch dressing and hot -- oh and they have -- -- -- in a Robinette and. -- -- -- -- I've been -- good about the about the Bob yeah. -- Did not present moment and that is went down he got all of -- with the problem is begins. Chef's hat and I looked like shift from apartment is big -- -- apron and go. You know we defeated the 111 album actually -- -- Connecticut. And didn't imagine -- -- Jones -- pants prepaid legal and daycare that. You don't have an almost sure but yeah. It's like you gotta -- -- -- at the right moment to put the country's -- the voice you know just from out the way to perfection. -- you don't end up. And understand his Toby Jones -- you make it a comeback since Toby Jones didn't come okay. If I had to bring to -- the back of the can't get our 2008. Also find it went to the top it was one of the top two in the worst commercials. -- of the animals Rio. -- -- -- -- People local actually -- -- to call them. Actually called me but hey you -- -- -- better than about a cup and a bit of really in the -- yeah. Steady would you look at what they have expanded did not have no -- -- -- In that they had actually he's got out of everything -- -- will give your phone number but you have to answer the phone. The game that the little brown apple and it would -- all good. -- -- because I answered the phone and other -- regularly somebody in the same problem -- the -- -- now they got -- Google phone number you know it's like. Remember the prefix but -- sentence in the -- -- catch. Okay do you remember him and catch. But is is is that the newest Toby Jones video is -- doubt. How Toby Jones has moved from Chicago to LA and he wants -- reality -- Okay do it -- -- has. -- a few things that. You know a few reasons that would have to dress up as -- one could -- a few reasons. But did -- like hey man and you know you're not really comfortable with this -- I don't what if you played Oprah. Awful. Contract you gotta be kidding -- the week. It -- live W. -- about oak brook and. If you're an idiot man -- Where exactly do that terrible woman took the that. -- talking with defeated Robert L -- and get to -- Milwaukee's comedy cafe tonight and tomorrow tickets -- details. At Milwaukee's company -- a deck time you know and stand up for a long time yet but before that. You did you get another job power and a job that's much more dangerous guy a standup comedy I don't correctional -- could -- -- ago and a south site the you know. It was very interesting I'm from a really tough neighborhood you know usually we -- -- and we from -- neighborhoods and Thomas yeah. -- -- -- -- -- Really -- death -- -- does that diffuse you couldn't I could put up. As though. Funny -- like. And how terrible -- the a's have if what our flag -- -- bad -- it will come to that maybe. We we offer my parents are. Are on the South Chicago and they live in the neighborhood can't angle if you know anything about Inglewood is among the worst neighborhoods and cities -- And it was so bad that we didn't play cops and robbers 'cause nobody want to be to -- We played robbers and -- you know. As -- I believe that steady and I style work it in jail for tomorrow people grant congratulate you for just like leaving Inglewood and went out a bullet hole united -- -- and not let you know as though owns. I get to the jail. And they were telling me how I have to keep above the inmates like you -- can't be like it makes you gotta be. By officers should walk certainly talk to eat where we eaten everything so I go on the first -- and. Open up the door and I look at him and you have the people on the. Yeah yeah. -- -- -- Do enough but -- -- so much pressure on me like date. I would question the about I'm loyalty to the to the job and and they were asking the finals gang affiliated. -- -- now. It's no ball for and that. And they would it was specifically for -- -- -- -- be like upset about says that's ahead buckets from in front sit -- heavy and -- -- -- direct contact. So different were all sitting here I'm sitting next inmates. Of sit down at the table and the -- game break out. Didn't need to be an implant -- of the day. I can't make it might have been. There haven't many. That he's not -- 560 yeah. And I got a number that. It was heavy and it was revealed meg really hard it was hard because you don't you give deceased so much depressing and so -- on people so defeat. At the same time it was you could feel like hope in humanity and it was pretty funny it was like that they'll have an NCAA -- -- -- was funny but be. You know they had -- Give you like these these are requests this request that's -- way -- give your knees. Right to the guy -- this request that at the bottom of the note is the space for note and it about -- -- he's seen it. I -- I. And I'm not afraid to use. And I was like okay oh who you plan must have is -- Well according to your note you have not yet not a Freddie is he is -- -- can head back. What country I was wrong with him and I look over the distance and -- -- guy at the table bit over -- yeah -- on the table. After Iguodala -- the first guy -- read the -- the second got to write -- -- And that's what he wrote I'll let alone that is really I don't. -- Toledo job. -- -- stuff that you like don't wanna see. You know look like -- -- -- Howard did a lot of rate. There wasn't a lot of I'm not sure it happened but it really wasn't. -- like that make it all the movies no no right here and you know don't and the undefeated. Now. Being sexual because they incarcerated -- you know. Like I had on night in the game -- -- for weeks off at -- and -- walking distance and me. And their sales and two. It's the way to get -- He's enjoying himself like you know -- and -- to. It -- a -- -- I'm you know I think my bag really into -- he was beating himself up like that. I walked away it and I came back. And how well back Babin doesn't sit up -- high that you like you know I. I did nothing. In the -- yeah I've read it. Four out of that this was one of the funniest and -- I have not brought myself to tell the story. But I'm gonna tell it to your listeners as it was funny to give it -- the city -- a nowhere have I tell the story so -- I was in office -- they have long arms with two with those vehicles with -- -- -- -- -- triage room. Like this I get sick -- because of their privacy you can't -- -- I think -- -- right. Treatments on the triage room. And now I was about to I was about to go -- out of some I had no business whenever bright and as I'm walking up to daughter's got off to the -- -- tell people mean. Okay this was on an old people tee and I -- in the jail old -- started 35 if you 35 -- you do your old. It might be in an athletic particularly bad here the way they -- -- yeah. Canada and of itself. This guy -- to be like I want to talk to the -- got me -- several he goes and man. -- -- can touch me. Comfortable that he does so now he's -- this -- be a professional. It. Every day if not let it OK if they thought they would not -- a deal with Duke does too funny the outcome of Nevada. And my two Nevada and she was the one she comes down and that she she's okay with going on slumbering gaffe that times -- we interview and and and needs of what happens. And get to the trade and get -- -- really fans. Demand you know equipment you know we didn't help -- did -- -- -- -- and young enough from him. But with -- and riding a white. Wait either I did like -- the -- would have hold on once. Tried to convince me that -- the reason for -- -- me to put you shouldn't. And another grown -- -- to talk about what I'd do. Don't need you know -- and I don't think I don't think you can convince anybody in the on his -- It's huge as being nice to him by putting. I have never had reason -- -- -- another brown as a man united it. You talking about. And at this point -- some -- -- turn -- she is like can't hold back laughter anymore she's like act out loud and the -- they -- got wind of what was happening in and they in on certain tears they do not like mess they don't want any next 'cause. They don't than they have no business is doing. And they don't want anybody up -- well right and don't want to bring him -- -- to this area so I got the door -- the dog and epic track we don't pay. And a -- any moment nobody. I. I'll let you know again the ruler -- Is Robert LA times tonight and tomorrow at the comedy camp -- Milwaukee's comedy cafe dot com for details and up Bynum on FaceBook Robert -- -- Twitter at Robert L hands one. And look for the return of -- Toby Jones -- Myers Rutherford to a computer near you Robert we appreciate a few minutes man hilarious -- lead after having me. -- -- that there is Robert L -- tonight tomorrow Milwaukee's comedy cafes when he picture.