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07/17/13 The Bill Michaels Show Steve Aschburner Interview

Jul 17, 2013|

Ted Davis and Ragu interview NBA reporter Steve Aschburner

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Steve -- -- covers the NBA on a national basis he's based out of Chicago. We see him quite often at the -- more Harris Bradley Center covering box games it's almost like a Steve is -- bucks beat writer. And he joins us now on the bill -- show and Steve good morning thank you. -- -- I assure you our notebooks beat writer because. In the first -- my slope that -- -- the on the bubble game you know that would that would all the difference between me and trolls are. We do see you quite a bit at at the arena though. -- like this great contract. -- it is one of the biggest selling points. I used to be in Twin -- forever. Over the troubles with Pete and when I wanted to switch over to NBA dot com and the only -- -- a good place to locate I mean Milwaukee offers a great opportunity because -- in Chicago your -- available. With lots of media people in Milwaukee. Yup true to come in and work not just the -- locker room but the visitors locker room you -- it was much more. Freedom of movement and I'm sure demands. I just you're crushed people and -- -- -- players and promote interest it's it's a great work environment I try to go up there -- Republicans. Talking to us Steve Nash burner of NBA dot com he is in Vegas by the way at the summer league so. Want to thank him for getting a very early and joining us here on the bill Michael show. I just went over the options on the Brandon Jennings bucks impasse what are your thoughts on that. We know what I'll run up and mature and in the immediately -- -- down on you you mentioned four options. And I spent some time of the couple -- -- we went over yesterday on the road trip it was possible. And I think I -- a little bit because of the character we're dealing with the groin injury he you know he was. He was so I am coming out of high school. What do you do that then submit to the woman -- feel old -- college basketball and that sort of fluctuated. He won overseas and I thought. Critical receive stringer and you know should this year -- -- Well -- Baltimore got wayward free agents the fox would contribute to hold his rights and the restrictions on and contribute and be able to match feels so. Not well I've become a little mantra. All -- you know old kind of feel for -- triple there and -- just you know short one again and you know he can't do that so. Derided as it is count for wrote last week you know in -- -- -- -- -- -- are you still was. -- okay. I don't know what that was. It -- go ahead we had an eruption -- her connecting to the Internet in 1998 united downs like that that mode from dial -- anyway go ahead Steve you're saying. All I know I just thought that this -- in a perfect world if you were to come back and when you're feel at this point since smoking is materialized -- and they weren't able to get chipped treat you know. If you -- to come back -- -- your -- and make his market. For 24 -- And I and the -- could benefit from having that motivated driven Brandon Jennings who know who would know that. First being good for the team would would. Because for -- you know that might be the best solution at this sleep late stage. I just wonder the caveat -- that is. You know would -- to be able to. Focus so much and I'm not -- this -- -- on him and everything you know to come up a problem and a headache can and you know. -- you get downsides. Of a guy who's. Worried about his future we sold the box and control the guys are you know the uncertainty of last season with contracts and the coaching tree and it just it it didn't make a very -- -- so I'll be. Yeah it's true -- because the money is disappearing -- appears that we felt point guard Turk Wendell. Yeah I'm not a big fan at this point of bringing him back really. I think this marriage it there's some problems in this marriage. -- I don't know the counseling -- could help at this point there were rumors of the bucks talking sign and trade have you heard anything about that. Just those rumors. You know and we're gonna trade him in. It takes a back and hopefully it's something you want you know can be able to be something pretty -- I suppose -- expiring contracts. -- and and maybe you know we having got trouble on the end of his field would be less disruptive and having. Brandon -- you know I'm on it -- -- -- But I'll -- Well you know so far -- -- because he can technical numbers so. If they come down to that I just don't I don't see anyone stepping up to -- cushy. Our that would satisfy. -- -- right now so you know what you think it might -- -- feeling that gives him a free agent player. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- pretending to be that but he really -- the tobacco. In my opinion and -- but I don't know what what to come back to a Milwaukee satisfy that sort of field. I said yesterday on on a local show here that I'm trying to get inside Brandon Jennings head right now. Do you think he -- shocked that he hasn't gotten an offer. Well he probably you know. It was talking about now you know things that he should get as more -- more than you know all all of dialogue in it and -- holidays. You know even against him before that the idea that you might think he's -- -- Max money which analysts. Crazy but it if you -- critical sort of numbers you know put two million dollars million dollars. And he's hearing crickets. Right now. I think that got shot I think it's very -- -- and you know he. Users -- -- have to have an adjustment -- that in his expectations. -- -- -- you know impeccable. You know now. It was somebody who. It as a promotional -- or even conscious you know thought -- as well aware. Some days it hasn't won an advocate walking away like Cameron and records -- -- will -- you know because of the box so it changes a lot but the -- expect -- -- -- -- How much of -- when you see Brandon Jennings of his unhappiness in Milwaukee did that you were talking about. Do you think stem from losing because there are times when I look at -- and I think he's a lot like every. Other bucks -- on the in the world -- -- we're tired of seeing this team he mediocre. Yeah I took the Austrians. Italy drew particular -- when I'm winning or losing games. -- -- -- obese men strong supportive friends and get a glove as possible right times and that's about it. Opera injured as -- and the things he's into the green face of the franchise and -- and Bogut all. In recent years and I and I think. You know that. It's kind of on and so if this frustration and what pollutants I think it's it's still has the feel looking forward and -- it's a little frustrating that. All this talent and I think most people who will -- -- that pretty great people question that this guy can play and you PA effectively. Like she doesn't seem to open up a steady upward. You know pass in terms of improvement between the people -- going inconsistency. All. I think before we even gotten a little shot here and -- which is contagious with the Montreal also on board. And and so you know I think I think -- Before economical -- -- elevated so in this. We're talking about the impasse between the Bucs and Brandon Jennings. Are your gut feeling sitting here right now Steve will Brandon Jennings be back with the bucks next year or not. Are going to -- it sort of I would say in the -- all in. You know what that sort of goes against the map for the at all hand. The the -- them options. Like interest if -- Eagles you know all -- and like. On the either that are there and support -- -- Let me ask you about what they did yesterday they amnesty -- Drew Gooden that saves them about seven million in cap room this year. About seven million next -- -- so a total of just over thirteen million now Drew Gooden still gets paid but that does take that off the cap. For the Milwaukee Bucks what -- you think they'll do with that cap flexibility now. I'm sort of older people people -- do what what. The cap flexibility that they now get with the amnesty -- Drew Gooden. Well you know -- -- -- -- I'm not at all I mean that that's. You know I -- -- him briefly here yesterday in Los Vegas and people think they will end up you know close through the -- So depending on how echoes and and you know what with the final numbers on guys like -- know Pachulia and and Delfino and you know some little -- I think -- Are -- it may not be. A bold move but it -- you know it -- facilitate beyond. -- -- sign -- trade possibility of that Phil is is an option -- churning so. Although I don't see any other big move was something and cultural Henderson out of Charlotte. You know I heard some people talking that might be -- player of the Milwaukee you know -- wanna look at like I haven't really -- an intangible there. Do you grade to move the John Hammond made so far this offseason they've done a lot of seem to be kind of a tinkering process but. You know when when you're working with whichever the box it's it's hard to make the big splash news. Well you know I wrote after after the draft. -- in their selections -- Yeah -- I haven't quite -- That's the safe way to go to -- -- -- on them and because I have to say it next year Steve Robin or I've been working on this on to the pool -- -- Okay well if you could say. -- I took that as a trying to get a lot maybe they're gonna do it you know part way -- polite way in terms of rebuilding. And good curriculum short term you know hopefully short term but but you know long term in terms of what -- -- went to work. I'll let you know a couple of seasons. All well below 500 but that's awaiting you can -- -- opt for trumpeter -- -- excellent and -- rise. As opposed to the stock in the middle of the you know let's face -- that that goes back you know. Three decades and in Milwaukee on you know for the most part in terms of party get -- -- Africa. And I think -- -- You know that that it was a perjury and learn English literature at all and they went for. Fatah and and Carlos Delfino and I thought well wait a minute -- you know look at accompaniment not that. You can put a competitive team on the floor so you are trying to do a couple of pretty Serb a couple of masters once and and so I'm not -- Sure no control improved -- you know you know small forward. Ridnour right now at point guard I mean what I -- -- -- -- Kyle Lowry and the Raptors. But -- should not be starters and can argue with the stages of the -- restated their careers. Shall on the you know this schoolwork to be -- and it's a little. A little country and they call me you're getting -- opening. Short answer that wasn't yours at all anymore -- -- or two in particular. That felt good you know -- -- lumpectomy and again backed up a little bit. Bioterrorist right now which -- A future -- a heck of a lot better than you know a couple -- complex so. You know there's sort of you know. One hand you know we. Doing well -- -- this -- work against him. The young -- they they have now is identical in flow and we have no idea what we're gonna get from him and then they'll see you in October when he shows -- training camp on the -- that John Henson and Larry Sanders and we've seen them. Play last year in terms of Henson and now Sanders for three years and he made great strides what are you see of of in particular Henson and Sanders for -- -- Yeah this year you know the books yesterday and -- as sort of a crazy game very active at least I caught the ball Sanders and true. And -- as well and I think that's great potential and clapping and there was a break here and if you put it. While Larry Sanders sort of had to switch -- On his game -- -- world sort all that potential that it. Not really panned out and frustrate Skiles and -- management. All the trouble there he was canned and you know that was more important when you look at him now in a totally different player and so it is war very. Actually Smart I think he gets cut -- the -- skills. And just -- -- -- you go to to the player he could be -- home. All you know of eventually getting stronger -- -- he -- he he got stronger at a small school. All and so far since the tendencies and that has to continue he's got frame period calm. Because yesterday it was really -- -- financial. Against Golden State and and -- -- me. Who. Those -- -- back in the rivalry -- the college. And hopefully intensity and play the low post -- Because he's so strong and you know -- you know some important and it was just. Don't give -- to. In the same camp in the way and so it was it was a lot personally. I think that those pieces -- -- I think you know depending on what we -- -- -- for them. All the books and be good you know good shape and then obviously local schools -- tremendously help the player I just don't know -- -- He's. A small forward in terms of his ability you know to defend -- so I'm not sure. -- with a -- -- limits and. That was kind of my next question is there any way you can see a lineup of Ilyasova -- and Sanders all on the court the same time working. Maybe instructions depending on matchups on the maybe. They find a way to you know who couldn't make up some inadequacies of that at small forward in terms of quickness to law. To get you know the defense play. -- at -- -- right now on paper doesn't seem like that's that's anything you're gonna wanna put up with thirty minutes again. -- Steve thank you appreciate your time Steve Nash burner has joined us he's with NBA dot com and covers the league in. As a whole and we see him quite often at the B -- Bradley Center Steve thanks for joining us this morning.