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08/29/13 Gery Woeflel Bucks Insider

Aug 29, 2013|

Gery Woeflel joins the Wendy's Big Show to talk about the Caron Butler Trade

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now joining us now to talk about that he is or bucks instead of front is we're inside racing the Racine journal times -- sports and I don't count -- last night Mika running. -- Darryl and on the great midwest bank Talladega job -- story last night man broker for all the national -- Well you're pressured you know these -- -- Jerry how do you think drug Butler fits into this puzzle that is the -- thirteen 2014 Milwaukee Bucks -- as of now Carlos Delfino was a starting small forward is that still the plan you think. Well out -- -- the deficit without -- question at this point. That kind of a mystery a bit what like -- you know. It's not that big it would be over you'll be ready but the start of you regular season. Far from other people and they -- it's worked and that's what they expect him as a good portion of. You're talking about til you know for people I don't know it's generally how Delfino got hurt our Hawaii's -- Well he broke a bone in his right foot in the playoffs and good it's what what surgery. And you know those old footage it's going to be very tricky as well that'll -- What I was told that with -- I think two to three weeks we've been due for more -- And there you know there are indications as to -- Okay so with the uncertainty with Delfino they were looking at Chris Middleton and the -- agrees on to to Kung -- as there small forwards and obviously. They felt that wasn't enough -- Butler they don't give up any thing really ish Smith -- -- they were going to be a part of the equation here. The fact that it's only a one year contract and they didn't give up a whole lot I like the move your reaction to what the Bucs did today. Yeah yeah I totally agree I thought Butler early exit to guys -- if we probably won't even been on the other moves it's possible that you want. Would have made the year and a laughter. It -- conviction guy it and get a good clear return mean yeah. They. Appear -- simple -- right. You know Gary tiger -- much seam and where they stack up right now. -- in the division how how much closer does -- get the bucks out of last place in the division having around Boller. Oh definitely improved -- radio while we battle yeah on the floor well or you -- off or as well. I think said that just -- what in the locker room for the Milwaukee Bucks last year that the Berry went. -- would be the word I would use. Yeah yeah but I thought this will be your vision and he echoed what somebody it's over -- -- -- so. It was the worst locker room that he could remember what history but. But I bet that's been in volume that's a good group and -- -- locker room before. But apparently last -- soul you know we've had some people like you know -- some. You've been covering the NBA long time so alive and not when people last we will what are the Bucs gonna do -- -- man -- -- been doing this a long time haven't ever seen a team that twelve new players. New coach -- new coaching staff I don't know what they're gonna do have you ever seen this kind of turn over from one year to the next. An expansion team. Yeah I know it as far as the turnover never you know -- that -- on -- At least -- -- it should now whether that would happen in the NBA I'm not sure -- Certainly certainly. Very weird situation. Larger world what -- Cora -- would have left integrity he's been -- a lot these past 23 years. Mean -- and -- -- actually up the books. Never any doubt about the fact that you guys know who bubbles if there's one -- -- assistant coach boxer. Yeah exactly it you were an assistant coach for the other Clippers why do what got -- to go or. It and I was on the phone with them for. And he claimed -- what -- you say you look at it and it goes all the quality. He thought last year conflict well -- -- even those numbers you know and it's it's you know. They weren't as good as previous years you felt that was because the system. -- what you fail to do. And you know -- ballclub what we're we're. In college -- -- You -- -- -- players. -- well as one bit. -- he is 78 games last year and ten points per game and about 24 minutes is what he did with the with the LA Clippers. Yeah I NE dot net or get this one -- so. Mean the field career so he -- -- playing well the small forward all. Well when you're on the team with Blake Griffin and goof ball. Yes sir you're number he's gonna go down. If you get an opportunity go check out Racine sports on -- -- Gary and I did another version of sports junkies it actually three versions. -- -- Butler -- breaking news video is up right now I received sports is only dot counselor checked up -- racing sports -- now. And the Racine journal times a real -- or boxing Saturday there wall for guests for the last few minutes here on the Wendy's big show Gary -- always appreciated have a good night. Take your beard. And Gary -- joins us on the great midwest bank outlined is a great mid West Bank that jump. Or call 8884854400. For today's thirty year four point 53% APR Morgan restrictions apply -- can change any time great midwest bank since nineteen. 35 simply --