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10/26/13: Milwaukee NARI Home Improvement Show

Nov 2, 2013|

Host Mike McGivern, is joined from members of Milwaukee NARI, as they take questions on how to improve your home the right way

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

From the gutter is to the landscape -- replacement windows to load full basement remodel and everything individually it's time for the Milwaukee and Harry -- -- moments ago now here's your host big time Mike may get -- Welcome -- walking -- home improvement show I'm Sports Radio 1250. That yes this big. Thanks for joining us I might be -- this week's co -- his daily emerald -- He's the chairman of the board of walking the area and we would have had that music but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think I think you know I can have a -- I think you can I think -- you're never ready so I had to say -- but in -- our special -- -- excited about this after the -- our. David I should Austin -- Wilson -- ago kilts and I got it both of. Yeah it's good co owner of closet concepts and -- cosa thanks for coming and entrapment I really appreciate it. Gave let's let's start with you and and talk a little bit about some Joaquin -- You guys that I wanna start with that with the finding it -- On -- discussion its financing options. Freakish to repair of discussions you guys have -- and a November 6. And I think that's a great idea -- -- done that type of panel discussion past. We have done in the past it's been awhile though and so are into our our thought was that we'd we'd bring that one -- we're gonna have a four different marquis -- members there. Three who specialize in the -- financing. World in and one. Gentleman whose eight master certified remodel in so he'll be there were able to talk about all different kinds of home improvement remodeling projects. But the three financing people be their talking about all the different ways that a consumer can finance their home improvement or remodeling project. You we've talked by the -- discussions in the past when I like most about it is there's really no foolish questions I mean you can feel very comfortable to sit in the room. And you've got four experts -- the table -- you can you can ask any questions that you feel. The need to be answered for you personally in your family as something like that yep absolutely and in -- that really cool thing about these. These opportunities. As you're seen as you can -- questions in these are all experts in their field so they're going to be able to share their past experience. What they're seeing -- in the marketplace. -- dispel some myths. I'm just really I share their expertise and help you as you're considering a project without having the pressure to return to close and signed -- and I mean if you go. Two of financial visor go to your banker or whoever you would do sounds like that with. You feel a certain amount of pressure that okay I -- need to sign here do I -- get. I don't want signing to -- you can just go trying to get your ducks in a role with the people at at this discussion. Yeah absolutely this is really in -- starting point for you if you're thinking about doing a home improvement remodeling project. This is a great place to it to get those initial questions answered so you can you know kind of wrap your head around what your next steps need to be. And how to people get involved in that yet it's real simple you can now I'd just I'd go to the marquee -- web -- -- you can sending email to like info. Yet Milwaukee -- dot org you can sign up that where you're just call -- -- area office at 414. 7714071. And I'd just register for that we have some -- -- refreshments. On that'll be available and anybody who attends this summer are. How we're gonna sign them up by in night the beginning of February will -- -- a pair of tickets for the 52 annual -- -- home improvement -- -- which. I'm sure closet concepts will be. Exhibiting this -- will you be there will be there hey how long have you been a more -- remember. 27 years it for you what some in that lake asking people -- city -- seat that that you are. Oh why did you join Joaquin -- in in -- important you'd be part of that. I think part of the biggest thing is that it. I don't know if legitimizes the correct word to use -- But when you're in with a group of people news they they can't hide from everybody. So it kind of keeps everybody honest. There's a quote about fix. And and networking and you get to know people and and no holding work they know you worked in and you -- He would you have to have -- -- people because of renewals for you argue their plus the show is fantastic they do the best. Best home from others yeah I. Our group that we don't. I think will probably be there doing this yeah. Absolutely we're we're gonna do that again this -- -- Russert took huge crowds there without a doubt at whatever. But but with equal have to try and open earlier just to accommodate you might -- we -- that -- Perot because. We we definitely want to have everything my thought about it compete -- -- -- he's normally. Normally don't put we'll talk about that later on. You know the other thing that that's available. If you go to the -- senator -- called. Aram in the area office the membership to rectory -- remodeling guy. And you know that resource guide that teary and I'm always -- I picked up when we're on the tour model homes we still haven't looked through and down that's a -- -- out although it. Bob materials available from watching near you and -- -- no charge the office source and amount to you can stop by the office in -- to also pick all of that stuff up -- The seminar -- come into the shows he you get all of those materials and they're really great keepsakes. I have some good information. Whether it be tips -- guidelines when you looking to do some kind of a home improvement to remodeling project. It has all the list of all the members -- night in in the membership directories broken out on alphabetically as well as. A by product or service category we have a lot of that same information on the association web -- you know and in the the website is actually Doug completely and totally up to date we bring new members in on -- on a regular basis. So the membership directory. Once it's printed you know we put an insert in -- that lists all the new members. But the the website again -- Mary dot org debts is is up to date you know seven days a week twenty for our. Today and what an easy way to navigate through if a guy like me -- -- quick -- go IA really is quite easy to navigate. -- if you're looking for somebody to specific field or specific company you can go one -- two directions. But it's really easy to get the information that out in the it's broken out over 200 category sort -- looking forward for closets you -- you can certainly find that -- -- looking for. Somebody who does painting electrical plumbing you're looking to renew your kitchen lower level whatever might be again 200 plus categories. You just click -- -- category and then all of the members who do business underneath their particular category they pop up he last question on on the panel discussion regarding financing options. Arm is there a set number of people that that -- can attend that. Did you know it is it -- is -- overtime words that you say look we're pretty much fall. Yeah well we've we've had -- -- Danica and a couple of times we're in our education stunner in that you know we we try and set it up. -- where it's not worth some kind of classroom style. But we've had a couple of instances where we've had to take the tables out and just put chairs and sure but you know week we -- easily accommodate you know class and style you know forty to fifty people so yeah -- just as many people as is one I'd want to show up we we encourage him to do so I think you're timing on this is perfect as people start to think. You know 2014. What what we want to have done how we want to have it done if you're ahead of the game. You're starting to think about the financing options so Ginn November 6 so Wednesday evening I would highly recommend. You know call ahead 7714071. That's 4147714071. And get your name on the -- to go in and and again ask questions to people that can answer without that that fearful -- in my in after going and sign a contract to get this information. Given -- wanna talk to a little bit about. A -- cuts -- junior brother own it and it can you give a slow history and how that started. We really have an hour so that's our right. Now back. In the mid -- thing you can say that it's looking for something to do him and wanted to be self employed a come from that kind of family and through a list of things and threw. And Oakland talent and I called on the West Coast Louis whose -- organizing and came up another 25 year old. Naturalist completely enthused with the public -- maybe even. Chicks or something bosh or a combination or combination thereof. But when you looked into it -- and saw Howard work -- it it was a very very practical. And it worked you know I mean it was just that simple and -- -- union. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I just knocked down some doors and found some people to make the basic product for me and then we customized -- from there for people and we knew we -- do with the calculator in. A -- of wooden and are tired. What might category for -- -- news but what's bugging. You through this bugs me so we fixed that pardons and -- fix that we have this much space left what you want to do next throw. Did you were you involved itself in that lake that prior or have you always been involved in in in. In in in that field. No actually. The college did a couple of different things investments in perfect health clubs this is just. Mean -- kind of both have a -- -- working on things. But it was more kind of a combination of being able to make things -- it was guys who has to make something. And people you know you get to meet people and and problems often and it. It kind of all came together with this odd thing the -- told me that you know a year before that -- laughed at you -- -- in your pocket. I think that's a really cool story to me because it's not like you grow up. In this and and this is this was your dream and you try to set your your goal -- say to getting to this I like the fact that it was. It just kind of you don't happen you want to work on your opponent that idea of problem solving this is the perfect feels good for you. -- -- I talked to my wife one hour before. Are you came then and told -- what we're talking about. And she said all man you know what I would love to have. The haven't -- closets are so small and I read a book I read the quote to her -- your website that said look a four foot closet. You know if you make it. You can you take half -- -- and all of -- sudden you've got 50% more room and in on the web said he explained it pretty pretty thoroughly. And that the fact that that you -- look I've seen everything you can't -- -- I I go our -- you would have would be to get everything cleaned out before he got -- -- -- -- look -- bit. But we don't need any -- -- -- if you came in just surprised us. Then that would be of. Problem well and I and I often have to explain dramatics -- -- kind of -- people down. Everybody has stuff. You know I mean that that's we are reports Americans -- what it is we have stuff we have a lot of complaining of -- And and we have clunker every day to day life creates some clunker. That there's a big difference between you know clutter and having stuff and -- It and I think people think that the good -- were on the that's a dirty house -- -- -- house that -- -- got stuff that's what I -- or four and also cleaning out the closet is always think it -- to measure but don't take things out of the closet that you want to have in the closet 'cause I do a little -- analysis so I commend their. And none of that stuff in there and I -- I'll design around at them and all the sudden when I'm done -- but I have six bowling ball through the. I could do to know that saw him in again after 26 years for you we've been through seven -- who we've singles so it's up. It's not that I've had three day you know three sets of golf clubs is that the day if we can't possibly -- -- Yeah -- run down a little bit on a ball or retire by the showed you can always you those questions. At live -- Sports Radio 1250. Live -- -- 31215. And Davey will be kind enough to answer your questions -- talk a little bit about closet organization and I think that's. On the is that the biggest part of of what you guys because -- so much more. You know with the entertainment senators in office he -- rooms and want to -- but is is the -- still kind of that Swedish where it starts. You know. Every Monday morning you don't care if you -- your -- -- your job every morning at six or seven -- -- you start -- And so how to -- make -- a simpler transition. You know people who are organized already like us because we of course feed their need people who aren't they want that to be simpler. And so you know when you stumble in the closet at 6 o'clock in the morning you want to work stuff here you watcher socks or underwear however -- You want to make it easier and then the opposite side is that of that is. When you're done with the laundry you know wanna spend all this -- -- -- network goes -- is a cold this is the place -- skated in their and then go do something else so that's usually where it starts. And then once you kind of get that started then all of a sudden it's the back -- you think home -- come home this is where -- Stop or this -- restarts with two that pantries are -- out its own. Offices you know if -- offices because you're not very efficient so hot what are the things that -- arguing your office and then we try to fix that so you know. You know from again from your way of set my favorite line was if I can make it easier to put things away. Put it easier to put them wade and -- than we've one man and I like that because that I I've got to believe that. 90% of the people listening tell us. Think the same way I mean if I could just just put things away rather them put them down and I went to -- There was a class that took in and they they spent about two weeks -- this one touch Thierry. If you know what YouTube everything's -- touch put it away throw away put into words supposed to be. And they kind they explained through this whole process on how things should be a one touch theory and it did death for. 48 hours maybe something I think that I tried and duchess was not her success. And the other thing -- that -- that I do a lot and I'm not the Dietrich. It if you clean up my desk all come in the next morning and figure everything to do well to sit there waiting for them happened slimy little chaos. To keep me going so you you you kind of have to figure out how people work it especially -- If we have to completely change the way you do things you're -- to keep doing it. Now if you hate the way you do it OK let's try to to to do that but that's what I see he's -- to put a wave them down easy is the key there you know hug Mickey -- put it over here. And -- -- you know if you look at a picture. A picture you can make look fantastic. But that's one millisecond. And it's frozen. It never -- used again and -- so how do we make that continually -- If it's a workshop if there's too much flat space and you don't work on things a lot that's just -- stuffs gonna go so limit that. -- -- You know opening a door I'm not good with course. I can't put sweaters or anything in the drawer because the bottom and we'll never get used so if you know that about me you don't charge me for two hours because they won't work other people. They can have tours over their head because they know -- -- that kind of here really get to break other southern Graco we've got a question Cindy -- one it's gonna kind of kick off. The closet organization. Segment there -- -- talk about. Takes a lot this is -- Mike we -- alongside -- TV -- -- chairman of the board more Kamerion our special guest. Is David kilts and he's the co owner of closet concepts in -- Sosa and this is more -- near home improvement show on Sports Radio 1250. -- SS but he. You're listening to the Milwaukee area home improvement show -- time Mike Mike given email your questions still live in Sports Radio at 1250 dot com. Welcome back to the walking near home improvement show on sports -- 1250 -- -- feet. I'm Mike we -- alongside my cohosts Steve Emeril so to chairman of the board walking -- -- runs on take. Public relations does a great job thank you -- you're welcome in studio are -- -- guest. Is David -- and he's the co owner of closet concepts in -- Tulsa. There are located 121 he north a 120 street in -- Sosa. You can -- -- their company and they've got a great website their phone -- 414. 45300664530066. Who start out with a question if we can and I think -- kinda get this into other segment that I did I'm looking to do a Sydney from met once. As can his in her closets have different amenities for each person based on needs. Absolutely that's part of the original needs analysis we've gone there and see the size of the closet are using it now and how you want to use it. And certainly. Of men and women have different clothing needs. As has been told beat by minor lovely wife. Men cover there are men Wear -- issues to cover their extremities -- women have to use them as accessories 'cause men like to look. The but it it's true most men you know we have a brown and black per shoes if you thorn explored in the -- -- -- him to -- And so little bit you know sometimes it's practical sometimes it's visual. And in the in between men and women can be different somewhere manner more practical visuals so. What is it is your wife's name Michel -- she listen yeah I'm Michelle and here who did this I have kids that Charlie and Max excellent Charlie's a plateau. -- -- is that plateau yet towards probably still sleeping. If he's -- so you know he still sleeping ridiculous urinary and -- talking about closets and organization a couple of questions. For UK closet can can the system's been modified. As -- somebody's needs change says you'll older you get. You know other more things as you would say stuff stuff. Yeah we're we have our middle machine through fifteen holes and at times through every one of your vertical -- Wilson's with a whole embryo bought in two and a half. Because. Close change people change certainly kids grow up. So so -- with adaptable. Forever. Did you guys get involved in in now -- beef as a house has been built. And also Brothers that either so he's been in the home for ten years and then you come in -- you at the starting point sometimes yeah. Because. We can make. The room more efficient. We often get involved in the early stages. Because maybe if they're limited on how much space they can devote to a closet and we wanna know OK here's the -- -- closet now. Here's we can do it -- with organizers. Sometimes it doesn't have to be as big or weakened slightly changed the shape or access to it. By how we designed it so. Yeah very important nowadays I mean most people don't build new without having -- -- Yeah I I would assume. The differences and in what can be done regarding reaches in and walk -- closet that's got to be a big difference for free for you guys. A home. How much did things change. -- easy yearling that you that you either inventor come up or somebody does. That bed Oden does it's costly change -- talk to guys here with windows -- and and with our own kitchen and things are constantly. Changes in their -- I'm a little bit except that the basic. Klose needs her ball the same you know fashion although fashion changes it's not like we go from mini skirts to long dresses you know. Sometimes it's by the season things changed with us nowadays the biggest thing is the -- and it's you know used to be white and -- equation oak. You know -- -- we've got textures we've got Leemire -- we've got all kinds of stuff the accessories are getting. -- need to repair anthrax were the via canceled -- pulls out in. You know just all kinds of stuff hardware nowadays you can increase the crew of retired -- so the cool thing to our practice very practical want to do the practical part in it might be fun to have it like it's part to a works. The with a lot of people who -- multiple times with the -- practice with us now I want it to be cool now I wanna -- in here and I wanted to be like built in furniture much saluting our crown molding -- -- to -- close to your -- because you go in and out of there alive so. He is Tom waited waited when people call you with Ian -- too. Navy they bring into their home they say here's here's what I am thinking he is is it normally what their think -- kind of direction that. That that you go with third you say look we need to step figure Brett let me let me kind of give me some ideas when I'm thinking at this point usually -- what I am thinking is what's bugging them. Okay or at least has something to do with that so it's important to kind of know what's bugging people were were -- concerns. Because then you can build off that and in because the way we can organize and do things if we if we. Fix that. Problem or or that need to that want first then that's easy -- the rest of it is like OK we've got six feet left. Let's decide do you wanna get your Dresser -- -- my Dresser OK let's put some doors and there you know you can build on from there so -- that's very. You talked about -- accessories and how they've become pretty cool what are typical accessories for clause. Almost every -- happens you know like a tie -- maybe a belt rack the -- little bars -- -- -- where you -- most women. Use them to put out -- closers are putting -- fit together most -- use him as the not so dirty dirty cut. Well. You know like he I think he's yeah as you figured out and he knows us. I don't -- -- just -- -- camera incident shows us. Us guys -- around -- question we're gonna get. To -- For -- in closets are very the doors that you use different options is for stores or is that pretty basic we usually don't change stores too often every -- has its. Issues so to speak you know slide by -- have to -- -- to the other. By fooled or -- agree to get to the middle of the closet but it creates a bigger return because they don't fool unhinged or are great but -- you can do everything in your room. The biggest thing is how we designed clause. Where if you're trying to get roars into a closet with sliding doors. The drawers become the main focus because they have to pull out into the doorway so you have to really really want -- that -- -- -- design. Where with the the hinge torture by -- -- put him in the middle and then to sign off from there so that the reaching closets get a little bit more specific usually you don't have quite as much leeway but. You make it again. When you opened the left or right or both tours what's the stuff together most often get that fronts and -- -- 25 years ago -- having this conversation. People. -- -- tell you are very Smart with this and I'm wondering. When you started this I'll tell you than ours for the first hour show and I had a twenty -- Booth -- close and it and everything and people come up in -- -- from 1987 made three what do you do. Mean if you little wooden club elevator speech right to like take your club the -- -- look at me and go well. And I think really I couldn't even worth about a foot. I rushed for seven years later were soldiers and it was skewed compared -- Break other -- breakaway to talk who -- but entertainment senators. And an office he Kraft crews are -- you look -- the seals theory here in a sell your eyes get big like oh my goodness who will talk a little bit about that. On the other said the break this is the walking near home improvement show on sports -- 1250. -- yes SP. You're listening to the Milwaukee -- home improvement show with big time Mike -- -- 1250 dot com. Welcome back to the Milwaukee -- home improvement show on sports pretty 1215 of SSP. I'm Mike we -- and one side this week's cohost Dave -- -- chairman of the board walking near chairman of the board. It's a big deal -- so few of them are your prisons are -- I don't two more month two more -- then who. Odd men will be the Emery will be the chairman of board and David tackle will be the more Keener president Omar. -- -- -- Yet -- everything Jim fill in -- -- yes it will be those are two good guys afloat. Special they've got a great golden parachute in for them didn't get caught up. -- you know something I don't know a lot. -- out of -- a little bit better special in studio guest is David Hill said. He's the co owner of closet concepts in while -- Sosa. 120 north one hundred -- street in -- Towson 4144530066. Win win you -- win to do something news for somebody's closet you going -- And and as your your complete the work how often do they say this is great can you look at my appeasement can we look at the entertainer was sick in week. I would assume that once people understand. How great it is to have what you do in their home. They're there's fifteen other -- in the home that they're -- and can you help me here. You know we pretty much make friends for life with people once we start. Because of you how we make -- little simpler. Makes things easier and then. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's how we live and -- He lets talk to real quick about entertainment senators on what does it typical entertainment center in include. -- -- -- have to have a flat screen. Dvd player. But you Blu-ray replied fives is that now. The -- -- council's. You know you have one of those in their. It kind of depends you know some people are still collectors. -- so I've. When customers got more albums haven't seen in my life but that's the thing you like -- so we got to make him you know to can -- them. Some people like to see all the components -- it's part of the cool factor some people want him all the backroom. In the game if they're getting at things if you're a big movie -- you've got to bunches dvds you wanna be able to see them and get at them so whether it's -- pull out her. Are stacked on the shelf vacancy and it kind of depends again in the room. What you're trying to get in there what you want to do with that. -- was wondered where I should keep my eight tracks. -- in the garage different cries -- -- I don't have a choice I just didn't you know you're in the name of your company. -- concepts. Does it really paid to it it it certainly tells me what what you guys are -- used to so much more who were talking -- entertainment senators. -- -- you talk about officer Kraft proves you want your rooms. It indeed -- the people understand the closets part of that and -- is it's just been expanded for. For once time -- the you can start out thinking we're going to be able to help people's whole their whole experts in their homes in general I pretty much. And I knew that. You know how well it worked and I knew that you could kind of go from the closet gimmick -- -- wall -- or something like that. But the more you you're discussed with people in and the more things you do the more led to other things and the offices. Kind of a logical one because more people working at home everybody's got a computer nowadays kids have to use them. So how do you make that that you know integral part -- how do you make it make it work. Laundry rooms again you're -- spend a lot of time and if so how do we make it so that and their more former upstairs -- So if you're gonna walk through -- you don't want stuff everywhere you know it's gotta be put away your use -- to put aways so. Would -- -- getting back to entertainment centers and we can't Q are you able to match to look of somebody else somebody's furniture. On with the now. Into the house when you're doing -- entertainments -- sometimes it depends -- species are tough they can be tough but melodies. That this is -- called normal for a angrily connection railroaded door. Secure get a nice hand lower -- -- could look for something. And then -- -- is actually you know shrunk over the top of it -- to to bring up pretty. The design and it. So we can make some pretty cool stuff the last dominant and again with a different -- styles are coming up sometimes we'll just contrast you know -- that's your additional orders for a tremendous pieces that Stanton -- You know make it -- really cool. He knew you talked about became beside an -- You know hot as people. Get stuff can either error of their ways to make additions to the entertainment center as equipment is is added yeah you can with an entertainment center you there. Again -- Designed for the stuff that you know you have when it's a matter of the size of a room and what's left over. Oftentimes what you try to do news makes them -- -- -- -- -- there. Isn't as prominent as -- of the things are trying to look at -- that's going to be your extra storage space. Yeah we wanted in this segment also talk a little bit about our offices in. And and -- Cruz and and hiding white fish -- you know the -- you can you most questions that live it's tortured Utah. A Sports Radio 1250. -- white fish faces concurrent office filing cabinet be incorporated is -- -- constructed system. -- -- oftentimes you can there's kind of a standard high through desk at thirty inches so. And most of those. Pre existing units fit underneath there so we just take that unit know were -- to put it in the build everything around it. You know armed with with offices and and -- -- -- on other typical we talked about accessories. In the claws are their typical accessories for offices that you guys use. I guess the penciled roar we have a small plastic pencil -- -- -- -- a three Americans are pretty pissed off at their desk that they need to hide. Keyboard phrase if you type a lot and ergonomic keyboard -- is important -- -- you have trouble typing. From their file -- are very you know because you can do so much organizing -- file -- -- perfect quote a file. That to have like -- -- -- -- hanging file for at least you stifle your bills and their. Sometimes with the upper -- it's making. Slots for -- you know. And do some things like that and hobby rooms they're very specific America's. I learned that the Kraft. Paper it is. I'll forget twelve by twelve with that in half by eleven. Maybe it's worked at a rate is so I have a a unit that we make for the paperwork finger shelves because they have lots of different types and and thinking you know on the -- guys so when you get -- the people who do cars you know between the parts and accessories that they have there it's kind of looking at. What's what's bugging you really need to to -- with most. You know I didn't understand the first early on in our conversation you said that's that's kind of that's the -- have gone. With 25 or 26 here's what -- you. And now I understand it. Because it can be from. You know from the garage -- -- -- or the closet or. The editor Tim -- -- literally what what bugs you and then you'll figure her out and -- it. Heaven now but -- -- anymore in garage is. The kind of 22 -- -- limping -- about. With some people we go to garage -- they want to pull in the garage and see nothing but doors they don't want anything out in the open other people. Don't want it hidden away because their peak in the yard beacon gardening what they don't want that behind doors because -- going to get -- a lot. So that's the West Virginia this guy -- -- because -- they have all the stuff doesn't want a few when he pulls -- and this guy uses a collateral. -- -- -- And I mean if you want to work and so that's kind of -- what's -- it may not be actually. You know a problem but it's what I want to focus on what -- -- -- most often it gave it to. To think that from now aligned and you've probably had these conversations David before I have it. But from now why I'm sure for the next week everything up like bugs me. A minute think I would if we could fix it other than the lady who drives. Forty minutes left late I know you can't fix that but don't you think when you walk in your how loose. Quiet in and that's what I think remodeling and home improvement as it is all about and you know working with a near remember whether it's -- beer -- You know whoever it it might be these are people who can. Rectified those kinds of situations for you. And -- again using their expertise their experience. Is you know Davidson before he's not gonna -- in in -- be surprised by by what he sees right he's already experienced it he's already figured it out. May be some subtle nuances that you have to do something a little bit differently but. That's what you're working with -- near remembers with those experience contractors that's -- -- gonna get you're gonna get somebody who. Is going to be able to see a situation -- figure out how to how to fix it. I would if if if by we you I would end up in a hole somewhere because my my my head would explode because I would see everything. You look at this table we need to get to break through -- do you look at this desk and say man. There's a way to really kind of is our computers here I mean -- -- does that go through your head all the time a little -- -- a little bit but. I also know that went in for me I need a little bit of chaos and sometimes I look graphic jacket pocket and and other times -- the -- withheld I really need to -- Arum. I try not department Everett enough that. You anything you see here it to -- come -- keep -- you I think you need to fix you let me go other said the break or you talk a wound ball laundry rooms. And then the pitcher which is a big deal going in people's lives this is the walking near home improvement show on sports -- -- -- fifty. -- BS SP. You're listening to the Milwaukee -- home improvement show with big time -- -- given email your questions still live -- Sports Radio 1250 dot com. Welcome back to the -- -- home improvement show on sports pretty 1250 their BS history. I might we give her once had my cohosts Steve -- -- chairman of the board walking -- for another couple months that's right. And then now off into the sunset there was that what happens -- well will will still be working very closely with more -- -- but I don't I won't -- am the executive from anymore appeal board members so it's been in a great great time in any before or is this our last segment before -- here just. Again how do people get ahold of walking -- and if they wanna get involved in the financing options the free -- discussions. Young watching their website is Milwaukee -- -- RI dot org or you can just -- more engineering office at 4147714071. Again their financing financing option some of our guys can be taken place on Wednesday November 6 rated -- -- office. A 118 in Dearborn and while we're Tulsa when a great opportunity -- -- questions. Answered the other we've got a short segments are really wanna -- -- -- toward your rooms. I did to people typically think gives you where they want help -- and and what bugs him in the laundry room. -- -- They're more and more -- the old stand by I want to just to have some in my cabinet thrown in there to -- stuff and then kind of going your way. But been busy lives. Multiple. Jobs. Kids sports all that kind of stuff we we probably do more laundry now than we ever so. Now that room becomes a little bit more important because we need to -- certain things we need to store certain things but we need to officially kind of rotate through. Our laundry. He's is the washer dryer typically. Incorporated within that design that you -- -- -- Having active big because that's where you -- to everything funnels to and from that -- unit. So making -- your pets accessible and them everything else kind of -- -- complementing. Him to learn from via. -- -- He would when you what talk to people you to down to people ask if this is to assist with a -- -- it when they resell the home you know -- it has a lot of he's that we talk about here on the -- in your -- improvement show. We talk about you know is it afforded to stay in a home for another five years ten years are we doing this because we're looking to to move the home and a year in and we want to. Have the resell. Costs go up. Yeah a little of both. And and that's the the other reason for having. All the holes drills and everything is that we can expand. And change things. The other part of it is that if you're going to be in the home for a -- make sure that it's usable for you. And we'll worry about the next person to -- my card behind welcome something for them so. But yes -- not getting too carried away sometimes you know and -- that's really what you want. -- so it's it's a balancing act. We've pitches total -- -- talk about pitchers pantries are a big part of a people's lives how you don't we talk last week and about how the kitchen is really kind of comeback has been the focal point in people's homes. And it's it's kind of like -- it used to be would go -- the living room because that's where the TV as well mothers TVs and -- every everywhere. Com what are the temple called. Accessories and whether things that you do for pantries pitchers in the company -- and I have my theory is that for two reasons -- -- -- busy families. Kids and sports and work -- appeal open -- the pantry. Look at the shelf for the Palestinians as -- -- there if not you know we got to give it goes cereal -- and not the other side of his. People. Are doing more cooking -- for health -- for entertainment. So those people on opened the Patriots are OK what -- -- creating Tuesday. So kind of the same but opposite ends. Of the spectrum but for the same reason simplicity being -- to get in -- used tear your stuff. See your stuff and and -- work. He did nothing you do is cookie cutter his -- do you know would've saved very seldom. Is it. Okay this is the same read this is gonna fit here here here in here -- and everybody does little bit different there are some. You know kind of standards everybody -- answered does but -- -- different and our jobs to make it easier to stay or. He we've talked with a number of -- remembers it out with this question very quickly Q how early in the process you wanna talk budgets. Up pretty early because. -- that the budget space and money is important how much you spending vs when you get the I think that's really important week Q driving that point home that it's -- because it. You what I don't want to waste your time you'll you want to waste my time and it's important early on in our conversation. Threw for you to understand and the kind of money that bad that I'm looked content that. And same with you I mean he say look -- -- I can't do that for 4000 dollar and not to short yourself. Right you got -- to wait six months. To get what you want and you -- -- wanted to. Last amendment. The position I struggled with that every ten didn't realize thinking so much they've emerald suits you to see you can't continue to believe you can syndicate and owner of closet -- -- won't Sosa. 4144530066. Give them a call this is the walking near home improvement show on sports -- 1250. -- -- --