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11/2/13: Milwaukee NARI Home Improvement Show

Nov 2, 2013|

Host Mike McGivern, is joined from members of Milwaukee NARI, as they take questions on how to improve your home the right way

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

From the -- -- to the landscape -- replacement windows to a full basement remodel and everything individually it's time for the Milwaukee married homeland from Mexico now here's your host big time Mike may get -- Welcome to the -- -- home. Improvement show on Sports Radio 1215 of US SP. I'm Mike we -- -- -- -- joining -- my cohost this week Dan. Reed. Been here a few times present more of walking -- he's the president who's the man. For how much longer by the way forward -- another two months two months indeed -- takes over. So it's more canaries moving up -- -- moving up the -- and Richards agent with Waller injured. And company in -- grove -- special guests this week. Loose wire he easy general manager of Carmel builders in the nominee falls -- thanks for coming in. Well they saw my -- -- mere idea congratulations on being an uncle. Well thank you I actually -- actually nothing to do with it. Well then I would think there's gonna be your great uncle I can tell you that let me tell you a bit about the show we're gonna focused. And the remodeling process budgets and in the idea selected the contractor in some of the steps that. That I think in the -- we think are important that that you understand. Before get -- that was -- will be walking there if we can you guys have off November 6 coming up real quick. November 6 with a free panel discussion on remodeling finance options. In this going to be held at -- walking area office -- 11815. West Dearborn avenue. From 6:30 PM to 8 PM. And it's gonna have a question and answer session -- we're gonna have -- panel of four people. And you'll be discussing things that you can look to do for when you wanna do remodel -- -- -- a call Louis to a schedule time they haven't come in and take a look at to project. You know really good timing I think and I'm and something like that -- a panel discussion with people start to think. You know -- 2014. What we're gonna have done kind of planning. Out and to make sure that tough financial you can. Figure out -- your best options are -- -- -- dismisses me giver and making it -- he had you know today's easy she's out of town is she's a winning oh no so December listen to prevent later. Well how'd that go for it. Yeah we were so we've we've changed it's of these I know that you talked about the podcasts and that'll be figured out here and in and they're so. And I appreciate prevent my attention. Louis let's if we can't how -- you've you've been in there remember. -- we've been there remember. Since as long as I can remember I think my father -- -- company in 1979 I'm pretty sure that we became -- members somewhere in the mid to early is pretty much right around the time that walking -- first parent came together. Now of course someone like -- probably knows when that actually haven't I don't I don't know that's all right in the in. The fact it is so -- are just -- organization of its kind in in the United States. Is is the incredible -- to make. It was important that that to -- that once. Is your your father still be part of the business about -- part of the business I think. We -- -- a big part of the business I think if he had his druthers he would have even smaller part of the business or be a lot more time fishing and spending time with this. Grandchildren but he still involved he works more as a consultant for -- -- and specialty items. We do a decent amount of legal consulting when people hire -- Mary contractors and run into problems and my father really was a large part of a building the Milwaukee -- brand back. You know when things were -- or small he's actually past President Clinton served on national board for -- -- And so he's he's -- well respected so when someone does have a problem with the contractor. And we come in it's it's he holds a pretty well in front of cross examination put that what holly if I -- broke quickly and argue Q how cool that it. From a growing up you understood. And and as you became part of this business you understood the importance of of of marquee here I really didn't mean it's it's funny 'cause I I. I was joking before and I am glad that can only missed two months left because I know that when my -- -- if he was counting down -- is like its having two full time jobs. Yeah and that's that's a credit them walking -- because it's an organization that has members who really care. And I think that's why this local chapter is so successful. Nationally because we really have been able. To define the importance of working -- Professionals. In us is to say we talk -- working with professionals in how Lewis and his companies come in and help people who have had problems. A person who I used to work with had a problem and -- talk with her she'd looked for an architect give -- name of an architect that architect referred. Her to loosen him in his -- And in -- -- -- doing the I think Pete did we did the basement the deck into the -- house in and he did another model country for her beef. That's -- home kid and a helmet from this thing I have got a very wrote a column may result we don't quite a lot for them -- -- great people -- and good people good. Unfortunately. Had gotten in the situation where they. They thought they were doing their due diligence they thought they had they had done things the right way but unfortunately. They have found someone who frankly didn't really know if they were getting interest and there was a match. She she came to -- she was -- -- only -- pursuing mean just the building inspector tells me and we have to get out of my house if I can't get this fixed. And the guy that they thought they had in their during the great job the -- work hit cut floor joists and the electrical wiring week we have sent in an electrician that we work with. In -- -- wouldn't touch the box until an inspection was done. And then so one run blocking area architect took a look at it. And then lewis' day came in and -- had a lot of hard work but they don't get the problem fixed. It was it was bad it was it was a sad situation because unfortunately when you start working with these cut rate contractors. You might be completely in the right legally right and you've got everything perfectly set and it's cut drive but you can't get blood from -- -- And you're trying to find a way to make these make yourself whole -- -- and she certainly didn't but we did our best for. And -- -- and I were talking before I think -- really roles in the what he does. Proper insurance and I had this -- had this -- director -- -- that we carried right. The insurance company would have been you know you could have gone after that because there's general liability at short hitters and emissions are out. Two million dollar brawl on top of that poise and if it it -- know her benefit if she's listen to what well. Horrible thing for for -- family to be going through and and I would think. A lot of sleepless nights trying to figure out man and that he first of all we -- we'd leave our home. Second what do we can -- do. And and love the fact that we've talked loose just you know. This segment we talk a lot about. On that safety net I tune in every week might I -- all the time. They're lucky -- -- analysts and happy as you you know hard -- boys I don't always trust those always. But we talk a lot of but as a consumer having that safety net and it's interesting to me that we're going to be able talk a lot about that. This week in and and the proper ways to going to need to go about finding a contractor and and make sure that -- -- -- Turk. I really I really like the fact that that you knew early on. I'm home important in organizational -- like Mary it was -- think your dad ever thought that it would get as big as it is here and -- it. Well that's a lot of speculation on my part I'm I would think he did -- -- he is -- this is a visionary in a lot of ways he sees things as the way that he would like them to be and recite. He's my father so we butt heads -- a few things here and there via. I think he did I think he always saw the value of -- he understood the fact that one of the problems we suffer from in this industry and I think -- real unique in this. Is we're an industry where people still. Have to be educated about the value of what it is we're actually providing. We are not providing kitchen cabinets -- now providing flooring we are not providing products we provide a service -- -- coming into your house. We are going to tear it apart. And then we're gonna put back together and make it better than it was before that is a whole lot of leap of faith from a homeowner to believe. That you're -- -- actually get. What you're supposed to get. And that's a service and that is a a professionalism. That you need to -- at every step of the way. And if you band together with other like minded professionals. You're all gonna benefit we like to say that our our our peers in the area -- our competition. Our competition are the guys out there you know talking -- truck and and -- who are driving around who maybe have good intentions might might come a point. Oh god it's not your very much equipment and right now he's more -- is more of you know specialty -- But those guys -- the words that we need to we need to make sure that homeowners understand that you're not getting the same thing right when you when you choose to work with the -- builders. Where you choose to work with any of the other. Mary design build firms were all gonna offer you similar serves as and we all know that when it comes on the price we're in the same ballpark sure is not a big difference. Did to. You shot -- your cut your competitor -- -- you have an idea. Indeed an Andy -- I say Gigi have an idea that if if somebody's come and -- -- somebody's going. To somebody else that you know all is in -- remembered you have an idea -- your price is going to be tempered his -- for similar services. Yeah I've to an extent it's hard to chop on and producer of the public they tackle and pretended to be something -- you have your -- -- -- pretty quickly but. Don't we all understand me we again we are professionals we understand what -- industry as we keep track what the industry averages are. We know what we need to do to actually make a profit. I'll say that that the guy -- so busy that he can't get your work. Well the reason why so busy -- does this work forty hours a week her parents are eighty hours a week right vs the 45 to fifty hour -- -- which I would consider to be a more normal. We're -- working eighty hours a week. -- -- -- -- fifteen bucks an hour you know you can. It's a pretty good take home pay you know at what cost right so. And and and if he's work and eighty hours a week. You know that he you know that that guys not doing the job I I would think that he -- he's thinking about getting to the next -- -- get into the next one. He has to because -- really in a situation where you're just you're just basically speculating that one of these is gonna go really well for because as soon as one goes bad. Then you get into some real problems like. The problem the project that -- talked about -- did you know grown -- that this was what this is business you're going to be in no way you can -- you know I was absolutely adamant there's mil. Possible way network fox and I graduated with the -- hospitality management I worked for. Refer Hyatt hotels for awhile worked for the -- -- -- -- for a Royal Caribbean. And then worked for a systems management company -- Microsystems -- in. Baltimore area -- -- a little bit traveled a lot and somewhere around. 1012 here's -- kind of got burned out and play like me to settle down -- it be nice to have a steady girlfriend. And -- kind of unless it's a life. -- -- I've moved back here and I joke around -- retired for three months and just kind of had some -- but at that time my dad was in a situation with the business where he was realizing. His retirement was coming up and -- that I either need to. -- Carmel builder's hands go down. And just kind of ride off into the sunset or let's build -- to grow in and he made me an offer -- I guess I could have refused to present -- -- -- -- -- it was it was the right time I realized. You know having traveled enough that I really enjoy. Wisconsin and I really like Milwaukee I've I've had the opportunity to basically be everywhere. In the United States and I would say that in the summertime there's not a single there's a single better place in this country to be in summertime and -- scouts. And I I really feel strongly about that and I wanted to settle down and may well if you're so you can come home run. You can -- -- -- and I think I almost throughout the people time -- you're leaving you're gonna have a much better appreciation of what you've left. I I I bad -- you know I hear that a lot from from a lot of different people including some family members. Of mine -- say you know what you you have this idea what it's like can you wanna get out you wanna get on you wanna get out and then you get out. And you go all. When second it was pretty good back there not like it is on TV is -- the -- -- it's really not when you when you decided to wait to jump in and and and get involved. Lot of surprises as far as what the business and industry was like. Yeah there -- there really was because my. My background in it more of a management role in putting the other systems I enjoy -- so what on the first things I tackled was was taking a lot of the things that my dad. Ran in his head for lack of a better description -- said putting down the paper. Rebuilt -- counting systems rebuilt our our project management systems. But what I didn't realize is all of the completely random things that happen in this industry that you just can't control you can't. Plan for it in the way that you that you do another. In other lines of work. He lets get to break other set of re create it really start to focus the show on there were -- process. Are researching and a contact -- remodel its infective if you need to do that one thing we didn't talk about. I did it was shooters is -- available free resources from -- membership to -- remodeling guide. Resource guide. You can get those they contacted the office a call -- at 414771. 4071. You can also find them lies on the Internet at Milwaukee Neary dot org and and you can look up all the current -- members. In and if you do call the office you can asking for a copy the current directory and you can get a -- does well. As stand released president of Joaquin -- And our special guest is loose wire he's -- general manager of Carmel builders in the nominee falls. This is the mark near home improvement show -- Sports Radio 1250. -- -- -- You're listening to the Milwaukee -- home improvement show with big time Mike Mike given email your questions still live in Sports Radio at 1250 dot com. Welcome back to the -- -- home improvement show on Sports Radio at 1250 have you assess -- I might we give -- alongside -- co host is Dan Riegle. Dressed very sharply by the way president of marketing -- the and it's quite -- church you have on. But it's it's my daughter's. Clean -- it's very slamming it you think you -- -- when they picked it wasn't I I should -- what you -- that she said did you -- -- tomorrow if the competition and I told her -- yes. So that you did you know that he would normally Infiniti dance team -- -- they danced about five minutes ago for the first dance. Soon as it -- done and jumping in the truck hitting ME TC. He gets to 1030 for their their next performance I hope that you don't pull the same -- that you did here we're just threatening to take it off -- -- We don't influence in the trees don't that's loose -- -- Russell guess she's in general manager -- -- human nominee almost. You know normally this is because it's home -- his some manly kind of show yeah and he comes in with -- Late pollute Qaeda Qaeda hide the answers it our all star on that -- -- got to be very color to -- your skin. To take the your -- off take your eyes your your quote off the front of us with that I would not done about it and when I saw the shirt. I really ought to be that your -- -- -- -- -- Let -- -- may be Denzel but a word to mr. -- now. Yeah. Okay guys let's let's start again we we wanted to focus this segment -- I did there would be be part of researching. Willie when you're homeowner Europe builder -- you you wanna find a builder contract to somebody that you wanna work with -- let's talk a little bit about that. That that first step that the researching step. Louis in your. Recommendation I'm on the resources that can help somebody find run -- Well the the single most important thing when it comes to choosing remodeling contractor. Is. Trusts in -- trusting relationship because like I said before we went to break. You're hired somebody to come into your house they're going to tear apart your house -- airport means we are going to literally tear apart your home for most were -- projects. And number and put it back together. You never know what you're gonna get until it happens you can't take effort -- if you can't go to the parade of homes. And see what this new kitchen is gonna look like so. You have to have trust so the first thing that you need to find is that trust but I would always I would say trust. But verify it as it. So good example would -- if you check -- out the very website to find contractor theory -- -- for a topic or whatever you wanna do. To contact them and ask him for -- referral or some people that they might be able to talk to. Or maybe some examples of some projects that you concede and -- do you have people call an interview you -- talk with -- so they can build in relation or how are you. How how do you look at his system and calls you the first time if I called you say hey I'm thinking about. Building a -- what would you do as you came in to to meet with me for the first time. Well I think that's where we need to make sure that it's an important. That their relationships is -- right away as well I think a lot of times homeowners don't necessarily recognize the importance of it because. I think it's human nature to think that you're buying a product that you're buying. A commodity -- you're really not the buying a service I would tell people. The same thing when you choose a doctor or dentist you probably are going out shopping your doctor you're gonna go you know you're gonna call your friends you're -- -- say hey. You know I need -- new general practitioner or fear of a new parent you know -- Who's a who's a good pediatrician -- and you're gonna go there and you're gonna meet with -- here and say OK I like -- I like the way they communicate with me. I like their approach to how they address things. I like the way that. They handle themselves I feel like there were a good fit -- our our. Am that's harder to choose your doctor which probably choose your Mahler the same way. You've got such a great opportunity here Milwaukee that I would say elsewhere in the country you don't have. Which is we've got walking -- To be very very clear I think if you choose home improvement in. Milwaukee and you don't choose a blocking a contractor you're crazy in the reason wise because we have the biggest organization in the country. Anybody who's a pro in this area is a member of blocking area or -- -- you don't have that other places you go to Chicago. You don't really know for sure if -- be here start there. And and the fact that that that you just can't call it -- wanna be a member amuse a process to become and a -- your number. And you've got to pass number of of of their qualifications to actually be a member and just -- -- and just being -- -- remember isn't enough to be the right contractor for you to be the right Ramallah but it's a great way to now. Just -- our videos are to gestured to -- does that knowledge I tell people like it when you come to the show we always do a little. Info thing on our website about how to how to work at the -- how to make get the best out of the show the the fall -- of the spring show and that is. Spend time talk to five. 67 many people alike and then select two or three to come -- at most 33 is a lot yeah. Mean did your -- visited GUS as the general manager karma -- you go out and those calls. Sometimes yeah I try not to get. To step on the feet of my sales people too much I will generally. How will be on -- of every single project we do before we sign a contract for sure so that I understand it. Generally the first initial consultation will be -- -- by Kate -- Shell in our office. If it's a really big complicated project him as a boy I'd like another set advise -- jurors. I'll go that's where Tom -- -- my father oftentimes join because. Then there's very few things he hasn't seen before so with with that step you you can't thank you contacted. -- what are some steps though that the homeowners should do. Prior to giving you call -- set things up so that when you have that first meeting it's a productive first meeting and you know it's appropriate to move border not. Well financing is definitely going to be the big thing right now a lot of people out there have great ideas. They think they know what they want they've got an actual reasonable budget in their head but do you have the financing available it's not the market that it was five years ago when you could basically borrow money will. If I'm one less question and we've got a call that there were going to take on how much of the prodigy should be planned before contacting. A remodel -- I mean in. -- -- -- -- Yeah that's that's a good question because it really varies I would say that you should have an idea of what -- rough. What you roughly want to accomplish. And have an idea -- what you roughly want to spend. But as far as the details that's your hiring us to do you're going to be the ones who are gonna tell you whether or not it's. Whether or not it's feasible and how you can get -- I'll -- -- -- it kitchen remodel we like to start with two. He -- a -- budget. -- a description and then our job is help you get you can for that that you are great Segway by the way. We've got a -- Geovany from west Alice wants talk about kitchens Geovany what's going on -- -- Gentlemen you -- it and it would you agree with you and now what we answer for -- Probably a question I am surprised -- were doing -- it -- And then and I'm talking about everything at work habits at all the outer space you're all of it well. And what how many people try to project for -- it and how the winning goal. You know which -- I should go toward -- what I'd be a dark -- you know we look real -- bit. I'm always taught not to -- albeit. Coaster you know. Probably not have been raised up by. What what's your thoughts on there and the how many people -- it a bit this. Well I'm gonna probably threw for a bit of a loop here and I would say -- -- get any bids. Bids to me is a four letter word in our industry it's. It's very difficult to give you a price on a project until we planned. And develop their entire project. When I mean by that is we need to figure out exactly what is going to be done so what's gonna be removed. What's gonna go back in there and how is it actually going to be done and we're not talking about a new home. Where everything starts from scratch and it's a piece a cake you're in west Alison you've got to. I would guess probably from nineteen. At all -- okay 61 so you're looking at a home that's going on forty plus years -- -- fifty plus years old. That's and yet it's an aged home so there's a loss of the needs to happen what I would do is. Find a few people. From -- phone calls in. In your area who would look at your project and say. Hey here's kind of what you're looking to do here's a rough budget for doing it and then choose somebody who's gonna help you develop it from there. Most everybody in our industry is gonna charge your retainer to do that so you're gonna have to pay some money up front to figure it out. That's why you gotta be comfortable through they are now fired look at your kitchen and say okay. Looking what you want to do here I'm thinking you've got to budget. Someone they were -- 4050000. Maybe amateur I have no idea without looking at it and someone else comes and says yeah then moved fifty to sixty someone -- -- Thirty to forty you know -- were all honestly probably in the same ballpark there. Okay I I won't -- -- what your guys work out and I know you do. Some great -- -- should -- -- you're working on right now in the Berlin that's correct so it's like OK so that's that's the way it should go about it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- take you very much I hope that -- guys let's get to a break are you listening to the Milwaukee near your home improvement show on Sports Radio 1250. -- -- -- You're listening to the Milwaukee area home improvement show -- time Mike Mike given. 1250 dot com. Welcome back to the marquee near home improvement Choi might we could ever want side this week's co -- the -- real to present -- more -- -- Works -- insurance agent with Waller injured company in elm grove. Special -- to loose wire general manager Carmel builders -- -- nominee falls. You can again you can email us questions at live its -- -- 1250 or give us a call. 7991254147991250. And I appreciate -- last -- call on that you talk to him about. You don't like the word bid and -- end and we talk -- -- in the breaker but what people would consider the bidding process. And you've got some strong feelings on that. -- -- I like they'll be able that bidding isn't really the way to go about a residential remodeling project. Bidding works really well if you're in a situation where you don't care if your pressure goes over budget. And I've yet to have a client who doesn't care who -- goes over budget. It works really well in the commercial world -- works well when you're talking about government type projects because in -- situation. You're just trying to find someone comes in gives you the best bid but there are always going to be stipulations and -- -- and changes in the contract. That run the project up I mean every time any president has built that we hear what municipal projects. Commercial projects you always hear about how went over budget all that won over by a million dollars very building web sites all of all the itself goes over a whole -- goes over -- Lotta money. Well that's. A different situation when you're talking about it a corporate -- or -- or municipal entity. It's a big its -- were -- when it's your pocketbooks elected gentlemen we are talking before rich has kitchen well he goes out and get somebody. Gives him a bid for 30000 dollars for his kitchen. When all's said and done he gets change ordered to death and he pays 50000 dollars from -- kitchen. That bid is it worth a darn thing. Wouldn't have been better to have chosen someone who's honest straightforward up front of hate you over a fifth you really have 50000 dollars -- on the baskets and let's work together to get you the most baying for your buck out of that 50000 dollars. Special -- -- you know one guy -- have. Candidates that are really cheap fallen apart that are particle board another person's gonna -- solid wood cabinets and you don't know the difference yet to look at. What's going to be offered within the process as you -- and so -- What's the product and I would also say that you can never even if you had if you hired -- best architect in the world and -- backed out every single product that's going into your home. You still can't specify workmanship you can't -- quality so. And I can use this is an example for project that we're working on right now -- that -- client had hired a contractor to build this really really fancy -- garage and all the product as fantastic it's James thirty cement or exciting. OP Smart side -- -- Lopate garage or is beautiful beautiful product. Installed like -- -- falling apart and pitching and had the plan you go out you get a bit on this but the but the way it's done isn't done right you've got junk at the end of it. What makes sense to go spring tour of homes you -- some examples of work. Been able to ask what are some examples that I could see people like -- DC -- comfort. And you know which are going to be at the end. And if you find someone like that who's comfortable with with what you wanna do what your budget is 'cause not everybody's gonna work for someone might look at the -- before his -- and -- He's a -- wanna spend 30000 dollars on this well I'll tell you hey we can do something that here's kind of what we're looking at another concert there might say. You know that's too small for us another -- that's too big for me that's where you find that right fit. Right hey you guys know we have one more called Hewitt -- -- -- with this is -- chuck from new Barone wants to about society. That's good that's we're just talking -- -- hey chuck what's going on -- -- Recording careers and what we're doing great you've got a question for our guests about -- Right I've -- the so I think that's about twelve years old -- I think it's all certainty. Of who like their record Kirk report. Yeah. It's it's it's obviously been what -- -- aren't because. Not a good windstorm I whopper about sort of what brought up and I Trevor Booker are so -- tickets are all deterred or look for a -- -- but I. I'm familiar -- the product that certainty does the some imports article whether boards. Certainty does that product James Hardy is James Hardy some -- -- the both good products number one -- At some point in time in the not -- -- distant past certainty did have some problems with that product and there was a class action lawsuit. You might wanna look into that to see if you're covered for anything it's not going to be much -- -- a minute tell you and -- certainly not gonna pay for new siding. But my guess is without looking at it. That you're gonna run into the -- that we -- just talking about with. The quality of how it's done and some -- citing even today. Is it blows me away as I drive around and I see people putting on a very good product it's a very good product it's an excellent product. I would encourage anybody to put it on their home. But how you install it is so important so this is an example where you could hire someone who gives you a bid for. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But if they're not installing it with the level that they should and there's a lot of details that I won't get into here and -- what that really means but they're not installing -- properly. You're gonna run into some problems so I would definitely talk to someone. And find out. How -- they insult for what are the things they do and I think you'll find as he talked to different people that they're going to. The ones who really do it right are gonna focus on that because they know they're more expensive -- -- -- tell -- -- we do yes we do this we -- You know this type of flashing on it. The people who kind of -- more that's -- that's -- a big deal. I would probably shy away from. He I'm just glad I'll fire are particularly hard to guard them -- -- -- Peace is what I would expect that and both of them that it was the salt and correct. Yeah it's not a very were parable product that's one of the big problems with some import you can't just pop off the peace and put a -- down. So he might be looking at having -- -- -- to just -- project it's been twelve years but. Well that's that's tough it's certain I would say -- sight -- it's a possibility of a very real possibility that you're just better off. Turn it all off and re doing and putt well like here it's hard to say. Product then there's performed in terms of weathering. It's just it's all our. You know there's there's a lot of special it's a specifics as far as -- you nail it what type of nails you use. What goes behind that side name as a lot there's more than just the product -- you must hear when you watch the weather initiates QB really windy tonight. I -- walked the next morning everything. -- thinking so much for the coal group I appreciate that you bet you know that that call really kind of fits in. I think when you win when we talk about deciding on and on a contractor. You know even though the best product in the world again like -- said if it's not put up right. It's it's just not put upright if V you know it's not connect it gets windy he's got a walker and his house of figure out what he's got -- -- -- -- It the -- example with captains that Dan was talking about before I can against figure -- the most amazing beautiful cabinet sever him in there. Just by -- -- on the boxes might be 50000 dollars or the cabinets but if you hire some. Someone who doesn't know they're doing hired -- kids from the local high school to install and you've got it you've got to jump product at the end of it doesn't matter how good it is to start the installation. You know when when did win of people that are listened when they're deciding on on a contractor what are some of the things that they should. Should keep in mind I do company's size. Matter to you to -- -- and business what what are the things that that people should keep in mind as they're making that decision. You know I think the size of the company isn't. As important. As. Knowing that you're going to. Know who you're going to be dealing with on a regular basis so if it's a really large company but you have a project manager in that person's going to be the one you talked to. Through the whole thing are you gonna have won it one point of counter to one or two points account think you're gonna know the people. It really shouldn't matter -- -- -- a homeowner that there's another division and a company doing something else on. I think that -- business I think that does mean something. At some point in time I don't think there's really big difference between us we've been in business for thirty through 33 years. Or somebody's gonna business for ten to fifteen years -- him maybe someone who just found it last year. Maybe you wanna you know just make sure you're comfortable. Important that to did to an end to people that that that bring you into their moments start to decide if they're gonna have user can't Turkey they -- -- -- You're licensee in in in insurance. Certification. Do they ever ask for references things like that. -- is much as they -- I don't think I. We offer references as part of our package or bring him what we'd like to have give you references and frankly most of our business those come from past -- so there's the reference built in. But I think insurance is something that people should ask more for should. Should be more into -- Dan and I were talking before we started that. Homeowners don't realize that if your contractor doesn't -- proper insurance you actually can be exposed to risk. And you know when things go bad and we had this tragedy this week removed the gentleman was killed in fox point I don't know any details aren't. But if this is a situation where there wasn't proper insurance on the contracts are set animal -- might be at risk and I don't know this and some -- -- going out and I'm just using him as an example. If there is any contract he called your house and you see you know -- a certificate of insurance and they say well you know -- -- really don't need to have that. Or if they pull out there. Photocopied sheet of certificates -- well here's proof of insurance via. The certificate of insurance when you get it from an agent is as good as it -- it's written on so fight -- the certificate. Do you -- -- here here's -- insurance you know at that date and time he's got coverage you know you should have your name is -- holder and that's certificate and the three year contract -- you say here you know. I'll call my agent let him go in and will get sent over for -- And -- takes no time either so if somebody asked -- for superior insurance is this year because this is what I do I send one email. To my agent as they please send this attributed insurance -- so and so as a piles for dinner -- the additional insurance or -- certainly never -- holder and keep him. And and we -- and it's an email I takes. It it takes literally one minute of my time to do that -- contractor who says. Well -- out all that's not a big deal you don't get Earl get into that they kind of Hammond on it you have to wonder that should be a red flag. The -- guys as he had to break other set of -- really talk real quick but -- modeling process. And I've got a couple questions for and that this is the -- -- home improvement show on Sports Radio 1250. -- -- You're listening to the Milwaukee -- home improvement show -- time Mike Mike given email your questions still live in Sports Radio 1250 dot com. Welcome back to the -- -- home improvement show on Sports Radio twelfth fifth serious has -- I might figure alongside my cohost Dan -- the president marquis dairy easy insurers -- with Waller injury company in elm grove. This week's special -- loose wire general manager Carmel builders in the nominee -- if you get a whole Lewis. They are located in the nominee false phone numbers 262255. 2230. Pitch to 55. 2230. I'm -- it let's let's have finish up we've only their columnists at this last segment of the remodeling process you know I looked on you on your website night. A really like -- I got a nice feel for your website in and your company -- what I haven't seen in other people's. Web sites have looked at. -- this year the page at talks about said the many steps to design. And you talk about but you -- during construction and then you talk about post construction. And I think that's really important I don't think many people I'm kinda consider that aspect as are getting things done. We actually. -- -- with a budget reviews the -- your views are searching pre construction. When we have the way or -- projects are -- -- feel very strongly about this is everything should be determined before you start the project. No allowances. -- -- speculation and small to be determines it should all be figured out because like we talked up before the break. You've got to -- -- amount of money our jobs help you get the most out of that's what you're gonna spend. All your money on your custom -- hardwood hand script for fantastic but then we probably need to save some money and you're -- -- Or maybe you put all your money you're countertop so we put a -- Florida tour I don't care what you put your house my job as a show you what your options are -- do you -- the ramifications we'd like to tell people. Everything that you do has -- value. Everything you do has a price we can give you the price you determine the value. Because what what works and you're Mike might be toyed around with and once or shortages as what your wife wants it is -- -- -- -- -- wife wants. Well I know my -- if -- one we Wear that shirt or a whole other than that the post I. You -- -- the -- the post construction part of that. Kind of caught my attention when you when you talk about were always looking to prove ourselves will meet with you after the project is complete to discuss what went well. And what we could improve upon. -- I'd like that that you guys are willing to do that and and meet with people win the prize is -- to discuss how your company did. NN and how you can improve and edges to make sure that that before you leave for that last time that that every everybody's happy. Well we need to do that because the only way that were going to be able to improve things is the no these are things we needed to improve upon. Right I had a conversation. With a client. Just the other day we just finished up about the remodeled for her and then as well when we left. She found there -- a hand print on the stairs and I'm it was from one of our guys I'm sure it was I don't know who who did it gives us incidents element is a dirty project. And she she apologize for telling me this and I said. I'm glad you told me just because this gives me a chance for us the -- and I sent out an email to our team -- a -- here's -- happen I don't. Nobody did anything wrong but it's just a matter of paper before we make our final time with -- just. Check everything take a look at it let's see if we could do. We could've avoided the problems are gonna happen in any project. But we like to be the -- tell the -- -- about it not the other way around. I love when people give us at feedback and that's what we seek it out Wallace who sit down at the end and talk about -- what do we do well. And we do not so well. He did very good the last line and that is it's our goal to develop a lesser relationship with you for years to come was that. Do you think that was the vision of Tom your your father in when he started this company that that's the way this company needs to go kind of what the sold the company -- Absolutely we we we felt from day one that we need to be people's partners -- not adversaries my dad had worked for so many people where it was just. Though contractor was arguing with the homeowners and is that this stinks this is no fun let's let's make. Friends with our clients and and honestly we have a lot of accounts I would call friends would -- Most you -- harbor. Tom -- -- guys who wish to do really good job he's sharp young man and obviously carried they're probably sleeping cheering her not losers give your what city resurrection and it's is Carmel builders dot com CAA RME. -- builders dot com check it out -- a lot of stuff on their great way to contact us. And Stan it's nice to recent -- you can see you have fun at the dance I -- -- -- Indians I've pitched all this does anyone know why I'm actually be posting a picture of -- -- on our FaceBook -- saw you couldn't -- our motto was if that is what you will see dancer Billy Joseph walking -- home improvement show on the Sports Radio twelve. -- -- US SP Hendry.