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11/02/13: Wendy's Varsity Blitz Coaches Show Hour 1

Nov 2, 2013|

Mike McGivern, Joe Koch, and special guest Dan Brunner discuss the results from Level 2 Playoff action in high school football... Coaches Jim Zuleger, Jake Davis, Clay Iverson, and Ryan McMillen all stop by.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sports Radio twelve -- DW SSP. Your home for the best high school. Couple -- in Milwaukee it's time to hear from some of the top high school football coaches in the area this is the -- these varsity blitz high school football coach who show presented by first bank financial center now along with the coach Joseph cook. Here's WS SC high school insider big time Mike regular on Sports Radio 1215 WS -- you know watching sports station. Welcome to the Wendy's -- with high school football coaches show presented by first -- financial center on sports ready at 1215. Previous SP. Thanks for joining me I might we -- dubious history high school aside alongside the coach. Joseph cook -- concede today they have they are straight seem like -- -- -- last night watching some high school football Sammy to no pressure on Friday and I think I -- fitness and I saved me neither right that was it with three hours a run babies at home crowd only normal he's great -- occur. He's great I I missed it actually. And we'll talk a little bit about the games that we're -- could be run down we've got a busy showed -- who would your assistant coach at Xavier. To join us for a few miss -- 1015. 1030 Jake Davis head coach at Germantown. It join us for a few minutes Ryan McMillan head coach -- a condom walked. At 11 o'clock John England doctor John England orthopedic associates who Wisconsin. Two choice for a few minutes Greg Greg still the head coach at -- country Lutheran. And a couple of guests that we may have not heard back from -- but we will turn the show and we will look at them on his wall our special guest for the entire two hours a Sidney studio he's been -- front of the show and and he's very kind to him to come on in a TVs have been nice job on that. It's it's different it's it again is a lot of funds to get -- with our school coaches and Ramon get to enjoy the -- throughout the stress. He that's -- you know you coaches I hear that a lot and and I know that feeling come basketball season being able majorities without any of the stress on Joseph you -- at the Marquette badger game. Yeah realize it was on -- clinching game if you looked it at the stats I mean you'd think they team measure won a game. He had gas watching the game if you are with him to score precinct you're -- in the you know they controlled the ball they definitely I mean eight time of possession yards everything. They just couldn't convert on fourth down down and don't him Iran are critical is Marquette stayed when Candace knows. -- stand up to a point they were top coming -- -- they're very athletic they're big and athletic. And now the option mean making the veterans triple option I don't care how good you are. -- just have to defend you know a year you know try to block every year reading couple guys so they do a great job Pena -- hands are probably the most impressive thing is -- Wear shorts opponent. Hamlin blew me away Asia you Wear shorts in college team loyalty to the -- -- -- -- -- short story and you result like top and is are there any jet noise made an. You know as he has MIA Syracuse and himself -- it will be. Fact I was out I was an establishment and -- across the LA before and I was he -- when he says. About the with the Yankees fans are locks and you know -- quit their usual economy -- -- -- -- it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What they had a great year -- and you know what Marquez kind of flown under the radar screen maybe not so much and in your conference. -- but surely -- shows like this and and you know coach mad as I you -- you got -- -- these boys credit meant. There there are they started out a little bit Rocky I thought and they have really kind of hit a good stride other than universe central -- -- they've hit a really good stride. You know there and you're being kind of see his serve Rockies sort of terrible you know they against -- lag. They looked terrible and then big opponent by Loyola Chicago -- very -- -- so you weren't quite sure. Many played rookies have very tough over in the conference. -- org nasty dream for the season getting whipped by the rookies they -- used sixteen nothing I think it half yes and then that second half joy and I says cold times. That was your right that was -- -- point. I think all of a sudden they went it will wait a -- it. Where we knew we got a chance to be pretty good -- -- and you need to start putting this together and I think they started rolling from that half yet he did they they stared believing in each other. They started for -- forgot they can be a physical football team. That -- I think I was a bit I'd deal worried about last night I thought maybe Dan saw some differently but I thought the issue Von awful lot maybe he's just so we -- -- badger. But it is semi here you've got Baylor on the ball a little -- -- you're gonna have a tough time as Franklin they're going to be teeing off that. He's figured out the -- average -- third running. -- great M that was the difference in the second half corrective yards and he made yes. Well I was at UConn a market I was really excited knows you drive -- I can't -- was -- one of our first great financial -- student athletes of the week. O'Connor mark had won the Smart choice -- -- -- had a chance to. To -- to meet this kid a couple of times and he's really impressive and he's a big strong kid and very nice looks he would break the -- -- your news is they slept for -- out. And I get out there and I'm talking McMillan for the game and are you doing ghost I think we'll be alright and we're fine as too good luck. I go they go off like I got a twenty minutes ago the guy opens a gate for me goes hey. -- -- I said he thought the guys baron goes in without -- -- what do you really helped our SF at I said I don't know -- fifteen bucks forget. Sit there and -- go by odds are you'll read another book and have -- but this is cute quiet yeah and he goes now you got a concussion. On a cheap shot near the end of the third quarter of that match I was at west team we talked last week but all I talked to the AD -- a good tight how to UConn mark talked to for about a quarter. And you sit for the first time he'd been -- twenty some odd years for the first time. I I had a -- -- concert because when this kid got ejected finally he goes I didn't know what usually do you. He said I didn't know -- Q did you start swing and he -- we are ready and he took his helmet off walked off the field he said I need to be honest with you all the years have been doing this I've never seen anything like that. And that's had a sad residents -- -- of their best player gets you know he's out this might. And I'm telling you didn't start out well you know -- -- and -- -- good outfielder of seven now than. All I can appear -- as a kicker from O'Connell more. Right in down the field this big they need this facility you know -- -- -- -- the -- -- student there at the turf is bad there that it you know it's just. That'd -- communities wonderful you don't -- -- -- -- into the game the kids who were there. And the field just in in rough shape because it was so wet -- -- so beaten up. And the kicker what I've heard a zillion times is kids -- better than anybody the badgers -- Misses the first extra point slips. And his kickoffs aren't aren't you note did you you normally tries -- Europeans don't. And then he missed three field goals you know we can't sit here you can't feeling you -- your plan plays -- important in this swing so I don't think you know all you know they're down 76 he goes back and forth. They came on the second half. And he did a couple things he made some adjustments the second half they came on a wild cat. And and just -- different look. And this kid that they put back there -- -- -- to talk to write about it arm did nice jobs just kind of like just changed the pace it will bitten off they want. Well when you're sending me text is on a team I think the most in the amazing thing in this year's U tiger Marcum wac as far as I'm impressed more than ever announced -- -- never -- him. But I wouldn't bet against him now just because I mean they're gonna get -- back. They're you get -- well I action saves field conditions at their -- -- mark again next week so I know it was bad this week is by an extra bad but. -- look what would this team do with their quarterback with a good field because I mean that was a good team they -- Milton had one loss in the -- -- per inning. Pretty impressive but. So I I'd -- -- -- a lot of green will be really really soon. Where you know two and -- one guy that I feel there were in charge of Jake Davis at 1030 then clay -- percent at about 1040. And then rhyme -- 1045 so will talks it. -- Quantico and we're not doing the gone thing this week ago could we might get a little coach speak with those two guys is they're you know they're going to be playing against Seattle -- -- this -- -- -- that your your -- and you can you can do I guess you have to get -- holds that a little bit you know I called -- uses to coach at Xavier and and left him a message but -- -- -- get up. Great coaches don't sleep this time you're you're still playing at the coaches are play much beyond over a moment especially. Get up he called me back he goes to sleep and are you kidding me I got five youth basketball games to coach today all bets are you -- -- so we're gonna talk to you have. At -- to at 1050 that they got a huge winless -- in a really good gave. And their thought was if we can get we can get one more we get a chance at redemption against -- happened -- -- went on got slapped. Which it will look a little. Concerted to codes -- occur in those boys up right up at Xavier can tell you that hey. And we don't talk much about it but we had John a couple weeks go with the whole parroting of what people thought might happen with Kimberly homestead is gonna happen and next week. Now that all of you know the dust has settled you -- -- -- pretty comfortable with how that and all worked out. Yeah a have a number of conversations with wave a Becky -- am. Steve Anderson a couple times and it's one of the things that's -- -- be addressed along with about ten other things. -- -- rules interpretation meeting with the WID. But. Yeah or very comfortable about their after talking to the WIP. Exert forward and going back over the last three years. About although. The hearings. Probably groupings -- set. Are you -- I think he did it according to the way they have been doing it. And is always the case and -- -- good friend of mine we've. Talked about this quite a bit too. Unless it affects you personally you typically don't need him much you can turn to it -- -- said the same thing. -- you know this the first time it really affected homestead. And so his interpretation. Aren't going back to a meeting back in 2004 there we had up there which I. Remember that far back weren't on the -- said he had indicated. It should have been separated with undefeated. Overall record it and that's -- You know the problem arose. Is that you know do you count all teams it and if you start doing that. Are you to get people would schedule meaningful nonconference teams and so forth -- it's going to be addressed him in December. You know what it and I think you know you trust him when to when it is -- can secure as I. We always it's easy for guys like like us like me to sit here -- -- they should've done this. We had weighed on and you sit him look you're more than welcome pick -- up like a no no I just want to talk about it I don't wanna have to actually tried to do it. Before get -- break that's a tough process. Oreo it's not easy -- it it it's an all -- yes -- it's not the elevators that some of no. It's not a do or moment you know if it's a lot of your body rugby -- -- -- next here it's a run and I had a cover -- return to get run appeared to feel that. Or words to Joseph that beads of us were sure -- -- once -- once and Patrick I noticed a difference Erica somehow managed the playoff this year I look on David Duke threw. Guys really get to break Jews who grew that -- assisting coach at -- neighbors you joining us for a few minutes again they got a nice win and he's. He's a Marquette -- college guy in his quarterback is have been. A Europe of record -- and this kid is thrown out of a 45 touched on something like that so we'll talk to him on the other side of the bright. You lose in the Wendy's -- he puts high school football coaches show presented by first but he financial center on Sports Radio 1250. -- SS but he. I know drafts. -- -- -- -- The Wendy's varsity puts high school football -- show presented by first bank financial center on sports pretty 1250 -- BS -- big. I'm Mike figuratively -- be high school insider along side the coach Joseph cook our special guest -- runner. He guys choose who would release is to coach had serious -- second time he's been -- -- -- we had him on now. When Jeff tricky was was on and he's gone through a lot of tricky camps and he's -- he's kind of a disciple. Of a tricky his quarterback. Up at -- -- had so Lakers city bureau of of just an unbelievable. Records and and just him a leader he's. -- get 3400 yards Joseph 49 touchdowns 45 touchdowns nine interception. An issue for more last night and no interceptions. -- Huber in that weather like 330 yards and -- west appear team has been to camp Randall like. With the last three years -- memorial I think couple years ago and I mean you talk and it really good program in one of the teams has -- the favorite coming out of that bracket. If they get a chance. Of coming weekend to play at home against Seymour about a -- Seymour -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't care I've had some problems so people could Seymour got a 10300. Has burgers and I judges what -- we -- -- break I tell -- story good -- give coach -- garage gym or yeah. -- -- guys thanks so much for having me on today. He's so you don't you win a big time game and and -- wonder what does a coach Xavier do the next day to celebrate what do you do. You're god he would get up at 7 in the morning and third set up youth basketball or up a fourteen hours ship -- six games of of coaching his kids and use the ball and fourth grade girls that grade -- Should be outstanding -- I apologize -- basketball dribbling in the background. -- that for me that's like how good the Canucks. Especially big and as -- -- -- -- -- You know what I'll never give -- time up with my own kids as well on -- business stuff we do like school kids don't read it yourself. It worked out perfect those pride in that playoff games followed by. And the twelve -- with the youth basketball -- Saturday at the perfect -- jeopardy. You got so much going out after the game anymore are we -- it would -- We we're home early which. At least as early as we can be and boy oh great I'm a little bit. Hey -- third set -- -- game again last night. I tell you what the EU adult standing he was incredible we put a ton of pressure on his shoulders last -- is that there. We are gonna have to throw the ball you're gonna have to dial it in in and hit some guys in tight windows. And he was spectacular he he's -- like any quarterback I've ever coached his poise is incredible. He was totally common in control. We got the looks from now on defense that we that we have practice that we assumed we were gonna get and he just put the ball our guys. I'm -- got a tremendous rush all night I can't say and an -- bottom he was. You're such a unique talent and are set -- before he makes me look a lot smarter than I -- that's for sure. Yeah they're coach is a joke -- come look at your stats you don't think of myself. After he graduates you might -- you might have to do more planets and the -- tank because you -- -- -- just wow. Oh there he is. He's as humble native long he's a great kid and when I -- the ball and everything is. Late in the game it back it's we stop them a score of about four minutes left we stopped that two point conversion. They kicked up people get a penalty we're back and the eight yard line. And I said -- -- it's time to deliver where outlook on vertical game right now let's get a valuable never expected him. -- do an absolute strike the Levi who aren't. When did a really tough catch in traffic or on a forty yard and got a so. Just a tremendous pressure -- -- under great duress. And when we needed him around the ball at the end he did it we picked up 21 -- he got I'm all for us we -- a fourth and three from about forty and so we're not -- I wouldn't put -- in your hand up he told the -- bit time on its older receivers you guys can write your role but I pick in this one myself put my feet. Just clear every other form and not just go problem he -- good football and not. And the best players and and you can live with yourself and the coach. From there on. They were -- -- and hand signals back and forth he's what 63. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'd like I gotta be an honest school just like him -- like you -- have a little kids getting a slump he is legitimate 65 and coach being recruited by division one schools. -- -- -- a little bit not as much I think prior to the year -- I had always considered himself kind of a basketball player analysis first love and you know had some conversations with them and you know he really. I do have basketball you trample it a little better football. Slowly but surely he went down checked over northwestern game and I got a chance to -- up with some of their coaching staff from. And really enjoyed some of that so he's out he's starting to look not nearly as much as -- think for a kid who's. You know what to shatter every record that we have here in the state of Wisconsin. From passing standpoint but he's just been incredible. Yeah I was out -- I would think you'd like today you get he needs and investigate a little bit further -- designed. You have a real future there there general. Question I think that's something that he needs to decide and I think he's he's starting to lean more and more towards and you know a lot this is something that's honest I am I know I've loved basketball my whole life but this has been incredible so I think he's looking into it in greater any historical we -- -- more. And what aspects are I would -- -- -- it when I watch TV there's -- it looked like me and TV like picks up there I just got around. But -- You could -- become it -- could have done the coaching side but the guys to use a little too complicated yeah. -- -- is that. Hey Jim would you would you guys. When you beat two west appear at west appeared again to enjoy talked about just the tradition of that program. Of anything surprise you about their approach to the game. You know not a whole lot we've got great respect for coach Tournquist and his staff and all those guys up there we had. Probably one of the best teams we've ever had three years ago and we met them and not in the semi finals. Particularly here. And they beat us. I think it was point 314. And and we kind of looked at ourselves as coaches and said. You know what this is as good as we'll ever be and now we don't have an up beat these guys we got to do something different to -- -- chance. That was really from that point on that we start to say the start looking at some of the spread concepts in the start and we need to get our athletes -- -- we just typical political. With a school that that -- that much bigger than. And this is really -- work in progress here a labor of love for the past two plus years. And to -- -- bet that Almonte and be able alvare kids. Execute against them I can't tell you that means -- going toward kids but. -- that kind from a coaching standpoint that we put in this was the school that we look at that we need to make this switch because. This is when we need to be the reality is we're division three team. We're gonna -- up against the west appears in the Packers in the Seymour is every year and we've got to be able to put our kids in a position to be successful. Hate a gym you know October 11 you guys to -- only was at walk pac cut. In the back your mind were you hope we did a rematch with them. In -- would have been nice obviously their conference brother right now there's a lot of familiarity between the to a bomb. I know what pack a lot is under -- -- who was the defensive player of the year and I conference. Was dealt with -- -- -- to get probably changed the complexion of them but. Certainly not taking anything away from -- mark. They're playing great football we'll have our hands full but I -- there's a little bit of -- your only loss is certainly in the back your -- and boy that would've been nice. The benefit plans Seymour obviously that we could play -- And now we're we've been pretty good at home this year so. -- -- -- -- Nothing like Brock flyer field man to -- to give Seymour to come down in and see if you can't get a win. Jim think -- so much I really appreciate -- give back to the gym and stir coaching basketball. -- sound good guys think -- revenue appreciate greatly. The time here and everything you guys do you guys are outstanding thanks so much. Yeah good luck coach -- say what he are you -- Juli thank you. He he was an intern for me when -- worked for sports marketing company and we never got any work to -- who talked about basketball of footballer. And -- he played basketball at Xavier played football at Xavier. -- were a great family his mom and dad just really good people and his Brothers and sisters are very successful. And I asked his dad one time I said you know what. Tell me the secret and in my kids were little it's time and -- -- it every day. Every day I find my kids no matter if it's when they wake up they going to that whenever an apple was -- that whispered this to them you can be. So successful. You're going to be so successful you understand what your mom and I we love you did that we did the world is your oyster you won't get it to that. -- -- every day I'd say some to play with their fourteen Billy -- and I I know I got it it -- it but then I asked Joseph Biden said the same thing usage you know. Thinking back. I knew walking out the door coming home going to bed at night. That my -- truly love to make. And this this is my home and they knew that I QB success and -- as successful as I wanted to beat. And all of that whole family's just a really good -- I just enjoyed talk in -- I hope it's. That they get Seymour I'm coming I'm going right out and that if they'll wish watch your -- out they beat you more worried -- -- -- -- celebrate Jake Davis. And clay Iverson are gonna join us first -- at 1030 and then now we'll get to clay yacht. At about 1040 that's on the other side of break this is the Wendy's -- he -- high school football coach show presented by first -- financial center. I'm Sports Radio -- fifty. The BS SP. And Reyes. -- -- Welcome back to Wendy's Marcy -- high school football -- -- show presented by first bank financial center. On sports -- at 1250 -- Estes -- I might we give Libya -- And I really appreciate his time you're going to be in town -- Yep yeah I appreciated. -- -- -- -- My mother all lives in west though soul that was gonna -- -- through some stuff but. -- -- -- -- She's doing it for McNabb that's sort of where they're really well for you worked out great if -- -- come in and you get a fifty dollar gift card for Quaker steak and -- are always new pearl and they've done a great job join his coaching staff and those guys been over there quite a -- and talk about it everywhere yeah I know he's got. That we talked to budge on the sidelines -- At a kind of a class last night -- these guys I was talking -- through to coach coach he was actually. At Quaker steak and lube when the fourth quarter started go to Wisconsin with little hotter more candidate who is even he still is likely mean they're not have his third -- fourth quarter -- that 8042. Games so yeah it was fun almost talking about you coach chosen a positive way. Did this somebody yes you're correct yeah he's Jake Davis he's been a friend of the show for a one time and -- -- Got a lot of respect for that the job he does at Germantown they get a win last night they'd traveled up to find a lack can be fun like 347. And is cute is that winning is now they get to go play at at arrowhead. This weekend and and I know that's not. They they've got a little revenge and in mind -- Jay -- you today. -- you guys don't think -- out. -- you -- nice when lesson -- -- traveling to find elected and been fine elect 357 you guys are playing pretty well. Yeah our players some good football right now particularly good job -- -- -- you know. What are upon -- we can you get ready to go. Tell I tell me about five elect it was that. You know they they came down in in what was surprised me they beat -- nominee falls and then you go up to their place and and beat him what was that a game that you guys were in control most the way. What I thought it would if it was kind of an unknown you know it we didn't really know like opponent to see what you know what would it favor such and they go on beat you know Miami falls through. You know it would probably greater maturity and we know about that appeared in there you know you kind of like -- in particular comment -- On -- good football team they're well coached those guys play hard on the did a nice job but. The market this kind of stayed the course and and -- up and play our game and got there about. Did you -- Germantown this year -- you know I took -- regular weekly updates from a good -- -- that go over there and a couple of he the man he is the did you get a weekly updates cruise well Joseph -- out of -- it feels a great guy and then I'll just -- saves and a great job -- Germantown and -- -- also has doesn't as most positive to say about coach Davis in what they're doing over there and that is exciting Tammy here in Germantown traditionally does well in the playoff so. They should be exciting that out of Sierra had traveling to the university of I don't think it should be interesting task but I know when. Center where they met that's going to be the biggest markets have been married you know the answer was kind of wide -- but I think that so hopefully you'll. Be eliminated -- what in what we've seen already and what we've gone you know it's -- bring a lot of young got along conflict of fear not the first time they've been there council. Hey -- college job how's your quarterback to win Watson junior how -- he progressed through the year. I you know he -- it keeps getting better and better doesn't really nice to obviously is really you know just grown up you know through the system here and and you know. Reading things and in the to have -- -- -- really strong arm. You know be a meshing well procedures do those kind of things in nickel and it is to help them a lot of corners well -- play -- the great great football right now. And do some really good thing -- He -- in the end when you win you've seen them in and talked to -- -- talked to fill about a -- what I saw a week to. -- when he played Hartford. To -- to what I I assume because I haven't seen him in person but tickled to fondle a compete final -- who's a good -- 357. They obviously have really progress and -- -- think the teams that get so much better. As the year progresses and that's a good coach did under. Could the object of such a great job and -- you know -- he's got such -- -- staff working with them those guys it's a good good chemistry together as coaches and you know I I got to see -- -- cedar Bergen. You know and it became it if it was a game where. You know is -- -- Jones's foot out of bounds and you know -- made the difference in at the -- at the end of a game and just -- came back. -- you know on a situation where it looked like the game was over. MM. Two to a situation where you could've won. I'm not useful was involved the guys I don't know I -- I'm alive announced that it gives folk was there a roster but we don't you think -- well. I think the -- grew up there again we didn't want her down -- -- out of him they've gotten better like you said -- every week they just get better. You bet I I don't know if you had a chance to watch what's tape by an on aero -- -- coach Sheridan there's some things that. That you see that you guys might be able to what to work pretty well against. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are outstanding players so we're gonna have to look at some things -- but. The guy I really like you know in our passing game is doing real well I gotta like our receiving -- that we got you know also -- feel we can do with those guys and think I control -- front on defensively in -- you know we've we've got to go play with their speed they got they got speed -- up tempo on offense so. I want to -- play them last year helps us get an idea what we need to do dramatic McCluster we. We're quite ready for that so I think will be much better prepared this here. We'll -- they slept for -- it's your time really appreciate it good but you know when the game's going to be yet. Right now it is -- or defense stormed right seven I think what we're talking right now so I think we're pretty much agree with that there. Excellent will be Friday -- -- Well good luck that Jake they slut could look next week against hero had and I appreciate your time regular marker earlier that I just -- Davis. A so. I don't know how many upsets there were -- -- true upsets. But you know the book wanna go sun prairie one is one that people would talk about that it's not -- and it's funny Zach talked. Weekly -- last week ignited a nice and how great it was. Furthered the community of -- wanna go to get a hold to get another game besides just impressed with that with that whole community and how they come -- and and how they just support clay and and and their team -- and not only do they get a gain of but they beat sun prairie which. I don't think -- didn't think it was an upset but I think people it in studios around the state think maybe that was an upset. Well you think you'd think he champions and of course they were -- -- change a game last year as a lottery Turner's side to give visual and so yeah I guess is as a mild upset now -- -- goes no solid single some players you are now. You know again avoid going to the badgers but on the one of the plays has -- -- classic gate you know it's when it's never comes is arguably top at the top and there -- -- I. -- jury can make an argument for a lot of schools. You know the -- -- of their top industry to have to they always do on the -- -- you mean there's no you know I saw the pairs but you look at DM BA -- it took a beating last night yeah yeah. I kind of -- without their quarterback -- -- the runner out. Realm of wanna go a third place finisher in the classic eight BC champions -- -- -- Yeah well let's talk to clay Iverson's joint and -- coach shot. What -- wanna go always was going nuts last night -- I would assume you get a free here community where you want -- wanna go to that. Well -- I can you do -- Got to go I don't sector can among should look back and I after being sun prairie codes and Andy barbershop in -- did you view free -- But I didn't -- think it really played. He. It was early critical support -- What 3530. Against separate coach we we had talked and enjoy it brought up those defense of tackles set them wanna go has -- -- You guys obviously seem to move the ball and and and -- and play pretty well. How did you control those guys. Well I think -- -- -- run option football sometimes you've got to block everybody which is not. You know are often the wind is not the biggest we get we get to consider under two -- home. -- but -- and sometimes -- you can. He blocks on the dunes and then you can -- -- our kids played really hard and you know. And then we didn't control -- get a -- of plays on the it would there would redeem both both big play. Which -- And -- and to be honest if you we were fortunate not to me probably one more. For the clock ran out. You know we're talking to -- Iverson the head coach -- -- wanna go -- Equally I care who we were doing the mark kept badger game an -- getting tweets per month. And text messages from -- arbour who is that your team. And you run your life imbued with you got to running back and linebacker who is bigger than most. Saw -- of the -- -- linemen in this state he. This self which is very special kid and and I said before and I've really been -- to be around some very very good high school football players. I don't know I've been on better wanted to I think it's fair in -- -- it's hard to take -- support especially when you get into the round of sixteen. In the division one level. -- and and frankly I'm kinda community where and so you know every couple in the team -- -- -- -- at -- you put aside are you put about it that. That's what Doug said he took over bad game. And that's impressive is RC info temporary who is yeah going to be really good. And really really local shall. You know but there -- -- to -- our our our kids do a good job both of her job would just. Are you going to stay out under the good joke putting in. In place to make plays and then I get a kid that makes them because they're going to pretty Smart. You know I have to tell you I was still happy that you held on the one that -- coach there one day and you -- whatever it let me tell you why. So Jason -- judge Joseph cook in our texted back and forth scorched. Scores guys are taxing me scores I'm if I'm sent him over to Joseph Joe's didn't scores and I'm on the sidelines in -- -- -- PG told me not to come to your game. I have four other coaches tell me not to come to their game. Or wall and McMillan said -- if you wanna come c'mon -- target. So -- sit there and a 907. Last night a get a text from coach -- wanna go 4523. I'm like well I'm optimistic a lot of it's -- sidelines. Right and I I look at the traitor for. For -- walk and I showed too many goods you gotta be kidding me he -- -- tells one coach there's like two mystical of the game they're gonna get the win. And it goes up and down the sidelines and about four seconds. Now -- that's beautiful I get my car all of us and I hear. Woman -- goes up 3530. -- you know hopefully get a hold on I'm like. Once I could say I'm driving I drove audible -- walks so fast and I -- -- Jo and Al Gore please. Who he's who have Quaid hold bottom and I. It and resolve of helping an opening and stick to our our Liggett that are our kids stepped up when -- when they had to get -- really because they're really count the team. And and I know you mentioned it -- might. The community here agree and it kind of mind yeah quote runner but when you hear things -- and Hartford I mean he can't shut down and people Kamal. Home they come out -- the football game in and I think that's starting to me he'd get a little bit. -- -- commonplace but coming here and and and and it a lot of. He Berkeley will good luck. I was again I was I saw the field it's. And a calm walking and he if RUI hope for no rain. Appeared between now and Tennessee Saturday might -- all right Jaroslav -- -- and they'll -- landlord maybe yeah I. Well that's then maybe you're hoping for -- rain clear as always thank you so much for a -- mr. -- and you gotta thank you as clay Iverson head coach at south. Won't want to go we're gonna talk to his opponent coming up on the other side of the -- coach Rick Miller from O'Connor what can I get a Terry Boers. They've got their -- that you know the idea that they're gonna build this new facility. Mad the guys who I'm offense whether the good donate money united spirit -- game last night they're donate money I think I'm just telling yet. That's on the other side of break this is the Wendy's -- -- high school football coaches show presented by first bank financial center. On Sports Radio 1250. To -- SS speaking. And use. Face. Years but it. Seems. Welcome back to Wendy's -- puts high school football coach -- presented by first -- financial center. On sports birdied 1250 to -- -- -- I'm Mike -- you were alongside Joseph cook and Dan runner. Be kind enough to join us and he realized now he's got his way through all this work so that he could see the studio to talk high school football. Yeah -- we are just -- definitely you know I know yeah. It's not what you guys correct so I've told -- couple times I was out of declined walk or drive and out -- all fired up it seemed. -- play in you know. Are walking -- -- on the field talking McMillan I do and cut I -- -- I'm feeling good at it will be aren't as it's great to look that excited yeah thanks for coming down yet. -- walk off to get a hot dog the guy opens have good Spencer's -- said. -- -- they're ready to go he goes -- without larceny go what are you talk. I just talked to a guy forgot to tell me his best players -- play it you really are deadlocked. But there whatever -- Notre Dame and cornerback has -- out not this game it was last year it was that dirty play by Madison west that I this year but then let's talk through as Portugal and a Bus -- coach -- -- Loria. Good -- -- had the concussion last week when I wasn't at the game correct. Yeah -- -- You know what's funny of all you just said about the dirty play there's a -- that just came up Madison less players about. Body counts and -- and knock guys out of the game is somehow we had to do it just came out on -- one of my assists. Travis welcome from WS and just weeded out so I think. You know Joker looks. Last week you know -- shame I knew and then shame on us time to think for second round. Think someone from there you're a guest out step in -- and clean this deal up. And or the coach association something right you can certainly talk to that. That coach I agree with you you know what right as I walked to run it -- first and foremost congratulations on the win but I have to tell you it was sold. It was really cool for me to -- in that community as that that did the crowd was incredible. -- the people stay in a long defenses. And I that probably fifteen different people coming up the -- he thinks a lot for for what you do and and -- slot for. For talking a lot about a -- walked football this year fact one of the cops -- -- watch him walked out to -- ghost. Are you Mike we -- and I'm like no the fingers and still are yeah I didn't do -- -- what are you doing here if -- an ally they slot for all you do in talking to coach McMillan and -- river couple -- But it was it it was really cool but there were a lot of people that asked me. Had I seen any tape. Or heard anything else about you know the end of the third quarter and all -- fourth quarter last week ski MS is now and I said no coach Eric Milledge moved on but. You know they're in there and there there is a lot of people say look it got ridiculous. How bad it. Yeah -- just you know it's not what you want out of our game in high school athletics and you know I think. And the coaches associations don't you I had think some got to be addressed that are a little bit too. Have some sort of sanctions in place to make sure it doesn't happen again. You know on him and just clean it up opposes just clean it up and respect in the game and respect your opponent in. And -- balls to do and you know I think some more color it I'm not too worried Goran are decide -- an American it just got the united text before. For a came -- what you guys but it that there are her. Our community is behind us last night and I think I think big cup he talked to us -- -- -- Hogan and neither proud alumni and appointed. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know if you've got to -- and right now coach. That's hey I have more respect for you your staff in your program. More now than ever after which he did with out some your key players and probably -- most important player -- obviously. It -- a really good Middleton team like that without three key players. And in England with your Paris season is without Mike before the game when -- mention it. Tells me a lot about junior staff were. You know you just you can focus on that you -- -- dwell on it. You know he Rose above and air mails picked it up I -- has a lot for union program -- really excited death suits do isn't a lot of and actually. Preserve their coaches we head -- very open and honest conversation on Thursday night about what is and what isn't. And we were gonna make any excuses about who was quieter now -- and you know -- was out. You know policies and all conference cornerback could probably going to be an Allstate candidate there as well there. First team inside linebacker was all last night and then our first team offensive tackle. -- wind down too so I mean we had some things go -- I think all the guys will be back and will be okay it was just like. So all of that I know some cliche but the team -- -- Last night and in different guys had to make different plays in different ways and there's a lot of different ways get a -- We we found a way to give them. You know -- coach decide this game one of -- kind of walk -- -- Sears your place probably going to be one of them. Probably one more crowded games I think as far as attendance -- -- guy's gonna love this I -- -- You know the league is -- you're looking at two communities that are football crazy -- they mean they are football's number one -- kind of want for years he said knees I mean that town. Loves high school football maligning -- same thing I mean this game electric atmosphere. In really exciting for him they want to see a great high school atmosphere and the game to go to via. Absolutely -- to you know Dan knows attitude down to -- -- there how come on -- -- -- -- also in that we've gotten. It's going to be a -- I mean there are silent -- guy. Last night apologizes on the film was shaky to -- up the ball in the stands or shaken my island New Orleans and I'm -- and so. Years ago it rookies to send -- -- -- that all the time. I kind of want to hear what. I don't know if I I just Monica gradually. From you on what you've done over -- kind of more Kevin. Live through that -- for a kind of -- rivalry for twenty years. In when Edwards here. It beat just what you're talking about -- -- you brought that back when we've sycamore kind of walk in and -- stands were packed in their places Iraq in. That was high school football and you brought him back to kind of more so I wanted to commend -- -- that. These courts -- -- sit -- and it'd it's been a lot of fun and there's no doubt there's a lot of alumni. There have come back in the communities come back and you know we talked last night about playing for the alumni community history with Middleton playoffs -- 0902. In 98 and -- our losses broke our -- and we just talked about you know we need to we need to help. Ease the pain of the past players and get this thing go on. The kid brought -- -- in the way we went. While today and I said this forward to break. Freddie alumni -- even any business people that were on the fence whether they wanna donate to have this new field didn't. And the new turf. Put in. I hope they were all sitting in the crowd last night 'cause I gotta tell you it's needed -- coach you need to get that thing done I know mid November there's amid there's a huge. Our decision that's coming down and and I would think that it's gonna go in the way of getting new facility out by next year. Absolutely here if you now believe it or not and that's before hopefully are now we are faced are who had one guy who bought a ticket came in the stadium. Follow up care -- was important -- I don't -- -- refund first cricket. I was gonna listen -- -- I don't -- -- yeah I got. OK until the top what is it looks forget I was a stint -- And if you push it cost you for the hot dog food which you know I do you know a lot of glory now they might donate for -- -- -- -- I. Grew. Up. Hey -- you -- you know that I. I've it's been a pleasure following this team by this German had a chance to -- And and meet some of these boys and I get a chance to see you play it and that was really fun last night. I think you -- -- that Favre felt bad for the kicker. I've felt bad for for your guy Aram I know it's a new holder and and that ended there is the surface in that. The field was so wet that you have and -- hard tide playing a team. And I'm looking forward to maybe try to get out there again this week in the -- and watching him. Is it today it was -- rough night for him and probably the first rough -- a kicker he's ever had. Yeah and he's a phenomenal -- that I think he's probably the best in our state. And he just because I guess there's plant foot solidly kept slipping on -- woods would there were just a little bit off and eventually. Live in the game he made it that adjustment but one step and -- he has Iraq and -- -- MPH even. -- kick -- is still banging it down the media -- -- the goal line and so was. It was and I certainly definitely he learn the another tough loss do you -- talk was not that harper when he. When he missed his -- -- ability and missed throughout the year when he tried to play the wind and so occasional play the way and just kicker -- -- -- he's strong enough leg and he can do is do is go relax and -- out there and I think he's done that down the stretch and I think we'll learn from last night about -- a big way next week. No no doubt ride McMillan head coach -- -- picky so much as always. For your time -- to -- next week. Pritchard -- thank you. But guys -- you get to break the celebrate doctor John England from orthopedic associates of Wisconsin he was on the sidelines with real lessons while. Back just before halftime him in the trainer for -- Tom -- and -- -- it's the end and togetherness of boys. I've I've cleared him to play the second half you guys are -- with that. And doctor Joseph public amigos know we're not advocating that -- that I said c'mon might we you're -- it's just yards and a -- a good guy wacko you just get away it would have been to doctors and enjoy. From orthopedic associates who was -- to a -- other said the break. This is the Wendy's -- -- -- high school football coaches show. Presented by first bank financial center. On Sports Radio 1250. To -- SS but he.