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11/02/13: Wendy's Varsity Blitz Coaches Show Hour 2

Nov 2, 2013|

Dr. John Englund and Coach Greg Brazgel of Lake Country Lutheran join Big Time, Joe Koch, and Dan Brunner...The guys look ahead to Level 3 Playoff action.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sports Radio twelve -- DW SSP. Your home for the best high school -- in Milwaukee. It's time to hear from some of the top high school football coaches in the area this is the win these varsity blitz high school football -- show presented by first bank financial center now along with the coach Joseph cook. Dearest WS SD high school insider big time Mike Gilbert on Sports Radio 1215 WS -- student watching sports stations. Welcome back to when he's horse he puts high school football coaches show presented by first make financial center. -- sports pretty 1250 -- Estes beat. I -- we -- WS history high school insider along side the coach Joseph cook our special guest -- and runner. Hall of fame coach in front of stories he told -- -- to break that has a colony better beautifully and I thought I did and I think that's what I think that's what he said story who could. Our special guest doctor John -- was on the sidelines in a condom walk three laissez doctor John warrior. I'm hungry are good road graders get to -- -- -- -- -- -- John England from orthopedic associates of Wisconsin. Here I told the -- -- that -- -- at halftime I cleared can worsen to play in that second half you guys turn me down. The idea we you know we we always appreciate your your -- But at the end of the day didn't feel a 100% what you make -- that. All our knees aren't a lot like Michael -- it. Except she says hey doctor John and I we have two questions what were only gonna get to one because him to turn it over -- -- at the end Browner. I'm kinda breaking news I guess there -- -- meeting yesterday there's going to be some changes. I think coming down and and he's got two questions for you so let's let me ask you this one -- from Watertown I emailed question. -- -- -- guys have my son plays football -- -- youth program Watertown he hurt his shoulder my question is what's the difference -- a shoulder separation. And a shoulder dislocation. He seems to be able plays through the pain but I don't want him to hurt it any more by plane -- thinks it's Eric in Watertown. So let the good -- shoulders kind of a complex during. When we talk about a shoulder dislocation we're talking about the ball and -- part of -- -- So the -- formed the joint with the Glenn only that's a major shoulder chewing. And what a dislocation and that is where the ball is sliding out of the socket and you can have a frank -- location -- the ball pops all the way out of the socket. And someone -- -- -- it or push it or or or get it back here and what we -- reduce the dislocation. Or he can have partial dislocations to the ball kind of slide up from the -- -- the shot didn't come in on the -- So that's that the big -- -- the club -- rural China and that's shoulder dislocation. And that usually occurs because the arm gets caught. Behind the player options -- Giambi -- -- to the guy and an external he wrote to you don't get caught kingdom forcing the ball. -- usually slow forward out of -- Our shoulder separation the injury to another -- that makes up the children -- that I am top of the shoulder. We're the clavicle in the collar -- forms that you like with the chromium. -- and got to smaller -- And that the injury usually occurs when one tackle the -- directly on the sides of the yardage and extended away from the body it's. Hard on the side you come right album tiger shoulder. And with -- injury they're gonna have pain or swelling up on top -- The you know both injuries can be very significance. You know become in certain different securities like except it's if you're talking about the collateral kuril trying to dislocation. Is it to up. A partial episode -- some fluctuation. Many times -- with physical therapy getting that strong that'll be adequate. It's its strength dislocation and Lofton tried physical therapy but that doesn't work then surgically may have to that they make the -- -- so the ball doesn't pop out. Shoulder separations are usually treated OK with rehab. Now with that and -- made yeah this is that you player we you know the other possibility your your growth plates that are still open in and around the shoulder. And so at this locations and separations or not and commented real young athletes as they are again people who were -- truly mature or older. Because those growth -- oftentimes will be injured so the young athletes having continued pain or any deep crease and functions and -- -- in you know inability to kind of reached fully overhead. That would certainly be one we want -- We're talked to doctor John England from orthopedic associates of Wisconsin's Joseph and attacking John is -- cook I tell us what you know I'm the only one who understood their side on this you know I. Okay I don't think he's ready to mother didn't you yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. Don't look at it I know I don't know I don't your ministers next some Smart because I dislocated both points shelters. Sometimes and some would say you don't like -- and sometimes zone and his -- and one never did and the other but yeah I -- qualify due at an expert you know more about it and I do the -- nation to edge of the field can heat it up and I didn't -- the first time because I didn't take Gary correctly the first name announced he led -- more -- -- doctor John -- agree advice for your your running back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- good that we were real yeah are you admire Harris can't you know they're on their -- clinic again on Saturday his size his team which has he had great -- since -- -- -- don't get there but yeah -- he's completely with you for them about a boy this. Did you guys been blamed for much where you thought you guys had a meeting yesterday and in which you find out that's not a doctor Jones -- to join us. You you wanna talk a little bit about a few things. -- -- we we had a meeting with the RW ID. Yesterday three were members of her exact word for -- WFC met with. Along with a couple of the young. We've Becky -- him David -- from the WI a and it wasn't what were we referred to -- -- our climate is teach him. Doctor -- was put together. Four Wisconsin high school football -- is starting next year. We're gonna have. A procedure or -- employees where coaches are going to be limited in the number of -- -- and practiced. Without a break. -- basically long story short it's gonna go to. The -- similar to the NCW model where you you can -- too witty. The neutral Mexico we have one practice single back through to -- -- every other day. And when you do have a practice you're going to be limited to no -- two hours on the field. Without taking a -- soul in essence for a lot of our coaches you would have -- an hour in your pre season practice -- have an hour and a half. Minimum of a half hour break most coaches will take an -- Come back for another hour and a half were singled -- hours take a -- come -- for an hour ran them on the two cities but. That would be like a one -- practice. Will be considered -- one day. For a two -- You'd be restricted to a total I think it's going to be like for a half -- but it'll be the same thing you can have that three hour model. But then you have to take a three hour break. Before you can bring them back in helmets only for a walk through -- something like that chair and everybody there was very supportive of this of Wisconsin getting ahead of the curve -- -- be mandated. To these restrictions were reported employees. Ahead of time MA -- I just want your thoughts on how beneficial you think that'll be. There's an -- I mean I think that the green -- And -- and you know will we see and are ready and did in college athletics where they have you know where they have similar type. Recommendations are -- requirements. You know there there a couple of different issues you're dealing with that time a year. You know one it's one -- issues you know amenities you know you're here you're practicing on really warm days -- -- humidity. And you have significant risk of heat -- You know especially. You know and that. You know. Being being ready and doing it -- in a progressive action so important these creatures which -- illness but also with injuries as well you know -- now. Certainly athletic has come along wait from somewhere allies you know what when I played high school you guys -- high school football -- you'd. You know you didn't necessarily have the same intense training programs through the summer. But still two days there are kids who -- and who haven't been out there is who have a bench. You know preparing diligently. As the coaches -- hope for those practices and their bodies just are ready for that degree of stress. And so -- run higher risks of. Stress injuries or muscle fatigue during the practice leading to acute injury and so I think both from an injury prevention. And the heat illness standpoint it makes a lot of sense. To not do too much too fast with these kids. Especially especially the younger kids who -- who -- you know that 141516. Year old. Who were still growing have open growth plates those -- insert it -- increased risk. Over those kids were skeletal matured in terms of having injuries distract so I think adding a wonderful idea and I think -- will will be -- purple injury prevention encourage people. Your -- the days of Telesis to take yourself knowing give back out there are over and you're -- yours who cares about the case you're listed Joseph -- you like this. This method you know I like -- I liken it won't affect palace -- effectively. -- we practiced as we don't go more than an hour and a half. You know on the field at a time. It was a week you know that you platoon makes the difference you know -- -- were talking and and he said -- -- wants you to platoon meaning having your kids play one way to offense or defense. A two hour practice actually this -- how -- almost boring you can Aaron -- who -- -- and you know when you it's keeping -- have to mean kids eat. It's intense game football's a fast -- intense game. To make it a marathon doesn't make sense you want to practice intense December the game I think the second thing I could be running necessity to inferred the -- ask and answer. But. I was like -- -- is you know football's like boxing. It's not always -- one hit that knocks you out is -- the build up to somebody shots is there has seen old guys did you add some of that leads up in Kenya eventually you know hey you know get knocked out. -- I think the same is true for football I mean we don't do I know for me offense -- We only practice how -- as we never -- and -- we never hit the ground we do everything we keep everything up. And now we limited contact and we've in my point nine years I really but very few I think -- -- -- here in American cautions have ever had their players had while soul. I think sometimes I could Iran and maybe -- you can answer is that is any truth to that. Not now I agree I agree wholeheartedly in you know and you look at how things just changed it in into college and NFL -- -- -- -- you know that they just don't practice the same way they did twenty -- thirty years ago. You know for a couple reasons first of all -- if you're having two or three hour intense football practices they're just more hits there's a greater risk for injury. You know practice and second of all like you said that your alluding to the year is to -- in these with these real long practices what -- while those muscles -- Muscles are very important. Secondary people I -- of -- They help you know proper muscle function and -- tax. Ligaments and prevent injury and told those muscles get real tired and you continue to try to push those kids through -- -- That's when injuries -- that's -- we see more injuries in the fourth quarters of schemes than we do in the first and second quarters or -- the last you know ten or twenty minutes of the soccer team. They need when the first -- soccer. Because muscles are or are tired they start to break down while mechanically and they're going to be increased injury -- so. Both from my you know hours of participation standpoint and then in in terms of you know programming -- muscle fatigue injuries just makes a Lotta -- -- -- Limit that practice time. You know -- great idea. Doctor -- I'm glad the -- echoing everything that doctor Walter and darker entering -- said it -- and I'm glad you pointed that out also bought. You know they said the same thing you know you're gonna have some running backs and receivers and defensive backs that are gonna come in the football season in -- -- they've worked out. Which you gotta look at the whole squad and what you said you know we've got inexperienced players ago in their concern was lying men. I come in that haven't done. You know the an adequate amount of cardiovascular work -- at the -- really work there there are big muscle groups that. Well are coming into the season and so they think this is going to be good and the other component of this requirement is Asian is. You're gonna limit the number of contacts you can have by going only helmets from two days in them. Helmets and shoulder pads -- optional -- heads volleyball right knee pads. For two days. -- basically. And you're gonna eliminate these inner squad scrimmage is on the first steel -- full pads. Sold you you're not -- -- be what you really have full contact at all for the first six days of football. So I don't what you said seems to reinforce. -- what they said. -- now I I think it's a wonderful idea and I think it'll will go a long way forward to decrease in injuries you know ensuring that you have to tip your best chance to play -- you -- So I applaud the decision I think it's very. -- doctor John England it's always a pleasure and like I said it was great to be on the satellites with you last night and I'm looking forward to one day you come in in the studio joining us here and and I will spend some additional time with -- on some of the stuff. And it's good to see and we will be a touch turn next few weeks. All right sounds great Geisinger -- dale thought he should. -- thank you doctor John England orthopedic associates of Wisconsin that was so important that we went long and this we're gonna get to break. We talk -- little bit more body at 11301135. Really getting a hold a Greg -- Dolan head coach at lake country Lutheran. This is the Wendy's -- puts high school football coach show presented by first bank financial senate on Sports Radio -- fifty. -- -- -- And I NS. -- -- Back to the Wendy's -- -- high school football coaches show presented by first -- financial center on sports pretty 1250 to obviously speed. Thanks for joining us I'm Mike -- were dubious -- high school insider blog said the coach Joseph cook Indian runner. We've we're gonna change a little bit Ted Greg Brazil whose -- I join us this segment on to move him back -- one segment. I don't wanna just continue with the conversation that we had -- -- John England from orthopedic associates hoops constant. Of the meeting yesterday I found it -- trusting that you guys are getting out ahead of what could be -- -- correct. Yeah it it the doctor injuring go open the meeting and he passed out some of -- beyond. Mandates that are coming down from it basically uses starting with the NFL down to the colleges don't -- -- school in a number of misdeeds. Already have been mandated as to what they can do these are gonna be your. Restrictions and you need to follow them -- -- to the WID -- credit. -- combined with the WFCA. Were were putting together this. -- a Clement -- shouldn't plan is what they call it so that we get out ahead of the curve. -- we sure old the national federation. This is what we are putting employees rather them. Have them dictate to us what we should put in place -- it it's just they're really a positive. Positive thing. And that -- that we'll star with next season. They'll -- -- -- -- any voting or anything this is going to be a rule coming from the Debbie I am what would -- what's gonna happen. Yeah the it it'll it has to come from their sports -- medical board. Bob bought and after meeting with doctor injuring it im a doctor Walter the -- -- Positive and -- athletics. Bet it's going to be a good thing and it'll pass will that affect any other -- -- we just talk and football at this point Bob right now we're just talking football but it. They are going to put something together for soccer of volleyball on. Bomb in him -- basically all of the sports that take place during. -- very keeping his driving us right in our head of the book for you though relief for concussions is going to be an offshoot of -- What -- they -- thing is would striding it so you know he gets evaluated if you. I started the season a little later when it was so hot and went past your hunting and maybe -- we -- no more than one TV award one of the conversations of there was. You're talking about how you limiting the amount -- equipment you can Wear because it keeps he'd been. So the -- -- will be for that first week you're going to be in shorts. And somebody's or what about superior ice could put a superior -- single. I don't know if they heat the problem is it -- up there are reviewed up there -- In July and -- there was 32 degrees right and -- some of you -- They may have the -- -- got swept Arizona in where or why you have to give -- tell you what. You've got to give your organization in WIA's organizational lot of credit. For forward being visionaries and say look let's get on top of this before it's mandated let's make sure that we put it in. I would assume it's fairly similar to what they're worth they've mandated Illinois got an Iowa and Iowa Texas Texas yeah Tauziat timing on -- -- same thing Nate. They go every other day they can I have a two a day in his limited exact number hours in time and there. -- You should be very fishing get in our timing to -- a solid we have 56 our prices that's. It's -- level playing field for everybody at MO a joint I talked before. Weight room and classroom time there really aren't any strict restrictions on -- it's going to be it's strictly going to be on the field -- forced coaches to be. Very efficient. -- like -- said before. You -- longer than an hour and a half you mean. Did these kids get burned out you don't you think they lose concentrate tension span yeah yeah. Mine was always about fifteen minutes -- -- this might help bring -- numbers back yeah and then help -- and numbers don't everywhere else in the mail via you know the goal overthrew them. I did one of the games in Hartford and and I know that that's worked. Where were you you cut your teeth and -- surely. Had a lot of your success in the Hartford success -- their their numbers looked really downed him. And in their diversity program. -- there there don't -- are right now hero. Like anything you're you're going through Q are you go through the cycles and so -- but but like Joseph said hopefully something -- this. Could increase you -- we kids who when they look if you're not having success. And you have a choice of being part of that program. -- doing something else sometimes you're doing something else becomes more. You know more desirable -- or you know more attractive to them so hopefully this you know this'll help them get their numbers back. -- get to break your families here everybody's good it was good yes son's old back over at central Michigan running their. He's the director of the triple -- fund is -- really -- so he he's works in the athletic department at center missed him so good. For him how was it how did you was doing that he for me -- he's done now play college basketball and and now do -- -- to change I don't know what to do it out you know how hard is that for you. All filled with at the stuff -- now you know we are daughter played it was a softball pitcher -- water in them. -- when Brian. When she finished her career where he was late goal every week you know we can watch followed Brian now and -- -- was like a -- -- -- over MM. He played over in Europe for year in Germany so we got to go over your -- that was like. Does Coulter is like well now what. -- have met at bats he's gonna play like -- -- basketball thing on Sunday nights he's like you become. Like now yeah yeah yeah get a kick me out knowing that it. The shot he goes oh please don't call -- got a terrible -- anyway yeah I waited doesn't matter -- -- sit the bench they know. I -- got let's get to break a Greg Brazil led the head coach at lake country Lutheran. They got a win last night they're still playing and hmmm I like this guy he's he's one of the good young coaches in -- -- to his -- his. History it is hard -- straight he does a good job with these kids are reported -- giving him. Nexis is the when he's forced to -- high school football coaches show presented by first bank financial center on sports -- you 1250. To -- SS beat. And Reyes. Use. -- welcome back to the Wendy's varsity puts high school football -- show presented by first great financial center on sports birdied 1250 WSS pay. I'm Mike figure alongside the coach Joseph cook -- -- -- Pronger has joined us as well so guys -- lake country -- still Roland. -- I told this story but I'm gonna tell it again I just told radio show -- off the year. Went Smart choice samurai we -- -- student athlete of the week I went out and -- was there are just as they start a practice. And and as a talkative Greg his football players are all kind of stand around he -- hold on second he was -- up points family up let's go. He turned to we continue our conversation. And his players all gotten -- but six or seven in circles. And it's that would would assess. And he's so that's he says came up this appears goats we we call a family opposite will tell we would -- -- -- it. He set seven seniors on the team and each senior is the head of their family. In those kids in that circle today pretty gather. They talked to Pete talked to each other -- -- about homework and girls and the stuff that the younger players won't talk to -- bunkers on the head coach. But they'll talk to that kid who is the senior and and has interest in their lives. And it sets a great idea and he said you know I -- he said truly believed. That these kids are memories and would be Q you know good citizens could -- -- but they're also -- to be -- -- of their family. And we're gonna teach them that the how to handle controversy and how to do this together is the only -- to get a start of that as your seniors in high school. And -- so impressive that I told radio -- fireworks coach again. I'm gonna do that numbers tell the kids are invented the -- so -- take full credit for Barbara Cook and -- Hey Greg thanks for joining us. Greg. Yet thanks for joining us. Are -- today I'm younger. Man congratulations -- a good win yesterday. -- -- yet -- tell us a little bit about the team you guys beat I don't know a whole lot about palm. Maybe you guys -- it you'll pretty good is it all and Allman bid croft. Yeah actually have a buddy of mine at that we are playing against the law firm. Think I. -- -- his -- don't want to bottom you know obviously going that well either but last week we played one of their conference both sport Edwards Stewart. I guess there in the middle of the state the oil we don't we don't hear much about -- more usually focused and you know look at the -- and mainly -- -- conference. But they like they're on the ball and we like to shut down Iran so fortunately -- -- a little bit more physical open up the game and that really led -- six. Yeah fourteen was 21 nothing -- -- half. And what traits when he won the score another fourteen in the third and and and call the dogs off a little bit at at that point who do you guys get next week coach. -- -- tell you what it. Catholic central I was called. Other coach Carlos talk with him but this time your 'cause it just seems like he's always coach in this time a year. A home. Then that's a program that that coach Aldrich is that a great job with that he's been there for really long time in and they understand how important this time you're is. That's a that's a good fall for you guys it's a tough want. Yeah I mean it's it's kind of just been ten years ago we started applaud our school they were in our conference then and I looked up that still look up the Tom big time. And that one there I don't wanna be like them and now we played them like -- the year so I mean we always open up or even against them. The good barometer for both of our teams to see where we're at and then. Fortunately or unfortunately everyone I look at it we end up playing them in the playoffs. -- -- how did the first game go we one point 77. And that was the first game of the year our. Second game of the year so familiar do you get them at home. We're all -- -- boy that's that's great that your team obviously. I hit on all cylinders and in. To have them come in improve very familiar with the with Catholic central they've obviously progressed throughout the year -- -- they're playing their best football right now. Decked out on the the great coach we're back -- the -- stuff and -- team he continued to give his team ready. Com you know between -- and laundering in other things I had to do to them try to watch film and they -- on a pretty complex defense and he's clearly that a great job with team they're well coached and it'll be eventually match -- He did a playoff times when you're coaching -- slugger you do back then yeah why. -- it now and based on the way thank god wanted her to do. I don't think that's biblical for this adult citizen I Bible should aren't always sure it -- that's great where you've got to be really -- your. Your players in your your your school community they they must be a common dodge rosette. I've just really impressed those -- president told a story when I came out to watch you guys is as you call it -- -- up. And I I appreciate the fact that she do that with those young -- Yeah it's it's really China that like -- -- that that a ground work. I mean they're gonna know that I did my laundry today so. You know they got to be the leader -- and as a leader you sacrifice and I mean that's the biggest thing and he says you know it's great for our community to keep moving car -- -- our cross country team curled around and state right now baseball want the state and girls' soccer has. You know continually been successful and so. We're trying to you know carry our load here on the football side of things see what -- this week. I would I'd have some of those young freshmen sophomores from overdo the -- you -- that shows how he coaches. Felt part of the deal went -- Hey I appreciate your time and good luck this week in. And I'm sure there will be talking and suited to -- come by the end of the season whenever that is coach as we talked about -- wanna have -- suggested faith in the zone it. And -- -- a becoming a Packard a few weeks. No prominent. Can't they get the chairman -- that -- do it. Meant take you so much judge -- threads of a head coach at lake country -- third. Have you met him in person teach you know him you know I haven't met him you know what a joke if you know I haven't if you get a chance. If if you ever have the opportunity for -- at a clinic or south and you see him. Go over introduce yourself just don't really. Shake your hand look you right TI just a really good upstanding guy that cures a lot about those kids. He's a really good football coach I mean he's he's done really well with -- with. With that that school that program it's -- beautiful facility. Tell you that it's. Well I mean it's it's nice facility nice area -- Some some really good kids and he works really well with them and I'm most impressed talking to him -- guys let's get to a breaker was celebrate. Where you start making some predictions Leo Terrell a couple of games to their -- -- set he's out you know what we're gonna talk about that were to use that. The -- the -- last break to do that this is the Wendy's Dorsey bush high school football coaches show presented by first bank financial center on Sports Radio twelfth. Fifty. The BS SB. And I -- Reyes. Use. Welcome back to the Wendy's where she puts high school football coaches show. Presented by first -- financial center the great partner. -- the -- W says the guys who -- alongside Joseph cook and -- runner guys we're gonna do was talk about some of these matchups voice. There's some good ones -- -- great games Starwood division one -- look wanna go traveling tool kind of -- who. You know I gotta figure a one coach wants me there the other coach really doesn't want me Eric is Clayton -- one Munich games anymore. So maybe I'll just go sit in the parking lot and -- my binoculars something if we like -- that when Joseph. Boy oh boy I tea. I am I it's hard for -- -- against an option team might want to go. But you know has put out there -- avoid kind of look after the way they played without their quarterback says a lot of -- team. If you put a gun in my head. -- -- wanna go just because the big fullback linebackers sisco this -- that unity avengers and sometimes -- -- today can like I can just kind of curious. Well and that's what you should see the interview oversee this -- Kidd is he's I know he's put together early breezy. Coach -- no you know us media guys we can't -- I don't know this weekend I I don't know. I think that's a toss up it's an iron to -- it's a -- -- I really do Franklin Marquette what do you think in there. -- -- in Franklin just because is too passing teams take -- -- Franklin that feels a mass. And they know every little land -- you know and in the on could be out you know and it -- -- do in the passing game longer you know him better and this McGwire is. If both quarterbacks are great but McGwire is top notch this is your guidance as -- you know united MBF today. There a -- -- early but Franklin memorable and I took Qaeda -- still can't drive through Franklin there was concrete there you know I think it'd be good game in adding markets have a very physical team and is there isn't a game plan I mean against you know whatever back -- -- -- -- on the into Franklin. Yeah I Bjorn reason I would -- the Franklin is because. Mark kid there I just don't think you can run -- -- who the what he did against -- last night. She is playing -- throwing an all American yeah off it and all over her defense of front and their linebackers are -- good. But I think Franklin will be able throw the ball because they just or what's. Well yeah -- find a weakness Armenia you'll Kevin Crowley was status lasts -- outside and you know gave the -- -- great players. Gasoline is an embassy and they may be a little bit in the past defense -- -- Mets were Franklin is so good. -- hadn't in Germantown at arrowhead. That's going to be tough going I think for Germantown -- would start to kinda look a little bit like plastered to me. He can't going instilled that he's at now here I don't know or just totally unlike Knight is here right I mean everybody's got to see. -- you you know the easier obvious choices -- yes I IC Germantown making this a competitive game area media this is -- the matchup over your goal no million. I agree with that arm on the top bracket apple in north this BP -- then Hudson agree -- probable play today let's get to division two if we can't. -- and -- show west in Waterford. No walk -- Wes got a little scare last night. Boy fish bait they date played really well first three quarters in housed in texts -- up at halftime it was tied and I going into the fourth I believe. And then came in and did 2014. Beat tell white fish bait now -- they play at home against Waterford. Watch or Serena and hesitating yeah yeah yeah you you go into other C championship game next week Yemen -- -- -- six. Really I think it's his signature hit the guy who made that happen to sit next time if they -- -- that. Yeah. You know I have to drive all the way to Madison is that why you shake -- -- here right now I yeah. Not only you guys -- great game and I guess I. Probably to me one of the biggest upsets at that Kimberly when he was just sent. It's what they won by 4314. I couldn't believe it that he doesn't he's a good to you -- -- team Yahoo! ID you know what I'm wonder and I bet for its defense coordinators broken film down right now and in but I DL -- went. This would be a great game you know your great great yeah look I'd pick him almost I just -- -- -- -- I was so upset that's fine I was told and I picked arrowhead I don't really remember it I'm never do that again accused keel just killed me like three different. -- you -- if you look at the history -- of homestead in big games they just. They always. Seem to rise to be occasion -- radio so well coached both sides of the ball. You know I I ever really hard time picking against homestead you know now I'm going -- -- it's United's 22 against one. You -- cedar. Over here really don't miss I miss your love and I didn't really well in my words -- I I got to go to now. They a couple looks good to a division three or four Kim known grove Catholic memorial who don't have gross good yeah and so scares him yeah I don't really good I mean -- -- there was -- the other games I say not as I said that we we picked Cassel -- But we didn't pit we 'cause we have Barbara what sort of games I was thinking I wanna go to his -- -- -- -- under the wire. Holy -- they held -- Lockett at 34 yards. Of office in the first half I mean. They just don't speak and it teams have played big in big -- -- -- coach Dennis Leonard incredible that DL young is you know they. They just keep rolling -- said they cities into -- 62 on Monday but he's got the intensity of a 26 year old Ortiz. Things like Dick Clark and you would you -- young man's league he's he's. I never was he injured in the world you never get -- here because he won't come in here the all star he's so full there is no even if we -- if we took the show. On the road who did it from his house he wouldn't come on we will either but you know I didn't pick -- that that -- -- -- -- -- yeah green got it. Hey I'll real quick got green DL and Plymouth surprise play with Pete that was console with an -- -- him I don't very surprised that's another 10 shocker is relative scores -- -- come across -- on -- -- you know now. So Plymouth RBS -- this now may seem a little more interest -- -- yeah. Do I think it was gonna win no -- -- -- one of their -- estate play division it just became interest yeah no doubt. He guys who get two minutes arm I I send -- to -- coach or crafted. Because I've I heard through great find that -- immediate change -- crafted I don't know if you got hurt I was a changed. I did a great job -- look I would tell you -- haven't gotten a text back so if this isn't true that I apologize for what what I'm about to say but if there if that's true. So what's through -- what happened that -- that they've released Joseph at their craft aggression and -- -- they had this year yes. And if that's true. Then then excuse my words but what are you what a bunch of idiots. I estimate since no I have -- and I have baked grass I've gone on the -- -- times it's a look. It's it's really great today -- -- that people -- crafted. They realize disguises beautiful ball coach is your wrist -- -- he's really Smart communiques Bo to kids he loves that community loves his program. And they had a really good year you know you're in a tough conference aren't nerves -- -- -- David had doormat for a lot of years I mean. -- back in -- -- here is superior right yeah okay got it they're unbelievable and then absence now a lot of lean year Murton any day stuck with an easy -- -- is very decent program guy epic home yes -- thought. If that's -- if that's the case and they've released him -- and they're not gonna bring him back shame on them. And -- whoever made that decision I would love. To get them on the year to explain that decision -- that's a bad decision. That's a bad decision why you would take a guy that -- so much and does a really good job with the program. And these kids bought in this year they had a homestead or gore asked the keel -- record been charts with you and I don't -- him. Yeah -- say what if I'm if I'm mark if I've got an opening -- head coach in this series he's he's one of the guys on call him I'm calling them. The and thank you so much my -- you know what -- -- pleasure. One day we got -- -- and it just talk some of the stuff with with. The coaches association during the entire two hours to do that showed so I was pleasure you know things this year -- that -- radio Joseph thank you Sidney for Sparky did okay. -- -- -- -- Oh yeah you're not forget that -- like radio -- you know what he's changed his driver's license everything he's like radio Joseph that's -- I like to be its merits and uses gel it's really weird I think I think -- -- this the Wendy's -- blitz. High school football coaches show presented. By first make financial center on sports ready at 1250. -- BS ESP.