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11/02/13: Sparky's Final Inspection Hour 1

Nov 2, 2013|

Radio Joe Zenzola, Steve Zautke, and Summer Santana look back at the race in Martinsville...Kevin Harvick takes shots at the Dillon family...Did Summer get herself in trouble in Door County?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time to talk all things racing Sprint Cup nationwide and Camping World truck. Izod IndyCar -- Formula One. That's right we talk about it all this is -- he's finally inspection with racing -- -- dot com Steve soccer team. NASCAR -- summer Santana and of course the man who's never wrong. Yeah right here is Steve sparks Phifer on Sports Radio twelve -- DW -- -- speed. Welcome one and all the spark his final inspection here on Sports Radio 1250 W -- says -- I'm radio Joel's and so affiliate in the perceives Sparky Phifer who's out beautiful sunny warm Las Vegas. I gave envy him and join me also in studio is racing nations back Steve Zaki. This is hockey -- I'm doing an excellent in -- my car back. The over your card for repairs and then yeah if it's gone -- -- for -- and then weaker so it's almost again and then new car. -- only remember this. What kind -- I have -- -- -- who. It's not. Yeah I mean it's a three series its merits of BMW its -- you know I bought the thing for cheaper than you immediately ship. I've got a good deal. It was a friend of you know is a guy work with. In a new of the -- for a few years before you even purchase a -- in the car they three years before about it then they said. -- -- -- -- -- And then I would talk to him you know one you know every other month he worked over Chicago branch -- his right. And l.'s argument because I knew he he had like four cars -- we get three cars in the truck. In this is like his third car he also -- -- for a male. In and when -- that -- And -- and then a year later uses as a humorous out some. I'll be down tomorrow. And the rest is history -- -- -- Gump we are expecting summer Santana but you know. She decides come and laid and you know just whatever she wants whenever she is it's okay if there's a standing thing we have on the show if it is on she's bringing coffee should -- be is leadership wants is as -- new exit. -- -- -- -- -- -- Sutter attacks -- is today I said if you're bringing inning coffee I won best and right away she just gives me an attitude about it since the Arab. Relatively I was back at expert -- doesn't drink costs. So it's -- news -- I don't drink it's -- a copy either by. I don't like maybe was a week when you grow up you'll be you'll you'll you'll influence or drink coffee this is true once -- circuit and -- actual routine for change. -- summer will be -- here momentarily with a copy which will be nice but. Steve let's talk about last week's race in Martinsville because there was a lot that happened let's go through the race -- the -- we I have to. We know we have to I came prepared -- And so I've had the chance -- holes they show I and then prepared you guys who would want to talk about it. And we -- who will well I should I know the -- Martinsville. Put -- a thumbnail Jeff Gordon to -- -- Tim Allen who will talk to at the end bottom of the hour the got to hand it to him he nailed it he said Jeff Gordon. And it was Jeff Gordon show yep -- court and finished first in Martinsville last week Matt Kenseth. Another great showing he finishes second Clint Boyer was third Brad Kozlowski. Who's not in the chase he finished fourth Jimmie Johnson fifth. Kevin Harvick sixth -- big starring Kevin Harvick Denny Hamlin was seventh Dale Junior eighth. Greg Biffle ninth and Jamie McMurray tenth rounding out the top ten at Martinsville. And yet -- really needed this one than any because he got himself right back into the -- He needed it but also it's funny -- -- -- -- couldn't drive Martinsville you know so that wasn't one of his tracks. -- found -- now says he's changed over to Joseph Gibbs then it it wasn't a Roush Fenway track basically is once you change teams. Well now he's with Joseph Gibbs. And I think that's wanted to reasons why he left. Because he if he figured he could have a better overall team in could be -- of at all the tracks whether it's a short. -- -- Road course you name it you know he's you know he's been combative. Across the -- and thus that's why him and Jimmie Johnson to as a -- Well I don't get it on -- -- against what a stupid question -- -- I don't learn in this sport. And yet why is it that it makes a difference just from switching teams -- about support to race better at a specific trick that you struggled with in the past. That's what we we can go -- -- way back machine let's go back to -- -- -- he is a guy who started his own team and was under budgeted compare to the other teams. But you know when he started his program he's started to race well at certain tracks. One attracted the -- -- was -- restrictor plate races he didn't have the engineering and in they have the air -- at the other teams did. And initially he didn't have the support from Ford. -- so you causing him on the trick parts and all the other are -- -- -- some of the better. Better teams get. So as he Q was win win and Wisconsin fans who are following NASCAR -- -- early ninety's we'll test. When he went to all day you're like well let's hope they don't -- -- top fifteen or top twenty or is competitive you know. But when he was racing at tracks like Iraqi -- -- so we knew that Allen was going to be up near the front because those are the tracks. In his team. Basically he -- a team excelled at. Because he had it figured out he had the -- notes he had everything to it. It somewhat -- the same -- with Kansas with the with the Roush Roush was excelled at certain tracks. Your your one point five mile tracks -- one that. You're Charlotte's and other tracks would would struggle at tracks like Martinsville they could never get -- so figured ours Hendrick. His one probably. Ray Hennessey. It seems 91 night when he -- the last thirty races there because before Jimmie Johnson became so dominant there was a Jeff Gordon track. So and then here we go Jeff Gordon winning and again and Murton so needed to release it shows the strength under -- in across the board but especially at Martinsville. And that's one of those things and Kenseth is when he went over Joseph Gibbs. He was going to a program that was going to be strong at all of the tracks. Poker and I think EE in it is funny thing it is I and I think this is why I think Joseph Gibbs pursued them. Kyle Busch you know when all of us on the show -- -- Kyle -- championship material but he's just a little bit behind he there's something -- with the head. And then that's the thing that it's not the talent it's the mental part of it and I think if he asked anybody off the record. In the garage area they would agree with you he's a point in Kansas he cannot figure out -- He struggles -- Kansas. And this year they had some issues -- -- -- he spun out he's on -- radio while I guess I'm never gonna win here know that it's in his head. He can not run at certain track. So it's a mental thing to yet that the of that and that didn't -- pickles for any sport -- it is like 95% mental person and you know fiscal scale you know -- and you know a big fan of the NBA Marcin MB tonight. Last night. Isaiah Thomas has talked on car bomb cousins and Sacramento right. In there's a perfect example the guy has the physical skills all existed in the -- Obama says that it's great to checks working with them with. DeMarcus Cousins because he he that you that's the one thing indeed the -- -- what is Shaq working with amigos. His head it's only -- and worry about because he's got the physicals skill set Shaq is trying to make him a better player. Mentally in the game. -- and what what he needs to do to prepare for games and that kind of stuff and racing is somewhat that -- you have your team behind you. You know some people think it's an individual sport blood to racing is definitely a team sport because the pit crews engineer and everything behind right arm angles -- that. But there's also that mental aspect of it and you see a -- -- certain drivers and Kyle Busch we would say in this on the last five years or so. Championship material what can he get his head -- and winning the championship. Summer Santana is now with us in studio which he caught up on face -- -- Twitter. While you also completely redeem yourself summer by -- coffee thank you very much. Ask you can now you wanna and so I didn't talent and then the -- when you on with cream or not so while -- that you got to rank the whip and has -- I don't care every and I know yours as low fat -- I -- still -- -- -- -- -- -- girlish -- yeah. Some scenario I am so well how are you I can't believe I've been away for two weeks away and we only have two more weeks after today so I'm really -- is -- And his kindness that and yeah and I yeah I guess I still say well you know I text. Summers that if you're going to Starbucks did you tell the audience exactly what my text message said with the -- No. No I don't want to because I'll have such good for radio why should I do that are revealed to discipline because -- comeback. -- show now is and -- -- sarcastic but I think he's just realizing that and remembering that so. A I don't want to say I think it caught off guard by it I think MI that's a rough -- -- and it's. So was a privilege a lot of holes in the show if you know any. Text message after isn't -- -- while I was a -- you kissing up. Prove that I that I -- -- to declare -- -- here is. -- here's what -- is word for word I said if you're getting Starbucks I'll take a -- -- ice white chocolate mocha and sounds good. So that summer goals what are what looked like the coffee be. Okay or female dog whatever you you know what it is and then she got -- -- I am I'll get you one. And then I said all I'm sorry okay thank you so much -- ha ha. And then you said you were kidding it's OK and then -- said are you ready to host this I've had two weeks off at that -- lots of sense to give. Dan Wheeler excess. To a knife and the point and then I said oh god yeah I think so it's always a pleasure doing the show with you instead and that was on I was like wow he's really -- -- -- not. Sure I mean that from the hearts. Always you know we are going press last -- posted -- we were out on -- remote which she did a fabulous job and just too much baseball. So at least baseball -- personnel we don't talk baseball I don't talk baseball's all Steve so lucky that. What Tim because I like -- -- -- vote Tim Tim Tim Allen is is one thing with Tim around. It I would like to give us the stats on how many -- and -- talked off the ledge this year. Do you mean it was a season aren't just now come -- and now they've been in the playoffs a couple times but. It's Tim just makes everything better doesn't does he -- every after a bad lie seeking -- guy at just a crap -- by a pitcher and say okay well. This what they need to do and. -- that's easier or alert fan behind the years -- yeah you sit here. And you tell a few weeks it's gonna be okay. Like say he's like the -- father. Well you know he can do -- go to -- Sports Radio twelfth at Dudack count we slid the Brewers retrospective up on the bone Spurs coverage page. And that will always put -- in a good mood so check that out. With -- Sparky that's always entertaining totally off subject back on track -- totally off subject what does this. Giraffe thing that's going -- and -- what I don't get it. It it's -- it's some -- crash Gladys via message. In a -- quiz and I and -- -- the -- -- the quiz trying to put address those defeats. Okay -- and -- get it. I don't get it in Korea to back on track this is on track this is -- -- and I frankly I just wanted to talk about today she's yeah. Fresh -- is he steamed a member of the motor sports media -- -- She and she and her name is -- -- glad respect really that surname crash. -- not -- her and given me. When when that they're in the older as a baby this golf all -- it is critical that we will name her crash. It's like a shot went in Sydney and that's what I'm men. Particularly on the racing circuit to it's like radio -- and you know radio jumper she's crashed lettuce or radio jump right I was in for Brady enjoy your rent your house orange also. -- my birth name but you know. But -- Owens and you know nothing's changed. Can we get that contract now no one unless you know this is one of the few times in radio history there is meant to people -- museums and show up there and -- Zaki and -- all of it. -- -- the last name with a Z is is the best because he saved the best -- you know graduation somewhat not you'll sit in the back of the class right. -- -- -- -- I was -- I go I was set up front I was one of like make. You know you -- like the kind of guy that would set up front I walked. Wanted to make sure that in the -- on shot things and it wasn't central aren't as much as analysts I was sure Montero. And it's this cool -- year 45 days so summer. How much credit that I needed to graduate so assist basically. Give her own. I have -- well. Well talk more NASCAR coming up -- we'll come legal I don't talk about it -- Stanley coming up now right. Spot -- Kevin Harvick -- some mock. Some choice words to say about the Dolan family and we will get to that coming up nexus is Smart he's final inspection. Right here on Sports Radio 1250 WS SP -- This is. -- Dale Earnhardt junior junior. This is their right. What -- whenever they were coming to town I said. We got him -- -- yes they're playing just irritate some. What headaches remain at home -- next couple weeks yet we Chelsea don't. It does sound kinda like that is there I was pleasantly surprised. Name of the song as we almost lost -- They're from Detroit -- I had I collected over the get the name's Dale Earnhardt junior junior from why they came up with that -- did they actually know. Contacted him. Earnhardt junior that is Q school. I mean they -- pleasant sound -- Despite the name of the man it's a progressive so. It is this is -- his final inspection presented by greatly straightaway driven by the Napa auto care association of radio shows and Zola alongside my two favorite people. NASCAR girls summer Santana. The -- summer Santana and Steve -- of racing nation back cap my you know my initials are sacks. My goodness they are what terminal and and -- all yeah. That should just be included in your title going forward NASCAR sassy -- summer Santana Perez Santana playing in the -- and -- yup. That sounds different but it's -- wonder what Sparky would think that -- near you -- unity in it he probably -- -- naymick at that umps aren't sarcastic so now I'm as they aren't. -- let's get back on track guys and actually SR but nonetheless. What those matters there there starts while his Arsenal on. I mean I know lights on yet you should know why I don't want to -- soccer show Wednesday at 6 o'clock I don't qualify in his. That's one has before and qualifying will mean its European. It is -- you you know there in Abu Dhabi they have great looking men and Abu Dhabi knowing a plot point out why generally when. In Abu Dhabi -- in the second. Our friend and -- -- and -- will be talking and one making appearances on our show a lot lately. Missed the show for the last two weeks tell me I I -- until -- -- a lot of vol auto racing. A -- would have done David -- next -- odds aren't so very good because on -- -- show is the the final show of the year -- makes me sad it's the Grand Prix of of the US in Austin, Texas. A solid that after the Abu Dhabi Serena spoke. -- should be good we know we can give David an off weeks you know he -- two museum. -- for NBC sports got you very important are. Did somebody tell me why NG ST dot com one and they. One of the trending stories this female Kreutz. I remember as I saw that I didn't like that Michael Waltrip racing I thought yeah hotter all right but why does that matter British TV set art and I like -- remember why did you giver and right. Right now and a nine minutes it their all because he won an -- one that's Christmas -- -- But still they should have met a mean people know who she is yeah that's right they should I -- her name I didn't at queen's and WR I mean that would have been a batter at the house how sure I saw Davis Christmas and a and Christmas yes Christmas -- -- she's. Tire changer -- she -- a tire changer and she does she not still -- -- and -- she's a theory that female and you know she goes over the wall and hold the phone was she wasn't true -- Russian. Chris now that who in -- became the only woman and play in NASCAR as a full time pick remember has left Michael Waltrip racing team. Without ever changing a tire Indy race all. Babbitt's departure it's confirmed on Tuesday night by and WR spokeswoman our spokesman and the team declined to release any other details regarding her departure in February at -- elite level fitness athlete his journey to become a full -- pick her. Member has been well chronicled. Now. Shouldn't -- there's there's no reason why she should have been working in the truck series he's been Barca. Need -- -- hurt to be. To be a tire changer but and to be a full time -- crew. Summer but she never actually usually -- -- number yeah. That's why you want to know what I guarantee you they had heard changing -- tires they -- -- the bad. What's interest in being in -- world very way off the road here looks -- -- on the subject. -- -- all the show. Everything -- -- -- of Michael Waltrip racing's six car which is now defunct -- -- -- has gone Otis. It is seventy acre furniture row racing they've basically taken -- -- ago. Which. -- I -- the gentleman was leading or is leading Michael Waltrip racing that has all the money. Sparky and I talked about this view it seems like six months back but it was only like a month ago. Wouldn't it be funny if he laughed and took. To -- with him. When and then just one -- -- that way yeah was seen his own team or even went to BSE -- buys into this was away from the ghetto -- Gammons -- are spending a lot of money -- a big contract. And it it it's kind of like do when you wanna see you all please sit there and did a dog and pony show our panelists so our team has overpaid. Player. Is Susan sponsorship for a long way popular drivers in NASCAR it's a way of them to get rid of a contradicted the you know they've won in -- -- -- get rid of and at the Napa Soledad and ask her contract. We're -- X amount which is more than we're getting back out of it this is the way for us to get out of so. Basically is always remember this is -- -- to Richmond situation where they. Basically who cheated to get a car into the Chase Wright were true though all the -- crap at the fan and Beasley off. Sponsors have the what's the word what's mobile -- -- all sports contracts have. We can't be a jerk the -- What's the word I'm looking for not -- out. Enough. Germany I'll send him conduct yet contacts can't get conduct detrimental to -- -- -- And they use that two. Get out of the contract with. And DeBoer I am I trying to get this back on topic Martin Truex signing that deal with furniture row. Is that a big deal at all I mean it's a good deal that he landed on his feet because it's. -- heat that's what does when he was -- lucky to get a deal in a decent car I mean it's it's a step down but basically. Michael -- to -- what it was though. It's gonna it will be interest in see how they rebound next year I mean where he was -- -- he was kind of on a sinking ship. He got off of it and he was able land and a cup ride that's it that it's pretty good I mean for sure will be -- do we interest in -- see how they rebound from losing Kirk. She yet exactly and it didn't sound like we haven't seen them once I mean he made it into the chase for. This year you know -- he's 71 of his best years Kurt Busch went out and now I'm not -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When -- won a championship -- -- -- -- new round one of his past here is led the team he's with -- -- and an excellent yeah old -- teamed him I -- -- us and everybody gets -- -- it to single car team with some support the and it's not based in North Carolina where everyone else this is actually based in Denver Colorado. Which if anybody knows any geography. I know geography it's not really anywhere close. So is on the middle nowhere. It's called in Colorado disadvantageous when they go out to Sonoma and -- -- an empty boxes. Match OK that -- at that makes sense -- let me get your -- in the -- Let me your thoughts now on Kevin Harvick. Because big thing that would have funny this I -- it up -- one sentence I laughed I said he said basically what. Everybody else knows what everybody knows it is as soon as I heard -- -- they are ready sad I was like. Alice -- is just enjoying miss the -- he's just jumping up and down things. -- -- just out. Does not get higher the one that always sit there and defend the -- -- brother saying that you know not going to be too much pressure because. Richard Childress says you know form -- to -- its way into form them to handle the pressure of the situation and the magnitude of it. I don't think we -- totally blinded by the fact that they have been given a lot but I don't think that. I think I was -- -- -- like. Nobody knows but nobody says the white elephant in the room but everyone can see the white arrogant and so and Kevin Harvick put it out ever on Blake. You Kevin Harvick -- -- -- white elephant and now we can get around to get used to and it really doesn't. The closest player. Eight candidates. -- kind of thing is -- -- the the Schottenheimer news in coaching and if you're in coaching. In EC. The Schottenheimer -- up another but at least they're competent and are doing and you know I mean they get hired on her own now at this point. It was they got in. To the NFL because of their name now from -- another example I can think of his BB in in sports itself. Manning Jeremy -- I think is a good example of that. Jeremy shaft I hired and ESPN and a very very young age. The only reason why it was because of his dad how over. I wouldn't I respect him as a journalist I think most people do you. So there editors that. Yes he's they have the these kids have a pandered to oral because -- -- name because third her granddad is Richard Childress -- -- got these rights. But the -- -- there at least a -- results. With this off it's the first British situation for Kevin Harvick. Because he knows that. Lettuce and I think if I beat what -- think of them want it and he did the kids are gonna get all the support and he's not so -- and that's when it reasons why he left he. They did not staying there for six more years it's like he already had a contract on -- do these kids were coming out it's not like. This was something -- with you is blind blind sided when -- little -- He basically. With that you know he basically threw grenades into the -- them. I think he was told to sit there and create a story because like I said. Told us up followed racing and that -- about it like I said I do you Sparky. -- jumping up and down as soon as he heard that story because his does that is that judges I George's so this is what I was -- Bob a lot. We're sucking and I mean we knew -- -- not really big -- every. See -- -- and it was it was it would it's a big story because he said it. I'd be really sat around and -- -- burned -- bridge there and it's -- it's uncomfortable he apologized. But I don't care how many times you apologized. Every. Just just no way to defended because it's really true. Has has anybody if -- if you're at a Christmas party sometime Grammy reunion. It uncle Bob were uncle -- -- some -- gets drunk it says something. You know all your wife this matter something that that stuff that you can't take back right it basically what Harvick did it that's what he did Arnie can no matter how many times -- taught their children so he said it is -- why there are and it's going to be a constant. Let's go through the quote your Harvick said quote I don't care what they are I mean this is gone back to Adam brown on who was part of the her -- -- Offer I Ty Dillon during the truck race what had happened was tee shot and hammer at Kevin Harvick plugged there -- tough. There is an incident at the end of the race. Harvick pulled into the the -- pit. Into their pit stall to to bitch neon hum and one of the Packers threw a large sledgehammer. And he's -- properly suspended indefinitely. Okay so and he was fine -- top 101000 dollars and suspended indefinitely act scenario so hard it went on to say quote I don't care what they throw at me exactly the reason why I'm leaving our CR. Because you've got apples kids coming up and they've got no respect. For what they do in this sport and it had everything fed to them with -- -- Is some very very -- stop Austin -- retaliated his semi grandfather has given my brother and I both a great opportunity to go out. And take advantage of those opportunities if anybody out there doesn't think. That I should go after something that is in front of me I don't know what what to say that was Austin Dillon and then Childress. Responding he said these aren't spoiled rich kids is are hard working young men that believe them what they're doing. They know they've got to go out and prove themselves they've got to race up front. To keep -- job. -- true I mean -- yes. Sure that we make you weren't like it's a lot of pressure that. That's where he likes to retire and is on Dillon when he comes into the cup series with the number -- it ought to look marshall's a lot of pressure it is but I don't. I think that they are properly be. Conditioned for that pressure -- is sure. And they are in -- they're having results you don't sit there and see them at the bottom of the sort of little unless they've now. Or something let's put it in perspective the are what 2122. Year old kid and -- I was never that way and yet in. There's nothing there is nothing more full of testosterone the net than a race car driver at that age and they are they are cocky but most racecar drivers are. Generally in and especially at that age. Did let me ask you guys this before we hit the -- -- in the update and yeah. -- bottom of the -- yeah. I don't run the other -- came in late and sorry cheese is okay. So Austin Dillon Ty Dillon do you think they have a future in NASCAR and also until yet and race him pretty well yeah I mean do you think they could be I don't know Ty does -- -- definitely -- After Austin's a driver. Beatrice Tennessee though I mean. There's a big jump I mean from trucks -- nationwide. Sitting up -- it's a smaller jump but it's a bigger jump from nationwide to cup -- Will be interest NC he's running some cup with some success -- its second to be as easy hitters. It's a much higher curve for what are -- wanna use -- perhaps then it it to go from nationwide to cup is a bigger jump in these in -- struggle as everybody does. He is racing nation back on Steve -- she is NASCAR girl summer Santana and I'm radio shows -- all coming up next. We will hopefully hear from the franchise Tim Allen who's enjoyed his time -- in Las Vegas with Steve Sparky Phifer. Talk a little -- NASCAR -- coming up next and Sparky spinal inspection right here on Sports Radio 1250 WS this big thing on -- he's finally inspection on Sports Radio 1215 WS has beaten. Welcome back to spark he's final inspection here on Sports Radio 1250 WSS beepers and my Great Lakes drag wager -- by the Napa auto care association. I'm radio Joe's sends all onside NASCAR -- summer Santana the -- summer Santana and Steve -- every -- nation back come. And there's no Tim Allen talked -- While TC he has in Vegas after. Well he at his hobbies candidacy -- you know empty liquor bottles and -- and look at -- -- Arrington he might be an -- out like this at his girlfriends went on so I'll. He should be on them than I did have -- -- government and he needs to -- all you hear about all the materials probably from the slot machine right now smoking a cigarette and -- winning a lot is -- always seems that the best -- in Las Vegas I don't know what it is my -- is when it really -- usually does lose a -- and -- Really yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- You don't like some people only tell you when they win and you know it's -- to -- is obviously 34 times a year. It seems like you -- I never been to Vegas really nervous -- -- by an airport that's about it. It does that count. Yes counts does it could have been a new work and I know work I'm an airport -- Detroit that's -- doesn't our city LA. Now I -- in Philly. DC I was in DC this summer in the DC wasn't Reagan. Saint Louis in the saint Louis Vuitton and Osaka I've been to Chicago O'Hare you know midway you know I then then then I'll never flown in the Chicago. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My sister she did a study abroad thing in Mexico for three months when she was in college and that's where we picked her I think when you -- -- drop her off. How how do you study abroad sign up for now. -- -- how do you study abroad yet half. That's true -- will write questions for an answer answer we will now soccer is is -- European football. -- say why aren't really rocking and now explore why and I'm sure other people we are students under people no idea about outside. Her European football why do goalies have different new uniforms -- so they can stick out. That's it that's basically in. Does it does to goalie get depict your colors or somebody -- a hockey players mask or something not barreling assists the uniform and it varies because. Lot of these teams -- like three or four different. Types of colored uniforms alternate uniforms that they where so I think the goalkeepers. On the uniforms -- -- well that way they just stick out and you know when you're trying to score a goal you kind of worry is in China to interfere with the -- interfere with them in the box at least a penalty can wreck and -- that's basically about it -- to do they have they all grass stadiums or do they have. Only the future for anything not you know what I think they're all grass stadiums not say something when I was over in Europe. On all the stadiums I've gotten tourists off I mean the field is in pristine. Condition even after -- day of a match. They'll go out there it will bring out those like little pitch -- and just start digging up the ground. And then they bring out these big like lamps. He's like roll out Lance and they -- amount over the field so it gets artificial some -- Because you only England for example rather cloudy and rainy every single day so it needs -- some lights of the grass can -- and grow into all that so I mean. It's just perfect Barcelona I think as the best example that I -- their field is perfect every day no matter what has happened they they really know how to take care of their field. You know there is for real injuries so. -- stories. -- Barcelona Barcelona is a reversal on good venue for Formula One race as he would be. But speak have a reason personal -- you -- you know. I think they did. This is what your road now on the circuit these memories in -- and streets in Barcelona yet. Let's try -- in the streets -- and that's pretty cool. OK we've veered off to trick again and again I -- -- they're trying to show cornfields right now it airborne or in. This -- what happened to perfect freshly sounded Grasso who do the laundry there. Why I he's trying to widening and it notorious retort to Saturday. It's -- -- it I -- pretty almost. Got one in almost. I mean as it stands it it appears that we just don't out of it sure all the answers are. Parcells we -- here on Saturday for two hours you're here more than we are on here a -- exactly. Who's who's -- more hours you expert he Sparky -- experts are here. That's -- but looks are used on purpose actually. That's been there is once. One time we drove and they are a bunch of dead squirrels are a pile of dead squirrels and the main driveway -- topics station this about a year ago. Really yeah. Someone was -- so I was trying to make a statement to the cutting edge guys in the morning in which I have. No idea but they took a bunch of dead squirrels and they put a mall together and you drive up and they are just a big pile of them just sit there -- the -- up. Somebody did it. And god bless them whoever -- all those -- yeah. Well yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Unbelievable Orwell aren't doing anything relevant time on fans this week mound work Marten is bugging me in fan of Mark Martin is Killian amenities will you still -- people he is single handedly. Ruined my fantasies -- -- -- -- I usually don't pick -- -- because the few years that I have -- Tony Stewart or in in net easily -- pick the car you don't pick the driver. Right he's singly handedly has messed me up on consecutive years with. Eight drivers -- have eight drivers and he has -- multiple weeks taken out. Seven of my eight drivers move before and in. In years this has happened so last year last fears ahead and taken incidentally am I know what -- an upswing a -- taken. -- forget that thought and it's a soft -- there's Ariza and whisper you know there's the whispers net. On maybe shouldn't. Be this is the time maybe at the united it's it's it's really ugly I mean EE this is not what the wind and mark. The they were expect -- Marc Margo out -- and win races or maybe even get top five. -- all seven were they were looking for a I think a little bit more than this since the end it Smart and not have a consistency you can't tell me. That Tony Stewart can get it done one day and Mark Martin comes -- and can't get anything done. The next day I mean it's I think that this is. Totally the worst case scenario that -- -- ever thought of well right now I'm sure to take a look at at -- -- -- sitting in the points I'm I'm sure she'll play you're sitting 26 each. Which he guarantee he would. Walked in then you got the 55 car so Maarten he leaves the 55 vicar -- Vickers comes and he gets injured that's a dose of bad luck that's a second blood clot. And but -- had been seeing -- yet here's the issue. It's the blood clot as it is taking care. The issue is he -- in here it is since its its kind of a touchy subject he could race now. He's KE physically Capel -- racing. He can't crash and basically reason why is he some blood donors and the problem is if you crash and -- there -- -- -- there -- -- out. They're worried about him internal injury -- -- inside. And then and then they -- -- Now that -- it has -- because he's not that that when he's healthy when he's in the car. And sit there and get another second chance that it ends noticing how. As -- is it bad luck that you've found the blood clot before it became more serious or is it good luck that the actually. Found -- blood it's 12. Play -- I guess I notice -- it's -- second I it's bad luck that he can you know it's bad luck. That he has a -- -- it's good looked at the end she found it twice now and it hasn't unique as he can -- well. Funny funny story Jimmie Johnson not. But what -- not a blood -- tell me -- that is a funny story and I'm not good about. Jimmie Johnson the rays are talking about Jimmy Johnson the former NFL coach he tried to get -- -- survivor the years ago -- Johnson right he was on survivor did you try to get out of a few years before that second stand. And apparently when they were tests in -- They said that he had a lot of heart problems. So you think an NFL coach at heart problems while he he -- -- -- -- -- and he had no idea what was going -- He think his doctor could tell on this but no survivors said you gotta get back into shape if you have any chance so. Survivor she saved his life so he actually got in shape and then a couple years later he got on survivor and they're a guy. You look I mean he was. For his -- -- -- -- he was in good shape I mean he was -- but he said it it it taxed on he said. -- I think he was 66. I think when he learn right around there. -- -- for 66 guy he looked good. He -- he was he said it. He looks -- you would of voted out because that he is oleander frantic for five days -- but he got through we have 45 -- in -- jungle. For 66 hero guy he said his repeat off I was I was informed till saw that he was entertaining. Yeah he was but a lot of -- trust them because he had all the money already and he. They thought he -- get all the way just because he had the leadership -- you get married and all that stuff but. Now whatever -- -- survivor needs him more celebrities who have watched national since I was in fifth grade so what what article and what what did you watch would give Houston the -- -- You know Culpepper. -- -- -- -- -- He opened his mop up too early he tried to be the leader he tried really taken over the game and then he constantly back -- And thought he got the -- in any field and not Redemption Island so. I am a survivor possessed a -- -- unanimously -- do you think you are survivors summer no I don't watch any reality shows how. -- do you strike me as a reality person that -- watched. How guys are living reality and what -- the harsh reality every day so I don't need to sit there and look at these pre -- harsh reality. He's prefix reality shows that are really just set up I mean I was watching -- -- months ours was. Wasn't it just that we are wrong -- -- while great show your net. I kinda I -- -- crap in the -- -- with like a calendar there's -- a paper on her one shot and then. They went to move the guy that runs it and they went back to the old man and -- paper was over the calendar and the next shot. Like it was an on -- and it was on -- -- and it ice it kind of fixing hang this set up but I didn't really want to think that it -- that set up so no there's yeah there's -- I've just the power and -- you -- -- because. I mention all the dork how trip that we had last week -- was more reality thing you saw that he showed up this -- at all. We we -- Joseph Torre team. -- read we could -- testing council would be. Safer but the way I loved are counting and just absolutely while that I want Retief. Escorted out of Laird -- did the German department come up you got into trouble why are you got to know. Well. I know what we hold out under the story on the other side of the break and we'll also talk about Texas talk about Texas still preview that as well I'm radio -- Enzo along side. -- -- of -- nation back -- and NASCAR -- summer Santana. This is -- is final inspection. Driven by greatly straightaway imprisoned by the Napa auto care association more come coming up next and Sports Radio 1250 WS is -- And welcome back to -- his final inspection presented -- Great -- -- driven by the Napa auto care association right here -- Sports Radio 1250 WSS. BM radio Jose insult filling in for Steve Sparky Phifer who's out in Las Vegas. See -- you bracing nation back on NASCAR -- summer Santana with me as they continue to hear the music of the group Dale Earnhardt junior junior. What kind of music would you classify the sense I think -- it was like progressive Falcons thinking -- -- it was a successful. Yeah that sounds about right this sounds like progressive. The other point of the -- theater. Coming up I don't know what -- -- should check that but pretty soon. How we were hoping to get them on the show actually today China who. Soon -- about I don't drop the -- yeah I I feel like him. Okay summer I wanted to know what happen. -- in door county nothing you've got Boston. We -- dead but what is -- do we -- at home not. -- -- -- -- Nothing. About a lot of -- -- an that's good and we went on -- -- to trolley ride aid which we may have been jerk faces and very -- road and started singing not aligned did anybody fall down. New -- Russell's. No actually usually that's -- but I did and or backe but backe didn't either but on what had such wars that we are one of the bars that we stopped at. There is I I was it was a snowmobile you know one of those kids rides. Right that and used to be around are still around I never seem anymore but it was on the outside of the -- -- six I got in -- -- -- that I had a -- -- -- -- pockets -- stuck in there and it actually now it goes like -- So much as I got -- but -- and book the trolleys had Matt up at this at the third -- and and they're telling us. Story about how there is -- the -- -- area and like on the same day almost every year there's a car accident and it's I don't know I. I really was -- need to consent but. We really stuck paying attention I think when the first whoever got on the OK with it. Goal line no big defensive first knows about it so the third run well trolleys were -- we listen to -- -- in the and so. 32. 4240. -- Yeah at that age group and then the other -- had a little bit of an older crowd perhaps some air from like the -- he. 45. On up a little bit -- an iron sand at people 45 and older old. I'm not how it's all the not sure how to -- then I just have a fair enough okay got and this -- some of the people actually dressed up we deny it. And that particular plus had a few different people that are dressed up and they they were just up as scrabble so they had just black clothes I think -- little. Cardboard letter on it on -- on the veteran Spoelstra. I don't know -- what letters were used. I can't -- cool I don't know are naughty -- -- -- no I don't think so I think it was just letters just to it I didn't put it together -- how many young. There's other people I figured because. Halloween has become kind of the lowest common denominator lately you know just grow strokes excellence soon it's -- looking abuse the -- close. -- -- -- -- -- Our driver of the buzz mother lady is one of art but other girls that went with does that that he is not a nice person and that he has a special spot somewhere. Has he dressed up as the blind person. -- and chizik who does that who does -- us like that that I'm pleased at how things are good. I'm you know I'm in there early to useless ones -- there it's horrible pregnant -- -- the rings I'm well well I. I I roommate in college he was Jesus one year. It. Is appropriate for only Sheila thanks Jesus look like -- there -- -- a beer pong and you know and you weren't. And -- -- last so we decided since my friend -- as a smoker so she went outside issues smoking -- a little hot and so I just gotten off the snowmobile. -- child's. Toy thing -- And the ladies came out and they were I think one of the more smoking -- they were -- -- and I like buyout group of 45 month. Well what do you think you should really get on and it's and -- -- take pictures so -- are taking a pitcher is that he usually try it when it works thank doctor -- and -- and I thought I walked away about my friend -- says I actually ran. Back inside -- -- out there and meanwhile looks like you run those things don't go and back in court -- you. A -- spring thing you know it goes like they can't -- -- yeah okay that's one of those so yeah it was a nation that I just set their. To -- and they all looked at me. So you're up their purchase vacationer girls -- -- isn't enough not to girls get so it may show and -- to -- to drink. No -- -- that sets you sure your -- the -- here are a lot and I'm not the intention to do that. But it did happen. So why US intervention if you look at the intention of going out the door county -- not drinking. Yeah no no no not come out what it's. All right. Not not shrinking but not -- today access that we -- All that's a surprise. Well. It reads and just because it's usually nice as we go out there every may and it's just a girl thing where -- -- -- it was funny thing that we talked about planning on going up there. In October were like oh we should go up an act sort of -- made trips there were like. An erratic as my cousin and and -- RA and I. And I'm gonna -- twice until I ran into. Moment and she is NASCAR -- summer Santana -- is we did last shopping. And did a great -- around a lot we sampled a lot of oiled a lot of the -- -- -- have been a long I mean. My may have purchased a lot of -- -- alteration just up and Dirk Tony about a month ago you don't. Really they haven't been up in the fall along times -- -- you -- if it all it really has been absolutely beautiful graphics on my door colony cherry Randy it was like clear Brandi and I tried -- that all of mine. I think I got a nice -- very smooth. I guess of -- Tony -- last time I was up there and made them and that is 86 some olive juice and that -- the ice with three. Blue cheese stuffed up green I'll -- -- and and I am happy Carroll when. And you're no longer sassy and then -- and I'm Steffi -- You about this -- when I'm still very you guys I don't know I'm drew rod Smith even more of the summer ball filtered -- But I ought to go drinking with you guys at some point I've got I -- I. -- quite the character to. But anyway enough of that -- will take a break I got an update Fauria out combat I don't know the badgers are joined. And then we will preview the Texas race we will talk Formula One -- -- pines gonna join us and also question that we pulls it on the 1250 FaceBook page and on Twitter as well. Favorite -- video game. I've got one -- Steve has won I don't -- summer has won but we'll find out coming up in the second our spark his final inspection right here on Sports Radio 1250 WS is big.