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11/02/13: Sparky's Final Inspection Hour 2

Nov 2, 2013|

Radio Joe, Steve, and Summer look ahead to the race in Texas...What's your favorite racing video game? Eddie LaPine of RacingNation.com stops by...The guys make their F1 and NASCAR picks for the weekend...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time to talk all things racing Sprint Cup nationwide and Camping World truck. Izod IndyCar and Formula One that's right we talk about it all this is -- -- -- inspection with racing -- -- dot com -- -- team. NASCAR girls summer Santana and of course the man who's never wrong. Yeah right here is Steve sparks Phifer on Sports Radio 1250 WS -- feet. That's writes Burke is final inspection presented by greatly straightaway driven by the Napa auto care association and our number two -- radio -- -- -- filling in. Perceived Sparky Phifer. As cargo summer Santana and Steve -- of racing nation -- on in the house. And the race coming up against Texas or in Texas a chance at Texas and -- how do you race again -- that. You can't yeah -- misspoke I'm sorry I'm okay. Recent taxes coming up tomorrow Carl Edwards are on the pole and the Sprint Cup chase has gotten really interest in guys because now you have a tie at the top between Jimmie Johnson and Matt -- that. First of all who got the advantage here between Jimmie Johnson Americans. In this race. Why Matt Kenseth obviously obviously he's won the most races so -- Right now it's I've always said you know to pick Jimmie -- -- loses -- is -- joked it's only been Tony Stewart and Jimmie Johnson who's won championships -- laughs. Seven years now so but I I do have a good -- about Matt Kenseth though he just seems like he's he's god is. Jian won every look at our right he's just Mo -- yeah. I am pretty -- -- he's just seems really confident I mean he's got a beast. This is the most dominant carries over driven in his career but he's never won as many races he's never even when he. Won a championship in 2004. 2004 in 20042004. Yes I mean he he was in a dominant driver. He he won it by. By his place in well in just just not having by finishing while finishing well -- -- race that's it and and but this year it's it's just -- totally different match. But we were terrible before -- Martinsville only can't try to Martinsville knowing he can drive Martinsville is if you history -- He's got the race car. And I think it did its interest in -- since you don't Joseph -- -- like while. Well Denny Hamlin and Kyle Busch when the champ -- well here comes Matt -- now we know why we hired Matt why they hired Matt Kenseth. Go out there and you wonder though what -- him -- he's the number one driver this -- without. Doll we kind of hurting you that Denny Hamlin was receiving and receiving the third and -- But now is Kyle Busch receiving the second and because now I can't -- -- -- really that much -- It is it then Jose keys that much better and I think he's at that -- are -- -- in forty years old he's just. He's has become a dominant driver kept us 4040 -- -- you 42 it. -- -- -- and he goes off at that's insane yet I heard talking about the -- by some had a chance holes or shall we were at the -- At the at -- -- here in -- in Greenfield. I mean -- Kansas is having by far. The best year of his career. And you know we were talking about how maybe he might be better than Jimmie Johnson go into -- 41 actually 41. That's -- that was artillery -- perfect exit forty or forty twos. Right in the men -- averages -- don't. Noble we -- we were talking about this about you know. Is Matt -- if it has is he become the new number one face of NASCAR is he. As he overcome Jimmie Johnson but ice I think looking back on it Jimmie Johnson is still the man to beat you here -- in your -- right. He has Diana but I think you'd I don't care about Jeff -- Witten last week it's no fluke it still he's still -- right now in the chase I know. Give it assume at some point this season ends and really -- as a two horse race I don't care it's it's -- in mechanisms -- I think I think Kevin Harvick is really thirsty for and he's really hungry for and I think -- he's gonna get it. All he's got until the last -- right do you think after this race after taxes it's gonna come down that. Matt Kenseth Jimmie Johnson and Kevin Harvick I don't think Jeff Burton's gonna even be able to do what about Kyle Busch you think he can know -- off easily and now it's back now. Really yeah wise because there's just yeah. -- -- not mentally prepared for it. But he's won four times this year I. You -- can't -- I'm gonna figure it out. There's Hewitt would figure it out but like how many seasons ago wasn't where he was tearing up the regular season but once -- to the chase you know witnessing right. -- sent her -- Kyle Busch would have been ten years older and started his career. Ten years prior then he'd definitely be a cup champion. But I think. -- -- -- Jimmie Johnson being told dominant that team there's just no keys to Houston Oilers of the -- ninety's darn good team. You know or are there in the late seventies -- it. Darn good team you know they were Dominic can beat everybody but they couldn't beat the Pittsburgh Steelers. -- -- bum Phillips and -- in the late seventies you know. But you know they're just women we've seen girls team the pox. There early eighties and dominant team they would winner a 5560. Teams for the ages either couldn't get past the Celtics are the Sixers again to win a champ. Right Packers speck in the early ninety's was with our Dallas Cowboys right did an independent scout with Kyle Busch is Jimmie Johnson he just cannot beat Jimmie Johnson. Are there are some of the guys here in the chase I don't know if there's anyone that surprise you that really hasn't raced up to par one of the guys that's kind of -- Miller but as Kasey Kahne because he was. I thought he was -- early onto the seen them but since he's got into the chase he's really don't -- there's no consistency practiced it. Consistently this season but he's also consistently finding that trouble on the track or a team that troubled -- Almost every single race you can you can -- almost money and it he's gonna cause -- -- just -- Right and used beamer and trickster or that you speak or blow up our -- blow. Would also price a little low Carl Edwards I mean he's got the pole position tomorrow does he have a chance of I think -- is. This race maybe not -- he has a chance to win the race -- -- offseason in my -- championship by just a dead figure the surprises Roush Fenway then. Is -- Basically -- and they're still not doing much there are staying there definitely upbeat team. It's. Something eighteen now I mean they're at least there in the chase but there. B minus or B minus team -- -- Take a look at the up pole position going into tomorrow's race again Carl Edwards number one break has -- ski. Has -- second position Jimmie Johnson third Paul Menard fourth Kyle Busch stepped. In the Mac -- that is number six Dale Junior seven Jeff Gordon -- Ricky stand house junior -- number nine. Ever a couple things this week from some people saying that this can be stand -- week actually win -- -- racing dusty did. When you just yet Texas the way it should pick the winner is you figure out who would look to do -- -- cowboy hat. And -- just sent us senior would look pretty give me. I tell you base I know our race damp but it it but it's in -- racing don't get in there. It's like an Austin -- wanted to -- What does one of his -- this would be a good this is a good run for the team this is a good track. He's he's had a very tough seasonable once again I said that it is that John's girlfriends -- -- -- -- -- the job for nationwide to cup it's a big jump the struggle. In that -- the seventeen car is as good as it was last year I mean. With the driver of course but I amounting to the drivers central as a driver was last -- how about it's -- combination of things but I each could -- he he he he definitely could win this. Some of the other notable guys in the pole position for tomorrow's race include Marcus Ambrose he's number ten Kasey -- eleven -- -- -- -- Ryan Newman thirteenth. Denny Denny Hamels just mentioned fourteen Martin Truex junior fifteenth Juan Pablo Montoya sixteen -- -- -- seventeen biffle eighteenth. -- Kevin Harvick nineteenth and Jeff Burton twentieth. Should be a pretty pretty interest in race tomorrow. Really -- public do you really think -- -- just checked out and now he's just out there running around man. Know a lot not to -- week's race again I don't -- that I think that he's just like. Wherever I'm just gonna go for a dreaming to. -- in the week before yet taken out it it's for it's it's been frustrated but. That this the worst year one problem and Toyota are Denny Hamlin a today the team to look for next here. There's I think there might have missed -- on the team is going to be stronger because I'm let me -- I know -- -- name. Jamie McMurray that Welker and -- -- state. Look at look at where is -- him in Harry's going to be strong I don't I would like to see what the points standings are from July on. There's a -- should he's in the top fifteen. American style and I couldn't Jamie McMurray I mean please -- -- -- -- -- she asked radar I'm Justine the east I think easily could be a top fifteen car next year. I'm kind of maybe I'll consider -- fancy going and I wonder that no no no okay -- as I would program. I better do what you're doing journeyman Aaron I don't know what he does. Have had a. Parent and bring here from Manuel pine coming up next of racing nation that count. As we -- Formula One Sebastien battle get in another way and because the guy is really really good yes that's that's what I know the guy is a really really -- talk to. And you applied about that coming up next -- gone up a little later in the show favorite racing video games. And go to our FaceBook page Sports Radio 1250 -- -- -- our Twitter -- at 1250 WS -- -- and what is your favorite racing game of all time. I know if you like -- to some degree or not are racing fan I know you've played a recent video game at some point to be anything I just go ahead -- that. Either on or 1250 page on FaceBook or on Twitter as well we'll hear from -- -- coming up next spark his final inspection. -- are Sports Radio 1250 WS -- -- -- -- -- Welcome -- -- -- -- action presented by greatly straightaway and driven by the Napa auto care association are here and Sports Radio 1250 WS says speak. Radio -- -- all fill in interest you Sparky Phifer and this sock. Really miserable Saturday. -- -- -- summer Santana so miserable it's miserable out. -- doing yard work today but because it rained yeah and you're getting out of that you don't want. -- -- eight yard -- I would actually pay somebody to come into my yard work hate her. -- yeah I don't think -- Does anybody like yard work eligible in Milan. It was a good work -- -- went out for me. -- you said do you -- two -- -- that's a lot and that's a lot but it's relaxing and it's the most relaxed I am throughout the weekend. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At that hurts and -- -- headphones on us. You know if you listen to music for anything if you're doing something they just don't podcast -- caught up -- like crazy as some of the -- Sports Radio twelfth at the dot com or off course music in this. -- -- I'm sorry. All we you can just leave all. Get out here. Yeah Wilson of the -- is good Dale Earnhardt junior junior that's the name of this group the -- at the pats leader and appear in the next couple weeks. You can listen this like you're trying to do yard work -- really -- and all that bad. -- arts I don't know whether I'd listen until I was doing yard work as much as maybe if I -- taken out. First -- Smart player tough and it connects for Eagles finalist something a little war with some interest to -- -- to show him -- it. Were defeated radio -- -- Nelson and -- can you DJ. DJ Jay-Z in the house -- We'll get you don't -- -- -- geez Jay-Z didn't hit an ideal colleges and and he -- yeah video games we'll hear from -- -- come up a 135 -- looked fine. -- -- -- Racing video games I don't -- Favorite racing video game blow -- all time. I would have to -- -- -- help design it appears you designer that you know what I'm pretty -- on I hope it is what what what was that. It was awesome news about Indy 500 legends. -- -- auto company out of Minneapolis. Is somehow got my name and help them with some of the the with the tracks. It's so. What did you do -- exactly. Argue all much information and those stones and the designers what characteristics they need to put into the trachsel and we did -- -- We did we just -- the road course there's a road course and it I said well you know what if you have a double -- on the -- -- said there -- so there's a road course inside Milwaukee. So if you use you if you -- put all the work into the game because what -- what they did is. They put into that was on the Indy 500 legend's 1960 in 1970. So is a period game -- all the tracks like -- Indianapolis they definitely got the rates to do Indianapolis. But the -- -- from the late 1960. -- it and -- it -- -- bricks in front straightaway -- and no sweets. The -- the old tower yet and all that kind of stuff in Milwaukee the did the same thing they had deal grandstands. And -- -- -- -- -- of the old scoreboard that was in the middle of the infield and I said there is you know there's a road course we can do and and we named honey creek raceway. And it it was basically a you know maps and everything for the -- you know -- Ramiro course -- -- to. -- -- school I went -- that sounds like they were of a golf course lobby you know why it was honey creek because honey creek runs through. The track. Well and I for many years. The creek Randall on the backstretch. And and into turn one and two and then in -- Summer what about -- of a favorite racing video game no I don't have time to play big -- is not a big video game person. Had a big game I I understand no reason Weis sees jockey -- -- by you -- to play halo is because I was an easy target a couple of -- and she was great gala ball but I didn't I didn't hear a figure out whether I was coming -- going and then now. I -- what's going to sign you -- yeah thinner as -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- different screen shots and try to figure out who Ryan out right and we can go way and you know who's coming in and I get distracted by is top major whatever and then they can't forget it. But the worst thing is because I don't play as many video games I use there's probably a good thing. But you know when you play some of these first person shooter games. The worst thing is getting picked off by some guy who doesn't know what the heck -- -- -- their campaign now in -- You know they don't want to move anywhere -- just wait and in the blast your way no one really has you know. An impressive balls on the marriages that -- But you know -- -- and there -- a -- like at McDowell. But that's that's come Dallas there was it was a fun year in the city governor legends in it -- marketed as well. It had some issues but I liked it I mean -- does really -- a driver in. The historic IndyCar it's in the sixties a school in -- at home. The the could've done a little -- Better a few things but it I thought it was a it was a decent video game -- -- mean for retirement thinking only 2006. Votes. And so what I mean it's I think my feared though the top for -- the Xbox. PlayStation as -- -- for expectancy is forced. -- -- not yet affords one earned a rare either post my my personal favorite in this is like one of the first video games ever got as a kid was. Mario Kart 64 I was just. I was just big in a Mario Kart 64 and I was always up I was always Luigi Luigi was on my favorite racers and I would. I you know what I play -- game so much work I knew how to cheat. -- it like jump over walls that were almost impossible to do -- you found a way to do it and then you -- like. Lap people -- to lose three times it was just hilarious I did that. All the time and it. And now applications would he would vouch for every talking a while back about Mario -- he would do the same stuff easy play that's so much you can find all the cheats and he can go -- -- and see how. Other people are donate it but that game is just it's simply classic -- sixteen different really unique tracks and I I was just -- -- -- played Mario Kart 64. A couple times but -- going back to play decision. Scripture is -- early and then. And I ever play the last. Though the the last two but he came out the last true source for some -- -- -- -- the F one game that's criminal sorcery rooster. Over on our 1250 FaceBook page Justin says road rash is his favorite John says -- three small and novels Formula One games are pretty -- I -- they have made a great NASCAR game in years I added this I'll make him throw for -- time -- think they just made on the Sierra and everyone ripped at the minute came out really I know I've got one -- -- telling NASCAR thunder 2002 or something. It wasn't bad I mean -- We are bought one of those like steering wheels so that was pretty way to go out and out helps us go but I'm a little brother broken about a year later he sat on it and it just -- -- There there are smashing some PC games there's pressure to go from a computer one was great Grand Prix legends then but he's he didn't have a stern -- -- almost impossible -- cars they drive -- -- ice. But is really -- driver in -- spinal Lotus in the sixties you know it is -- -- -- -- 140 -- trying to break -- -- in off the road and get upside down a bit. What do you -- -- -- feeling OK I'm not breaking a bone in your body and all. I -- on -- Lexus fours like Chris on FaceBook road rash is pretty awesome and I like the Formula One games to. Gary on -- says F 12013. For PS3 and Joseph says I was like he had Daytona racers. That was says he says -- -- world wasn't that bad either. And on Twitter as well mark tweets at 1250 WS SP poll position dog treats at twelve to DWS is -- agreed. Pole position as well and our -- Mario -- bossy. This -- -- Mario Kart sixty forks. -- That makes all business and I -- -- outfielder -- game fouls lot of fun never eye ball position that you used by him for your board. This loud and -- so I was literally dvds game when -- pole position and if you get a card going -- beatable flame. But is arcade stone mil is a lot of fun once you get what's he got it down it was really it was -- He is -- nation back on -- -- she is NASCAR girl. Summer SSC Santana and I'm radio shows -- all coming up next we will hear from anyone pine. We'll talk about Formula One big race coming up -- -- Abu Dhabi that's coming up straight and right here on Sports Radio 1250 WS his speed but first an update with me. Out there -- the music as well. Welcome back as his final inspection presented -- -- like -- isn't Colleen aggregation that's that's a hard out and show us. What happened but it -- -- I -- please Wear a button I swear was of me. My -- is violence -- presented by Great -- -- -- driven by the Napa auto care association of radio Joel's and saw. I have no clue what I'm doing alongside NASCAR -- summer Santana and -- -- -- -- -- back down. Join us on the -- and West Bank hotline right now. Find his great work recent nation back -- is -- -- applied any I don't. I got to do our job to -- Steve. We're all doing pretty well -- -- yeah. Do you comic -- it real mean. You never really -- main. I OK okay I had a brain say the last time -- -- -- -- six times. Yeah. That's what you get hurt you know I bring you pizza and -- which -- name. That's OK it happens -- and where -- -- it was nice. Eddie let's talk about Formula One and not. The opt for a long Grand Prix race of Indy -- last week's edition battle getting in a big win there I mean this guy. Is unstoppable as he he's one of the best right out there. While I mean you know we go through error -- where. Someone rises. And you're seeing how -- battle. I mean east -- Sixers all these. He's -- maturity and and the team has just built the car around him like they did you know -- -- sure Schumacher. And you know the Santa -- and approach then -- you get it dominance even. Yeah you know -- Every ten years or so you see something like -- and you know a lot of the fans don't like -- but. You know looking back. You know ten years from now you'll be talking about finish. Do you think he could be better than a Michael Schumacher. Well I mean it's it's so hard to put these guys in all weigh in their areas and that their time. And compare that out. And -- they go had been had -- -- you know every year now. Michael Schumacher and him team up in the the race of champions and they'd want -- three times so I mean. You know Michael Schumacher and his dominance it's gonna take a long time for all his records. So basically go away I mean in a battle still. You know would clinching his fourth last week at. He's still got three more to go out just to tie Michael so I mean there. It's it's hard to predict what's gonna happen next year what with the new engine rules for next year. And that -- You know what direction they go adults. Yeah I think it I think -- of the that the timing for that it's perfect it change it up to rules of the chances and everything because right now -- -- -- dominant. One of those the positive things enough one over the last three years was who was the parity where you have multiple teams -- -- And this year's certainly haven't I -- It is deep seen somebody dominating this Portland -- but let's be honest and -- The -- a guy went from note you know start -- the Paul win every lead every lap. I mean Els those bringing some those dark days as I like to -- also holes Michael Schumacher when he was so dominantly you -- -- with Ferrari. Are going back to -- -- Senna with. McLaren. Do you think. Who's the team looked -- next year you think with these new regs and everything. Well we're all changes. Yeah you got to lean parts -- I mean they're working here now we're now has always had a common -- -- And did would. I don't see things changing I think going to the turbocharged engine next year. Yes it's going to. Definitely trouble a little -- and -- but. With Adrian -- -- designer of ripple. -- one car and and he is the communication -- and Sebastien and his maturity hadn't. The kid's point picture goal. And he's -- nine champion. Or fortieth goal I mean. I don't see them. Breaking -- next year. Yeah ideally he'll -- interest in to see you all. Ferrari Connors with that with the -- and they're -- -- a very very strong driver lineup with. Can you -- in in in Alonso. In the end in the red car but -- -- want one team that's already kind of given up by New -- the force India team who's been such a disappointment. But they're they're there they're going -- for next here with a with a new car. And also another team that is just think you know it's. I never thought they would fall this far is Williams Serena will -- what's your opinion and the Williams team worthy and be able to rebound from this. Well I mean it's it's like anything it's the development and and the money that comes into these schemes. Tom it did get caught factors takes so much. -- run one of these teams I mean you hear numbers. From seven under to a billion dollars being thrown around for these teams. So for a small team. Come to make and the sport you know I mean Williams -- got a great task. It's just. They can't keep up it all to the development. And I'll ask that's going and and you know last year and this year with the tires. It's really made it a lot more exciting anxious. Battle has just adapted. To that prior and you can see them. Get more. Out of their tires or anybody right now and and that's the difference he would jobs -- striving. There was. What's the latest was and neat golf convert you know he's one of my favorite David -- we have and here also is a big fan of him. When the quarter where where do you think he's -- -- -- here. -- -- -- -- You know -- seats are moving around and and the rumors about Lotus and financial difficulty here and you know it's unfortunate a young driver like cam has shown. Such promise I mean he's really cats and I agree with say that. He -- that are I mean he is really performing. And you know what what the ferraris seat being taken by right here and I mean it just there's always a few seats available. -- And quite frankly I and I think I think they're asking for trouble. Taking right and what a lot and so I I don't see that. Maybe helping the team will -- Why that I think the reason why they're doing that is that is -- news. It's deal -- everyone knows that that falls -- -- the money is in the owners. Further in the manufacturer's championships and I think third period there basically trying to go for that. Going after red ball from a team point of view trying to amass as many points is weekend and move up in the manufacturer's points. All I mean that's definitely what objective is but whether that's gonna. I think that's gonna backfire for all I think they would have been better -- and all number. I think it's already -- destruction in the team -- Alonso. Actually he didn't even make it into the final round all fine today he -- all -- -- haven't. Com they're performance isn't there and along those already there are rumors of him talking about the McLaren. -- -- Now -- and it creates just it causes disruption and then right and is you know I mean he is -- there's no doubt. You know he won a championship or Ferrari. We're talking with anyone pine of recent nation back on your on the great -- -- -- -- and -- -- 1250 WSS Steve just a couple more minutes. -- what -- these guys that's you know learning auto racing and learning NASCAR Formula One IndyCar all the soft. You know -- question that I'm very curious about is still take a guy like Sebastian -- takes some of these guys from Formula One and you put on in NASCAR. Could basic secret exhibition battle. But he'll handle himself well hold himself while up in NASCAR and could a NASCAR gag -- Formula One and do the same thing or is that a very tough transition. Well I mean yeah -- definitely I mean you see them try to goal rather Colin -- I mean Montoya. Basically. Caribbean and half court order I mean he well that's. But -- And you know look at them -- and he's going back IndyCar Racing which. No comment -- match. LLC you gonna do -- IndyCar than he did a NASCAR. Do you think it's -- too much of a gap between his apt one days and -- and. -- -- Well he he better start working out -- -- -- start at -- but they. Act a little. I mean. I don't want to get in trouble by let's put it just like he has spent out. IndyCar. You know all formula type of bracing. And you know what he -- Formula One it was not a good. No -- and it -- he did it. Fairly decent in the beginning -- NASCAR but it's just. You really NASCAR it's. You've got to -- which which are true chief. And in any racing. But NASCAR it's definitely. It's hard you cannot overdrive those cars and that's the problem what Montoya. Eat either he drives are and you can't handle -- that's why you didn't succeed on I'm broke courses. For that simple fact. Any thanks a lot for joining us as always appreciated and -- I enjoy the rest of your wake and. -- thank your I'm gonna go back on it's it's only eighty here today saw. A minute wait a minute where you. -- -- -- All -- didn't know that I didn't -- and so. I I just adding -- just somewhere warm turn then we yard. Isn't even out for the semi here. It. Our armor I am jealous and hurting him -- summer after. -- think that brought out if you don't -- -- I messages and on average temperature on the. -- -- At speed he'll tell you this story be upbeat in -- I. Sounds good what's not -- dirty and mean there is a Savannah that worked -- a as a radio and four off. Yeah so I reminds us that's Indiana are eaten. Up court and committed cooler and -- -- -- looks like now. All KC area are all oh my goodness aren't any thanks -- -- we'll talk to -- soon. Yeah I think all Packers yeah -- I'll -- a good game on -- aren't there is any final. -- -- -- And -- piracy mission dot com. -- us on the great midwest bank hotline does a great mid West -- that comical 8884854400. For today's thirty years. Four point 16% APR -- restrictions apply rates can change any time -- -- West Bank since 1935. Simply local. Take a quick break we'll make our picks for the -- -- -- race. In Texas as well as the Formula One race in Abu Dhabi it's all coming up next close -- the -- -- his final inspection. -- are Sports Radio 1250 WS a -- When the music won't stop again like it did before. A good sign when I like the song on the backs -- his final inspection. To provide greatly straightaway BC SC he stopped at the. Maybe -- show they've seen a movie rush no I have -- you need to. Yes I showed why yes yes. Was happy to 'cause it's it's it's it's it's -- -- I since it's a guy movie but it's a good movie for one thing then but will help round out your arteries scene now. -- OK -- -- -- I -- this they're OK I will do that we can't we we ran out of time but on -- to play James Hunt interview. You need to -- is in between now -- next weekend okay then you need to come on either next week you know the week after and let us know two things kept. OK I might just do that they aren't sounds good. William make sure we see you focus -- to -- and -- our predictions for. After one. And what. Yeah we got -- CL we yeah we we didn't and -- -- mention Eddie Herrera Mark Webber -- -- got the pole yet I'll get over Vettel and then India. Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. I'm happy. Can I make my first yes yeah I'll go battle it -- Willis -- I'm only because since I'm not the sense that this -- -- -- the issue might throw -- opponent to win the race. Someone -- with -- to you why are -- to Webber's and a vital about a Texas again Carl Edwards on the Paul. I know who -- collide stayed current -- either sorority is it attract Rusch does well I'd like. Luckiest announcer or Edwards got -- Matt Kenseth and and Stevie can only pick one you can't pick to -- only one car and -- it's -- -- -- go with. Kevin Harvick and we need to Pickett -- we need to pick someone for let him for Tim I was in -- -- and let's call it -- Jordan did you ask. Jeff Gordon he's gonna pick Jeff Gordon dale Williams just scored Jeff Gordon aren't so we're doing here and you don't -- losing -- like ideally you need to. -- a big advantage -- in check now -- I tried I tried to explain. It to you yeah. -- story to him in it. Does doesn't -- that thing where are -- guys it was a it was a pleasure CU and a week or two weeks. And -- your recap -- the -- garage I looked at us after ten feet. It's just to watch us aren't I will do that she is NASCAR girl -- Santana Steve's not curious nation back -- -- radio shows and Zola. Guys have a great day Ted Knight the pick and save as -- post game show -- Matlock. Right after the -- game stay tuned for that right here in sports -- at 1250 WS this week. -- a great thing.