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11/2/13 Pick N Save Milwaukee Basketball Post Game Show Gary Woelfel

Nov 3, 2013|

WSSP NBA Insider Gary Woelfel joins the show to discuss his thoughts of the game and the three things he has learned from this Bucks team.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Can save basketball post game show -- -- off filling in for Steve Sparky Phifer he'll be back on Wednesday which -- -- -- from bucks insider Gary woeful. APB out for Gary -- we had a -- few minutes ago -- So column back and have a little trouble getting all the room while we wait for Gary -- of the Racine journal times in -- sports zone dot com we do have them. We do all that really don't do that let's. It inside a locker room and break this one -- It's got a ticket put -- insider Gary global front do you -- blue -- and by the Thomas -- offices. This is the big save basketball post game joke on the only station Bucs fans need. Sports Radio 1250 WS this week. Always a pleasure to chat with this man front is work inside the Racine journal times in -- sports zone dot com Gary how you doing this evening. Well -- they're better than some -- right now it just. Overall I'm doing well. They're real quickly before I get to the question of the night can you shed a little bit of -- on the OJ Mayo situation because -- -- listening to Larry -- show on the on the flagship before the game with Ted Davis. And he said that he explain the change in lineup -- just wanting to do something different with the starting lineup because of the slow starts at they've gotten off to. But then he and -- himself admitting afterwards that Mayo was late for shootaround today so which one was it. Yeah I you know flirted throughout the articles in pro scout and specifically why you made the coaching -- which -- -- you know. And that is very -- were coming in and so that OJ. Had been court pretty hard for this should -- and the quote. And talking OG. Maybe if you -- after that in the locker room. It and you know you look bitter -- theory. Apologetic you'd felt horrible -- -- it and they don't commit yet definitely worried shoot around or plate. Several years Memphis. -- and sit down over and sit. Really -- no doubt and he felt fatigued now. And again you that -- Disappointed himself -- did what anyone else. Hopes you know that'll be the last -- -- -- So this is just a one night in the dog house type situation around looking at -- -- -- over again. While quite -- comparison. I don't know anybody could be steered to the great and order but that -- out in. As a good guy I mean I don't know if you go to the other -- -- and so we were talked about he's bought out bought you. He really wants the yours in -- won't be -- launcher. You know I mean it's such -- contract but some of the jokers on the team to -- kill. It and Brandon Jennings drew good equipment as it you -- wanna be here. You know in the conversations that OJ. He seems very sincere about Serbia Milwaukee -- Talk of bucks -- Gary -- of the Racine journal times in Racine sports zone dot count. Gary that the question that -- been posing to the listeners tonight were three games into -- season for a bucks team that had a lot of mystery surrounding it coming into the year eleven new faces. A new coaching staff and asking for three things that you've learned about this young bucks team. Three games into the season can you quickly give me three that you -- Well one of the first when it comes to mind is their resiliency I mean and he -- kind of blown out the first two games in yeah I think that's what adjustments to them. You know what I wanted to you well play well short situation. And you like it I give them more credit for having that kind of attitude right approach. -- -- that ends are ready yet to be in Larry Sanders -- he'd used up when it afar. Well and they -- that -- that you try to ignore it thing but. You look at the numbers and and you know what's -- really is horrible right offer for a guy -- -- -- 44 million dollars you know extension for. Four years. But afterwards after the game. He was talking to another reporter. It's even more grip he has got now. And -- expressed frustration. I don't know if you don't loosen -- but he did not play it at all the fourth quarter right. And you could tell you he was not yet camper. He's -- thought just talk you look -- -- true what is important to me. Kind of questions the trust -- green you are really yeah. More. Yes I mean you know it it was just like you know eighties that we need to sell. You know or Sanders tends to trust people you wish her there and that -- won't see him as. They had -- him and tried it's all that -- you know. These things happen that ninety per and he's going to be called and cocaine you know don't let it bother -- -- -- make -- Be a bigger issue and that's so. I get a few. Drew has a pop that should worship -- I don't think if there's a trust issue there at all. It's just that so yes but played well again as they are so huge period jolt -- go to guys out. We'll get better a -- been listening -- -- just say great minds think alike which unit to my three. On the had and that's the resiliency in the attitude of this young team and some concern over Larry Sanders the third thing that I learned about this team that that I that I've noticed at least. Is that Larry juror in this coaching staff are are not -- shy away. From giving minutes to young players. On this roster now it's sort of been dictated to him by the play of others by fouls and by injuries three games into the season. But do you think that's a pattern that we're gonna continue to see big minutes going to Nate Walters and Jonas done -- -- -- and John Henson is that some bucks fans can look forward to. Yeah I have to slowly I mean you know they have a game plan -- one of those guys and bring him along and you know there -- going to be patience and you know -- gather and seventeen and I -- -- -- that are yet to India get up good to rebounds. And it has sixty Murphy that rebound -- what's more out but you know -- -- -- brought him out there and let them arbitration so the game. Yeah and I don't -- -- grew up to the amateur. It is while the stream to -- Revision 3 games abuses that but it won't -- -- around us. Not -- would be starting that -- Played thirty for a bit and eat it up I mean you know that that standing in the it's it's double by. Injury situation. Do you think you'll still be heavy in the rotation what win night in Britain RE get healthy do you think he's proven himself to that point. And.