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11/2/13 Pick N Save Milwaukee Basketball Post Game Show

Nov 3, 2013|

Ramie Maklouf discusses the Bucks 97-90 loss. Ramie also discusses the three things he has learned from this Bucks team; better attitude, Coach Drew will let the young guys play and Larry Sanders has been struggling to pick up the new system. WSSP NBA Insider Gary Woelfel joins the show to discuss ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And the following is a special presentation of Sports Radio 1250 WS SP Milwaukee sports station and rub. Bucs fan. This is the big save basketball post game show. So what your thoughts on tonight's action. 4147991250. 1250 dot com and don't forget that with the show at 1215 WS -- feed -- give us your take on FaceBook dot com slash twelve. Now -- your host Steve Spartan fight for. On Sports Radio 1215 WS -- being. Big boys -- knows team's marquee fight. But it is that taken save Milwaukee basketball post game show Ronnie -- off filling in first -- as the -- dropped the home opener in 97 to ninety wanna hear from you especially if you're leaving. The beam -- -- Bradley -- so many ways for you to get in. On the show tonight 4147991250. Email -- that Sports Radio 1250 dot com FaceBook and Twitter FaceBook dot com. Slash twelve picked you to be SS -- preacher comments. At 1250. W -- -- -- and also tax live and your comments to 32. 961. And a similar pattern for the -- in this losses they've had in the first two games. Of the season it wasn't. In the first two games against new York and Boston but. The -- falling down by six after the first quarter and their head coach Larry Giroux telling this team according to -- Hughes -- fox sports Wisconsin after that first quarter. Man up then he wasn't talking about defense he was talking about the attitude and the energy. Of this young bucks team to start games. Early on in this season and they trailed from then on out they did tied up in the fourth quarter and an OJ Mayo three Porter. But trailed by one after the second quarter trailed by twelve. After the -- after the third quarter and actually outscored these Raptors 25 to twenty. In the fourth but it wasn't enough again they fall 97. To nine -- the final. But that fight does lead me into what I wanted to talk with you guys about it 7991250. Or you can email live -- Sports Radio 1250 dot com. And it's this this is the question for tonight's pick and -- basketball post game show -- tonight on Sports Radio 1250. We're three games into -- season for this bucks team. And a bucks team that had a lot of mystery surrounding it. Coming into the year you had a whole new coaching staff headed up by Larry Drew he had eleven new faces on this roster. And I want to know after three games tell me three things. That you've learned about this Milwaukee Bucks basketball team's 7991250. Or you can email live that Sports Radio 1250. Dot com and I and I said that this that the comeback that they had in this one in the comeback that they had in the first two games of course falling short new York and then they get the win last night. Leads me right into the first thing. And -- spring lament the rod around your phone calls and emails but the first thing that I've learned about this Milwaukee Bucks team as compared to last year's team. Is they have a better attitude starting with their head coach Larry Drew you look at this team and the way that they've fallen behind. In games early so far this season and you could say that that's I'm Larry during his coaching staff that he doesn't have them ready to play at the outset of these games but the fact. That this bucks team has the energy and the fight in them that they've shown through these first three games. It shows me a better team than we saw under Scott Skiles at least from an attitude standpoint. Eat you didn't see this bucks team a lot under Scott Skiles especially last year in the year and near the end of the year before. When you could tell he was starting to lose -- team. You didn't see the type of attitude the type of energy that positively -- that we've seen around this bucks team through three games now yes there one in two. But you're looking at a bucks team that through three games has fallen down early in a lot of these games. And have come right back and haven't shown any quit they've shown a lot of fight in these games and have managed to a race those deficits like I said. Tying this one up tonight with the rafters before falling short and that's something that we didn't see from this bucks team. In the past and I think some of that. Is is some young guys on this team who maybe don't know. Any better but to keep on fighting and to keep showing that energy and that leads me into the second thing that I've learned. About this -- Milwaukee Bucks team through three games and that's Larry juror in this coaching staff. Are not get a shy away from giving minutes to young guys. Win a -- that it's dictated to them when they don't have any choice they won't hesitate to go to the -- Danny -- -- -- the John Henson's. -- on this team and you -- a guy. Like Nate Walters who got the start tonight put it put in 36 minutes he had seven points and ten assists a great start by the young point guard. Out of South Dakota State. And I love that Larry Drew and his coaching staff are are gonna let these young guys play including in pressure situations I mean you look out there. In the fourth quarter when they're trying to win this game and you have -- on this out there you have John Henson out there and made Walters. Was out there a lot of guys who were young. A lot of guys who the boxing every depending on that later on you know 234. Years down the road and they're giving him valuable time. Right now out on the court in crunch time. And I think if -- bucks man especially one of these Bucs fans who is looking for the complete pared down and rebuild of this team you didn't get that. But you do at least have a head coach now in Larry Giroux who's not afraid to go to his young guys Scott Skiles. What not play young players for the life of them and we saw that. With Tobias Harris I know you guys don't want to hear that name very often. But he he just he rotted on the advanced to the point where John Hammond said you know what we're we're not give -- get what we want to get out of this guy on this team. We might as well move him elsewhere and you can disagree with that move if you want. But you're gonna find out what you have in these young guys unlike what you add with a by -- -- never found out what he had -- -- Bucs uniform it took for him going to Orlando. And and being you know. You know getting a chance to grow getting a chance to play out there. Four bucks fans to see what type of potential. But Tobias Harris has asking you for three things that you've learned about the Bucs -- three games so far this year and if you wanna talk about tonight's game in 97. To ninety loss to the Raptors in the home opener and again if you're leaving the team owners Bradley Center especially want to hear from you at 7991250. Email live at Sports Radio 1250 dot com let's get out to the phones and John on the south side you're on the pick and say basketball post game show. Where -- three things that you've learned about this team thus far down. -- You have -- just you know -- -- a -- you get older. You -- of the box. I'll never get out give up -- -- -- just they need to hit their free free throws so. But made I'm just product out -- they've played man Larry kuril. I think is the right call for a young team we see the young Clinton players that it. And not you know why even after five games overall I wanted to hear out you know I -- -- it. I am not -- -- -- and. Thanks for the call -- I appreciate it. And yet you you gotta love despite what the results are so far one and two record. You gotta love the fight and the effort that you see from this young team and like I said he got to love that you have a head coach in Larry Drew and that coaching staff. That aren't afraid to go to these young guys that they're knocking him to sit there and rot away on the bench. They're gonna get -- they're gonna get minutes especially well when they have to do -- Larry Drew is not gonna shy away from getting those guys in -- in situations when he has injuries like you have with Luke Ridnour. And Chris Middleton at the point guard or just when you know guys are playing better off the bench than the guys at their place and you saw the -- data -- -- tonight. Seventeen minutes for the eighteen year old and he and he only had two points he struggled from the free throw line going -- for two. But again those are crucial free throws that he misses now but. Maybe doesn't feel that pressure when he gets up there later and it means a little bit more to this bucks basketball team. It's a box -- some excuse me pick and save Milwaukee basketball post game show on Sports Radio 1250 -- SSP. Raptors top the box 97 to 91 and 03 things you've learned about this team's 7991250. Email live at Sports Radio 1250 dot com running back -- in -- Sparky Phifer and back right after that. -- -- like courtesy of fox sports Wisconsin. One of the highlights from the youngsters on this bucks squad as they dropped the home opener in 97 to nine is to pick and save. Milwaukee basketball post game show -- Max -- in for -- Sparky Phifer. You comment on the game at 7991250. Email. Why that Sports Radio 1250 dot com in addition to the game one and 03 games and three things you've learned. About this bucks team 7991250. Live -- Sports Radio 1250 dot com -- -- of mine already batter a better attitude. And Larry juror in this coaching staff. Are going to let the young guys playing -- like what I've seen. From the young guys already so far this season Walters a -- -- bone Henson contributing. In a big way in getting significant more minutes in these first three games the third thing I wanted to get to and I saved the negative one for last because I do see a lot of positives. In this bucks team so far and -- you guys on the phones at 7991215. Just 12. And that's that the guy who usually sits in this chair and host this show Steve Sparky Phifer. He had some hesitation about giving Larry Sanders that big contract when they did during the offseason and I have agreed with Sparky then in the sense that. With a guy who who didn't just come off you know his one big season and who a year ago was was struggling to make this team. Given that type money was was a risky move and I think you really. You had to think twice about it it if -- the Milwaukee Bucks but at the same time if he came into this season. And Larry Sanders starts off the way he started off last year. Now you're the Milwaukee Bucks and you're seeing Larry Sanders pop up bond. You know hottest free agents in the league list throughout the nation and starting -- name connected with the LA's Milwaukee's Boston's of the world more glamorous spots considered. Around the NBA and all the sudden Larry Sanders and his agent don't want to talk about an extension with the Milwaukee Bucks so. For who they are the market that they play and I think the box sort of had to give Larry Sanders that big contract. But three games in. And you look at Larry Sanders through these first three games he has not been the guy that you saw last year did have five blocks last night but just the one tonight. And not really helping out a lot on the boards with just more rebounds and in that first game in New York he was non existent and I know it's only three games but we've heard from Gary -- we've heard from Ted Davis and we'll talk with Gary -- four bucks insider from the Racine journal times. Coming up at 1115. That Larry Giroux is somewhat struggling to pick up this new system or excuse me Larry Larry Sanders is somewhat. Struggling to pick up this new system. Of Larry Jordan -- coaching staff and you gotta wonder if -- -- -- do the Bucs front office and coaching staff. If Larry Sanders if you given that money. A little bit too early so those are the three things I've learned about this bucks team so far in the season better attitude gonna let the young guys play and Sparky may have been right. About Larry Sanders wanted to know -- -- 7991250. Live -- Sports Radio 1250 dot com three games and tell me three things you've learned about this bucks team and if you just wanna comment about tonight's game. Phone lines open to you as well let's not waste any more time getting to you guys -- -- to the east side and Alex Alex you're on the pick and -- basketball post game show what you got. Can't make -- -- in the just did not of the game streaks things I learned the boxing need X. What -- on the free -- we hardly have a great coach and little a lot of upside to younger -- Yet -- bring up the free throws and -- and thanks for the call Alex and Mitchell Pratt who's an intern here at Sports Radio 1250 can follow him on Twitter. At mr. underscore Pratt that's -- good shot out for the young man he wraps it up in one -- -- out shot the Raptors 44%. To 39 point 7% but were outrebounded. 68 to 38. And you bring up the free throw differential 28 of 38. For the box and it was ten of eighteen. For the Toronto Raptors you've got to make your free throws when you get to the -- that much more. Then the team that your playing against you got to shoot eighty to 85% from the line. And guess what. You win this game if you just shoot 8085%. From the line. And contend on the boards you win this game tonight against -- Toronto Raptors and it and it's the rebounds and the free throws in this game. That that stop the -- from winning but. Those are the type of things that. A young team is gonna have to learn they're gonna have to learn to be physical under the boards are gonna have to learn to make those free throws. In crunch time you can email live that Sports Radio 1250 dot com like Allen buck -- in Seattle did he says things I've learned one. Young and need to learn to start strong to cant shoot and three they are tougher mentally and show some heart. And some hustle however I like the direction the Bucs are going night and -- being hurt early has killed the box early in the season. That's the -- fan in Seattle Allen emailing live at Sports Radio 1250. Dot com yet -- they're gonna struggle shooting and we knew that even with the lead changes that they made this offseason because. The guys that they brought in look I know -- I know a lot of bucks fans had problems with the the shooting choice. Of -- Brandon Jennings in a Monta Ellis but look at the guys that they brought in and OJ Mayo. And you're not looking and Brandon Knight who hasn't played in the first three games -- looking at just about the same shooting percentage so. I didn't see how the Bucs expected they're shooting percentage to improve all that much with the moves that they made in the off season. But like Allen points out they are young and they they do need to learn to start strong but like I pointed out my first point in the three things that I've learned about this young Milwaukee Bucks team. Through three games they are tougher mentally and do show some heart and some muscle something we haven't seen. For the last season plus under Scott Skiles back to the phones at 7991250. -- beat on the north side haven't talked to this guy and while CB -- guard. -- you. Regard. Coach and so all of the coaches there on the young guard but they're pretty good and chemistry to that is right is really playing and so they like there. America that's one thing problem in this -- -- so Eric Sanders told -- that well since -- -- in the big money well. If they can step up and -- An opportunity tomorrow they'll be pretty. You know. Thanks for the call CB and and I already expressed my concern. Over Larry Sanders I don't want to -- -- three games into the season. But Ersan Ilyasova he gets twenty -- -- tonight and he's 50% from the field six for twelve -- threw for two from three point land and had the fourteen points on the night even chipped in. Four rebounds I think the ankle injury is still bothering Ersan Ilyasova he's not moving around out the way out there the way that we're used to seeing Ersan Ilyasova move around. But were for what you ask of them especially with that ankle and and somewhat limited minutes of 24 tonight. I -- got to be satisfied with Ersan Ilyasova -- effort tonight. And in these first three games and I think it will improve. As the season goes -- I think Larry Drew I'm confident that Larry Drew. We'll find a better way to use Ersan Ilyasova then what Scott Skiles did so I I I can't complain about Ersan Ilyasova to this point in the season. But I do think that concerns over Larry Sanders and this new system and after giving him that big money. They are legit. Not not to over blow -- three games and like I said but any concern over Larry Sanders and Sparky expressed it. As -- is a contract was given. I think is is warranted it's a new system and you're talking about a guy who struggled to make this roster just over a year ago his playing in the summer league. And not doing much when he showed up for Bucs training camp last year and he was the most improved player in basketball regardless of what the award said he was the most improved player in basketball. And act. Again you you probably had to give it to him -- -- position you're in your sort of backed into a corner with Larry Sanders contract situation in the year that he just had. But that's a lot of money that you have invested in your future and Larry Sanders and you're gonna need him to live up to that paycheck -- this could be a problem for the bucks. You know a year or two down the line -- -- greets at 1250. WS SP even in a loss I still feel really great about the future. Let's get that megaplex done hash -- go bucks go she -- the second Tweeter excitement can be contained. 240 characters she also says hash tag -- hash tag -- hash tag future. I'm all -- what the future at Nate Walters. At G -- data combo at John Henson. Let's go go bucks go you can tweet at 1250. WS says -- Dallas up at 7991250. Like -- deep on the south side did a you're on the pick -- say basketball post game show three things that you've learned through three games about this young bucks team. -- what what a total -- Irish credit because almost beat ticket -- -- and what being they're kind of alarmed at night what when the game would go we're capable Connell. He's got -- about it tunnel and it may look what -- race to -- ago into the crowd. It is assumes league ball whatever they -- undershirt. A good sport it's remarkable -- but really wondered if you could be this system mister -- -- whatever leaders seem he is -- right now. And opened up the ball with to a worst situation -- -- be prepared to waste. KG and and Larry Sanders. I heard that his attitude is a problem at all away from the court we've certainly seen the outbursts on the court that Larry Drew has said they got to get under control. I would think -- you tell me it if you think I'm wrong. That Larry Sanders if indeed he did have some by -- bad body language and and maybe a little bit upset after the game. It's he's probably upset about losing the game and and not having his his greatest performance -- it I don't think that Larry Sanders attitude off the court. It's something that will carry over into the locker -- I don't think that you'll see. His frustration from tonight carry over when they get back into the locker tonight -- when they get back on the practice court tomorrow and and leading up until Wednesday's game. I think Larry Sanders is probably frustrated about the way that he played. But I don't think it's it'll be something that you'll see carry over are you worried that it'll carry -- I'm not worried that it carried over I'll give up a -- -- -- -- not totally sure because we look at the last to Gary before to night. A home. You review no bargain either about those -- played -- martz. It didn't even let my give Boston you know wouldn't he'd -- or you can play that market bought you know if at all and like -- minutes or less and less. You wonder does the Coca -- there's been you know -- does he realize called -- -- -- native art itself right now especially when it will be -- -- -- -- -- right. I get a thanks for the call lady and again I I can't dismiss concerns. Over Larry Sanders -- the contract that he got. And with the history that he has Bucs ball in their home opener. 97 to ninety asking you if you just want to talk about the game -- in Dallas sub 7991250. Live -- Sports Radio 1250 -- -- the other question on the table. Three games then with the team that had a lot of mystery surrounding -- coming in. What are three things that you've learned. About this Milwaukee Bucks team's 7991250. Email -- -- Sports Radio 1250 dot com -- -- -- in pristine Sparky five from the pick and save Milwaukee basketball post game show. They -- 97 to ninety. That -- courtesy of fox sports Wisconsin as the bucks dropped their home opener in 97 to ninety -- -- golf in first team Sparky Phifer. On the pick and save Milwaukee basketball post game show Mayo finished with sixteen points on six of thirteen shooting if you want to comment on the game. Go -- -- up that 7991250. Email live that Sports Radio 1250 dot com you guys coming up in a big way on FaceBook and Twitter. Want to get to those in just 12 the other question at 7991250. Three games in with the Bucs team that had a lot of questions a lot of mystery surrounding it coming into the year with a new coaching staff. An eleven new faces -- three things. That you've learned about this team's 7991250. You can email -- -- Sports Radio 1250 dot com my three this team has a better attitude more fight in them than we've seen in the past that's 12. This coaching staff will not shy away from playing young players and three Sparky may have been right. In his concern over re signing Larry Sanders those are my three what are your 7991250. Robert in Milwaukee now that now he's on the pick and -- basketball post game show it's up rob. Thank you are -- great. Great arms so I just want to say the Bucs are great -- thing of learned or one grade through the young players are so much potential and very. This season it is going to be great actually. Yeah also want to say that they don't also on the -- dancers they had a great spare. Who troops grade and then be rim rockers is slant and I looked a lot -- -- -- get. Outstanding. Robert's a very happy man Robert thanks for the comment and I do I do think that -- -- The way that I see this buck season I wasn't here on Wednesday when Gary and -- on the big show previewed this season and ask what you wanna get out of it. I see this buck season call me crazy if you want as sort of a win win I'd I'd. If it's handled right it's a win win because you're gonna see a lot of these young guys get a lot of minutes as I've said in the opening half our of this show. And with that there either going to be able to compete. And fight for a playoff spotter actually get a playoff spot and get that type of NBA experience for a young roster which is invaluable to -- -- And try to win games that you need to win late in the season or in the post season. It's something that you can't recreate in practice. Or anywhere else so if they compete. The young guys will at least get that experience and if they don't compete -- this is a team that at the end you're looking at you know 253035. Wins. You're going to be in that lottery and you probably won't be bad enough to be in the Andrew -- in sweepstakes. Or excuse that yet the Andrew weigh in sweepstakes but. At the same time. You really get a lottery pick and a pretty solid player in the draft if this is a team that's not in contention. For a playoff spot later in the year got some tweets at 1250 WS says -- JT says highlight of the night was seeing Danny G in the crowd and to prove it he provided a picture I treated it at 1250 -- SSP. I don't know Dan -- search was in the crowd tonight they did not show that. On fox sports Wisconsin I don't know why -- it's your -- -- the game tonight he lives in the area. Murphy just felt like catching he would -- a game and had a layover in Milwaukee but Dan desserts taking him. The bucks in the rafters tonight in the home opener Matt tweets at 1250 WS SP Larry Sanders is struggling but you have to realize. He is basically the face of the franchise needs time to adjust and I'm gonna give him that time to adjust I keep saying this and I'm gonna keep on saying it to reiterate the fact. I'm not a panic mode about Larry Sanders a Brady give up on the guy yet I'm just saying that. Sparky may have been right. In his contention that they they jump the gun a little bit and giving him that big contract especially with a new coaching staff and a new system for him to learn. And a guy who was struggling to make this roster about a year and a half ago -- it's you have to be somewhat concerned about that 7991250. Email live -- Sports Radio 1250 -- Back out to the phones and Paul in Oak Creek -- -- ball. They're on an underdog. So yeah that's three things I noticed real quick and and right -- there. That you know personal -- aren't you out -- -- You know the ankle -- he -- years he played well what I would like to see are more minutes in the fourth and I think that's because he's still not fully vacuous. Do dump properly for the game I think -- -- ankles out but. You know so we'll see what happens -- -- Larry Sanders not to worry what it's all three games and I'm not gonna talk about it -- fifteen to twenty games and the fires. Where where he's better his impact -- contract was that -- ride for now. Three. -- love the young team and the minute distribution way to -- Skiles but we got to remember we haven't seen an impeccable Brandon Knight. And you're going Delfino have even been to actual weather to get traded or not let's worry about it later Delfino would definitely be a good guys they have out there or what. Tonight's game the -- -- terrible and out of the park what this all comes down to one thing. The ball was just now bounce in their way to rebound differential that was huge and a lot of it was just it was just that -- -- ball was bouncing around. The hospital -- there but it was just. The breaks were not on their side and that's appellate court some nights I'm not dispersed -- all I think it was. A hard fought game I was there -- -- Juan would have been nice start out from one with a home opener but. You know it fires you Bubba Sparxxx it was. Cautiously optimistic at this point and cautiously optimistic. It's -- united drew. Or thanks for the call Paul at -- yeah I mean. If if the -- -- -- -- at the end of this year and and I don't see this even being a possibility. Looks like a guy who can't play. In the NBA than he had this was a waste of a season this was a waste of a draft pick or -- John Henson who used your first round pick John last year. -- than this this was this was a a very bad season and I'll even call it a wasted season but as long as -- progression. Out of those two young guys and some of the other young parts on this bucks team. I I really don't see how this year can be a negative for the box and bucks fans it's. It's a win win to me and he talks about her -- -- Silva being in the game near the end. And and Larry Drew is rotations and I have a tweak here from the A bomb 1250 says -- great job on the show thank you. Ankle injury or not her son needs to be out there in the fourth disappointed. With the loss and I've seen some other tweets and emails in the collar brought it up that Larry Sanders wasn't in there. In the fourth if her -- was was feeling good enough to go out there and play. Then I will agree that he should have been out there in the fourth quarter in crunch time you probably needed his scoring we'll hear from Larry Giroux and see if he explains. Wires sun wasn't out there. Late in the game maybe it was an ankle acting up on him. But with Larry Sanders a lot of people complain that he wasn't in the game weight and in crunch time. Look man -- Sanders as good as he was last year he's got to earn the right to be out there late in crunch time and what we saw on the first three plus quarters. Was not a guy that you wanna not -- in the fourth -- not even for his defense again one block on the night in twenty plus minutes Larry Sanders. Shouldn't -- been on the court late in the game and again we'll hear from Larry Drew. Little bit later on in the show a few bucks players from the locker room and -- insider -- while -- coming up. Right around 1115. Email from the -- Lorie says so glad of the fight in this team and a coach. Who stands behind his young players this team needs OJ -- to step up and beat -- got all capital letters exclamation point. Don't be afraid or -- everyone on this team shoot shoot and shoot but please don't refer to short shorts by name Skiles is dead to us we just referred to him by name fear the -- And three honest. That's -- -- -- live -- Sports Radio 1250 dot com and OJ Mayo with those 23 corners near the end of the game showed you why they brought -- because he's a guy. Who can create his own shot and make it including from beyond the arc where he was three -- five tonight and sixteen points. And six of thirteen shooting on the night that's a pretty good night for OJ Mayo coming off the bench with 33 minutes but. -- does need to be a little bit more aggressive especially late in the game. When you're down but it's a close a -- gap. You need him to score and you do need him to sort of be the guy that's why the bucks brought him in here 7991250. Live -- Sports Radio 1250 dot com Bucs ball. 97 to nine -- asking you. Three games and tell -- three things you've learned about this bucks team let's go to green -- and Dan you're on the pick and save basketball post game show what you got and. They're I mean I do that I good and I -- leaving the game and it's what I an -- -- what I feel. I like -- I like the attitude it's there but you gotta have standards I don't care how it was played during the game -- -- three games into this. It is not blocker you gotta have that -- -- -- down by five the rookie you benched because with the fumble and a ball and make your free throws. Mariners note is that he's not out and number one direction and have been number one pick -- that -- epic that was the way and Walters. There's nobody penetrates and this guy is good while and really not a bad job there's no personal streets of the blocking -- -- -- all. I mean you know what it back I hope for fifteen minutes. Whose three pretend to be exact -- for -- from the three point line. -- And Gary -- I thanks for the call today Dan Gary Neal and I know that injuries the sort of forced him into it where agers said before the game I was listening to Ted Davis on the flagship talking -- -- On the Larry Drew show appropriately enough named. And he said that he he felt like he needed to do something different with the starting lineup because of the big deficits that they faced. In the first two games so we threw Gary Neal when there it's a sort of mix things up and -- -- get a different feel for this team coming out of the gates. But I'm sorry you gotta have OJ may out third start you didn't bring this guy in to be the six man. On your team OJ Mayo when they tried to make in the six man in Memphis and it didn't work that's when he saw his production drop off now again. He did at sixteen points tonight six of thirteen from the field three of five from beyond the arc. So he had a better performance than we've seen from OJ Mayo in the first two games of this season but you need that guy out there to start I I think you do because. You you want to have some scores out their star you don't want to fall behind. And they have fallen behind in the first two games explaining why Larry Drew decided to go to it but to me you're more likely to fall behind. When your best shooter is is sitting at the end of the bench and waiting for is his chance to get in. And and you know take a few shots I think you get him in there and and just hope that he starts off hot you go to hasn't worked in these first few games. I can't start the game with Gary Neal and Nate Walters as your backcourt like you said there is just not enough speed there there's not enough scoring there. -- I think he got to start OJ Mayo might get into a little bit of discussion. About what you might do with the starting lineup a little later on in the show we got time for a let's get -- one more call before the break -- Sergio on the north side. You're on the pick and say basketball post game show it's upsurge. I'd do it ahead you know what you know last I think. Based on the -- I think Larry Sanders is basically it's. -- Get paid this much money -- get paid. -- I think we jump the gun on him. Little Sergio I'm not gonna say that -- and I I don't think that your concerns are unwarranted at this point but I think it's too early to to call him. A scrub and if you're talking about for months from an effort and attitude standpoint wanting to be the player that got that contract. Have to worry about that from Larry Sanders Sergio yeah. What they're that you're he had last year -- -- basically still one dimensional. Yeah I know you're you're right about that he's he's a defense and rebounding guys not gonna contribute. A lot from the offensive standpoint they've they've been trying to work on his offensive game and see if he can work. Some kind of low post game down under there but if Larry Sanders pans out and and this is you know pie in the sky. Hoping for for Larry Sanders. If he pans out and is the best defensive and rebounding type of player. That they think he can beat the big Dennis Rodman type you'll never see him as sort of a Karl Malone type who's gonna bring that type of effort and intensity. On the defense of side of the floor and still be one of the better low post scorers on the other side of the court Larry Sanders. Is one dimensional but if that what is as good as what we saw last year. Then -- -- he was worth the money and and you'll be happy with that I guarantee you he'll be happy with Larry Sanders if the other guys on this roster can do their job. And he can live up to the potential but you see. In that eight million dollar a year contract but. Three games and we haven't seen it yet and it's only been one good year under his belt so. You're you're -- hear your concerns are not unwarranted but. I'm not ready to call on the scrub just yet it's to pick in save Milwaukee basketball post game show -- -- off filling in. For -- Sparky -- they drop the home opener. 97 tonight if you want to talk about the game -- tell me three things you've learned about this bucks team through three games 7991250. Email -- that's Sports Radio 1250 dot com hear from you right after the student fantasy football week. 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Inside the box what do you -- coming -- -- You're listening to them they can save basketball post game show -- the only station Bucs fans. Sports Radio 1250 WS -- -- Sparky five from the pick in say basketball post game show they dropped the home opener in 97 to nine if you wanna talk about the -- Tommy the three things. That you've learned about this young bucks team through three games 7991250. Email live -- Sports Radio 1250 dot com -- to get your FaceBook and Twitter comments here. And just one -- quickly run through the box for you though starting with obviously the starting lineup Gary Neal. He got the start at shooting guard put -- 46 minutes he was three of ten from the field. Four assists five rebounds and had eight points -- Walters forced into heavy action with the injuries. To Brandon Knight and Luke Ridnour he goes 36 minutes three of eight from the field the at seven points. Dropped ten dimes and four rebounds from the front court small toward her -- alias so what. He went 24 minutes fourteen points six of twelve from the field. Four rebounds and two assists and -- -- Butler. In 245 minutes he had twelve points three of nine from the field six rebounds. And no assists off the bench John Henson. With 45 minutes thirteen points on six of nine shooting also chipped in three rebounds. And had a block small forward Chris -- probably his best game of this young season nineteen minutes -- -- of nine from the field also had two steals one rebound. And chipped in eight points one great play he had on defense stole past. And took it on a fast break himself. For the -- Zaza Pachulia one of the big surprises for this -- team in the early season. He went fourteen minutes three of four from the field. He had three rebounds and finished with six points and -- has a -- Kuhn -- the eighteen year old netting seventeen minutes -- -- one of two from the field. Was -- for two from the free throw line grabbed two boards. And had two points on the night and OJ Mayo he's probably your -- be in this -- -- 33 minutes off the bench. Six of thirteen three for five from three point land also won for two from the line. He had five rebounds excuse me six rebounds. Eight assists and sixteen points on the -- so there is you look. Inside the box on the pick and save. In Milwaukee basketball post game show. Got some comments here on FaceBook you can always comment FaceBook dot com slash twelve -- EW SSP Daniel says they're inconsistent and haven't found their identity yet. But once we are at full strength. They'll be much more dominant you can always comment that FaceBook dot com slash 1250 WS SP by the way that -- in the last segment mentioned. Mango and how happy he -- with bang those performance out at the Bradley Center Mbenga joins the big show on Tuesday at 245 to talk about. His series behind the mask coming up. On -- a little programming note for you there -- joins the big show Tuesday to 45 let's get out to you guys are on the phones and Mike in Saint Francis. You're on the pick and -- basketball post game show what's up Mike. -- -- -- I don't like to be everywhere that figured out how much have got six or what are they -- offense that's scored. It's match -- the looked a lot so had to -- though had their bigger bodies Graham. Bell looked belt whatever his name is this for all all -- played a sport. And have an absolute honor roll on it -- what went back group I don't have a problem with that. I like to see -- and -- get a few more shots. But they were fight -- out here -- -- Is depth but not a point but you know read our night -- -- that many cheap simple I think we look better coming off street that he -- get. Be more effective that way. And thanks for the call Mike I do like though because. Larry -- could very well there and Scott Skiles probably would have gone with the veteran backcourt. I don't know Gary Neal and OJ Mayo with the injuries that they have tonight and Ridnour. But Larry -- and again it's it's one of the three things I've learned and I like about this bucks team early on in the season. Not hesitating to go with -- Walters and if Nate Walters shows that. He deserves to be out there longer guess what he'll stay out there longer and so far in the season. Including tonight where he put in 36 minutes and had seven points and ten assists may -- showing that of the guys that are healthy and maybe even when nine -- -- get get healthy. He deserves some significant minutes in that rotation in the backcourt Larry germ. Not afraid to go to human give him those minutes when he deserves it -- emails -- -- Sports Radio 1250 dot com. As I'm not saying that Sanders is better than Dennis Rodman but -- you was a Bulls fan. Should it. Shouldn't they just let Sanders play until he fouls out like the Bulls did with Robin. I'd give two more but this email is enough already I appreciate that Sammy mailing live at Sports Radio 1250 dot com. And yeah -- maybe that is the the approach that you got to take with Larry Sanders at least early in the season. To see if he can find his groove and find his way in this new system you'd like to see him get more than 22 minutes in a game but like I said. From what I saw on the first three and a half quarters when that game got close and it got there close to the end. -- I have to agree with Larry jerk not having Larry Sanders out there on the court. Like god just -- with and they Walters he got out there and he showed he'd that he deserved to stay out there. And you probably like I said wanna get Larry Sanders out their little bit longer trying to find some sort of -- read them. But Larry -- try to win basketball games at the same time guys and if Larry Sanders can't get with it. Then come crunch time Larry Sanders just won't be on the court it's that simple and I know that kinda sounds Scott Skiles is when I say it out loud from a guy that son Scott Skiles -- when a senator out loud but. -- does have to try to win basketball games some may -- you try that approach keep Larry Sanders out there a little more than your instinct says that you should. But at the end of the day in crunch time if Larry Sanders they get it done and guess what John Henson will be out there or Zaza put too -- be out there because those guys. Are getting it done right now in crunch time go back to the phones at 7991252. -- on the north side you're on the pick in say basketball post game show it's up to. -- -- You know. -- this year for the books are are pretty -- he has start. Could be a very big year is French. And I cannot say that but I mean a few -- first thing. I think they're Larry Drew was gonna play you know -- -- reaching any time from this crowd error period. That's always that the bright are you you wanna you wanna draft player especially when you know market we change rep players. He won't know which you -- -- a couple of years and know which reputed -- now. -- Adam mentioned you still don't I don't know with the guys you know so -- -- -- -- -- commend them on net. -- -- -- -- I think the -- have to have forcing him I mean -- with the draft spec that the waited in the waiting to be -- where. You pretty much -- -- superstar or opponents are very very good star. Who's on a version be a superstar tickets are keen to that level. Only where we're gonna get someone like there has to drafting or to a tree because -- the -- and that's the any clear -- caliber picking Milwaukee over and over another and I'm not another number of team that they are that you. So that's why are so that we we need -- foresee as far as Koreans. But that doesn't mean that the development of our players are that -- you know the same we can still carried a -- and built Obama put some -- valuable experience under their -- that we do. You know hopefully get up on top player and -- -- we can add him to the court that we are yet. And my third thing in my final thing that you can -- something you don't believe they can happen. I think the books need to do whatever they have whatever they can do. Would doubt Europe this year -- it. Two to get Rajon Rondo and and and patented extension and he could be -- point guard of our at a future working. Because that think if you set that up right there -- Whether you have to get 21 round picks and picking at sixteen however it plays out what are you -- do because that think that you you know. And you add a top five pick in this year's draft what would -- of course you have you can start you know you have to -- right here and you know you have to do we have to do all these. -- so roster Mikell -- stuff like -- you -- young core. Your foundation and -- you don't need to specialize shooter or simple like that -- you can go out and get those pieces for Eagles lost some money supplied the -- -- I would I would love if they could if they could bring him in from Boston know him being Rajon Rondo. And I would even -- depending on what they want about this current roster because you do have some pieces in place. I might even think about giving up some draft picks in this years upcoming draft to bring him in -- depending on what else they wanted with it. But I want to go back to second point and then needing to have a bad season to get a superstar in here. -- I don't think it's gonna happen to -- because I think that the talent on this roster. Is good enough to be right around that eight seed if they don't get it up and they'll finish right around nine or ten and I know that that's the worst case scenario to Sparky. And a lot of bucks -- out there. But let me ask you this I know it's only three games and it's probably too early to judge do you think that they might have found that superstar -- sort of stolen. In this year's draft do you see that type of potential and -- honest data could invoke could he be that guy if they need him to be down the line. I think that he can be -- very valuable piece to. A puzzle and acerbic and it's so authority could be -- star. You know depends on how the body it's you know his body -- in -- -- expect that the -- you know need to get that to be able to be maximized his potential. But I don't think I don't think it came -- I don't think it seemed in are going to be or this or -- on on a daily basis to start playing the games. For him to be able to win many games as people think there and I think after it's either go along once we get to the middle of January -- that. People pretty much feel right on Wall -- yet we're going to be at a place that we want to be gaining weight but he's just got to take a few months before people really. -- -- -- -- Throughout thanks for the call I appreciate I do think that if they get -- this season and they are not showing the potential to compete for a playoff spot. You might see Herb Kohl. Let John Hammond sell off some of the more movable pieces. On this roster like you Koran Butler you might have a lot of people called for any might have some people calling. For Zaza Pachulia or maybe even. And OJ Mayo and and those are guys that -- contracts allow you to move them and you might get some draft picks -- some. Valuable pieces that can help you down -- I think that's the only way. That this bucks team doesn't contend for some sort of playoff spot this year and aren't somewhere around that eight seed in competing for it. But like I said earlier whether they get in the playoffs or whether this is -- season that goes terribly wrong and you find yourself. In the lottery it. To me it's a win when you're -- gonna get some valuable playing experience. For some of the younger guys on this roster or -- end -- -- and that lottery and be able to get a valuable piece of valuable player. But you can add to this young core and help you win some games later on down one wanna get in one more call before the break -- on the north side. Has been hang in a while LaMont here on the pick and save basketball post game show. They are you don't think -- show much. You know Melissa's car you know a lot of people. Heard -- -- and Larry Sanders you know a lot of people are cause then it -- Sanders. You know repaired and that money -- play. Mama you players says Sam and I think there -- Sanders is hurting the books more than helping him at this point and I mean not even -- rebounding. I'm you can he's not -- you know nobody on on on him and his guys now boxing out for rebounds so I mean if he's not rebound and Knoblauch which I did not score. What's the point where it you know what -- try to scratch my head is if it's -- -- is -- in the game. In crunch time I -- out diamond immigrants I mean we've seen without that -- -- than. -- he's capable of that so you know I don't understand apart and you -- a lot of people. Bashing dad -- -- he's -- -- you know Ortiz he's not going to be good I mean. I don't think that's. Fair to say three games now he -- -- mean dates seniors go exactly yeah. In there in the guy named dirt and with fuel only averaged eight points is rookie season -- -- -- so it's way too early to talk about you know yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- thanks for the call I am what I do like about be -- now obviously in the production hasn't been there in the limited minutes that we've seen him but what I like about -- on this is that. He looks like he at least feels like he belongs out there he's not a guy who's gonna shy away from bigger and better talent here in the NBA and that was -- that. We talked about when they drafted him because he came from. Greece where he was playing in assists in in a league where he wasn't going against great competition he was in -- UAT only over in Greece and he was -- -- facing really. Grown men a whole lot of the time he's going against kids -- -- probably. A man amongst boys. But he has brought that confidence to the court now translate only into two points tonight in seventeen minutes and years only one of two from the field -- for two. From the free throw line but you don't get the sense in watching and be -- data combo an eighteen year old who comes from overseas you don't get the sense that he's overwhelmed. By the NBA experience it all seems like he's embraced a pretty well and he goes out there and he's he seems to feel pretty confident. And pretty comfortable playing against guys who were older -- and older than him and probably. On a different level -- him in terms of their knowledge and their their education. Of the NBA game so I think it's way too early to get down on the honest data combo I don't think it's too early to start wondering. About Larry Sanders the first player that that LaMont brought up there and -- call. I think it's legitimate you're talking about a guy who's had one good year in the NBA near sort of backed into giving him. A long term extension four years 32 million dollars and so far this season he has not contributed really at all on the boards he had five blocks last night. But just one opening night in new York and then won again tonight so not doing all that much on the defense aside either. And he's a one dimensional guy you're not looking to get offense out of him. Larry Sanders is and contributing in the defense game and in the rebounding game and Larry Sanders a contributing very much at all Larry Sanders. Won't be in the game when it comes to crunch time we'll keep taking your calls at 7991250. Email a lot about Sports Radio 1250 dot com -- -- off been for Steve Sparky Phifer on the pick and save basketball post game show they fall. 97 to ninety to the Toronto Raptors in the home opener again -- hear from Larry journal and hear from -- Walter is OJ Mayo and maybe try to squeeze and John Henson right after this it's the pick in say basketball post game show on Sports Radio 1250 WS -- -- -- -- -- -- Hockey basketball post game show -- -- lost in pristine Sparky -- they fall out of the team owners Bradley Center or 97 -- -- you the final few wanna jump in at 7991250. Email a lot that Sports Radio twelve -- -- dot com -- talk about tonight's game or answer the question on the table I got 483 games into this young season. What are three things that you've learned. About this Milwaukee Bucks team we'll hear from -- -- coach Larry Drew John Henson no. Norm on the north side you're on the pick and -- basketball post game show it's up -- Not much you know I I just get on issues you know others. -- get yeah. I think he might be great and -- they say he's too nice to be enough. Why don't -- able phenom on our team -- -- He was you he was pretty he was pretty highly touted coming out of high school and college. If you go on closer games away for that I get -- -- been right OK you -- so what -- issue. Should do just you're you know away games and try to get. Blair just just got potential. Well norm and thanks for the college that they have the Bucs have had made it clear Herb -- and John Hammond -- made it clear that. That's not the route that they're gonna go but I agree with norm that it's not. They it's not a sure thing with with the lottery system being what it is that you're gonna end up with the first three and a top five pick if you have the worst record in the league. But it's also not a sure thing that you're gonna end up with the next LeBron James and I know a lot of people are trying to put that on Andrew weigh -- and pleased for that kids' sake. Don't put that on Andrew -- that he is the next LeBron James because LeBron James come around. Once a generation maybe if that. So yeah you're not definitely guaranteed even if -- end up with the number one pick. To have the next big thing Andrew weigh -- like you said could be the next OJ Mayo and OJ Mayo didn't have the -- That and Andrew way instead coming out of high school -- but he was a guy who had a lot of hype surrounding amend. Yeah he's he's he's contributing to the bucks right now and could be a better player even. Than what we've seen in his first 45 years in the league but OJ Mayo I I don't think will ever live up to the -- -- That he had coming out of high school and coming into the NBA. Out of USC let's get out to the Bradley Center and hear from Bucs head coach Larry -- here on the pick and save basketball post game show on Sports Radio 1250 WS SP. This is really -- yeah him. That was kind of a weird game. A peek at the at the region as a tennis it's too early that we were somewhat -- -- stroke -- -- -- quickly. Or did have the energy that was anticipated 24 home opener. -- we -- That would -- -- used to -- three quarters it was TO. We want to tomorrow line up in the fourth. Quarter. Began -- pick him. Pick up the pace. You know Christmas -- to force -- Mind set victory. More active -- -- things differently. I really feel relief go to guys -- to for some for some reason we play at first -- -- energy that was anticipated for. For a home opener. And that's you know -- -- there I don't think we. -- willingness to 22 winning game we did deserve to win this game we we please -- you know. We even just too many second opportunities that we did. -- office -- rebounds. 1618. Eighteen offensive -- case you can't keep it. -- -- to the free throw line thirty times we have very very tough time. -- the most trouble and they just constantly costly -- guys -- -- Tried to mix of zone just disparity. Of it but it we just him doing -- good enough job. Defensively to put us -- -- -- position through. We've sort of -- hung around. Hopefully we can probably try to steal it but we just admit to please don't stretch. Give you know Toronto credit they -- they came in in. Master -- Amos I -- -- he came completely. Play with it was -- -- union. Really attacked so often in the true. And we just couldn't which is to keep problems. -- You. Know -- know -- I mean it's it's. It's just one of those situations that he be -- only a point guard we have right now. I had to decide to leave him out there you know with him out there. I do -- more a sense of where we can we get organized it. He gets is in our things and he's able to initiate. But this is what -- situations. Well starting -- fourth quarter. I believe we were down. Well I -- at least ten it was twelfth you know. And you know throughout the game I just didn't feel like we be. And -- we knew we didn't put in a burst together we just didn't we we didn't we didn't pretty neat thing. A string together where we were. You know like really move and and flying around so. I elected to go smaller in -- fourth quarter move -- to before it. And -- on -- -- to three and it actually got to school. And and at that point I was really -- right they -- because they were they were playing. They would a lot of he'll play with a lot of energy. Smaller lineup we -- able to do some things in the differently. It was a small lineup -- actually got us. You know the tennis. Back to where we were able to catch up and and we've -- a -- of this a couple of couple layups and in transition and I think we went like one for six from the free throw line going down the stretch so. Yeah. We had opportunities. We certainly had opportunities we just capitalize. You sort of okay. Com -- was there. It was a reason OJ was pretty -- to -- -- team's -- so I elected to historic years you know. There's Bucs head coach Larry Drew revealing that OJ Mayo late for shoot around today and that's why he wasn't in the starting lineup. I thought it was what he told Ted Davis before the game -- the -- -- show on the flagship. Which is that he was just looking for something different. From his starting lineup after the slow starts that they've gotten but apparently. I don't want to call it friction but a problem there with OJ Mayo being late for shoot around and getting benched to start the game. As a result no. 33 minutes sixteen points on six of thirteen shooting he was three of five. From behind the arc including two big threes late in the game one that brought with -- one point. And one that tied things up and other guys -- coming through big early on in this season forced into action. Rookie Nate Walters the South Dakota State Jack rabbit 36 minutes tonight. With Brandon Knight and Luke Ridnour. Both injured throughout these first three games of the season and detonate Walters addressed the media just a short while ago out at the B -- -- Bradley Center. Yes I mean the point -- is that it's a tough transition. What's the toughest position local level and Kaczynski got to know where it was supposed to be and everything so. -- only had suddenly good old guys those Victor Gaza. They really help me out -- and memo if you can compete at this stage like. Our -- just one of the more minutes of play is the more I learn just what I can do what I can't do. Buses that athletes are way better so there's things and some things that could -- call here so. -- learn on the job -- no -- Yes they did at them quickly. I think it. -- just normally play a lot solid and coming into a rhythm in the game Bob never came off about some form -- -- so did -- play. Cover off the bench and try to bring energy and but I didn't really well and I got to work on that so and that's that's economy enters the last kilometer hopefully have another -- so far. There's name Walters after the bucks 979 he lost to the Raptors. In the home opener tonight let's hear from OJ Mayo as -- as I said just a minute ago there Ager revealing that Mayo was late for shootaround today. And that's why he wasn't in the starting lineup let's see if that's brought up with the -- shooting guard. After the game in the locker room out there to be -- Bradley -- -- -- would fight back in this game but it. There's just compounds and not make enough plays down church. -- -- -- Missed about a six that if we -- Us or men. This couple fast break opportunities. Where almost went on defense. And did against us was turnovers. We also got. Defensively and a gang rebound. -- Especially these the way Toronto it is there's. -- -- rebound vote period. Really torso where. -- he has got -- for a minute Bulls it's about the result. To stay -- -- moment. Yeah a little bit but I mean we -- opportunities. And -- -- -- -- six and four minutes to go one out of six. Get a couple good looks again soon. At the top of the -- -- the great -- beaten the top of the -- That's that break up some of these -- -- Meaningless successful -- about Murton and not let. These deficits and -- -- only been three games and all three of you guys. Get -- where you don't have to always come -- field. Yeah to understand. -- game one. They see you doing during in -- errors down when he's out there Chandler's case maybe I don't keep fighting and on -- he would do a better opportunity to and execute. Offensively and defense -- -- For sure I don't. Raise your game offensively you know -- excuses world. Tonight I thought defensively you know we were tied in together that's what and it's it's it's in this rebuilding could officer rebounds. Obviously. Novo institute it and so -- left -- and it's. Come together. Do get every rebound limit -- and once. Do us a chance to win that as an -- and but downplayed. Well but it's not low enough to win -- -- to Toronto. It's -- itself from bush it's. They really are all night you know who's going to be better -- better next. Didn't start do you and a few others live you know started three games just my teammates and fans. Miscommunication. Back to back sort of -- -- via. There are you -- time so. -- -- and again sorry about that is definitely especially to this game tonight. There is OJ Mayo or owning the fact that he was late to shoot around and that's why he wasn't in the starting lineup to now also heard from Larry Drew. Nate Walters a quick peek inside that -- locker -- On the pick and -- basketball post game show we'll hear from Gary -- our box and Saturn acts of the Racine journal times and racing sports zone dot com box ball. 97 to nine. After everybody's game get the inside info from Gary won't fall on the chicken -- basketball post -- show. Rusty by would be news and Thomas Perillo law offices -- only station Bucs fans need. Sports Radio 1250 WS has been. Yeah same basketball post game show -- match. While filling in for Steve Sparky -- he'll be back on Wednesday which -- -- -- from bucks insider Gary woeful. APB out for Gary -- we had a -- few minutes ago them. -- column back and have a little trouble getting all the room while we wait for Gary -- of the Racine journal times in Racine sports zone dot com we do have them we do. -- that really got to do that let's get inside a locker room and break this one way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What do you by -- -- and by the Thomas Maroney offices. This is the big save basketball post game joke on the only station -- that team. Sports Radio 1250 WS this week. Always a pleasure to chat with this man -- -- work inside the Racine journal times in -- sports zone dot com Gary how you doing this evening. Well -- they're better than some -- right now it's just. Overall I'm very well. They're real quickly before I get to the question of the night can you shed a little bit of -- on the OJ Mayo situation because -- -- listening to Larry -- show on the on the flagship before the game with Ted Davis. And he said that he explained the change in lineup -- just wanting to do something different with the starting lineup because of the slow starts at they've gotten off to. But then he and -- himself admitting afterwards that Mayo was late for shootaround today so which one was it. Yeah I you know flirted throughout the articles in pro scout and specifically why you made the coaching currency which -- -- you know. And that is very -- were coming in and so that OJ. Had been court pretty hard for the shoot around and -- -- And talking OG. Maybe if you after them in the locker room. It and you know you -- directory. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Several years -- -- sit -- over and sit. Really -- And so you look at it now. And again you couple that -- Disappointed in himself he did what -- -- else. Hopes you know that'll be the last I was -- So this is just a one night in the dog house type situation around looking at -- -- -- over again. While quite -- comparison. I don't know anybody administered by the great and -- but that bowed out in. As a good guy I mean I don't know if you go to the other yeah and -- we were talked about he's bought out bought you. He really wants the yours and won't be -- launcher. You know I mean it's such that country but some of the jokers on the team to -- kill. It and Brandon Jennings Drew Gooden -- -- guys that you donated wanna be here. You know in the -- efficiently get OJ. You -- very sincere about Serbia Milwaukee Bucks. Talking of bucks -- Gary -- of the Racine journal times in -- sports zone dot count. Gary that the question that -- been posing to the listeners tonight were three games into a season for a bucks team that had a lot of mystery surrounding it coming into the year eleven new faces. A new coaching staff and asking for three things that you've learned about this young bucks team. Three games into the season can you quickly give me three that you -- Well well in the first when it comes to mind is their resiliency I mean the kind of blown out the first two games which in yeah I think -- -- meant to them. You know what I wanted to you will play well short situation. And you like it I give them more credit for having that kind of attitude right approach. -- You know the ends are ready yet to be in Larry Sanders -- he'd used up when in -- -- The whistle. And they said that they -- that you -- -- thing but. You look at the numbers and and you know let's be really horrible right -- for for a guy that Gotti 44 million dollars you know extension for. Four years. And afterwards after the game. He was talking to another reporter -- Steve Nash for you and -- it's out how. And -- expressed frustration. I don't know if you don't loosen up but he did not play it at all the fourth quarter right. And you could tell you he was not yet camper. He's that he thought just talk you look forward -- what is important to me. Kind of questions the trust Specter green -- where -- really yeah more. Yes I mean you know it would look like you know eighties that we need to sell. You know or Sanders tends to trust people you wish her -- and that Dotel won't see him as. They had taught him -- all that -- you know. These things happen that ninety -- and he's going to be called and cocaine you know don't let it bother not -- to. Be a bigger issue and that's so. If I get a few. Drew has a pop that should worship but I don't think if there's a trust issue there at all. It's just that so yes but playing well in the -- as a huge spiritual -- guys out. Well your honor a -- been listening surfaced just say great minds think alike but you -- -- of my three. On the -- and that's the resiliency in the attitude of this young team and some concern over Larry Sanders the third thing that I learned about this team that that I that I've noticed at least. Is that Larry juror in this coaching staff are are not -- shy away. From giving minutes to young players. On this roster now it's sort of been dictated to him by the play of others by fouls and by injuries three games into the season. But do you think that's a pattern that we're gonna continue to see big minutes going to Nate Walters and Jonas done -- -- Bowen and John Henson is that some bucks fans can look forward to. Yeah I have sort of slowly I mean you know they have a game plan your -- guys an incredible audience you know certain of these patients and you know -- gather and seventeen and I into it expects that are yet to India get up and two rebounds. I mean at sixty Murphy that rebound -- what's more but you know what that they brought him up there and letting them arbitration so the game. -- and I don't look -- it -- to the amateur. It and as well as green -- yeah upper division three games abuses that -- -- -- record around this. Not -- would be starting that -- You played thirty for a bit and eat it up I read -- you know that that standing in the it's it's double -- Injury situation. Do you think you'll still be heavy in the rotation what win night in Ridnour -- get healthy do you think he's proven himself to that point. --