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11/23/13 Bucks Postgame w/ Gery Woelfel

Nov 24, 2013|

Sparky catches up with Bucks Insider Gery Woelfel after tonight big loss to the Bobcats.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's get inside a locker room and break this one way -- don't. It's time to check in with -- -- -- Gary global -- do you -- routines and by the Thomas -- offices. This is the -- save basketball post game joke. -- the only station Bucs fans need. Sports Radio 1250 WS SP. Bucs lose eight straight now old -- they lost tonight 96782. In the -- for the -- night Chris Middleton. Eight of thirteen from the floor twenty points only one other player in double figures and for Jon -- that's starting lineup of mail Ridnour Pachulia Butler and. -- -- -- Managed to get eighteen points. That's one -- that's the entire starting lineup at eighteen points. That's not just -- -- got eighteen now that's all five players added up to -- got eighteen points to. That is probably why Larry -- is gonna make changes in the starting lineup. Joining us now is Gary -- the great midwest bank hotline Gary your thoughts on what you watch tonight at the B -- Bradley Center. While they look you start -- -- that could change and what ignited what keep a lot of as close game absence but. You know what they can you can make all the change you want. And it's not gonna change. Because -- -- Any repeat any. -- -- interior part of -- -- -- Sanders up there and you know you do get sacked ward Sanders. -- I have to -- you know Javier -- -- and you know or Q. And did get a work stoppage about it but real -- or hope you know what all -- And I can assure you they're -- -- -- anymore. You know it is if you are hurt you know -- for. Well like Bogut -- travel time. I think -- would be your understanding right yeah what what happened off the court is actually inexcusable. It and I'm waiting for another -- all or are you you know controlling Sanders. Look at it as much basketball team right now and we heard the press conference earlier I referenced Larry Drew. Him opening up before taking a single questioning apologizing to the city of Milwaukee. On and -- really letting his team had a for the lack of effort and so forth. I mean you've been -- -- -- -- I have been obviously I I just I can't come up with another manager or coach has done that in this state to lead off a press conference. Now that that extra it really classy guy yeah that was -- only apply. Yet check where it and as such and such and -- years -- -- you gentlemen first and foremost. I'll tell you what this what you're going to results Wal-Mart. It's probably not any fun Tom and I -- doesn't listen our -- Because he's -- a punch the radio if he does because. I'm this celebrated basketball post game show it's just you know one call after another another great -- marquis tonight you wanted to play celebration on the air after losses and all that stuff so. Bucs fans at least Ellis -- DL with this horrible season but. I'll let you know what you -- well against -- But these same fans let you know want to books tank -- -- -- -- -- shelf it and you know go to games Bulls find out there. We will I'm not that it's -- going to Alberto coach Erica attitude. But it -- it helps -- team financially you know where you know one of the -- story. -- say one thing I'm sick of supporting the team financially when you suck for ten years -- five winning record since 1992 or whatever. -- enough is enough clearly the way you've been doing yet. It has not been working you've been stealing money from the fans some now maybe just may -- trying -- our way the way that we've been asking you to do for last. What five to eight years and I've been doing the Shell. Maybe just maybe now our way may actually work. -- see what happens. -- -- Yeah absolutely but you know you about what route around -- -- Cristobal or do you quite agree with -- There's enough at the top though Gary there is enough for the top five top six. Where you're one of the -- it's one of the three worst records even if you don't end up in the top three you're gonna get a really -- player. Everybody's saying well but again I mean -- notion or. Yup that's right was switched a million dollar high it's -- around on -- side -- there. Take for example you know and -- the senator from -- yeah -- indeed. Yeah that would Bob you to discover for the world yet -- me. You know everybody's gonna ever. It has great potential -- -- because. You know regular -- -- or five. But you know really approach you know but he did -- that's. -- is another guy I like him. Everybody does that. You need to lose some scouts. And they say what's. Up while you work to have that interpret that as the star player. He's probably done it he's probably got more about -- more body working -- arrested Saturday -- -- dad he's playing against higher level talent but yeah honest. Chair -- we don't know you know put my. But that's the tell I mean that's where we're at right now as an organization right now this bucks team right now. If you end up in the top five top six. Even if you take -- and out of the let's say you go OK I don't know enough he's out I'm gonna go to guys here in this country that seem like. First handle more of an understanding of what they're playing against. You still have the top three up Parker. Not Wiggins. And I candy Jewish Randle those three Eric Gordon at Arizona and -- -- -- in Oklahoma City comes out. That's still five college kids it's -- watched all year that you are going I'm comfortable anyone of these five I think. Well I don't yen. And -- Gordon. You like well I liked a lot yeah. But but you know what -- aren't out -- -- thoughts -- like outside the army in the yeah well. Thought brewer another gets side you know eight or you can still get orders to grab it -- -- -- twelfth not the same as the top -- Typical replied all year's -- -- -- about this year's draft. What are your you can still a hybrid. Into -- -- You'll I will we get closer to this thing -- vehicles -- the draft well I'll make you'll back. But nobody. -- you'll go back. That nobody from out noble figure out a number 8910 whatever may be will do nearly as much as what they do in the top five. But once we get -- will do that -- forget you and I both have bad memories. Here. No doubt. No doubt -- -- Monday night they got the Pistons Gary. I don't think they got a prayer in that game where's Greg Monroe and -- and inside like you just point out they don't have anybody without Sanders adding Josh Smith. A motivated branding Jennings I just I don't see how they -- in Detroit. Well it it sorted that out really curious. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Urban Jennings like a lot of players last year -- the -- One Barry -- like. That they're right. And then of course you know -- -- -- It besides that and -- -- going to be there and walked you know. He looked you know weapons robbed by shooters and it'll all sort score. -- remember. And I would have been -- should be the person like I've read -- about Wayne what might happen. What got booed you know ownership as a what. I think it will be what was -- object -- -- not going to look great it's great out Ortiz thirty by point. See the crazy part about it is because they're so bad right now inside he doesn't have to do all that much for them no. Well -- got into a general mentioned -- -- -- What what was that report where -- got shut yeah there at the end and roll and all but at the combine like -- -- He's not -- -- I'd shoot the ball well lead. No he's -- and at that to count on problem and get ago. Yeah feel on the laps of short woman and -- you know what -- Evan already you know. Yeah and Emery -- is gonna have to try and take Brandon Jennings -- and reel him back in to how he should be -- should be interesting Monday night we will have the -- it's a basketball post game show back on the air Monday night. After the box and the Pistons Gary thank you very much for coming -- we will see you for another edition of sports junkies later this week. It border area -- check out our video sports junkies at racing sports zone dot -- anyone on the Packers won in the box. And now were in high school basketball seasons we do on a high school basketball. The recent Tony area as well Gary -- joins -- -- -- mid West Bank outlined as a great midwest bank dot com. Or call 2627844400. To learn about toll free checking their first time homebuyers special and -- Local mortgage servicing great mid West Bank -- -- Well we'll come back may in the Wendy's and they -- after this the -- -- 9672.