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11/23/13 Larry Drew Presser

Nov 24, 2013|

Larry Drew apologizes to the city of Milwaukee for tonight's lack of effort against the Bobcats.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The crew a -- -- any questions. And -- just first say. That I older fans paid to be the apology. From the performance of this team tonight. Move move very disappointed because -- very disappointed. My team yet. I really thought. Tonight after last night's loss to -- -- play with some energy. If we -- -- passion and they do not do that. And I told the guys after after. After the game. There will be changes and Astro lineup. And -- they're not that. On the same page written so -- it but there will be changes. We give -- -- -- fans a bigger budget and on behalf of his team. I want extended. That apology out because we'd totally totally. We have to sit down tonight on the way we play on on our. Thought I imagine you know my intensity. And has a -- guys. As long as someone NBA -- here -- -- that'll never happen again where they'd like that it don't. So -- want to put it out there.