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11/23/13 - Pick N' Save Basketball Post Game Show

Nov 24, 2013|

Bucks lose to the Bobcats 72-96; The losing streak for the Bucks has reached 8-games, how long will it last?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Following is a special presentation of Sports Radio 1250 WS has been real -- sports station and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This is the big save basketball post game -- -- what your thoughts on tonight's action. 4147991250. 1250 dot com and don't forget that with the show at 1215 WS his -- or give us your take on FaceBook dot com slash twelve. Now here's your host Steve -- -- Sports Radio 1250 WS -- being. Big streak reaches. -- It started back on Saturday November 9. And 9183 loss of balance that's. Ben -- in Miami won eighteen and 95 cents to. And then they lose in Orlando 94 -- anyone that's. Then they -- in Indiana 10 Florida's 77 outs. -- they lose against Oklahoma City 92789. That's. Where -- six. My my last 12345. Oklahoma City five. Portland 9182 that six Philadelphia. -- 115 to 107. That's seven. And now all they lose tonight. The Charlotte Bobcats. 96. To 78 -- Eight straight. Losses for the Milwaukee Bucks. Now again. As we talked about before. As it and the worst thing in the world that they've lost eight straight. But one thing. That is in arresting in this whole deal is. And -- davis' sorry about it on the broadcast. It got to look like. -- they -- -- not necessarily there in the fourth quarter. But it was definitely interesting. To see how their playing their in the fourth now. We were sitting here -- -- -- BS -- T studios. I said -- once they got to be a blowout. -- -- -- -- -- -- At least. You'll get to see -- honest here in the fourth. Got a serious shot in Walters had a nice -- -- resides jumper that he -- so -- got to see a little yachts. So that's always a good thing. Good things to point out about tonight's basketball game well. Chris -- He played well the night right. Got to -- have a good Milton look like tonight for the most part eight of thirteen for Middleton twenty points. For -- four boards couple -- assists on eight of thirteen shooting in 28 minutes couple threes I hit as well. I'd like what I'm saying out of Middleton. And he's -- starter necessarily. I I think his role as where it is which is coming off the bench but -- young player. Night might organize a role player on on a decent senior in two or three years battle with -- -- -- -- well -- like four years but. Well when this team is ready and Middleton is still here or he he should be ready to go away and contribute for sure self. I like what Middleton is provided to this team to this point. Other good points I guess tonight. But if you're looking for good points. There really isn't -- Other than -- has got to play -- that's positive yet to play a lot of minutes six points three of seven from the -- -- three boards couple steals. And one turnover. The only other person in double figures besides Chris Milton tonight was John Henson. Ten points three and nine from the floor nine boards for says to steal block a turnover. -- and 26 minutes of play OJ -- nonexistent. Point two mess like and is coming off that that rolled ankle but he's playing through so. He didn't have an MRI on it -- is that he's playing through it regardless of whatever it is it doesn't matter what it is so fine -- -- -- -- -- Ridnour barely played nineteen minutes how much changing their Zaza Pachulia non factor. Knock around Boller as well she played the other night I didn't do much of anything tonight. In twenty minutes five points for him -- -- -- -- -- -- minutes example it's not remember. So everybody to take into account here is a lot of these guys have been banged up and hurt they had to have a limited practice. Thursday. Because it's only guys hurt me it was a full practice like they would normally run theaters is -- -- guys. I got enough you'd have to play the way I want to blame practiced sort of scale everything back. But we normally would to make sure you guys are healthy enough to play against Philadelphia on Friday night. Then they went attic with Philly last I want to overtime. I lost that one we handle -- a basketball post game show but they give out on Iran. I think maybe they were just drained out -- And I know that's a bogus response to have at this point of the season being in November their basketball team can be drained. But a basketball team -- -- to begin went. The point where you can and run really a full practice the way you want to on Thursday then you end up going to overtime play more minutes he probably wanted everybody to play in that game last night. And then you got to come back back to back to night. On and you're in it you -- through the first half against a Bobcats team that. -- is horrible but apparently the better the new. And you come there in the third corner. -- -- -- -- -- -- About when you're gone by hurts we -- Board. And we've got to check out. I got in my considered -- for me and they got beat in every sisco getting picked fast break points Charlotte eighteen bucks to. Points in the -- Charlotte 48 box when he -- -- rebounded by two actually don't check that they got out rebounded by sixteen. Fifty chewed up 36 to the Bobcats. -- -- -- Don't go percentage bucks normal 35% as a -- -- where they are. 49%. For the Bobcats grinding going into the box and is reading some these these numbers here. Free throw seven on nine. Bobcats fifteen of 27. I just look at you have to watch -- -- this award in the box score to see what it is and Judge Joe Brown has produced in the night. -- I want to blow hole a one point got Bobby all over the place and ankle follow. And it took for that ever for the bucks just to get to the free throw line tonight for the most part. This goes -- like everything has really -- about. When you're not a good basketball team -- -- now we got a good basketball team against team another -- That's not very good Bobcats are 500 at least after the win tonight seven and seven the bucks now to win ten. One and five -- -- -- more errors Bradley Center. What's gonna be in arrested in this whole deal was going to be used to see hot as we go along here will people still continue to go not to -- -- Pretty cold and -- It Albania would donate money to different the local charities and stuff about the Bucs the way they want about it's that was a pretty cool deal. I was joining -- from those of you who are the -- -- Harris Riley senator I got to watch this game tonight. First your thoughts on this game. But I -- -- -- how long do you think -- losing streak is gonna last. Were eight. If you need to know the -- schedule is. I can give that to you as well but how long do you think -- losing streak is going to last for the Milwaukee Bucks. 4147991254147991215. -- show live at Sports Radio 1250 -- -- tweet us at 1250. WSO speak. Big -- -- you're up first on Sports Radio 1250 after the Bucs lose 9672. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Couldn't ask for anything better real -- France or wanting protected. I -- include street to -- -- long as we possibly can. -- -- -- -- Keep putting up those and that's -- So what -- young guys play. -- -- -- garbage minutes then listen Howard 200 it and how to get troops are really music folks in the NB. -- And you've got an important -- -- -- -- -- Well to it but now we didn't. Know -- -- good part of there are cured do you wish to do for -- in the pocket -- -- brought back a little bit and didn't hit slide. -- that's why don't pollute. It -- that's why did it out here are endless and they marveled that's fine if that's -- gonna -- -- box. I problem. I don't if if you -- have contests in bars around Milwaukee. I went against closer zealots abortion lose by an I get free shots I that actually is happening -- water street or wherever you may be. Right what -- as one of the game is -- and people are watching it regardless. I'll get more to the bucks are bad and several years and that's what it means. That and you could make fun and games around the -- losing at the different bars and establishments. One of the game -- -- No problem. It would he wanted. When -- why did you if she wants to cut my hair and do this. That's the big basketball post game show tonight 96 this attitude that started Bucs -- it's. That's what he wants -- to. -- I should play this after we win it's not after eight straight lost -- Yeah I don't know -- yeah yeah yeah he. I just don't know and then there's not that he said he was -- -- -- this. I came here like him here it. -- -- -- Can you urge you -- -- can. Barely mature -- again. Over here and turnovers and some. There's something wrong with -- -- well -- it anyhow well I was a -- growing. I was the one I was trying to play and I think there's something wrong with our element American Peterson doesn't -- When you have and computers so like. You I -- -- that I'm not doing now. This I just feel dirty about it I don't mind tiger about losses in tanking in. Doing all that the tank -- coming up tonight. To stay tuned for that we'll have that are coming up for -- get out of here tonight and -- -- say basketball post game show. Knoblauch's news tonight 96718. Hits it straight now Charles north side -- next on Sports Radio twelfth cystic. But the -- Good at had a serious talk to anybody like they would wrote pretty ugly about since. And it doesn't start thinking big picture and the mark pace and -- -- do and do it -- about the franchise. Doesn't want them to land and it's really strange. I mean I've never really felt and we -- this all out there all you know we gotta we gotta accept that reality. And and now we need -- so bad seeing what what is -- job in the Duke. As far as what kind nucleus to be looking at excuse -- the whole lot of sense of the top five guy. -- -- us in here before we start going there. I didn't need to Charles I'm a title hype because Herb -- still -- basketball team. To play when I'm concerned about what I'm concerned about is this team possibly going and making a deal for -- Rudy Gay. When Omar I chic. Or something like that trying to stop the bleeding and trying to get this team back into the playoff race -- I'm concerned about. That's true that the -- -- but what I'm talking about is. You know like crime had a big big night two nights ago right it's the hitters something great -- it. Where he he showcase that he's still got it some team is like wow we can really is Courant what's what's what's what -- deal. Like Golden State who just -- Iguodala and looks like. Yeah and in his and that's kind of so so we need to -- being realistic about it okay trader John. -- so some guys together because -- have nine. Great complementary MBA players -- don't have any -- started it looked like we have a lot of good complimentary players that can do the things that they do. And what we need to do as -- without a nucleus like OK let's go together what's -- regular assignments so one out and bring in cousins. -- put together the -- -- and someone else and bring and you know I don't know anybody and then you got the -- And then you get one or two guys you -- to keep you wanna develop. Like Larry and in the -- freak who need to start thinking about the nucleus next season with the -- I I don't disagree at the Charles thanks silicone might not gonna get a flight out -- me about thing and about the big picture and for -- not out to build a young. Championship caliber basketball team I'm all for that now that -- gonna -- cousins and looks like Sacramento is. Bound and determined to balance him in a big contract they gave himself he -- owning -- but. I said before I don't care who you -- on this team I really don't I'm not tied to anybody nobody. Not Larry Sanders. -- -- -- Not anybody I am tied to nobody. If you can get something worth wild of value back. I'm serious I'm not tied any but I know a lot of you are tied -- different players. -- -- -- because I'm sure John -- side to different players to where he things which you can build around. But until -- see Larry Sanders come back and give me what he gave me last year I'm not. Gonna say I'm tied -- -- and -- when he comes back then show -- that last year wasn't a fluke and you can do it again. And then we can have a conversation what -- we still want. It is glaring as can beat. You have no ability to score inside on this team not even when he comes back that's not going to changed. Yes still have a -- player which is the same thing -- -- screaming about on this radio station from many years so you don't have that. So that is the biggest thing. The other thing and -- vocalists tonight a farce what's Wisconsin you have a play -- I can just take over and get to a basket when you need a basket now. Right thinks that should be OJ Mayo. Based on the fact -- -- was -- and everything else and talent coming in the league probably should be. When he gets hot from -- -- -- But can -- do consistently and that is where we have the issue with OJ -- But slurs and like 96. To 72 out -- to know -- your thoughts on tonight's game but also. Just how long do you think -- losing streak is gonna last -- eight games -- meaning you know the bus schedules coming up I'll tell you that. Coming up next it's big it's a basketball post game show on Sports Radio 1250 W -- That is -- one -- -- only -- we have on this game. Two young guys. But Brooks -- -- honest for the -- that happen in the fourth quarter but it's the reason why youngsters playing for they're getting blown out. So you turn on your radio ever hear Ted Davis -- they -- that we know they're getting killed. What they're killing somebody else the -- -- -- -- -- 9672. Bobcats beat the boxed out to win 101 in five at all much -- losers of eight straight. Why did an old -- you just tell -- games a row will this bucks team lose before it's. Over and FBI you need a little I heads up on the schedule gets here quickly also what are your thoughts on the game two if you're living -- -- mourners -- -- figure tidy and what a tiger -- about the Bucs it's open. 4147991250. -- -- a lot of Sports Radio -- -- -- congrats and tweets -- FaceBook Rolen as well Judge Joe Brown other side. On the glass -- right up next Monday night at the Pistons Brandon Jennings. I'm on the -- -- -- basketball post game show -- I'm Monday night now remember the inside presence of Monroe and Drummond. I can't imagine how the Bucs plan on stopping that that's going to be an issue and you can only -- -- Jenks fires up like fifty shots and it's like ten. -- that's probably only Libya but anyhow so that's at Detroit then Wednesday. Home against the Wizards and John Wall. Friday back in Charlotte to take on this Bobcats team. And then you have back to back games not days but back to back games Saturday the thirtieth first the Celtics. Tuesday -- third at Boston. And then Wednesday affords you come home and second -- a back to back to say I'm Brandon Jennings and the Pistons. Wednesday night December 4. If you need to go further out -- that's I ten. -- trying to figure out who. Everybody is going with two rally are next on Sports Radio it's welfare do it's -- -- -- You tell me. There's work to do there's -- -- when -- made -- moves his policies. There's not -- -- be -- scored he would listings for the LT and while that's still not there but they're trying to get their -- But they're still not good news -- consistently -- -- -- weird. There were some things here and there but they're -- be -- -- so many losses after a while -- be might be natural but it is -- Few -- Are critical offseason was about the -- and in -- -- Because if you really look at the people they are. Use our people that the media -- canceled the -- -- -- term you'll get a bonafide star so I don't know why anybody would. You know it's a trailer -- these guys because all of these guys -- are pretty much all -- later in the -- people are star so we we didn't have anybody like that you had. So what -- -- -- goes to Brandon Jennings he would -- it would accept which I -- agree with it. But those guys could to be two in -- very -- -- regular -- so that -- you know that's something that we don't have people wanna assert OJ Mayo can be that are coming. If you article awful potential -- -- -- potentially -- He's -- -- about all the disposed of the to a Sabres at the end of the day he has consistently NBA level. He -- it up to -- I think or. First year commitment that they lost any games so you're gonna compensate if you're gonna let him be leading a score -- executing Alou is like game you haven't shown the ability. To put the team well -- -- retained will be a big piece to a winning team and as he was coming up a bit so. I look at that if he's in that he's in a row two with the other guys we signed and it -- but here's my thing and not think there. David -- and and this is a conspiracy -- somewhat. I think David Stern you know pretty much had discusses her cool and I and I what they present cook and you know. I know you try to -- stadium and all that I can really help you much if your team -- -- in the vicinity. You know as far as what -- Larry because regardless what people say. Just look at the New Orleans via escrow. TE Bartolo ready they didn't have he was -- entertainment. Been native Philippines to the guys are looking now in the number one pretty. Yeah I don't advocate spirited there's in the NBA and all that fun stuff goes on and on and on -- right -- yeah. And I consider -- are you about that because I I totally understand we're coming from self. I'm -- tree dead 1250 WS SP sparkles you look. Have to be tied to -- we have no idea what it's going to be icy and being a legitimate starter next to Jabari Parker. I agree we don't always going to be he shows you -- is yes Tom and I think in the grand scheme of things you'd like yeah honest whoever your lottery pick is Henson. And Sanders probably all -- -- -- to play together in some way shape or form. But again if you end up with a Jabari Parker I would assume he's going to be a three and mustard -- play him. As a really big too. Then the debates -- downwind on -- guarded two at this level arm and a -- honest is the third -- -- -- -- -- any muscle mean to move him to a four. I think you're flirting with danger and then you have -- also up -- -- -- could you imagine how big you would be if you had a brand at a point guard Jabari Parker it's -- and again I think he's a three but. He's 68. Divide barker to yeah -- at the three at like 610611. Penn said at the 4610611. And and handers that Sanders there to really locked in a reserve play man to man just plays I'll go and see see what you can do against us. Mean really really long so. But again who Nelson so we actually make the lottery pick. -- get a top three pick. Mike living to be able errors -- -- -- your next sun Sports Radio 1250 after the -- their eighth straight game in a row. Oh -- spark that. -- all -- call -- it ought to at least they're playing hard and play arts and I don't admirable. They did in the second half I can't argue it's -- And I didn't. There -- -- Arctic ordered reap a -- night or chew up what I did. I sense a lot of all got it yet. Well everywhere aren't whether or walker put an epic but I'm -- and at -- -- And not our report card -- Atlanta roster -- they. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- six. All -- to. Not vote or vote number sparked our team they were heroes -- horrible on flight I would champs reports Ortiz sat down -- -- -- -- -- -- -- seven for them nine times for us right. Obviously -- -- with the -- What are we. All -- but we realize it's not nights they don't go you're -- Now -- -- I had to get out I -- -- -- -- done anything I'm not a huge Brad ninth -- dominated -- the -- down and let him see him play -- the more I've -- for two years in Detroit I wasn't impressed thanks for the -- Was now Ted Davis Gary Wolfe -- try to do the sales job on me about -- and I Brandon Knight. Okay. Good shot out out I'll sit back and watched his young player so. You know you could improve and get better and all that as a young player and I don't ever wanna see some is capped out what I need to two points Iverson and I had. You think you can still get -- now there are those that. -- that your true. -- look at the NBA draft than yours means your senior people think you're tapped out -- can't get any better than you are as a senior in college even though you're coming to the end yet. Which I think is ridiculous. That a lot of people that think that so humble and -- -- had the benefit the Donny and he's been hurt the hamstring injury couple times -- We'll see but one of -- tonight one of four from three point range of seven -- four turnovers that's horrible. On the 26 minutes but. Everett tells me O'Grady is defensively and how he can score well OK I'll believe all of this one I see it. -- in Kenosha you're next on Sports Radio 1215 what's up -- -- I'd think that that like the worst -- in -- near. My absolutely it. -- -- I mean -- root them by twenties or reported four point yeah. I -- -- Charlotte. Got -- -- they weren't for the first -- like they've been with everybody else so far this year and and -- -- the second half and the brains beat in again. It looked like to me they got to just out rolled over there in the second half that that's what I look like to may not those of you -- the -- Bradley center of you disagree I mean but that's kind of what look like Jimmie there in the third quarter but -- have a third corps in the fourth car they just kind of rolled over and they really haven't done that this year. But because of all the injuries they've had because he -- never -- a full practice Thursday. And then you go to overtime last night and our five game and you lose I just think it takes -- took something out of those guys and -- the Bobcats couldn't miss there in the third quarter. And and it's kind of rolled over. Athlete and how can you play like here where -- -- what are your best players helped Turkey. Punch somebody at a -- Now that that's -- -- issue with Larry Sanders thanks to a -- yeah I. -- Let's see -- Jerry today at 1250 WS -- knowledgeable people were allowed to vetoed trades. As dead cold don't screw it up. -- how much -- one. GWS has do you think the bucks to make a trade and really put the tank in motion. Yeah I'd -- to. -- brought up earlier why not -- move Butler now. -- guy guys dawned on all the league. Kirk Hinrich is gonna be your man. You need to back up don't you -- -- -- right here. Let's just -- nobody for. About a play -- means -- guys. -- have Ridnour Diego he's horse will play Walters the rest they've got right in and I'm finally that. Oh big Dallas double gold signal prop maker Rogge your angle when nineteen Syria have fun they throughout criminal for a -- -- Sure I finally met no issues because if you -- Butler now Millen a Delfino more than likely is out for the year into the Bucs won't say it. If that's the case now -- -- -- to play. We're not -- any -- pass to be out there playing 20/20 five minutes tonight and write it on to -- you don't miss. But now Milton went and at the start of the small forward. And then yeah -- -- -- to back him up. I'm final -- that no issues whatsoever there. Seeded north side are next on Sports Radio 1250 -- -- -- or form. -- another pitcher saved basketball post game show people just a relaxing here on a November evening cold outside. Yeah it -- do you know we probably knew this thing called half aren't their -- you know he just got to be patient. I don't even pay each of the years and things like that. About Edmonton traded probably just called Lowell they've -- this -- his prayer for him and try to go from there and think you know for game that's pretty much. I mean this is what we've got we've got to do when you are -- what we -- and go from here. While we can do. CB seem -- home and an element you're right. Yeah are being the difference I mean I knew commandeer all the books how many of them all the the previous on the -- albeit slow start he gains -- -- -- Then a -- in the -- the next -- that -- For the next ten. You -- losers just like. Yeah I'll -- until a year now Ted Davis is -- in -- making eighteen losses in a row. Now we're gonna lose a play by play guy he's now that he's not gonna make it CBC record -- -- and all the ten day total not ten more. We don't -- to because it. Because lord will be 818. Thanks to the. 1234. 5678910. That means. There next to win would be home against the Bulls on December 13. And they lose ten more. -- tell you right now. They have to have a wind prior to Tuesday December 10. Because then things get out of control. So as far as opponents and they can actually -- -- game. And that they have to get some wins here in the next eight. They're next date at Detroit home against Washington at Charlotte home against Boston at Boston home against Detroit out Washington home against Brooklyn. You more tests. I read Pete you know Haas. Did some -- here if you have any prayer of try to make the policies in the next eight. Because after those eight games that last one being against Brooklyn it's -- -- December 7 after those eight. Then it's -- -- The Bulls pulled against the Spurs home against the Bulls at Dallas home against the Knicks -- Cleveland home against Philly. -- Real tough -- and so in these next eight. You've got to figure out how to win it just didn't now allies and gone and out of there and -- Charlton. -- -- -- Whoops missed that one. Bucs now have lost eight in a row after losing tonight to the job Bobcats they -- referred to have Bobcats can miss a shot in the third and they outscored the bucks 2812 in the third they beat the bucks 96. To 78 to combat -- calls emails and tweets because -- basketball post -- show on Sports Radio 1250 W a suspect. -- -- -- Still -- but not all -- still root for them. Figure out ways to win basketball games. Skin irritated by FaceBook posts and stuff over there people. Slam in the box and killed just hang in everybody you see the light -- you haven't we haven't been through all this I some -- sixteen actually up packers'. Bart Starr. Bob Talbot -- and was enough and just doing the same crap every year. Any different. I cannot emphasize enough. This is not them trying to tank. Let me say this again. The Milwaukee box organization. Is and not trying to take. -- -- -- I do believe however that dotted the Bucs fan -- -- divine intervention is occurring. Any heat. It's going to help Herb -- figure out how to get this team into the -- to get a start early think is that I really I -- and I think got us out and are in the enough. I if you're not gonna do this and I'm just gonna pick off one player to Tyler hamstring and ankle roll this that -- another thing. I'll help you get to be one of the worst records in -- to get to a player myself. Yes dot as the Bucs fan I know you -- -- -- that much -- -- that now I'm here to educate people that's what I do. Jacob and Madison and you are now accepted the Bucs lose eight straight -- -- -- subject him. Sparky I could not be happier OK I love the block. They -- my favorite sport -- But watching them loot every night after watching that talent that's what games are no yes what -- not two teams played that would. Curry -- been watching this team lose albeit in a row. You'd need some sort of well. That they're not gonna settle that 1410. And pick a guy who's gonna be a role. Jabari -- -- that guy's the real deal. I like him. I didn't like -- last year by like how he's playing this year. And they think he's going to be in the -- -- we -- better. So it all you really need at that -- hectic that aaron's record and I mean like him to pick up he's Laker and that's your draft and in -- Well I mean I I loved it right now I'll take her around on her current Utley keep making him out because. He's too good for this team and watching him put up all -- point against Philly -- Was a little scary but watching them lose to all of the bad team because today it was late. I basically winning two games watching Charlotte when and where they're competing let. To -- yet you good players and watching the bucks lose and I think that that the only possible way. That they can really turn that franchise. Since you brought it up thanks for the can't Jacob thanks for listening in Madison and I can also -- online at Sports Radio 1250 -- -- or download our iPhone -- or -- that we have. Both now for a Sports Radio -- to -- as a speaker let's check out our tank ranked. All 429 -- and detained ranked sponsor on the bucks now two and ten worst record in the east. -- I'm the Knicks and Brooklyn. Who are three and nine so there is better than that. They do -- the number one ranking on the tank ranked that would be the Utah Jazz and one and thirteen. So they played two more games in the box you talk is often the -- -- stale behind. The goal is to be number one on the tank ranked Judge Joe Brown that is the goal. That is where we are -- as a fan base can -- be the worst in basketball on the tank rank. You think we can get -- judge -- It's possible ways that that's it has miles -- alone he has that says yes you have the Pistons next as we talked about earlier. I don't know how they're gonna win on the boards with Andre -- and and Greg mineral and Josh now. If they can do it tonight against the Bobcats. There's going to be scary isn't isn't yeah I -- and you have a motivated Jennings. Yeah going to be tough no question about it Jets coach has stick it to us -- ideas and he's -- -- out here on the -- downtown -- -- on Sports -- 1250 -- says the after the Boston's 9672. A part -- -- go all right great -- Hopefully we are on -- day and -- hand and herb called Mike by Christmas. Because I think we're RB might all the kind and that it is a great. Because. I heard as sacramental right now is -- every single bad turn on the roster on the market right now. But you're not gonna trade -- and yet. Now they're trying to trade people expect outbid any bad I'll -- any young player -- -- -- -- -- out killer or like right now for guys like. Ground ball where we now earlier nobody -- vertically it felt was -- coveted player now find regularly at first round pick. From a contending team for Ilyasova Heatley and hope we take back expiring contract. And hopefully trademark turned around the -- -- there goes peoples feet and back hopefully we. -- straight trip -- RD play -- I thought he played this week already called I mean if we find out I'm pretty sure he played like. Fifteen or twenty minutes the other night for the Jazz. We just -- in the game like but yeah on yeah I agree with you -- I'm finally trading anyone of these veteran pieces that don't match the Jazz by the way they've lost five straight themselves. I'm at at this point so there's there's still hope for the box on that aspect let me see your box -- -- you know really. They well either trade deadline we're gonna get rid of Evan Turner and an odd to the hope we can get -- out. A couple of Archie contributing but you don't get -- about returner as our. I don't know -- Phillies played better than everybody thought they -- I don't nickname may end up being at eight C. I'm telling you today they're playing well enough and Detroit is playing bad enough Cleveland's not playing all that well. Either there there's a budget teams -- -- -- that 78 slide that. Teams that thought they were just gonna say skirting go to that big may end up getting in under 500. -- -- did play twenty minutes -- -- -- Los of the Jazz in the ninth two of 804 from three point -- 11 from the line five points five boards. Three assists and a couple of turn -- so he is back. Yeah there is no way -- Phillies GM can allow them to get paid I'd guarantee they trade Evan -- -- odds before they allow themselves. -- Spencer Haas is playing really well for Philly right now thanks for the -- he really is I. He is playing well. OK 4147991254147991250. Email the -- live. As Sports Radio 1250 -- John's greatest that's welfare DW SSP Adam says this team is terrible. Play young kids did I pick and re build. Jeff. Panetta parentheses he put heads but tickets will be really she -- its slick it will -- probably already are -- -- -- guys are screwed. -- scalpers out front most -- -- guys. Man. They got a because Ryan. It's yeah it's it's yeah they're gonna put them on a business that's gonna happen. Tickets covers -- -- gonna be on front of the rallies anymore there's only this stack of tickets -- -- a street corner and to walk away day when everyone when I can make any money on many. -- I'm telling you man I feel bad for those guys have brought it there were no real good back and Glenn Robinson Ray Allen days. Real good basic go to those got oceans -- on the out I used to go to those guys man back in the day. Dame are near the same group of guys on their forever is -- get courtside he's like fifty bucks. I was in good deals now the key is you have to wait till after the game tips in there about midway through the first corner. Is that in there -- burning our -- they're gonna get you would deal on one where it's either you take. Are you keep yourself ticket scalper or you go to me at what I wanna pay. NG at some -- that's a key -- got a -- lanes large or not you want either by tipped as a fan. You get some good deals multiples guys off -- Dan leaving the game -- Bradley Center you're next on Sports Radio 1250 -- up -- Big that they get are key here aren't that matter little brown chairman -- my body down to the -- I'll Wear it and got great courtside seat. Animals that -- important we got out of it but lots of people come out of -- -- club term bonds and coordinate -- during. -- -- Horrible weren't even pay attention to the game I'll man sleeping next me I'm this simple literally to a point where. I will be more entertaining if they start trading away at mere mention for Ers -- Or at the -- get mail direct mail but electric Iraq and you get written on it. Paul needed that -- project and didn't get value out of this team yet something get -- excited for something make something of the future. Play the -- free play -- you guys that are gonna actually build this future I don't know why. We're -- they're as -- -- here Neal I love -- O'Neill great player a guy a we got operation -- what that. And they're -- with the whole Billy thing yeah I mean we watched it back and watching them. Eric Parker Williams I mean that team is that -- Lambert did -- seventh grade -- I would say. But Carlos is playing really well at this point -- face for the call it again. They are they really are playing good brand of basketball right now may not I know all the box almost beat them last night but. Trust -- they're they're playing much better and I think anybody thought Philly was not play this year for sure. -- coming -- hear from John Henson Gary Neal Bucs head coach Larry Drew. I just a little bit here Bucs lose tonight 9672. To the Charlotte Bobcats -- Oprah knew even though we haven't really -- -- and he answered. How long do you think is buster's and Golan they've lost eight in a role. Or in Detroit on Monday night while the -- -- basketball posting shall follow not want on Monday night. Judge Joseph processing -- us on the glass as call after call c'mon I -- great colossus laws battle -- -- Feel like the Twilight Zone a little bit and -- had to be shaking their -- because. Four years our initial I've been saying you just gotta be really really bad for a couple years people you'll understand trust me they will understand. Is long as you go get it in you get a couple ovals players and they can see it -- -- -- Nobody ever wanted to listen and well positive right here it's an old bat or you're -- and -- last row Drudge don't crop. They're about what 4045 -- have you -- anybody call up screaming and yelling about this team absent. -- happy place celebration about the hair to Dallas used to lawyers I don't think I've ever heard put together great law should -- It's -- the other night and a lot of the same stuff I had I I'd love is that just needs to mean people understand. How you're gonna have to do this into the box and the way we've been doing. -- Just hasn't. -- north side you're next on Sports Radio 1250 here's another guy judge drove around he was against me last year -- last several years wanting to do this and the last time I talked in camp he had finally come over -- -- He has -- a great -- Oh. Beautiful. Good good evening got -- What -- beautiful art -- evening in Milwaukee it is on. I -- that began in the right and I ended up there by accident. When it was. Somebody trait you would say there was -- play there are some them and I do need to you know as a boxed in when you mean by accident I -- about it. Somebody took that you -- it happens. Actually ended up at the game who will -- -- they're the only negative from -- Lucas street that the bucks are gonna -- -- beyond -- play more minutes on. But it is. You know woke Arnie used in the third quarter I think some guys being escorted out of the game for got a paper bag and has to a -- -- -- at it's. Escorted out -- what motivates. Apparently there were told to take the -- golf they could have morning they refute that it -- -- out. I had some -- -- other witnesses who had to tell me this is true and that. They better not be taken people out -- weren't paper bags on -- head. Yeah I mean it happened back in the 2000 and -- want everybody locked her -- -- yeah. Yet so so it did in fact happened and I try to get a pitcher remarks followed bank -- -- their -- went on. It. I'm -- I'm okay what the looted and I look at the schedule I think the book gluten the next eight game -- that streak and its sixteen. Sixteen Barrett's always had that we've had eighteen and sixteen so far nobody has them well winning one and the next like seven or eight for -- Well Bob thanks for the cup. And -- -- guys and I still went. The next 8 games of the morning to make any ground -- -- try to be a playoff team that's what they're attempting to do and I believe that our. Gotta get on some -- role here in the next week but just Duke I don't know they're capable of it. That's kind of where we are right now. 4147991254147991250. Email Michelle -- -- Sports Radio 1250 dot com box -- eight straight tonight. 96. To 72 next up the Pistons on Monday night in each right. In that. I don't see how they when I can honestly I don't see how -- games -- Colts downs with -- but Wilson. Mike your next sun Sports Radio 1250 what's up Mike. They don't like it might turn your radio also everybody. Turn your radio off -- there -- go what's up like -- gonna. I'll. I don't know about the bought bought the box like -- -- really all of that aren't are not done that well but. Don't -- what the future. Who would be would be entry draft pick for next here. Tom I really like Wiggins myself even though self was playing -- wrong arm in Kansas right now but. I I'd be fine with any of -- -- final Wiggins on -- Parker and violent Randall. Com I like Gordon -- I the one guy brought up earlier Blake Griffin I think that's a fair comparison. I at some point I'm I'm final at him -- -- LaMarcus -- look like the other night when I watched him play for Okie state so. -- whatsoever you get up there that's up five. Do you -- Well I I want mentally and you want -- by -- in. Because it is our own watching him I had I really think -- be great as well -- -- I don't watch them eat he. Scored one in order to partners rock Oliver. Yeah that it -- support under. He he is -- yet he is an offensive player period and a -- that that's what he does he's gonna score the basketball thanks for the call. But -- look like -- -- -- early to notify sports has got to don't have a player that can get to the points and you need him. That you can't stop that drought -- say again I can count on night in night out like at Colby like a LeBron -- to -- whenever Derrick Rose. I think -- -- Wiggins is going to be that type of player he he's going to come in he's -- -- I can guarantee you on a reason to get hurt when he gets here whatever of the -- he's healthy it -- averaged twenty without problem. Well. -- -- Jabari Parker be the same thing I thought issued. Poster for shore. So. Now. We've seen this before with the -- now with his NBA draft lottery thank. That bad the second worst record in the -- the year they got eat it should have been Al Horford. And end up taking six instead -- -- because that was the only year in NBA history were the three worst records -- made the top three. Because that year everybody is say -- -- was painting. That was like the big national story that he seems were all tank. On -- maybe they were right. -- that matter it happens every year and of course the one -- the Bucs have a chance a legit player we got skirt on now. There's no guarantee that we may not get screwed again on this whole deal and may end up -- -- four or five herb with six even. But your deep enough and a top five or six year this year where you're still going to be fine. In my opinion at least it providing these guys all come providing a -- come out and Marcus mark comes up multi since a sophomore. -- you will be fine regardless of where you end up. Bucs lose tonight 9672 will come back we'll go inside the box so Lecavalier from -- coach Larry Drew also go outside the box locker room and second on the BS as the basketball insider Gary waffled some -- -- -- basketball post game show. Sports Radio 1250 WSS -- Inside the box what do you -- Culligan water. You're listening -- -- -- saved basketball post game show. Only station Bucs fans and Sports Radio 1250 WS -- Basket tonight guess -- -- -- -- losing streak last visits at eight right now after they lose tonight 9672. -- so volatile stuff coming up on FaceBook in this movement. Putting -- Twitter Riley said. Seven. Okay. Very good thanks Bradley he's he he's got open for two ED I guess is -- Bradley is open for. So let's. Maria I don't think they're gonna lose the rest some guys that they're gonna win some games. I don't promise that -- I'm pretty sure they're gonna once more basketball games. Between here and the end of the season time not to go inside the box score -- the fine folks over at -- Ersan Ilyasova tonight for the bucks so anyone now minutes he got the start three of six from the field 02 from three point range one or two from the line. Seven points two boards and a couple of turnovers around Butler twenty minutes two of eight from the floor one of four from three point range five points. Two rebounds a steal and couple of turnovers Zaza Pachulia just twelve minutes -- 02 from the field. To go along with four rebounds one steal did not score. The -- our nineteen minutes in the start -- -- 502. From three point range two points. One boards three assists one steal and two turnovers. OJ Mayo 22 minutes two of seven from the floor 01 from three point range four points one assist. And one turnover off the bench -- you don't nineteen minutes to a five from the -- Four point seven boards one assist one block he's to play better off the bench even though he never really puts up great numbers but. That's maybe just me. John -- 26 minutes three of nine from the floor. Ten points nine boards four assists a steal blocked and a turnover Chris Middleton had a nice night tonight pretty much only want. Eight of thirteen from the floor to -- two from three point range two of three from the line twenty points four boards to assist and one steal. Need -- bonds got into the game for six minutes -- to. From the field for in two points one assess for mirror us laughter. Brandon -- 26 minutes one of eight from the floor returning from his hamstring injury again. One of four from three point range three point one boards seven assists four turnovers in 26 minutes. Nate Walters split a grand total of nine minutes -- Zero of two from the 40 points one board to assess. One turnover that is gonna irritate people mark my words Walters goes from starting to not point. And we've been telling you this was gonna happen is they're gonna play night in Ridnour and final -- -- trying to win games even on the plus seats right. Gary -- nineteen minutes for eleven from the -- one of three from three point range nine points two rebounds. And one turnover yeah honest twelve minutes three of seven from the floor six points three boards two steals and one turnover -- something. Public service announcement and three bucks on. Injured Bucs -- the B -- present. Went to. -- -- like last night at third and Bobcats pull away notable. Me. Because and to tennis time. If you want to see the -- stay for the fourth. Whatever relaxed just stay did you get to see -- on display in the fourth and the single -- on tiger pundits seemed like. But you'll get to see -- like again. But the -- organizational standpoint that's a good thing for -- blown out. Able to still stay now they need to -- -- does play a Walters -- -- has -- an idea three. And I never three but -- three -- seven from the floor. Don't see that. There's a benefit of staying even through blocked off his boxing. Fast break points eighteen to -- Bobcats points in the paint 4828. Advantage. -- From the field thirty of 85 for 35%. For the -- Bobcats -- almost 50% 49 and a half three point range five of eighteen for the bucks. Final fourteen for the Bobcats free throws seven of nine that is sad -- till midnight free throw attempts fifteen of 27 for the Bobcats. Rebounds -- crushed 52 to thirty sex. Are you did at 21 assess for the night that's up -- point five Larry Drew would like but it's kind of -- turnovers fifteen for the Bucs fourteen. A for the Bobcats inning and the Bucs lose 96 -- -- mainly because that third quarter of their outscored. 28. To twelve. Tonight. And yeah. You lost the Bobcats. Next is going to be the Detroit Pistons on Monday nights and we'll have the -- a basketball post game show. Following that one for -- -- and we'll see I just how badly it goes. Against the distance again Jennings -- -- playing all that well. Not shoot the ball well at all. But -- Smith Andre Drummond rigmarole all -- A -- on that one coming up on Monday no adequate time all -- we'll hear from Bucs head coach Larry Drew see what he has -- After the botched all the two in 101 and five and hole now. As they lose the Bobcats 96 to -- to -- eight in a -- they lost. The -- -- basketball post game show on Sports Radio 1250 WS says -- losing continues and bucks fans -- fine mister. He says we've heard so far tonight. But and our people calling and saying. That's -- -- box. -- -- 9672 Bobcats beat the box to attack now are the -- one and five. -- all necks of the Pistons Monday night we'll have this very show for you after that one Brandon Jennings meet up box in deep Detroit's. Coming up. On Monday night Gary -- silicon he'll join us here about half hour. -- from right now also -- on the Bucs locker from Gary Neal. Hear from John Henson in those guys. Coming up after the top of the hour time -- to hear the Bucs head coach Larry Drew -- talk it's just a few minutes ago out to be mourners Bradley -- Before. Couldn't before and -- and questions. It is Percy. It's. From the performance of his team today. If you really disappointed with -- very disappointed. My team yet. -- thought. Tonight after last night's loss Tuesday -- c'mon play with some energy. If they would have passion and they -- -- do that. And I told the guys out there after. After the game. There will be changes and Australian lineup and and it is not. On the same page -- it so be it but there will be changes. Know these -- a big apology and on -- -- of this team. Mixed in that. Then apology out because we totally totally. That is so you don't tonight. Wait on the on -- -- I imagine you know my intensity and as -- told the guys. As long as someone NBA coaches that and that it never happened again wouldn't like it and don't. So -- would put it out to stop hole. Raise your hand -- you never -- any coach in this city are doing namely that anybody. Miller -- the fall 41479912. If can anybody send me another coach or manager baseball basketball football for the Packers one ever. That ever opened up a press conference in did what he did. Judge Joe Brown you gotta come near mountain. When you're younger you nothing. Like. Coach Joseph brought and I did a lot of us are at. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's good. I did and I mean as as much -- even though you may not want them to win in all this other stuff. That right there is a legitimate. First that right there -- a guy that wants to win that's him Bears -- team perform -- -- getting yet how fer and all that other stuff. And make a statement of warm digits a lot of of their on the same page that are not that really matter -- don't. We'll discuss more about what those changes may be are coming up -- this is -- -- done but. Very very impressive stuff there by Larry Drew let -- continue here. The opposite. Good thing. Yes -- -- that's I think you have to. Again we know we played last night we played last night out -- -- come back and there was some revisions it was abuse that we totally totally went south. With any energy with the -- passion. We do know play together. We didn't play like continued. Best food really disheartening. And that's something that I will not except I will -- I would not accept it and and and and we will. -- who played Monday night -- -- there will be some changes in our lineup. -- -- Plus for the rest of -- we -- play together as a team we started playing individually and we showed they wanted us a lot of times. We -- your team we play like that. Take some of them all. But it didn't I don't care we don't play the right way but -- got a -- -- -- do I could not. -- Some -- they try to play together and they -- -- originally. You know and then at that stage you know guys who grew an incomplete. When the game is -- You know you want to continue to play right we may do that. Well. -- drastically and who knows if they can Mexican place here they can pitch committed even as the coverage. Sounds -- something that they can get out of it you know. I know with -- because he had been out there the last I think two or three games last couple games at least one -- two. We came out there and just kind of let him. You know getting into a bit of a rhythm. Hum. -- who has been playing regularly. You know he. I think any communities you can five William persons that I. -- -- real food. -- Good news he -- the ball well and he played. I thought it. -- -- what we did that. You know Chris is Chris has been good scores -- Then coming up to bitch. He certainly the service game you know better and better and -- on the course and -- he just gets better and better. I think he can do better. This year. I'm really challenging and this is his defensively. To move his feet against you know some quicker guys that they just -- I think he he can. Affect people just isolate and just let alone but he's got -- he's gonna move his feet keeping confront a much better. It it. So who's which is always a challenge when you talk about. Is where you see guys need to improve it is -- where. I constantly challenged John is. It was a physical side -- And I understand from a from a physical standpoint -- he's not real big. Well he still has to play recruited him over -- out here a little bit more regression. When he's out on tour and like you know low because so long. And you're using Joseph on the post as -- -- -- -- balance if he's not bonus weeks but. He has to see issued a balanced but. Just went around the basket -- You know he's tough to -- Well that. Doesn't look good. Just a few minutes to me. But when you begin to kind of a rhythm and and give that you should just be announcer but it was good to have him back and then we'll see how you are set to tonight's game hopefully. He woke up tomorrow morning and -- -- -- career. Press passes -- for the -- or turnovers. -- you definitely. A little longer and being more. Yes we have sometimes he. -- particularly mr. Rasheed. He gets out of control at times who bit. I would rather you try to tone down to -- him up because so we need that speed we did that quickness and he certainly has. There is Bucs head coach Larry Drew tonight -- talking after the box -- -- -- straight game in a row. 96 to 72. And again opening up with an apology -- city and the fan base. The sooner we want about team and all that stuff but that talks about Larry Drew is dude as a -- I'm you know and and John Hammond. Sold. To us. -- -- out just how good of a dude Larry Drew was depressed commerce and they hired on every interview -- done since then it's always about Larry Drew that -- Out of the it was annoying need to know and it really -- do it don't care I mean I'm sure he's a great guy but. This is about x.s and Els and on the floor and what's he gonna do was -- win or not and all that other stuff you know -- But. That -- backs up what -- Really don't mean holy solidifies. Everything that -- was saying -- just never know I mean look hard. So many general managers in sports is just say what you wanna hear him pass and move on and -- -- Never know what to mind what not to buy but. Clearly John Hammond right on the money with Larry Drew is like I said I've been here on -- long time I don't ever remember. Hearing a coat opened the press conference after his team lost. Apologizing. To defend. On the other side of the glass is Judge Joe Brown you know Milan -- And die he has been running FaceBook tonight says the twelfth -- Well I think we've been asking the question on FaceBook -- as well as far as you know -- plus eight in a row how many more running and lose. You know on the -- -- to a fifteen w.s as he FaceBook parades home. Once again pretty much all the same -- Jeff don't -- books as I was at the game tonight than it took that it no drive no motivation just -- -- -- Tim says Tony games -- being bigger there's going to be of the to a -- games are not so we've got 1618. And one in swimming. -- says taken another tanking for another awful drafted probably some 67. Big guy from Europe can't wait. See I got I think -- -- -- -- -- and I think it's right to be ounce of the and we drive of us before -- miss on Joseph Alexander I'm not -- -- about that. -- the -- his exit he's made. Most I think all on my -- most are still really. They're all still here they're all still in the league for the most part. Am playing on a team mother cheer on another team -- -- contributing to rosters across the NBA I don't think he's done that bad -- bad that bad of a job. Batting eyes are really don't I think -- -- -- now where he deserves to be slander is trades and free agency that he actually deserves it. But he doesn't deserve -- -- his struggles at -- -- a pretty good job draft. -- -- -- -- -- Jacobs says forever which is treatment that's not gonna happen right. And the one has eighteen likes from nick says hopefully and so -- end of the season he. Thanks to having an intelligent got Cabrera and jones'. The unit and -- season me taking taking means losing on purpose of their. Right and I don't believe in changes -- it means losing on purpose I. I believe in a totally 100% all mud Dubai yes I believe in playing hard and lose shore you know but -- -- you take judge shall run doesn't -- latest deal. If -- -- general manager. I -- -- tank I can't tell my players will lose I get to my coach go -- -- like it was make sure there's out of town for you to win. Coach got off I'd play as hard as you want 'cause I'm not getting enough tools to win with anyhow -- -- Michael Jordan -- such a couple years ago Cavaliers day when they're trying to -- mean everybody -- done it before you're seeing all around the league guys doing it. To tell somebody don't try and -- That's or other to try -- your competitive that's like you're a pro athlete at this point you have to try and when I take all -- always away from him. To call -- -- -- -- and I give the you know. A little bull. Eagles aren't available. 'cause much damage. The old 782 isn't that that play tennis. -- -- -- -- -- -- too much and that's me toy everywhere right. Or talk about here. But I don't think that's what John -- and it. I could be wrong maybe beyond five years we find out that is what this this whole thing was all about maybe I'll be wrong but. -- a bigger goal whatever sign off on -- said time and time again he won't do it. Com so as I said earlier I believe guys a Bucs fan clearly because I think this is divine intervention. I think he has gotten involved in the solely on Saddam I have -- general rule of rolled ankle. Some hamstring issues -- and I hate. A dash of some back issues for Luke Ridnour. Think career ending up in series just enough to take you -- the next long enough to continue to make sure that this team loses up games -- -- get a star player that's we're talking about. -- Bucs lose eight straight it's big -- a basketball post game show you're an old. We'll get to you coming up next as well as -- emails live at Sports Radio 1250 dot com and we'll hear from some -- players as well. Inside the Bucs locker room including. John Henson. And Gary Neal. I think basketball post game show on Sports Radio 1250 W as as Dave fox come up on the losing end tonight to the Charlotte Bobcats getting outscored 2812 in the third -- -- about it. -- 678 to box out to intend. One and five at the -- -- Everest Bradley Center -- up the Pistons Monday night in Detroit against Brandon Jennings. I don't see how they possibly win that game considering how physical they -- -- -- Drummond. When role. Nine Josh Smith. I'm -- I'm -- much have enough to beat the Pistons but we'll find out. But the tickets in basketball post in she'll find out one for you -- -- back inside the much like -- mere moments out the first wanna get on ball -- up next -- Sports Radio -- -- -- above. Or so brother tell me. A million a year rejected. Big dollars -- 84 correct. Sure I don't remember but okay. Fair play for. And the year before that you know you're that we drafted and we came like no other -- -- -- Herb Kohl. Is not Smart. Senator -- this year overtake -- big time that we -- that your that your everyday here. -- Evan again I don't think it was ever -- trying to lose. Now. C'mon man. It looked at me like that like anyone will address global. It's like -- -- you know my -- you know let back but again like all -- I can't watch as you know look at like. There's -- like like -- they want to lose. And they want to lose because they want a top or. But they don't off. Nobody on this team wants to lose that Larry Drew doesn't want to lose the Bucs players don't want to lose nobody wants to go through a crappy season like this on this team. Because they're all competitive and they're all gonna struggle stride win and try and be in a playoff spot thanks for the -- And that's why try to get through everybody's mind here. That you can we talk about -- last segment you can not tell. An athlete to go lose on purpose you cannot do that you -- You can't as a general manager is in -- take away enough things from them to guarantee that they're going to lose. Let me reference you to the movie Major League. That is essentially what that dumb broad was trying to do in the movie Major League. She wanted to move Khalili and move to Miami. And did a nice big brand new stadium to all that fun stuff -- Carolina Cleveland Sorgi go. Should put together a bunch of retreads out there on the field got a retread coach to coach jumped. Our manager and the whole thing and it -- fired him you know that's why tomorrow. But again that's essentially what she was trying to. In this situation. I honestly don't. Again I -- be and if you -- 345 years I find out. From people that this was -- this was all about that they were really trying to suck us up to actually pleased the fans' energy triangle that a star player -- Herb -- figured it out just not publicly say it. But -- -- point. That's not some and they have said that they were willing to do. And something that it changed obviously. But -- this team right now. It's just. Isn't good enough and we talked about it. On the big show coming into the season I just I I said it over and over innocent to Gary -- -- -- it's Ted Davis they don't have another -- or. They just don't and it's proving out to be true at this point in OJ Mayo is way too inconsistent at this point and again I know -- down the ankle but. You gotta be the guy man and if he's not going to be the guy that can averaged twenty point two point tonight then you're really gonna struggle to win basketball games at this point. Bucks forward Jon Hamm said he talked after the game tonight to the media assembled in the locker room. -- -- on the night tonight 126 minutes off the bench ten points nine boards four assists a steal block a turnover. Any played 26 minutes for a four from the line -- -- Seriously. If you just based on box or is there anything else she didn't -- moments and yes he's not. Because of -- she's apparently -- but he should be here is John Henson after the game. I don't know this have been a reason that refuses. He's we stole from fans who might come a limited number. You know. Especially if any they're supposed to do and then we'll play our for the fans and -- -- ultimate. It's going up until -- stopped. I would be media got for a second just just for a second. This person I like -- And he's nice -- Please don't ever ever say we're supposed to play hard for the fans. Please. Just don't -- You're supposed to play hard. Because you -- pride in what you do. You're supposed to play hard because you're trying to win an NBA basketball game. You're supposed to play hard because you're getting paid a lot of money to do what you do for a living that's why you're supposed to play heart. Play hard because. -- I was sitting in the stands. Don't -- for me. -- for me then you don't then you're in the wrong. Wrong area -- of life figure out what else you wanted to. You I mean maybe RB -- got not reading into it in -- fight EMI apologized. But I didn't I I didn't -- like that there and you sign a Larry Drew coming down on them. -- after the game -- -- you know. Pretty much offense gestured his -- yelled and play hard I understand why he was answering -- question and all that but. And ending media again I just don't like the -- -- sentence. When you. Are you -- is always took good enough in the run -- team effort. You know they've gotten better -- them better -- -- can. -- on his momentum as well we'll -- kind of get a feel for what's going on you know it's just tough to come up. He's had to suspend this is minimal. You know I think you got to Omaha started she wouldn't say we're. His action by his actions so Nelson doesn't. -- -- citizens and yeah. Who knows -- At this point whatever we do not organized team so we got to figure it out and that's limitations you takes. We just got to figure out a way to win. Do you have fun out more quickly than you know -- sooner than later. Yeah me me me he had a scope don't know where there's some winnable games sort. When we can go a long way to kind of -- what we need to do -- and that's trying to. And -- Like. Special. He's a good player you know and -- familiar with and that was the best and you know so it is from your regular game -- hidden story lines or anything like that so school. What -- hundred. Went with -- baffled by. -- -- On the music goes and they had him shots and also have -- companies and offensive stuff and a I think it was a bad night for -- maybe -- and we play hard obviously it was a bad night -- -- Bounced back and Odom of the game the base of. John Henson elegant tenure vet -- that time when he was talking. You know. The thing. That I am intrigued by is this whole thing -- Larry Drew. Now about you know star labs can change I'm not Dillon does -- you want right now. Okay for a -- sir -- gonna change -- back to something else then put it Walters back in the line. -- -- -- -- -- in their Dolphins was kind of organizing kind of doing what you wanted to -- and -- Now. I don't see how they can possibly take OJ -- a lot of starting line up. I could be wrong I guess you can put him on the bench and -- Gary Neal. But Gary Neal doesn't exactly pass the basketball. That's why I think he's perfect for coming off the bench is he's a shooter. This could mean knickers -- gonna get to start. But over who. I'd better not be Middleton and -- side by side I'm gonna lose my mind and that's what happens. I'm anxious dollars -- would newsman and these are going up against three gigantic guys and Josh Smith Drummond -- and -- So you can't go small against Detroit in an -- to try and win that basketball game. We do get a bench to make a -- I don't mean Brandon Knight technically should be the starting point guard that is why you got. Even though he's still probably not as healthy as you wanted to be as far as legs and stuff -- that hamstring injury. Paul box basketball baby 9672. The Bucs lose tonight's Gary Neal the aforementioned during and we just talked about. He talked after the game as well this is what Gary Neal at the sent. -- yeah. That together -- hired by perfect for the system and you don't know I everybody's gonna respond psychologically you know from. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This isn't a sign of who we are you know hopefully -- -- when you know sooner than later and position everything that. Larry's -- -- freedoms. There probably -- -- Derosa again. Yeah I mean of course you know everybody -- locker room you know everybody has -- on -- back pretty you know pretty frustrated. When you lose seven in a -- Especially. You know on the way you felt like we've been very pretty good -- and we -- we agree energy. You know we we ended up coming short but I mean you know just expect them. -- little more energy -- -- to be frustrated over across the board. You know it ended today you know I think we've -- ten or eleven games so. You know you can't you know you can't beat yourself up -- -- you know there's the rest of anyone -- me and left on me. You know we where would it -- it right it. And did you know that everybody on board to -- the playing their best of -- you know I don't think you know Martin about it and talking about it. Who rebounded and they seemed. Bombing you know rebound and then and then -- -- you know nothing and it's just. You know collectively. You know especially -- -- out you know everybody has a good and and rebounds you know. There's -- got to help the bigs. You know loose balls you know guards got a run down loose balls I mean this is the total total learning thing. You don't know why you don't have energy you know they played -- back to back tonight and they came here than you so you don't know why I mean these -- questions you know I've -- -- -- was. One win can. Turned things around. One win and that. Remember Detroit so are those -- go from there as the next games the most important game because it's the next game I mean. You know we definitely can look -- anything. -- -- -- -- one game at a time. And put every you know -- for every everything we've got another one game take it one at a time. -- -- will be able to climb out of this hole eventually it's there and it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know not taking anything away from any -- -- locker room and everybody the -- honored by the extremely talented. But you know the event and he's you know Tim Duncan or Tony -- in the locker room -- -- you're talking about hall of fame players. You know -- we don't we don't have that we have to do collectively as a group. So are when you're -- collectively as a group there's certain things you can't miss and you can't come into a game -- no energy. That was a great -- I couldn't tell whose voice that was. But that was a great question that last one about about the leadership void from where he was in San Antonio where it is now. It's a great question so -- ascent accident I'll -- lose tonight eight straight in a row coming up next objective of the BS as deep basketball insider. It is the -- it's a basketball post game show on Sports Radio 1250 WS -- let's get inside a locker room and break this one. -- -- It's got to take you put pucks insider Gary global front do you -- -- and sand by the Thomas -- offices. This is the big save basketball post game show. -- the only station but it's been -- team Sports Radio 1250 WS this week. Bucs lose eight straight now old -- loss tonight 96782. In the what the -- night Chris Middleton. Eight of thirteen from the -- twenty points only one other player in double figures and for John hands and that's starting lineup of mail -- -- Our Pachulia Butler and -- -- Managed to get eighteen points. That's one -- that's the entire starting lineup at eighteen points. That's not just -- -- got eighteen now that's all five players added up to -- got eighteen points to. That is probably why Larry -- is gonna make changes to the starting lineup. Joining us now is Gary -- -- on the great midwest bank -- Gary your thoughts on what you watch tonight at the B well there -- Bradley Center. While they look you'd just start Butler drew that could change and -- -- -- keep a lot of as close game captains but. You know what they technical change you want it and it's not gonna change. Because -- -- And repeat any. And so interior part of what Sanders -- -- -- end you know you do -- attack or Sanders. In I have to mention that you know -- achievers and you know or -- And did you get a stop about it but real -- or hope you know -- all -- And I can assure you there rappers portable anymore. You know it if you are hurt you know -- war. Well like Bogut -- travels -- I think we would be your understanding right yeah but what happened off the court is actually inexcusable. -- wait for another should all all -- -- you know controlling Sanders. Look at it as -- basketball team right now and we heard the press comments earlier I referenced on Larry Drew. Him opening up before taking a single questioning apologizing to the city of Milwaukee. On and -- really letting his team had a for the lack of effort and so forth. I mean you've been around -- -- -- I have been obviously I I just I can't come up with another manager or coach has done that in this state to lead off a press conference. Now that that -- at first he didn't really classy guy yeah that was not only -- -- check where in the and it's against such -- year's -- you gentlemen first formal. I'll tell you what -- what you're going to result scoreboard. It's probably not any fun Tom and I -- doesn't listen our -- Because he's trying to punch the radio if he does because. I'm this celebrated basketball post game show it's just you know one -- after another another -- -- -- tonight you wanted to play celebration on the air after losses and all that stuff so. Bucs fans at least Ellis -- -- for the most part on our final of what's going on in understanding grand scheme of things this is -- benefit them and are willing to. DL with this horrible season but. I'll let you know which -- all well against -- Well these same fans that you know want to books tank wobbled regain -- -- it and you know go to games Bulls find out there. We -- are not that it's -- going to Roberto -- Erica attitude. But it is -- -- it helps what team financially you know where you know one of the -- story. But say one thing I'm sick of supporting the team financially when you suck for ten years yeah five winning record since 1992 or whatever. -- enough is enough clearly the way you've been doing yet. It has not been working you've been stealing money from the fans some now maybe just may -- trying it our way the way that we've been asking you to do for last. What five to eight years and -- been doing the Shell maybe just maybe now our way may actually work. Shot see what happens. Yeah absolutely but you know you about what -- around but -- I mean there's there's still a Turkey I agree with -- There's enough at the top -- Gary there's enough of the top five top six. -- if you're one of the third it's one of the three worst records even if you don't end up in the top three you're gonna get a really -- player. -- but it sane but but it yeah I mean it is not sure I don't have that -- or -- eight million dollar high cut around on -- side -- there. -- Take for example you -- -- the senator from camp yeah -- indeed. Yeah would Bob -- to discover for the world -- me. Respect every guy has great potential -- -- because. You know argued or -- or five. But. You know really project you know but he did and that's. -- another guy I like him. -- what -- does that. You need to lose some scouts. And they say what. -- while you were to have that interpret it as the star player. He's probably got he's probably got more about -- more body -- working honest and that would be my. Dad he's playing against higher level talent but yeah honest. Chair -- we don't know who know put it but that's the tell I mean that's where we're at right now. Organization right now this bucks team right now if you end up in the top five top six. Even if you take -- them out of the let's say you go OK I don't know enough he's out I'm gonna go the guys here in this country that seem like. First handle more of an understanding of what they're playing against. You still have the top three -- Parker. Not wigand's. And my candy Jewish Randle those three Eric Gordon at Arizona. And -- are Smart and Oklahoma City comes out that's still five college kids it's you've watched all year. That you are going I'm comfortable anyone of these five I think. Well I don't. Is -- Gordon. You like well I like a lot yeah. But but you know what there aren't out -- -- -- sports -- like outside the army in the you know. Outdoor regular another gets. You know state -- you can still get in order to regret it bank job well twelfth not the same as the top -- -- -- -- Ko replied all year's -- on -- about this year's draft. -- -- you can still a birdie at ten but it went deeper draft. You'll I will we get closer to this thing -- vehicles -- the draft well I'll make you'll back. But no money -- make you look back. That nobody from out noble figure out a number 8910 whatever may be will do nearly as much as what they do in the top five. But once we get -- will -- forget you and I both have bad -- here yeah. No doubt. No doubt at all Monday night they got the Pistons Gary. I don't think they got a prayer in that game where's Greg Monroe and -- and inside like you just point out they don't have anybody without Sanders adding Josh Smith. A motivated Brandon Jennings I just I don't see -- they went in Detroit. Well it it sorted that -- really be curious. But we have senator's point yeah through. Ever been Jennings like a lot of players last year awoke relationship there when Barry Sanders like the guy next day you get that right. And then of course you know -- popped off. They would sign this and how -- -- every bit but walked you know. -- and he looked you know weapons robbed by shooters and it'll all sort score. First they note guys remember. It and I would have been very -- -- the person like I've read Jim and double lane what might happen. Bob what got booed you know ownership as a what. -- I think it's going to be plenty object it's not going to create it's it's -- -- or 35 point. See the crazy part about it is because they're so bad right now inside he don't have to do all that much for them no. What are -- got into a general mentioned you know -- out there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's not -- he's not shooting the ball well lead. No he's -- and at that to count -- problem and get ago. Yeah -- on the -- at the fort drama in grow you know -- don't look at it and are ready you know. Yeah and Emery -- is gonna have to try -- and take Brandon Jennings and and reel him back in to how he should be point should be interesting Monday night we will have the -- it's a basketball post game show back on -- Monday night. After the box and the Pistons Gary thank you very much for -- and -- we'll see you for another edition of sports junkies later this week. Our -- -- -- check out our video sports junkies at racing -- own dark comedy one and the Packers won in the box. And now were in high school basketball seasons we do on a high school basketball. The racing Tony area as well -- -- are -- Good midwest bank outlined is a great mid West Bank dot com or call 2627844400. To learn about toll free checking their first time. Home -- special and -- Local mortgage servicing great mid West Bank -- -- Well we'll come back -- the Wendy's and they -- after this the -- slurs 9672. Plus come up on the losing -- for the eighth straight time tonight 9678. -- To the Charlotte Bobcats Chris Milton leads the wife of the box -- -- -- points only other person in double figures was John Hanson with -- but again if you -- Larry Drew -- -- the opening statement. On the Larry Drew presser. Judge Joseph bras can put up on our website so you can hear it to yourself well yeah -- the about sports coverage -- -- -- -- I -- -- -- -- can remember ever happening at a press coverage -- That -- a coach or a manager comes out. For questions even hasn't says all I want to say something -- -- and goes on this little old. Sincere it was definitely sincere. Type speech talking about and I apologized to the city I apologize to everybody for. How we played out their pod does the fans that were here -- just to think. -- never heard anybody do that around here never ever ever ever never heard. So that was very refreshing and I I really enjoyed that when he's MBB. -- tonight deftly Chris -- eight of thirteen from the floor to of two from three point range two of three from the free throw line twenty points four boards to assist one steal. For Chris -- in the loss next -- And it's going to be the Detroit Pistons and we just have been talking about Brandon Jennings. CL tackles in Detroit on Monday night what the -- -- a basketball posting shelf after that one right here on WS as they are that'll do it spreads some -- so tomorrow morning. I'm not a clock with bowling legend and a guy who -- from Brunswick now Carmen some venal join us. Tomorrow morning and -- don't forget quicker -- reading that's where I'll bait in my our game day parties. -- Sixteen dollar Miller Light blue suit apple -- shots after touchdowns always a blast a much greater stake you moved in new -- and -- -- in -- Just -- 43. -- -- south is like you're going towards Beloit right there 43. And -- and -- the rest of your evening and we will talk to tomorrow right here on Sports Radio 1250. W assessment.