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11/24/13: Spare/Time Bowling Show

Nov 24, 2013|

Sparky, Dwight Albrecht and Phil Brylow discuss the new women's tour that is planning on launching. Sparky/Dwight talk with bowling legend Carmen Salvino

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time to talk about the PGA. US BC high school bowling and the latest from the bowling industry would your -- playoff -- spare time pro shop in New Berlin. The king of all bully media -- right low and -- -- fighter this is those spare time bowling show on Sports Radio 1215 WS has been. Well command are faster than other days of the start -- -- show on Sports Radio 1250 WS's the isn't just certain joining us in studio like always. Is -- all clicked all the spare time pro shop in new Garland along with filled -- the king of all bowling in the media a SIX. Sounded. Of course you don't his -- work out and to Time Warner 32 all the to fumble in terms and he has -- -- -- TV -- later this afternoon at. After the packer game was -- women's open a classic links Greenfield sort of the you know seize some the best woman in the midwest ball come on down start -- probably will after 330. -- -- -- down after you've experienced and we've got the sensible mixed doubles and time where sports 32 lipped 3 o'clock there. I saw got stuff going on over there also stuff going -- and the world of bowling as well and I'm telling you right now. I love doing the show I really really love doing the -- because we have been talking about. There's suppose -- women's bowling -- were not coming around and whether or not they have the fines don't they have a finds is is actually gonna happen or not. -- before we get to that I do under Meyer but we do have Carmen self in all a sudden some -- easy for me to say -- itself Beno coming up. About fifteen minutes or so we will -- -- currents of Leno and dubbed the birthday boy. Eighty years old yesterday I was console Venus saw a very called him -- thing. Let's get as women's bowling alliance to what you said he -- -- when he first DJ I cyber report yeah. And -- Font it says Paula -- and announce sign another sport she -- -- radio show and -- that is venture to -- and early November that her women's bowling alliance was merging with I grind. To creating new women's tour a twelve events of -- one point six million in total prize money. The goal is that the Germans will run once a month on weekends starting in May. -- that in prominent women -- Liz Johnson joined the -- grind board along with Melanie to Carl and -- and CEO -- -- merit Foster. Sat in an email -- we all met in Vegas and doesn't it our roles in this -- Foster said. The funds are secured we are just finding venues and dates for all the events the calendar year will be from June to June. There will be a point system there'll be -- official Jersey this season will be similar. A couple events in golf and NASCAR not so as for -- -- and -- dot com where they have nothing. On the website talking about the limits in the fact I just wanted to check and get our formation and missed so talking about this tournament. Odds he may wanna did you website I grumbling -- -- come if this is official now having said all of this how much faith do you have in this thing surviving. But -- listen to our show like we talked about earlier in the -- Sparky and yet our ideas. If they turn -- into -- the we network or Oprah like we were talking about. I I think it could do real well and I think they're making a Smart idea making it once a month because in the girls don't have to leave their jobs to do this pro tour right they can kind of do it and the weekend. And then it gives you also. Obviously it was you can tell it's going to be twelve shoals of they're doing that once a month from June June. So I think it's. -- I don't see -- but there's been nothing announced about TV eerie feeling that. A David -- really don't web based mainly -- to a bowl TV and -- species and I don't think it's gonna help anything towards -- -- getting sponsors -- at the event nature. How much -- that there's point six million price I was gonna go toward TV production my guess would be the the big fan but I would love to -- and -- like. But we network -- turning into like you said A reality ten official let those cameras -- the girls. During the week at their jobs and then obviously here they're born on the weekend. Phil when you talk about doing what you do. As far as production and -- nine but you do on someone to 32 -- -- from bowling tournaments. That I don't. Mean I can your arms but I really don't think they're going to be able applause ESPN get -- no I'm not at one point -- million -- they pull off NBC sports network. Maybe maybe CBS or -- in a fills time CBS sports network yeah they're probably looking to fill time to -- some of these other. Lower tier ones but. -- today really decided not even to do that but to do something web based like you were talking about. Kind of funds are we talking about -- have in order to get that done. I really don't think it takes a lot to get it done it's just a matter of how many. People tune in the -- on the Internet there's really not the really -- I got a lot when I -- -- financially to probably do it for toward a point 5000 dollars. To get all the good equipment building that they need -- and then the depth that I at least have some similarities stop there. Staff the cameras and and run the switcher further in her pictures and and be good to go there are but it's just a matter if you don't -- a lot of viewership and then what are your name and with that gets eaten up pretty well too if you do in high Def. Nice to go outside -- I think they should do. And I on discipline fall on deaf ears. On but -- -- and if I was them right now at this point I'd figure out a way to get in bad with the PGA is seen as possible. And I'm I'm sure that -- probably talk at some point would be my guess at this point but. If -- is down I would be on the phone Tom Clark trying to figure out how can we make this work together. How can we get to got a good -- the World Series a bowling which by the way and by the way the first TV telecasts -- -- -- so Maroney we gonna bomb but. You need to figure out a way to get him -- to get to -- to kind of help push you along. As well and how appropriate that different you know just on their website and I know you're not getting getting any estimate even -- it's just on the lives. How appropriate the first -- Lechler Guerrero -- No you know which is one of the most beautiful woman bowlers -- deviation first previous -- -- and refers that you'd open. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bottom line is it was one of you know my dreams come true -- -- -- the -- -- back and it's at least a star but -- do they have enough good women around the country. -- -- -- all competing gets Clara Guerrero. And has by any and the rest of these guys I think Johnson I think -- -- -- -- getting what some people he called -- don't yours -- the people there and Oden -- weekend lawyers ladies that are my game the shoppers at the same thirty -- forty woman every tournament correct. And giving the ones that are local take a shot at it now know that's a big into entry fees reasonable. That's -- in -- -- having a good cash ratio. On that somethings that have helped you know peavy -- Hermanson as she did in the past you get the good cash ratios you know looks -- sponsor money. And those of the -- it's in the draw the 10010120. Guys I think the numbers very Akron and thirty to forty but don't we have about thirty to forty the -- to that keep make in the same shows. But there's another -- there's enough guys go out there and take a shot at a regional I have -- a few whoever's there 200. It -- you know it it's gonna happen -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- understand -- -- For your arm trouble -- for women. Yes -- like six. Yeah I think there's thirty it's I don't think there's thirty I think there's like six nationwide I don't want is that we've seen. I mean. Where am I missing here I mean -- collect. Right Ellis park and -- Johnson is batting. And whose alignments and this is a good -- -- Guerrero I -- So I mean there's there's indicated some good young weighs about how to mean Daniel which you know they're gonna have a World Cup yes now injured have to do a lot with giving -- college age kids in the ones that are just out of college. While there are born on those weekends but how many -- -- free appear brand new job here's my question for you -- when they have the queen's or they have the US open for the women. What's their draw how many ladies that they get for that -- only -- to -- last year. For the queen's but look at how many -- murdered if you had to go to somebody going ever seen these names in the round of 64 before and ask -- however they can. No one usually to show -- ought to give him any seamer not around 64 Phil I just want to show up I don't care. If I'm Mike -- bowling I don't care of its one of those five or six we are talking about them make the show every week. Identity to -- whoever they are under a foul that I've -- people come out and pay the entry -- money -- that's the other thing grade. Depending on your saying okay -- -- you twelve events a year when he won a month right. All right fair enough. But as you brought up -- before our stars prize money goes right. Is there going to be enough prize money to convince a college age girl. That okay. I'm gonna -- -- bowling women's tournament right -- -- given shot for a year -- back to make enough money. But if they look at the the the prize prizes and you know first place as one in 5000 dollar Murton. That sixty -- -- if you if you win every one. -- I not going to be enough now that that's not gonna get it done don't -- for the travel sold the number. On each one is gonna have to be big enough. In order to get women to either women that had bowl in the past. And now are just kind of the worst series but aren't any more women's tour is gone to get them re motivated to get back to being series against him back -- -- -- I'm sure there are a bunch of women. That were really really good -- -- That just finally said to hell that I'm -- against the men on the -- get. At least on this Presley's I -- Another one so that they weren't intending. For the ladies to leave their jobs and come awful time this is how they're setting them up to where they can make it -- make a week and -- so they can keep their jobs are. You know so it's it's not going to be their sole income. -- it's only once a month -- I understand what I'm saying is if you're gonna get some of these women that could. Try and compete with the was johnsons and these and these ladies that's what you're trying to get our those people back then you still have an in -- prize money. Well enough for them to get serious about practice saying getting ready for a month or whatever it's going to be to get back Africa's if not. But it pays -- it pays all the top one or whatever the number may be. On the bottom probably -- -- in the top twenty in this area we're talking about it -- that's about twelve regionals they how many women are gonna travel across country for determining California. It is the -- -- that day. In in the manner Toney tapped me for they get right out now isn't it in the whole thing with the women though -- usually get a weekend event. You get a travel more eight hours you know we like are you ought to fire order there's -- a day off from work if they'll have two weeks -- vacation here -- take a one -- offer my categories events. -- -- a vacation going to and I thought that I had only you're only gonna get the regional once -- -- restaurants saying right now he's leading Milwaukee to go to California. To bowl in this women's side grind bowling tournament and that's not happening you're gonna have to draw from the area. If they have won here in Milwaukee then you better draw from Minnesota Iowa Illinois Michigan Minnesota and Wisconsin. Is that about surrounding states and that's about it now for mass again your drive and our shortcomings are maybe take a day off for the coming from Minneapolis or something and -- souls of the prime example how many of them only girls come up -- Probably have to fill today's Tony we -- from Illinois -- and they're very strong on their very good. -- that's good that we maybe there are enough around here to make this work but that that's all that's -- come Nazi I have to get to the BBA and help them push them a little bit that's the first thing. The second thing is that -- now they have to go and I'm sure. I was amount of -- -- -- our station but I'm not. And charged -- out of -- TV networks already amid talk about even thinking about doing this. -- already had phone conversations with every TV now -- to try to figure out how -- dog the -- -- idea of making kind of a reality deal. We have a reality -- during the week and that's followed up by the ball the live bowling event that nighter or whatever the case may be leading up to it. His brilliant in my opinion but. I I don't know -- -- they'll be outside of the box enough to actually do. In years it's not live. Meaning if they keep people champion of -- week reality show on the tape sheriff showed a week later yes that's fine is that an -- Carl -- if you feel website for the stuff and those are rumble almost and it's once a month. So you're -- they can film and a cannon yes yeah once among -- -- more than enough time to fill that. Added to do the show -- at that and be Al hitters up as you could run. A reality show each week and and just have the tournament at the end of every mom leading up to. Bottom line is they still think it's great for one of Boeing and I have a soft side in my Hartford me and -- and -- daughter who. I thought was a pretty good. You're -- little Bullard you know -- -- a little sound off are you any effect on Owens are absolutely can't let you know but I you know it's a shame that they don't have something for the ladies says they still think there's a drop amend bowlers that love to watch the women ball. And I definitely am one of -- I just think it's great when -- -- I can tell -- -- a huge human bowling and I know I'm not button. I'm glad that you are and I'm sure there are other people that are as well and I'm definitely watches it's -- mean just as I want a cigarette talk about it obviously here on the on the -- embolism. Quick story is when the ladies did have their tour and they they actually were back then it was Olympic lanes the finals is that Olympic planes and and that Krieger from this area speed to go with -- -- had a pro shop at the time we're talking mid eighties. And so I I -- the line and about eighty to 85%. Of the crowd where where man. Were men down or men. I have allies in the ladies -- somehow and then on bureau. They always have had a beautiful and on the tour but only Galloway army Jets do commentary on the -- earlier -- -- just you know for yet but from now pro bowling in the eighties correct. On well dammit eighty to eighty fact that I was amazed like with the -- here and I know that guy in and on this hit -- loyal and a M. Olympic you look at which she was in -- mid seventies and she made the Mets play around that was like national -- back in the late eighties early ninety's and I just 75 here's all the the time you ask how old 75. At USC -- -- -- top 24. At a lady's tour event you asked -- and there's just use Phil's gonna see today. If she would have an opportunity to do this if she went to her shields -- bowling center locally here you know like hustling Springfield area and should jump at this 123 about. Doubt imagined so I mean there's enough at just gonna Malia and TV to win adjustment -- however shows she's made the show she made the -- it's on today at 3 o'clock and Time Warner sports channel. Saw not mixed doubles and so I hope that it takes off it would be great to see -- -- but -- got the monitor Clement they got it it's all secured in the ready to go official juror. Is the whole deal points system and get account a year from Judy June. I'd say -- I grind bowling dot com when I was just there and I don't see anything -- so -- the million to -- she just confident it's check it out. And see what -- could find out -- coming up next. He has still -- to have one or 32 he has -- all right -- -- -- with -- -- -- -- Axel talked with the BA legend -- now is the mastermind a mad. Chemist so with Brunswick coming up next he's comments on the you know -- on the spare time bullish on Sports Radio 1250 W assistant. -- -- Now let's continue this very time -- -- by discussing the latest from the PGA tour with your -- -- -- Phil Bryant and Steve is striking -- on Sports Radio 1250 WS -- -- Welcome back to spare time bullish on Sports Radio 1250 WSS. Tasty Sparky Phifer. A long way it's like all rector of the spare time pro shop being joined now by -- who celebrated his eightieth birthday yesterday he is a bowling legend and the mad scientist at Brunswick he has Carmen -- -- -- they suffer coming out. Yeah -- -- that idea -- in eighty years old. Kind of shocking because when I was a kid. I was wondered how people could live -- -- I'll look at back. You know it's strange you look when you're younger you're -- long -- when they get -- you look at another -- but it head on out still -- of do a lot of things -- applicable in the tournament champions and April. And do you know a lot of work what brought quick and we've where we have a lot of great success with the bowling -- right now. Comment or talk about this bowling and determine of the champions because you're gonna break your old record for all those bowler to bowl in one of these things. I hi how much longer do you want to continue to try to do this is why -- your feeling good. Well I'll tell -- -- -- work about what waits. And it'll is that I think a lot of times. People get older if they don't find themselves be -- useful. And I I think this is great for me to get invited into the -- in the -- again and if it's -- -- practice again and I'm trying to find time to practice due to chemistry do seminar. -- -- -- I I feel very useful at this stage of my life I'm not gonna be sit around watch some television them. Read I read in the newspaper -- but I'm not -- that's not going to be my whole today. In the I put up more busy now and so pleased about was what I was 45 but. Sometimes they get a little tired but I welcome that I just couldn't picture myself. Beyond this active -- at this stage of my life would sit around. -- -- -- -- -- I'm petite who and I'll never I'll never make it's Turkey -- -- -- -- to the body of a hundred your. -- -- fall apart like you know. The -- there's a lot of that I tell people there's a there's a -- -- -- And go to well the goal at eight and I've looked at some guys who might typically tell you know what you forgot that I left -- -- of coverage LB don't have a start time bullish on Sports Radio 1250. WS says he had the privilege to be out at -- like to see you know the World Series of bowling in. We don't talk about results and stuff on the shots like -- -- on TV but. Everybody knows about the blue oil those pictures made it all -- social media all over the Internet people have seen it now. I was their -- up close and personal I absolutely love the idea. And I really liked how it looked so what was your thoughts on a -- You know I I -- think. Bowling as ever -- Very good job of education. I had back. What the comments so I saw on the computer I I'm -- bit. That the ball in proprietor CUS -- the demand factors have never done a great job but educated the public. I thought what they did over there -- it's a great great thing to educate. I don't think it was explained properly I'd give a little. Bore you with the present -- Jerry slider -- -- out of the blue league. -- make people misinterpret the bullied because of the lack of education. This thing -- this more disturbing than any thing is. That people point. Because they put the -- -- that you actually made only easier home it was an experiment that demonstrate. Now that things that a lot of people don't understand. And I experiences that Milwaukee -- body years ago. While we -- what was the name the bullets that are out there. And he got what was that -- get. Bolero sweep all the Bolero. And I crossing -- -- whether you're -- man I don't wanna give his name out not trying to embarrass anybody but I -- for the young man. That Boldin -- -- -- bowl -- the league there and he was Everton. Importing it -- -- league. -- -- when he bulk of the PBA part of that he ever won 68. And I just got to be -- Yesterday. From a gentleman named -- -- up piece. And he may have a lot of in high school a vote young man bats 50600. Nobody thinks -- -- but -- let them do what it is that doesn't necessarily. Make give -- -- he's not critical it to the major leagues and and start. Who can lead to achieve in the major leagues the problem bowl -- and I agree it would Gary -- that. We have never. Explain the level -- like him feel I want a guy -- in the league the averages thirty. That doesn't mean he's got a -- average. Thirty on the PB a poor. Yeah that's exactly what happened that young man that Everett once sixties he was as shocked people with the same bowler Saturday as the likely -- to -- the ball whatsoever. Over the same ball that are average what 68 in a bowl considering average and 46 in the league. Yet attempted oil as long overdue karma and you -- I mean where the only sport. In the world that we can't see what we're doing and are on the field like you say that were bowling and -- and it's -- advance -- field and now they're making -- visible. Not a bottom -- education of technology. -- I'm. Believe me I've gone to. Come local companies I work -- I have seven secrecy agreements with different chemical properties that have not -- the that would -- one. -- when I start talk about the complexity of the bowling ball Boleyn and so what they are -- interest that. But nobody's ever bother -- point that -- -- technical manner week we've. -- is popular view. I've got to get -- cute story he got time for that. Are great we have. All -- you know it could happen. Public -- at a company in New York called connect the international. On -- high temperature brake -- Which I helped them and they played -- royalty and I developed the relationship. With the head Campbell's third and averaged over 200. Like said the bullet ball wonder it's about notable about the ball -- -- five balls to that this story short I said the five goals. One they got called golf that is what I elements. -- not here by the way I gotta ask you question karma. Why do you keep them in a ball -- ball. And I've said that myself now how do you explain. To a lady that Everett who -- supporting which is. Good what you like a butter bowl -- once a week -- lot of credit that I. I can't give enough credit to lead over the -- wants -- week -- won 4180. -- -- -- -- not make it a little but I think Ottawa explained as starter at wonderful goal because. Nobody bothered educate these people. So I said let me think about -- -- they'll -- you play golf. Yes. That's advocate banks. I won't go out try to explain it to you what does not come up -- -- -- we have bitter. In a book talk a little more than I decided. -- -- -- So. You get the water. And up but I put the -- football in the that they get. I said that are tell -- what you -- plate car. With this order in their golf locally in the. Today I -- -- seven year old but -- People think not about fourteen clubs that's would only talk about different competitive. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Need another vulnerable. That's the exact same analogy I -- in my pro shop bowling balls there and a -- bigger and I got a set of golf clubs. But -- am certain bowlers carry fourteen with them but you have to mix it up a little bit correctly is an analogy all the time. But second the day comment I think -- asked you know back in the the 60s70s. -- the case may be. I think everybody -- -- -- they weren't using these many bowling balls back in the day like they are today. Well you know what -- sides to that point and I'm glad you brought that up because. They don't give these young bowler -- -- credit. What I've -- You know what you could stay on the effect and Darryl for our need and -- all day long. And that is an adaptable. But today the these young bowler let it be like little computer. Because they don't boo or they -- -- The lane changes so I have it there's no respect for -- Smart these young men are and how they have to changes need. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know him and change bullet ball that they have to change the ball a lot faster than we did in and -- what I was a kid. If I could be ten or fifteen guys I could win the title. Today they got to be -- a hundred different guys to win that same guys. It's our retirement Carmen so available and let junior on the spare time bullish on Sports Radio 1250 WS history -- you know Carmen and can't -- in. Don't get. T technical or -- with you like with Sparky says so I gotta ask you at least one a technical question here. You know we have -- got right now the new releases with the -- mastermind immediately. Is those -- stocks a continuation of the no. Thought. Of a -- Stanley the next -- got to start off. Wow. All that technology out doing different little let me clarify. I do the friction enhancement. What the pro football. Now the technology today is an advancement. The start of the max's. That's what I started making a breakthrough. How to make the ball would hire -- now I -- points up from here. That a ball looks early. I don't like that way that's why I designed these -- I think. It's not a question of public the ball early. It says it. Won't go bowl though I want to explain that thinkable -- Daryl if you ride it and at the stringers on the left side. If you'll put up the pole at the bottom. And -- ball does not come back -- this -- That's the problem. If the ball comes back to the scoring in the -- open early it just -- Bennett. And that's the mistake people make -- ball good book -- board. -- it doesn't close the bowl -- -- that allow the ball. But at the ball up by boards and -- boards that are right and it comes back and looked at the end were you couldn't get -- that's a big open bowl. Correct word -- in the lane correct. Is that it won't stop bowl now this the mastermind is a very tight -- bowl. Bar. It closes the -- So people could trust that might throw one about that are right it is still -- back. -- balls that looked at what. If you were able to make the ball that I have -- -- -- nobody so far in the industry's number. They would have troublemaker the ball not -- -- Are what we call roll -- Correct. So -- I get this question a lot in the shop. What's next for Brunswick what do you guys working and next. You know. It's the mainstream I thought. The also pretty good ten years ago but we keep put the Royals up there we got -- young -- In our marketing man brought Brian Graham was -- -- -- -- are just the week the goal at. To the guys in the audience all the distributors and the pro -- Do we have -- -- friction basis -- all we could use more. So the -- ball worse if -- but the ball below the ball. I don't they don't care. -- lot of ball into the third -- there'll throw about that the three border coming back are happening you know it. Give it the -- is. Why don't we let. The people that the league's. Leaderboard pebble wants that we have fond. Why do we have the dark black about the oil on the way to pick oil off the -- -- of all walked away and as -- what are doubles and the thing -- -- ever in my life. Up by sixty years of pleasurable. Put -- -- -- that these people that work all week lol. Comment F bomb but explain. That's not the same as poor. Is it time for fun and then as the time for seriousness -- doesn't turn -- Entertainment and one as professional ball into -- bad at all other sports. You don't just stop what stop and -- whatever that is all about a great golfer. As you -- -- and not opt out -- up left Kevin goal that you or. I'd hate myself what golf. It. You I don't regret it outlawed where exactly an apartment sell venal Brunswick here on Sports Radio 1250 to BS has gag this question all the time from. My friends that don't have a cool Bob ball and they always ask me this question. -- like other guys distorts straight. Does this straight the pocket while other guys why does everybody have to hook the ball wire there -- guys at the -- you know more straight at the pocket without looking -- as their reason for that. Yes there is a reason. And he would take the best to -- watered the best straight bowl or -- all of them. But. He has to be solo -- -- That he can't and -- kids period of -- off what we call off strikes. Becomes a little bit -- they had them are little light on the net and he's not but it. -- -- -- -- That guy is he doesn't have a big -- -- entry. Now let me explain this technically. You could take a fourteen -- bowl. If you got -- you have the corrected pretty you could strike more that you could would have if they are sixteen golf ball what is Shell poetry. Now. The reason why wait is better. Is what -- to have the perfect -- three you get those extra strikes or you get those extra is that -- albeit with a fourteen. Golf ball or lighter ball like -- thing. But. What you get that it pretty -- only develop but it three -- you have a lot of rotation on the ball when your hands about. If -- -- in -- -- around 6 o'clock or 7 o'clock and you rip but -- the 3 or 2 o'clock -- creating such a big -- That at all want it -- is -- gonna have a big -- out -- 5 o'clock to 1 o'clock you've got to show it to be still he's still got -- -- But you're never gonna get both sector strikes that are shot -- gets -- Belmont he -- -- bill -- the east -- more strikes with both people give solid. Doesn't hurt him as a god -- -- -- -- -- that doesn't hurt to have a 600 robredo thought that. I consider you Carmen he visionary man where do you see the industry going in the next five years. I don't think. The technology is the problem. I think. The proprietors. The US BC. And Amanda factors. I have never -- that this sport directly. I don't think they pay enough attention to the kids but especially the kids so that they. I don't think they pay them up but that's in the and they have the gratitude of league's league -- That that's sad recently what I've heard all the -- Tell -- get out of there we want open play. They don't realize that -- play. In this government bowl and these are all little always better temporary short term. Moving out -- combination. -- -- -- They're they're the most important thing in -- bowl and put up all of -- to make -- little. The PBA. Is the most important thing this short showcase. The sport -- -- They -- The proprietor or do not go. The PBA about da da Matta factors do. They do a great job that you would -- -- does not support the BBA enough. -- who benefits. What the red means where I -- on the BBA the proprietor. Or what have -- where I have a BBA the -- a lot more -- observers. So guys -- wake up this is a great sport. That's a great entertainment. Is all -- not watered the other separate them. About the level of play. Its support the level play let people have -- and respect the polls. These guys are great athletes. More so than they've ever been and -- our guys worked out. -- -- You -- well you're turning eighty years old and I wanna wishing happy -- -- -- And -- just doesn't mean they're very effective. If -- -- anyway I'm not a -- that -- -- that champions. -- -- to go in the locker room and tell those guys -- put little restaurant. About a lot of too relaxed out there -- for the sake guys maybe years old if I beat anybody -- this rule you gotta think they'll retire. -- Not at that -- -- -- -- and I'm glad I got fired say it. I love it looked like it any job Medicare -- and I try to bring it. That's where it all corporate -- at his -- -- yet there is department -- being up and is creditable job on Sports Radio 1250 WS destiny. Generally talk about the pros let's focus on the future stars of the sport -- heroes of those spare time -- shows. Why don't -- -- right -- and Steve Sparky Phifer. On Sports Radio 1250 W -- is Pete. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Eighty years old bowling tournament of the champions DOC I. There isn't I'm guessing I won't be -- music. I know I won't be ahead -- that. I might be I guess it's possible my body and -- -- -- -- -- it may be boots are rolling at six Israel at the -- He talked about. The the ball and proprietors. You know not. Getting behind -- TBA. Arm and kind of going hand hand with the TBA. Too shocking considering we -- -- -- the on the Shell numerous times your thoughts on it and how does it ever get to beat up partnership that they need. He's on -- percent right there is enough for the -- around the nation that do things on the regional level. They just had a story. -- center in Minneapolis area that sponsors a couple of regionals a year. There's a casino down and abuse that does a couple originals a year -- you know casino Council Bluffs. Responses a couple of regionals and then you know blowing gambling Titans -- -- Together even outside the US BC. As well but. When you get those and the mom and pop proprietor can I think you came in the turn on the TV in -- center of the pediatrician -- let alone. Don't try to sponsor. A regional or throw money at another senators you can get a regional summer and fifty miles to town. I don't even in the original is nice and and that's all fine and dandy but -- for for me. You don't get any of these -- and senators to have the PB and in general. And I don't know how much of that comes back CP BA for. Not kind of staying on top love and getting empty BA stuff to give away or PBS stuff to hang up in their senators or. Whatever the case may be because face -- I go it -- a sports bar. Right this afternoon. At -- let's say nowadays Quaker -- mean. We -- NFL take at three dollar shall -- -- -- my primary there dollar shall we go autographed memorabilia courtesy of legends of the field to give away with trivia. Apple pie charts after touchdown sixteen dollar Miller -- -- to -- And they have the NFL ticket too and we're there for every spot every noon and three card game for -- -- And using -- Right so it's a lot of flawed it's a party -- -- now if that's you know go to quicker -- -- there today to -- Xiamen do you. But you go somewhere holes right. They're going to be attacked him right go somewhere else and impact -- bar restaurant -- -- -- to have -- -- -- Can't he do this little experiment today Gilani -- its impact names -- Now I want you to go around go to the same -- you went to today -- see the baggage for a and now those same bars money -- about 6:37 o'clock and see if they have the -- Pistons game. -- remember to turn the Bucs Pistons game. Most of which will probably say they didn't know they were playing or be either so bad why would we even have a -- nobody's asking form right. The PGA has kind of the same issue right now. That they're not top of mind awareness with the kid behind the -- -- who's in charge of putting the TV's on bowling lanes. They're not -- mine awareness. With the waitresses or the bartender inside the bar the bowling center to know what time -- PGA is on this week because why. The Packers are on who cares about the BBA right now my ticket up packer game off to throw the PBA tour on on -- on I TDs. Yes and that's as currency innings then he says the words wake up guys. What time -- was -- last year -- -- trying to get the summer series back in Milwaukee appeal and just how do we make this happen mark my exact words were we gotta get everyone to work together. And that's what I see between US PC -- -- for writers this there's no unity and there's -- working together right you know as a separate identity stats but the problem and we got to get everyone of this sport wants to survive. And he said -- point blank the PBA. Is the standard we have to keep the tour. Well even if you look down the next year with the board of prayers in the peavy working together after this year with the US open the BP A decides that. The -- I haven't -- fourteen. I thought it was a great show this Lester did the men and woman boy at the same time on the same size they have lose -- west allotment challenge matched up at the end for the extra ten grand piano. Great show and then that on the US open on that none of not happen that's not good now we're gonna -- real look at it and maybe bring him back to when I was -- a team right. So that just shows are -- -- how important -- pros in the superstars of the Stoops sport are. The -- writers association. I'm gonna look at it is that that ever does go well with -- -- -- one of those cliches we should it took better cure -- when we did have that jerk. And that's when you could say for every arena had a lot of isn't there for every city that had a team pick up and -- medical Beers after they leave. Then we'll see what they're freaking out going man we need a team that we look at Seattle in the NBA they're still trying to -- an NBA team there and they thought there on the last -- -- on. Sacramento ended up saying where they -- But again. I think right now. And this is this is just me at this point but. As crazy as this sounds top -- PBA. And he they don't have any bodies mean I wish they had more bodies to actually do this. Mean they really kind of need to get out in goal and get some go to the all the owners of the TV or wherever else and -- I need some time -- expense budget. I can just start walking in a setters -- and on time Clark. A commission of the TBA. Sit down to start talking to some of these owners want I want. And if you don't maybe Tom because he's here in the midwest. Maybe he does the midwest grain and somebody else does part of the East Coast and -- mean you've got guys that can go out and do what you need them to do. I hate to turn the clock back a yen -- -- my age but I do have memories of an important as a kid. How did they make it then worked in the seventies they had to do something to go to the proprietors. And get the -- to come to town and when he did this the crowds were -- in the state because -- what -- -- wasn't against the NFL. Secondly was on all over the air television. Maybe I'm cable as I said before. It's nice to be NE SPN it's better than being on NBC sports network -- sports -- CBS sports now -- but right now but going against the NFL is crazy. First secondly. You're on cable but we -- before the Brewers you -- reliable fox sports was god that's fine and dandy. I'll take that came up fox sports -- -- and I'll put it on 24 or something. And I'll draw I guarantee -- I -- Because -- on over the air and not everybody has cable or satellite I know everybody thinks everybody does but that's just not the case and you're gonna have more eyes on it. -- so I think that's tool of the reasons why. Of why it probably worked batter then that it doesn't. And then just there more participants in the sport there are people doing it to three guys a week. That we're in a -- or even stretch bowlers they were going -- having a good time of their friends a couple of it's a week balling. And they're really into the sport evil male wears a 140 or -- and fifty. And they were the fans that filled the stands up when they -- here. I just did and talking about that I just don't think the proprietor Stuart good enough job -- -- dead. In the seventies and eighties when we were booming I mean they Khalil packet -- -- Bailey a bowling. That he was the promoter. I'm -- he did it for the red carpet changed the team but he did at the right way he got people in the senator. It didn't matter because when the -- -- came to town and they have the big programs that celebrity Europe -- Guerrero. Those entry forms that they were all across state doors setters early cough RGP two bucks during your league. And it's at 125. People and you've got a spot to the pro am. Credit on that yet it was it was but I mean they fill their pro -- Boy ever were blowing youthful and use pro am I mean it was to lose two or three squads full use -- that -- celebrity. So. Off a pro -- memories on this -- -- -- light Albrecht of the spare time pro shop in number on take a quick time out come back and a touch a little bit again. I'm Billy -- guys passing last week and that snacks -- resemble -- on Sports Radio 1250 W assistant from. -- -- -- Yeah. That's right I'm always on Sports Radio itself fifty WSS the only couple minutes last year is another -- class. Buys these -- five -- -- Albert. Bill -- off to do -- TV taping later this afternoon classic Greenfield. I got out. -- -- in this quickly here. -- bowling show old that we do here I'm WSO speak. -- and first years that we didn't that we started it. -- Dwight and I the first show -- it was just united are. And then banning -- came running in I -- newest -- right and an imbalance with us. -- -- left us and now Phil is in with us. But let's let's say thanks them. Because I think it's bigger -- I've been top dog and we've done -- thing here now there are asking me pass this is your three you know armed him and I don't know if you thought we make -- more than a year. But today that we -- and our self -- -- animated. Ron -- three now and yeah -- easy pick up -- around the country some very cool again if I thank you for listening this guy you -- -- get all -- you know -- at Sparky radio -- RKY radio at Sparky radio -- here on Twitter -- -- -- Now do we 300 and -- -- 300 for him as well. Ably -- Barlow is too and I guess they should amassing forty laughed and he -- me -- but I -- members and so we'll get that actually from Phil. Okay a Billy Hardwicke passed away last week and -- you have a couple things and that. Yeah -- and again a wonderful story and a but this is the point though was ballerina real quickly here this is after -- the cash in the single event. During the -- rookie campaign in 1962. He went on to win four titles. And the first of two PBA player of the year honors in 63. That was the part of the story that really struck me is his first year. He failed to cash money event and then in one year. In any weather he became player of the year and then and 69 he also. Became clear the year that's -- so I mean. You gotta pay your dues out there you got to get your feet -- you World Series -- as part stomach pumped that he was on TV their food. Long time it's a learning process just like retirement talked about it flips and it's almost like you can't lose anymore on TV it's pretty wild. On a shot -- -- still trying to get that I'd done so. I think the fans started Albrecht of spare time pro -- Sparky five -- thanks for tuning into the spare time bowling shoulder cigarette -- things next week happy Thanksgiving. -- will be talking about the first TV taping now come up next -- and ES PNC state Tim. Are so nicely not o'clock central each and every week on Sports Radio 1250 WSS state. Fantasy football weekly coming expects proxy by quicker six -- probably starting -- today.