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11/24/13 Chevy Silverado Green and Gold PostGame Show

Nov 24, 2013|

Bill and Gary react to the bizarre 26-26 tie among the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The Packers game is over and it's time to break this one down. This is they shouldn't Silverado green and pulled post game show presented by cap gold medals and seeking people their priority. That's something to say about today's game -- 55 -- we go week six or -- now along with former -- -- -- was -- periods -- being you know build my. Good evening and welcome to -- a critical post game show and we will be in the post game show coming up here just a couple of minutes because right now. The Packers have tied the ballgame if you're just Julius and the Packers have tied it up they came storming -- Matt Blanton -- is a legend lives on in Matt Flynn I don't I'll support it. But the Packers have come storming back forty -- it's 46 seconds remaining in the ball game. And -- Mason Crosby a split the up rights and the Packers are back all -- even. So that being said. They are -- they're going to go to overtime. They've got the forty something seconds left or -- what they what Jerry Ellison we are broadcasting -- let me say this first and foremost -- -- or steak -- Where here in Green Bay. The crowd. Extremely excited obviously it is a a nail biter to say the least I -- I guess the highlight of today not only being. The the -- and situation affected -- He comes in and in and plays extremely well after Scott told me just that we couldn't get the job done and he comes in plays well. Wise you've got the Tampa Bay Buccaneers knocking off the Lions right now in Chicago Bears are losing to the St. Louis Rams as well all worked out for. Even if we lose this game going to be OK if we do what you need to win and you want to win bad here. Bob what we've got Patterson now but returned to dog on our kickoff and -- -- know architectural. I think he's got a huge group of free -- some -- -- and don't let him out wall. Mean he has won the most dangerous kickoff return guys in the game today -- perfect. Now that's just -- But amateurs -- you -- all right so you gotta cover in they do so -- you get the Vikings. That'll go on offense and then -- we'll let you know how the outcome is. Really -- this game up until the end has been all about -- two particular things got holes -- At the initial run which was spectacular. Almost Barry Sanders asked yeah. And then it was his inability to throw over the defense of line wreck and the defense that just couldn't get off the field and they just allow. Adrian Peterson almost a run while today. Right and it's not over bill that we got to get a couple stops here you look at -- 412 left to go. Our defense got -- over the ball thirty our lives that they don't need martz. But the -- field goal here so that you go to Europe for football here we -- at least try to stop them on defense really -- played that well all game long. So we'll we'll see -- -- 600 -- -- -- a lot going to be talking about mobile. Met -- -- what were -- starting quarterback for me giggle. Well I don't know that that's going to be -- let's -- me the question but I'll I'll say this. You -- Scott told -- you believe it's got -- he had been in your system your feet he was ready to go. You know Mike McCarthy was very -- in saying he had done a lot of good things not appropriate today. No no we're here to think clearly. Clearly -- -- more of the opera and then he led all our new -- mean you know auto. Command a hall of command the opposite where -- just -- -- so much time to get the ball out. I don't know before governance of Bob barber cart the American people seem to be to quarterback. And wouldn't let merit lead through here I mean it could be your QB huge barrier in -- -- for a -- you know how to build your own thing -- -- Mean it looks like you should have been starting quarterback -- along. Certainly does and the other aspect of this is. That he if you told seen. My question if you saw what we saw today it might -- McCarthy and Ted Thompson when they worked him out -- he didn't really have the arm problems he could throw short passes he had good footwork. I wouldn't you why was he the -- right so do you believe that Scott -- was just the guy was capable of taking this team up and on the field. Or was there -- -- -- because told team had been in the mix in because everybody else scream for -- when -- Justin wanna just jump on the bandwagon where. It appears to know from -- standpoint were you are Burnett I think -- McCarthy you know those guys here and that I can make -- you're in a pro quarterback I mean he wasn't bad. -- Matt Flynn was shift a little bit better. I mean that's been proven out today knocked him before you -- fourteen -- -- the -- game -- seven. -- defense get off the field -- ball is that the 45 yard line. You know it needn't need to get -- right and we're gonna get it fixed obligated to all that McCarthy felt good to get it should be -- this thing but. But we need to get into overtime we need to get a win here. By the Green Bay Packers when you talk about these divisions not very good you steal -- it. Mean look like both -- -- it short and Chicago simple movement. 85583086488558308648. If you wanna get all of us go and it was -- we would love to hear from him. You wanna find us on Twitter he is at -- dollars in GA RYELLERS. -- went. You can find me at bill underscore Michaels. I have been tweeting all day Gary's been waiting all day -- I love getting into it today it's it's been -- you don't want a place where. All just people that just just there's just -- in previous practice and Burress idiots you know had elder heads don't you know. And is that in order heads stuck you know you know when you have to drop applied to -- we look -- -- -- you know you got your head start someplace. You know what you can talk about play calling -- talk about all of that you know but to me a lot of this -- -- -- execution. Right which -- was your execution right. The Packers didn't get it done you can talk about Dom Capers and dialing stuff up and you know when guys -- -- in the -- they -- set the -- on -- -- -- -- -- the question we talked about. We talk about this coming out. Is it Dom Capers in the scheme or have they overestimated some of the talent that they. But I tell you what his dog but the -- organization. But it gives -- time and now. -- back in the fifth. Real here old enough all on how to draft and how to -- instinct I think when you hit now if you take a deep look inside -- Holiday put its team together now it is driven by the quarterback no doubt about it laughter Rodgers got hurt it's the ministry -- argued down with that. -- -- -- from fatal flaw on the defense that you do you know that that it's very very. You know you -- you see -- there's some -- -- -- happened really. -- -- -- -- march and half over right tackles and laws there and about they try to move up a couple of years ago and and he did it well. But they don't care I don't know him with a guy like at right tackle spot -- this gaffe -- issues that they need through -- draft. That's -- hold on how can they get better Morgan Burnett if and other -- -- -- -- developed. What you thought -- develop we'll see what happens next year. I mean you look at their off our back with the that they claim Matthew you've got -- guy. I mean they've got a lot of stuff to talk by -- capers will be few of them you bring him back for another right after your media bit. They need -- typical all look inside. Its organization that they do it every year anyway. But this year it. They really need to take a long look at that now they've got a good running back Eddie -- there for you grow -- man yeah yeah it's grown man. -- you know Eddie lacy is a beyond yet if you put lately where -- Rodgers. Know you've got to Portland offers but I don't know when he got Rogers big they have to put another gotten a box it is after. Throw so you look good opportunity which -- tackle right tackle spot. Maybe you need short spot offensively. You probably need another receiver definitively. Well he's gone next year you should have. It all. Boy who went wc. -- you're left tackle. Oh are blocking the front like yeah blog about yeah -- literature -- depth chart yet Newhouse is gonna come -- reliable as Smart player box TRE. Go to the other side. What I think that we'll -- back at right tackle for that -- -- so that's partly to block our yard well it but I don't think he can play wrecked that right tackle. -- blogger Eagles back with old spot. You that your you know -- left tackle for the future that's there and don't think you missed by actor Dario -- there. But Stewart mean different -- -- the way -- I think it you know and take a look inside the drafting what they've done is that is that drafting. The best player available at that spot I mean should they -- -- one that I mean. That does that work I mean clearly one out all the events right really. -- some -- in his draft you know if -- available. I'll say this when you and I were leaving the stadium. Just about a ten minutes ago on a ball game. There was a whole lot of people leaving the state -- there were just scream and -- this season as our game everything was over -- or how drastically changed I can see almost like when the Miami Heat were ya -- lose he came back and wanted to always try to run back in the arena right there might be a lot of Packers fans -- to get back a ball game. You know it for the first them walked dog nobody. Immune name and you. Know. I. -- -- -- So we have had an -- you know he'll he'll -- -- isn't there two weeks ago isn't. Back about golf a little police golf cart. In and out there and jump the golf or even give me. -- -- -- We didn't do agree with that no walked other young lady. During the two month story of walk and -- not there's a mom and her little -- -- going to be about not a news oh and have walked about a mom with runners on. Now if -- viking fans say anything you'd. -- -- We have more mobile and how many championships you weren't sure. It's priceless -- -- priceless. Art and it above market but juniors all. Him on the article you're -- and I didn't think -- At school camp that it will join ML right you know love it if -- you get -- Of his Chevy -- critical post and -- -- a -- -- -- -- -- for broadcasting live -- Brett Favre steak house here in Green -- If you're listening to is in year in the in the vicinity here over the game come on over -- looked -- -- over here we've got more the critical post game show present a mechanical mental step -- right after this. This is the bill Michaels sports talk network. I. So who got on the board first the first score of the game is brought to you by Great Lakes distillery Milwaukee's award winning -- a great experience for your tailgate party this is the Chevy Silverado green and gold post game show presented by -- gold medal standings. Back to the program it's -- Chevy -- -- post game show present like capital metal stamping -- -- make people their priority. Backers try to drive right now in overtime down on the field. And they're doing so. There -- just about the midfield -- -- up to date on the game -- drive of the game brought -- by the Milwaukee area Napa auto care associate aren't about losing. -- blown out there right now. -- don't it. There you go. If you like it was -- -- by all -- do silly by five B 30864. And say this. Is Jordy Nelson -- When nominal this year. That's. Premier free -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right I hope. You -- back in being -- in the little. Beat -- and go yeah I'm here doubtful that watched the game at other than that I'm meg dropped problem. Already you're -- you gotta you gotta go hang out talk -- or right over our. Help of Robby. Raged for a federal government got -- -- and -- down there food and that's -- what happened right now I'm ready to go my friend and you know art. Dark I'm reading -- -- -- at three human about top five receivers. -- -- maybe not that didn't go out and. To me. You have proven BO right now I'll -- really. With well you know one thing. No one thought he could do before dark -- -- Ryder boat called the I'm through all the years -- -- Aaron Rodgers -- Jordy Nelson. Right there with Baltimore on -- and all the hard or are absolutely does that -- -- and now he's a good job. McNamee -- list this guy and a number yet -- guys here and -- put them number. That the -- -- touchdown they win. Paul -- local largely been a ball goes back to go to Minnesota he had that you got to hope for defensive line and can get a couple in a row out of the Packers defense. Eight by five yeah. 864 at 8558086. Or eight those of the phone numbers but let's go to -- Charles who's listening to was -- Toledo Ohio Toledo Ohio what do mud -- Charles. I -- that the -- gospel linemen do Redman. I holds up well with no. I've seen -- -- game on the record Nader didn't. Well my -- it probably -- -- How do you do. Well they -- -- he's been awhile. Think -- -- being beaten me and I it would appear. You know we might not. Gonna. It's going to be out or caught a caught don't open the dominant really -- -- doing -- -- Oh yeah we do -- -- -- a good Watson thing. You got -- over Toledo what. I didn't get my outlook but look out big snap it and do. It over the leg up. They won't score but not make you ought still. I was a couple of can't be like against Berkman you know always always we look at anecdotal my game with -- -- -- -- like. What about -- -- Never. Thought we. Were arguing. Having Justin you got to come down -- -- whatever. No Pro Bowl notebook and looked on cup -- yeah. Apparently were Charles Charles thanks for the phone call -- right. In the front yard run for our Charles -- for the phone call. It's been obviously an exciting game and if the Packers punch it in the end zone -- at winning this ball game. They are really right now knocking on the goal line. The the Minnesota Vikings and we don't want to give you play by play obviously that's our job but. I'll let you know the outcome of the game you know is is the Packers continue to drive in overtime. You don't like it if let's just say the Packers get a win here covers up a lot of -- Covers -- a lot of -- it. You got to start with. The energy. That defense specifically with urgency that out of step up and it is -- today -- Then again how much does a guy like -- told -- and the ability for the offense to go in and throw -- there subtly change the outlook guy of the defense to play. Well -- you know our. If you look here at the waited straighten -- -- flag. They have been you know they've they've played Matthews played well all game long so he stepped -- and play real well. Well but knew when it comes down to it you know right here they -- to make -- play. The other flag and reflect on that later but I Utley went -- just in -- -- Jordan you know from your very. I thought defense. They played OK in spots -- borders beyond not Woody should -- you know I mean -- right -- I thought they were much better than what they really are. And you know I knew that this is the way that they can go back and if you look at nick -- right now. Nonexistent. Or if you -- play today but you know you were hoping to get out of allowed back opposite. But I played -- and if that happened right defense they got to get no big play -- in secondary. Burnett is not that. You know Burnett looks bad right I mean he made a couple plays where it's at the edge -- play pretty well a couple of them but overall me that's secondary is weak right now. 8558308648855. -- 086 for a coming -- right now. While you. -- -- you all the money right. The Packers by the way they are up in overtime they were not much and in the end zone. They ended up kicking the field goal so they are up 32623. Right now. In overtime. Now the ball goes back to the Minnesota Vikings at the Vikings can score. While obviously the -- in the end -- over if the kick a field goal they keep on -- but the Packers. They need to. -- -- -- the Bears lost anything from you know what -- federal count of lying to law lets do this let me give the scores here right now. And let's see here -- is it's gone final Detroit Tampa Bay beat Detroit 24 to one we won that game. Is now over on hand. What's the other one -- -- a rare thing the Bears in Saint Louis Saint Louis is that game's gone 1202 minutes to go with the Rams are now 4221. Over the on down there over out to about two minutes five seconds going again at 4221. The Rams reported on the Bears. So everything that needed to happen for the Green Bay Packers today short of a Packers win thus far that's happened is the Detroit Lions have fallen. And the Bears are about ready to be beat. And there's -- it would take an act of god. For the Bears to win that game but those would be just -- and we are active Brett Favre -- -- were hearing Green Bay swing not over and say hello because this could've won. From one of those drown our sorrows parties where it could have been -- venting of venom. To -- this may be one of the more joyous celebrations we've been apart of in a long long time -- where -- -- swing by and say hello. The -- issues on defense. Are gonna continue to -- we have now. Let me say this -- will see what happens here. But in this game. It seem like the defense when they needed to step up came up with a couple big place. And they played with a different level of energy right so. I guess the question then becomes here and we were talking about this earlier -- -- defensive player and you know you don't have much hope. And you're pressing. Because you have to make -- play right. As you know it's not because you're gonna give the ball back to an offense is gonna score you just didn't give the ball back. I mean obviously that changes things -- -- -- what what's. Right not with their backs are against the wall right now right they've they've they've got to make a play and out of there -- -- If they feel like there's -- -- -- -- they play. But the hope -- the defense not have to step up I mean and make a play they knew when Rodgers went out. It was going to be up to them to get it done an image of student from here they're part of it. 85583086488558308648. Those of the numbers as the Packers now on defense. Trying to fend off -- -- -- Minnesota Vikings. The one -- you got to think about is Adrian Peterson's already coughed it up once today in cold weather he's been known to do that at times yeah. So maybe if they're gonna keep -- -- AP you've got to make sure you're tackling you're not the ball here exactly restaurant but the ball yet and we don't know what golf yeah. They'll take me through the first guy that we -- that and -- -- -- all governments you know. On the ground first let's do this we're gonna take a quick break and come back -- maybe we'll have an outcome of this contest for you when we do. 85583086488558308648. Give us who shall -- love to hear from me this is the Chevy Silverado critical post game show present like abdominal shipping we are alive -- -- Green Bay at Brett favre's. The Packers a couple of downs away from putting this one what looked to be -- loss from putting this one away. Big -- -- Christian Ponder and they got a couple more downs to get to a bullets you know what happens when we come back stick around a more right after this. You're listening to the bill Michaels sports -- network. Brought -- -- come to work today. -- fans of the game brought to you by a -- -- is -- -- grab -- at Wisconsin. Trust your next project to the best fans in the business blog on the BC WY -- -- This is the Chevy Silverado green and gold post game show presented by -- -- standings. -- one -- two yard third down so. What about the program it's chevys were a degree angle post game -- present -- -- metal stamping your broadcasting live the Brett Favre steakhouse here in Green Bay, Wisconsin. And if you're at the game come on over and things went from Julius to relatively somber male buddy -- situation right now. As the Vikings who -- -- a couple of -- away from the Packers and -- in this game are now knocking at the Packers. Door when it comes to a audience -- Backers you don't know video goal to get the ball back that's -- -- you know a turnover otherwise they're going -- Things are horrific for the fact -- the Detroit Lions and the Bears have both lost today. Alliance lost at home to Tampa Bay the Bears -- lost on the road in -- -- lacking. To to the yes it was so Rams. And not quite sure that -- completely over. Just yet but nevertheless. Yeah that is a final 42 point one the Rams knocked off the -- And it's like nobody right now what's it take stranglehold. Audience -- -- the Packers or really. When it comes to through injuries they have more injuries in the -- Johnathan Franklin goes down we -- C. J. Wilson barely be able walk at all. Leaving the field and actually left on a cart. Went back -- lock the Packers defensively. When he made a big stops. They've been less than 5050. And there about to give up points again -- had to wait and see whether it's the end of the game touchdown. Or whether it's a game tying field goal on which the Packers then. Would get the ball back. 85583086488558308648. It was -- would love to hear from day by 58308648. He was -- and down. It is like I said it's pretty much -- nail -- here in Green Bay. And it's beat down for the Packers. And we'll keep -- -- -- -- that. -- I tell you -- they didn't do this -- any kind of major for and that's. On this drive they ran it right down the throats of the Packers right and they beat him in the trenches they beat him in the secondary. And they kick their butt all the way to on the field and this is what we're talking about this where the frustration comes in what you -- off the field -- he had somebody not doing it right. Third and fourteen I hear. And go right -- right about the media off the field right now and we'll see what happens here and you've. You've got once again no pressure you've got all -- total football. You've got to -- him. Altered. Ball. I frugal. Unbelievable. Right back at -- out absolute -- through the -- I don't know why. We -- trip to I don't know why he -- that. I -- our motto is Yvonne how there I would -- on how undercurrent there -- -- pick -- don't for the big play. Are you go through all Butler wants an automatic all -- -- long one moment he's been automatic for a long time he -- a little bit this year. Earlier but -- But nevertheless he splits the up rights of their four years they gonna go to the agreement back here again -- the ball back in match play and see if they can do it again medically. It's got nothing -- points in his last few drives right. Yeah I mean you know met two touchdowns and -- goalies come and play well I mean you know I don't think getting in bad -- about the guys. -- -- he's been in our book of who are you know are you a long -- We thought -- his team pre season. They had holes that -- into right. Then there was the four game stretch where they played they get everybody believes all man you thought it would all come together in -- go -- hurt. Bottom falls out now in which you made great point become an all right Davydenko in all with now they've got some -- -- You know quarterbacks or more to go from play mixed up -- with the oh. You know they have been difficult to -- right I mean it's the only -- in the commended because I mean -- there's -- We just don't have any big. Big playmaker and -- I -- the next question is the you could say. They got the big stopped and the ball that's what they needed to do -- give -- credit for that they could've won a ballgame here at the defense -- what do balking at a miracle. And they didn't do -- and shut the -- -- let me let me go back to this -- second. Both teams about the football wants -- the Packers kick a field goal -- go back to. But the Packers right now of course you know I think it's over -- so the next underscore that over. That's where Schwartzel Oca medical announced would -- it's okay. Presumably because you're a team another chance and we've we've operated -- -- now four score wins -- over. And and I think the clock -- whatever -- up to -- -- and apply here and it's all. OK -- the Packers could be 55 and one I believe that's what would be right. It's gonna be 55 right at a prior throwing Packers five by the would go to six and five yet -- and and all they can be 551. -- but I'm poignant tribute -- Which doesn't help you at all well if the half the game. There's -- problems other teams -- what is. With a record for the Lions and the Bears. Are -- 656. In four. -- -- -- -- Out while another got a -- -- and -- right yes 65 -- you know yours derided doorstep you know you gotta get when you get a half the game which. -- need to win. 8558308648558308648. Some other games of note today. The Chiefs at home loss to the Chargers 4138. That game has gone final. Also you've got some other games that have been played. The Dolphins got knocked off by the Panthers twenty to sixteen Steelers get another win their start and it kind of comeback alive point 7211. Over the Browns. Thirteen to six the Jaguars beat the Texans. In Texas. I magical -- just took a lost one for 211713. The Saints were -- -- of balance. The Jaguars beat the Texans. -- -- With Texans at Roland aero demanded they got a quarterback and the guy -- -- -- fighting it what was it Foster. Came to silently got jobs based on the drugs Broderick Johnson I'm sorry I got -- -- -- here so it's it's been better there aren't real while which you take. While the league game and -- They thought that we'll start successful early on his a game right now when do. You were a money right now stick with the stick with regulation yeah we got to run to that reckless abandon I -- I would. 8558308648855830864. -- of the phone numbers get a hold us would love to hear from you. The score tied at 246 apiece. With 349. Left to go in the if I'm not mistaken in overtime. And the Packers have to drive the football get themselves -- score. Eight -- 58308648. About a -- radio Joe's already -- the fact that he did call the Eddie lacy heading he was in the locker room guys come back out. Right do radio -- thing about the way I call the Chiefs and Chargers game called the -- -- I will say this. I had called both he upsets in via the -- north. Feel good about that. Let's go back and talk about. Dom Capers for a minute and do that. You know there's some people saying it's Ted Thompson's -- some people saying it's Dom Capers. Where do you think of the blame lies regarding this defense because it's not like -- haven't drafted defensive guys. What do you -- -- from well I mean I think you know period has triggered a Bears player available and that and the best player available may not affect the -- of all of Dom Capers and so that's where you fall -- you know that's when you know you get into our trick Barrett. -- -- defense of capers Gregg probably -- practice with these guys. And it's may -- be district has been -- -- that's what they do you know. 85583086488558308648. Packers forced to punt so -- got to punt it away in the defense is gonna have to winnable ballgame that's the number at least hold on in in court to try to get the ball back. At this point of Starks that's marked man -- -- ball. -- -- -- -- He's got inside a lot of that would have been -- James Starks as Starks got inside -- -- right -- -- in -- our first -- these results are every theater. But give us shall we love to hear from again why take a quick break and we're gonna come back continue the discussion is the by the way up for those of you on the network station -- -- till 6 o'clock tonight until 6 o'clock tonight. We originally scheduled for five -- because the overtime -- until 6 o'clock this evening. Stick around a lot -- the Chevy Silverado critical post game show broadcasting live from Brett Favre -- were in Green Bay we've got more right after this. Wisconsin why in the bill Michaels sports talk network. -- Walked back to the program which should be surrounded critical post game show presented -- capital metal stamping we're glad to have you were broadcast live if Brett -- steak -- here in Green -- that's Rican -- And we should be talking about a post game coming up here. You know hopefully just a few minutes is you're talking about a minute 59 left on the clock in the Packers have the football in overtime. The next score wins if there is a score if not this game and any -- Between these two teams. We listening for Michael Evans medical -- radio into the packers' locker room after the game along with the -- or -- Chuck Freeman -- well aerial Arsenal along side -- bill Michaels if you wanna finest excuse me. On line you can tweet us at -- underscore Michaels or add to dreary colors and EL LE RSO win. And of minus over there but it has been a wild one at Lambeau Field -- days in the release between two teams one Bentley respectability in the other one. Battling for their playoff lives as -- two teams who have lost in the NFC north today that beat both alliance they got beat by Tampa Bay at Detroit. Excuse me and the Chicago players they got knocked off today in Saint Louis -- 4221. Was the final there. Gary we're sitting here talking about all the negatives defensively. A couple of -- positives one of the big positives. Eddie -- man don't you wish the defense play the way he did. Like a man possessed today. -- play well I -- The guy it's it's -- unbelievable I mean it's played real well and sort -- -- draft picks. He took that -- Right it was almost you know you look at -- move back like 34 times. Before -- -- to get a picture book start I think that was good pickup by I mean he's played lights out. He's done well. For everything that was said about it he -- is wait and whether or not -- question president in order at a bad -- you are questioned his suit kind of you know offseason conditioning enthusiasm via. Manny is run like a man as a here I mean he's ran just like he -- -- now he's not right something wrong when he was in when he was it Alabama. 85583086488558308648. Those via phone number two year old was please do. We would love to hear -- -- a couple of different tweets here this was from Jacob who -- is set to -- Michaels. Says hey guys does Dom Capers keep his job at the end of the season what do you think honestly. Why don't -- I don't know. Mike's been very loyal to Dom Capers we have there's been screens for Dom Capers had for. A couple of a couple of seasons now aren't good defense hasn't been right they thought they draft -- the right guys who you believe you have the right guys that are not getting any better than obviously you're thinking it's the coach. Right -- I would agree with I think you look at the -- they've been through. In May and -- Yeah -- but you -- know -- Lovie Smith are all right well yeah I mean I love something different so -- physical athletic overtures and I think -- and give them an authority here. -- in -- new war I mean no no. I don't know bringing them back. Here. 855830864885583086. -- those of the numbers. What is it due to the playoffs it would come down to eight hire any kind of a point that I don't really know and that's where we -- stricker. It comes out of timer also -- right right now the Packers on the outs on the union they had out -- of the worst record. At forest conference -- they've lost to what Philadelphia they've lost to Dallas you're looking outside of well we got to go of their -- -- although -- breakers if bills in FC east team from in the -- and then right now they're the last team negating. -- right now I think -- ahead of -- At least Chicago is -- -- soul in order for us in the playoffs it appears right now today that we have to win out. To get into play out there that we kicked them in second. To make it into the playoffs if if they were treading to a tiebreaker we -- -- -- -- -- like feel the or the Giants -- that would happen right now postings are not in it. Because if you look at that side of it if the Carolina Panthers. It's -- it's -- -- with the -- because they've got a pretty good record so right now we have to win the vision to get -- as he sits right now today. 8558308648855830864. Egos of the phone numbers -- visited it was a shot. We love to hear from him. -- a couple of different things one being at the Packers are still driving the Packers are -- trying to look at the ball within field goal range clock continues to tick. A couple of false start penalties really hurt hurt this team all overall and oh we'll let you know how things come out before it's all said and done so. Go ahead and Troy and it was -- we -- here from 85583086. 48. This one -- from actor Ted who says that guys I understand the Packers -- play well and coming back to win this ball game but does a cover up the problems. That we've seen both on the offensive line and defensively from this team. You know what I. No it really doesn't mean it is still what if his game as -- -- the time it was some of the problems we've had so false start by Marshall -- assault false start but he was basically on TJ -- but it was because EDS didn't snap the ball quick -- up. You can blame that -- him -- you do the offensive line because. I have -- districts -- with a little bit slow there but Marshall new house how does a guy go from playing left tackle and playing serviceable. We although he wasn't great but he was serviceable how does he go from playing left tackle. Which has the stress to playing -- right tackle in which. It's just he's just -- he's in his office flailing right -- yeah he's just like me like a fighter that's on Straka just -- in his arms as. I don't know confidence at all I -- abuse watch -- at right tackle. I mean he's she's -- and he he would monitor where you're not fit and I mean he had no confidence that all right there. And and this and rightly so they're -- to -- wrought in. You've had had enough -- You know the guys that are horrific injury to bring him back to put him in this kind of setting and you. To me I rather have new -- against -- -- dangers are -- I mean I just. 85583086488558308648. Those of the phone numbers -- the -- sitting right now. On a on a third and about twenties maybe fifteen. With thirteen seconds left going -- time deepen their own territory. I guess at this point you're you're talking about maybe the possibility of a hail Mary down the middle of the field. I don't know -- they have a timeout left or not I couldn't tell you but time -- down the middle field and then run out. Mason Crosby they have one timeout yeah that one time out try to get some down the middle field Ron Mason Crosby out there from anywhere. And see which you get maybe get a tail wind. You're with a problem is the kicker of your return on that field goal and that you don't want. You have the wrong united try to make -- tackle. 85583086. -- -- the phone numbers. And that's going to be it. No they're not that that's it and you'll go and retire they're not very returned his -- Game on -- -- -- they went. Seven seconds on the ball -- no bullets you know how things turn -- before toss and a let's do this let's go to let Jesse listening to his Jessie walker the program a -- we -- run a critical post game show. I'm probably absolutely open to the same thing and Mike McCarthy -- so hard headed the guy guys who couldn't we. -- implode like he'd -- admit the that you kind of like you wouldn't have been gone for two years virtually whatever. And now because of this law and then I. Don't want to spin -- -- -- the -- -- aren't headed into it you don't get. If when the guy go to that -- your system and trying to prove everybody wrong guy needs to -- and then I told you guys that last week. -- ago but he cards because he would -- what didn't start. -- -- Well I'm confident that -- last week I told you that they are paying its kind for the court to adapt to all week if you're telling me one guy. You're so I didn't I didn't you have a guy who would permit this employee. And you actually it's it's still better -- -- guy and she's just trying to learn that that's something you're still stick with the -- just when you do I didn't have a. Who aren't are -- -- -- -- McCarthy fired. Absolutely. Country and well. I appreciate the phone call. Eagle -- one of the winningest coaches in Packers history. He's got -- you've always been routes into the post season numerous times. I mean you know. Why now why in the world would you want -- got to go that I don't get. I mean you can question play calling to a certain extent or something to that effect but why would -- ago. -- And that's gonna do it and the Green Bay Packers in the Minnesota Vikings and then -- -- 26 apiece is what the final is. And for the first time this season a team a game a contest ends in a tie. And that's the way things go. The Packers did everything they can't. Everything they can to to get themselves back into this ball game when everybody pretty much count them out for dead. So it ties not necessarily what you wanted to know -- -- Tried to I -- -- -- the -- and god you actually save a little bit with both teams losing both the Detroit Lions in Chicago Bears losing today. We'll talk more about that we come back stick around we got two more hours -- shipments of Rodrigo post game show. Present like -- -- metal stamping. Coming back right after this. Wisconsin -- the bill Michaels sports talk network. The Packers game is over and it's time to break this one down. This is they shouldn't Silverado green and pulled post game show presented by -- gold medals and seeking people their priorities. That's something to say about today's game -- 55 -- we -- week six or -- now along with former -- -- -- was -- periods don't being you know build my. AJ Ellis Johnson and and obviously Chevy Silverado regal post game show presented -- cap gold medals everywhere they make people their priority we are alive or it to Brett -- steak -- here in Green Day so glad have yet. And Jerry -- along side. -- the way it stands right now in the NFC north Detroit is six and five. You've also got Chicago it's six -- five the Packers are 55 and one Minnesota two -- won. And home teams lose in tied to a two -- made the home team loses in ties to a to an eight club. It's. Kind of a group -- season so far for the Packers. But. I guess the a couple of things that people are complaining about -- the play calling as they do each and every week whenever there's -- laws they complain about the play calling. And complaining about the defense now here's my question and I've always asked the mental Giants that are out there too because they say it's incredibly predictable. To tweet prior to the play what it is that they should -- -- Mike McCarthy should be running. And none of them ever do actually because there there's such. Incredibly intelligent people that they only have time for that other than sit back and second -- continuously. Here's my question I understand. That they ran the ball the red zone. Mike McCarthy's team has been very but the red -- up until this season where they're not nearly as good as they have been in the past. There's a reason for that I mean obviously even when Aaron Rodgers was in there -- missed some throws -- at some drops the were running the ball extremely effectively at the time. Today Eddie lacy ran. Well. And Mike McCarthy went Eddie -- Eddie -- 25 carries 110 yards James Starks three carries 37 yards they rushed the ball for 147. Yards. 147. Yards here's my question. Why in the world are people screaming. To suddenly pass the ball. When Matt -- is so high when it at that not worked they would of his screaming you should have given that he lacy and run the ball because he's been so -- We know we talk about play -- almost weekly in his right when he moves. And sometimes there -- certain things you can do here for a -- or I would do here for them -- McCartney. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The Packers plate for the deaf -- -- out right. Guy comes in from Philly and it talks about minute this is off definitely great being new. You have great brains I -- Philly was like it's incredible. We just another guy walk in from Arizona Cardinals right of the answers off. He -- you guys -- just incredible. -- -- -- -- Got -- nineteen. He goes oh we go if not I want to come and be in this cold weather that we -- have no idea. How fortunate we really are. QB. Of America a football with America football and sometimes like whiny little -- And we don't. -- -- we've got to coach. We've had players we've got a -- of -- -- ball four yeah. And -- we sit here and complain what more do you want your going to be relevant every year. OK now right we we we we. We bitch and moan on the gonna bump there you know you don't wee bit Jamal I don't know about the Seattle Seahawks right how good they are. Right we we we moan about this surface for announced how -- -- What do we know -- longer Seahawks and -- organizers -- to get back. To where they are right now it's a Long Island me they just became relevant again. We've -- and relevant for like 25 year -- We never really that we had -- now appearing with Aaron Rodgers. -- wrecked our would -- like. 88 that you're right he wants. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- phone caller talked about -- McCarthy right idiotic talking that. I mean we don't like little whiny little -- look at the job or they got Romo -- followed can't win forever right. And they haven't done anything. -- -- we gonna be relevant every year and I'm sorry but if you're best not good enough for you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If it's tough to remain relevant on a year in Europe -- -- doesn't thought I mean what -- game day I'm not -- you're frustrated. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm a ball would've had a pair -- good about. What are forced to watch your words are used -- certain standard of how -- ago. -- half game -- bill. -- half game out. Still got a chance to win a BRW what we mean -- we're never gonna win another -- -- not to win another game doubtful. Our division not very good -- -- lost -- game Chicago lost the game you can get caught up with regard but I target but I've got -- Perhaps forget McHale came back. They're six and are your thoughts are -- to -- -- -- -- I mean I mean you're you're and then you got it going and Bard and -- you -- butcher your tread water. You are you trying to keep your head above water and -- -- -- net where it I don't know maybe -- fought Cape -- -- mobile that. I'm mistaken I think also the Steelers distinct from beginning to the end all now to this point -- injuries. But now governor of their body through. You're still relevant team -- -- in it. You can -- -- Duke enjoyed the atmosphere the guys haven't -- on it was evident today the guy I think would. We've got caller thought bit -- bit where they don't rod is not anymore period -- ever give a quick here today. I don't quick -- guys know at times that the feds didn't look like they were into it no Elvis and they got a sport at the end they're giving all they got. I mean not -- from defense defense yet there. There's some pieces. On -- -- -- But I still think the -- of euphoria but it's just how bad enough over the years you've talked with the Packers are relevant and you have chance to win. Here's here's some murmuring here are some facts that can't be disputed. The Packers are 3411. And one overall under McCarthy against the NFC north opponents. That's number two in the NFL since 2006. The Packers. -- 45 divisional games under McCarthy. They registered a plus twenty I think 25 or 26 turnover differential. And -- outscored their opponents 1163. To 824. Green Bay has held NFC north foes to twenty points or less in 27 of those contests. And -- -- ten points or less in twelve of those games the Packers have won 1919. Of 23 NF north games. At home and FC north games at home on -- McCarthy. Overall that second in the NFL. Second in the NFL. The only one there behind his New England there. That's it there and if you think about New England okay AFC. -- juggernaut. Now -- -- more mobile than we have with Brady. And with compared to Brady and we've got -- and -- But that's that's where you're like. That's where you're like. -- here's the problem if you look at the judges are -- what about Atlanta Falcons. Anybody where -- out of that right now in order didn't went for Buick and I don't argue out of it. Went desperate for wins in the gulf -- -- -- -- -- Then they trade you know what -- Jones and it went for. What they get a. Weren't given the policies and they got two wins -- the season -- tell. In Atlanta where I get up in what we've we've. We know we talk about the left arm and and that they win -- -- that right now. Here's -- thing let me give you a few more -- for those that wanna see Mike McCarthy fired. He is the only coach in packer history to join -- -- -- Mike Holmgren is a Super Bowl winner. He led the Packers to playoff appearances -- five in five of his seven seasons. And the team's five post season berths over the past six seasons there the most by any. NF CT. Let green -- all 47 regular season victory from 2009 through 2012 the second most in the NFL. Over that span. And the second most in franchise history over four year period. His 644 -- -- percentage including playoffs. Ranks number four among all active NFL coaches. He was named Packers head coach in January 12 2006. Remember. Moment here and I understand there's of people that are upset with your throw on the radio the bath water you don't -- You really are you really don't get it real quick we got a bunch of people on -- let's get it all call and let's get -- just in listening to us in North Carolina just about you don't. Man I guess I missed the beginning of the so -- about five McCarthy out there and got all the talk about all the -- Let let them let me make a a little correlation right you you and Gary are radio holes right. The Packers off at the line. Had don't suspect played the into the game you'll blame it on McCarthy just like you guys got on a regular job to ask Bob you -- are gonna -- -- -- for what you did. -- need to hold the Packers players accountable for what they did the defense at times so the lack of heart. The office -- on -- -- the Marshall lack of heart and just. Poor fundamentals but you don't pull McCarthy out a little bit obscurity to the last time we had a kitty -- of I think we got a little ring on our fingers folk -- he's packer fans pro -- fire McCarthy the fired Tom but that arguably top during the NFL at their respective but -- The biggest mistake that we can't give your 100% right about that. Forty niners and the Seahawks could I remember when drop was that you wanted to -- -- because. -- not what three and thirteen or something like that. Like we we have built a dynasty and you can't compare to what Belichick did an early. Ted Thompson has been phenomenal Mike McCarthy's been phenomenal and look at the positive thought we got a lot of game have been a game back. We like it did Afghans and I think we put ourselves in good position Matt Flynn has shown signs that hey maybe we get lucky beat Detroit we make the -- -- and hobbled. McCarthy and Thompson haters would be you know -- on that but hey guys keep up the good work in -- McCarthy and Thompson. Appreciated thanks so much eight by 58308648. We come back we got Tony Billick cast of thousands on -- Terrelle is there as well stick around. We've got a lot more broadcasting live in Green Bay Brett Favre -- cal -- -- -- has come on over and say hello. Join us on the program your thoughts about the Packers any -- with the Minnesota Vikings 26 apiece that's the way it -- the Packers game and a half game. In the division -- Detroit and the Bears both lost today we got -- right after this. Border to border the bill -- sports talk network. What about the program it's a Chevy Silverado critical post game jumpers and I can't go metal stamping we are broadcasting live in Green Bay Brett Favre steakhouse that's -- -- after each and every home game. The Packers as it stands right now after the time today they -- a half game back. And a Eric says it to those who wanna see Mike McCarthy fire Ted Thompson. Taken taken out as the GM he says remember. This team is on their fourth string -- quarterback second -- everything feels darn near. They're only a half game back how good you think Mike McCarthy -- years. I guess you gotta figure with a grain of salt you know you can't just let there be reactionary in a prisoner at the moment you know I mean. 8558308648855830. 8648. Tony says can we stop with the next man up mentality and just say that there is way too many injuries on this team and ideally -- -- as well. Look you can't ask for anything more than -- control your own destiny. You he's right they have sustained -- -- of injuries going all the way back to the off season when Brian block I was going to be coming back. Casey Hayward which -- leading turnover getter. He went down for the season he's gone you've got to Barkley out Newhouse was not performed well at all is in there. Franklin goes -- the concussion again they Johnny Jolly was down out today with a groin injury. You got Mike -- Or Roger a worthy and Sean Richardson coming back the RIR today -- to ride his coming back from a broken -- -- two years ago. You that you -- been riddled with injuries -- -- but it is what. If Micah I was not able to -- on his game they may have had a at activate somebody else like roll off the practice squad. -- you would probably -- had to make some additional roster moves on top of that just to be able to put up. That's how bad it's been. For the four for the other for that to it's -- it's been really really -- 8558308648. 8558308648. Those phone numbers it was -- -- look here from. Let's go to Terrelle to. I'll walk all -- she'll. What's going out. -- -- I don't know reactionary. Oh I'm on the boat fired -- out or cart. Think they're. I don't agree we hear -- -- and about. We're one game. Packer -- at a program -- one again for -- -- -- -- Here it appears you'll look at it yet artery because. Or a couple I was broken a couple of -- was out from network. We get -- At 18. Who had -- -- Almost pretty much gave up on -- its annual figure it's not going to be out but the quarterback of the future we'll figure art guys are there any and all that -- -- -- in. Regret the play yet but it -- all -- there. And we are aware fortunate -- a game -- we put martial law. But I'm glad it's I don't think when -- -- out at -- So that was it all the way there. And juniors. At. Your way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know -- don't don't don't handle on where you go back on -- and we. We just agree to disagree. Because I mean your world will make you bowl wearing. Our division thought I mean he's not very good. But the positive side as the pitchers to limit that you can't deny that you're still -- with second and third line players I mean you are. And you look at that you are they the Mets have a little ball all the might American Stafford was not Calvin Johnson are want to -- receivers. In the game and you're still an -- and you can say all you want. Let you watch -- -- -- you don't -- but you're still in it I mean you just army of facts facts which we made it looked horrible don't want it. But you're still -- -- still got a chance and I don't know how you. Denied that. Give you -- -- the last -- those. I went out and -- -- -- you know until -- of the image of keep itself. Our division is horrible but we're still in it. Until we thought about -- -- they were out of it but we're not. So we come on every week and art and you're not at that moment -- -- but we come on -- weak part. While McCarthy get rid everybody. But -- in today you're you're in second place in your half game out. You're you're you're definitely right on -- Belmont when it bit. -- gets out of the carpet. But to -- here's the thing most GMs would pay for a 5050 that -- it. Under I mean most GMs that like to hit on half the guys they pick up if you run through this line -- agree -- expand out. Are you -- -- -- it was a good -- -- are you -- right through that line present our parents should be better than the first draft picks in this draft exactly first round. And -- he's been a good guy -- we although it's been good I mean he's obviously out right now. Now new house stinks we all know that -- has been serviceable the other parts -- that you look at Eddie -- he's been good starts it is what he's healthy he's been good you look at the receiving corps they've been good quarterback that he's good. The defense of side of the football is a question mark absolutely. Right there and that's something that he's -- he's that the probably working off the last three years. I guess what my issue with that with that is that every -- -- and you've got to go get yourself a veteran leader. -- and that that's the one thing he refuses to do because you've got a lot of youth and it's one thing to say it's great our young guys. Have some experience -- the year before. Which you don't have that guy that's been through both the ups and the downs and knows what it takes to get through an offseason and knows what it's -- you know like Charles Woodson did. With teaching these guys I'm not say losing what's it was a big loss -- and have -- physically anymore just didn't. What I'm saying is that they don't have that leader that -- that took -- -- Williams under his -- it's that -- covered in my house to teach not a freak and study this at the what you're gonna do to be better because you have some talent. They don't have that guy. I didn't Clay Matthews is not that guy for as much greet people wanna say he's a leader he's a leader on the field he's not that guy. You're currently the Garrett the question at a -- -- I -- to Indianapolis Colts with nothing. Little I don't know. -- -- being the weaker B I think for all appreciate it is always -- And you know what I'm OK with that we could be as regards -- easier to deal we asked. What about guys that we have. All right. -- that we had all. And we asked him about fire you know holding their top accountable what was beat -- he's not you know being held accountable. Nor does this to us. We books. -- we -- about it and we hope it is Thompson. Because the guy has certainly and look around your right real -- -- you know. They wish they had a program that they have I had we cannot write about -- I win it to -- jock who YED in shock has been a -- He's been a guy that's paid his dues he's guy that runs -- at scouting guys. He's the guy that you see at every game you see him at the com -- seed talk of the GM the GMs talking to him. Does a guy that a lot of the GMs respect that I went to Dan and I asked the program a six. You tell me about that -- it. -- what people don't understand he's one of the guys it's actually -- does that Joba does the homework -- bases dues and has done it right in he said. There is out 95%. Of the teams the NFL pick up a heart beat. Beat the Packers in him he's the one of the top five GM's top to bottom that the day he took over I'm not saying all as -- to -- correct. Okay so on the wrong there's no doubt about that some -- just simply haven't panned out and -- -- -- they have always liked about that is -- a guy does then obviously gets rid of him after year to. It didn't work -- simulator you know that type of thing. But the guys that they believe -- they try to sign sometimes guys have worked out every not everybody works up a look if they tell you this go back to that Super Bowl season. Go back to that Super Bowl season and you tell me where where the two teams are there were a super -- the Packers with all the injuries and the Pittsburgh Steelers where they're at right -- really. That's the point of golf is that you've only been to once or -- only one walk right and they revised -- golf ball. Ultimately that's what -- -- stuff. That they want more and that's okay one more. But the reason why you picked up that you want more because every year you're relevant to have more. And and that's what you get your situation and -- Okay are you know I -- have -- -- wanna know every year my team had a chance you're all. That benefits every year relevant which. -- natural -- -- -- -- No I I that's I Griffin rolled. Right. 8558308648855830864. It will take a quick -- welcome back we got more right after this. This is the bill Michaels sports talk now. Good Chevy Silverado agreement gold post game show presented -- -- gold medal standings. Yeah -- me. -- -- -- -- -- -- Here's today's free -- You buying drinks logos Mexican restaurant and mosquito I Tracy love -- man. -- you're always free -- away. Yeah. Welcome back to the program it's -- -- at a critical post game show or broadcasting live. You're inside Brett Favre steakhouse -- -- -- here in Green Bay just down the street. From Lambeau Field he's Gary -- and -- -- Michaels you wanna -- you can find him on Twitter at Geary -- and you can find me at bill underscore Michaels as well. And today the Green Bay Packers tied with the Minnesota Vikings 26 apiece. In that ball game in the the Packers -- half game closer. To be -- Detroit Lions who lost today -- -- also lost today. In case you're just tuning us in the Packers hold their own destiny still in their hands and if they can beat the -- if they can beat the Chicago Bears. Well you wait and see now here's a question. Matt -- played well there's no doubt about it. Do you even think. You even think about trying to bring Aaron Rodgers back for Detroit. Well see and that's why this win you needed it that's what was so important. Because if you won this game you go -- -- -- and you play immensely. It to me it's if you keep your problems. When you play him about. Can. You you cannot afford to have before. You've already beaten before wants. Which you cannot have them the goal for game and a half point and that's what they're risking and use if it's within. -- -- got to come back from. Being that you moved right went out you know hope to move some -- That's why the Detroit game or four. Then you have Barrett should serve him maybe what -- met him while he put up full violent -- if it went. This game in before I think the Lions and point toward his game or they'll have everybody. -- the -- I don't think they can afford to go down a game and a half. -- movement of the game with an excuse me if they have the my guess to make some great things you felt right now they -- to win the division to get into the playoff all finger while -- coming down. Of the you have ignored because it appears. I but whoa let's do this has -- the phone calls he went on hold while we wanna administering it to everybody. Let's go to like Jim Jim welcome -- the program a series of run a critical post game show. Let's go to -- Steve Jim's gone let's go to Steve Steve are you going. Guys I don't wanted to ask implanted it do you remember -- a lot of the Packers -- I'm 1987. -- that reportedly caught a game against that group haven't been that I haven't seen. -- Some history know that I want -- to go to Denver kicker -- appealed the time expired. A little bit tired and in entirely about -- went -- Walton. In all it -- you couldn't couldn't it couldn't but it kind of soft I've got a little tight. I think appreciate it when we were walking out of that building today your most people -- laws we thought it was lost out on it. We thought it was loss and our our minds it was completely different matter when did a good job and Mike McCarthy -- did a good job in bringing them back in you know way. Look Justin says look at the year's best of what your -- Mike McCarthy credit for the performance. And then again in New England in -- Matt Flynn now -- definitely think leadership like weekly huge role. In this game as well okay that's why they were down early they came back to tie the ballgame and nobody counted out for -- so. Was see -- to Mike McCarthy leadership that. Took everything away if you're gonna say that well then you gotta give credit for the cure the problem I have is people it's one finger point that you see this as bad as that -- that this batterer. You never give any credit for what actually works. You know if you if it works its gotta be the player if it's bad it's going to be Mike McCarthy. And that's the problem might -- theater quartet yeah. That's the problem might have. Look everybody's gonna have something on -- making excuses I don't like some of the play calling at times I've I've -- -- tweet at you follow me on Twitter that we did during game. -- You've got to give the team credit for -- back in this yeah group. Let's go to Todd Todd Walker with a program the series around a critical post a joke. -- guys. All I had been a -- Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson and par par par par par par. They have done a great job and they -- how many teams out there would survive without their number one number two. Number three quarterbacks. They're number one receiver they're number rent it and they're number one and number two outside linebackers that one point. -- -- The number one. Right tackle their number one what tackle you can go out and out how many teams would survive it and still be. They have got this team prepared. They got that the army. There -- and where we -- and we're two and three shoring you know second and third string players. So. These people who. One that had that -- McCarthy profited based on ignorant I mean you gotta look at the facts are what -- protests and made it. And didn't anticipate that they should be fired but it should be applauded. Or did you not -- -- I'm. And yeah I agree what you -- on the play calling is at see I mean. I don't. You know a little bit that last drive they weren't listed in the middle linebacker -- -- the eight. You couldn't pick him up put somebody on him. Well Starks missed the block on -- -- one late in the ball game in the overtime Starks missed the block starts ended up going out sort of staying in and picking up the blitz. And it was his job. -- -- -- -- -- -- They -- a great job there and it. Be glad it wasn't -- rocks. -- and can you should be applauding. McCarthy. And Ted count -- for the job that they have done you know he. He worked them all right now we're gonna see how good of a job you are Ted Thompson has done without Aaron Rodgers in there and they still compete -- It's just like rivals but -- offers its like people like. Have like almost -- that it all now know lets you play. Not now let's see what McCarthy can do not all of you what to do you have to have -- -- -- -- -- -- and -- -- it's almost like. You know you're almost like like the challenge or you almost never be a Tudor got to watch some typical ball game. So you can -- somebody I don't know I know -- for an unfamiliar fanatics I get there. What you're relevant or walking -- relevant for blocking. Each and every year there are a lot of -- Let's do this we're going to a quick break will come back reset the phone calls we've got to Michael and Joseph and -- the cast of thousands stick rally got a lot more ago. The -- erotic regal post game show broadcast live -- Brett Favre steak house hearing Green Bay. And hopefully get a chance go over -- were here after each and every Packers home games stopped by saying hello will be here until 6 o'clock tonight we got about an hour fifty minutes really hear from Mike McCarthy. We're gonna hear from Matt Flynn. We're gonna hear from inside out -- -- hopefully we get an update on Eddie -- is condition as well we've got a lot more stick around we've got more after this. You're listening to the bill Michaels sports talk network. -- -- -- What -- back -- the program. Glad to have you Wisconsin thanks ridiculous to assist him -- regal post game show present like -- metal stamping. And I capital where they may people their priorities Gary Ellis along side you can between him act Gary -- -- We -- -- -- tweets today Gary get. -- it up on his -- it's crazy. Our materials and half angry with drivers has completely. Lost or completely there. -- Marcus says this caller talking about surviving with the injuries we aren't surviving -- 03 and one without Aaron -- Rodgers. That's why I understand that -- women I understand it OK you lost Casey Hayward. -- the season. You have watched. In this game. Johnny Jolly did not play Sam Shields who's your best covered -- not play. You have linebacker after linebacker or linebacker go down this year the only plethora of people that you have been on the offensive line it reveals it's been pretty much blown up. You wash your starting right tackle luster starting left -- That you had injuries to the back -- -- starting right tackle in -- -- -- bit. Almost like you're you're making excuses -- August -- -- -- -- real world. If you take a lot of teams like this. Most teams would -- this just full -- exactly. And just say you know what it's a lost season that you -- your starting quarterback -- legitimately. One of the top three players in the NFL. Overall. That he goes down. Then you lose Randall -- -- leading wide receiver. You lose -- incredibly versatile tight end who play the slotted and play tight and to be a blocker he can be a -- -- you lost him as well. You you today you lost your your return man in Franklin. -- you know it's Cobb has been your return man as well here on you -- skiers from then on top of that everybody that's then had to do the next man up thing. Special teams has suffered because they don't play special teams any more your starter. You know I understand it's you can call it what you Willis in next man up the next man up what you went through. You're starting quarterback Seneca Wallace your backup Scott pulls in your back up you had to bring in Matt Flynn. He then worked out. -- on your fourth string quarterback. -- three weeks. I understand next man up and I understand everybody wants to win it would just stop and look at this thing for just a second -- and say you know what. Where are today probably hitting it -- with what they have now I will -- -- I agree with you about the defense. The defense today at winning the stop they got it late in the ball game in overtime they couldn't do with -- -- couldn't get it done. They got ran over and they got their asses kicked in the trenches and they couldn't tackle -- -- -- that's that's a whole other issue. -- just -- throw Mike McCarthy and this -- say. You suck you need to be fired -- -- -- idiot -- honesty of football that's quoted -- you're strictly a passionate fan that doesn't have your head out of your rear end. That's what that is. 8558086. Or eight let's do this -- go to Todd Todd welcome to the program glad to have you what's up. -- dropped I guess he was one of those people that had -- head injury and let's go to Michael let's go to Michael. Dan agreed to a it doesn't matter what I had my process. It would. Go ahead. -- first of all. I'm not disappointed that they -- And there was a lot of positive the positive that you might like it might -- desert on the ball off the whole momentum changed when -- went in and everybody was excited. -- what the whole lot better. My only disappointment of the game today. Because of your original -- we know that they have all they missed tackles we know that we got to put up points to beat other teams my biggest. What that player's election if between -- interact on when they had a chance to win the game at the end regulation and the first and that brought it down and overtime. Our job is he from I want to see something different children from. Mr. action through something different different -- don't win the game. That's the only be by that you don't -- -- fire Mike McCarthy but he didn't get it had out of his you don't like to be and you -- they needed to win that game. Okay what that would what you said -- got in the red zone because they they ended up with Eddie lacy with on first and ten down the Minnesota twelve. Yeah they try to run the -- wide and that just didn't work out at the hour according -- our allocate it didn't work that that I can agree with after that. They went to Corliss and it -- there was so much pressure on Matt Flynn that was just -- If you offered up the medals they came outstrip an all right but on third down it's almost like the defense knows where they're going it's unbelievable that he -- they they -- it's like they have in. They have his place they have its playbook great leader after all it's unbelievable to me OK what what would you have done -- -- -- -- Certain to argued are you talking before the end of regular -- in -- right right. June 4 before they kick the field goal when they were on the Minnesota twelve yard line third and ten and it. -- I don't know -- I mean they kept running out I would try to so maybe over the middle to be honest and yet to tie it and okay. They're they're you know majority it was like he just knew it was -- majority in -- corner of the end they'll want to Boykins. Well -- didn't corner and had figured out yet during pointed. -- -- They're always consider what the -- -- and go to Jordan and George Gallup they were important to the quarter they ran tight -- over the middle. Correct correct I would I would look at it and what you could say okay is now appreciate the focal here's the thing. You can say that might out of in the play. What you don't know that Boykin was the primary. -- might have been the second or the third choice in net because -- was covered and the tide and was covered over the million have been tied up -- matter -- By the middle linebacker. I don't know if -- was the original call on that or if that was the secondary -- All I know is that the offensive line didn't do that do their job he was -- -- -- -- pressure. So we only had a second to make the choice was Boykin a guy. An -- the pick -- a field goal. So that's why say what what would you -- -- At that point. To me. If you go to where. The the Packers were first into a first and goal inside Minnesota seven. You know people so while you gotta run -- equally lacy. We -- the left guard. You know you'd it be he picked up four yards. Lacy was was busted open holes at that point -- relation had been stopped numerous times throughout the game. That never went well. And turn something in the turn nothing it is that so they went back to him the right tackle well let's just be honest -- what they went right tackle. Marshall Nolasco blown up they brought -- -- Marshall Newhouse got blown up TJ Lang got knocked -- Easter. And it was one yard he fell forward for -- and not your third and two. On the two. At that point what do you call. Most people when they stacked the box thought they're gonna go Eddie -- want more time up the gut. He's been -- -- well maybe they should have done that instead. They drop Matt went back. In the shotgun which I do not agree with -- you're given -- away. That's a problem I have with this they gave it away and said okay you're not you're gonna attempt to run -- that he -- You're gonna -- -- through that short pass you're gonna go to Nelson report it and -- the try to go to Nelson and obviously it was -- week. That's the problem -- -- beyond that I don't have a problem with the play call but the 32 on the two. Why do you go to the shotgun when you stand -- senator but you do the plate baked Eddie lacy maybe get the tight end open maybe viewpoint can open on a roll out maybe -- move. That's the only -- plan. But -- have a problem. You know -- -- I think a lot of people. -- -- -- and all and I hear a lot dollars. Oh it is for Mike call plays. With a four string quarterback and although met from being here. You yours yours basically as a play caller you're changing. The way you call plays and -- the game gimme you're you're making up a whole another. Our game plan in and -- -- And that and that's tough to do in the -- years in -- I -- I -- -- down with the whole play calling thing. I think you can always do some different you know maybe -- you know it. I noticed is people call the plays -- say what you like and my wife and I know by and then if they do that doesn't work Packers take the blame like my McArthur earlier in the year people were complaining about play call and but it was more on Aaron Rodgers that it was -- McCarthy there's been everything and Aaron Rodgers you know -- -- on -- -- And you see it every play that Aaron Rodgers had -- me. So -- -- runs -- -- mean he can in all it's just me or audible whatever we executed to what he went. So basically Aaron Rodgers called -- home -- right. But they had a problem with that too but nearby with Mike McCarthy wouldn't Moulds didn't know it was Rogers that was one -- -- So now -- fair sport what we -- today. It's still a run pass that -- -- -- and its tough to know to a 10 -- It's tough. 8558308648. What I want to get more phone calls weren't pressed up against the clock so. Let's do this for all the guys that are on hold we'll -- to Joseph -- Wanted to Ralph as well hang in there I don't mean to make you wait but there were pressed up against the clock. -- -- quick break the Packers. Ended -- -- in this ball game and they gained a half game of the Detroit Lions who lost today the Bears loss today the Packers still hold their destiny. In their own hands. And -- you've got a quick turnaround you've got four days. -- get it all back together and try to get yourself a win over the motor city. Who's gonna be under -- we don't know yet will wait to hear from Mike McCarthy about that question. Coming up in the next hour -- -- from Mike McCarthy I'm sure gonna hear from Matt Flynn and other guys from inside that locker room at the Packers at at one point looked dead. And came back and tied that ballgame -- at least you gotta give a little credit for that for as bad as a defense looked at times that look like they've impacted and it was -- when it came back and outgrew his own legend here in Green Bay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right after this. You're listening to the bill Michaels sports talk network. The Packers game is over and it's time to break this one down. It is as they said he Silverado green and pulled post game show presented by -- gold medals and seeking people their priority. That's something to say about today's game -- only 558 we go week six or -- now along with former -- -- -- was periods -- being you know build my. The Green Bay Packers fought back and they try this one up and unfortunately or fortunately depending on which way you look at it. That's the way it ended welcome back the Chevy Silverado critical post game show. I don't Michaels alongside Gary -- and now we're gonna go inside -- locker room -- hear from Mike McCarthy. Matt Flynn as wall coming up you're just a little bit if you wanna get a hole was at 8558308648855830. 8648. Let's get back to the phone calls let's go to -- have a shoot Dan -- with a program. Don't think particular call you know -- -- -- -- the beginning of the game where we really he's Franklin. Incorporate him in the running game and what he's doing kick -- -- -- mistake right there because they shouldn't from last week and good and I'm just looking at -- it was a good time because I'm not you know I'm not the coach I'm not in that place the seven days a week but there's that. Complete different comparisons from went -- -- I don't know what these guys you know week. But complete -- -- -- started when from the get go we need every game now and apparently -- up and -- he says he felt we put him in there. Man I mean protocol -- war. Frontlines are always open man you gotta go on kick your your -- at put him in there the other thing. Capers needs to golf I don't care what anybody says -- -- -- the deeper and there's this -- should know when to blitz and we shouldn't. He should have been blitzing as much because it because I look like you know -- when the blitz was out of that's really all I gotta -- well it. I've appreciated. Personal going back to a Franklin. He said he Shula told last week bowl Franklin. The first time he touched the ball today probably -- and in diving for the ball ended up. Getting -- -- he was out of the game after that yeah. So it was Micah -- the rest of the game and as far as what they saw a lot of Matt Flynn I don't know. Hey Gary you and I talked about this I don't know necessarily that they were concentrating on that at that point they brought Matt Flynn is maybe a safety -- as a back up. You know that you look. 23 weeks ago when they said -- we said Matt woods coming back. We got a standing ovation of one of the border to Rutgers and I trio. Then people Salma who's got -- any. Added -- -- badger love what you gotta give mature that's right five interceptions two weeks -- want to attack I don't worry about it but he looked good. You gotta give it to -- what's got a bad elbow he got cut from three different -- Sox are. The favorite Maclin and out they -- with -- -- to get right. You talk about physical. Well. The hole well Michael Barrett Franklin Franklin is not ready to be in -- for a third year. The Cincinnati and improve. -- lacy and Starks who got you your chance when the game. I'm I don't know about you -- -- Franklin touches the ball I hold my breath. And I think he's -- -- when he did he didn't go after being Franklin you're out of it. They -- I'm not. Concern about playing him -- you don't need to play. Let Michael let's kick off return to at least say I mean Michael -- now -- turned to my -- my prior. Represented. Well Mark Prior do you work -- -- caught it normal fumble. Okay give me that guy -- cards do we know Randall Cobb got they got that we're gonna do now are you going draft you know the kickoff. All -- -- for next year and that's why you took -- golf. When you took him early because communicate help monitor -- you -- -- -- again so I'm no different. Met -- it when you bring him here -- you don't bring him what you had told being here okay. So you had to start. -- -- -- -- -- Definitely against -- you had to stardom to bring Matt Flynn in I don't know what was Bono we've heard some crazy things about mentally. -- the reason why he. Didn't work in over the plate and things of that replied it worked in Oakland know why -- why you do work in Buffalo on all over the place. Are all I know it's BO is that they got here and although there was the -- -- -- play -- I thought good enough to win. Against -- -- help from -- defense right I think that he played particularly well that it's Jack or three -- one where picnics. You've got good anyway there's no way that you're -- overcome that. So when they put Matt Flynn in the game I was OK at a point when they would have many games I mean I thought it worked out great warmed up. Are our worst -- got to win that OK with that but once again this is all about. This comeback it comes back to McCartney. And that was he. Loss to Auburn in not playing for me and I did he do right being. Biplane told me that's gonna get bored or not well enough to call a player only -- that right no talk about play calling we get there but now we talk about. Was stubborn and off and -- say you know what I can make posting on the quarterback school I can make you got. You -- derby because if we saw McCartney do old drift off -- -- -- -- in the last one thing. Don't think -- quarterback with that -- I'm not left out. With that little pup list yeah no. I can do. Did experiment -- the minute I mean I I don't know. -- -- -- are hosting they prepare better he threw some nice balls they thought they. They made you move -- mad -- -- right when. It works out. Let's go back to the phone calls talk to Ralph listening to was in Connecticut Ralph -- with the program -- regal post game show. -- bill -- here today it was up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I guess everything -- -- nobody else talked about but the last. It's between years since far. -- -- -- Can you can't put -- team that you basically have two hall of famers. At home because everybody's talking about how well you need to have a great quarterback. That you could play around. Now in almost forty years. Twenty. New Year's. We have. Three Super Bowl appearances. -- to win. Okay right. Now I'm not trying to put the -- -- because he's only been here since what 200520060. Right. So you say that the pressure no more bowl wins between Favre and Rodgers are very good. Well I guess what I'm saying here is that I get and organization would kill for two hall of fame quarterback. And you would expect. Have at least -- or Super Bowl appearances or your defense would play better -- all aspects of your -- not I wouldn't not put -- a lot. Let me not exactly put it on the fact I'm talking about all aspects -- -- good. You would expect an -- hall of fame quarterback. You want -- years. Think you would have it will be sold in what you have now and I think people play -- a little bit more culturally. Being beaten Green Bay Packers because it's not like an older. Right missed personal people think quote the Green Bay Packers the year here are one matter fact I'm Eric. I don't have the -- to. -- ticket it would emotional body poking fun. It's not the point is that -- all of her role affect. People's hearts. That's why people get that way that they do. Out of Colorado and it -- and I understand what you silently -- back up here OK I completely understand what you're saying we're talking about forty years. An average -- -- I agree with you. Okay but you can't. Look and I understand what you're trying to say as a -- which you can't look it. Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson. And the results that happen in -- remember Brett Favre had two NFC championship game. On top of the two Super Bowl appearances. You know there -- job at times -- -- our current members write. Me you know -- You know I just you know I I remember going back when they were a team that was really was supposed to get some damage done. And I -- to Philadelphia in the fourth and 26 I remember when they went to Saint Louis and he threw six interceptions. I remember looking right down the field thinking everybody's opened with Donald Driver don't throw it to him and them but he did. I you know -- beat you go through the list. That's OK there's different reasons as to why this team didn't make it. Now how does that relate to today. Today you've had Mike McCarthy the first year yeah Brett Favre. The year after that they went to the tumultuous off season the year after that was when -- it kind of poured down sort of a golden again. And ended up going to the post season when nobody thought they would they got knocked out by Arizona the year after that they were. Decimated by injuries still had enough fortitude to go onto the post season as a while cart and -- at all. Europe about the eagle fifteen and want we we all -- the Achilles it was a defense like a punch and amount. You that you goat you can start all of -- on them but he saw atomic. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're just -- out exotic lived -- the -- think incident you saw that new these defense wasn't very good and you knew who they. They -- the game easily. No one saw the -- -- No it's not a Giants come in -- TO but I it is. All I I saw that -- -- -- flawed -- running everywhere of the it was a team that we've shut down Rogers or you -- an off -- -- Perillo I mean it's. That it just didn't have very. Rock solid team yeah I get. Do you think you should have -- bowl appearances. Or have more more potent -- years yet aren't there and then after -- -- Let's do this up by the way around when we come back -- here from Mike McCarthy. Also Eddie lacy. And the reason he was on the sideline. It wasn't an injury. It wasn't injury but he couldn't play. You can hear that coming up as well stick around we got Mike McCarthy coming up. Eddie lacy an interview with like Clemens coming up and also we've got to some -- Matt went coming -- interesting more stuff. Right around the -- this is Chevy -- critical post -- show where Brett Favre steakhouse in Green Bay where we are after each and every Packers on pit stop by say -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Wisconsin why I'm in the bill Michaels sports talk network. This -- -- Chevy Silverado green and gold post game show presented by cap gold medal standings what's Mac got to say. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Back to the program it's a Chevy Silverado critical post game show -- broadcast it live at Brett Favre steak house here in Green Bay. Stop by sale all what Jerry -- alongside -- -- between its act -- Ellison. We -- tweet me at bill underscore Michaels. Was he talking about Matt Flynn. Because we certainly don't think at this point it's going to be -- -- always not it's either going to be Matt -- -- Aaron Rodgers. Rent. And what they're gonna do this week and that's beautiful long have they lost this game I had -- error or are starting quarterback. A gift of life if they have lost in which it's Earl and Eric show now you know your half we gave it their way. -- -- -- On this week and look at Rogers she hardly -- -- feels before they make it on third. About what -- -- -- I think -- aircraft starting guards -- got a game to play with. But you're up against -- do or here's why you up against. You if you lose -- -- short. Now you've got to wait for Detroit to come back to you right to try to get that game -- It tremendously dangerous. -- we. Real quick before we go to break Eddie lacy said to -- my Clemens our own Mike Clemens after the ball game and talked about the injury. Which was it take a listen. He knows a lot of carries a lot of football disappointed about coming up at the time. You know we want to win for them this film of them today own little so you know coming on as -- you know. Lou Lou Nolan carries started out short but about the seventh or 831 we broke three tackles on the left hand side what's happening. -- sort of physical. Those type little Neuheisel is you know gives. You know to run an -- -- he -- it was just break the tackles. -- back up to their linebackers back off when Matt came in the game -- back. They -- We noticed Edmonton you know he's capable of -- make -- so. That made it a lot easier and so part of our. Process each -- -- -- -- played today. I mean united and today it is it is. You know offensively you know did a great we just couldn't. We had to go in the locker room. Is that. As a -- -- usually. Can't -- the cold. I haven't had a I don't know I was code and it wasn't too bad though you. Is the essence of the before. That -- cool there would. As lawyers and when it's I mean and it -- -- some donors and these players like. You know news to viewers doesn't have the person in this -- Him. -- -- -- -- I think that's been. -- I had so that was cool that's also offers on the today it was a -- you Edwards for that Buehrle. I got an idea and he. Is that well -- set it up and everything away. He did a great I mean he came -- you know he pretty much the same -- came in Atlanta offense. You know you command of the huddle and you know he made plays I'm going to division. I quarterbacks. Yeah. You know edges. Having the mindset than a medal ever gonna keep going and -- -- Bridge. I'm every now and it was a positive run on negative Brenden makes a play they got -- line -- you know anyone at the defense which. You know allowed us have been run about a limited carries today cold weather and short turnaround that tech Detroit. Just play full -- -- -- There you go that's Eddie -- after the ball game Mike McCarthy -- went and you get looked dead. And he thought it might have been ready to to hit in it wasn't Eddie lacy saying he -- asthma he's had since he was a kid. And at the -- got to win -- and -- win and take his inhaler and that was part of the probably had it going get out of the cold for a couple of minutes. It is longs back and then he came back out to be ready you know so no injury to Eddie lacy good news hook which is good news -- -- -- with a concussion that sort. And well thank god your wrong airport Jamal Abu Jamal for the next game you got -- her you can't -- -- four days -- absolutely. Good -- take a quick break broadcasting live -- Brett Favre steakhouse -- Green Bay is Chevy Silverado critical post game show. Present -- -- -- metal stamping where they make people their priority we've got more including. We've got mad when that we're gonna hear from. I AJ hawk we're gonna hear from a -- -- -- on the locker room right after this. Border. -- -- on the bill Michaels sports talk network. As a leader you have to find different ways to motivate guys and also figure -- out guys respond best when you're in situations like that -- a learning experience Aaron Rodgers post game press conference brought to you by eight religious order Chevrolet mainstream and wanna go. Stanley owned in less than fifteen minutes from metro Milwaukee this is the Chevy Silverado green and gold post game show presented by -- gold medal standings. About the program and -- Chevy Silverado critical post game show he's Jerry Ellison on bill -- we are broadcasting live inside Brett -- -- -- here in Green Bay. Packers tied with Minnesota Vikings 26 apiece I know it feels like you used your sister doesn't really mean much. But who knew that the both alliance and the players would falter today you're only half game back he stole your destiny. In your own hands and then not a bad way to go through the Packers it could've been worse it looked like it was going to be worse midway through that third quarter. But here come the Packers storming back. And you know in up while. You know a little bit better off a little bit better off a little that we thought they were sort of accident that stadium their career post Green Bay Packers it's -- that locker we're -- this. As it was a loss and not taking it as a win is a moral victory they're treating it is basically a loss and say that this is disappointing Mike feels about our back was quoted after the game and saying that he's. He's the -- And he can't wait for Thursday to get here to take care of that angry feeling -- alliance needs at this is a game that we should want. And we didn't and look at the defense that says we -- so. Some interest he -- also AJ -- -- here from coming up here the next -- stick around finals like with a Chevy Silverado critical post game show coming up next. This is the bill Michaels sports talk network. All right Packers fans what was today's Robert -- diamonds gem of the game. Robert had diamonds where you can make your own Green Bay history with the ultimately context tales of -- had diamonds revealed in Glendale location. So this is the Chevy Silverado green then goal post game show. Presented by tough -- now. -- -- that -- of the game when the boy -- that was the six yard TD pass welcome back it's Chevy Silverado critical post game show present mechanical metal stamping. Where they make people their priority glad to have you on board tonight hopefully. -- your feeling okay. I guess the best way to put it I don't write something what is really don't out of field. Yeah with -- -- ago it to -- you walk -- going to mess that's supposed to happen but it did. Its feet on one hand you can say there are some positives to take out of it but on the other hand you could clearly tell that we have a lot of frustration. Yeah packing -- -- and rightly so. Would rather -- applaud their their of the game -- -- on their critical I mean if we're in -- you know you. Note he's the one road game real well we worked -- real things that we had a game and it's on the grass wouldn't we wouldn't watch this -- repeat yourself where. I mean you gotta -- radio tomorrow. Right you -- practicing tomorrow gonna give your day off I'd probably the hell is this -- like a quick turnaround in the sense of you know guys that were beat up today or what have you guys are in cold tubs tomorrow toast on the yes there you are right walk through tomorrow got to get a day off -- -- they'll get a day off tomorrow. But that they got to think it's great Tuesday Wednesday he's got -- -- -- -- Do you concern yourself with what happened on Sunday -- going to watch that you about it way we're -- and different life. Most coaches know who went. Receiver threat they're working toward the short week game like -- they've got everything -- broken -- ago. Other -- take that they've probably got to watch -- night. Before. MVP of the game let's take a look at this in any. In many different ways you could say Eddie lacy 25 carries 110 yards and he -- rant like a man possessed but. Really the second of that game was owned by -- -- here's the thing -- seven of seventeen Scott -- -- -- -- -- for the first half seven of seventy. -- comes in and throws 36. Passes. In the second half of the game while 36. And he had to start the second -- that Monica right. 21 -- -- -- 36218. Yards one TD no picks. At 85 point two quarterback rating but threw the ball 36. Programs in the second. Half of that game very -- -- -- he played. Little. You play one theory you're playing well no he myth of Posey came out played your first year in the first series did look good -- -- Ottawa. 3630. Says attempts that's incredible. And it it and he -- there's no doubt -- -- right appropriate by the way James Jones targeted twelve times in a seven catches eighty yards. Eddie lacy six out of the backfield. Boykin targeted ten times five catches. Jordy Nelson four catches on the day 58 yards the only touchdown belongs to Boykins -- -- Corliss lost against Starks. All catching passes at some point in this contest -- Matt Flynn throws the ball 36 times. He is our MVP of the game as far as the injury report -- Dubai the orthopedic associates of Wisconsin. Really the only injury to speak out was as C. J. Wilson left the game now with an ankle injury -- didn't look good that it looked good. And they'll find out more about that I would assume tomorrow -- the only other he's. What we thought with an injury turns out wasn't was Eddie lacy who went to the locker room just to warm up a little bit right -- get some treatment Spurs last month came back in the ball game. And he was fine so the last two weeks in a row it -- have been -- his fourth green bay Packers and injuries -- now here's the question. You get Barkley -- you get Sam Shields back do you get Johnny Jolly back in the big what is do you give Aaron Rodgers back that's a lot of fortification -- those guys. Really go -- -- -- reinforcement it is the computer bag you know and who knows you know on the injury thing -- Right. And he's already done that you won't know all about you know blog here colors. But we'll know for -- past week they did -- that's. You know that's going to be seen what that's about. Real quick -- -- -- which is is it hey guys even the Packers in the plate playoffs how does his defense are they -- one and done. You for members. -- would have to happen and what things will happen are beautiful score fifty plays better when it got. They got more aggressive that you're not a defense that -- -- -- they're not -- It's too much pressure they they carefully there. 855830864. Maybe you're -- quick at that at best. Couple other things regarding -- tweets many people talk about the the going for too they thought might have been -- literally in the ball game. At that point and time. I I'm not -- -- sitting here listening to not only the radio with the television right even the analysts are saying you gotta go for -- yeah you gotta go for too you know if you're gonna have a shot to go throw the ball into the end zone after that got to go for too. And it turned out that. You you you didn't but at the time the situation dictated you did wreck and in that particular point remember. There's a master chart that they all look at -- if you're down by this with this amount of time you got to go to -- this is the -- you do it. And -- I did have a major problem with -- where you have I'm not sitting here at that point you got to go got it over to you had that. Then -- back on it and all that at one point probably Saturday right. You had to go out there because at that point you're down 51 isn't really thirteen you're down -- right. And they obviously didn't get it sleeps in the point 313 -- you think it yourself you still need a couple of scores. And you're gonna get -- win you have to get two or an extra you know you don't -- -- go for three touchdowns and you know. Anyway long story short is. Had they not gone for two which is kick the extra point obviously a completely different which is easy to sit here and second guess but at that point in time. I think everybody's in agreement -- go for two with political. I didn't see anybody tweaked I'll whenever you talk about it that you can't go for just always go. Want to go back on -- game. -- America. That particular time there was right. My thanks everybody here at Brett Favre steak -- in other staff here it always takes care of us we have a quick turnaround we are going to be at. It's Ford Field in Detroit for the next one itself four days away Thanksgiving your -- have a happy holiday will be chatting again immediately following the Packers. And the Lions as they get that one under way and -- four point out of the starters are what -- time here agree but it was a 23 point dive for a 77000. 870 want top -- to go have a go on. This is the bill Michaels sports talk network.