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11/25/13 Chuck and Wickett 7am Hour

Nov 25, 2013|

Does this tie feel more like a win or loss to you? What did you make of Flynn coming into the game?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Second wicket and an -- -- reading all the Monday after a tie. 26 all the -- the Packers and Vikings a final yesterday at Lambeau Field. -- -- in a must win game you'd think did you think about a must win game and there's like two possibilities. You know if they win and things are gonna be all right you move on to the next week and if they lose in a must win game and he was a real true must win game -- it. But -- -- very important win game for a for a football team this late in the season. You'd think to yourself well they lose. That's that's not good it didn't play a playoff chances are slim and none. I do must weeks that you he's -- in that. What is it tied due to a must win situation like that fight I think it's still must win going into this game against Detroit get out there about Minnesota -- does that change anything. Com. Well you -- as far as what do you mean do you feel like it. -- -- The outcomes it in a must win game win and you're cool lose and it's over it but it's like a loss I think -- is a -- is just like -- -- -- -- if you lose -- definitely -- -- -- -- just. You don't feel any better about this partner half the amount I guess is better. It's not a good as a win but not as good as a loss and that's why when you say it feels like a loss if I Torre it's got is purgatory exactly not so bad it's. -- -- -- Catholic but that's great match. I guess is purgatory for 479912. At the packer fans jump -- we want to hear from you what 14. 7991250. Does this one feel like a loss even though it's a tied chuck says it does. I'm more the purgatory -- -- I'm much more the particularly gently as I was I was raised gantlet OK yes I was raised Catholic. We don't you get a big religious discussion and not so much but I'm not so sure I would I deserved -- catholicism right -- -- -- -- find hum. But I just -- it's like. If you factor in everything. You know they did this with a backup quarterback start a back up back up quarterback starting any recently acquired backup -- -- back -- quarterback coming in. Because your franchise is on the sideline. Think yourself well. It's nothing of the world and tied a flat of a division opponent -- really like you said that's a bad football teams -- had a bad viking football that's -- I. Judges Mike you know here -- rigors of -- -- -- to an eight -- coming in your house we should have been able to -- this was just this part of the schedule. Where if you looked at each of the Bears at home he had -- the Giants on the road -- ahead you know he had this team. He had Philadelphia at home in the end up all three and one in a stretch yeah but he did most of that without Rodgers I don't think we're finding out again. -- I said he's the most important player in the NFL but you would like to -- won at least one of those games and this was the lawn. This was this was the loss of affiliate -- the squeeze that only one win out of those games he couldn't do at a minimum of 1479912. -- people -- 147991250. Packers tied him -- yesterday at Lambeau Field hollow plus and the Packers played to a tight. Well no you answered yeah 1987 against Denver at Tony stadium -- and Denver is a playoff team that your. But yeah I was 1987 -- it was a packers' record your parents are terrible result there was a there was a straight year and that right they're chuck. It is is is another. You know this is just one of those cases where the in this league then anybody can beat anybody and if you're a -- -- a packer fan today. You're probably not feel his parents lion fan in Detroit -- -- shirt -- -- as bad as bear fan. In Chicago in -- north of I think atop the time before that -- title was 1978 against the Vikings was a critical game. In 1970 because the Packers were losing all those years and he had a chance at a division title. The Vikings came in the Lambeau Field it was either -- late November early December it was a 1010 tie with the Vikings. Packers on up 87 at one that your but it cost of the the -- go to play us because they hide the Vikings and a late season game. Or 1479912. Of people and 479912. That the email alive -- Sports Radio 1250 dot com. You know regular -- skip a couple of tweets up here. Does it feel like a loss this tie game misses from -- -- on Twitter says anything other than a win is a loss. This is from -- Rudolph on Twitter it does not feel like a win question is what it's all over will it -- or hurts. This is -- at east side 8020 poured it does feel like a loss but it allows them one final stand on Thursday thing. On guy Lloyd of Wisconsin writes a technically we gain ground in the division but we need. -- back now yeah I mean again I look at quality of play and the quality of play did -- show me about a playoff or championship caliber in the nets that's what's disturbing you know throw off that news the final score. It's just that you know -- I I can't see them. Right now competing for suitable tribute to the Mets you know to bring -- we have the Packers is always Super Bowl or bust right now there. They're good enough to make the playoffs but not good enough to go far. 0147991250. Years Clay Matthews on a tie game. Yeah I mean obviously -- this game for. Mean for a win by. And when those losses -- value and accept them -- Improve upon what you've always kind of weird feeling over time and walk off fans don't know whether the cheers. Move three hours you kind of -- from the group to group as far as you should you know that a victory though Walsh book. It is what it is. Asking me asking you today how it feels to look tie. 26 all the final from Lambeau yesterday -- -- it feels like a loss do you feel anything better after you know Eagles know those three losses -- don't feel better. I don't know I don't I don't think I mean no I don't feel better after three -- The score like I -- throw describe how do you feel what the quality of play I got the point NFL. -- this packer team that that's what I expect out of the Packers. That's what I expect out of the Packers especially without Rodgers giving up 239 yards of rush that's what I expect -- -- Rodgers I don't expect -- your heart to be running through holes like he was I -- I told the -- but not to this guy getting the secondary is -- -- -- -- then you don't have. You know you don't think this team -- -- miserable. I don't think dusty right now what with how Rodgers know what the defense throw Rodgers out of it -- not to -- right up to do the team giving up two or 39 years a run -- factors into it -- factors and everything writers factors and -- the defense plays -- factors in the way the -- scheme against the Packers. Rodgers factors into the way the teams move the football or try to on this defense yeah I just act. I -- big picture. I I look get a little small I don't think -- factors into. You know will be your heart just finding ways to find ways to -- -- he had a secondary time after time after again. And I'm like I'm -- -- sitting era begins in. Really told -- freaking dare Hart is running for seventeen yards. This defense is is just not there are good and especially not that good -- -- but if they get Rodgers back how is that -- their defense -- defense is bad without with -- with -- -- when you're down fourteen open because Rodgers -- -- to stray drives for touchdowns teams play differently. Tell you just back the whole thing factors in it was a so -- on his -- can -- this is the big football is the single greatest team game. Where everyone depends on everyone even if you're on the defense of side of the ball. -- it that the depend on the offense when -- on the offensive side it depends on the defense and guys the plan -- don't play on defense and vice Versa. And everyone depends on everybody you know what it is. Rodgers makes a lot of guys look good yes I mean at my coaches took Rodgers makes -- -- absolutely genius you guys I guess it makes Mike -- -- a -- it right now because that's why everybody how they don't admit McCarthy had a million average quarterback in there okay. Like Matt -- the -- it'd be easy there average at this point bomb you know how good a coach QB -- government -- the question how good coaches -- because he did. Any these guys to win. They're terrible buddy Rogers makes a lot of guys look like geniuses. Well I would say that that Mike McCarthy's terrible on losing weight or what but look what he did -- mean. They threw for almost 300 yards and that was really crappy Scott told -- now they ran the ball for 196 yards. I mean it -- -- what you mean I know he's the head coach and but you know you're not getting here -- sitting here too but -- people blasting Mike McCarthy other than his conservative play calling late in the game especially first and goal inside the six plate. He's that the guy that controls the Dom Capers and his without the heck is dom does his own. Are the other defensive coordinator you're probably -- -- ran off the offense and that doesn't nothing to do with the 34 -- thank all of you know oversees the defense technically. But bottom line is that's keepers defense right and people are gonna blast -- for -- look Mike McCarthy and with -- -- And Scott told -- -- that's quarterbacks. For. 93 on the year it's all right that's cornerbacks three and four on the season -- -- 300 yards a touchdown. Great I know they went all the way -- and 23 to seven I'm aware. Made the switch ever talk about Mike McCarthy and make -- bad calls a crucial times or whatever Mike McCarthy made a good freaking call middle of the third quarter is that you know what. As stubborn as I have been about Scot free control -- He had to get it done today OK but hey I'll I'll on front. -- Aiken is -- and put -- in Matt Flynn and you know what it was the right -- to somebody's gonna blast Mike McCarthy for a crappy play call. Better give Mike McCarthy a lot of credit for that. But Arnold -- the other him too. McCarthy -- Was so stubborn yup that yeah that he thought it all there when Scott -- -- -- -- -- -- -- like. After the losses like after the Eagles give us couples -- -- guy yeah when obviously. You know he give Matt -- -- stamps more snaps in practice last week if he thought even had a hunch that he Minneapolis quarterback. Why we give -- more snaps in practice -- I do agree with -- he gave. Flynn 88 told seen all the work in practice and all that because he was too stubborn. And then obviously he realize that you know what. Told leaning get it done for me Brennan Jessie -- the quarterbacks which he did but you -- -- -- -- -- little bit more practices -- even had a hunch that he thought about. Knew that he may make your quarterbacks where I think some of that has to do with you initials Scott -- he. Did you have some confidence in him that if if you're Scott told -- and your name as starter but even though your name the starter. You're given half the snaps -- or 40% of the snaps that means your head coach and your offensive coordinator. Not have a lot of faith in you don't know them and didn't do that helped Posey did on weary Robbins -- not because all he was terrible it was all for it pulls his confidence is right now. Right right the toilet -- -- one of the plane back to Minneapolis just -- 4147991250. Friends and Tony Franchitti are. Next caller you can jump in as well 4147. -- 91250. SE purgatory he sees a positive call I've I. You know some positive -- on this on the other callers come in and second wicket served up by Perkins restaurant bakery to the putting it all on the table. Wanted to and my guys out -- Mike it was tri city Hyundai first course over on -- 273. Only fifteen minutes from downtown Milwaukee Waukesha and highway twenty and were seen. 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We -- like a month FaceBook follow on Twitter at tri city -- -- or this week before you go and do little research check out all their cars they have -- Jews from. Allred tri city Hyundai dot com tri city Hyundai dot com Mike you know tri city -- -- and expect -- business they want to earn it. Tell Mike quick it's such Sports Radio twelve to VW SSB it's shockingly -- -- up by Perkins restaurant bakeries coming up at seven at 35 lead do. The drive of the game. In yesterday's 2626. Tie yes 2626. Tie. The Vikings and Mike McCarthy's Green Bay Packers -- After -- you do lose a game did you feel like you're -- Accomplishing what you set out to do so the reality is it's it's -- -- his junior and your record we -- improvements and we. We recognize that the kind of go to Norwalk from the extremely high -- happy with the performance or overcame them. But the energy is good -- character. We should go four games go and visit him. -- 32 today in Milwaukee snowing right now in the brew city. We -- -- he's seeking a good snowstorm out there and now -- does look a winner on hearing it nicely at Christmas tree and I am looking past -- -- to a -- -- -- -- not exactly the fifth. You know Mike I. There's a -- salaries that should be a packer win -- stupid overtime rules. -- did that first score doesn't win that they change this year and they're going in the playoffs last year was just the playoffs and now they got it where it's all the way around -- you both teams an opportunity. I was a touchdown a score -- an opening possession I don't like it at all I just you know -- -- one -- that you know the old rules Packers win the game yesterday. I don't I'm not complain about that I've my mother -- overtime rules for a while I hate -- I item that I like the last year -- -- like -- now. And it has nothing to do with who won who lost I like defense when I see a team play defense that means they deserve to win. You can't get a stop after that point literally you don't deserve to win yes sell. You lose luck but too bad -- hey you know what everybody knows the rules going in we -- first and goal from the six and you watch your -- defense for the last. I don't know twelve the last thirteen quarters BS -- horrible that you and you are you still -- -- punch it in get seven because you know for a fact. Well Leslie Frazier sitting over their thing and -- cool kick a field goal we're -- I know you stopped us in the fourth but. I'm gonna play my percentages and work remarks this thing right down the field just 6 before 7 o'clock that you think that -- was playing for the title he was doing that at all I didn't say who's playing for the -- said he was playing not to lose. So old I don't I don't think and I never say this is one of those what does that -- this is one of those easy cliches. That people throw out there all the time and I generally hate when I hear it I really hate when I hear I -- it -- it bothers me when I hear it. I don't think McCarthy -- that moment was playing with that killer instinct I don't know what is -- I I think he thought. A field goal would be good enough to win it. I'm not gonna risk -- staying -- Mike McCarthy was playing not to lose if you're playing to win that football game and make a statement. You would you would have gone a little more aggressive and figured out a way for your -- to punch it in two runs and in the fade pattern. For a field goal to me that was that was playing not to -- do you think that okay. I -- points here with the -- that he thought maybe. I divas can make stopping guys I did my deal -- you make -- stopping of the Vikings that I can continually put on the ball our throats. What's in there doing it and luckily didn't lose the game overall I think he thought that this defense was going to make a stop and I think that he's the only person who could have possibly thought the Packers defense was gonna make it stop because -- ensuing possession. The -- of the Vikings were just running right down our throats once again 41479912. At the right to the -- we go to him in west Milwaukee. Timmy on Sports Radio 1250. They are good god opinion that a couple observations from the game odd couple we when he tied it definitely just. Don't feel like a lost even though it's not crucial understaffed it's it's just doesn't there's nothing there to be elated about -- -- they played well to come back. Armed -- that -- try to -- feel like a lot -- a two point quickly what you guys think about arm wouldn't be -- can't stop nobody wanted and didn't fit anywhere. So my question is is how how bad. Is McCarthy's and -- personnel valuation. Of -- green and Wallace and it wouldn't come there and it is better than both of them so -- is there are some. You know could draft picks all the -- is -- some personal valuation problem -- does Carter really -- -- that that -- -- -- -- and secondly. We see it week in week out and and I agree -- -- -- up the defense speed and put up -- -- that whole week here useful. -- let me ask you this before you go -- -- and ask you something. What did you think -- Scott told -- two weeks ago after he came in for Seneca Wallace in the game against the Eagles -- -- we were sitting here. After the Eagles lost I don't know he called -- not. But what -- -- -- what was your take on titles game. Well my opinion for any quarterback that comes in that isn't prepared I expect. I I believe he didn't do all that I -- quarterback couple weeks so he didn't he do he did exactly what body was gonna do -- not and not do anything really because. With -- coming in on the game I think any backup quarterback it's -- when you're looking at a third string quarterback that doesn't get and hardly -- -- -- is not going to do well with a week preparation. I expect the quarterback Richard it would have been a farmer -- people being bounced back and played a pretty good game I think that was 300 yard games. Eagles he threw for two weighty a touchdown and two picks came back the next week and the Giants and threw for 339 yards no touchdowns three picks I guess what really thought after game one against the Eagles if you can remember that. Bomb it after that -- -- again it was it was it was one of those if you come in he played exactly how -- how I thought he was going to play. We got by and the reason I ask that is now you're questioning whether or not -- -- -- evaluate a quarterback because Matt Flynn came in and played well. Were we questioning it wing Scott told -- came in and -- I think you would agree against the Eagles played pretty well. But is the pick six -- -- 75 yards the other the pick in the end zone in the least 75 yards the other way. I think you look at Scott told -- that day and I'm playing devil's advocate here of course I and we -- but it's like you get a question Mike McCarthy's ability to evaluate. On talent right now with we -- when we -- when comes and plays well are we got a new accrediting Matt Flynn and discrediting Mike McCarthy. Were we say the same thing -- couples seem two weeks ago he also. Threw for 300 yards against the Giants Steve were saying even I don't -- capitals -- But it was lot of -- -- might have been a -- 300 yards as the Jazz because the -- yards thrown in and first in the first two games for any packer quarterback ever down but you know again how many quality yards where you know could they think once he got to reds on the still they still -- promised much him. There Ambrose -- when number twelve as well. But you know yesterday -- Ian looked terrible but -- -- awful he was terrible yesterday obviously. You know if that was some teams have scouted Scott tools he's and they know the quick pass is coming I've never seen and hug at the quarterback hit more balls batted down the line it's got chills to think some of the more the people's coming out of the videotape that you how to -- this guy. You gotta -- it did you good things early on. And you know maybe now start -- comeback in. -- Matt -- America I mean Matt Flynn is this going to be the story he -- did save a -- -- to be the starting quarterback Thursday thanks for the phone call Tim appreciate it will be a stranger to Tony in New Jersey on Sports Radio twelve -- nobody packer nation right now who wants to go back to -- -- All seemed to -- to eight. And -- good morning guys how audience and listened on F -- -- what made her what. Well -- -- -- 43 to seven I really rolled the -- are going to be frankly -- armed. And and land you know taught me to believe that you know not -- -- -- -- -- -- -- basically it lately as I mean I've had elbow looked pretty good -- -- and -- not -- -- -- cornerback on Thanksgiving I'm pretty -- to -- delighted I -- -- -- quality. -- -- -- I notable degree there -- no way to go to Detroit and we -- -- -- can they go out with with that Matt Flynn my eggs in there. I think self little Mugabe IRW. And I kind of -- -- slow but last week I felt more confident. In Matt -- anyway going in last week and are you -- -- and it's like I think that. Isn't as bad as Matt Flynn looked him you know maybe some his other stops still feels he would be given a better chance chancellor obviously there's no way -- -- What -- led them to a comeback win yesterday -- All that I didn't -- -- he -- out he is -- -- -- Scott told seen. His best game was the first one now that he got -- started throwing the ball around the yard against the Giants but threw three interceptions. Including the big wanted -- JPP. And then this game you looked terrible. I've never seen a quarterback or grass in three games as much as as Scott -- seen. -- I have the expectations that lets give him a week -- a McCarthy aren't let's get a second we gonna McCarthy I third week he's got to be ready and he's coming home against this defense. I've never -- -- So I think we're finding out that he was always had. I mean I don't read that he was I -- he's just not a starting quarterback in the NFL might have been. And you know you do the more reel tape that came out the opposing defense -- had a chance scheme -- -- -- In those tell level maybe not as quite as good. That's the reason why you know he's -- -- a few different teams and on a practice. The squads rank in New York we got -- -- big with Connecticut we had Jersey last all over powering New York on Sports Radio 1250 what's up in the Big Apple frank. There it is you are. -- Report wicket chuck there and you get scorpions and negative -- That the win. Oh yeah okay. And the players and the Lions lost the winter and the only team that moved up in the division I don't like your rookie tying to me like he's in right -- and you -- -- -- from underdog when he created 72 good about the I -- great in the clean up. Ought to say that they got -- to Matt Flynn told in no way -- -- to know -- and you know apaches. We you know Roger sectors while it -- -- gone back imported Gretzky they're gonna give -- -- and a -- -- that we -- -- -- Yeah I think it's safe to say you know your positive your thought that. Rodgers was all right I don't think. The front isn't gonna practice field tomorrow then he says that he's not -- he's not glanced at Tuesday's today tomorrow is that -- -- gonna find out about Aaron Rodgers and whether or not he can goal Thursday against the Lions. On Thanksgiving that's what we're gonna figure it out and -- -- McCarthy made tip his -- today. Probably not but he may to December they'll say you are right -- practice and tomorrow you'll. -- right next frank reshape and positively that would you to -- -- yesterday and who start -- -- because after the eagle he became rounds at -- he's my quarterback did not say anymore Matt -- yesterday before. 47991254147991250. Will take more your phone calls coming up Derrick John you guys are on deck it's a busy morning we're gonna get to all your phone calls at 4147991250. Can also email us live Sports Radio -- -- -- -- -- -- -- read some of those emails. Twitter is -- -- up. Also FaceBook as well. A one week from today want to remind you one week from today -- are gonna be live on a blames -- -- six and Ross and in Oak Creek they won. Well the week long seventh annual Sports Radio -- -- the charity toy drive to the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin -- I'll will be out there the bill Michael Shell and the big show twelve hours 6 AM to 6 PM stop on out say LL bring you Q -- toy for -- the kids in the Children's Hospital. Make sure it's -- make sure it's unused on -- As well. And bring it on down and commitment to make you feel good promise you it's her great cause a great time will be out there -- -- -- sixth and Ross and -- Oak Creek. The seventh annual Sports Radio twelfth of the -- toy drive. Begins one week from today chuck and make it 732 Sports Radio twelve -- WS -- -- From -- the field Sports Radio -- the updates studio I'm chuck Freeman legends of the field your one stop shop. For memorabilia autographs custom framing an athlete appearances so who'll be the starting quarterback for the Packers this week talking. -- Things went on the day. Lot of pollen affects our planet -- shortened -- just like we always -- -- -- support from. The staff room will do what's in the best interest of the pack over football team gives us -- one. That's the big guy packer coach Mike -- who used his fourth quarterback to four weeks and clearly no one was happy. With a 26 all tie with the Vikings at Lambeau Field Matt Flynn came on rallied the team coming in the third quarter the Packers -- thirteenth. I don't have a fast and there's enough time you warmed up. And -- so it obviously was good good. Sports Radio twelve -- -- WS as the its jockey wicked good morning at 738 era and an actor -- greeting gold Monday Packers tied the Vikings 2646. Now 55 and one they gain ground on the Bears and on the Lions. 41479912. At the right back in the pose after we get to -- -- drive of the game. Brought you by the Milwaukee area Napa auto care associates online at MI LWC a I have to say the drive of the game chuck had to be when Matt Flynn brought this team back when they were trailing in this game 2320. And the drive late that was it seemed to go like that they moved all the way down the field and started. After a Minnesota punt on their own 31 yard line. James Jones of the big catch from Matt Flynn for nine yards second -- one of their own forty yard line Flynn at. Middle over the -- the middle of feel they should -- -- Eddie lacy picked up sixteen big yards first intended to -- Minnesota 44. Eddie lacy right side picked up four -- second in six Matt Flynn throws an incomplete pass third and six meant -- incomplete try to get the ball to Jerry Boykin. There was a challenge that was called it was upheld fourth and six Matt Flynn. Gets the viking defensive linemen to jump and as he's going to get hit throws the ball deep. And it's caught by James Jones picked up 28 big yards. Huge huge Colts played their points stupidity in the by the Vikings beat the Vikings jumping offside giving a free played a flat first -- down -- the Minnesota twelve yard line Eddie -- you on the left side no gain at. Time out second in ten man -- complete allowed to Andrew Corliss. Third and ten at the the pass from -- to Jarrett Boykin picked up 34 and seven Mason Crosby comes in takes the field goal good tied at 23 and we go to overtime to drive. Lasted ten plays covered sixty yards in just a minute 41 it. And alone that time the ball game course -- size of this thing would and it. As the Packers go to old T ball teams get a field goal bat is your Milwaukee area -- -- -- -- associates drive of the game online at M I -- wc AR dot com the Milwaukee area Napa auto care associate. I'm not like the -- by the -- their little slant he'd throw to the end zone. He was the he tried to slant the Boykin who they thought maybe could make a catch and run into the end zone I don't like if the Koreans on. Or 147 on 912 -- -- -- the phones chuck still feels like this one is a loss I don't know that feels like a win but it sure doesn't feel like a loss when you think about the standings. In the NFC north but we want to know what you think 4147991250. Packers insider Tyler Dunn is coming up at eight -- and water per year and Sports Radio 1250 from Jersey New York. To Waterford Wisconsin over the wolverines. Yes sir. Might might -- so I guess holding -- -- torturous passage of immigrants about remains are good arm but -- just not a touch passing it. You brought thirteenth technical larger -- certainly. He's doing -- and her return and you know all you need. And I just seemed over soccer and army -- in -- an amendment out used to. -- -- still trying to learn the game. That he's not a starter right now now he's he's that he's the third quarterback to start -- game that -- Sid he's the little sideways out there and trying to work his way through like what he -- to Matt Flynn John. Yes I do look Dolphin to lying you do so I'll figure out by beating you to block burner of a running embarrassing to bark murdered. Gonna kill me. I don't it's acted all the inactive in the cornerbacks that Nike sect but you know -- tackles. You give up a couple of -- in this one the insight guys I -- played well what we did was get. Running game was really -- -- -- -- lacy ran well 25 for a -- -- James Starks three for 37 especially lately no wind. Eddie couldn't breathe Obama went hemorrhage Johnathan Franklin went out concussion we talk -- -- -- Do we deny he had that I forgot it was on eighteen year out you know first quarter or make kick return mean that nobody -- -- tough opponent first order. Yeah I think concussion there are so that's something to monitor -- mightily Iran the Packers got sacked twice early to say it was exciting game farms -- -- two sacks in the game by the Vikings. Of them one was by a -- Cole -- never heard of until this game together one. By Bryan -- and -- the stats -- out of it on or call the stat but I you know I trust the stance there -- Danny Green -- Sports Radio 1258 and. -- -- -- -- -- Day Tom couple things what are they want to make and -- -- start like I know you guys can say what you want I'm ready to hear -- but. The backside this -- winning percentage at Lambeau Field with malice at the record -- -- Detroit and sit all Minnesota began -- Minnesota and I'm not done. -- on our dad being dad -- yeah. Mike you can't I will let him finish but you can't say the facts are that they would have beat the Vikings if he -- -- started Dan I mean that's just that's not right. Want to beat Minnesota not to mention. When Kevin -- in the defense coordinators moderate. Well he's got that's going too far he's yet to put getting green up there that way they can still run the same three or -- let's -- little four behind it. Kevin green was as. He talked okay let me guess are part of the show what -- excitement. The Panthers and would afford three for the game and you can't get knows you got to pick and raji you just can't. After. You stand okay -- when -- blitz. Under is under -- -- pondering what to do trip over himself certain -- should practice or drop back and nobody has rushed Gooden got to get to -- didn't turn -- -- -- -- regardless lineup once more. Angry god you're just it didn't he did go down. They're so daunting choice and wondered what it's all about and it got -- -- -- because there's been spent as pathetic so it's probably going to be -- 37. That's what I look at another shoot out and support up and they looked -- told you don't like the -- a great guy. Well at either third string forestry quarterback probably what do -- make it anywhere else and I'm not sure what the issue not obviously it's not a darn. Right we can grab that -- I got up. -- that's always qualifier -- a nice guy but just. I don't want to -- by starting quarterback probably. When I -- yes it's simple and a good you know it's there's Detroit and -- ability they might have a sniper -- their forest. But wow -- -- -- -- he wasn't sacked at all yesterday it is on. To show you what nobody says the sex palsy was -- twice the Packers yeah I'm -- I'm -- Flynn was not -- only kept them you know path. He dropped back to past 36 times -- was not sacked at all. I've been a bullet -- Guillen said there are other then. The facts are that Matt Flynn would wonder that would won the game had he started yesterday and the facts are that he's gonna go if they start him he'll beat the up. They'll -- that the Lions. -- -- -- Matt Flynn is probably the better option and we are learning this right now that Matt Flynn is probably a better option at this point. And Scott -- and Italy to make an argument after watching that game yes -- I. Thought that going last week if I did that anybody really think tolls seen how long this was the last. I have some experience Mike you know you just thought that -- -- Flynn was the better option I just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How -- not mega -- putting a stop Burleson latest up any of the other stuff Pettigrew I think it's -- Reggie Bush does not matter. After a dose of the Mets deference -- seven -- -- these days so I'm not. I'm I'm -- with the Packers can do -- you know the run defense is terrible. Right now you know pass defense is -- any better right now I'm actually starts is are the Packers can win on Thanksgiving. No I don't think so I don't think so -- -- announced he gives -- a better chance than Towles CI agree I think that. I think you thought the going into the viking game the Cardinals I was very confident this I mean you know I went very I thought I would and I thought did I thought they'd win but I thought to be a struggle when I was confident this team is going to be able to beat the Vikings that was a -- a stroke win. But the idea. I don't think there and I don't think the B -- even with -- went governor or Reggie makes a miracle comeback of his play in the game -- -- -- obviously -- changes. Or 1479912. To be more your phone calls coming up 41479912. At the Packers in center Tyler -- joins us at eight. Right -- at 746 and get to -- get to Mike we all your calls coming up next here on Sports Radio twelve that the WS has beef. Had the momentum there in the overtime which would little -- them down there on on an opening drive but there's always things about the little things the -- drills and that was definitely the case today. Sports Radio twelfth -- PW SSP it's chuck and wicket at 751 your forecast for today have the snow come through already -- a -- -- -- corners probably at a downtown by now as well high 32 in the brew city today. Some snow this morning -- accumulation of their to my car's covered. But now it's 22 degrees in Milwaukee backers insider Tyler Dunne is coming up at the top of the hour he'll join -- at 8 AM -- side of -- yesterday. At Lambeau Field now 55 and one half 32626. Kiss your sister got a game. In overtime the the Packers drove down the field and is Mike McCarthy said right there would have been nice punch it -- They get three a Vikings go down to get three the rest of the other time expires. And we have a tie game. It no problem isn't in that overtime of the Vikings were able convert on third down. There was I got 39. In an Adrian Peterson -- draw play -- -- sport on their front draw play runs for fifteen. You know he has a killer it was killer -- Hillary you know Lemerre and -- force in the fourth and long. But it was a great call by the Vikings and Packers obviously look at pass -- Peterson got him fifteen yards 4147991250. -- back to the folks taking your calls packer fans Joseph body and we love to hear from -- I'll -- -- Sosa met -- Sports Radio twelfth at eight. Recording guys him real quick. -- last taller. -- either needs to listen -- -- now sister in the game or read the articles in the paper that spot in the Gatorade state talked about. He said that there in the fourth -- most the time which they weren't obviously you can't quote you can't get note speed out of -- and notoriety. -- job -- to hold up blockers so the linebackers can make plays. -- job is not designed in this defense to get to the quarterback when Mike Daniels does it it's because. He already has -- job there and he's quicker. -- a hole in those guys are and that's what he does and that's -- you know that's -- he gets to the quarterback but. It's designed not to get to the quarterback for the fact guys they're just holding -- -- -- Packers can make plays I mean. It's it's a very simple concept in the fourth in the 34. And they weren't enough for street -- linebackers lineup. You know Clay -- lined up on the line it looks like a fourth line nobody not even though I predict -- I was wrong. You know Danny Green yelled -- make -- a friend had Matt Wallach Sosa. Or 147991250. -- the -- Matt appreciate it it's it has more reaction to -- by the -- coming in on on none. On Twitter this is from Michael writes that clown that took over your show lost his mind. The pack will win 2421 on Turkey -- take that to them and this is from the Tony show on Twitter Ty Wright said Mike -- get the fact is potter was pondering blob blob block click. Here. I don't feel good about going to this game against Detroit but do they lose I still think the Packers are gonna win the division or 147991250. Mike in Waukesha you're on Sports Radio 1250 -- -- -- -- The the -- deal at all. -- starter -- article there -- -- one game I think I would like to see him all of earlier what went in earlier but. My question is. Fierce defense. Article they lose their focus either I have no idea what's going on -- -- -- -- bothers me that. Think maybe he emphasis on toward racquet the turnovers -- -- -- a lot of -- -- before all the grab of arms and -- -- -- -- -- when it's all for Earl turning the ball out of somebody there. There you -- -- it's like it was great in spurts and then all of a sudden. Then they just -- awful and then you have these guys bought one like you're heartened. In -- and rip up those big of -- they give them look at it that they're they're in football at the China club Arnold burst and they're not a good -- about the basic concept of read runners -- Well I saw that -- -- yesterday late in the game after they got deep into the the the Packers territory and it was obvious that. -- it to me it seems like when that does happen it's like a guy we know we can't stop -- we got to -- begin rip this thing on their arms and and to to their credit. Adrian Peterson for the beginning of his career. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're trying to strip them but this tired team is not been very good in that area and no more or forcing interceptions for that matter -- it and Owen dropped the F I mean now. I'm mad that I didn't see everything they did and at first after the big game changer because you picked that one -- with a house. Then you know -- control a game 4147991250. Let's go to -- of organs are to sail on Sports Radio 1250 K Sam. -- -- I thought there I think Matt Flynn first called it a tremendous job like -- -- -- -- game and get stack up. But then well number one thing that I noticed but he had -- Told named and every kept cool and no matter what Allen here in trouble he had not -- -- he just threw the ball away every single. And earlier there were commenting that. You think it's -- I think that's the number one reason why would. Just -- -- and he straightaway when he needed. Yeah yeah he Ebert wrote the sack. Jimmy at 36 pass at 36 pass attempts and -- half. In less than half what the 'cause it's not ten minutes left -- sort of dead via. -- twenty to seven. 36 pass attempts pastor Paul all over yard got to get it done and and still got to go very good date on his back -- -- -- idea pit pass completion was a great 21 of 36 and a -- a lot -- but he threw the ball around. -- -- has some very good at -- the Vikings secondary when the worst secondaries and only -- flinch first play came in at 822 left in the third quarter. Think Sam and Richie is in Milwaukee -- Sports Radio twelfth at DA -- And it -- -- don't do right. If there aren't considering there's just a tie game yeah his sister hum well I want to talk about how bias and just overall spoiled we are -- Packers fans. I don't think Danny Green -- -- the front and me by. He's -- going to Gary and bill after the game people talking about firing McCarthy yeah. Think like that's just ridiculous. Think about where we'd be without McCarthy. Of course with Rodgers we're not going to be doing well we're just really not prepared for this but. People are so spoiled and bias and talk about as play calling at the end of the game. And people again in Greenville just thinking very retrospectively. They watch -- game and say I told you so after the fact. I don't think any less the McCarthy but I kinda thought in this four game stretch the all these injuries he find a way to win at least one of these games you could think any less of Danny Green down. But he unless he does have a -- it. We all do its job and -- can use your rant on the twelfth -- -- sound off line for 144482162. Presented by John Paul's via GMC. Again sound off at 4482162. -- your calls coming up that a bit here from Matt Flynn at 835 Packers insider Tyler -- joins us next second wicket Sports Radio it will --