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11/25/13 Chuck and Wickett 8am Hour

Nov 25, 2013|

Tyler Dunne, more reaction to the tie game, can they beat the Lions with Flynn?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Outing as an -- read about shortly lieutenant Chicago losing some of the players got a little more effort but I mean let's be real and -- they take. This kind of upper end into a playoff game and airplane group reasons sort of a Christian Ponder their -- Yeah a different defense than the one that they they -- yesterday. They're not going anywhere I mean it was it was not a good effort for Green Bay and I'm yet guy the other hanging around -- maybe they get their writers back eventually it's a different story but managed that this team has some problems at the exit -- ankle anywhere. You know McCarthy hit it right in the head with his guys after the games in his analysis of the team -- he threw his weight behind the team like -- always -- but he said he -- work peak and valley team. -- I think he's right -- of that statement -- He is and wait till the players after the game as they just can't ride this roller -- -- making -- Going up and down so wildly like Italy -- this is really been the story all year record -- good -- and -- -- -- -- -- the quarterback -- -- have a quarterback who doesn't turn the ball over -- has that ability to -- kind of -- problems go away who -- back into -- and -- he's the one got to give them that so. Maniac -- -- they admit but. Yet -- offensively could ask -- will be here are. I'm can make Christian Ponder look like an alcoholic and I think you have second and the on Saturday and then -- -- a elect a lot. -- the Packers insider Tyler donned on Sports Radio twelve to -- US SP it's chuck and wicket. Did Mike McCarthy put too much stock in Scott -- -- not getting give Bob Matt Flynn enough of an opportunity. Was that a mistake by Mike Mike McCarthy. -- -- direct respect and Matt Flynn is close to the quarterback he was flat and you look in Green Bay and you know I thought he would progress to play no return mean to get the -- went out in Seattle and Oakland and in Buffalo. And I think the Packers subpar at the and we -- man that was to -- the -- earlier this season. On the coaches Robert Edwards and to grow men there and -- cattle being a believer I was kind of more of the -- are. Quantity and he he was a player who's been around in practice saying. -- base umpire on the field quality -- -- stronger arm but sometimes. Players gamers and then that that's what I understand the locker that Matt Blanton is. Sometimes a guy who's been out there aren't big stage in college who's been there in the -- -- is kind of situation. Don't for an 837 and it doesn't phase -- he's been there done that Matt Flynn is that where. And right now you have to think that -- writers can't go -- their quarterback. Did your course I don't know I don't think that they've made a mistake I think they -- -- do -- they had in and told Ian topic yet and opted to its been a winner you. But Matt -- there's not as bad as we all thought. -- how would you think that going in today T Mac is he only gave -- forced Napster in a week at all thought. You know things are working in my MB ex eagle Esther -- but scenario C they -- went crosses -- and going in hey you know what if things are going well for -- seem. I'm goodness I'm I I might stay -- eagle -- Matt Flynn already think that that just counted on them in the third quarter you know I need a spark. He didn't know what they're having -- operation ordinary meaning you're there to track and out get the Lambeau Field yeah it was. It was silent it was quiet you could. Yeah we just. You of the season consulate and away from Green Bay I mean ever since no energy. As a quarterback change for whatever reason -- shuffle the deck. And a kind of -- beer and I've -- all the quarterback -- there's a lot of Orange or are green daybook. -- players. It kind of rallied around that gains around later and in -- went out there -- they know. And done it before you -- have that aura around him for a backup quarterback would do. Stranger is different but it's deeper strict Minnesota had only want first out in the fourth quarter I'm on I'll bench guys restarted big plays -- -- Quarterback giving Matt Flynn wasn't spectacular but he he gave the team spark they needed and interpret the quarterback change. Any quarterback chains get accomplished. There any of fans got behind -- to -- comes -- -- this game. -- I don't think it's not on TV but you know one where the game their -- that the crowd was just we will also -- he gets -- on the sideline you get your little rumble in the stands. And then you know you obviously he goes in on the next possession and the fans inept part of the end zone on the stadium -- -- big standing ovation. It had not -- that that's -- we're getting -- is that -- you're kind of slows the whole dynamic of the game and made -- -- Back in the rally and finished but it is got a weird that -- -- that -- it was I think is why can't prevent suddenly. Got quiet the locker room was quiet you thought tutor got a pretty good -- Over the Packers insider Tyler -- on Sports Radio -- -- PW SS PI's. And other 55 and one. -- surprising to you how many people didn't know the overtime rules in that packer locker room. You're and there are a lot that -- but there were viewed it definitely did not enter Corliss but he late via a couple of I -- look -- make him around and you I think that it. It's fascinating that the player any player -- -- know the rules land and in eighty officials kind of repeat eat all the rules or what I began to put. I mean shouldn't the coaches are the team -- in swarmed these guys that false scenario that we hear so much about you know how guys and special teams. Know every little -- -- who wants. Rule on what the rule -- -- -- out of -- what they want but now he picked it up and figure of forty and act kind of spell out. It go to their opportunities I've had public trying to think that they would tell -- how overtime work maybe they view but yet. It always. It always -- Brad or Adam you know what you throughout the other ballot there's not -- degree been a lot of players don't -- -- have -- Donovan -- a few years ago. I thought that happened with somewhere else where there was a guy who didn't -- all. That a game could it was done it was done -- Donovan McNabb it was Donovan McNabb what did the story there I have the sound quite as a matter of fact he didn't know the when they played a couple of years ago yeah he did not know this with Daria. Did not know that you know big east Indians could -- -- the tie and colleges you know league anyways just -- -- -- Alabama. -- you -- games -- -- to the finish -- -- -- overtime rules. I don't know I just. I think you need if they have a settled what are you repaint fans pale that money. Let's have a second overtime that's a rule they got to switch journal they don't want you using injuries and not to let these guys continue and it just -- -- -- -- -- -- -- anywhere. I don't but I'd say if it goes to us out and the one overtime -- And no one scores -- -- you know the -- -- field goals go to a second overtime. We just lost -- we did immediately lost Tyler what -- -- -- I think your I think your your your -- of the overtime shot Tyler so much as phone lines blew up. Mike McCarthy was calling him on the other line that talent on back with -- a -- insider Tyler the overtime rules chuck -- -- I like from the start what do you make -- them. Yet where a lot of the connection there you know I don't like it nobody like I mean that's a -- -- great by that they feel. You -- that you're. That the -- -- Shocked we weren't a lot you know. That's -- you know these are watched more hockey and Arizona has always used as an oxymoron gentility in my -- you just need more hot and not a Tyler all right now. Tomorrow's a big day. But the Green Bay Packers in this play thirteen fourteen camping. Aaron Rodgers needs to get on the practice field two days before. -- games and he would have to practice on a Friday during a normal week. Because it's the Thanksgiving Thursday he would have to get on the field tomorrow to be able to go Thursday those are his words not mine. That being said. -- you'd think there will be number twelve on the practice field tomorrow. As this team gets ready for Thanksgiving in Detroit. Against the -- You know I know I mean great out there and I still think it does stretch for the guy to play -- mean are those Thursday would be. 44 days and the guy breaks out on three and a half weeks. -- -- -- -- -- -- I just don't see him -- himself out there at the bone. Having completely healed mediate said it felt real vascular. He hopes -- a different situation. But I could still be surprised if he's out there -- -- -- gut feeling more than any towel mean. -- -- I can't see Aaron Rodgers -- about the he's a Smart guy. On the nose one bad hit one -- crashed the turf and it would absolutely be done and then you're looking at multiple months of -- -- -- give backs so. You're gonna make sure he's ready or get out there despite the dire straight its green Bay's -- Now I think what they -- two with Flynn you know. Had pretty good numbers yesterday you know the completion rate wasn't percentage was -- great but it. You know I think Flynn their little encouraged and they think that they know why rush Aaron back because. They feel average and of course you step beat feels that they can go with Flynn who know pass before he did last time it is Detroit -- go and Aaron and they can win with one. Yeah -- a bit of it when articles being written academic reform that they need a backup quarterback. -- do enough arms to get in the way ahead and I think -- it it is about the quarterback cowboy -- it's all about the defense that. It was gas I told Gary Hart I mean -- -- -- eleven carries going into the game. Summary did not expect. Anything at all just running -- the middle of the defense -- -- ready go to -- a little hole up there. We and I get it in the air writers back be a legitimate contender by. I mean they're there are other big time problems on the team that they -- if they're gonna go anywhere and they can't start that defense and -- other now and the Beagle mixed Matthew Stafford Calvin Johnson Reggie Bush. That a Christian Ponder Toby Gerhart and -- -- and obviously -- -- to it had to be very very discouraging for the team. Injury wise will we see Sam Shields back or Johnny Jolly back. Yeah I'm not sure we go to guys they definitely -- so I'm Aaron same -- -- That changes -- everything in the -- have a domino effect they're really not able to move runway and then in the slot and certain situations like it like Q. It's -- about -- when he dropped a pick six. He can't -- that interception and goes -- Pardon the -- I -- then that totally changes that game. They missed it and -- and mister Ernie Charlie. Against the run and his presence was missed. -- like it players certainly enters camp as an excuse that only injuries those two guys are responsible for the Vikings -- backs ran for two -- 37 yards so. Our winter without those players and they should be able at the exit with a -- -- Avant -- get it done. How many trips to the Thanksgiving table this Mike McCarthy usually make. And I I have no idea how. I about it I am looking forward to that Brett sparks and its right we weren't but it -- -- giving up -- it's not a bad setup that they have. For now everything is someone he's -- I -- got to make their Thanksgiving and when the program -- the Packers are given make when those games and him and Detroit. You gotta do it a 380 bats in that NATO and I'll -- better get that line bat on the season or later will be gone. Honestly the food bowl food yes it was our -- and I don't see the governor going to -- through some food who. Think if poker assistant to the Thanksgiving like I'm a hard job Brandon ordered Michael Carter I got the tussle tonight goodness yeah. Are written. In Atlanta and Mike McCarthy and -- -- at Thanksgiving -- and the -- -- to get another -- Tyler enjoy the short week law will probably check it again early tomorrow after Mike talks and of course on Wednesday before this one on -- on Thursday thanks for joining us. Talent at a Packers insider joining us -- -- great at West Bank outlined his agreement West Bank dot com or call 2627844400. -- learn about totally free -- first time homebuyers special and local mortgage servicing -- -- West Bank. Since 1935. Simply low amateur -- -- the table like a hurdler today is that. They must have a Thanksgiving dinner in the threat in the lines press -- you would think I mean David do and I would assume you -- -- -- they have every year if you -- at I don't know -- it has that he's the secondary do you leave early for but I've never gone. -- -- Ford Field on Thanksgiving as a member of the press I'm gone as a member of the -- -- as a fan wants to do it again this year hasn't LB won't opinions on how cool that's grandmother house -- -- -- -- really gives -- an awesome and the -- the environment around Ford Field in downtown Detroit. On. You know especially this could equally to this weather sticks I have no idea what the weather's going to be like. If the weather sticks. The way it is right now single in the Thanksgiving forecast in Detroit I'll have that where you -- -- up. Because it obviously doesn't affect the game. But the -- -- with the environment the feeling around Ford Field it's great man it's just really cool and I know that you know going in as a visitor to a lot of times you get harassed by fans and whatnot. This -- -- I would like you like eight. Detroit Tigers aren't so bad usually Detroit is a miserable people wouldn't but for the most part on Thanksgiving this is -- focuses. -- the -- -- and I don't think they -- Moving him out of Detroit or Dallas -- got Bulls -- -- the staples cities for Thanksgiving it Walt and they won't know now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Knows that before you know yeah I was born in my day so he's done out Paris winds a -- it's always plant Thanksgiving stuff like every couple years they played each other. -- -- a couple of years ago -- -- Charles Woodson to -- sick of the -- been in the end zone he and then having before it was the 2007. Lead the Packers -- just destroy the Lions some. Generally speaking Lions get killed on Thanksgiving -- generally speaking if they get beaten badly on -- -- tunnel knowing the one time when in their discretion. -- -- at their height now. You're -- your Packers insider Tyler -- by the -- brought you by the Thomas More roll along offices for -- for child custody in any other family -- needs -- with experienced goalie Thomas -- Online at Motorola law dot net that's more roll -- -- dot net or call 4143275800. Chuck and make it. -- I Perkins restaurant a bakeries. Big at -- -- a Lambeau leap as -- -- governor ABC audio video flat panel re watching yesterday's game. You're gonna hear from the Packers running back coming up next Eddie lacy next our Sports Radio trumpet EWS -- -- Yeah -- mean you know we we overcame adversity. You know we -- -- out there definitely is honorable person and you know we just kind of excellent we went -- -- -- You know we -- -- and you know we have to come bag to force overtime so. We know we can't move though we just have to you know putting together full full course. Sports Radio twelve -- eagle USS -- up -- -- served up by Perkins restaurant and bakeries where they're putting it all on the table. -- sketch out what the forecast for -- today high 31. -- dusting and around the -- snow on the ground 25 in Milwaukee. Coming up at 835 able to you'll hear from packer quarterback Matt Flynn it. And not Thanksgiving whether by the way just in Detroit were just talking about it. -- -- here high of thirty partly cloudy no -- of snow in the forecast for the daytime so it'll be a very jovial atmosphere around Ford Field. On no uncertain but you know the rough there are sold off simply to accelerate when it inside you know it's great -- -- field. No and I that's a -- I Durbin or Mike and I like to go there especially for Thanksgiving game. -- the only time I've been in Detroit. Tom was for a wrestle mania 1987 makes sense that the silverdome and it's about right now and it's an even in the tree that's in -- thought it was beautiful it was about -- -- -- -- -- -- -- minutes away. -- from from downtown. Packers Lions coming up 4147991250. Taking your phone calls though on the tie game yesterday he does it feel like a -- Does it feel like a loss. If you look at high. -- says it feels like a loss I don't I don't feel bad because. The Packers moved up in the stand -- you take a look at the entire situation. You know Green Bay moved up because the Lions mean look at you're mad about a -- magically align span right now losing at home to Tampa -- -- but I. Our standards here -- -- a little higher than Aaron Detroit and let's face -- because. You know we achieved substandard series that Detroit is just trying to win a playoff game and get the playoffs -- a Packers it's it's more than getting -- a second round of the playoffs have been losing. It's it's play championship football I'll feel good because there a -- -- to football right now. 01479912. That -- district Eddie lacy right -- talking about his is up and down day or the team's up and down day in. No big -- chuck cant believe in this ball game late because of -- How much concern me a little bit tougher for his career because apparently I don't I'm not an asthma -- never happened and -- asthma really affects him when it's when it's -- It's. Condos code and it wasn't so bad though there that he felt that it. He's gonna -- or cold weather games by the -- for -- for this is this this game yesterday. -- -- field you know it was like twenty degrees -- kick off. There's a lot of the -- the -- players as a Green Bay packer yeah I mean you expect that in November but certainly in December January at those games season. Especially in January playoff games -- of the -- playoff game. -- -- -- -- -- Yes you're -- you're Madison -- the last cold games you play and so I I hope that's not an issue. You're in the press box yesterday and serve and most of the -- well educated members of the media in new that this game could -- it tightened when I was a packer party but he chili cook off packer party yesterday my buddy's place. And I did not win in case you're gonna ask me no like pretty southwest chicken Juli did not win okay Palmer's left overs and I actually should -- -- dog I have a ton of Atlanta they'll bring some in for an awesome. -- but I don't explained the the rules do it to my group of friends they didn't watch the Packers they're not die hard sports like I told you before camp. No one in my close knit group of friends on this -- this group of friends and hang out with. None of them aren't diehard fans that listen to this station or listen to Sports Radio or. You know watch sports center religiously -- thought that the one score is that there are no other true wrote a while one person thought that was the second overtime one person -- they just played -- the time went out. Can't you know and it added explain this to an end. You know Eddie lacy you would think could be a guy who would would know -- the playoff rules -- -- but apparently the packer running back did not. I was nationals if you look in the first until -- like we don't have those and I didn't though that sounds good. I'm not -- on me today. -- serving -- the I don't know the rules. -- questions and things but now not gonna explode above this one no no -- in them there's no second overtime in the NFL. To -- surprising 41479912. At the U he feels right I'm a little surprised by that put. And I I guess as long is -- knew it. You know who's the quarterback on the offensive line to -- to -- TR -- we know. You wonder how many why he's a -- but I asked what was for my standard Corliss and Lacey -- the -- that work. Outspoken about it and you know you wonder -- -- of these guys don't know. Really I I don't know I -- makes you gotta wonder am now makes you -- under. About football man for whatever reason football -- you -- -- that you never see before. Did you expect Matt Flynn to come and bring this team back from 237 yards and you know she is and how would you know what the still -- -- -- the Vikings their secondary isn't very good enough. You know there are playing. A good football team that I would say okay no way but. You know I I just thought the Vikings now horrible team -- there was no way 822 he comes in -- I don't believe you if you're gonna tell you let it -- got this -- I'd -- he's got this I thought they -- to win the game -- -- -- did tie but. You know wants to with overtime I thought Dallas is I agree with you I think once they got to old -- once Crosby's -- -- -- -- and I thought they are going to win -- At that moment when it was 23 to seven and here comes Matt Flynn but desperation. They and push it seems like they got a couple calls to there was a defense of hold on a third down call -- 35. Way away from the play. The called defense of holding and it's like Mary Burke -- -- chuck Lima press -- like why. Believe that in the NFL really wants some ratings and a Thursday game don't think -- -- though it was it was at the hands of the based only on -- a note -- another of this was a good defense ambassador of this the defense to -- -- -- third down right. Always it was not a receiver on the near side of the field that was way await the play and a flag just kind of went away it was like Waller called Abbott. Not even involving the play. Was that the play -- right after -- The hold on Blake and they didn't call was a -- there was one that was a bowl -- pass interference call that was -- Aniston and I thought I'd get ready for the like that call might there comes that make up. Go to the -- John downtown you're on Sports Radio 1250. Well our boy. You know I -- I feel like a lot to me number one defense that -- pathetic. You know that and the Vikings in an up and -- Reynolds about and you know -- it's -- it goes. And if they do that when we're good enough that element in the game grant -- -- but what desperation. I think each and started from the beginning a lot of hindsight. I mean it's a lot -- but obviously the cart yet some sort of some sort of feeling that point to do it and tell you -- -- -- the -- for a computer like that. Amateur it was see -- -- I take out of out of Matt Flynn coming in I don't know if he had a lot of confidence in Matt -- it was just that he realized that -- he was not going to get it done. And -- part of you don't know. It was like -- eight what's the worst that Matt Flynn can do because Scott told he was bad things a little -- -- Because if you know does CEO he's had a little time a couple weeks -- -- totals meanwhile you know actually the whole year with -- -- And then you -- couple week's coach of the month to be a starter. And many thought that we don't point to -- slender -- just makes when my automatic starter just thought I'd -- -- -- little loyalty little Stover missed there and meanwhile little's team. When I maybe knew that you know maybe Matt -- is my long term answer. I think I think we should start and then my question you guys is. Why the world would you do not go for the touchdown when -- -- sport in -- Barrett over time. Well yeah because -- thank you thought the defense is gonna make a stop. You know you want the thought the defense is gonna make it stop. But you know he's got to go for because. If you don't make it on fourth and -- Then all the like he's -- the field what's -- -- games over. So okay you're losing again this there's a lot of captain hindsight stuff going on here today you'll think that they should have gone for a fourth and two he's gone. Why -- -- you yes. Fourth in the fourth and one you asked -- the -- I was -- I was cool what they did guys I didn't I didn't expect. What you said Matt probably expected his defense to make a minute to play him because I didn't because I don't know if your defense can't make a play there. And they ran right -- -- home. Running play after running play. Then you don't deserve it when there was a third and nine draw played out interviewed as the -- that -- like the biggest play of the entire overtime depth but it being you know what if you can't make it stop you don't deserve to win. 41479912. That he does this one Gillick a loss even though it was a tie and he moved up in the standings -- 1479912. That the packer fans you can jump on -- That's separate and I'm like wicket sit around the other day going through my mail got a letter in my -- my mailbox from my bank cool. And guess what's coming my way fees be that in sign up forty -- for minimum balance these -- in the wrong ATM so I said screw this I'm done called up my buddy John -- And great mid West Bank -- -- a job -- peace. And he said yep Mike guess what big banks are doing that all across Wisconsin these days. Assembled in for a new -- -- online -- pay free checking lots of ATM's no minimum balance in what I really wanted was a mobile -- to go with my bank. And John told me I can get everything I was looking for a great mid West Bank plus on the gold text banking a figure that out exploited -- want to do a day later I was opening up an account. Gregory BUS bank both -- easy met some great people there and I'm glad I did my money is my money. That's some big banks and if you open up an account a great mid West Bank today your instantly registered for a chance to win a thousand bucks coming up in January. Call -- west bank -- 82627844400. Or. Just go to their web site great midwest bank dot com that's great mid West Bank dot com. Great mid West Bank member FDIC summer -- and charges may apply. See -- web site for the details -- -- contest adios big bank hello great midwest bank since 1935. Simply local. From the -- is the field Sports Radio to both -- the updates video I'm -- freedom but is the field your one stop shop for memorabilia autographs custom framing and camping appearances Packers. But I really find themselves a hole a -- -- -- -- 2626 tie with a two and a Vikings. Had a rally for a sixteen point deficit -- -- and our quarterback changes well. Mistakes again standout in the packer run defense continues to have gaping holes packer coach Mike McCarthy says he's not going to spend a lot of time on this one. We neutral to -- you know we should put maybe several should. You know -- -- that's what I want a -- Lucic is a bit of an empty feeling fumble -- -- -- -- -- -- -- changed quarterbacks in the third quarter when Matt Flynn imports Scott Towles C McCarthy would not name a starter for Thursday's Lions game but probably a safe bet that Flynn will be the fourth different starting quarterback this year. We need we did improve the next week we recognize that the kind of go to Norwalk from the extremely high. Almost have to go perform sort of overcame a fumble. The energy is good a lot of character. Packers -- five and five heading into Detroit on Thursday setting up a huge game of the winds through -- first place in the NFC north. With the Bears and the Packers half game out -- -- -- football knowing limit beat Denver 3431. In OT the pats were down 24 nothing at half time. Tonight it's ever sisco at Washington the badgers move to fifteenth -- the BCS ball. In the top three for the BCS is Alabama FSU and Ohio State. I'm meanwhile the -- -- Detroit tonight pick and saved best low post game show wait around tonight -- WS SP -- minus Sports Radio -- the dot com. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Having a bad air -- mr. how to help one point 669921717. WS SP whether -- still this morning up to one inch temperatures will be low thirties to win the -- -- and bring up 25. It's a light snow I'm chuck free but Sports Radio 1250 WS is people among the Sports Radio -- -- come. Sports Radio twelve to BW SSB it's -- make it -- up by Perkins restaurant and bakeries straight back to the phones and just the second time a year from. Packer quarterback. Matt Flynn. Like weeks ago I was like I tell me a better quarterback Aaron Rodgers and was like I tell me -- -- packer quarterback Scott told zine. And Seneca Wallace here we go -- now it's finally time to hear from packer quarterback. Matt played here -- an actor -- mingled Monday after a 2646. High just. Bizarre you have two quarterbacks basically for 21 years and -- -- -- for quarterbacks in four weeks. I just weird isn't it how did you -- he came in the game yesterday I felt critical better than -- crowd reaction it will Lambeau fans -- on their feet they want to see it they were obviously tired of it -- You know the people's -- play was. Not the doing anything for the team and yeah I was I was always on board -- when he got up and he started throwing the ball on the sidelines. Yeah I was like well they needed energy boost. Can't happen fast and there's enough time you warmed up and rolls so that's -- is good good good to get American. -- Harassment so we're also excited that first drive -- kind of rushing things -- -- but I was gonna get some of them. It was in there he seemed obviously felt that -- obviously did feel comfortable with that -- Some good things done on by the offense obviously proud of the front of the guys are always come back and were able. To to come back and -- it in overtime. They felt the new groove you know getting out there and he knows you know everybody wanted to know quarterback comes and where was told -- -- Wallace you know -- -- guys -- the team. You know make him feel right at home and huddle and -- land on the sidelines -- -- support Mets -- -- got. I spent four years here -- much in those first four years and as a quarterback -- so comfortable on -- -- comfortable with us for the guys here. You know -- it did seem you know comical becomes a little bit you know. What's amazing is you know if you come -- right now packer fans are trying to figure out how they should feel today after after a -- obviously you wanted to beat the Vikings. And Scott holes -- probably feels like a loser today. Meanwhile Matt Flynn for what he did -- probably feels like you want this football game doesn't hit it probably it brought back -- 237 yeah well you know what they'll. He didn't feel that when you can just tell by. You could tell by the way he was on the sidelines and even feel real great. I don't know how shall spilled out they've -- World this morning we need that win and that we don't know it. -- turnover and we figure on a roll and you don't think it is. Now he's got a couple of days is I would say the odds on favorite. To start this football game I still I wonder about Aaron Rodgers and whether or not he's going to be able to go I still think he starts. Until you're -- Sadie -- come back I'm sticking by my prediction. On -- Aaron Rodgers will start against the Lions at Ford Field on Thanksgiving -- -- -- could be the guy against Detroit. I don't know what plan as it's almost -- or -- about -- right -- second high notes quick turnaround this week obviously with it for the Thanksgiving weekend but. You know we'll see and I'm sure we'll know more tomorrow. Pulled a little more Nolan maybe not today but definitely more tomorrow because of twelve can get on the field tomorrow that means is gonna go Thursday we shall see -- your -- quarterback. Matt Flynn. Yeah Buffalo on 479 I think Israel's awful that's that. Rodgers gets on the field plays Thursday and he -- -- practice Thursday. The fact that he's recovered from coming back from a broken collarbone -- has -- practice tomorrow if Greg is -- come ever broken collarbone. I I don't know if they really win that game even if he is playing on Thursday given effect he's coming back from a broken bone stock to -- in Greenfield on Sports Radio twelfth at the morning -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I don't feel what you know without -- -- or -- yesterday it felt more like yeah I'll treat you injured. Some feelings -- that I mean it was like it's gonna get insignificant I think you're going to pre season games and watching Matt Flynn and Scott pulls scene stealing the -- pole for a number and the results now. The results -- -- -- -- -- It's part of Illinois feeling your -- -- -- a -- follow all of -- all of. I hear a reason to begin their but I just I don't see it beat it I don't see if you wanna make an exhibition game of course those quarterbacks -- -- the way it is ponder. You know he's Sox -- And you don't receive a -- he marries basically of a backup quarterback. -- had that feel to it when you wash in the two teams like -- people paid money to watch these two quarterbacks go back and forth. -- ticket prices are dropping to them guessing the market around Lambeau Field thought was it was not exactly -- -- was in any you know -- brokers to same thing they have problems -- to get through drop sought to Scott I feel real bad for them temple's just got and frankly your Sports Radio 1250. Big morning. A little -- say is that I really don't think. That you know Matt Flynn got totally. Relate to -- out they they can have bad games but that's been it's been defense but the issue. -- it's the defense then. You know I we get back company sent out last week about saying all the people who think that this -- Adam and yours. You know -- -- -- last week how Lions a view that the Eagles lose to Tampa. So yeah Palin how Vikings of them the -- -- Two touchdowns. 32 score lead actually in the fourth quarter three score lead against -- fourth string quarterback the fourth quarterback in a year. The Vikings with their number one quarterback couldn't get it done they could -- hold onto a three score game in the fourth quarter -- Vikings them. Any -- up the line has been I told you that is that is Italian that is built to not handle success yeah I mean as a very Lions esque performance to lose to Tampa Bay. At home -- the Packers going to battle. With Scott -- scene and maybe Matt blade and what are the Lions do they go all Lions -- us. And they lose to him and -- and how about the lines back to back weeks they lose at Pittsburgh one of the worst teams in the NFL another very Lyons asked the range. On the heels that I mean they have a feel going into this boy you know we can we. At the very least put these two games were looking good but the -- -- either one of those games or 147 on 912 to be that over the line for you got a couple over packer fans -- jump on and 4147991250. The -- to make it and -- seen -- -- on Sports Radio twelfth at the. They guys are real quick before pat on the when a lot to answer anything art -- explanation on what happened on that labor I think -- -- that was tipped. And they allowed the Minnesota deep part of basically there are the receiver and they want to the rebuke boom then our goal you know what happened on that. Don't it was a bizarre because you know I was at the game and the officials never came out -- women makes -- the c'mon say. What the deal -- the first one -- I have no idea what they were review well I press that iconic college in my. I think they are -- -- to see if the ball was tipped out of the quarterback's hands because of kind of -- after went out of his hands I was thinking to myself and -- he probably had the same feeling -- Where they get a review the plated single beckoning call pass interference because I don't think you can do that you can't do that -- -- -- was and dropped and that was it like a fumbled -- because it did slaughter out of ought to get wins hands a little bit. With the weird part about that was. Nobody picked the -- ball -- it's just sat there on the turf counsel I don't want to I don't know reviewing it it's like putting in the bigger problem flag and I have no clue no clue at all Nate. Guide are up please feel like it's a lot to fall one because if you win your country rate I -- you -- your second place February where -- sitting right now. But also a lot because that is -- kick -- the team all the -- that the special teams double look good at all. The defense obviously he has -- you know like that but they had not been doll and not that looks consistent doesn't. I thought my body yesterday that -- and I doubt could be Jacksonville -- rather -- quarterback and to be honest with because it just it just don't look good. Yeah I would go that far you know Jacksonville you know -- got the job to -- the kids Houston yesterday jags want to get mad. -- three worst teams in the NFL a couple of weeks ago. We could is that it was Tampa Jacksonville Minnesota. I won Tampa and Jacksonville won Minnesota tied it up -- out pretty good altering our worst teams. Our bottom three in the NFL few weeks ago and by the way not have a lost people don't know this yet and the Atlanta in the packer Atlantic Ian it's come up a couple weeks -- -- I'll also be a Sunday night game the -- moved got flexed out. So they're going to be at noon -- -- I'm really shocked by that I'm kind of glad for that actually. Brings a new materials I -- crappy Matt Ryan against Matt Flynn well. I have no idea Riders into the fact. We had a Big -- -- Thursday I do now it's amazing and that game right there couldn't you know pre season jock. Packers Falcons public it is said. -- could decide the NFC. Now it's like the teams struggling to fight for you know their fourth did the year vs the team struggling in the NFC north yeah he -- against -- home field advantage you strategy and that's why I put that on seven I -- Roger is in your eyes here we go who might not be able to make the playoffs chuck and -- -- And you'll be next they'll get all your calls busy busy hour. Next -- as well quarterback I'm -- head coach Mike McCarthy coming up at 935 the rest of the NFC north as well at 945. In the NFL. Lotta stuff like little goofy stuff for the NFL yesterday we'll get all of it -- -- on Sports Radio twelve that deep Thanksgiving week. 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Or nothing Denver's up at the vigor and a roll and a New England it's a couple of turnovers the second half and by early fourth quarter. What the hell's going on in this league -- just goes to show anything can happen. I'll talk to -- every senior on Sports Radio 1250 WS says pretty good morning might. Hey -- didn't want to get your thoughts and -- the united -- the -- -- I think wicket you're kinda. It properly to get -- -- I was I was putting faith in Mike McCarthy's talent -- valuation. Yeah yeah that's. Kind of get my -- I mean I just thought he way to -- to on what old man I don't know Belichick sent up there -- -- -- I thought it should have been an -- I -- it was obvious that -- need to get it on -- like that are lightweight. Well or court artist and get that part of it as I thought that was the worst worst call. There was purely third Corey made that move would -- minutes ago 822 was the first play from -- -- hum. -- -- twenty TO but still threw 33 out surprises number past 36 passes through a quarter and a half. And overtime of the the -- you wouldn't see if that -- we pass attempts Selig who was that many men but -- -- -- a lot anywhere they are growing like all a lot on a dump offs and all of them. Making a -- to passes and know Lacey is still haven't -- -- lacy was the MVP of the game estimates the fourth and one that he gets down ten. If he doesn't get that yardage and -- fourth and once he broke a tackle in the broken another one. And but look at -- power he played with yesterday I -- the Packers really you wonder if police he was on the Packers last year how -- -- when he got in the playoffs. Lacey played defensive end or linebacker -- -- -- excellent torched him. I mean that did I understand -- -- the field and whatnot didn't matter the Packers could not stop. The that the niners -- -- -- -- with the -- this year's team you know you said we don't Aaron Rodgers. You know it makes everybody -- different Aaron Rodgers and make it -- better. Last year against San Francisco and defense terrible last year not absolutely. Terrible this year -- -- it was spent on Sports Radio twelfth at -- -- And -- -- more -- All things considered. And still control of for the little what that things that I you'd think that there is very very good chance that rod will play this week but he -- -- -- doubt that. You know what I'm clearly showed it was capable -- all their water thing. That that bothered me correctly Q -- what their play calling them McCartney did that with what looked I. When they were going you brought that -- -- -- 32 time right or why not look 33 time at least maybe thirty or what we were. Or it'll -- -- -- big goal by. And work yeah I know trying to have built from confidence in the -- the wide. -- he was running well but at that point I think brother Gamal. And toward the ball -- got much better right a lot of good times and unfortunate -- -- the -- -- put -- the score got -- we can't go. There's a lot of questions to come -- -- that overtime possession for the Packers when they were down bursting goal. You know inside the ten yard line and you should have question marks about that would have your packer fan like what I mean -- move the ball down the field and -- -- -- Ultra conservative. Ultra conservative -- a little flair to the corner of the end zone which you know Flynn on his good date could might be able to complete that pass but this is -- got -- -- split if -- one can completely at this stage of his career or 147991250. Ron. Can appreciate the -- run you'll be up next Rick. All your phone calls -- -- Packers calls coming up next. That's separate and I'm like -- -- -- -- -- -- Perkins restaurant bakeries where they're putting it all on the table. On an -- rookie -- angle Monday on Sports Radio twelve that -- three.