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11/25/13 Packers' Insider Tyler Dunne joins Chuck and Wickett

Nov 25, 2013|

Tyler Dunne talks about the Packers' Tie against the Vikings, will Aaron Rodgers play Thursday, and does his this hurt or help the Packers

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Outing as not a word spread about -- lieutenant Chicago losing some of the players got a little more murders -- but I mean let's be real and if they hate. That's kind of upper and into a playoff game and they're playing it Drew Brees and sort of a Christian Ponder -- -- -- You are a different defense and the one that they they -- yesterday. There aren't going anywhere I mean it was it was not a good effort for Green Bay and I'm yet to tie together hanging around here maybe they get their writers back eventually it's a different story but managed that this team -- some problems at the exit -- go anywhere. -- McCarthy hit it right in the head with his guys after the games in his analysis of the team -- he threw his weight behind the team like he always him but he said he -- work peak and valley team. -- I think he's right -- of that statement -- Here -- an end -- -- until the players after the game is. They they just can't ride this roller -- -- they can't keep. Going up and down so wildly like Italy in -- really been the story all year Rivers there's -- consistency and -- -- -- hurt but the quarterback what we have a quarterback doesn't turn the ball over. Who loses has that ability to kind of make bombs go away -- back into it and see -- the one got to give them that -- -- that they -- but. Yet defensively to that task -- will be here are. I'm can make Christian Ponder look like an alcoholic -- the second group C on Saturday and then -- quite a elect a lot. There -- the Packers insider Tyler done on Sports Radio twelve to BL US SP it's chuck and wicket. Did Mike McCarthy put too much stock in Scott told -- not -- -- give Bob Matt Flynn enough of an opportunity. Was that a mistake by Mike Mike McCarthy. I got the -- expect Matt ware who is close to the quarterback you woods laughed at you -- in Green Bay end. You know I thought he would regret to play no return mean to get -- -- when in -- in Seattle and Oakland and Buffalo. And I think the Packers subpar at the Demi looked -- it was harder to -- the guy earlier this season. On the coaches Robert Edwards and to grow men there and it's cattle being a believer I was kind of more of the -- are. Quantity and he was the player who's -- -- who's been practicing. -- base umpire on the. Field and -- -- he and stronger arm but sometimes players gamers and then that that's what I understand in the locker that Matt -- is. Sometimes a guy who's been out there aren't big stage in college who's been there in the -- -- is kind of situation. Down 2837. It doesn't phase -- he's been there done that Matt Flynn is that where. And right now you have to think that -- -- can't go you are quarterback. Did your course I don't know I don't think that they've made a mistake I think -- kind of do they -- in and told -- topic yet announced that it's been a winner you. But Matt Flynn is not as bad as we all thought. Yet how would you think that going in today T Mac is he only gave -- forced Napster in a week at all thought. You know things are working in my -- -- year old -- -- you think it went across -- Going in hey you know what if things aren't going well for -- -- I'm goodness I'm I I might -- -- -- and Matt Flynn already think that that's just -- on them in the third quarter you know I need a spark. He if they -- know what they're having your preparation wouldn't think I mean you are there to -- out get the Lambeau Field it was. It was silent it was quiet you could. We just you know the season. -- -- away from Green Bay I mean there is no energy. As a quarterback change for whatever reason to shuffle the deck. And a kind of work beer and -- -- all the quarterback and there's a lot of -- or harper green daybook. -- players. -- around they're staying around greater champion Matt went out there -- Beno. -- had done -- before you gotta have that aura around him for a backup quarterback would. Strange -- different but. Picked -- Minnesota had only 11 down. In the fourth quarter. I'm on offense guy -- -- make plays -- their quarterback giving Matt Flynn wasn't spectacular. But. He gave the team spark they needed and -- the quarterback change. Any quarterback -- can accomplish that. There any of fans got behind plans to -- comes in -- this game. If I don't think it's not on TV but you know when -- at the game their team that the crowd was just we will also -- he gets -- on the sideline you -- -- -- little rumble in the stands. And then you know you obviously he goes in on the next possession and the fans were inept part of the end zone in the stadium do they -- big standing ovation. It had Napoli that that -- -- in the that is and if you're kind of slows the whole dynamic of the game and mean it -- Expect in the rally and finished by it is kind of weird that -- and it I was I think is why the -- then suddenly. Got quiet the locker -- why you thought -- got a pretty -- -- come out. That with the Packers insider Tyler -- on Sports Radio twelve that the WS SPI's. Another 55 and whining. -- surprising to you how many people didn't know the overtime rules in that packer locker room. You're and there are a lot that big. But there were -- that definitely did not enter Corliss -- via a couple of are those who -- -- make it around and you know I think it. It's fascinating that the player any player -- not know the rules land and in eighty officials try to repeat eat all the rules or began but. I mean shouldn't the coaches -- the team early in swarmed these guys -- -- scenario that we hear so much about you know how guys on special teams. Know every little steep hill who wants. Rule on the elect the rule -- -- split out about what they want but now he picked it up and figure of forty that kind of it go to their opportunities I've had public trying to think that they would tell me how over -- -- maybe debut but yet it always. It always -- Brad or Adam you know what you throughout the end of ballot that's not -- -- -- a lot of players don't know the rule. Have -- -- -- a few years ago. I thought -- happened with somewhere else where there was a guy who didn't -- all. That a game could it was -- it was done the Donovan McNabb it was Donovan McNabb would give the story there I have the sound quite as a matter of fact he didn't know the when they played a couple of years ago yeah he did not know -- the -- are. Did not know that you know big east Indians -- -- -- the tie in colleges -- -- -- anyways is just not -- -- I don't know Alabama. You know if you -- games aren't quite to the finish -- levels overtime rules. I don't know I just. I think you need if they have a settled what are you repaint fans pale that money. Let's have a second overtime that's a rule they got to switch journal they don't want you -- using injuries -- not -- let these guys continue and it just made additional testing -- go -- anywhere. I don't but I'd say if it goes to a spot and the one over time it. And no one scores first you know the -- -- field goals go to a second overtime. We just lost -- we did immediately lost Tyler what do you idea. I think your I think your your your -- of the overtime shot Tyler so much as phone lines blew up Mike McCarthy was calling him on the other line. That talent on back with -- a -- insider Tyler the overtime rules chuck -- -- I like from the start what do you make them. Yet -- -- the connection there you know I don't like you know -- -- like I mean that's a gridlock so great my that they feel. Yet this year. That the -- -- -- we weren't a lot you know. Except you know these are watched more hockey and Arizona has always usually watch it more plot against quality in my -- you just need more hot and not a -- Tyler all right now. Tomorrow's a big day. For the Green Bay Packers in this play thirteen fourteen -- Aaron Rodgers needs to get on the practice field two days before. -- games he would have to practice on a Friday during a normal week. Because it's the Thanksgiving Thursday he would have to get on the field tomorrow to be able to go Thursday those are his words not mine. That being said. -- you'd think there will be number twelve on the practice field tomorrow. As this team gets ready for Thanksgiving in Detroit. Against alliance. You know I know I mean great out there and I still think it -- stretch for the -- to play -- mean -- -- Thursday would be. 44 days and the -- breaks out on three and a half weeks. Percent -- 8567. Weeks. I just don't see him putting himself out there at the bone. Having completely -- the -- -- -- vascular. He hopes -- the different situation. But I'd still be surprised if he's out there -- gut feeling more than any towel mean. -- by I can't the -- -- Russians about being a Smart guy. -- knows that one bad hit one back crashed the -- And you would absolutely be done and then you're looking at multiple -- of the -- -- backs so. You're -- -- -- ready for get out there despite the dire so it's green -- -- Now I think what they -- -- with Flynn you know had pretty good numbers yesterday you know the completion rate wasn't percentage -- -- great by the you know I think Flynn their little encouraged and they think that they you know why rush -- back because. They feel -- -- -- -- beat feels that they can go with Flynn who will pass before he did last time we face Detroit could go and Aaron and -- can win with one. Yeah -- a little -- when articles and I think that you work with when they need a backup quarterback. Do enough arms to get in the wet and I think -- it it is about the quarterback cowboy it's all about the defense that. It was gas I took care. Summary did not expect. Anything at all just running to the middle of the defense Ryan -- that he could run -- little cold up there. We and I get that -- -- Aaron -- back -- a legitimate contender by. I mean -- their other big time problems on the team that they fiction if they're gonna go anywhere in. Opt in at -- defense and another not on the Beagle mix Matthew Stafford Calvin Johnson Reggie Bush. That a Christian Ponder Toby Gerhart and -- -- and obviously -- -- it had to be very very discouraging for the team. Injury wise will we see Sam Shields back or Johnny Jolly back. Yeah I'm not sure we go to guys they definitely met some -- -- -- how that changes their. Everything in the secondary have a domino effect they're really not able to move from Arlington in the slot and current situation -- in like -- It's not a lot out when he dropped a pick six. He -- that interception and goes -- Pardon upon I guess then that totally changes that game they missed and -- mister Ernie Charlie. Against Iran and his presence was missed. -- -- players certainly -- can't be an excuse I don't think injuries those two guys are responsible for the Vikings. Those two backs ran for 237 yards so -- -- without those players and they should be able to fix it -- a person of Avant and getting it done. How many trips to the Thanksgiving table this Mike McCarthy -- -- make. There you know I have no idea how. I -- -- I am looking forward to that Brett sparks and its right we weren't as an art thanks giving up there's not a bad setup that they have. Or else what every day is so he's -- -- -- got to make their Thanksgiving and when the -- we wanted to let Packers -- and make when those games and -- Detroit. You gotta do 080. That's in that NATO and hopefully better get an -- -- on the season or later will be gone. Not a bit of food bowl food yes it was my car let's see it and -- -- to -- governor going to treat this food who. This is there to the Thanksgiving like I'm a hard job in order Michael Carter I got the tussle tonight goodness -- let -- get -- -- written. -- Atlanta at a lineup Mike McCarthy and -- -- at Thanksgiving dinner and the host goes to get another Turkey. -- Tyler enjoy the short week law will probably check it again -- tomorrow after Mike talks and of course on Wednesday before this one on now on Thursday thanks for joining us. 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