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11/25/13 Chuck and Wickett 9am Hour

Nov 25, 2013|

How do you feel about the tie? Does it hurt the Packers? Can they get it done against the Lions on Thursday?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning Sports Radio twelfth at the WS SP -- and wicket when an -- Brookfield -- -- Monday served up by Perkins restaurant in vagaries. Snow's coming down so it again roads are pretty nasty out there are so. You know little -- -- like this on -- smaller -- first one but that sometimes worse. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This is Dallas -- the Super Bowl okay. You've seen still before don't drive like an ass -- to give yourself extra ruled and don't -- the guy right behind you and as we can see yearly. You that you have a sponsored. Working with kids your series -- to the first snowfall brought to you by whatever road sold you a huge step at a road crews throughout yesterday we all knew this was coming you do -- -- Legislation that first giant snowball comes all of god sometimes this happens snow notorious BIG's. Sometimes the wicket -- comes in January Sonoma again in maybe late February guerrilla. I doubt it snow in Wisconsin hole below are this year it's November let's get out there and drive like a dumb -- -- -- slaughter. -- -- give yourself Baxter -- time reliever early shields struck trailer jackknifed semis out bad go traffic delays at -- Jack Lavin years semis is no he's. Give yourself extra time it's no you've seen it before -- got I yeah I really enjoy -- deer hunting weekend yeah. Yeah you know may shot nine block over the we got a flash my lights and took home to -- in front and we've learned about -- -- you to do either though his sanity here. Bill Michaels coming -- at 10 o'clock 41479912. At the gonna read back to the phones take your calls on the Ty does it feel like a -- chuck says it does ice it doesn't put. I wasn't feels like a win 414. 7991250. Coming -- at 935 you'll hear packer coach Mike McCarthy. Rod in green dale you're on Sports Radio twelve to be WS says be good morning Ron Brown make a -- -- -- is -- good. I'm good morning -- partly -- to get -- up a little short there a chance. She's a little big -- of seventeen. Right big lead in their game and you know another disappointment out of green -- why that's just personally just got to -- don't know is this your football team. This. The better weekend for me out like I'm limited partly in the team played. And I came down two point conversion that we didn't gulf where the we didn't take the extra point. We gonna come down -- we will on the game by eight points in -- -- for what followed Oliver got you know is charged arms. -- committed 21 to 231 mark field -- sort of forged its. Illinois at. -- you know I -- after the game people guys were talking about that we have -- -- at the two point conversion call I don't -- -- that there is so they're looking at third today and -- -- -- tweets about that one already -- and I knew it was coming. I don't think in my life and doing a show with huge shot today because it's tied I'd never done one of these before never been on the Europe are talking -- we -- -- Packers haven't Titans eighty -- -- -- I would that would c'mon it's been a day about a tie ever on this radio station. There is more hindsight this morning from packer fans and that's fine. There is more. This is what they should've done because this didn't work out -- packer fans today that I have ever heard in my life even after losses after that loss that winless Tampa team. A couple of years ago after a loss to New York in the playoffs or -- sisco in the playoffs there is more. This is what they should've done hindsight talk from packer fans than ever before Laviolette. The two point conversion when they brought did in the league I know there are a lot of coaches around -- -- or like. Boy this is a great thing but it's also -- bad thing because we're gonna because our questioning. -- question a lot more you have -- did do it why did you go to the two point why did you do you know why did you go for two points there. Why did you go because if you get the two point conversion he'll play -- genius. And if you fail like McCarthy is that he gets second dancer is like. You know I he -- went for the two point conversion. He should -- gone for the two are right he should have gone with a two point conversion. Because if they -- at that point and there was fourteen there was a fourteen minutes left now there was fourteen minutes -- -- there -- eleven and a half minutes left how many more possessions were you going to get. And you would have been down two scores still listen you know pointed out on you know a few that make it. If you're gonna be if you've got to be kicked a field goal you're down two scores if -- -- extra point you didn't bend down 23 to fourteen at that moment. 2315. Puts -- a one score game. Matt made the right call I think -- -- -- Rodgers is quarterback he doesn't go for you there because he -- guess. And I may -- I don't know because Rodgers could lead him to a couple of quick try our quick strikes in that game I it's not the quarterback that worried me. It was the defense I mean how many more opportunities where you gonna get too close when you were only down one score. To meet Smart move by -- I can't I mean -- can second guess our last game but I'm not second guess I 2 point I am I try and of course you'll second guess into the -- right exactly and oh yeah so. It's like. You know YouTube you rerun of this player that played the play works like. Hell yeah they should -- on flea -- they do that all it sure. But it doesn't markets that was the -- I'll tell you what was he doing what and I now what an idiot Antawn west side Sports Radio twelve if he would -- it on. I got to -- all right. Proper while -- trick I'll take the time any day over a loss. However. Even though we haven't I think it is a loss in its velocity -- it's our home. I just I I can't believe. Are decent just -- aware and are making jacket come -- and I -- -- hear what you are kept saying about this do you think. The office time position. Has a lot to do would it. The defense that we hold it we have the ball a lot more is our defense a lot better -- know. When they're not landed. I think so I think so Mets by probably in my have a big running back like -- -- you wanna be able to control the time of possession. And keep your defense off of -- -- we we heard earlier in the year might that the defense had this new. Attitude and we've heard from Daniels when he was on her show now you know what we got this new attitude where we're not taking any crap from anybody worst stepped it up and we're gonna play with a fire and we saw I had the worst if fireworks their passion now. I I think it was point is is is one of the ones I was make an earlier -- and I think there's some some truth to it and you bring up a good point as -- where's that fire but. To me it was like you know in that fourth quarter and I think something about Matt Flynn reenergize his football team and I don't know what it was just like. Aram -- Aaron Rodgers with Murton. I think it might look are -- Matt Flynn. Had the same effect when Rodgers went out of the game against the Bears it was like. You know -- the air came out of this football team and so while Matt -- yesterday from my eyes the -- -- -- eye test. Something about that just fired this defense up and in that fourth quarter as much as we wanna say this team can never get off the field they got off the field. Twice they got the field twice to give Matt Flynn the football and he scored and I don't know what it is I don't know what it is -- you've got Rogers in there. Usually their ups and scores and the other team plays you differently that has -- something to do with the fact that this team was so good against the run. They didn't see as many run plays you know -- they do when your when your face I mean if the Packers were up. Fourteen up -- with Rodgers after the first quarter. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Much as they did -- when Flynn came in the game of the third quarter were still after he was in the game they were still -- possessions long possessions in the in the overtime. They give -- long drive to settle for the field goal -- a couple of third down -- there. And that's the thing too was like is what like the point and Antawn was -- is like you pushed that boulder -- -- down twenty after halftime and a basketball game. Many fight all the way back -- -- fight you trade possessions you go 301. You fight and fight and fight. Can you get you can -- that boulder mall to the top of the mountain can you push it all the way over and maybe the defense by the time this is not an excuse this could be a reason. Maybe. By the time they got to that fourth quarter -- started at fifth -- Maybe there actually was something to the idea of fatigue I don't know maybe that played as they they had everything they could put it on the field in the fourth. -- at a time they got to -- overtime is like. We can -- do anything else can he do it again when you've -- your heart was a load and you face Peterson who's maybe the best of all time. -- it's it's pretty difficult in five quarters to shut those guys out. I guess -- we saw that theory happened in the Denver game last like his. -- Denver with a 24 nothing lead New England came back and the unit took the lead at. But then Denver Tennessee -- momentum back and it was until look the overtime win. You know neither team was scoring and then they got that lucky break and had -- The muffed punt that that the touched there was an article is it a -- is still Bob ball was caught him a bit of a blocked punt that touched the wrong player and -- -- -- Bronco. Yeah I -- -- Broncos try to get out of the way and Trent Dilfer last night in the broadcast and I have great point. If you watch that play in this is this cycle is really brilliant analysis that I like and offers a little bit different like him. On Dilfer said that if you watch Welker who is never back there on punt coverage and Welker back there for the Broncos and -- -- overtime. Takes a step forward hesitates. And then at the last second fires off the call to get away from it which is Peter -- Peter Peter Peter Peter. But at that moment he'd already committed to catching the ball then he backed out screwed up the defenders so. I don't -- you can put the blame on the guy who -- on the Broncos the ball hit in that in this scenario. Dick -- academy at that point too because they put Welker back there because -- a real short holiday -- -- little unsure of himself it seems like for the Broncos and -- in decisions. And -- yeah but -- bottom line is if debt. They have the whole scenario doesn't happen there at the in the fourth -- We have to overtime ties in the same day drill that I mean really there was three is up to go in the game that -- didn't you might you know Denver was any. More of -- the scoring points a game either and more Tony on the north side you're on Sports Radio twelve to VW SSP morning. I don't know when it's and you -- at all and they imagine -- work. What about -- recently. You know touched the ball I thought you know he would -- -- bought the flat. Now we have a -- yards rushing but I thought begin catching and running -- place. Oh yeah it was great it was great -- mile mile mile spin on this. Wicked I told you made my my my they let let me get -- -- you you're making my big man. Cool. What I do to what -- ready right this time to -- and write the stuff down. I'm right now because you know what you know who the team had hope the Bears still sort. The Lions -- so hey I'm Vegas. I don't -- -- and the parents still -- this point. Control their own destiny. I want -- do you think. For a second chuck that Mike McCarthy. On first and goal looked up and I have no idea where this lies in the in the in in the time space continuum. Was the -- game over was the Lions game over at that moment because Mac. Knows it with a tie their half game into this thing and they control their own destiny with Detroit coming up do you think he mean memorable -- knowing this is this a pipe dream in. Over the Woodrow with a win -- you got another divisional win it. Not -- McDyess it with a -- you make these young must wins -- -- -- anyway must wins that menace arm must wins at Detroit. Must wins at Chicago you know -- the Packers need some help from the Vikings this week -- the Vikings are playing Chicago. Up at the metrodome -- -- our intern said it best they've already spotted Adrian Peterson 300 yards rushing do you think the Vikings he'll win against the Bears I think -- I think they get a win everything they can't get out you know as the bears' rushing defense is out to all 42 -- Saint Louis just make. Absolutely terrible. Shot to make it more your phone calls wide open packer fans jump on any art and Acura Brookfield -- gold money for 1479912. -- 414. 7991250. Packers -- Does it feel like a loss does it feel like a tied for 1479912. -- -- And at our fire our website Sports Radio 1250 dot com we always try to Zabian money would perk of the day. Today your part about this 350 dollar gift cards and 325. Dollar give cards to restaurant dot com. Sense -- 45 blocks that's all this cost 45 dollars for 225. Dollars worth of food restaurant dot com -- go to our web -- get this deal right now. It's a Sports Radio 1250 dot com that Sports Radio twelfth if you don't come near their click on perks. Yeah me you know we we overcame adversity. You know we started out there definitely is on -- -- first and then you know we just kind of excellent we went to -- You know we -- bag and you know we had to come bag to force overtime so. We know we can't move though we just have to you know putting together full full course. Sports ready -- -- at the WS as big a morning -- in wicket that's -- and -- back -- running back after the 2626 tie yesterday. Big -- monster game yesterday for the greeting old. From. -- -- -- that carries a 120 funds are a 110 yards also. Six catches 48 yards 31 touches for big -- And -- 158. Yards I think if they win this game against Detroit on Thursday they'll they'll win the division if not. It's -- -- still still think they can make things awfully tough on him but. I'm we give them the division if they win this game and in Detroit that you win with -- and Rogers coming back -- a few weeks. I think the division to be -- -- a political slogan win with Flynn -- with a win with -- and hold the fort until Roger can win win with fully in that would. You know the front of the shirt says win with play in the back of the shirt says wins there and come in Bethlehem and if there. Hasn't that's the question Morgan State is the point is Rodgers to a back when -- drawback -- people are asking more these days what do you do over the holidays. What are your New Year's plans where does Aaron Rodgers can't start -- -- -- -- what you don't for Thanksgiving. Well I went as Roger's like -- talking about I'm concerned about Erica Roger right now I'll Wear a span of Turkey and my relatives and -- -- -- -- you're Rogers to back saves -- the -- season -- more people in Wisconsin care about their grandparents or air rod -- -- -- de -- Aaron Rodgers is the -- old man is 98 years -- he's. You know. Aaron Rodgers really noticeable bowl this guy hits 32 for a high today and a lot he's real snow and again out there now Turkey -- dribble and -- -- -- Thanksgiving I don't -- and -- are awful in Milwaukee slow down give yourself time 85 year old man with. Previous question 94 is amassed 43 is -- -- 894 is a mess pretty much every -- in and around the Milwaukee area is a mess right now let's give yourself some time all right slow down at. -- -- -- and you're in Wisconsin you've seen this before I can't Bessie at old bad is. Bitching about every relative. Fallen for seven -- -- -- -- the back imposing our kids don't caller anymore. -- to -- and Sosa got heaters air on a Sports Radio 12 at the morning Carl. They're good morning guys. Is and that's why we love the NFL was yesterday except the outcome -- very true. Almost sad tragic -- Drama you've got two teams that were determined to -- that the Vikings are at Lambeau Field they think okay. The Packers have lost their -- -- For the Green Bay Packers. Must win them alms. You have an orphan quarterback nobody -- last week everybody city -- do the job that's quite map playing he's an orphaned. Brightened -- -- comes in any as a monster comeback and you know that the game totally -- when he was in there and the Vikings thought coming in this game. -- big basically said that the Packers were slim Pickens easy victims there for the taking only work. But he went he went all Minnesota Vikings r.s then yeah yes they did you added -- most of them some credit too. And the Packers don't -- that let's give them -- Packers deserve credit for coming back has won most of the Vikings. Just for -- go itself once again. Wesley is -- to be -- -- -- there for 1479912. To people on 479912. To. You're on Sports Radio 1250. They are a -- -- are -- -- and I. I think dome. They need to go and signed Matt -- to a contract right now. Dirty you know. What did -- Talk him like for three or four years it would. I mean I don't know I you know what some teams -- brought this up -- earlier the show some team right now was watching Matt Flynn yesterday. You know maybe he's turned it around let's see if we give them another 26 million let's watch a couple more games and held a little lead the team -- a few victories and was like well. You know he's -- yeah he's figured out. I mean it didn't it look I mean didn't look like he was -- guy like you know. You know maybe not elite you know middle -- started to -- -- somebody -- -- your game. He early -- he looked like the guy against Detroit. Three years ago or two years ago whenever I've never felt tolls -- I've never had that confidence with -- -- -- -- There's not a packer fan in the state who can say that they didn't feel better about the quarterback situation. When Flynn came in the -- yesterday. -- got it yet so -- you know it I'll take -- -- quick -- side. Because it still control their own destiny you debate a loss yesterday it would admitted it tough road now. You're crichton you know take -- -- but you'll feel terrible about it and it's all goes back to you know -- -- the veterans got a better job evaluating the -- -- quarterback spot. Back in the training camp days you know -- -- they would of won one of these games this this falls on Ted Thompson. And Mike McCarthy -- Seneca Wallace to begin with and that turned out to be a big -- Philly for four yet -- summit he Graham Harrell. Who we -- was -- he would have been any better than -- -- Way -- -- when it we don't know how good -- Wallace would have played -- well cynical walls would have played. Down the stretch -- he not have the growing thing in that okay that's you know. The other -- thing happen and you can question all you want about Seneca Wallace at that point but. Don't know how well it was going to play and Matt Flynn was either a raider -- -- bill when they had Scott Dohmann they had to Seneca Wallace all set ready to go. The the emergency happened wind cynical lawless got hurt that's when they were in dire straits and that's when they may have been bailed out by them. Anybody really think cynical Walsh was gonna carry him -- -- promised land -- Promised land well to hold the fort down is not taken to the promised land now he's not a front and win a couple of games hold the fort -- let's let's say for -- for -- I don't know. I don't know I mean he looked good in the first series against -- he looked. Terrible on that series and in -- the rest of the game against the Bears he was terrible -- wise I know. There's no doubt but you know again anybody's gonna say this is on tape for not getting -- in before no no not math I didn't say that I'm tough I'm not talking about even Missouri and there are going to be people out there there's no doubt what the hell this is on Madison around Mike this is -- said. Told -- wasn't the plan. No I think people understand that the -- -- was with some you know I don't think that are easier at the beginning but he was here early September. Com people just let them opportunities to blast Ted Thompson and Flynn was you -- with a few different teams at the time give -- a third string quarterback on any team. It's yellow lead. So I figure I I know I know I I just never was set on Seneca Wallace anyway missed but this goes back to -- you don't. They -- the had to go after Seneca Wallace when you Graham Harrell they -- too sure on him. They -- Vince Young -- obviously is desperate and big Vince Young guy today turned out to be real -- doesn't think he did well. -- I just -- I thought he'd show little better than he did you said he was getting it back up. I thought it was a good and I ate ice I was waiting to -- a lot of people did and it did that they -- -- I mean obviously he was -- total was. He generated excitement. Because people were talking about Vince Young. Everywhere but we're talking about it as being the the the packer if we don't back -- quarterback August we talked about the -- -- quarterbacks -- the situation. And I'm Mike Warren were and we -- like well what we were talking about this is never come numbers are all don't ever go out and -- where -- Wrong because it jaded they needed to Beckham quarterback in those guys Williams and they needed a -- -- quarterback Aaron let's go to marketable -- -- mosquito excuse me mark -- Sports Radio twelve at the what's up. Look at -- that typically and I hit another one of these Monday Morning Quarterback there was there was quite a situation when -- -- comment about that was. At the end of regulation when they went to test out there that we're trying to do it but that's an expectancy -- -- I'm like he didn't have a lot. Darted run. Out of the whole game. And they -- random if from the five. And -- he got elected to history. But -- through it two times in the end zone. And in no particular giveaway and it just -- legacy. Probably -- -- enough confidence of their offensive line -- is he talking about concern in overtime the overtime it was an. It was one of the either they ask the usual kind of gave that yes they couldn't because he was available because he has -- him you know I mean that's I mean when I saw. As a party and I saw Ed block and added to the locker alike. When they get hurt well I -- it's asthma. James Starks looked pretty good this three carries yesterday 37 -- -- -- three carries 37 yards and Jimmy -- from the goal line I'm right about that right that was that the what he's that the plays are for a -- and visit -- -- us. Curtis you're on Sports Radio twelfth at the WS SB. Are doing all right -- feeling like a day after a tie. There are -- but. It you know what. One -- thing. Productive part of the epic the only book that came out and it won't upgraded it came -- and Aaron Rockets didn't hurt. He's sort of how good 88 he retaliated against eight man -- in the game you know -- rock because. That you do will go you know people are just think that -- we use air -- -- -- -- imagine how lifted off but it won't be because. Being able to have the course record no -- receivers you know refuted -- -- -- Do it really expect him and it is that he's been -- party mean it's been in the another -- -- -- -- -- was that. People say that you know -- rock don't like these and you know what our group with at that point where when you look at it. When you look at it like that giant game is -- in the league and at a time the sport or lol. So marketing I don't know popping I'm not really only at like seven -- and aren't you know what an insurmountable probable -- Will be replaced. Told -- we're partners. And I really believe maybe this sport -- -- late dramatically well packers' side are to believe he'd need a score more points in. Even in that Chicago game they it. It it would have been so I think they are all it would -- sport so department -- -- as you'd expect would significantly -- and back. That make it seen it for -- they wanted to -- -- got what they need him back in rental car yet. You know if they if -- -- -- on this team. Healthy. They win all four of these games cy or are you -- artists whatever seven at the bit exactly -- you're right about that. Look at the Packers don't lose Rodgers -- that Bears game they're nine and two they win that game. They beat Philly they're in line to battle for home field you know the Giants game even though it's a struggle I think to -- the Giants and Dell's won in New York with the Giants yesterday. And then they beat the -- -- Steve handily yesterday -- Rodgers if Rodgers is in this job they're battling the Saints and the Seahawks. For home field advantage obsolete. But now if you put any lacy. I'm RB you know -- last year -- Rodgers goes -- last year and the other. Running game was just crap last year I mean if -- -- these bad teams. This year with a good running back were they have been last year with no running back and without Rodgers coming up the head coach Mike McCarthy we'll give -- his thoughts after this one. Including some snippy smarmy responses from the big guy you know Mac can't handle losing hasn't been jaded like some of the questions that were coming his way yesterday after a -- you'll -- those next on Sports Radio -- that the WS SC. From the Legends Field Sports Radio -- the updates studio I'm chuck freedom what's the feel there one stop shop for memorabilia autographs custom framing. -- athlete appearances slipping scuffles seen for Matt -- clearly was the answer. Otherwise the Packers would be sitting here with a fourth straight loss they didn't lose but they tied the Vikings 2626. -- the Packers made a second half comeback. -- Flint era under Jones is Turner's short timers do a lot of new things are different terminology and our offense so long he's really started our -- -- our own. You know I think chairman. It was four that's -- Josh -- meanwhile the Packers dropped what we -- seven at one point the second -- -- seen. Was often this pass is the offense looked dead but the defense was again the issue Adrian Peterson -- Garrett. Led the way for the Vikings -- -- 134 yards on the ground there's -- linebacker AJ hawk. You know we still have the chance you know we would. We need to don't have a chance will come until playing better you know defense went for sure so we have to test there's there's so we're I think it's good to have -- short week. Packers now 55. And one hitting into Detroit on Thursday saw the night football New England beat Denver 3431 in OT the badgers move to fifteenth. BCS bowl they wind up their regular season by hosting Penn State on Saturday top three teams the BCS Alabama Florida State and Ohio State. The only unbeaten teams in the country those three right there Marquette on the road at Arizona State -- box. At Detroit facing Brandon Jennings for first time because they've what he does -- -- -- WS has been written on mine and Sports Radio fault that the dot com. The update -- you -- Sammy stays the Chicago Milwaukee's best Italian beef in Chicago style daughters they've moved only three short blocks away it's a Cubs in the newest location west Dallas. Highway 100 just north of Greenfield they different lunch or dinner at -- -- taste of Chicago in west Dallas and -- O'Connor walked. WS SP weather for today -- -- -- thirty do some light snow and 25 right now I've checked Freeman Sports Radio pulpit the WS SP. Among the Sports Radio -- fifty dot com. Sports Radio twelve to -- WS -- -- -- chuck -- wicket at 9:39 good morning to you were served up by Perkins restaurant in bakeries. Tend to get to packer head coach Mike McCarthy. After -- 2626. Tie yesterday what -- -- -- would you say that. The big -- was in yes you know -- guys are great mood when he wins out but the true -- I always think a true test of a culture anybody any person. You know it's a great when you win you know -- everything's going great. But you know when you lose is -- true test of how character and how you handle things and Helen how you handle yourself and the big guy was -- and of people yesterday in the -- A little bit of and after drilling you go out there today you know expected when I didn't and we got halfway there saw. The performance was clearly about the standard. We're looking for what else we're football team that's playing hard through some peaks and valleys authoritative to divert result -- through the valleys. America's gonna throw his -- he always. Likes to throw his weight behind his guys in sort of bring him down he supports his guys and he still feels good about his team. The good things -- Will rise trawler preparation on the great -- This week we wanted to while they're a different type of football team shall. We -- we did improve an extra week we recognize that the kind of go to Norwalk prone -- extremely high. Almost happy with -- performance she worked overcame him. But the energy is good Nomar character and we showed up for games -- in the division. From -- understand the big I was very -- for this team after the game and he says that you know -- with bako. Think about this game and review this game too much. When you took a page you know we -- would maybe several shirts and the longest little what I wanna -- -- you're -- of -- a bit of an empty feeling. Fumble real good requirements and commitments for next -- to get the little quicker than normal home journal or quarter -- Are right now he had to make a yes -- change the quarterbacks and -- Mike McCarthy chuck is. Had to do I think a few more times than he probably planned on this year four times in four weeks going from losing Aaron first series losing senate the first series -- least pulls even -- it out of the first series although. In making it. From the health wise he made it but it was pretty bad yesterday after that six spin move Mary was pretty ridiculous. Mike McCarthy once again had to make quarterback change. Of course spark and -- -- directly with the communication wasn't doing so we have some opportunities early. You have history with -- but I think he was not nearly ready as far as amount of reps and -- and get ready you know there. We know there was not available to him. Should fit here but beauty you -- -- put football. So -- -- likes to be questioned obviously there truly is -- question Owen. You know someone does question about something you know medical leader give a straight answer sometimes -- -- how he's feeling. Not a different day he might have given Paul inning from fox sports Wisconsin a different answer but in against him you know what was the deal with -- he -- -- -- poem. Not only approach got pulls him. What we've who grew up up -- Matt -- was placed in the game. To give the offense score. As added we've put -- record -- -- he got his initial question was. Why did you live -- team and -- is response. That's when we approach golf pulls him. What we've who grew up off of Matt Flynn was -- in the game. Hard to give the offense scored. -- -- that you can ask about you know the spark ratings he asked. -- mr. army asked you know why don't try to cultivate mr. why did you evaluate what what was the wrong to give me some evaluation -- seemed. -- -- is answer. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What we've who grew -- top -- -- -- was for the game. -- to give the offense scored. -- your own and right turn on the media to be a jerk about it okay. I'm just -- -- like two minutes earlier -- when someone went Mike -- mouse who is these sports editor from the Green Bay press gazette Mike says hey. Hum. Who's your starting quarterback going into the game Thursday and he is while -- you know bread before kickoff. You know Mike wasn't -- any of at the seasoned veteran millions. -- looked at -- -- like you know Michael is like the going through his head like the we tee off you know what's the deal. And Emma Kearns does not only -- -- -- -- games of the Al what you know tomorrow and then two minutes later and yes this question these. Playing games again so Thursday it comes down to tolls -- Playing maybe Aaron Rodgers -- -- Mack was asked was starting quarterback is going to be on Thanksgiving here's what Mike McCarthy said that. -- -- -- -- Then we miss about him as a staff frankly and -- talk involved -- the other things won't get a lot of pollen affects. Are planning to predict shorten the -- we always -- and we support from the the staff room we'll do what's in the best interest of the powerful bolting gives us a chance -- Yet you have obviously -- -- he's a starter. But it's really comes down to do you want to go back to Paul's team we pulled it usually -- yes. The quarterback -- -- from the game. And the other guy comes it has some success now. -- me usually the next game that guy's gonna stay in the game and he's -- your starting quarterback so I'd be released be shocked beat flat out. Are you feel what this but I be flat out fla -- -- the -- seem. You can use the John people's view of GMC twelve to -- sound off line for 482162414448216. Due up next. Chuck and I'll jump around the rest of the NFC north. And even landscape of the NFL -- on Sports Radio twelve that BW as is pretty goofy day in the NFL yesterday. We'll start in the north in the Chicago Bears. Shut -- just -- -- rocked absolutely true rocked by the St. Louis Rams. Seen -- but Clemens tossed it to Austin -- to come. That's a St. Louis Rams radio network they blow the doors off the Chicago Bears and 4221. -- They ran they ran. The St. Louis Rams ran for 258. Yards and a -- -- this -- continuously were at the Saint Louis one yard line. I mean it's human spirit the one your -- five or six times they couldn't punch it in their head coach mark dressed. It's a -- season they're so much that can happen. We got to take the emotion out of it and it's hard to do right now after a loss but we'll go ahead and we'll move forward -- game planning it and we'll work on we twelfth. Bears now six and five following the loss at Saint Louis at Ford Field in Detroit back and forth game with them. But the Buccaneers. Lions had one last chance. We're we're still part of the past -- -- it's called a foul trouble picked up for the Buccaneers of the fifties I think that probably 88 -- Buccaneers -- the -- and -- to take away job that banks that are way. That's -- -- hall on the candidate now -- -- a Buccaneers radio network -- played and ball hits. Deep pass and Stanford hits mega -- in the hands as he's going to turn slips out but doesn't hit the ground. Falls right in the hands of him they defender drove interception -- yes it was ruled their social four pick somebody for Stanford get three touchdowns four picks and I thought -- pick six you know America. A pick six and -- never -- a halftime lead just before the in the second quarter that was huge this game to. It's only a five game season and it's disappointing -- as as federal losses this as. We got a short turnaround to bounce back as we have five game season this does not eliminate us from the playoffs it doesn't doesn't do anything other than. I'll make the last five games -- more urgent. Lions head coach Jim Schwartz Detroit also now six and five of course Green Bay goes to Ford Field on Thursday the Lions are in a playoff -- it's writers like to get a win like five of their final six games and Timothy. The always used to be able to do that -- get -- get smoked I'm telling you man this is not a surprise to me -- Sunday night it's a little while some people think they lose or they wouldn't they -- gonna have you know may be losers of attitude to some teams down the stretch. I've seen this a million times in my life setting up a huge game. Coming up on Thursday meanwhile rest of the NFL Steelers Browns this one in Cleveland Steel City -- and big -- There's been gold before -- kind of restriction and -- -- -- show well. There in the observing. -- sort of throw on this one touchdown yeah. And -- One of two touchdown passes for Big -- 217 passing yards steelers' win in Cleveland 2711 on the Pittsburgh Steelers radio network. Big win against their rivals just not gonna help -- -- -- -- 116 -- amazing isn't it that -- -- they -- they -- in battle for that second wild -- I just don't see them -- and I've -- -- I don't -- -- but I just -- I'd be surprised because there were dead in the -- couple weeks ago talk about a surprise. Back Larry can't get the block down the path in the coverage and the -- go up real. Breaking it down to the plate the fifteenth and they get there and -- the -- worried not -- oblivion. They. -- markers back. -- top 4138. The final score the Chargers go to Kansas City and beat the Chiefs. On the San Diego Chargers radio -- -- nervous she is slotting a little bit now that Denver loss last Sunday night and I made. Lose at home to San Diego high scoring game -- -- Kansas City offense was gonna go toe to toe offensively -- San Diego what. He well -- -- them upset right there. And the other Chiefs lost Houston and colleague -- to injuries in this ball game their two best pass rushers could be big -- guy Denver coming up next week. Carolina keeps on -- Second down and goal from. 1613. Miami. -- -- takes. Fakes the handoff you know. The right side Greg Olsen touchdown Carolina league. That's on the Carolina -- radio network as they I get a touchdown through the air and one on the ground -- -- Cam Newton may win twenty to sixteen shut Carolina. Now eight and three. Yeah -- had to come from behind trailing most of it gave the Miami. Boy they're defense Carolina's defense get a huge in the second ever believe that pitch a shut out. In the third fourth quarters and -- scored the two unanswered touchdowns the win. The defending champion Super Bowl Ravens get a big win yesterday five and six is well. Like go up the play Action League Jackson going deep down the middle of the field -- -- hangs up in the air and it. -- bullet hit -- don't pull the really good looks good. -- the Baltimore Ravens radio network 193 winners over the Jets so many teams still alive this of the NFL wants always teams alive this -- be here for a wild -- -- And -- Pittsburgh and Baltimore going head to head a in two teams that just hate each other coming up on Thursday night at the Thursday night game already -- it's already bruising game right yeah always -- -- a bad job how bad is Houston. Greek night is behind -- Hitting -- -- -- -- Brad -- fortunately thick build and develop the police don't really get in killed but -- objective. The Jaguars they're now two and nine at thirteen six winners that he used it on the east Jacksonville Jaguars radio -- before -- -- get off to literally seven nothing lead like that yesterday. Only to see the other team come stormed back and win the game. No comeback yesterday not definitely not -- -- on the Titans over the Raiders 2319. Chuck how about Myers on the Cardinals. Would pass -- straight drop back it's real easy throws near -- at the end zone. -- touchdown Cardinals. My yankees did homered today Phil leg when it absolutely. Perfect throw wood to the -- All over Phoenix then -- -- -- Words. -- Buffalo and Arizona but that's -- -- -- right there mind crushing for eleven crushing -- the way they did on the other -- the Colts sand video of them can't figure that team -- Arizona now seven in four and there are a lot of Redskins fans tonight in the in the state of Arizona. Skins and niners going at it -- -- soda. And -- -- to Scoble battling for playoff your position Cowboys and Giants this one was a cowboy victory gallop boy from Burlington. And a couple of touchdown passes in this one is Tony Romo and the Cowboys go to the Giants and win. I actually fortunately a lot of the only touchdown currently -- -- drive late drive in the final two minutes of that game. And -- at the chip shot field real ball easiest decision of the year right here was it at Foxboro yesterday or 1 o'clock collective yeah. An interesting decision who takes the windy you -- takes to win the Bill Belichick takes the wind because Peyton Manning was terrible throwing. Into the wind and you know what. It worked check to pay the Patriots were down 24 nothing at half CF two turnovers in the third quarter mile from the comeback -- game including a pick. Pete Manning -- pick men he looked really really. Are -- -- cold kind of got the -- yesterday trying to. That's on the New England Patriots radio network. That's your NFC and -- National Football League landscape. Brought you -- -- friends that innovative exteriors landscape of what the experts at it -- -- exteriors landscape created designed for you that truly complements your idea of an outdoor lifestyle. Innovative exteriors -- now that's innovative all right -- -- tomorrow we are right around the corner from our next game Thursday parliament where the -- -- I like about the short -- be right back at it we'll do it tomorrow Mike Daniels joins -- at nine big sack yesterday -- figure out what that Daniels thinks of the -- The bill Michael show is coming up next for chuck I'm wicket at Milwaukee.