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11/25/13: Eric Baranczyk on the Bill Michaels Show

Nov 25, 2013|

Eric Baranczyk of the Green Bay Press-Gazette joins Bill. Should Aaron Rodgers start this Thursday? Also, just how bad is this defense? Should the blame be put strictly on the Packers D?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- drug dark hair brown -- an agreement press -- this 12 Mike's been on hold for awhile -- only get to Mike Mike what are the program -- -- don't want. They don't act well. Yesterday was. Laughing at the instrument that Picard is just sitting there and get some things -- -- You were hurt or applicable here but people look -- happen -- -- start period. All they played the Packers have played board games with Ottawa and -- -- but I -- a lot they make you roundup. They -- had a chance. To be gridlock and a three way -- So there's still a bit but the way the defense playing. You know without even when there were fifteen and one -- one and done -- -- anywhere even. Happen better they are not okay what I would do I would not be surprised if bill hit Rodgers does not come back written. At least two -- three weeks -- -- the undisputed. We have that we had with what we have. And we just got to let everybody you know get healthy because even -- all these actually got wrapped up -- back. Record cannot play in the Detroit game because -- their their defense I mean. Yeah -- -- good I wouldn't and. I'll tell you this I wouldn't play Rogers -- you got Marshall Newhouse starting pitcher right tackle position. That's one thing I would not do out there about -- that right now appreciate phone call I did I just would Marshall Newhouse was so -- way. It was -- -- -- good will talk with their branch of the Green Bay press gazette now -- -- you don't -- man. -- -- -- -- and where you I'm doing OK -- you know would you start Aaron Rodgers this Thursday. I think you've got to look himself from the -- decide. You know. Obama ticket -- they're able to control but yet reached out I know what he's got to that EE at the cheek where. If you want to play you want this team to win. We need to be a few solid -- now not. If he can't -- so -- don't have a problem with him not play. But beyond that -- I'm I'm with you -- kind of like -- he can protect himself and he can -- that children takes a hit. -- I think that Aaron Rodgers would play in this game. I hope he goes I I will be built -- -- you know what -- unable. I wish you would look to the medical -- in the Giants say you know what -- good enough to play in and you know I think that that's that's what I -- my hope that trend that's -- as they you know as as someone who's forced by some look at things. -- -- Would do it as a matter Chicago play anyway -- -- the chances of them running the table. Are are -- You know I think it did do that routines and they -- they can certainly beat that got to -- struggle win. You know that that's probably what's gonna come down to an exchange giving it at Detroit. Is it even in the -- for -- from for the scheme to make the playoffs I think right now it's pretty slim. What do you see yesterday what I noticed this before I ask you what do you see which side of the ball do you feel -- shoulders more of the blame for what happened yesterday. Who think the biggest labor has to be I'm -- of that orange. Good those guys have got you know they. I understand that are playing as good as they put all your -- this is only play the what they've done you know they don't. You don't shut up you know personal euros and on the losing -- people that this is what they've dumped. You know as we saw on the last resort they want earlier in the years of the quarterback may have -- those four points. You give a lot of still important players. Well fortunately. They'll have that -- -- it in I don't treat you can ask Augusta on the final starting quarterback honestly what sort of back up or. It also that you know the defense. I Syria's -- coach is or is Uga had excellent quarterback play in. And you're had a defense and you know it's -- -- defense and you can't do that if this is about -- defense. They're doing and with a little support so. -- You know. I don't believe with a decent they needed to pick up one extra stop the nickel that they would stop a running play inside don't -- -- middle -- in overtime and you know here we are. The the player of the defense let's give him of that discussion -- Clay Matthews with a couple nice plays and sacks early on and I -- last night today in crunch time in -- fifth corner neither big stop didn't set the edge. Arm tackle blows right past -- he had a mistake you saw Morgan Burnett when mistake you saw a terrible officiating call on a pass interference that. That never happened offensively ME you can go through a whole list of things it should've could've -- But never happened how bad a year rises his defense right now -- -- they were without Sam Shields they were without Johnny Jolly. You know so I mean -- with two guys jolly brings nasty and shields your best cover guy but how bad is this defense especially in the in the secondary the safeties. You missed -- -- that you gotta throw in nick Perry because ultimately I'm the complete opposite Oakland there's just atrocious. Mean it is somebody around that that -- appears to have this. You know should follow that get washed I don't have been you know he can eat it in their life back into it linebackers and he didn't make it to the gap because. They got a little bit opposite fly over. Or 96 goes for a fielder to blocks for words don't equal. Can't get awful blah. -- also I think there -- some. You know you -- look at that position that that to -- the running game that you know at that position -- is -- number one focus of you know need to get better. You know than the other thing and I haven't generally jealous I didn't think that was that the court gonna get -- -- -- be that big deal what would you look at the play of 76. Especially 99 and in the end -- be told Jones. Know those guys aren't are not going to be regular on Johnny -- and unfortunately. You know -- guys giving ground getting washed out at times it is difficult you know we have -- -- linebacker group that's average at best. -- made a typical of that and it was talked about the games so there. It was a it was a challenge you know especially late in the game like. You know it was so we get her -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I just did I mean it's one thing to get dashed by Adrian Peterson they -- against right Toby Gerhart. I mean they got blocked they -- that they got sealed their mean everything you just can't do as a defense. Happen in his defense I hit it and you go back 34 weeks when everybody was kind of believing in this defense and what they were accomplishing. And how good they were playing at the time has -- just been a few key injuries or is this team just not getting it done that we can say let's -- Dom Capers. But the bottom line is guys on the field to start executing. That -- -- you know about 31 -- you know. -- throughout their -- you can't dropped interception. -- catch that ball. You know not a big player there that's the bad points for the options seeking victory. You know -- -- them. You know. While Williams you'd play in the -- -- -- -- 37 -- in the of the differences. The passing game a little bit seemed to be able to get some pressure you know success at the little. Yielding to pressure will be needed to get pressure. -- You know you know the running game -- -- -- that that's more you know. Just a few fortunate thing you know those guys that get a man out there and they weren't able to do that you know you got good play raji did what. Ticket but you gotta get more other spot was that other gentlemen position was a liability. Be on the offensive side of the football and let's start with Marshall -- -- yesterday I thought was just one of the games in which he's just kind of packed -- -- I don't even know what's -- with him anymore because. He just looks so porous at times. Well do. You know that at this point probably more I do think for him than anything because I thought that. I -- continue to get its feet are as good as it is. Problem is that for whatever reason he gets its hands and say -- stress source Rex arms you know it doesn't able to step up. He's now certainly has -- -- upper body strength it was to achieve something he's you there but you're right -- You know my returns -- -- -- to get -- how what's -- can be. Well that's my next question is how how ready do they believe -- is a -- he hasn't played in two and -- -- so I mean there's going to be some rust there but I. I gotta think at this -- -- Marshall new house. Is not much better -- you know and maybe you find something and Girardi certainly found something embark TRE. You know I mean the next year QB would you talk about going -- the offense alignment. You gonna get Bryan Bulaga back Jerod it's probably going to be back here ready to go Bakhtiar is going to be most likely you're starting left tackle blogger goes back to the right tackle position. I mean next year your offense seems to be relatively fortified you may pick up a wide -- too late in the draft. -- to me this is all about for a far this upcoming draft is all about fortifying your defensive side of the football. Well without question you're absolutely right they got they got -- -- and of course back there in 27. We don't talk -- him yet but you know the ball game but that element. Anyways and ran over people yesterday if he if the defense play the way Eddie lacy ran they would have been successful. You know. Exactly and I got a great up a great. Think we're at your listeners. They record the games look at that or one play that we should have been -- up at minus two yards there's that well get -- like Greenway. Also -- you know. Indirect Robert's three yards to get a two yard -- there's there's -- That's. Fantastic play and we're just bunt used very dangerous and so -- because of the scheme that was like and was. Opt -- seeding under the handle them out of the backfield that that. Deadly weapon to have him running book apple or or if they overcame a huge -- -- were running back and I can't think that the last time. We're you know you're going here overturned situation later -- by two scores and teacher -- were running back. That's just something about that guy and I think he's that you know watching the start you know. Because the way that you running in the way that he's able to you -- guys. You can make at this roster -- and tackled and -- get to the extra nerves but that play well look at -- -- and say. You know understand what this guy -- flaws or balanced and -- -- right there and he does such a good job besides. That -- slow to move and I think he's a good football player. Thumb broken before -- go to -- -- a problem play calling. No I don't think so you I think you know -- There's an old adage that says that sometimes a quarter you can tell more -- quarterback throws that he doesn't make. In -- ball -- -- mixed and I think. So little room. Outlook in their -- it was able to. Execute and get some points on the board make -- game once. Kept up the bridge up problems I think you realize the limitations -- taking stretched them you either. That tells me who didn't vote in the you know account in his arm. I'm not I don't think it felt -- on the guy that the benefactor was to -- natural ball kid or you keep that you can get -- don't feel especially that last you get the ball let the two minutes of overtime. -- -- -- -- Jordy Nelson actually. That doesn't really that bad like going to kill the data on the arm to get it done look at that -- the 89. -- Jones caught it because you know that's -- up to you to come back and get it doesn't have a gonna get it -- so it's going to be -- you know. Whatever happens record -- -- quarterback. You know -- when you're gonna they're gonna -- a short field we're polluting. You can have -- in -- passing you're gonna have opportunities to two horrible -- it this option and you know all we talked to combat. I mean it's going to be a tough deal. The defense that -- out for them to win their. Their purse should -- man we'll talk to again mound Friday. I appreciated they go let's are branching agreement press gazette joining us for a couple minutes.