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11/25/13: Paul Imig on the Bill Michaels Show

Nov 25, 2013|

Paul Imig of weighs in on the Packers vs Vikings tie...Matt Flynn had a solid performance - Why can he succeed for the Packers, and not in the other three cities he tried out for? Also, can the Packers defense figure it out going forward?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Go to -- -- from fox sports Wisconsin -- -- right now -- doing. It will do well. Well how should you feel coming out of this game. Well the players that they all felt like it was a lot. Witness. I -- I mean did I understand how that might -- lately especially. When you're going into the game thinking okay were at home against one of the worst easier sell in the Minnesota -- -- came to an eight record and we had to settle or talk about the perspective of the player capsule and also let you know looking at single gotten. Upset anything in regards will it. Shouldn't we can't let that right -- and ultimately the -- this was a lot and back that the emotional aspect that the let's face it. This -- a game that they are fortunate. To come away with a -- At least for the most part I wonder are they -- let it heal and I know you know -- -- big fan of statistical analysis we think that element comes sport. But one thing but I'd -- was -- right. Think the Packers win probability look in -- chance -- -- the game based on that score that aren't that Butler caught. What they were down 27 in the work work OG get that to -- -- -- little -- I would say it would almost be in the single percentile. Three person I mean when they were down 23 to seven in the work -- -- -- 3% chance of winning so. Probably the -- that perspective -- it. I mean it better than a lot because a lot quickly and it is like I will be and a lot from that game. This -- on the line when we're Kane and it really wants and we got up last week so I think they'd. Inning to tie it at least that's bound actually say that -- because they need ground in the ground in the NFC. I didn't so I'm you know all things considered I think it should be a little bit fortunate of course extremely -- -- 88. But -- but the result. Did you ever get an answer to your question. What prompted you to make the switch. The crowd and both -- -- it was replaced by Matt Flynn. Okay -- Thought about it it does not but I did -- do you play in the -- half court because he. -- a couple and the top -- plate but he and it felt even write what rusty. You look back in the NFL network what they put together compilation but the -- that are likely that he can back it okay. So that one I wouldn't eighty plus yards -- the told -- let. He -- -- interception that everybody right now and -- earlier episode of the yet respect. -- -- -- And he had no notre now he deserves to be balanced and the Packers needed a spark just like McCarthy said that they needed. But all things considered after the glowing praise and it didn't -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In order then you know it's well I don't follow up on this week Bill McCartney and that is okay. He needs to cut him. Play eighty club went and got told me I mean they're like -- There are -- -- -- -- -- told me and so. Last week because I've never seen a quarterback complete every -- long we called. It -- this week when typically he bench you got might say you just want to get the job done your dad just told the seats were entrances and in response about well. We -- look at like old -- you don't. Because we need to spark noble what it will be -- You know -- -- it is at a roundabout -- wondering. Whether or not hold you kind of has been fragile mostly cart it wouldn't say something negative critique get to do and so. -- I I guess here's the other question going in the game. This is where -- -- comes into people were last week were saying you gotta give -- couples in a chance many of them obviously Wisconsin writes -- badger fans. And it in two weeks ago when -- brought in Matt -- people or giving him a standing ovation in the bar that we were doing the show -- So I -- wall why do you give him an opportunity where he's got five picks in two weeks one touchdown to show for it. And it just hasn't been working on -- there isn't that spark offensively well you gotta give me opportunity. So my question is did the Packers know that Matt Flynn was that good. Prior to the game yesterday. And does that legitimize the claims if McCarthy knew he was that good why not just started a white -- -- and. Well the couple aspects that number -- know what the Packers McCarthy he pitched at bat wouldn't be as ready as what -- McCarthy. At least opera oracle question last night which was. You know -- I expect that to be that comfortable and that you know I didn't think he would be like that -- -- that -- yet but it's one thing. Did you did you start that -- and then you give. You know the vikings' entire week of preparation that regard but it really -- I know it's a team that can you quantify. Sparked you can't quantify a spark. But we didn't -- like that. To gain down by sixteen in the league can do something that it's like OK so -- at sixteen point difference. In a quarter up and -- spectacular. Be. And the guy deserves -- -- -- props. But that he'll -- -- would have blown out Minnesota he would -- started. The -- he could not hole. Everything -- been. The preparation from bolting -- -- -- -- if you can't just say we'll be sitting at the difference would have done now. But I was not as Scott will be apologist. But at the same time I didn't think he deserved to start and I did not -- now ready right yet considering and that you actually you don't need that and -- all day. I went wrong. Mike -- -- wrong. And you know I guess it kind -- -- now what that leads to Thursday is certainly -- Aaron Rodgers had a miraculous recovery. You'd think net when that -- start. Well that's my next question because at the podium yesterday when you asked is this match out it is it is it -- -- time. He's a -- and make evaluations. Were -- talk to the staff. He talked about the effect on the team and then started to say we're looking for the best interest of the of of and many pauses -- and any sort of why are our team rather than the player which is what steroid -- about the -- Did it -- how do you like he was trying -- because. But to me -- if there's a quarterback decision we made its. Is Aaron Rodgers ready to play if so it's him if not it's Matt -- otherwise -- Matt Flynn. You have to principle and it it interesting that you wouldn't just say. McCarthy when estate deal scenario -- much. Our starters you know up -- the other and that Florida did with Aaron Rodgers has helped the only thing -- -- -- -- this -- like. When you -- -- about it at the guy who's been the Packers were twelve games. And -- you know. Had been quite frequently to I want to make up by another. You know a year -- about -- expect a bit of work to do so I would that you -- -- -- several all. And the problem that went immediately people wondered -- -- odds are it opened up on a couple of balls that don't -- make you wonder. You know. But -- -- you know he did a lot of different things but. He -- you know when cart because that I think we're used to it was a lot and Al are indebted to go evaluate -- late last night. -- Which quarterback you know from an excellent. Execution perspective really gave the ruling -- about -- -- -- -- -- church brought -- to four and but it Gillick there was something he wanted to see their second time up in the coaches not to work and jumping to a conclusion that already kind of in the obvious you know from watching. -- the next question I have for you is how bad is this defense. Really. I'm -- to dummy to me I I agree when he. Arm but I might my whole thing is is it really just that simple that this is just a bad fundamentally unsound defense -- for whatever reason. Just -- and doesn't Janet. Well. There's a lot of -- I had no idea. How he can be on franchise all current and they. For running -- -- -- games including stopping Adrian Peterson early and -- him to a reasonable game. And then -- sport -- like the sport of golf it. He really it would take a long time on the show to try and -- -- how that would be. Possible maybe we got to be an either or how Smart we can really pretty setting in or out about how long it would take because it is -- -- completely -- chipped. Now Aaron Rodgers it should be pointed out and become the has become more and more -- even with -- he said yes. Yet not handled aaron's departure well you'd make our stay with the team but not the talk. And act like it's another player injury and an -- that it at work now. Keep their allotment it wasn't obvious before and it was to -- but -- what actually contend this. But he's brought so many issues for the team over the years when he got out there every -- -- You know I -- of course pitching and that's what they did everything it kind of changed -- so. You know that the Indy pro sports are not turnovers which -- eat and obviously out in the month -- -- -- -- pick six. Bounced right up and then on the ground -- but it just -- so they go through a game where. -- -- forced -- that the Packers recovered now that should have been nets are not. And that should never at the plate and internal look for the Packers but no interceptions once again and -- like Christian Ponder -- And -- -- report I'd just post reported jail. It made an 8880. Below average and -- quarterback -- well above average today but at least they repeat it was he Christians on the -- Good stuff Paul -- is always in doubt we will chat again -- throughout the will try to get on Wednesday as we get ready for this year you'll know more as to what's going on his figurative individual -- more about this Thanksgiving Day game then okay. -- I'll talk to him they -- that's politics bar sport was Johnson -- --