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11/26/13 Josh Sitton joins The Big Show 4pm Hour

Nov 26, 2013|

Josh Sitton stops by The Big Show and talks about the overtime tie to the Vikings, adjusting to the short week and who he likes at quarterback.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sixteen Tuesday on Sports Radio 1215 WS his feet and now it's time to go under the helmet -- Packers left guard John Sidney and what do you -- leases Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram of these Troy planes Harmon -- and Robert Black diamonds. Running back. -- -- -- -- the former packer and badger running back Gary Ellison and the bullets the bucks Ted Davis and as you heard big -- guys say joining us now on the great midwest bank hotline as he does every team Tuesday at 435 Packers left guard just sit and Josh thanks again man I do in this week. Moved -- -- doing that I have known. -- well just I I read a quote for -- dated back TRE saying that I think he's set at one in one game in college he had three different quarterbacks come into the game in the same game. You guys have had four quarterbacks in the last four weeks have you ever experienced anything like this. No absolutely not mean we've. You know bad. A time in college earlier. They had two quarterback battle on an -- you know one would come. You know. Second quarter third -- -- we felt like that but you know never anything like those. Let me ask you about we had a rather healthy discussion earlier about what the NFL could do to avoid ties. How do you feel as as a player about a game that ends in a tie. Well had command. -- Sox -- You don't brother battle without law and you know do. And it -- did and say Novoa brought -- I was listening and that's. -- why do -- give bill -- -- so. I'm not a big fan I would rather manners. And it's tough. I mean I would know what you do -- -- -- beyond whether. As a player -- you guys keep playing or is that putting you guys in danger. Well we played nine before play is going to say someone. And note burning golf to have I don't -- you give. At the guys to keep blind to reality is there's too much -- -- can you can't keep golf. What about the college format. What do you do startled -- and and yeah -- minutes. It's okay. I mean. You know -- NFL -- you hardly ever see it ties we know. Has done -- never think about it -- until after and then every so often there was a lot of trial last year up. Niners Rams. And then you know when -- from before. I don't remember. Management awhile but I don't come out that often but -- -- for the game you do them in. It it. I didn't better overall. To. You know a lot like you're just. As I said earlier today is that is pretty much which senators that it is -- -- John Olerud prior agreement a player and shot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Give me in front of all my guys are James starters where did you pull a lot tournament. Well actually that the player of -- -- -- -- relative really -- It was all of his own play. On the way today you know. They do a lot of stunts and games and in the run and and so I was trying to do is really open. To get down the line. And who's really going to full blown calls we're all of his -- -- -- ride and I just saw a hole in front of manner and you know all that and when to go abroad while I'm back here. He was gonna go get him but. -- got their personal -- -- You know -- there's a lot of talk in all -- -- Sure roar and him not. Playing been available do you think he's -- go or does he need more term. I mean -- -- you ready. You know he's healthy -- practice. I guess but it is open he's our best options so I mean anytime you take -- that much time minutes. It's something historical -- guy in there when you I would you know -- Marshall or whatever that's been. Playing the entire season I mean this is work on at that point where it's you know you're gonna pass that. Around threes in new -- is your best option overture are. Yeah I'm -- guess there is a better job soon and they and they like that this after. You know eleven weeks of this either of them are real well when -- come back a week ago. After nine and we with season. You've -- you're you know you're set sitting on -- -- -- my rookie year I was I was close restarting. Come out of training camp I -- hurt well when I came back you know -- for whatever. There -- he said in the guys they had so I didn't go back in the starting lineup. Just -- that was it'd been too long or whatever so. I mean this is it just an hour ago you -- you. He goes along with a certain amount to guide them you know you build that chemistry of the line you know you -- You just keep -- that don't don't necessarily change things. I'm -- off and the -- -- sitting here on Sports Radio 1250 WS says yeah obviously is the lines now on Thanksgiving. Day not only are you coming off a game you're coming off in an overtime game on top of that and it's. Bought a route or game -- you talked about in the past just how difficult is it to turn around as quick complain on the -- -- so ma'am. I mean so buoyed by an overtime Gammons we've played the entire Howard -- -- It's stuff. You know -- we -- fifty -- the other day about. You know going plan you know nine to play them and -- -- turnaround and did you drag your body healthy. Not -- to my body is gives back. To normal -- wind today after again. So you know. -- we -- physically news is up. You know getting everything and you only have two days to prepare for the game mentally. You know so that doesn't help -- yet. Where we were joking today that today was our. Q is there when they fired their prize L combined since. Aggressive to factor them all Adam into the short amount. Just we've heard a lot of a lot of complaining a lot of people pointing out this year Wednesday night game said I have not been as good. As Sunday and Monday night games a lot of people saying that they're sloppy and point to that short preparation week. Do you notice a -- your football game in Thursday night games that you played and. Your question. That you prom. Chanting Baghdad. Who to avoid a -- again last year. Think you had Minnesota on Thursday last year from not mistaken. They rich guy here. It was early in the -- -- -- like February you know what you write your. Yeah I mean you right. Column. I don't know to -- honestly I can't think. I know when I'm watching the third leg and it seems to be that way. You know -- -- -- type games. But I don't really notice anything you know -- When I'm out there playing him but I mean I noticed with how my body feels during and after the game and it the -- -- to do about pleasure. Going into the Lions game. -- -- -- on the spot here but who would you prefer to starting quarterback Flynn are -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I don't know I mean you know Matt Damon and it was a big -- I don't know we're able to do more with matter. Or whatever but mound I didn't do a bit more experience the I mean he's been around -- system for a while. I don't know to me honestly. You know this out -- please but you know whoever they put in there it doesn't change my job. I just want out of want furcal -- man we ever want an African months ago whoever gonna show -- can do about that. Hi -- doesn't nice answer. Your political one more steal you know. Mean I am watching. Comedy game watch inflict -- -- -- and I'm not asking you put cultures on the spotted doing an -- but -- This just looked and -- -- for a minute there was a different between. Fleeing and -- mean in that game I mean -- was -- I don't know if they're Flynn is not a good practice player. Where -- McCarthy -- they're proud of our I don't think he's ready. Or it if -- is just a game because Georgia they have guided Duke -- games -- you have guys that just don't practice well -- But there was not indeed -- between Italy and and -- mean a quarterback. Yeah I mean that I don't know those night and day difference by like if they do. There was thus far do offensively you know when he can amendment. You know our struggle a little bit rude accuracy. You know -- -- Floyd. Mean I was play good football for us. You know having to fill an amendment -- -- Santo as they're referred -- and then he. Yeah well we all want yeah. You know I got that Matt -- -- veteran he's been around. He he knows you know golf and we know that is what he's capable of it in this -- round. I guess he's just better in this offense than -- than they have been and -- offenses so. -- and there's you know there's some to that you know so I think he's a better quarterback for this offense right now. So are we here twelve was throwing today I mean what what was that like. Well -- been flown since. -- -- -- -- -- A lot of don't want anybody for you have to. The issue of the year vertigo -- -- -- -- Yeah and he was out there and actually you know I was very clear on what all but. You know -- -- -- -- -- Well you know you look at this this Lions game McCormick. Lines and look at his game and I kind of throw like. You know you know those guys who win in Farley and all those guys. I think that they would take a yellow flag just to knock Rogers out a game thinking and if he -- -- I think they take a fine. Absolutely. Through the request of the month they you know they go after quarterback them. You know they're guarded room that it takes -- -- all the time and that's that's what they do who they are there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's how they apply had other coach you know that starts with the Perkins coach starts with the head coach. Sure to these addictive I would want Troy brown and and is starts around men and their their. They're all -- scum bag room and so are the beyond. Now we know they're going to -- Halloween Halloween day in. You know protect how do we come Baghdad -- if it's Lindsay -- -- how to restart -- because we know. That these guys are going to do -- or how do we stop this crap. Well you do it. All -- out of -- -- you take have been down before you dated June and we have to set the tone of again. Dolphins lineman -- we've got. Established. The line of scrimmage and that was that tempo and and the -- early in the game and we have to. Be the one who better jargon and not let them take charge. We all know all as I was watching -- game. How does he work for you blocking work out like there. Well I mean we always talk about. Push compiled -- and and and when you have a guy like that they you know is gonna. You know keep his -- move -- and and not let one guy take them down. And bounced out of filed -- if you wanna keep pushing him and if you're not gonna finish -- -- guy pushing a guy -- in the pile. That it's gonna give them a better chance real pop out and no I guess. You got a -- that doesn't stop his feet. I mean again here give me a chance it was pouring on out and those you know to the report are wrong -- and 78910 yard run than and one of those -- you know 3040 yard run. So you know motivated and off LeBron. You know what I'm gonna hit -- -- -- Rupert for an eagle. I'm just a little disappointed in the defense in that -- your heart -- -- me. Toby Gerhart do that to -- I mean -- your peers and I concede Bert Bert. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I -- That -- man defense. They've -- played really well and spurts this year. You know had a streak there where they've they've. For complain that excellent. But they've they've got a few games lately. They haven't. Blade up the ball -- and they know it down. Come and they got a very command and I mean I honestly think it. A big part of it is. You know our offense not being able to hold the ball and you know those those games were they were you know -- out. We were all -- African ball for a long time and we were we were dominating time of possession and anytime you give. All the ballroom you know teach our defense for -- so. It all goes hand in hand everybody. It's a team thing everything -- together. Now I'm very different views you have. On offense -- -- Run the ball. Score points and him my guess keep that composition. Even though you have a won a game in four weeks the Bears and Lions have helped throughout your thoughts on being able to control your own -- depending upon what happens in that game on a Thursday. I don't think we go am -- -- no doubt about it. You know become involved that I'm -- -- on mound Sunday. You know kind of felt like grabbed it and but I really felt like a loss. You know -- and -- -- knowing situations. Must -- -- that -- he plays you had to go into public. Coming off the field knowing our situation and you know it's I was really long but they're mirror they both lost. You know -- this chant broke going to. And Josh obviously your plan on Thanksgiving so do you do you celebrate the day after day. Well you know it Hawks they do more off. And moved we. We get home typically. You know -- -- 12 o'clock or so. So I looked over I think you remember. What's Justin's favorite side dish at Thanksgiving I -- really Turkey we only have what do you love on the side with -- Turkey. -- good -- yes. Or roll around -- my -- Yes mean Johnson can hang out Manny is Johnson -- -- got a little full food so. Powerful blue -- -- adored you and your team. -- about it. Now. But I've got to -- and don't judge. Yeah. It's a little wrong -- master of Muslim like to -- Obviously underdog I had nine. But our labs sell out there a certain area this Johnson at left guard to follow him on Twitter at 71 and he's our guest. Every Tuesday at 435 for team Tuesdays and we always do appreciate a good luck on Thursday and enjoy the holiday Josh thanks allotment. I prepare and Johnson joins us on the great midwest bank outlined in the great midwest bank dot com or call 2627844400. Learn about totally free checking their first time homebuyers special and local mortgage servicing great mid West Bank simply local.