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12/11/13: Bucks Post Game Paul Henning Interview

Dec 14, 2013|

Want to know where and when the save our Bucks Billboard is going up? Take a listen as Paul Henning's describe what saving our Bucks is all about.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

As special guests joining us now on the great midwest bank hotline. I hope he is the off founding father of -- but stack up but he is a member of save our -- -- -- organization that is. Start to explode in the city of Milwaukee is Paul -- name Paul Light -- -- I mean to muscle are you. These like the founder of this I get -- -- to get this straight. I am the spokesperson. -- what I would -- about somebody else who -- to -- economic at this point oh. He is a long time feet and ticket holder. And if you -- -- -- many many years. And he put together as web site and I -- -- a few. Very passionate bought span too get this project got going. So how did this project star I mean how I mean really what was. Was like the last -- are you guys are like -- -- this is that we need to put the sing together we've had enough. What is being traded for montella. Was like the beginning of the end and they didn't provide fair from Doron Lamb being trader remarked with JJ Redick was kind of the -- Our our right now. I understand you guys have a build board that you guys have put together. First ball where is the billboard gonna -- win we'll be up. And how did you guys get all the -- to make that happen. Well it is going up on December 43. So on a pretty soon tutors -- for Christmas and it's going to be yet 43 and McKinley avenue. Which is down round and any quote vicinity -- the -- senator. It is a vinyl billboard that is going to say when he faced all with pictures -- lottery ball. Paid -- -- -- saved our box outcome. And we've started a -- sort of crowd sourcing fund raising our campaign to get the get the money to. People a billboard. We put it up. And it took 48 hours to get 5000 dollars. Got a pretty it. Quick response because -- a lot of passion -- and that are really interest sit in challenger management to -- -- Rockets. So 48. Hours to raise 5000 dollars that will Donna I gotta say that's. That's impressive soft. I think there. I use and it's about it and that really wanna see saying this. Change in a positive away -- think. That -- the time to our challenge management to. Continued on the direction that they do. Started out kind of well but to hear rumors of Omar answer -- you know. That's not really making book fans very happy right now it's. Could be here that that's probably not gonna happen. And bought it be much better to just -- -- -- And position ourselves for the draft next year which is going to be incredible. And significant question about. The Derrick Rose for the number one pick. In -- and -- -- in the box could look at an MVP candidates I think you can't dismiss it that quickly. But. When your way you look at it in reality of that era Rose. To -- as you go six million dollars over the next three years. When you can get a top channel like there's going to be in this draft under rookie contract. There's no way that you would take their -- -- it just makes absolutely no -- so the the option that was our chance to get out of -- player and I think. With a top five. Part three -- you know it's gonna happen. All of the some of the big names that are out there in this draft that's coming up who's your favorite. I think Jabari Parker has -- right now. It is really assert itself. In every game they play -- she brings that intensity he brings that. Is factors he's a leader. And you -- Obviously neck and neck. He just needs to continue to develop and find his game and -- -- as the season progresses but it's going to be an interest in race because. Everyone talks about -- player available what you got to think about we got Yani and he's six and he's been good future -- small for position so you know the thing about communicable put together goal. You know every -- talked about square available but you have to take that in consideration. We're talking with Paul -- -- this spokesperson of save our -- stacked Connie can follow him on Twitter. It save our box your ball Paul Henne and brew city Paul taught him on the Britain and West Bank Catalan Sports Radio 1250 WS -- And now I have to as this because I mean does the box organization I mean -- they recognize the fact that you guys. -- are putting in this organization to gather and they recognized or acknowledged that it all. Well there's no official recognition. They. You know have a pretty good -- seeing him a good. PR team that are a big time organization and they've been monitor what's going on -- media that -- was going out -- and organizations. -- Berry -- -- -- going on I mean they've seen -- round at first I think they're. May have been some misconceptions which is why I encourage people to go to web sites -- box I can't -- really read about. The history of not by tricks and the likelihood to develop and all our players. And -- it's really critical for a stretch and have that and the success. For the box as early -- on that. What the 2001 seeing what Ray Allen and Glen Robinson. 2000 and what and oak tree that you fear that your year so. It's it's really critical to have one of these French as players which is -- the -- need to do this and outlook for next year. Are you guys -- I mean how concerned are you right now looking ahead because. You know others and Todd that there might be a new stadium in the works you know there's been talk that the -- moved to Seattle. I mean. It is this is this by one of the biggest problem says I'm your mind right now. What yeah I mean I think it's critical to -- rhetoric and being important and -- -- -- -- -- out is to try -- -- -- This -- this organization and maybe even potential buyers that there are a lot of as well entry -- Milwaukee and it's proven that. Professional basketball franchise can succeed here we've seen it before so. That ought to at the -- out there right now and there are even you know people -- -- like actively dislike the organization and they bring in hockey team and it's really -- -- -- like that because. We -- -- accept the -- and Al when they built in the right way so they just walks -- way a little bit. And there's a lot of potential here so. You know Adam silver has declared. The Bradley center on pit road -- in three years so. We could be the next Seattle. Or the next medal at all at all -- -- from an -- able to keep their -- Seattle not so. I think it's really important were renting it out and go for the team you know he's seen the -- kind of numbers and are you really -- that people could. Try to -- that the building something but they need to make the right moves and and hopefully I'll move in the right direction and get desperate as clear X here. Some really interesting stuff and again you knew what to save our box -- -- got all the information maritime while why the -- the website I mean they put together you you guys put together quite the argument here of how important this says. And now I'm a firm believer in this I really really appreciate what you guys are doing. This is just outstanding. FDA -- this I -- your thoughts on Larry Sanders all. Is Larry Sanders I mean do you is this guy you want to keep. Well it be incredibly Callista trailer -- -- his values that the actual -- that -- important thing. The second thing is he is point five years old. He's not the first professional athlete to get in the fight can make a bad decision and he certainly won't be the last. I -- -- up -- then that. Anybody's happy about. But. I don't think he does give up on him right now because. Fox fans and the organization that feel and -- a potential of front court of -- -- and Sanders and I think would be silly to break that up prematurely. Parent that sounds good tomorrow night by the way we will have a big NC -- -- post game show after the game. And I cannot believe they are not -- in the game on fox sports Wisconsin they'd rather televising Minnesota Wild game. That just bugs the hell out of me but tomorrow night -- -- really special show because. I did an interview a few weeks back and this relates hand in hand to the box and Paul's state soon Bucs fans your listener right now state soon got a good show in store tomorrow night after the bucks Mavericks game where a loss. We'll have something really good to talk about Paul I really appreciate the time thanks for coming -- thanks for sharing. This organization again you guys can go to save our box dot com check it out you can follow him on Twitter as well at save our -- Paul thinks -- coming on tonight. Well thank you -- And you join us on the great mid West Bank hotline does a great mid West Bank dot com or call 262784. 4400 to learn about totally free checking their first time homebuyers special in local mortgage servicing great midwest bank simply local.