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12/17/13 Chuck and Wickett 6 am hour

Dec 17, 2013|

Chuck and Wickett break down the Lions Ravens game, and Governor Walker joins the show.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Second wicket win my -- here and said Freeman. Served up by Perkins restaurant and big -- only. Beyond Sports Radio 1250 WS SP. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hope that it -- -- weeks are going to be ridiculous. Because it would have but it Ford Field yesterday. On Monday Night Football when the Detroit lines. And -- Baltimore Ravens battle. Six field goals. Sex field goals. Beat Detroit lie and yesterday including this one right here a sixty. Yarder -- -- -- -- there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- already yards with 38 seconds ever seen anything like that you know I mean I mean they got clutch. To come up with a clutch field goal -- situation. I'm Tanya from 35 yards -- of stuff but to be 61 yarder on the -- in a lot of people of the state at Wisconsin and a lot of people -- in the state of Illinois -- As you know were significant. Come on Tucker come -- -- attacker and that kick it started out right. It didn't. Jet right you can see it cut adrift being in -- a little bit right and then just had a hug and hard and -- if they get. Nothing's gonna stay in the and anyway I just -- -- I was open and -- of distance now Oscar's not Harbaugh. On that drive because the -- Dave put it inside the fifty yard line and they -- three bad plays I thought. They're in a run on third down obviously there were trying to set the -- open field goal. It in there in the right spot for Tucker. But I thought to get so conservative through a couple of bad pass plays in so throw the ball downfield -- or throw the ball downfield it's Flacco is that in that final draft well I wouldn't look very and I talked and -- across the fifty yard line the -- -- the two previous plays and then. Debts you know of the that they ran on third down the -- they threw the ball downfield during -- game but -- Obama it was across midfield with. And it's fun notre thought -- may have heard that -- is one more first down and and you get a since you go from this guy. But the only -- stuff like Aramis like wildly when Alter conservative once they crossed the fifty yard line. And -- but fortunately it worked out I was like I was -- they get. Mean I've told this and fourth -- -- you put your kicker 61 yard field goal but obviously Harbaugh and it was kicker who is guy man he was guy he needs. I know you would do -- level field but you know he had a rough and all that he had a great ticker. You know that's something he would trying. You know I don't Wembley today. At Lambeau -- fifty yarder -- situation but while I 61 yarder and now. Packer fans. Now here we are your. With the your Green Bay Packers. Control their own destiny to get into the playoffs the -- -- well you know what there's a couple of scenarios where. Even if they lose on the Pittsburgh -- we talk about losing not a -- they lose they win it you know winning out is the best. Option -- there's it was at winning out and you have to win to stay alive. Yes -- -- it but if it does somehow they lost. Time against Pittsburgh you know it's -- -- You would still give the Lions drop one of the next two in the Bears got beat philadelphians to -- life is still be alive it's not inconceivable for that to happen but shut them. It's just talk about the Packers winning two in a row -- like Packers wins but sometimes I wonder about you but let's talk about packer -- tell until -- wins -- -- you learn about me -- -- -- an -- yeah I -- I -- on the other -- -- run the same. Run the same page and -- we both what are the women's division I am not the one yesterday that said I want and I'm glad the Bears want to I want to Baring that there's one -- I don't know why no because I want to go down there and wanna be the Packers in the Bears. And for a division title the Packers once again. Winning -- winning your division obviously if the Bears velocity it's Cleveland things have been lot easier on the Packers. Given effect Lions lost last night but IDB -- another house again. And -- just steal and a division title at minute first place -- longest time. And winning -- division title and final day of the season it's sort of you'll be discreet. The sugar Rodgers -- I don't even want to wait that long and I want I want -- to win and you -- with a lot -- that worries me about you sometimes Jack replied I might get some of under that scenario let's talk that -- about saying about the Bears to win the division title. I mean you -- talk about chuck likes it would Bears wind apparently. My -- don't don't don't do it -- on that road noble I know -- well on now are going to be cranky today no but just we should get a good -- you know I hesitated and I do you know what you're talking about you know why should be in a good mood today wasn't it -- Tuesday we had a big big show planned for today. Got it up about 35 minutes right now very. Much looking forward to -- Wisconsin governor Scott Walker will be -- -- joining us live in studio as he does. Up every so often and I usually during the at a holiday season. -- to come by saying -- the governor Locke will be live in studio looking forward to that and you know it -- a very interesting time to -- states for this for sports in the state of Wisconsin. Specifically with things that senator -- had to say yesterday as now senator -- is looking for. You know investors to help him keep the team to -- the Milwaukee Bucks here in the city of Milwaukee well somebody might wish. Can kick coverage as a -- we're gonna happen this Milwaukee's franchise it is real value. In Milwaukee and that's why there will be people will be interest it is only this property in Milwaukee. And let's be honest we're not gonna sit here and talk with the Governor -- about the deficit the budget job that's not our thing but when it comes to talking a little bit about. -- -- the new arena. Possible investors. Keeping the bucks in the city. Mean that's got the stuff that we know that you actually want to hear about -- here on Sports Radio 1215 I think he came very interesting time. That that does senator -- Add this -- press conference yesterday yeah I mean I'm on Monday morning this news comes on a day after one the most incredible wins in Green Bay packer history. And and -- in -- looking for new ownership and all that and any of the books have always done that state they they break music unusual times and you're the packs of stealing all the headlines you would think that they dwindled it a couple of days -- When that died -- a little bit and -- -- -- with his news and then your front page -- the front page story about that mean you're the worst team any NBA. The city is it and it is in -- lobby in this city back on your team right your -- this team this you know this year. And there you are -- right smack down and on the front page and while Aaron Rodgers is in -- in flocks in the division is in flocks and all this going on. You know the badgers get ready for a New Year's stable and boom here comes senator -- with a lot of things to say we're gonna play a lot of those comments coming up. On this morning from senator Kohl. There's a lot that he had to say. And kind of makes you wonder. You know who would be. You know possible -- to throw money the Milwaukee Bucks -- be a possible investor. In this franchise to keep him in in the brew city because it's obviously important to senator polled support the Bucs fans. I think it's incredibly -- in the city in the state Wisconsin to keep this team here or not on go to -- lot go to Seattle every official names -- -- there. You've got five bucks on it -- -- money -- -- the Mega Millions yesterday. I don't think so I'd I don't follow -- -- -- -- the eighties if you. I don't want the the 600 million bucks the lottery. I'd I'd throw part of the bucks if I could. I mean I would -- to -- the first thing about running an NBA franchise that by the right people to do it -- you know I got to figure that out but. I'd throw money loading the box those couple of names out there. Had to pay -- one in that has been missed -- one or he would beaches Herb Kohl Herbert Kohler who's the up you know obviously the older of Kohler. -- up in -- and course Johnson. You know what he would be tested and he's got a lot of money talk about people a lot of money the state -- guy obviously who does -- great things for golf. Junior purge his name has possibly been his name's been up there a -- brought up but he's really excited I don't know. I don't know Craig Leopold a light pulled I think it is of the -- -- the Nashville. Predators. When she got batteries -- -- -- -- -- Predators but he's. You know he's from the SE Johnson fortune. Back to be one of the potential owner sees these mention that he's might be just didn't help at the Milwaukee Bucks someday I don't name Allen. I want I hear the name that I -- -- -- -- -- That's the name Alvin I want I want -- and -- and and mark may not have any interest in noting another franchise. AB's -- five with building one franchise in this city in this state -- But I -- And that would be cool man that to me would be my first choice of -- -- it would be my two. To wish mark on an Ozzie it would wood on the team again amateur he wants to -- and yes that and that that would be too. Don't know the guy's name was brought up it's Bud Selig don't want him going anywhere near Milwaukee -- -- -- And why and if all so I gave -- -- why would Bud Selig added volume who who has said that it was brought up yesterday because you -- -- -- -- he'd -- corps are good buddies. -- good buddies. Com -- college together college roommates at Madison. Tom and I can't I can't see I don't see it either images -- -- district Proscar operatives because of Bud Selig age maybe to this point you don't get into the NBA game you know let's -- not -- Late 40s50s always in his fifties yeah -- -- league mid fifties sure. Don't franchise all our marquis you know if you if you look at Marc -- and -- Bought the Milwaukee Bucks and kept -- here and some -- now built them into a winner just somehow build them into a winner. What where in Milwaukee do you think the statue of -- got in -- goal for the excitement he's generated -- this franchise the baseball side. And if he somehow made the -- to. A winter where do you think they would put it like that they've put it right at Wisconsin and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it was stats you go the only thing what are with marquis is does he have an interest in basketball because he's got a passion for baseball courtesy of interest for basketball. I've been here and does he think the box -- mean is a he's a businessman. Does he think the books are good investment he's a businessman first and a sports fan set yes and that's that you have to be you can't just like maybe a and I jokingly say -- if I won the added a 100000600 million dollars I'd throw some act and it and it at the Milwaukee Bucks and try to be part owner. I know nothing about -- an NBA franchise we talk about him from game to game we talk about talent and all that kind of stuff. Knowing you know. Watching -- Wiggins play for Kansas and assessing that. He immerses Jabari Parker means zero when it comes to running an NBA franchise. You know and it it it was -- You know -- -- Carcillo and this team. He said the same thing they know he's a businessman and he's it's like he's willing to drop experiences that drove the team away you know he still wants. Good good money for -- he lets keep it here but he still gonna get as proper due for them -- -- the what is worse. -- kind of wonder why I mean it's beyond a senator -- not the youngest guy in the world -- there with -- still it is hundreds of millions of dollars in his billions of dollars and I understand that but. I love the fact that senator Kohl had some really great things to say about the city Milwaukee one to keep the -- in this state in the city. In the state. Well talk again with Governor -- he's gonna join us live in studio at 645 -- -- annual tour will be here. At that 8 o'clock look forethought -- -- Packers in center Tyler died at. And get the latest on Aaron Rodgers we got this nugget for a mom Mike McCarthy yesterday is -- now. Said basically nothing new mean this is nothing new that we're getting. But there's really nothing. Nothing to be announced about Aaron Rodgers and you'll hear from Mike McCarthy ultimately Iran as well also -- 815 or -- and -- durable ball join us and Mike Daniels. Fullback Mike Daniels from the Green Bay Packers will be here second wicket -- -- a football notice that a football Fridays team Tuesday where we get the team Tuesday. Gotta talk a lot about -- money -- -- last night what that means for the Green Bay Packers. And man oh man to -- -- is there ever a franchise that you just see. Living up to their lack of expectations. Like the Dallas Cowboys and the Detroit -- -- all that -- up next we're pretty a twelfth at WS has me. -- -- Do you want job. And probably throw six for his kids and I can't believe it -- -- You say about just talk. You don't really get the ball there I think it's 45 yard line answered the pick in this or we are trying to go for a fourth event. He says I've got -- -- important almost -- you know. Courts ready at twelve to be WS says be good morning -- -- -- -- served up by -- -- try to -- that has shot free event. Unlike wicket we are happy to have -- good morning to -- The warmer today than it was yesterday at this point 530 snow showers. Flurry snow showers -- and off today. Right now it's nineteen windchill makes feel like eight in the brew city. -- -- 45 Wisconsin governor Scott Walker will be here in studio get his thoughts as -- got a big time sports fan obviously in the states. And -- be in studio all. Chat with the governor a little bit about what senator -- had to say yesterday about the the Milwaukee Bucks staying in Milwaukee. And about be out. Well of course the team in the new arena and all that Jazz lead to a -- up at 6:45. This morning I was the Baltimore Ravens radio network and then Ravens head coach John Harbaugh after Justin Tucker. It in the 61 yarder last night for the Ravens. To beat. The the Detroit Lions at Ford Field and look if you are shocked by this and I was sitting there watching the game alone -- -- my apartment last night. And just watching the lions'. -- -- this team that was six and who or five in two or whatever they were. They dropped four out of five -- all they had to do was beat some bad football teams. You know I'll sit in the hall of my -- -- -- -- -- -- 10 o'clock -- last night. But you don't like 1040. In my exes wearing an off myself for on -- answer because -- watch the rest of this game. And I -- radical and I'll leave it anywhere awesome the year -- -- -- anywhere really going to bed he'd done that driving in my home until this team is -- on a although many times she wants. And it it now and a pick up the phone what did you think of the voting teller that what -- I don't get annoy you giving. If you're fortunate evident if -- -- fortunate or unfortunate and ex wife you'll understand -- fortunate enough to have an ex wife. How are unfortunate that next whistle he's someday you'll see Dwight Freeney is right 45 years -- -- -- it never picked up the fall when your -- I've calls I have been in this business for since 1999 right shot every guy that I -- that is -- that I you know from when I was 22 years old. You don't Jurgen got. So Evers add -- my foot in the -- is an intern or where I am today. Love in life -- Milwaukee would you. Every single guy that I have had the opportunity to work with who is -- As these words for me three words don't ever get married there's forwards don't ever get married out on it was unbelievable. But if you if you are -- ideology once you get what you get -- -- that it's Dutch guilders four times stopper sometimes under crisis situation. Because like a dialogue was she to get -- like running across the border -- to the Mexico and coming back and -- got a dish Brady usually the very next morning. So it's like falls real -- I know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not say when he's actually playing I know and he's not used to really he's not going to place the next best thing is to be used to call these that was for me an early -- level and play by play a little outgoing personality do this -- nobody backed it -- yeah -- Mean just -- phenomenal I mean I thought. I mean I have thirty seconds left and I thought that Stanford had a lot of time on his hands -- from the field goal was great the 61 yarder but -- still think it at that point -- just like it was in Dallas. -- -- -- -- -- Mike you know too much time -- -- -- three timeouts -- could move the ball right down the field you know I'll pull that line offenses. The first play from scrimmage it's picked off. I I actually worried all. I don't -- -- know now because Stafford. Matt Stafford is Tony Romo and who's the quarterback we always compare Tony Romo -- Brett Favre. Once second he's gonna make the great play and -- Daniel Daniel just sit there and say how in the hell that he do that. And the next second. Stafford Romo Favre -- is gonna throw that ball off their back foot a -- look into coverage and an unnecessary time and that's what happened yesterday. I mean Stafford. Through that side arm -- pass right to the defend burden. The rather the Ravens give the ball back to Detroit they move the ball down the field and they score right for the -- or is that ridiculous pass to Fauria -- -- -- -- you think it. Hi -- well what was next what was -- Stafford was coming off the high and now here comes the -- I had. So much faith in the arabians or so little faith -- in the Lions when it came down that final did you -- -- was a cup. -- pass plays -- the other eternity with 38 seconds of -- three titles but yeah just a couple of pass plays any glimpse of downfield and had terrific drive and a lot of penalty. It's definitely been quiet for most of the fourth quarter the second half of the name of the the things -- W receiver goodness effort but how bizarre. The Dallas game the game in Dallas Sunday in the game Detroit yesterday -- -- -- -- playoff implications obviously both and an eight victory for a home crowd. Not surprise not surprised later one action not I mean it's again it's Romo. Stafford. Far you know. -- have all the ability on the -- in the world and obviously the eligible fellow warrior. Does Stafford and -- every element that warrior mentality in him you know after he had already came back to do that the touchdown with a broken shoulder and against Cleveland he's got a little bit about -- nothing nothing of course to the greatness of Brett. -- -- either -- -- you'll ever come close to being Brett Favre but there is that extreme. By both of them I mean there is still that. They're gonna take it to the highest of highs and the lowest of low treasure. Absolutely just -- your heart out and Stafford was so great I mean the whole game I mean he was so good against the Packers -- last night. Maybe it was the raven defense and it's -- to do it but it's just he he he couldn't find his guys was overthrowing get some drops to. Mega -- dropped the ball a couple of times some some big drops there but. I mean it was -- I thought to be high scoring game between those two teams this was another example of a team that was not ready for prime time to be on prime time. To. We'll have the light shined the brightest and what happened even the great Calvin Johnson even -- great Calvin Johnson yesterday. Didn't come up big in the in the most important. Game of the year. And neither did Matt Stafford Calvin -- a couple of drops. In the in the first half Matt Stafford threw three interceptions. -- and played my best game by any means. You know I -- -- really good opening drive for seven on the board and for one reason or another little -- -- staff. And even into the third quarter some stuff for us to get a rhythm they're they're good you know we we -- -- play much better than we did. On offense where you put back where you put Matt Stafford. I mean there's some species like -- the best quarterbacks in the NFL man than yesterday it's like did you see his fourth quarter numbers for the month of December they're horrible he's he's thrown -- Big Ten picks in the last five games they sent him ten interception he's always solid and on Thanksgiving Day -- it was the good. Matt's effort -- eighteen of 34 last night 235 passing yards. One touchdown three picks. And went when Detroit. As the world look at -- When these lines of the world look at adamant they are ready to go when -- -- -- -- right. -- they are they -- -- you know they've been there in the driver's seat. And if there is going to be one year for Detroit to take strangle hold of this division. -- had to read the year. When Aaron Rodgers goes down. And -- Jay Cutler goes out and and what happens. They don't take advantage of it and I don't know if that's on the players. I don't know that's on the -- On the did did did the GM. But see -- this -- and the big bright stage on Thanksgiving. On national TV they played great. Well it was a case they actually -- the stage. You don't -- and when they needed -- win against the rivals. And the team didn't have you know trying to fend off they got a big win and it's just. I don't know what in four of their final in the last five games it's the same but it's a history with -- -- that team and a guy in a franchise. Do you look at that team to get to running backs who could do damage against a great wide receiver via Burleson they got tight end and makes plays. How did -- not scoring up and down the field in ideal weather conditions. Don't forget they got a pregame good defense do with Su and fairly. I don't mean not to -- it never -- -- offensively you put up. Sixteen points last night they put up they put up sixteen. Plate when you hold the team in this league. In this NFL. In 2013 a -- -- I told you. This team coveted is not gonna score a single touchdown against you guys what are the chances are gonna win really -- to him yeah. Yes and habits. The Lions allow sixty I'm sorry eighteen points six field goals and -- It's execs field goals in the -- -- that arm a machine of an -- a team should be machine and offense. The Ravens scored eighteen on six field goals on the road. In your building. Your building so every year when I tell you packer fans. These Lions are not going to win they are never going to win they are never going to shine bright. Believe me when I tell you are right yeah it's up. Into the Lions aren't out of it yet. But they -- now they need some help now they need -- help but I look at this is now the shoe was on the other dogs a two team race now between the Bears and Packers it's -- get -- six. -- night will take your phone calls on this one a 4147 on -- 1254147991250. Also you can email us your thoughts live Sports Radio well it B dot com FaceBook and Twitter needle or social media info over at Sports Radio 1250 -- top. Think about your situation right now your pocketbook your bank account the hours you work in the time spending with your family how much holiday budget. But -- change it went for the better we'll take control of your own situation. The young express team here in Milwaukee is looking to hire you you can be an expedited -- transporter controlling your own hours -- -- paycheck. And your own situation. One year from right now you can beat a much better situation and you are currently you can get the information about young express over at their website young express dot com it's JUNG express dot com JUNG. Express dot com or Milwaukee by Mitchell international airport and after some training which young express is gonna provide for yet -- -- in charge -- my buddy John Young. 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He -- three trains coming -- just dissect what -- take a -- at Oakland or Scotland or just hung up that's too bad pilot -- three trends -- on Sports Radio 1215. -- -- talked a lot about it last night it was all about the -- Monday -- the Ravens the Lions and it came down -- -- 61. Yard field goal by the by the Ravens kicker Justin Tucker pat or field. Good -- this is a monster take on the Baltimore Ravens radio net. Work him the football. OK. Tucker's pick. If he wins there and do. That do want you out and blow -- back -- six -- six and they can't believe it at Ford Field. Final score Detroit -- 1816. To Baltimore -- Stafford eighteen -- 34 for 235 passing yards one touchdown. Three interceptions and played. My best game by any means. You Marshall -- very good opening drive for seven on the board and for one reason or another little. -- set and -- half arms and even into the third quarter some stuff prosecutor of them they're they're good you know we we're. -- play much better than we did on offense. Reggie Bush seventeen carries 86 yards had a touchdown as well also two catches for fifteen yards mega Tron. Six catches 98 yards was kept out of the end zone on the other side Joseph Flacco twenty of 38. 222 passing yards no touchdowns Baltimore did score a touchdown in -- football game but a bit scary as a Flacco kind of took a hit. From former badger. I wasn't -- about army once -- this. More -- scared and anything you know what just Monaco. And also trying to get a couple -- good season. Dead community feels feels fine so strong so. Flacco in the Ravens move on shot they finish now are they are I should say eight and six and still in contention not only for a playoff spot. But the AFC north yeah I -- couple -- Q was there just didn't get in the playoffs with Miami -- a wild -- team but their back in the division race. And Flacco sneak and it's a bad angle it is kind of a nasty during his -- go that way tiger eight I was little lead it looked good -- -- guy idea and does not look good so but on the other and the Lions have lost 45 and once -- Weren't looks like being -- division race not so much now not so much and I mean it's. Typical Lions -- football over there in Detroit. And now the green bay Packers and the Chicago Bears both control their own destiny. To win this division and moving on its feet of those Green Bay Packers here's your Aaron Rodgers update packer fans from a head coach Mike McCarthy. Aaron Rodgers but this had a brief article rating I would certainly didn't discuss -- All of aaron's situation we'll be going -- -- -- -- morning and then we'll have a plan for him someone's there. Well there's your update we're all waiting. That actually I could have played that from three weeks ago two more weeks ago last week in Mexican he was -- -- -- -- -- was ready to go journalists. Ready to go -- -- -- was great yesterday -- past. -- because we keep this -- -- -- -- -- he'd give us any information probably not now but definitely not what you got to give did the Steelers -- and I think about belly up assuming they're coming in to play. Meaningful football in his Steelers are proud proud franchise he'll see if they're practices with the first team on Wednesday it'll be good indicator right there but he didn't last week a couple of times and then by Friday was not a practicing yeah. We're all gonna -- question can beat the Steelers with -- right we will although that's coming at some point from every radio show in the city in the state and the Packers win with played one -- -- a dangerous six and eight steeler team always did Steelers are always dangerous man he got even Polamalu -- a big pick last yet even their bad years had a -- the Steelers it's like the Packers were proud when the Packers -- a couple of down years attitude out there still. A -- was able to reach up and did you. Finally AP top 25 is -- to the new one Arizona still number 111 you know on the year Syracuse number two the Ohio State Buckeyes. Say it three in your Wisconsin Badgers by Wisconsin Badgers stay at number four. Just ahead as party number five -- would probably moved up to number three at Arizona been picked off by Michigan Maradona nine points at halftime and trailed in this most of the second half until late in Arizona made a run and you know took the lead in in one game but Arizona. Affirmed number one right now after that win it's tough winning Michigan and said Louisville Oklahoma State Duke Novoa and UConn round out the rest -- -- top ten the rest of the Big Ten teams. Or the but Big Ten teams after you get past. Three in the top five thing about that three Big Ten teams in the top five as the SEC in football yeah is that -- as far as the big east. He looked at all the publications ahead Marquette winning the big east maybe Creighton. Villanova you just mentioned is the surprise team right now there unbeaten Ted -- know -- -- -- LaSalle like 21 crushed a month's watch but like you flipped over on Sunday was on fox sports blog -- price right now. -- I mean if people to redo -- predictions they might say Villanova might -- the team to weakness in the big east only other Big Ten team in the top 25 Iowa coming in rounding out the top 25 there's a three transits -- -- wicket at 642. Up next he stops by every holiday season. -- before welcoming in Wisconsin governor Scott Walker in studio here on Sports Radio twelfth at EWS has me. -- Sports Radio twelve that the WS as reeds jacket wicked good morning -- served up by Perkins restaurant a bakeries -- -- putting it all on the table here on -- team Tuesday. Over eight coming up in at a clock -- Packers defensive end and -- I guess we got a call about. Packers fullback Mike Daniels will be joining us once again -- -- two way guy -- -- will get his thoughts on I'm being in that full full. -- fat backfield they had last year it was a what the forecast for a today snow showers windy high of thirty. Maybe some flurries -- -- right now nineteen feels like eight in Milwaukee. Joining us right now live in studio here and a team Tuesday. It is the governor of the state of Wisconsin will -- mr. Scott Walker once again Governor -- thank you so much for joining us this morning good to be back here with the -- to -- -- for the holidays -- every year you come on and like he brought the right to media -- -- him in -- -- generated great that it frosted -- -- is good but we have all England won him for Brian Sell their judgment on a diet and you've been in office myself. -- welcome to the studio loved by the witnesses. I think since I've been here since 2007 I think the sixth time you've been in studios since Ive been here I didn't I was not here last year. What do you think of the new palatial studio that's good news is unbelievable it came in -- almost got confused which -- -- think it's unreal I used to look like a broom closet and you know literally left and now it's a little bit different time but well big time we aren't exactly always check our ratings big time baby that's. Are we are on top that's run here that's absolutely no first -- -- Obviously wanna get an aunt and and talk about what senator -- had to say yesterday and you know obviously he's. Seven selection be keeping the bucks getting the bucks you're keeping the -- -- in Milwaukee I guess I should say. What did you make of what he had to say in the announcement that he is seeking investors to keep the blocks in Milwaukee -- Makes sense you know yesterday it was -- and it actually down at the pabst theater event the -- -- -- -- -- numbers folks were talking about exactly that and think clearly mean. Thing about this she took over the bucks back when I was still in high school so it's it's been a long haul he's done an incredible job. Would you would have you think of his politics when he was US senate Ford against -- anything in between. The guy has been amazing for was -- with the -- with -- there was so many other charities. But he's gonna have to have some more folks as the team's gonna stick around -- blues obviously -- a big discussion going on right now about what happens to be Ramon Harris Bradley said. Yeah and -- new arena obviously he's he's missed many times coach walker of course -- -- state and coach in the state -- you know he wants he didn't arena because that's how he says that's the reason why he was keep the team here he needs -- new arena to -- -- -- Yet -- and it's it's it's amazing it's you look at the NBA obviously it's one of the at the older Arenas out there although. But for those of us -- -- events over the years it's. If it's it's interesting it's there's a -- you get -- from the NBA standards but unlike I went through the whole discussion back years and years ago with the old county stadium going to Miller Park. And I think for most of us that were friends it was obvious that -- -- he was old you know if -- been their longest for the Braves Rivera had come and left. It's not as obvious sell I think for the public that is about the the agent status of the -- Bradley sooner. But clearly if something doesn't happen put a place like Seattle or somewhere else is gonna come out and -- -- gonna turn grab this team been so. I think in the end -- this group this massive group that's been put together civic leaders will probably come up with. The unique series of things that requires some public Volvo also I think some private support as well possessed -- be part of the key to getting this done. Q what about bucks. I'm like if I have a few black -- I don't I don't even if you think your way into the future civil I double hold -- to -- asking more about buying the Milwaukee Bucks. How important is it. To a city to a major city like Milwaukee to have. That franchise that outlet that arena in it to support. Whatever local business is in downtown Milwaukee -- -- Two reasons one it's the obvious the downtown -- their -- has some unless they lose a couple blocks there from from the Bradley Center. They talk about how different it is -- nights when there's games that are moved to buckskin Marquette game. Hockey -- you David. It and how the downtowns alive and thriving -- -- bit and how different would be if that wasn't there if that wasn't happening so it's important just for thriving downtown. But I think the larger context for from -- even for Wisconsin it's important. Particularly since. We know or at least. Her parents and grandparents generation know about what happened when the Braves left and there's something equally as important about what happens about losing -- -- one thing if you don't have a team. But if you have a team and somehow the team believes. There's something that goes far beyond sports to even what it says about a community what it says to the business community and others out there and I think that's why it's import we find a way to make this work. Because you're labeled that if if I don't know the Braves left -- people were terrified about that you know the idea of Brewers leaving that would have been a bad move the parsley would be life Lucio left Seattle while he'll -- left the but the Sonics leave -- the -- Milwaukee it's just terrible. -- I believe it's why the Seattle business communities working so hard to get a team back then because they understand it puts him back on the stage -- -- it makes in the big time big League City. And I think that's -- when -- got the Brewers yet you know -- icing his on the upside here we got Miller Park which continues to be ESP and names of one of the best. Ballparks consistently year in year out he got exciting things happening -- that. -- -- the Packers -- Milwaukee there he embraced by an interstate. Yes and I we -- we get big time attractions here in Wisconsin in particular walking without some of the castle some of the bigger cities like Chicago or New York or elsewhere. Yeah that's -- afford to make sure we find a way to keep them here now I think whatever it requires in terms of public support were probably require some sort of referendum. Years ago one of the mistakes that many people point to with Miller Park was that there wasn't an ability for the public to affirm that so naysayers were able to keep pounding on it. When they did Lambeau Field they did give the community up there a chance to have a vote on it. Going to be tough but I think that's probably the the only way passes Scott obviously there to probably ask you to be involved in just what can you possibly do to keep the team here. Well from our standpoint it it'd be some some sort of -- from the state to be involved we've helped with the B Ramon Harris so Bradley Center -- skip last couple years for some maintenance my predecessor does the same thing. That kinda helps. And as the tread water for what to do next. -- but in terms -- the state do long term you know let's wide open now will look at many different ideas I would imagine. You get Tim -- in the big group that's been involved in this. There's a lot of discussion about not only the arena itself but -- that. Evolve into other things like helping the of the public museum helping the art museum helping those -- You know years ago I would've thought that might have been a hindrance to getting something done these days I think having a broader coalition of things that obviously have real needs in this community. It across southeast it was -- should benefit. I think a couple of years ago for joining studio by my Wisconsin governor Scott Walker you're on Sports Radio -- to -- WS -- feeds chuck a wicket when we had you and her studio a couple of years ago you had just taken office and things are going on and it. -- recalled madness was happening and L and all that stuff was going on it didn't seem like. Reading -- between the lines from what your answers word that. A new arena and the Bucs -- about the top of your list. Has that moved up the top your list as one of the priorities because of how many Bucs fans there are Milwaukee in the state Wisconsin well it's it's a -- I guess is that the top of your credit consent to having a. And -- is still jobs overall and sure worker training and an education things like that but but the the importance. Of getting something -- -- I think. We can't overestimate how fortunate we've been to have similar -- go against. United always show that I politically short but I think for what he has done what he did to save the bucks back in the eighties when he's -- for a few things -- Colson run. And for sustaining the box -- But -- community there's a reason legacy wise what he's looking at you know just and his agent. In his abilities right now he's thinking there he's intact he's on top of this but at some point in the future in this community can't count on Herb -- being around him and -- that's -- I think -- -- when he said this week that you gotta diversify the number of owners here if you want to keep that you got to have people were vestige of one of the benefits. Over the past few decades of Herb Kohl -- being a senator -- only in the box was there -- no way he was gonna move it doesn't look. That he was -- in Wisconsin part of his political legacy was just -- was -- -- he wasn't gonna move the team he wasn't gonna sell the team. You can't guarantee that the permanent basis -- you have more people who -- -- that ownership prefer investing it in Milwaukee into the state Wisconsin. Used to do it Thomas do you think it's got to be downtown couldn't be anywhere else in the city or is going to be dominant in your backyard how. Yeah -- foresee this place is why I think it could be any number of Bears but I think to this day is greatest Miller Park -- are still people who. Who wish somehow was downtown because -- you look at other places are around the country. That's one of the biggest benefits of -- arena is that it revitalizing downtown it gives it excitement the vitality. Certainly over the years that -- be -- -- -- -- -- listeners know and that didn't and I would think. Whether it's on that exact senator just a little bit adjacent to where the -- -- we went through. Bum and I also think any discussions in the future would would probably be you merit talking about not just. What's gonna go on inside there in terms of sports but what other. Attractions can you -- into that many of the great attractions I found around the country. Where they've had you read Boozer or new stadiums. Ryan a whole mall like complex of of entertainment sports retail and things it really can jumpstart a community not just from a sporting standpoint and that's going to be a key part of it -- well. You're at the Marquette Wisconsin game medical center couple are Ollie and a half ago how was -- -- that environment well it's interesting because I've got a son of -- Well I I don't Wear it well I literally get a kick -- a PC sure not politically correct path and special and made a black T shirt that said. Brutally correct it was really a basketball Jersey one half was reds had signed at UW are the gold -- -- -- immune. Having the the Big Ten network actually got a shot -- me -- my son and on I think about halfway through the second half of the game. A bit and wonder what his -- because I had -- -- of both schools so I had to be different it would correct got to do that you know you gotta do that I loved I would to Marquette so I've always cheer for Marquette throughout the years. And at that game and every other game but but I you know the funny thing of that rivalry is when -- with the Marquette Notre Dame was -- -- travel right a lot of Wisconsin Badgers alarms. It was Ohio State or Michigan that the market was -- he was just a fun game -- the -- not as intense as some of those others that there was a great time but man. And Wisconsin is our little boat back to local sort of from number games this year because Wisconsin is out of this world -- Smart -- shot listen to the governor. Yeah it is a decade Florida should they Packers under a minute guys -- that will be lucky to keep him for. For all for your Manny you realize you haven't done you'll be lucky to keep him for four more months yeah done by his phenomenal pass and earlier beat regularly make the last couple of days centuries -- the -- the Monday night game and -- I talk. And it was so here's my son came home from work once a Marquette as it is works downtown -- But we were so pumped up about that you kind of hope that would -- majorities your hopes to Roger that that would happen me about the Ravens maybe bring a little bit of that Super Bowl I'll look back. -- believe -- course now we've got that the power. Of the playoffs raise their own hands if if we win the remaining games particularly got a Soldier Field to control our destiny that that is termed -- I have one more for -- yesterday and often times we've taken a call from one of our listeners name brand a brand in his two when he won 22 years old. But six weeks ago he let us know that he was being deployed out of New York -- -- a standing go to -- country. Andy he called us yesterday. And wanted to talk about the Packers in the win over the Dallas Cowboys Lisa did you see the game he said no because every week they pick a game to put on overseas. This week they didn't take the Packers in the Cowboys and I'm asking you to do you can't and -- Roger fight to go to the White House. How we get the Packers on for our troops every single day every single week I guess to make sure they get to watch the green angled across the club -- let's look at not -- right general -- right today I'm not -- that's what it is. Basing things -- and I did talk to folks coming back to grab another crew backward before Christmas. And that's -- the big things and you want to talk about getting updates -- the Packers and football and excitement so let's make sure that generally see it that they have they asked for Christmas they have they'll packer playoff. Right right they -- -- package -- of the of the playoff package exactly how things are seen our support and the Packers slugger white -- absolutely. Why are at a government articulating and let Ted Thompson spent some more money -- politician have -- You have I beat you evidently and that that was frustrating wasn't United States when -- gave a great comeback tomorrow. We almost lost because of that defense what you call a tendency -- if you don't starts that is the money and a defense we're gonna -- an executive order requiring an area I like it like. Governor or Christmas guys thank you very much in a Merry Christmas to you thank you for coming and it's been a lot of fun always enjoy seeing and continued success and you know I know that they're going to be people who are going to be on either side of this discussion I'm sure but I -- one thing's for sure we -- -- have a Merry Christmas you do the same thing to go back there -- governor Scott Walker Wisconsin nights -- -- -- We'll talk about that arena and the the -- set by senator -- yesterday you'll hear them next on Sports Radio twelve that the WS SP.