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12-17-13: Rupena's Hot Stove Weekly

Dec 17, 2013|

Tim Allen and Steve "Sparky" Fifer talk to Brewers Manager Ron Roenicke and Outfielder Khris Davis, as they discuss the upcoming 2014 season

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Sports Radio 1250 WS SP proudly presents the official kickoff of the best Brewers coverage it's -- -- is hot still weekly. You're in depth look at Brewers baseball yeah we know it's cold and yes we know it's football season but we also know that it's never too early to follow the -- Putts still weekly covers the players the management the coaches everything breweries including you the -- Let's -- Brewers on Sports Radio 1250 WS his -- now carrier -- Tim Allen and Steve Sparky -- It is just an exciting time any time you can talk about Brewers and we're gonna do that right now each and every Tuesday 6 o'clock it's our weekly. Brewer conversation repeat as hot -- weekly Tim Allen Steve Sparky -- -- Master Barlow behind the glass always good to see him here as it is always good -- he's -- of those guys that you know pennant. I just she got a smile every time facilities like hi Tim Allen need to smile it is not yes. And Barlow has that thing about him -- for spring training all I can't wait until he'd -- delivers the news not only that he's -- you know getting married. But that they're gonna have their first child so that's come and soon the Davey aspect. Yeah that's impressive and he he debates that would -- little spark cat you. A little spark at -- -- I like count that sounds -- coming up on the show tune night we will have a a conversation with Brewers manager Ron ran a key and then Brewers left fielder projected left fielder. Chris Davis will join us at 645 so stick around for both. Of those conversations. -- maybe we'll squeeze in some news and notes maybe not maybe not but -- we just might there's been some former brewer. Our pitchers that have signed throughout the -- league in the last Tony for 48 hours two of which. I you know maybe the Brewers -- -- tinkered with maybe not an expert and Shaun Marcum it's okay Gary signing -- -- comes baffles me I don't understand that one Tomo -- he signed with the yet -- -- on Tuesday's -- retired it would -- -- coming back as a knuckleballer. Of course the staff why wouldn't yet. -- and -- the flutter ball up there I mean it did -- you can have success with -- And then grant bell for he signed with the Baltimore Orioles just to catch up on some former brewer arms. And does speak in a -- of Brewers a rule five. A top pick was -- strong Wang. 21 year old lefthander. Ninety to 93. -- now again. Stevie you know the rule five rules is that he's got to be on the roster on the 25 man big league roster right in -- or else they got to let him. Return back to Pittsburgh I think the organization -- so. Big big longshot. For the Brewers in the rule five draft but and you never know okay then also. Yeah. Everyone Macon moves. The top priority for the crew this off season according to Brewers GM Doug Melvin was what mr. Pfeiffer. What was their top priorities this you have -- first baseman word but come hell or high water we're gonna. Universe basement and what did I say and I have said it for the last month and -- half for two. As close to a guarantee is -- -- They're gonna take care first base they won't let it happen again -- -- it's half. -- it's already half. There's -- loved and he did it's it's his habit has its gonna be right now luck according art that deal with Seattle. I'm and I know what your thoughts on and I I wouldn't -- him that much money I well as -- was not gonna say price tag of the base pay is sixes and it. Com is our teams pay six million and then it's a -- on in incentives I heard Joseph that day. -- in -- on the updates and he. Sox he was scrambling all over the rolled one update it was third ten million million next update it was thirteen then the next -- that. Joseph you are all over the road on their -- I don't -- not. His talent to put the money in the jar in my office for that one from that and Tim I guess you're matching sell you both can play the Joseph jock -- jars and full of -- Now it's cut. So that but Corey Hart -- lose out on that situation which -- you know would've been fine I have looking at one year six million dollar deal Maynard additional four point 65 in performance bonuses. Based -- plate appearances up to 600 in fifty. So he can earn about ten and a half 1000010 point 65. -- -- played apparent. To me wouldn't should just cut out the incentives and just say hey what we're gonna signing a one year deal late million. -- that of an affair for the Brewers is take care of this first base situation on -- -- they wanted to you have the ruling over pay for it I wouldn't I told dollars and paying more than more than what -- -- do. That that well question that's the funny thing about this whole first base position now we're time about it today. I think you have hunter Morris and and -- Francisco battle it out he has to do honor -- wins the job right. And if he doesn't then -- -- goes back don't replace -- the year -- not bring him off the bench earlier so he goes back Don AAA Francisco plays first base. An eagle from that now the other one. I was kind of has brought up tongue in cheek a little bit but if you think about it as Adam Dunn. Now -- then. Is about 34 years old just turned 34 November no I mean guy you know in Chicago hit 3540 home runs a year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We don't play out such talk it out outside in the rain like Chicago does get a nice -- -- -- all all nice and pretty so. Are mad Gamal a street -- -- first base was released by the Cubs now he finds himself it looks like in the Atlanta Braves organization. So that there again you could've. Grabbed him back -- just if you wanted to but again here's the deal. You put your focus on first base and so far you're not getting it done so far -- again there's plenty of time. In the grand scheme of things. Slightly. Mildly concerned about the Brewers first base situation. I I don't -- to be a merry go round of different people different positions in and then -- Croix is gonna. Attributes trying to get him into the line having get that bad into the lineup on days sets -- -- Maldonado catches them loose gonna have to play -- first base looked. -- talk to chuck and wicket. What them last week and and said no it emphatically no I'm not a first baseman man -- a catcher that's -- wannabe. Since the read your rule that out right away. He's not for playing first base which you don't want that merry go round to continue we talk to Doug Melvin last week -- -- You know I asked -- tongue in cheek and look man you've had fifteen different first baseman play the position in the last two years fifteen of them. -- name home. Back now obviously -- leg -- Now do -- did you knowledge as well could I don't know because out of been some pressure to which -- Brooks Conrad and Cody Ransom from. Two -- -- Alex Gonzales and -- -- as tourists. -- for first baseman right there brewer fans you can't have that again if you plan on making the playoffs. If you plan on and you know creating this -- you know offensive situation where you're pretty set. And they are for the most part pretty set offensively I think every brewer fan can agree can't we all agree on that you had like -- some type of power off the bench. Somebody that can deliver a big shot in the big situation off the bench as far as a bashed and that might be Francisco and all the belts right and you don't have a left -- in the lineup anywhere to break up anything and that again and now Francisco OK or it could be done depending on what you wanna do. And again with Don comes lot of strikeouts I'd just be prepared on base percentage about 320. Minutes aren't going to be pretty -- -- -- lot of home runs. You know you think and that does Seattle well if they even do signed Corey Hart what would not gonna get Logan Morrison who can -- -- first -- -- -- -- -- the got a ball up. I James Loney now we're gonna tinker with James Loney what kind of deal is James Loney -- get. -- be on the free agent market now he gets seven mil a year for three years. Okay they're he's gone well there's no way the -- and do that if they think -- -- can be what. What he has fair enough now that the talks of Ike Davis talks of Ike Davis from the New York Mets -- -- play at first base. That that just isn't it's too rich of of something that the Brewers have an abundance of and that's offense. Too rich to send Thornburgh over there there's no way I'm trading -- OK not for Ike Davis set right then and that makes sense now. When it comes to you know that position you you're gonna have to take care of it and and again so far just the bottom line is out. They have not done and and it's again beginning to. Be a little concerning here -- -- toward. You know that that new year and then. -- what. -- -- month and -- have to reporting to spring training. I mean come on guys in -- -- this is now Doug Melvin has said well. -- we scored a 150 less runs. From 201213. So you need some offense. Why was I not surprise when he told me that last week. I me don't know why weren't you surprised Casilla has not lost hearts do you loss Ramirez and he lost brawn no wonder -- scored 150 last. Focus on offense you get -- these guys back outside heart right you're getting these guys back along with Chris Davis. Out there who should produce some some runs. So it's -- to focus on offense right now. Now focus on first base. And the pitching staff and the pitching staff before we take a break here wanted to run run -- year in just a couple of minutes. Pitching staff again. We're looking at four guys that are pretty much at -- stone and probably for a half they want Thornburgh -- deposition right medium depth so there's your five. You feel like going to war what that rotation. You'll -- Los Peralta Estrada and Thornburgh there's your rotation to unveil the 2014. Championship season. Thought -- and -- yeah. Mean I don't at a time right now you can look at every year to stop the just and that now in December before Christmas. Now wait I'm gonna worry about saying -- in spring training or broadcasting from there now you know you're not winning a World Series handel's time now now let's not be hasty about that I'm a case about a lot things in life this is one of them you needed. I'm better Frontline pitcher Barrett in a -- -- -- Kyle Lohse to throw a lot of part of this rotation have a legitimate crack at it. -- Lewis is getting better. I mean -- they've gotten better from what they've done Cincinnati continues to do what they do their. Ounces Cincinnati's in -- added brand new manager I mean not I mean that's gonna require some feeling out process for Cincinnati I don't think you can -- Of the ball he would say the same thing about the Brewers in 2011 of -- The idea who took down to the NLCS as a rookie man there's a lot of talent -- emirates so they're going to be -- I'm Pittsburg is continues to add pieces that are looking for first baseman now as well as other ports and -- Jon -- and they -- they're looking for first baseman self. I still -- right now as it says they're fourth in the division I until I see something different I still think -- fourth Justin Smoak does that interest in. Four years ago maybe when you ever thought he could have been something but well an adult and San Francisco allows another name -- south floated out there and an article. -- again probably years ago people and I expectations and -- -- thing well I am insisted and Justin Smoak in this regard that. He would -- -- charter member of the all 420 team. -- and then Justin -- or 114414. Is area code one. Why nobody at 4114. Right. You never did like the April 20 shows how stupid. Now it's funny they're stupid kind of kind of funny Justin -- boy he's an all timer right there -- we'll take a break here. Okay we'll come back -- your show and -- and I just sit -- -- -- -- -- manager -- -- in on -- and he and I did not get to the list of 151 baseman that have appeared at deposition in the last two years for your Milwaukee when Iverson asked -- -- now. I will I will get to those this show I promised after -- -- before Christians okay. All fifteen of them. And you name them right doesn't work to do so while you're -- amount bogus marked. Well now -- -- gonna -- you like ten minutes to do all of it because I'll comment on. -- on probably every once -- -- was horrible this -- a business the first all of a positive segment it's repeat as hot stove weekly Tim Allen -- Sparky Phifer part of the best Brewers coverage here our ninth season of pre and post game coverage. Of your Milwaukee Brewers will challenge Brewers manager Ron ranking now -- -- Sports Radio 1250 WS -- history. Now welcome back and intravenous hot stove weekly on Sports Radio 1250. Couple US SB my name is Tim Allen there's Steve Sparky Phifer and and again our ninth year. Of the post game here this going strong man talk and Brewers baseball. Everything top to bottom. Managers players. Upper management. Miller Park you name -- former Brewers covered all. Pilots hit the great midwest bank hot line and welcome in Brewers manager Ron Redick -- Ron thanks for the time. No problem. Pride well where do we start here let's let's start out with the beginning of the season. Talk to a Brewers GM Doug Melvin last week on the -- And he had said he had a conversation with you about getting off to getting your team's off to a little bit better start so he -- -- at the end of the year talk about. How they -- strong which again is a good thing. What are we gonna do by getting off to a little bit of a better start -- Well we talked about some different things in spring training -- not. Maybe -- and some guys a little bit more. With a week ago in spring training maybe playing in. Some of the guys nine -- means. Not physically really get ready for -- mentally. Trying to make sure that we're ready. To go that first game in here and get -- to serve you better start that we -- out. And -- we start off with that with a tough schedule that first month that -- -- get off to a good start the first month we're will be in the chase. Dramatize something I think it's absolute lunacy. That anybody would play -- blame on you for your team not getting -- to quick starts in any given year I don't understand maybe you can explain to me. How any baseball team in the major leagues does it that much differently than any other one in spring training and and -- with the Angels. For all those years and you were a player as well I just can't imagine that you're doing anything that dramatically different now -- affect anything. No I I agree with you I think I don't know why we have that. I think whenever you. Have something that isn't going that well. Going as well as you expected to -- -- have a spring that. You look at different things to to try to figure out how you can get off to a better start but it's. It's when I was there that the Angels all those years and years we got off to a good start some years we didn't and we did the exact same thing every spring so. So you're right idol I don't think it's anything. Debt. You know we're doing wrong but what I think is with the personnel we have. Talking to the guys and individually trying to get them. To be ready. Four for that first game and some guys may be a complaint as much in some guys are playing more and just make it sure that there -- they're ready and they understand that. We have finished strong these years that week we need to get off to a better start. Run one of the bigger buzz this year in our world this is chat about the situation. You know you move a low key and you give back a nice left hander in in -- -- But but it opens that door for the lead -- position and for years a priority you get -- here it's always been. Sort of a lead off hitter by default in a in a lot of cases a lot of years. Well now are you right back in that same situation who who do you project is going to be your leadoff hitter. Well I think between. And with between scooter Jeanette and -- I'm hoping cigar. One of among hope can do it Rickie Weeks and still be -- as Ricky has been. Successful in doing it before and will will see what happens with that second on base spot but -- but I think -- That you're right I think it seems to look for leadoff -- that isn't an easy spot and you're looking for a guy to get on base and -- pitches in nor did a great job forests in. And so I think that first year I was here we we split it up. Joseph Morgan where there are a lot. Once in awhile. Gomez was there Rickie Weeks was there until Ricky got hurt that we had to feel it would Niger -- and and they did a pretty good job so the production -- yet from. The left field that he had it done in in matters where that. -- that's in the line so with -- he didn't have to drive in runs -- hit home runs because. Because he we ousted in the leadoff -- -- we've got a couple guys out there that we think between the three outfielders. The production will be better. But we have somebody to to get to -- guys that we you know we really think need to produce for a. A little bit about that leadoff spot as far as the mental approach because I just I get a little bit fearful of San Carlos Gomez going up there singing and that's -- -- with his head mentally and take away from. -- what he's trying to do what the plates in fear I had about possibly putting him in the cleanup spot. At some point and I don't know sick girl well enough because he's been here only one year as far as. Whether -- not that changes but that mental aspect being in that position it probably is a different -- other spots in the lineup. It is and and you don't want to put somebody there have been changes now approach like -- fit if you get. Gomez at the front and now he thinks okay I've got to see a bunch of pitches I have to let try to get the ball. The other way more. Now you're messing with something that's working which is -- just going out there -- -- aggressive so. So that metal part of it is huge. -- -- us. He's not an on base guy but. If he carries and a high -- -- batting average Deion base will be there we just hope if he's not gonna walk at all we OP gets 300. Or somewhere around -- and so. Beyond base will come with that with is that since gooders think basically the same thing they're not guy to go up there and take pitches and walked -- And so the ideals. Probably -- -- -- right now but like I said. We get more production. In the backside whether it's Chris Davis whether it's and -- whether -- Kendall. -- you make up person for the lack of some of that beginning. You -- Chris Davis there we're gonna have a conversation with him and just couple minutes. -- sparking our talk and be on the phone the other day and and just talking about that Davis situation for you. An and one of the things that I noticed about Chris in the you know three times that I've talked to him directly -- that. It seems to me in my reading -- wrong it seems to me he's got that swagger to him. And I think you need that as a power hitting outfielder and actually baseball. What did you guys see in Chris Davis said that propels you guys to say hey man -- keys in the car. Well I think you know you're right I think anytime you have that when the -- swagger confidence cocky and that's what ever it is. Especially with a young guy. You like that -- a player and end -- is very confident. And I think did. With what the production he showed us last year for for minimum minimal mountain out of that -- take them overseas and it's pretty impressive. Now whether he can carry -- and through that season I don't know. But I think because we have other outfielders. -- that he needs a break once -- -- I think we do we have enough guys to conceal informant. And the guys that are -- will stay in there and get more at bats. But he's capable of doing some pretty impressive things offensively. And he's a better defense of player that what I had the -- he he really gets good jumps she runs down the ball well. And -- I think it's important. To have a guy out there that's got the -- a lot of different pieces that can help the. About the first base position obviously Corey Hart signs with Seattle I think a lot of fans thought that was communal way that you guys ended up going. Couple other free agent first baseman -- signed as well still -- -- -- and -- Francisco -- -- obviously. Are in triple -- I think the kind of perception is well you have to have that power guy. Backing it -- thirty home runs plus at first base for you what's your ideal first baseman -- -- looking for. Well ideal certainly would be him for a decent average in him -- -- power but. But we know those guys that have data for awhile that are consistent -- it's a huge contract we saw that prince was. It was great for offensively it was tremendous. -- so what kind of contract that that he was rewarded because of that and I think -- Corey. We have to find a piece that it I don't care necessarily its power. Doug likes power guy that we were also looking at -- we got out bit by called me and going back to Tampa. Good 300 hitter. Great defense. So I think. The more rounded you are certainly what I like I wanna got to complacent good defense is I think we have to play good defense -- -- pitching staff. Sometimes you're not able to find that need in you know more for the -- a part of it that. Define the rounded player -- full rounded player. I don't think we can afford to get a guy like that we've Doug has been busy. I made some offers to some first baseman. We're getting out bit by some other teams that. But were we're looking at -- -- there certainly understand. That it is an important part and he can do his best -- that spot. What are your thoughts are on hunter -- -- -- season last year and how he fits into the plans this year coming -- spring. Well how to coming off that season Florida -- season where -- -- MVP of the league. Was something that. That we've really been thinking about and -- 23 years from that. We thought we'd have -- -- first baseman. Last year -- eat is offensive numbers weren't as good. But he's getting better defensively which is important to us and I think that sometimes that jumped double -- triple -- -- getting used to it a little bit. Doesn't hurt too to struggles sometimes in and learn how to get out of those struggles and by the time you get to the big leagues. Hopefully you'll understand your game and what you need to do when when you go -- -- slumps. And the he's got big power and hits some home runs and being get in consistently getting on base. And and get him better defensively I think we've got a pretty acquire. Ron final thing here your pitching staff now projects projections are is that this obviously you'll Vonnie and lotion and her Alter. I think Marco Estrada penciled into that four hole and I think. -- probably Tyler Thornburg the way he finished up would be. -- nice round five right there. Is that good enough to hit the post season. Well I think K if the young guys come through. And and they're gonna captive. Call come through and so yeah. There's a there's a lot of question marks there's a lot of but but you never know what can happen you see some teams that all -- young guys all the -- They catch fire they they played. Really well played up to their potential. The united if that happens. Yes we do -- -- Tyler Thornburg. I think the -- -- deserves probably to get that first shot at that as a starter but we've got some other guys in camp you mentioned will Smith and getting him in the trade. He's the possibility of starting now we know we can do a good job in the bullpen. And really got our young guys it that are coming up also with. With -- again in Jenny Nelson and so we've got some good young arms. It's a little young guys are really gonna have to put together. Just real quick I know we're we're real battle in this time here but I gotta ask you one more thing. I -- in talking with Doug last week on the show us a disturbing stat came to me I want to get your thoughts on this. -- I don't know why it disturbs me as much but I guess economically it it's concerning. New York Yankees have missed the playoffs twice in the last nineteen years. Is -- how can the Brewers and and any other smaller market team really compete with that -- is that a flaw in the system. Well I think the did the TV packages there. -- what drives these these teams to have these big salaries were that he can. Continually they lose apart they just get a free agent -- hole. And that's why -- successfully -- that many years. But Tampa Bay has done a great job to do an -- -- a low payroll. Oakland recently has had a great job they have a they have a long ball in the air. In between the early 2000 and then and then the last couple years. But you can do it but it's certainly more difficult there's no question and I think. The revenue sharing. Between the local TV packages. Certainly would help. Bring it bring more parity in in this game and I felt a lot to happen a lot of -- to be opening get go out and get some of these big free agents that. But we have to be smarter did not draft better got to develop better. And and that's why does -- so careful on when he makes trades and and I think if we're movement some young good players who we got to make sure that we're really getting something -- it's gonna help -- Good stuff -- we covered a lot right there are we appreciate the time enjoy the rest your off season and we'll talk to you again in now sunny Arizona okay. Okay thankful I -- You got it Ron -- he joins us on the great mid West Bank -- -- -- -- -- bank dot com or call 2627844400. To learn about totally free checking their first time -- special local -- servicing. Great mid West Bank -- late. Local okay Marleau has got an updated here a quick break and won't come back and now we will read off those 151 baseman -- played for the Brewers in the last just two years fifteen. And then Chris Davis still to come on repeat as hot stove weekly on Sports Radio 1250 WS SB. Welcome back. It is repeat as hot -- weekly on Sports Radio 1250 WS history. Steve Sparky five for Tim Allen mr. Barlow behind the glass still to come in just a couple minutes and chat with numbers left fielder Chris Davis. And well the move that -- though key to Kansas City. Opened up that lead off spot and Ron Redick Keith talked about that. You can hear that entire interview as Sports Radio 1250 dot com -- he also mentioned. First base. -- does punter Morse have a shot -- no not at all not I don't think so. But got Norris I'm saying that mean he didn't say -- didn't have a shot -- it on -- neither has done I don't believe but a -- I say that is. Your -- after Loney Loney got three year deal. Well I guess if if you're a fan out if you want -- -- -- to be that guy you -- -- at some other got three and in my opinion at least -- Maybe they would disagree with me on this but I don't see that I see a one year deal -- -- that makes -- more -- for amateur play and then boom he's our first original full share. If you have doubts -- go after got a 34 year deals then maybe. -- -- since I think that he said they were outbid. Following offered for James Loney got to -- to my knowledge three years seven apiece three years when he one million. So interesting now -- fifteen players who played first base for the Brewers in the last two years and -- and easily taken care in large part I think due to injury. But half of these. Would be even mentioned. Had -- Taylor Green and Corey Hart not gotten her. I think we can all agree there but nonetheless. It was a situation you guys may recall in. During the season and during the post game shows so we're just. Well I was mainly just griping about get a first baseman places didn't just get any just give him Lyle Overbay just -- Look. You'd never would have thought you'd be in -- need fortune a Travis is sick -- But the Brewers were in that situation. Is -- that long ago so there's been fifteen. -- -- here we go misses out fifteen since opening day 2012. So the last two seasons. For the Brewers. And once fielder had left here there Corey Hart. Okay right you EB. A -- -- play first base for the crew one Francisco. A third baseman played first base for the crew. -- is sick Colin areas. Okay and that would've been fine. Com about -- home. I've played I thought he did okay at first base -- brutal no not at all -- thought thought he did okay and I think they're gonna. Maybe behind the scenes tells Shawn hall -- hey buddy got a little pop but this thing long shot but there's a shot here. You may open up the season at first base -- that a possibility. About Alex Gonzales you have another shortstop playing first base. One of the fifteen that happens. -- gamble he did play a little bit there in 2012 you may recall before getting hurt back to back -- Taylor Green played some first base. -- Jonathan -- Croyle a catcher played some first day I'm glad that -- option has not come up -- -- -- Maldonado another catcher has played first base I don't want him at first one of the fifteen Brooks Conrad. I don't know what I define him out swears his natural position. Driving for young expressed car. K. I -- -- it's a great career yeah I'm telling you about another catcher that is played first base one of fifteen different first baseman the last couple years. The accountant George guitarists with Paris. Favor of -- -- Who by the way is in Chicago now the Cubs in. How about that another catcher. Playing first base Blake lolly. Has done some time at first base. And final there are a bunch of guys he's got a solid fit in good in the Phil -- year's final couple of oh I don't know. Infielders and -- played first base for the Brewers. One Cody Ransom. As found himself at first base for the crew. And finally your favorite mine Cesar as tourists is -- merits -- fifteen. Different first baseman. 48 team for the most part that thought that they were going to compete for the post season. I'm not saying that that's why they didn't make the post season certainly in 2013. First base was -- the issue there were many many issues. But that needs to be taken care of and again -- like you know I wanted to say I guarantee yet. That it will be taking care of but at this point you can't do that. Until it's it's not -- aero. Not quite yet and I don't see how they're gonna get somebody else can take care and at this point -- Joseph and I were talking about Justin Morneau. What is he signed for what it would through the Rockies. -- for months and a why not him I would love Justin Morneau -- pulled -- -- Justin -- why not him. On the I don't know that's a good question I don't have an answer for you -- why they wouldn't want Justin Morneau -- because of injury concerns -- may well maybe. I'm just trying to think what else he could -- -- a couple other news and notes here. Tom Gorzelanny and had some much cleanup surgery on that shoulder Justin Morneau signed for two years. At twelve and a half million -- five million this year. Six point 75 million in fifteen and nine million dollar mutual option. And the club decides they don't want -- to 750000. Dollar buyout -- seemed seemed to me like that would have been a good Fenton. -- -- Left handed pop. First baseman played -- Miller Park. That would've been nice right so there you go com. There's your 151 baseman that are played for the crew would not be excited about Brewers baseball yet what does that -- We arrive in Arizona for spring -- as Sears I get on the plane to go to spring training self. March 2 when we get on the plane -- then -- I'll I'll I'll be excited at that point yet. And in brewer fans I think they're just you know the Packers are taken from front and center stage and they should. But. -- -- -- -- They just. I think -- right it it comes from pitchers and catchers report but. For us for us hard courts like at 59 days away from -- -- the ones that -- news and notes segments and talk and a Ron ran a key and missing -- -- Melvin this huge train -- the news and notes -- just love -- as as hard -- brewer fans are up Nextel will chat with Brewers left fielder Chris Davis says next. On repeat as hot -- weekly here on Sports Radio 1250 WS SP. It is repeat has not so weekly on Sports Radio 1250 WS -- Tim Allen Steve Sparky Phifer and the -- season just around the corner. It's okay to get fired up about Brewers baseball. In a cold the -- three nightmare and yuck that's outside in December and I betcha there will be lots of -- Christmas presents. Under trees all over Wisconsin. Why it's why do you sliding use the way you so cynical about that no I'm serious this could huge clubhouse Ellis all the people there there -- I guarantee you people -- could -- some cool stuff. That they bought that clubhouse Eller won over there and and -- the -- -- the clubhouse store I bought some stuff for my kids ten days is gigantic in the state and it's it's amazing. Let's hit the great midwest bank hotline and well commend Brewers left fielder Chris Davis hey Chris thanks for the time -- -- off season gone. Man I -- -- how about better. How well how do everything in the lucky. Wide so it's cold and it's snowy and it's nasty and it's boy we can't wait for baseball what it. So what's what do you do now -- you get the news that you know they move low key and that was probably pleasing to you but. Not totally unexpected. A guy like you probably expects to be in a situation where you gonna get -- chance at some point. Yeah I mean I'd. Don't take and he -- for -- really you know every AB is as precious as then and haven't touched a -- out there. With your teammates is an amazing job and I'm like truly thankful -- You can't. How you did last year at the big league level obviously eleven home runs 27 RBIs. Any again if factoring in the fact that -- you know 153. Plate appearances overall. Hitting 270 not out have to assume daddy please -- that's for your first taste of big league baseball. Yeah it was very it was a good time my home spending and -- circumstances. You know with the team. Not Christian. Around for the player option and that's what I really want to do is how to change get to the playoffs. This year. Well now and looking at your situation here you were drafted originally by the Washington Nationals. -- -- ninth round. I should've thrown around ice -- of thrown in the round that that was unfair -- okay so you're drafted by the nationals. You choose to then play another year of College Baseball -- it elevates your draft status to what the seventh round. That I know you and I discuss this is spring training last year but that had to be a an extremely difficult situation wasn't. I was struck because you value you wanna be a bonus baby at a high -- -- I knew I wanted to be a pro baseball player. At an early age. The play it was for me to go to college and I want the departure it. Just little college experience you know. When you go from Kyle you go from -- to the minors. So that's -- transition obviously in that lifestyle well that was tough at Helena where you know you this guide -- this -- you know all state in Arizona and then it's a hot that a baseball down there he's drafted twice. He goes to rookie ball -- -- is average at at Helena in his first year the game hadn't slowed down normally what did you hit Chris wood to 37 down there. I don't remember. Probably like around that sounds about right Libya I think I have wanted to -- you know and I and I -- my attention slow -- Two pretty big match -- there. -- but let's talk about the transition. Mean because obviously you're in the minors. And now you're a professional and how to -- adjust to that lifestyle and then going from the -- To the bigs. For what you did last year and traveling at a whole different -- as far as all -- you're staying and everything else. -- -- difficult transition and then. Who with the guys in the team that kinda helped -- through. Definitely marching managed because you climb the ladder up -- just reflection on -- and then. Scooter and Burgos and mark fires you know you just so firm you learn to borrow your teammates and get through the day with them. At the end of the day you guys that are riding the bus together after a long and -- talking about -- -- then you know it's. This really about your team and truly what we we've transitioned this -- -- on you've got so much to you are caught up. I mean yeah you get help from teammates -- that like the traveling secretary because I've always brought it up on the post game show that it looked the part of the maturation process is find it out. Where the hectic even go to the bathroom or what time BP starts on the road and -- do I get my meal money all that stuff that is a transition right. It has so are its original transition -- -- you just saw another change ultra -- the -- Sure. The ritual. You just -- -- -- good retrain them practice good habits and the days go by fast. The transition there's -- Maturity what we're at that I was. A couple minutes ago we talked to -- manager Ron ran a -- and he had some great things to say about you Chris and we want to wish you good luck man -- It looks like your tailor made for a park like Milwaukee and the fan base has grown here. What do you what do you project you project numbers -- -- Not mean I want to get as many and I can't you know. For me to put it number then. It's hard to say really you -- I just wanna feel good every day and see what happens. I'd let's go 27 homers let's knock in about 72 runs -- gonna hit about 278. How's that sound. It felt great. You -- you can better -- -- numbers show it. I've very good hey Chris thanks for the time we'll see in sunny Arizona in march of guys aren't true -- I thinks a lot of areas Chris Davis Brewers left fielder I just I can't wait. Seriously I don't know -- and I now I gonna bust -- lucky immunity in Finland you did. Not remain in that draft lottery hits the Milwaukee Brewers who. Now don't want to get the number one overall pick in the draft horrible don't wounds -- and we'll be right in the middle of a pennant race in -- thoughts. -- tougher that's gonna do for us. Thanks to manager Ron -- -- -- for his time as well as Brewers left fielder Chris Davis Matt Barlow mr. Barlow behind the glass for Steve Sparky five for my name is Tim Allen. We'll talk to again soon in as always remember smile Milwaukee the world will smile back.