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1-14-14: Rupena's Hot Stove Weekly

Jan 14, 2014|

Tim Allen and Sparky visit with Brewers Pitching Coach Rick Kranitz and preview the upcoming 2014 Baseball Season

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sports Radio 1250 WS SP proudly presents the official kickoff of the best Brewers coverage it's -- -- -- hot still weekly. You're in depth look at Brewers baseball yeah we know it's cold and yes we know it's football season but we also know that it's never too early to follow the crew. But -- weekly covers the players the management the coaches everything breweries including you the fans. Let's Todd Brewers on Sports Radio 1250 WS this -- now -- -- Tim Allen and Steve Sparky biker. Yes indeed let's -- -- Brewers and baseball here on another edition of repeat as hot -- weekly welcome everybody it's Tim Allen. Steve Sparky Phifer mr. Barlow is right there alongside he's going to spring training and now march with us right but it might take -- next week you are still here. Very nice on -- and I don't know -- Yeah I -- they'd -- the off the behind the scenes activity between Barlow and spark you have growing inpatient. -- may have been impatient. I know what you mean. Like having a child -- you tell child something 500 times and yeah I don't don't don't don't don't do it then it's sort of take -- -- -- That only elderly dad -- I got a dad assessment that is threatening and that either works -- about the schedule unbelievable no -- My schedule is pretty -- to the station and they all say that. -- -- -- Has been Brazilian veteran looks like have you did no show lately no no no shows and my one but that's going to be good chuckle about that -- gonna try to Lazio lavender is daylight while I was there is no show Barlow for good three months and threatened to pinch run we jump that -- -- that hurdle now we've got another one. Coming up on media -- tonight we will talk pitching and Brewers baseball. Well -- -- a little bit on the pitching maybe a lot on the pitching this year so pitching coach richt credits will join us. Also have some mock news and notes and I'd be remiss of -- -- Start out by talking about that sixty minutes. That aired on Sunday night the -- and see -- That's not part of it. Most of -- on the Internet the day after not why not lively -- sat and watched it live and was absolutely. Riveted. To the TV with that. -- Rob ma'am furthered spoke Bud Selig spoke. -- and A rods attorney spoke and obviously -- Tony bosh spoken. Quite frankly it's just irks me the the entire scene the all of -- all of them look bad in the first thing I thought of the the first thing when that when that episode was done. We could dissect all -- different angles and -- center and connect the dots the brawn and all this -- that's not the first thing I thought. First thing I thought of was shame on you. Shame on the structure Major League Baseball for rewarding a guy you're just punished you just punished a guy. You just suspended him for -- fifty games or a hundred games or whatever you did. Yet you allowed one of your own Kennedy's a Major League Baseball team to reward them for their. Cheating efforts. Jhonny Peralta for example 53 million dollars Melky Cabrera Nelson Cruz gonna get paid there are others. That to me is it distinct. Flaw in the system is it not. Absolutely it's got to be about the money people win -- we get a ring a bell. And -- -- in the head with a ball peen hammer for you understand that this is a buyout. The cash. -- out and don't allow them to do that it's very very simple why are we making this more difficult than it needs to be. You the suspension they don't hear. The second thing I thought of after watching that edition of sixty minutes was. Why -- we not go on after the drug dealer. So we're gonna throw the crack had been walking down water street. In the prison for five years but we're gonna leave the guy that sold -- the drugs alone we're gonna leave that guy alone. That's the second thing I thought. Why are we going after the guys that are -- These things. Sparky you know much about P. -- HDH. The dummies to all of this the laws and. -- -- think that irritated me a while or several but. -- for me was the fact that these dummies. Do you -- -- dug under in the first and a baseball game. Yeah but nobody knew these guys are taking -- right area allocation nobody knew and any of these I Gaza and all these players our -- nobody knew that these -- are popping in their -- -- -- Nobody in the entire clubhouse -- Rahman yet hot here. There's scandals are I like skills. I mean hey you know there's I still learning about the club if if if if this guy is. These -- it really is amazing it again and those -- few things that weekend we can -- sacked and and again we could localized and bring it home to. You don't Ryan -- situation but I'm not gonna do that this this thing is a flaw in the system it just is skies and we all know that that there -- If you get caught cheat and there's one reason you -- Right. Right that is one reason is your stupid -- our current professional sports of well number -- -- -- -- -- for more -- absolutely right. -- -- not punishing them with money. -- You don't have to do that you just -- first any failure banned for -- from the sport. First started very bad for life -- but nobody wants to do that god forbid all know that's way too strong a penalty then you're not serious about face and sit and they're not serious. I would imagine that banned for life before for the rest of your contract when bought -- bosh tried to justify -- by saying look. Column -- what do you tell what do you tell these athletes said that slide in the third. He says well the center -- that through -- the third baseman that does take him to throw the guy that hit the ball. If it and in your basically keeping up with the joneses. If I'm a player that's clean. Looks in my mind at what he said that's an across the board indictment. On a lot of play. Or -- be across the board very concerned. That the percentage in the sport is way worse than anybody realizes okay. Very. Very concerned two ways to fix it your way kick him out one time ones -- -- your out now not before Ryan brawn -- I try -- decided do some thing. Okay is it worth having my career over. About some cases it will because -- -- minor -- tired old for the -- right now right now you kind of well run club rushed for me it's just -- -- but whatever it is -- -- going for then. Go ahead but do realized that if you get caught your -- but it -- -- Essentially that means money -- -- -- and so that that's why it would be effective and I just thought the piece was outstanding. I did. It incensed me and out like a seven on not on many levels. But it was an outstanding piece of journalism that sixty minutes story it was it capsule lies. A lot of what we've been trying to scoop into one radio show whether you guys in the big show -- You know chuck and -- in -- bill Michaels had tried to Capps Capps lies last couple years they did it. Now again they've they've they have the ammunition and they have their prime suspects and they have -- leading characters and all of the soap opera but again. To fix -- involve the money it's very simple as -- now again may be MLB is saying. -- we do that then we're jeopardizing our own money as a whole and that's MLB. -- to a degree but it again let's say you lose Alex Rodriguez and Ryan let's say if the wind on plus you got contrary is banned -- life. Bryant LeBron banned for life. How much ticket -- does as a fact the New York Yankees how much TV revenue does it affect the Yankees not. Now where does hurt as the Brewers he has now you have to replace a superstar in the middle of your lineup yeah and you are school -- And it -- point right in your helmet over -- you're gonna have to go with free agent. In in which case you may have lost out on. And -- for prying years. A -- production easily -- and you're gonna spend a bunch of money overpay to get some you're comfortable lucky to be a part of it Orton always gonna wanna come here. And you're gonna have to wait to draft another one and there's no guarantee -- it's gonna take to draft another one. Dream Oliver -- on it take to get fielder and -- year's Swiss army so yeah I mean from that perspective. It hurts a small market teams more that actually finally stumble across -- superstar than it does large market teams and you take. Andrew McCutcheon away from the Pirates how -- does that hurt. -- -- things -- And a just. And I don't know the solution is easy I'm sure it's not. How -- They the philosophy is simple and that's money punish these guys of money that's a reason they're cheating mind need. It's a -- about money. It will -- or do you guys in the big show talking about you know some of that division one college athletes. I'm not no -- how to read past the fourth grade level right so -- the money. So. In on the money fruit elementary school teacher there about the money for that person I know I saw the Holocaust principle because Colin and elementary school Ivan inning got the high school yet -- All of these people that allow this fool to come all the way through without being able to rewrite shame on you -- -- Is this fool. That can't read or write but now it's gonna hire an agent that he can try -- unquote new to handle -- money. Is lawyer gonna go back to grade school now -- up -- -- and say. This is -- facial passing in third grade and I couldn't add one plus one here's a million payout grade teacher you asked me to look at rewrite your class here's a million for -- she went. I can't help everybody that passion to -- just a point -- -- -- Everybody would have failed to get you back who knows you've given get that kind. I have a -- I've got -- -- of my son's high school athlete right now and and I don't even wanna get I was so glad I wasn't doing that big show with you guys today. -- -- lost my mind when oh man. While okay well Ric Francis coming up by I just you know instead -- just solely brawn. I wanted to talk just about the flaw in the system and I think we can all agree on that. That there is a distinct flaw in the system to meet guys when you cork -- bat it is equally as bad. As taken steroids. Now see people disagree -- -- on the. It's the same thing it's cheating and for money all know -- it's far more sophisticated. Sheeting for steroids corked -- -- Cheating is cheating but it's not a big -- Mon my and that's why when -- knack aloft for years let's 'cause he's Sosa back I noticed that I'm just saying and there are a lot of people that would agree. -- -- and I think it's equally as bad you do your quarterback you -- and for money tiger rides corked bat even court -- for any other reason to hit more home runs to get a bigger contract is very simple that's that's really simple all right. So the brewers' rotation gonna start out. We would assume the top four spots in the rotation -- taking care of Bryant. We know it's Los we know it's you know we know it's a role so we know it's Estrada correct. Fifth hole form -- is penciled in I think it's mine -- and tentatively penciled in let's talk to. Brewers pitching coach Rick -- we continue our conversation talk and some Brewers baseball tonight. On repeat as hot stove weekly here on Sports Radio 1250 WS SP. Welcome back it is repeat as hot stove -- here. Sports Radio 1250 WS SB Tim Allen Steve Sparky Phifer into our ninth year. Of a post game coverage here nine years and just going strong and we've got to do something special on the ten year anniversary don't. Sure. -- thinking I don't know. -- doing the show moved from Vegas like throughout the season. Through all of the season like multiple times that. For six months or lie but at that. That would be a nice expense account right now -- -- -- now be sweet. But let's hit the great midwest bank hotline and talk pitching with Brewers pitching coach richt credits Rick thanks for the time -- -- Good guys -- I was having gone. It's it's gone well so and tell -- what is a pitching coach for the Brewers what do what do you do in the off season -- second. Its second video and your computer consulting with as your pitchers -- do you take a break. Well we take a break it's a long season and no they really don't start getting in this and any any kind of activity until this month. Soul. You know Obama await my family so much that I really. You know make him make a big effort just kind of be the family family father and husband and and relax around the house. I think that headline of this offseason really as far as -- fans go and when we -- -- -- you're going to be on everybody. How Watson held by John -- for his comments when he got to Saint Louis about the fact that they got it made him aware of the fact it may -- he was tipping pitches the last. A couple of years and I pointed it out to him. From that aspect when you -- quotes like that mean what what goes through your head. Well I think every pitcher you know I know we we have. Do we find things on -- Guys pitchers. That that we use. Or that we don't know that may -- may be doing whether or not they're tipping something when there. They're throwing their curve ball or just -- fastball can be as simple as maybe your glove might be a little bit higher a little bit lower. He obviously didn't have the success against. Saint Louis that they -- the other other ball clubs but they're very good they're very good at and finding. Little little little things you know. That maybe he may do. Like I -- -- -- just a little bit higher not you know like he what do you think about out and sent it. What it has. And so I'm not I'm not quite sure I. What exactly was he was doing but it's it to be as simple as is just a concern in your hand placement or. Just. You know maybe a look on your face or could be it could be just about anything -- there's a number guys in the big leagues that do you know -- their pitches and work constantly looking at that. -- around -- -- real real good at and finding it in and certain quiet guys on clubs are very very good seeing. Well it's interesting -- because you and I have had that conversation the last couple years and I have thought for a while there. I was incensed after the 20119. Game with with Marcum -- narron. You know some of the cardinal and -- matchups and arm recalled talking to you about our are we going inside -- not because it always seem that. You know freeze of these guys are going the other way on the and now I get I get you know Molina once in awhile you leave -- out over the -- when you're trying to dig him inside he's gonna turn on -- But outside of that it seemed like come all the guys are going the other way and I I think that you it's -- -- -- puts a little bit more inside at that time but. When you get acts heard that that says you don't the second he got over there aren't they set him down and -- region this quote if I could. I recall sitting in that room one day when they told me -- -- tipping my pitches I had a few games running through my mind including blown saves in thinking. Possibly that's why they didn't swing at that slider. That was just outside the zone and you know what. I get that everyone's gonna tip the -- is just just a little bit but. Is there an overall philosophy for your pitchers on the aggressive nature of pitching. What -- hole. Meaning as far as. -- we gonna are we -- look at dead at them on the plate are we gonna get him off the plate are. You're yeah -- you know what we do is you know we look at. He only prepare for a series you know we look and see how certain guys are -- -- -- the bat and there's no doubt about it that you know we know exactly where to go with with what pitches the fastball you know -- I try to find out exactly you know where this guy wants it wants to some swing the bat I think about -- in the pitches is if it's if it's a case where. You're tipping your your your pro ball or yours or your slider. And the hitters know it they won't swing -- and then make and -- basically what they can do even if there are susceptible to a certain spot. And for instance the middle hour fastball and if they can't hit it in -- but if they know that it's not a I'm not a breaking ball or breaking ball's not coming make its attention on that pin actually it it becomes a little bit more difficult. You know that's where a lot of times we leave you know we have to switch switch up you know Saint Louis some pretty good ball club an eight day ninety shorter -- -- that they -- Go -- the -- I do go the other way that's what that's what that's what good hitters in and dom do. And those of the toughest guys to defend because. You know they they foul off tough pitches and they get and one more pitch but. Yeah I like my guys always to be real aggressive and we're we're constantly looking at things to see if possibly we are tipping. -- pitches in and and things of that nature. We talk about pitcher. And is probably different for different variations of -- -- -- you're talking middle relief from the closer in the starter whenever. But it's stood the pitchers. That tend to complain more when they're getting booed. I'm at home mom and it says that more may have an affect on them mentally maybe. Then other players -- sets -- tends to be across Major League Baseball you see players complain about getting booed it's -- -- of being pitchers. How much of your job is -- with a psychological aspect how what an -- -- is going through a rough stretch or sorry. Anybody anybody -- who. -- you're exactly right -- I tell -- what I it is too big league level actual much that is is the mental part of the game because you know. A lot of times and certain guys you know while white -- I will believe. What they can do and and and sometimes during the season they pay you to lose -- confidence -- -- not quite believing what what they're capable of doing. And my job is to sit down and talked to him and say you're just fine. You know you we have to get through this. You know and get back to destroy our strengths which is what we need to do anyway and and and Ireland are pitching is -- -- more to our strengths of our weaknesses and and usually when guys. You know our feeling like that they're not quite as convicted and throw -- the -- the pitch and sometimes you can see from the dugout another pitcher -- struggling you can see it. You know you could see that you know whether it's taking too much time on the mound walking around you could see that he's not in rhythm and and the biggest thing for us -- -- the -- rhythm work fast. You know and pound the strike zone in and -- he can -- as simple as just kind of fall follow follow swing. And concede that they never really worries me more than anything when I'm watching. One of our pitchers throw. To a hitter is when they take a pitch and they -- no reaction. You know -- they take. You know imply Packers for me in the dugout I'm wondering you know why you need when they take their pets -- the -- -- like we like maybe actually talking about it you know that it actually get that one slider in my mind I'm I'm right away I'm thinking. Why in the world they take that pitch you should not. Be taking that pitch. And soul you know you all kind of things go through my mind as he knows something. You know does he does he know. What's coming you know is he or is he just he was just taking for whatever reasons -- It was a lot that really goes into it but yeah I do hope we do a lot of work on the on the head and just making sure our guys are confident in. And -- believing in themselves. All right well I would love to -- sit down have a couple coffee as as -- -- pitchers with a red -- one of the nicer guys you're gonna meet in in -- with Brewers baseball now. -- will ask you the same thing you talk about the confidence of a pitcher. 81 games last year you guys were fourth in the league in pitching and and that does say something about your staff there and you bring him back these guys. Can they do it throughout a season and then you know maybe more importantly -- Can they do in the post season are you looking at though lotion your own for altar and Estrada for the five -- are kind of locked the and I think we tentatively pencil in. Thornburgh probably is -- -- front runner for the five but a big good enough to get it done 162 plus post season. Well yeah I think so absolutely you know it would you wish everybody saw how we pitched the second half of the season you know we take away may may was actually. Horrendous and and I think that you know it just the snowball started it was tough to get -- ago one nation like everybody was going. Bad at the same time and you know and then once they got to go on and we got Marco back healthy and Farmar came up and -- is -- which which he threw the ball great I don't see any reason why not these guys are quality pitchers you know and I don't think age has anything to do within I think that. You look around the league and you see -- Oakland's done in. And some of their young guys and how they've jumped opulent it's Saint Louis -- -- you know how some of their young guys have has stepped up and and you know took the challenge and there's no reason why we can't do that I think this year coming in you know. We're probably go with a few younger guys which is which is perfectly fine you know with the additional -- -- and and which which I think is really gonna help us. I don't see any reason why we can't you know -- you know -- Peralta is probably some of the best stuff. In the -- Alex pure stuff. Now just a matter of him you know -- you know being comfortable coming out and and -- what he can do. We now have a belief I'm Michelle at least between Tim and myself but you'll vine yard I was not -- to duplicate would you money out of did last year. Between on the field and off the field there's not a great year for -- what -- you -- look at now from last year where he struggled. And why he struggled. Well yeah you know he he got hurt early in spring training with his with the groin and can we went to the the he based World Baseball Classic and he was just a lot of lacked as far as his routine and in my big thing is for him to get his routine get back in and start right away and and you know get back to what he normally does you know he is -- this is hole is hole regiment regiment was what was out of whack. And -- and you're trying to play catch up later in the season later in spring training and you know these guys what they do in spring training it's it's not. Necessarily. That they have to throw zeros up every every outing. But there's a certain way that you need to go about it. You know they take their pitches when and they and they going to -- work on this -- have got to pitch inside to marry need to get my breaking ball over. And they'll do that till they they do that better and that's what batters -- -- not concerned so much about the outcome. And for me I'm not going to be so worried about you know -- The outcome. In spring training -- what we need to get -- Hit -- a -- stuff accomplished you know it's like getting the breaking ball over more consistently and he didn't do that last year not really put a lot of pressure. On his other pitches to have to make pitches you know when. When you're not able to to throw certain pitches that you usually roll over the plate and rarely puts a lot of pressure on your pushed off it makes you more. You know you are going to header to stand there and eliminate pitches from you and the less pitches they can eliminate from you the better off you're going to be -- worker had a pretty hard. And in and really get to get him back with that breaking ball like but he needs to he needs to have. You know call me just it is just the fan first and that's fine I'll be a fan of brewer fan first and a broadcaster but. I don't think it's a stretch -- that -- money goes 200 innings 200 striker does what yelled -- does Kyle -- bounces. Bright bright along to form what he did last year that's not a stretch for that. Willie Peralta to take the next step as you said he's got great stuff. And Estrada to be sort of a foundational kind of a stabilized guy in there that is not a stretch for those things to happen -- for this team to compete. In -- pretty tough division. No I agree with you don't have to work for -- of that as well because. You know what he did later in the season. Really was impressive and -- -- all those pitches for strikes are really really looking forward to him. Coming in in and doing exactly what he did before because has had a little at the end of last year has started really. And the thing about the thing about him is he's a baseball rat I mean he loves the game he. He talks the game and there's -- there's a lot of real good things about him so I'm really looking forward to see in him and and you know in recent last year when he came in -- really you know he wasn't. Really thought -- to make the club and and in spring training didn't get a lot of innings this year he's gonna get a good look real good look -- and hopefully he grabbed a spot runs with it because. You know the way he pitched -- -- last year while those other four guys we should we should be we should do just fine. Absolutely well we couldn't wait to turn the page of the calendar here to 2014. -- hit -- A lot of things that went wrong in thirteen outside not just with the pitching sevens is everything around Brewers baseball it was a rough rough year -- it it only gets better from here but. We appreciate the time as always and I look forward to having a chat with -- Come march when -- down there and Arizona. I haven't OK Rick Kravitz joins us right there. On the great mid West Bank hotline. -- great endless bank -- com or call 2627844400. To learn about totally free checking their first time -- special. And local morgue mortgage servicing greatly US bank simply local okay is it a stretch when I just set -- -- -- Is it a stretch. We'll take a break will come back talk a little bit more about that is that a stretch to have this starting rotation compete in this division. I know my answer -- talked about this divisional round it's very simple I don't think these are stretches. Are they. We'll talk more after the after the break -- get an update here from. -- Clemens and come -- back I'll have -- -- -- -- Matt -- with the update 4147991215. I was just trying about a -- hundredth home small the wedge argued about seventeen innings and then they go but I will be back -- -- as hot -- weekly here on Sports Radio 1250 WS history. I welcome back in his repeat as hot stove weekly here on Sports Radio 1250. WS SB Tim Allen's these -- five for -- Barlow is here and would just. Kind of talk and Brewers baseball and it just never fails whether it's we do this show on a Monday for. A couple of years that that it snows every Monday now we do this show on Tuesday and insist -- -- a freak Tuesday. As some soreness yeah that tends to Xena doesn't shifts it's just crazy and -- so the starting rotation we just talked with Rick Wren it's the Brewers pitching coach about that. And you know what four you'll Vonnie to bounce back is that a stretch. For us -- say. You know what -- -- you can bounce back and go 200 innings. Get to 200 strikeouts -- that's -- normal protocol for -- money is that much of a stretch for him that to do that the -- Carlos to repeat or be in the same hairy Yahoo! that he was last year. Just the same vicinity I just a solid guy is just tell you that's not a stretches it off -- at his age at some point it's going to stop. You doomed oldest right in with his injury history at some point that's got the big bill run he's on I'm not trying to jinx the -- all saying years. The probability of siege in history says and somebody is gonna -- wall -- what 49 in what year that's going to be I don't know. But he pitched well outside of what may last year. Guys -- Maine pitched well so okay does that again great same area just that they could drop a little bit. Arm he could he could digress just the toxin -- still would be okay so is that a stretch for him to get the same ballpark. I don't believe so -- there's no indication that that will happen outside of what you -- said that at some point. When is that point you know so I don't think it's a stretch Willie for -- to take the next step is at a stretch is that's the common. I guess. Track in -- in a young pitcher. He's just he Peralta just -- more consistent. Mean you saw danger like you know that's what we heard about. And then he saw the games like -- -- young pitchers go right through what he's going through and at some point the east stuff that everyone talks about. Does take a hold at some point dating for Manning. And Manny Parra. -- won titles once he got the Cincinnati maybe -- -- the panel saying here how many years. Yes there was a while it never really -- he never could put the other consistently and that's. That's deal for -- and I don't think he's Manny but I don't write well -- if he puts it together then you know he is a front line type that I don't know I don't recall seeing Manny -- at the top of the prospect list do you. Within the Brewers organization or baseball or. Well prospects well I can't -- -- par got a Terry was on the top ten at some I don't think he was as high as -- for all that was touted coming up. How how the whole. Willie was Parra had some great stuff in the minors Willie was up there though man always sure you sit there -- one or wanted to do within the organization so -- To take the next step I think is a little gray when you're talking about -- for all to know what it is and what that stretch of of you know statement would be -- My guess is that he's better than -- was. Last year that's what you -- -- -- -- Never -- Marco Estrada not a stretch for him to. Repeat what he normally does guys wouldn't you know what we've been up and down at least I have been up and down -- Marco Estrada. Numbers don't lie. With Marco Estrada you can talk to me all day long about his look on the mound -- -- does he have overpowering stuff maybe not. All I know always when you look at the numbers they looked pretty good for a four guy in your rotation. It looked really good. Is -- a stretch that he's gonna fall off the table from what he normally does. I don't think so not like just not. You know how I -- this trial is on the rise or B I I just for once and was gonna give up that that that. Bigger you know that that's -- goes with the territory but you'd you'd go in long sample sizes with Estrada. And as numbers look decent. So now we've made the case in four of the five of their rotation doing this -- -- -- team that like him and know of that then. This pitching staff -- -- better than people think. They think the perception out there is at the Brewers pitching staff in 2014. -- makeshift Hodge -- thrown together deal. I'm telling you right now it's not they're better than people think. Based on what we just discuss the whole rotation senators are -- pearl an -- now the wild card okay fair enough. I think you -- it to to achieve a really good success. It does send her rounds -- -- tell us. Now the the five guys think you're in a bonus situation there Thornburgh -- doesn't work out you try Will Smith you don't work out you -- Jimmy Nelson. I think that's -- pecking order right there whom. There may be an outsider. The -- -- You know lead late signing of free agent you know they did sign brand Brad Mills the lefties to pitch in Houston. You were him I as a manager. -- -- -- I believe that's his name mills' not matter but anyway of so you know maybe think -- a little bit in terms of that that five hole rotation guy but. But again those are the things. That you have to have and in your rotation to compete in that division -- the bullpen different story. Different show -- talk about the bullpen next week we do have news and notes coming up next some things you may find interest thing. -- in the news and notes Brewers have a big promotion big success with -- the last year too. I'll talk about that and some player movement and potential signings a Lyle Overbay. Him. Talk about that next -- -- hot -- weekly. Back final couple minutes here on repeat -- -- so we play here on Sports Radio 1250 WS SP Tim Allen Steve Sparky Phifer and you guys who don't jump in here just couple minutes left although. -- in the my news and notes time here let's go to a Mike in Walker's job Mike what's on your mind. I think predict -- come out -- short show but. I consider it we've been talk about first base I don't that today that the -- but. It's our Harper's page for a while -- I don't know what happened to assume -- gamble and I understand -- to need surgery but go to court are there are going to re sign him. The Braves picked them up to a minor league contracts so I I guess. I my knowledge we had invest the money due to exit needs surgery why not -- sign to a minor league Dionte there's -- -- and Eric I remember he was -- And it's to me -- after our lineup and that and thank -- Yes short sample size. When when he did you get that starting job at first base. And -- you know he did go via the Chicago Cubs they were the first team to take a crack at him. And I don't know what happened there but I think it was a forty man roster type situation they just they just cut him loose and now he's -- as you said Mike he's with the Braves sure. I think -- the situation for the Brewers were just too much was invested already it was just the cut -- kind of thing. Right probably behind me and it's instead of speaking to first base -- read some rumblings as his read and I don't know how valid they are but Lyle Overbay may be a late signing for the Brewers. What do you -- world not at all I'm fine with not at all if that -- okay time for the ever famous news and notes segment of the broadcast aware. We do everything Brewers -- promise I made to you over the years self. Now when you get things like this mr. Barlow when he get Eric -- you remember that that guy utility infielder know -- little cup of coffee with the Brewers. He just signed a minor league deal with the Minnesota Twins self 200 there where Eric fairest -- But it's -- -- -- -- -- Brooks Conrad. Signs a minor minor league deal with the San Diego Padres. I -- that I know -- them. You'll give me a belt for that -- -- -- For Brewers on this -- hall of fame ballot did you notice these guys Ray Durham Eric Gagne. Hideo Nomo and Richie Sexson all appeared on the hall of fame ballot yeah. Cole Gillespie you remember him. You did end up signing a deal minor league deal with these Seattle Mariners he's been around awhile considering the -- his numbers farce is not -- really want to expect from unify a repeated this if if I'm repeating this one it it Bears repeating because always one of our favorites here on. 1250 was Jeff soup on he announces official retirement I'll I'll that reluctant. That deserves a lot of -- And again were a couple of weeks holding get -- the news and notes with the top sports story according to the a journal sentinel in 2013. Was. -- give you one just one gas wrong yes. In indeed. All in this this was I thought was interest the -- that this is normal protocol and a lot of situations were long timers Sonnen on specific club. Will buy a full page -- of thanks in the a local paper Corey Hart did that back in December were you aware that yeah okay cool. Does that read that a couple of weeks ago and and he wanted to thank the city in the fans for all the support over the years gonna miss Corey Hart in -- Brewers uniform. Quite frankly Stephen the band as break -- up. Do you feel like the band is is breaking up over the years. Yeah the Rickie Weeks and brawn and prince and JJ and Bill Hall was involved there and -- -- the next -- -- weeks the up and I can't wait to talk to him. Possibly on the next few weeks on this very show. The Brewers did signed to minor league deals pitcher Johnny lol. Not Cameron while he comes later in news and notes. Sorry Johnny looked as if the -- White Sox organization. So they signed him to all minor deal are minor league deal. And Santo -- in the -- -- him room -- they re sign him to a minor. League deal as well so. Let's see here. How about we go to this one on news and notes the Brewers released nick -- she. But -- -- and that is a little bit of a surprise to me we Tebow yeah I thought he ranked at one point he ranked up there in the prospect list for the crew by about -- boutique. Triple A Nashville. Keep up -- Triple A Nashville how about enough stadium down there in Nashville. Well. And they're selling naming rights right now about Sports Radio 1050 field. Get being -- with a camera I was just did today. Hear about that -- I did not. Only now you got me on a -- I'm not I you do one. Jared rebellious kids read -- afternoon was so bad he's -- -- a mistake. The -- -- stadium will now be called the murals signs group field -- city state really. Hamas in neuroscience group what does that mean -- -- girl science group on the Simmons elements of the title sponsor. So neuroscience group feel that fox cities stadium is who -- so it's a bunch of neurologists say got together. I felt a little cash is that it announced Friday that may sound stupid by even suggest however this way it sounds to me -- when you're when your -- -- incidents and -- play make sure you say the name of the field Carmona neural science group feel that fox cities it. While speaking of the minor leagues double A Huntsville final year this year looks like in Huntsville. As the brewers' double A affiliate is going to move to Mississippi Biloxi Mississippi. Yeah that's almost a done deal they do need to get approval. Through MLB the -- contract with double a Huntsville ends after this year so -- we'll see if the Brewers double -- affiliate is still the stars. Com the Brewers have released the complete minor league coaching staff I guess the biggest change triple -- manager Rick sweet is now. I gonna take over at Nashville. Bruce -- a sign a couple of more minor leaguers RJC don't. And outfielder. Brock cal guard is signed. Re sign for the Brewers minor league system. Our former. This when you like this when I got a smile on my face when I read this one. Former Brewers left hander Zach Braddock signed by the San Diego Padres still hanging around -- Yeah -- yeah -- was playing Indy ball last year I didn't realize that. Mom and a good good young kid. Let's see what else we got here for news and -- a Brewers ten game ticket packages are on sale now. Which do include an opening day ticket if you -- the ten pac so that like a 180 box and start -- so not bad. Of the fantastic forty promotion is back. For the Brewers you're forty years old -- someone else -- -- take it. No fans who buy or renew a twenty game -- more ticket package eligible to win one of forty prizes from January 17 to February 25. Yeah -- prizes include a one day contract. You can be in the team photo this prize I thought was interest thing you can. Walk around and climb the catwalk. Above Miller Park. That's proven monster to my eye and I don't know from you -- wanna do that -- win a young club suite with Craig counselor Doug Melvin. -- -- and think of the conversation there or Radio One thousand dollar. Shopping spree at the team store. -- service tour as former brewer is. Hopefully. For his sake going to be back in the big leagues he signs a deal with the -- Houston Astros. And the Giants signed Cameron -- final news and it this week's in this nobody likes to walk thing. Nobody inducted into the walk of fame Tedy had Guerin JoAnne -- the closest -- It's gonna do for this so week's episode of repeat as hot stove weekly format Barlow. -- -- five for my name is still Melanie does have a great night and is always smile Milwaukee the world will smile back.