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Feb 5, 2014|

With Sparky out, Tim guides the Brewers ship andtalks with Logan Schafer.

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And the following is a special presentation of Sports Radio 1250 WS has been real lucky sports station and Robert. Sports Radio club fifty WS SP proudly presents. The official kickoff of the best Brewers coverage it's -- -- is hot stove weekly. You're in depth look at Brewers baseball yeah we know it's cold and yes we know it's football season but we also know that it's never too early to follow the -- -- still weekly covers the players the management the coaches everything breweries including you the fan. Let's Todd breweries on Sports Radio 1250 WS SP. Now carrier -- Tim Allen and Steve Sparky -- Then what's happening another edition of repeat -- hot stove weekly your weekly fix of Brewers baseball talk and no Steve Sparky five for tonight my name is Tim Allen. Flying a little bit solo although we do have -- behind the glass radio Joseph on that control panel -- fly in the 747. Here. And -- -- -- Brewers baseball got news and notes coming up. And I and I won't be slighted on now we we do have time for that tonight so I will have that common and good news for you buzzer and -- Yes yes -- -- thumbs up or thumbs down on on news and notes. Logan Schafer will join us it about ten minutes -- so. -- stick around for that as Logan Schafer when you when you break down you know do the Brewers 25 man. It's in its sting. Scenario for Logan he's looking pretty good to make the team as well who is what he's look at. But you never know what what's gonna happen they may if they may have overbay play -- Little outfield an -- that's quite possible -- played a few games in the outfield so. That being said I yet it's still the -- the roster still is contingent on. You know in my opinion the position players. It still has who in the -- is going to back up. -- cigarette shortstop and you just can't go into a season without without a backup shortstop is this that no team does that self. You know all that being said does Jeff -- Yankee make this team and that really is you don't just a couple of spots to fight for -- -- side of things. As you look at you know. We've talked a lot about the first base position with Reynolds coming in and overbay -- -- -- and you've got Juan Francisco is is not room for all three of them. Some have have spewed out there that. And held that there is a scenario that all three make that team I just don't see how I I I don't inning guys your year. Fifth outfielder is going to be lacking if if that's the case and and I just don't see that happening I think Francisco actually is the odd man out Lotta people say it's overbay. -- regards to the pitching OK fine we all know about the -- situation. That is a good thing. Always a good thing you pick up a pitcher of that caliber thirty years old numbers -- a 500 pitcher but a 38 ERA a veteran guy. Feisty competitor. -- -- like that. Now the bullpen well well well the bullpen now you look at the past you know at least nine years of of me do in the post game show. That's always been sort of a strength. For this Milwaukee Brewers organization really houses and is a collector as it has looked at times. It's always been sort of a strength at the end of the day for the team they had the one clunker year with -- bullpen was just blown up left and right. But for the most -- consistently the bullpen has been okay. Not this year so far I mean there's Michael Gonzales is still a free agent guys. K rod is still a free agent guys. And you get him on the cheap maybe -- take advantage of that. Talked a little bit this morning on that chuck and -- show other way we -- a lot of Brewers baseball tomorrow morning. As I fill in for my quicker but we you know we talked about. What would happen if the Brewers is hauled off and -- Bronson Arroyo if you take a one year deal. Why not the guy that chalks up 200 innings for eight or nine straight years. Think about that is -- guy that just chews up the -- someone's got to lightens the load on the bullpen. Might not be a bad thing to do would you rather have Bronson Arroyo or -- -- Trotter -- with phone number. I'm thinking a royal for the short little window here. If you can get him for. I don't -- eight million I don't think you'd take that he wants two year deal. Not but how optimistic are you coming into this season now that the football season's over. The optimism. Around Brewers baseball of course just coming off the on -- event that's always in -- kind of that. Kick off of Brewers baseball if you will to the masses I think. -- for me it's just a year round thing excited over all these little news notes and pick it up a guy here -- there. I I love it so added I'm streamlined did you know in terms of optimist. A level I've I'm way at the top but I'm getting -- feel. That brewer fans are starting. To get that feeling they are. I do just in my personal -- to stomp on and off the air just every every everything I'm reading and you read some of the -- Boards and in things like that -- McKelvey has some bounce back questions and he answers occasionally and you know I'm getting the feeling that people are starting to -- you just a little bit is this a team that's laying in the weeds. That is that sneaky little panic. You know of being at the gambler that I am. Yes I admit it. -- attend my meetings and Owens has -- -- down. My name is down. And I'm addicted to gambling but are going to Vegas this Saturday and -- Was talking to my son about you know one about one of those so featured back tickets -- tickets you put your wallet and you hold -- -- all summer long and it. You know they've they've got these knobs and on teams here and there I think the Brewers might be a sneaky little -- that as a pretty good number sit next to. And I don't know what they are -- you look that up to see what the odds of the Brewers are either to win the NL win the World Series when the central etc. Because if you're looking at you know eighty. 43456. Wins mid eighties in wins. That is quite frankly guys -- pennant race. That is. Called a pennant race because the -- -- playoffs are constructed these days. Is you know conducive to mid eighties than in most years the most you get a couple of teams -- -- -- -- -- two or three teams run away with it which is rare. -- there and and so that's what I believe that this team can do Lohse yell Garza Peralta and you fill the five. And I'm open to whoever fill in that five but are you feel in the the just the excitement factored -- slowly football season's gone. Ten they have it right now fifth -- one and 65 to one in that range. Defeated -- at the win the World Series with a nationally. And around 321 to win the NL similar odds as the Cubs. In -- like that. Waiting to do math on the air you throw a twenty down on the crew. That's a thousand bucks. On -- top one thinks it's just talks. Should I do it. Twenty dollars -- in -- ten. Thousand dollars. When he -- is it possible. That this team. Could apply. For a World Series now again this just -- just you're gonna you're probably -- Tim your full of it right now. Hold on a second. That team offensively. Is fine. Is it not this Brewers team is fine offensively. When you look at that Gomez in -- crow and brawn and Ramirez NC girl and these guys look. But that many problems offensively -- there -- -- base running. As always been a little bit of an issue lately. But I think you know people say that the run production was down they're gonna replace all those runs -- run production was down because they were without their 34 and five hitters last year. For most of the year I don't wanna hear that the run production production is going to bounce right back up there. This could be an exciting offensive season probably will be offensively. -- anyone can argue with that really. So was gonna say okay let me shoot holes through your philosophy -- Our -- Ramirez is old and he's gonna break down Ryan -- not on the edges so he's gonna break down. Carlos Gomez and -- cigar -- gonna come back down to earth and they're not gonna have all star seasons okay I'll give you Luke -- a solid player. I just I don't think all of those things go wrong at the same time -- I don't. -- Chris Davis that you know maybe Max factor in here -- for -- X-Factor in -- but it isn't that far fetched. I think the only reason why wouldn't why would tend to say and maybe it's a little bit of a reach is the bullpen. That might be the one thing that they need to fix mid season or prior to the deadline. That might be the one thing that they say hey you know what were right there now if you look at their early schedule. It's a little challenging. But if he looked at that -- All I have it's not good -- got the Red Sox what the second series of the year yeah they've got -- home openers. In like the first -- I don't know ten or twelve days of the season three openers opening at Miller Park Philadelphia and Boston. I mean before you know opening day of Boston world champs. Hats off peak at your hands full there. But again I don't think it's a stretch to say that this team if things go right. Is -- really good team in Major League Baseball and in the National League hot outside I just I see the talent they are you guys -- -- It don't give me this well there the Brewers -- find a way to screw it up. I don't wanna hear it is that's that's pretty good talent that's mass there and Garza's one of the reasons why I feel that way now. The optimist level is just. -- high for me I can't wait and I -- I feel it around the market. Now I don't know what they feel one on the big show or bill Michaels figured a bill Michaels run run -- -- on the show tomorrow. That's always and insisting on conversation bill Michaels and Ron ran -- -- -- get the scoop. Latest -- from the Brewers skipper. Tomorrow but you know -- and wicket Nate I don't know what the listeners. Are getting they're getting in in terms of feedback. But I think slowly it's start and of just rumble a little bit in Milwaukee I do and and I think -- -- That pitching staff. People think that it's not that good guys it's pretty good that front four. That's pretty competitive. Really a side. Continue our conversation here in a little while. I will leave time for you guys to jump in here at 7991250. If you choose to to do that. But we will talk to Logan -- up next news and notes coming up some interest in things in the news notes category this -- self. Stick around for that as repeat us. Hot -- weekly. Rolls on here on a Tuesday night on Sports Radio twelfth. And welcome back it is repeat as hot stove weekly another -- here on a cold snowy. Tuesday night in the upper midwest here in Milwaukee on Sports Radio 1250. WS SP Tim Allen know Sparky tonight but that Joseph is here Evan is behind the glass is well. As we talk optimistically about the a Brewers season things start to get a little happier. -- for me they're always happy though so I guess I don't count mighty. Opinion about your happy level is to contain it for me as we. Now as I head into you know my personal ninth your post game coverage here and in -- Milwaukee but. But it did get better with the acquisition of Garza and there's some spots to be. Had. In that bullpen lower levels so that five hole in the rotation so -- -- to talk about as we move forward. A spring training just a couple of weeks away. Let's have the great midwest -- hot line and welcome in Brewers outfielder Logan Schafer Logan thanks for joining us. Absolutely certain. Are -- from that. He had that he had no doubt I how's your off season everything good. -- been fantastic I'm -- or to be over. You -- under the back to Arizona what are you. You do once the shut down time for you know I'm I'm always curious I know pitchers shut their arms down for a for a couple months there where it's is basically -- -- What is a hitter do. Well for me at least -- -- to at least keep a body movement I don't really shut down completely. For a long period I may be weaker Q after the -- -- -- -- moving around. United it and see I'm always always like been moving in. At least going to the gym and getting back -- at least two or three times a week early in the -- in the third. I -- -- just you know keep oil changed and keep my body -- so -- the down time it's just you know just working out and running enjoying every time. Now I will get to the though more hardcore baseball talk -- a second I wanna get to insisting. Question I had for -- When they when they signed Garza. And this is seven before you know that's he took he took double deuce from -- okay. And you take number one which is cool -- like that I don't mind that -- Did it how much did you get four. You know what. I got a call. You know I said hey we have an opportunity signed guard -- -- said oh yeah I was and you know you obviously number twenty and he's been number 22 for the majority of his career -- wanted to number. -- you know and and you know he really -- our team you know just that much. What I got let you know you know as of right now nothing. -- come on -- that your killing me. Pay no -- -- -- Sammy in spring training he says they'll you know we'll figure somehow I'm sure. OK oh well at least -- addressed that. I'm not yet nobody in -- you know it away but I'll take care of it is returning I actually haven't you know -- that -- -- that you as a member of the Cubs last year and Adam yeah. You know and when I see him again this this spring Hampshire. You know the net net at least -- something so you know it's not a big deal to me it's just a number on the back you know the name on the front that you're you're really -- or so. I'm -- our -- -- number one other than the fact that. Corey Hart -- you know great great person and you know he's -- -- -- number one's for quite some time in Milwaukee but. I've been no problem Switzerland number. Well let's not forget about Ernest riles and Fernando being young they warn -- what a typical. If he goes has recorded seven years old and only. For the man that I do and -- Hart okay no no no doubt. I gotta ask you what happened you and I talked early on in the season and in fact that talked to Ron -- -- -- about this too. I you know what you're stalled in the baseball you're squared up a baseball and I think that -- -- talked about that one day that. Oil on average Logan Schafer is squared some baseballs -- words some of a more hard outs let's let's face reality that that's that's baseball. What happened that we -- in mid and late season what went on there. I mean it was just trying to get used to a different role you know it's still the same game. I'm not easy to say but I was you know in a different capacity being off speed -- the bench and really not getting you know out of that -- typically used to so it was it was a year of adjustment. You know an elective thing that I could rejected a lot quicker -- Been better you know at that level. But actually have to consider it an NRA. This just might start when I got my random starts. You know the spot starts here and there. I'm batsman when my struggles were were apparent so. Again there's there's so much that you can learn you learn so much more -- -- than you do from here -- sentence. And yeah I mean a swing isn't really really tricky thing to to -- and you know -- especially if you're not seeing here. You know can get an at bat earlier order giving her -- and you know batting practice you're not seeing the ball come out -- hand you know not see -- -- -- a lot. There are a lot of different. Fact is that kind of I didn't realize it was that difficult to to come off the bench and I found out that it it really has let down. You know I'm not too worried about you're really -- and really did coming into this spring training. Put a little bit -- -- I'm just excited to get back after. -- numbers outfielder Logan Schafer -- Sports Radio 1250 WS has been Logan -- and saw. Mom and what chances right now that you guys can actually. Compete for that NL pennant because if you look at it right now the Matt Garza addition is huge to this team. Doesn't make you guys any better than the St. Louis Cardinals -- it's like no matter what the Cardinals put on their team. It's like they're all perfect -- they know how to put it together what are your chances right now in this NL central. I think they're very very good and the Cardinals are always. Very good as well. Pirates -- target that the reds -- can I mean we have a very very competitive. Division. But you know I've I've always been taught to respect my opponents but not getting too much credit. You know it I just. -- -- to to give that kind of words to the Cardinals even you know -- as a professional and someone who is playing the same game. You know I think we're better than they are. And I think develop -- this year you know he ran into some injury -- last -- you know a couple pretty good record I'm. Couldn't quite overcome and we haven't really terrible month of may. All in all we played some good baseball and we a lot of good things happening and I think this you're coming in. Expecting to be in the playoff and then on top of that division and I think that we have the talent and -- the right people in the clubhouse to do that. Yeah you know what I'll I'll say at the -- for you Logan I hate the Cardinals got I -- that team. I just that guides is due man I don't know what kind of water their -- and down there in Saint Louis mamet that. Stars -- aligned more often than not but I I agree with you I think that. Look the the odds of -- -- Cincinnati's Saint Louis all of them in the division. Continuing to be dominating that's a slam on -- that's way baseball works and I love that. Been gambling guy. I love the sneaky little pick of the brewers' side dude you -- you guys like that you ever talk about that be in. Kind of that laying in the weeds -- a team. You know -- coming in in the spring training -- think we're gonna have quite a bit of excitement and buzz going around her own camp. Speaking about and listening to what you know that baseball analysts and professionals. What they're -- saying stuff a lot of times doesn't even know inter are about a lot of times we're -- Truly just sitting there thinking about us and great about us. And trying to better ourselves of the team and and you know come together. And play great baseball together and you know I mean it if -- sitting -- worried about other teams -- you know a little bit focus and we're taking up ourselves so. I know at least for me the only thing that I really care about is how we're playing and how I can help our team. And and to be honest like I said I think we have the talent. And I think that we have the record -- guys to be able to come together. And win some games contract -- and -- -- hard nosed baseball team and and just be able that is. Stick it to the other team whoever we're playing that -- and and you know hopefully end up on top of the division. Yeah you know -- would give back to baseball on your role in in just the second heroes is that read -- yesterday or this morning about. Major League Baseball the players union -- to gather on stiffening the penalties for PEDs and I'm not gonna get in their -- thing with the -- and I I don't think that's. That's fair that we -- base you with that stuff but arm. What are your thoughts on that of because we saw a lot of Twitter feed back from a lot of MLB players. The throughout last year. Saying in some pretty harsh things about the PD guys. You know I just think in that they have to be more harsh when you guys during your meetings having is that the is that -- -- talk about. That doesn't really come up too much in our meetings are you know things we discussed in in the union meetings in the -- And the union meetings yes but that is -- topic. But you know again that's you know within the walls of our union meetings -- -- -- straighter but. Personally yeah I wouldn't mind seeing you know the penalties go up a little bit but my thing is everyone's. Makes mistakes and you know -- I don't think that they should just be completely you know. We're not related to the fact though you can't put it -- anymore everyone makes mistakes aren't made -- -- can at least one mistake today I am sure most humans do so. Again. It if they're doing it with this -- or you know chocolate ball -- negative like intentions yeah I mean. But how do you how would you ever possibly. You know. Figure that out so again I I don't mind. Skipping the -- will be little bit but again like I said. No one's perfect everyone makes mistakes and I -- I don't really. -- -- -- You know so undoubtedly China's Celtic not a baseball and everybody should take a look at them -- I think that will harsh but. You know when it comes to the drug policy they're it and what it -- -- You know -- will figure it out and -- -- years and you know they're collected on guard and welcome we're probably a work so. You know are -- are terming it as it is visible figure somehow. Well the other thing Logan isn't it's all about get in at right. You talk about the challenges that they're gonna me do it now with officiating -- be able to throw like a challenge flag out like they do in football -- get the call or write about her. Would think about that is I mean bottom line is it just don't get in the call right does that really matter how it's gone. Well you know work for me it is about doing all right. You know I have made a couple catches you know and throughout the minor -- stuff where they set I didn't touch football. You know there's there's just. I think getting the call rate is groups first and foremost you know it is that -- in the game played by him and judged by men. But this day and -- were able to figure out. Whether or not you know mistake is made and if we can do it -- timely manner my -- I really don't want it just you know slowed on the game so much that. You know we're -- put four -- games. But at Purdue in a timely manner that's fine you know -- you -- the call Redick but that's what matters it's it's a game that shouldn't happen when an arm you know. -- Maybe a catch that you Nader but he didn't -- it was called look the other way you know I just I think -- stupid call -- and is Milan is -- a timely -- I'm all for. You know you've played a lot of baseball Logan you know that to get to your level you -- -- -- crawl through the ranks and in the travel scene and showcases. And you know -- high school -- minor leagues whatever. So so it's a Wednesday afternoon at Miller Park and jeans a -- laces one into the gap Logan you were at first base from the play started year. Full lion around second and third. And your come into the played there as a player at the plate and what happens now. Now we've got a new rule. That you can't take that -- and put him into the second wrote I talked to Luke Troy about a month ago what he -- that rule now he's a catcher. What do you think about that rule change with collisions at the play. When you know. I feel like the game is changing and evolving and getting better. I don't know -- that is better for the game. But that's just my personal opinion. But the thing is you can't ever make the game. Perfect for everyone you can't make everyone happy with every part of the game and that's being where people to give and take their sacrifices this is you know. Not in baseball just like any other relationship you know it is you know give and take -- -- I think we have to make America think that you love about the game so. Again I mean personally you know not for me but hey it is what it is. Did have you ever had collisions at the plate I'm sure you have are. Yeah you know what I could -- it when I talk to Lou cry -- called the the -- rule. And that is catcher you wanna get hit get the hell out of the way then. -- -- simple but but now it's changed thought -- hate the rule I I don't like that no collision rule at all because. Someone's clocked in San Francisco when their catcher went down a couple years ago and -- got the spotlight. It got the attention in this guy was a golden boy and and I really believe that's that's what got this ball Rolen was that injury out there. What sort of funny -- I've been hitting with Scott cousins. The top seed and a few times and he's the guy do who did and -- him -- and you know. I think that. You know. But his reaction -- the little you know little -- and whatnot but. Let's see what kind of in the -- you know you can't be covering the plate. No doubt wanted to do we're running full speed you gotta give. Some part of the plate. Or else you're getting run over yeah -- it -- if you're not shown any -- We're gonna ridicule amateurs but his ball you have to -- the plate and -- you know you're sitting there are getting ready to get blown up. All right -- final thing for you Logan here that will turn you loose outfield it looks like kind of penciled in unfortunately in your situation looks like it's going to be Davis. You know Gomez and and -- out there and and certainly your big key to that to that I'll feel where do you see your role playing the -- -- is always mention one of the toughest things in baseball. Is to a come off the bench me that pinch hitter looks like that's your role that fill in guy that fourth outfielder do you see any more -- -- yourself. Yeah -- -- -- starting in left at times. 00 hopefully a lot. You know -- -- -- and I you know played with these guys for a long time and Utley began long enough. You know I I really. Feel as though like he is very very good player. For the Brewers and especially in an everyday -- capacity and you know if that's the case they. It's coming off the bench early in the air but I'm coming off suspension you know I I've got a year's -- experience they've got -- slow down so. You know I I I know how to handle that situation a little better than -- did last year. But you know I find myself. It's sitting in -- in trying to claw my way in the starting in left field or. -- -- There you go I love that that yeah that's cool and and no offense to it's a it's a Chris is he's he's got his own agenda too but I I love that. Internal competition makes you both better men on -- that it's a -- Crippled mind one of my greatest friends and you know -- -- -- the game of this sort of greater is the competition and that. You know we have nothing but respect for each other and and everyone on our team you know word teammate curt were teammates in we're on the same team but. You know if if we can push each other make each other that -- -- both of -- you know. What are just so you know just make -- better team so we we both know we gotta do going to be up there trying to do. Logan -- you down in Phoenix now. I will be in Phoenix in the week where where you live where US. -- -- I live in Tempe and -- back and forth between here and Edwards are still there are. That's and -- very good below in all always nice chatting with you I appreciate that I'll see in a few weeks. In Arizona and what will will we'll catch up and get a one on one there as well -- things are gone but you you're not. -- mentality you're lucky you're where you're at Kansas winner has been number route -- I know and all the other for the -- that it was as a -- -- I feel like negative ten -- -- -- -- and it's just continues -- three to finances to 98 and then nine degree high on Thursday as is awful so. Logan always applies -- man take it easy -- seen a few weeks. Some intensity a few weeks picture. You got it Logan Schafer joins us here and repeat as hot -- weekly on the great mid West Bank hotline this agreement with strength economical to 627844400. To learn about totally free checking their first time -- special. And local mortgage servicing great midwest -- simply local one of my favorite players -- -- it. He just as the he did tail off. Late last you'll talk a little bit more after the break news and notes coming up you know jump in here. What you think of that he wants to start my field I love -- -- in the spirit 7991250. -- repeat as hot stove weekly. Let's get an update from Joseph -- back on Sports Radio 1250 WS -- -- And welcome back ravine as hot stove weekly here on Sports Radio 1250 WS SB wants more brewer -- -- get it tomorrow on the bill Michael so you get a tomorrow morning on the chuck and -- show as well. As a wickets in Mexico lobby filling in for Mike once again tomorrow morning chuck and I love talk converse baseballs will be that. Tomorrow -- -- have come up with day positive spin on how Ryan brawn. Can actually look good through all of this. That's tomorrow morning on the chuck and -- so however that sees -- on the heels got on the bill Michaels go however Ron ridicule joined bill. At 1130 is that right that is correct 11301130. And Sparky just texted me that I I didn't know this some Evan -- second out but -- those of you locally that know who Kevin James is. He's he's a left hander out of white -- base some years ago that was drafted by the rays and might -- giver and this is friends with his side his father. And I want to verify this because again it's just you know with it Sparky just sent me this and -- who knows how many Kevin James there are out there but. I aid over the last three -- 45 years have been -- into his his pop. A -- lot of you know youth baseball -- -- Getting some -- consultation from -- from his dad but Stevie saying Kevin James assigned him minor league deal with the Brewers. That's comical if that's if that's true that's really neat. -- to -- -- white fish -- kid. I believe it's like this -- signed with what the hometown team. That's that's really cool -- in -- way it's. Gonna have some news and notes we're gonna have to knock down those final break here -- so we have time for news and notes yup let's break down love about a good ten -- minutes -- very good we'll take our our final break here and come back. You guys wanna jump in year. You're optimistic level is where I know I'm extremely optimistic about. You know this season but again that doesn't mean it. It really hardly anything coming from me. Because I thought they were gonna compete even without Garza. But what about you guys you can hit us up on FaceBook and Twitter there's some activity there. And you can call 4147991254. Yet what this team you feeling better about it. Low blow come back and talk a little bit about that have some news notes for you next. -- repeat as hot stove weekly. And welcome back final couple minutes of repeating as hot stove weekly on Sports Radio 1250 W -- -- -- Tim Allen. Radio Joseph was here Evan is behind the glass and -- no Sparky tonight he is -- another play -- But yeah -- confirm Kevin James you'd -- may recognize the name at least here locally. That a pitcher out of -- white fish bay high school was drafted by the rays and you have to call -- -- again you know just that that is is really kind of cool. So okay that that leads off our news and -- -- That we get that is ago yeah indeed all right. Touched on this a little bit last week on the media staff parking lot -- got re named you know they'd -- some of the parking lot sections out. At Miller Park by a player's name. It's renamed in honor of former Braves star Johnny Logan. That's -- Logan lot it and here's what's interest in it it -- twelve other lots. That have names. And he just for the record. Here's here's the list. Just just so we know parking lots at Miller Park Henry Aaron season. For -- fingers and Jim again. Harvey -- and Eddie Matthews and Don money. -- and Gorman Thomas. You walker and Robin -- ounce. And. Chuck and I were talking about this off the air this morning that Paul model owner. Is actually honored at Miller Park which. We've always had that debate over the years wise and he more recognized. In and around Brewers baseball but he does have a lot named. Right news and notes continue. Former brewer minor leaguer Clay Hensley they signed him about -- season last year taken a flyer on him. He signed a minor league deal let's see here -- He goes to. Nationals. -- you don't like down. Lanka the -- who signed to minor league contracts here in the last week. Infielder. Joseph Thurston. Jeremy her media. Well -- with -- -- a look at Miami drafted him high he was actually. You know I don't recall exactly but he was windy out there on the prospect lists and all of Major League Baseball at one point. Doesn't he not have Wisconsin ties. -- me I think he does. And lead -- -- -- Joseph Thurston. Most notable 124 games in 2009. For the Cardinals you remember him. Now I'd rather not outfielder first base slash infielder is -- -- The Brewers signed utility man and MLB veteran Pete old war. There's a new over Brewers creative contest where fans can create a commercial for the Brewers go to Bruce dot com for all the details there. And provide and submit a story board for the new commercial. In this contest you can include -- YouTube video. Commercial will be played at Miller Park and on fox sports Wisconsin. As wells on line. -- winner gets some game tickets a Brewers director's chair as well that's that's kinda neat and then your. -- creation will be over the airway. Former brewer yuniesky bent on four. Signs with a team in Japan. The Brewers baseball academy is back for his second season. These are youth baseball camps for ages six to fourteen throughout the state of Wisconsin. Held in various cities across. The state. A week long camp sega's video as he struck -- levels and that's actually pretty cool week -- on. The director of the Brewers baseball academy last year and talked with him and because last name is -- a I believe so. Let's hear more news and notes year payroll the last five years. The Brewers have an average ranking of sixth teen. And that being said so we always equate winning -- payroll. So if they average rank sixteen. In. You know Major League Baseball the win in new. The last five years they've averaged fourteen. In all -- So it doesn't quite they are connected. At this old well the Oakland a's can do in the camper rays can do it -- -- audience went to -- money equates to winning in baseball that's the sad thing. About the economics of the game today a birthdays in the past week -- two how about Lyle Overbay turns thirty. -- Junior Spivey. 39 by the way both acquired in the same trade the Richie Sexson. Minor league third baseman now Vinny catcher collar retires. Significant. Because -- -- he was in the brewers' system but he was the number one prospect in the Mariners organization at one time okay. Without the former Brewers minor league shortstop Blake Davis signs a minor league deal. Tax. MLB has approved a protective happ for pitchers it's heavier and bigger -- It is voluntary ways little bit more than a baseball. So think about that so and -- -- -- like that went to -- I know most people don't feel comfortable about it I know you and I couple years ago. Had played on the post game show the hit I -- -- say it's Brandon McCarthy that was hit Gloria. Remember Kennedy just -- disease and we waited on the air and you could hear it hit his hand the whole deal and and this you know what from. All the time I think this -- -- ball. I do I I think you're gonna see pitchers eventually and Alan may take many many years. But I think the majority of them are going to evolve into a protective cap -- really do because hitters are becoming so powerful these days. More news and notes while we all know while Bob you -- to do last games mainly on the West Coast road and annual five K racing sausage. -- run walk starts. Registering. And trees now sixteenth year they've been doing this all for. Lovers community. Foundation weigh into that they Bobble -- this. One as a fan vote Bobble -- go to Brewers dot com to make one of three votes Garza Anderson or Willie Peralta are your choices. July 27 for the giveaway on that former brewer Alex Gonzales signs a minor league deal -- and leave Baltimore Orioles. Bob you Kerr confirms that they're talking about making major league for any said he's all in if they do. I cannot wait for that that one better -- -- And the Brewers signed free agent catcher Lucas -- there's your news -- -- he was with the -- Pirates organization. All right so thanks slogan save for you any of that interview it'll be up at Sports Radio 1250 dot com. Thank you -- behind the glass for radio show my name's Tim Allen talked to next week repeat as hot stove weekly and smile Milwaukee the world will smile back.