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02/07/14 Ted Davis joins the Bill Michaels Show

Feb 7, 2014|

Voice of the Milwaukee Bucks, Ted Davis, joins the Bill Michaels Show to talk all things Bucks. What should Bucks fans expect in the second half of the NBA season? What players on the current roster are keepers for the future? If the NBA Draft was today who should the Bucks select with the number one pick?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The at the Milwaukee Bucks had a little bit of a slow starts little bit of -- slow start this this year. Other struggling trying to get to those double digit wins. And join us now is that Ted Davis of course Milwaukee Bucks who enjoys now Ted I you don't have drew I'm doing fine Dario -- -- -- excellent. You know -- -- a big thing low -- you on the radio I think users as a tremendously entertaining -- a call of the of the Milwaukee Bucks and if you want to vomit at NBA head adds to it Twitter handle at a media -- there you go I -- -- -- you do a lot of shot -- game I think is it's a very it's a -- he -- interaction. -- it's the interactivity. Hey you ain't -- the -- all star break coming up and what kind of things we there -- we looking at you with his Bucs Q what can happen here in the second half as we start to look. What can realistically. Be built. During this second half of the season that can be used for next year because obviously you know this year is what it is. Yeah this year is gonna play out the way it's going to play out. I don't see any kind of a big turn around here I think there's a very good chance they'll end up with the worst record. In the NBA this year and therefore the best chance at getting the number one pick and if you finish with the worst record you'll be no worse than fourth on the drafting order in a very deep draft this year so. Now that's that's something to look forward to -- for the rest of the season here's what I hope I hope the games are competitive. Because recently we've seen games where they've been behind by -- 5303439. Points now in the last three games they've been better they've been more competitive that's what I wanna see to give yourself a chance to win games. And then if you don't have the closers which they probably don't at this point in many of these games you end up losing a lot of close games but. The young guys are playing and and that's what I I like the victory over the Knicks because Brandon Knight had a big game Chris Middleton played well. You had a -- -- playing very well that's part of the future. And so if the young guys -- Walters got out there he played very well John Henson is just now coming back from an injury if you can see progress with these young pieces. The rest of the way I don't think the final record matters all that much this season. And and this is a year were they in terms of what the fan base is looking forward to you almost have a free pass in terms of what the final record is going to be. Because there is that possibility of getting. But Jabari Parker or an Andrew Wiggins or Joseph oil MB -- -- -- soon one of those guys. Will be there. For the bucks in the draft you would anticipate coming up in June. Well. You know as you -- that you see -- these guys getting this experience. How these guys are really pieces and these guys are just guys right now because there's a difference in the NBA and you know that that -- They're guys like look we gotta fill a roster gonna give these guys minutes -- got guys hurt were. -- ER the Chris Middleton some of these guys really. Guys you're hoping to develop into. Real real contributors or our day let's see what we have. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This kid is -- -- Ashley athletic that I can't wait to see him in a couple of years when he. Starts to grow into that body a little bit more and learns how to play in the NBA. Right now he does one or 232 or three things a game that does make you drop your John gold goodness he had a reverse lay up against the Knicks that looked like -- yeah. -- -- that was stunning. He does that -- -- goods and then he comes back we had a game in Denver where he had a bad game he looked like a nineteen year old kid again. So you're gonna go -- that growing pain with him but he definitely is they AP piece for the future whether he's a a two guard a three guard a point forward I just think he's going to be a basketball player you just let him play. As he develops -- -- Chris Middleton is a keeper because it in this league you don't have a lot of people who can put the ball in the basket. He's pretty good shooter he's got nice range out there -- got a quick release. I think the Bucs got a nice piece in -- in the Jennings trade with Middleton coming -- I think he's a keeper I think Brandon Knight is a keeper. I don't know that he's a point guard. He's -- com bowl guard. But if you put him. -- next to a pretty good point guard if Walters can develop into that fine. But if you end up getting a guy like -- -- this kid from Australia but -- Marcus Smart okay well bin bin Brandon -- can be more of a combo. Guard -- I like the way Brandon Knight plays he plays hard he plays. With a lot of intensity he's a good defender with some -- and and range on his game so I think Brandon Knight is deeper I think John Henson. He is a keeper but right now I don't I'm rusher John -- knows how good he can be. And he needs to develop something other than a left hand -- he doesn't have a caliber to what. Keep defenses will do to stop that left -- needs to have something to come back. And continue to get stronger in -- then -- he gets pushed around a little bit Larry Sanders is the unknown right now -- Sanders was so good last year. Hasn't been that good this year has played better in the last stole five or six games. And if Sanders can continue this upward arc that we see right now and his game for the rest of the season. Then yeah he's apiece going into next year because he could be the -- defense -- anchor back there that can block and -- shots off these are the pieces you build around and then. You have that possibility. Of getting. A player who can really make a difference in time this is not going to be an easy. Process to go through. But the last time the bucks were good they had Glenn Robinson as the number one pick. And then a couple of years later they got Ray Allen as the number five -- And those guys blossom into good players and you -- around those two guys with veteran players like Sampras cell and that team in 01 that got pretty good. If they can duplicate that model by getting a high draft pick this year probably a high draft pick next year and most likely -- most likely next year to and they start -- it to be be braced for that don't think that this is that you were year one year deal and I didn't. -- a lot of our fans have been calling for this for some time. This is this is something that hasn't been pride that they've tried to patch and piecemeal together a team that could compete for the 678. Spot in the eastern conference for a number of years they haven't done this. In awhile where they -- -- -- we're gonna try to go for the draft get a couple of good picks hope we get lucky and build around that and I don't know whether they planned it. Or whether it just happened but the reality is that this is where they are today. As you now like you said you you -- kind of some of these guys to. And they've got opportunity. And Larry Sanders. Is is. Is such an enigma right now me -- that we saw play with a dominant point guards -- -- guards. And yeah maybe he needs those -- guards to be able to open up his game and -- -- helps him flourish a little bit more maybe. That's kind of where it where -- -- we will see his -- if you're talking about one or two positions year one or two slots I mean if you're. And do you need to do they need a pure point guard more than they need to know wing -- can score a lot of where where we looking here you're hoping for the ping pong ball to drop -- what -- you want. Right now today if the draft were held today and I was the GM and I had the number one pick I would probably take Jabari Parker. Because I think he's the most NBA ready at this point. Now you've got the data Colombo with a three and he's probably more of a small forward but I think there are some in the NBA who think that Parker can -- A power forward to and you could play him at both positions. Wiggins is intriguing. But. Bill -- the coach at -- Has been telling some NBA personnel that he doesn't know if Wiggins has the drive. To be great. Does he have it in him to push himself to be -- got marvelous talent. So you watch that -- can he as you watch him go -- the tournament this year and we're assuming all these guys are gonna come out by the way and I think they will. But does Wiggins have that drive to be great. If that's coming from his coach at Kansas I think you have to at least have that in the back to your mind when you start to make that selection and -- indeed is the unknown in this because he's just so new to basketball and yet you look at the Steel City has its -- -- You know possible possible -- him -- -- -- you know you racer and guys write you -- and and a -- -- -- thought. Nailed it pretty well on a telecast -- when he was doing the Kansas game he said I'm not -- gonna become this player. But he said -- indeed looks like Hakeem Olajuwon did when Olajuwon was eight. And I saw a -- -- America's teams you know I saw -- -- -- -- southwest conference -- about played on their for the TCU horned frogs and I remember watching -- play as a freshman and his progress from the beginning of that year to the end of that year and and into the next year was just remarkable. And -- MB can even be on that kind of an -- then when it comes draft time you might have to think about that because those guys -- seven foot. Really freakish Lee athletic guys don't come along every day so if the draft -- right now I'd take Parker. But if MB continues to have this upward rise -- his game I think when it -- draft time if he -- dialect of the number two -- quite frankly really let somebody -- think that's a realistic chance on somebody I can say it's kind of the Kevin Durant thing you know -- that year that -- came out Portland got the number one pick in Oklahoma City got the number two pick and it was a no brainer for them the choice had been made. That they took Oden and there's Durant sitting their for -- I honestly I would like to have the number two panic there. And you wouldn't take -- A no no. -- -- and it it. That game gets used an MRI yet what what do you expect that has ever been good I mean at this isn't turnaround into a coaching situation obviously I mean I think -- skill. On the court situation more than anything -- yeah -- it you know Larry Drew -- -- good coach I don't know that you can judge him. For what is going on this year because I Phil Jackson could come back and not win that many more games -- what we've -- play out this year and that's just the reality. But you've got a six game homestand coming up and I think. That the the team is starting to play better -- like -- it just just be competitive in these games and if you're in there you -- -- if you just because you're in the so just be competitive make it fourth quarter games I -- to -- a game -- I call it having some meat on the bone. -- or you've got a big juicy bowl meet bone there and got -- all the like rip -- all the meat on there that you eat at all that is under. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I had two years and Dallas were the team won eleven games and then thirteen games in back to back years -- -- -- -- common denominator Ted Nolan Ohio and I didn't hear players I -- -- -- -- I am. Eleven -- 71 and thirteen and 69 and this is the third time I've been through a year like this in the unique challenge from a broadcasting standpoint is to. Maintain your professionalism and your enthusiasm going in every game -- and the bottom line is just try to make the broadcast entertaining no matter what happens on the floor. And that's the challenge every night and so. Weirdly enough I'm uniquely set up to do that this year it's. You've got the experience that you got to know how you got the drop bill always and it's always entertaining broadcast I always loved to listen and that's at David's voice the box at NBA said at -- on Twitter followers well if you if you wanna over the thanks much -- John -- -- by.