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02/10/14 Gery Woelfel on Pick N' Save Basketball Post Game Show

Feb 11, 2014|

Sparky gets the scoop on Henson's ankle injury and asks Gery his opinion about the firing in Cleveland and Detroit.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's get inside -- locker room and break this one way. It's time to -- -- put pucks insider -- global. What do you buy blue demons and by the Thomas -- offices. This is the big save basketball post game joke on the only station but -- Sports Radio 1250 WS this week. I joining us not forget the document on your finally -- won't hold joins us after the box lose 102286. Gary your thoughts on the game. Celek appeared at length about the ball when I'm trying to get you on the air and you guys are having your own little conversation yeah I don't I don't see it as a good thing -- hey we were talking about what agree you admire OK now what do you take of the what did you think of the box to box game the night. They like yard yards -- the credit you know rookies -- -- walk up. Yeah -- hit the -- smashed into. That guy is dead in the water. Mentally physically or whatever he needs the all star break you need seal our break in the worst way in -- it -- about it you know. You're up the back -- -- what thirteen games. And -- a couple minutes -- up in each game. Also now he's playing over thirty minutes a game a lot of games. Yeah think radio -- harper who -- -- Your thoughts are and -- John Henson and his injury and how bad do you think it may be. Well our field barely for the guy I mean you know -- -- that those -- injuries in the third -- -- -- our minor health this year but. You know -- talked about a game me and he showed me worry yet her particular X ray went down the ankle order yet right correct in -- two spots. And X rays were negative side. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Also nothing is broken is what you're telling me yeah army and -- that are wrapped britney's but the fact that you want them often one. All right well that is positive good good good fine fine fine. Very very happy -- are you surprised. I guess I'm used to take away from the box here. -- are are you surprised. About the firing in Cleveland with the general manager Chris grant both firing in Detroit. -- with Mo cheeks in the first year of his deal. -- -- -- not at all remember a couple weeks earlier cardinal but what yup Bucs went out and up and -- You know we are what -- on the air or do Mars and -- -- you know locker room. They're -- -- -- three feet apart from locker room and and felt yet nope yep were considered the it and say it's going to go work. And -- merry go out that's not a good situation. Every -- that. I've been told -- several and -- people that showed you mark walking on denies that. You know what worries by the year -- out of -- know bulky opium is. I don't see it. Same with Mike Brown -- -- what. You know respect about can't script inspired -- -- problems. In hot water. So you know we you know whether you are you know they are now as well I think at some point he'll probably. -- -- usually -- it was to -- well. I think by the end of the year you're gonna feel. Alright well I'm relieved you know the next question then because the next question as a do with a 76ers who started off really well. On the crushed by about 45 of their last game and right now there -- down 33 at halftime to Golden State. Our I know they will be they are they are absolutely brutal. Yeah isn't any doubt. Mean brother's sake I hope they get the second that the -- -- have speculated that there that they're see in the doctor Joseph mentioned the other day in. He -- bit B yes Sixers have made it known to everybody that. Everybody on that rosters available with the exception Michael Carter Williams. Okay now let takes me in my next subject because -- played the Golden State Warriors tonight and there was a report out earlier today. That said the owner of the -- -- Warriors as frustrated and wants moves made. And that everybody on this team is available for Golden State except staff -- Andrew Bogut. Mean -- Klay Thompson also is available as is Harrison Barnes. Are you surprised by that. Had a little -- I don't necessarily buy it either. I thank. It -- at the Tokyo on it -- would be traded -- -- -- right. I mean your dad you know he's on that seem totally -- I -- I'd be curious there's there's as they made in his clothes in the western cap talks. And I can understand his frustration. Again I'd be -- -- -- -- the -- -- -- that. Klay Thompson being available I threw -- out there is a topic on tonight's shelf. This is what how this came about -- the north side -- we all know very well called in the Shell said not try to figure out what this team is gonna do is to -- Parker's the tech. On how does that mean -- -- is go play some point -- what's gonna happen John Hammond on the pregame show Ted Davis apparently said that. -- he would consider playing -- saw at the point some you know as we go forward in his career you could see that happening because then the debate was well. If not then Jabari Parker more than likely is gonna have to move to before which again I don't think he can pull off of that came the -- -- state story. And I my brain child there's no report this is just me and my Tracy had -- making this up. -- trade John -- straight out for clay -- When you know I'm the president of the year -- -- he's one of six so far tonight in the first half as his shooting slump continues. Yeah yeah and I wouldn't I wouldn't I -- -- yeah. I mean -- the guy is not like well for a couple weeks now by the way you -- -- -- greater field goal percentage of its -- But the younger. -- 30%. 217. But -- good. That Orwell but it did I think it -- outrage. I think you gotta -- the rookie wall mean he's played a ton of minutes and so this was bound to happen. I don't think there's any question about that. Found out but -- now. I locally Johnson but I went to open yeah. It does the thought process would be you -- -- have Brandon Knight. -- -- -- at that -- who you'd have to figure would you do with him gone for -- three years into his deal a number. Arm and then you have either Parker or Wiggins at that three to go along with Hanson and Sanders. Yeah. Yeah and I but it makes sense you know out buttons and -- Buick static or our slot but. New Orleans and we talked to couple weeks go out on the box right. It and an original concern go back but he never ever played up to it and shall it in -- in -- -- the coach goes you know what. He's been so so that is not conducive worst is yet to get into a couple in. He played -- -- fair break. -- He could be a very -- And that I of the settlement that what what about Milwaukee that night pushing the ball and it should yet you would be current in the -- Now it in -- injury problems galore. He's always. You -- he -- it's it's Campbell wouldn't trade it at your -- you -- reporters in contract. Maybe -- You know sure it and and put a mile or they got a Gordon. Also you get night Gordon and you -- you know theoretically Parker. And Hanson. I'll tell you what that's a pretty good foursome. And Sanders and Anthony Davis -- work perfectly with one another. I like that a lot from New Orleans I mean if on the -- I I I would you definitely do that deal are considered -- -- noggin I gotta be sold on Larry Sanders developing and going forward but. Adios -- side by solid work is Anthony Davis as a number of Dallas offensive game we really would need Larry to be a score. Saying in Europe -- -- look at -- been fired to mark you know -- New orleans' front office as I'm do well they have to do something. So I mean it you know come the trade deadline. If you're gonna bet on -- team at the trade. That. Real. -- they're -- but they're desperate now we have great goal. That that are out future you know -- very very. That's crazy stuff. He has Garrett -- for I don't yes -- basketball insider check out sports junkies at racing sports on back calorie taking another. Session. Of that coming up on Thursday at Burlington Catholic central is that correct. Oh yeah Eric Anderson has done a great job out there with. Basketball program we'll talk to him coming up on Thursday -- also -- of course a box version of sports junkies favorite are -- Thank you -- as Gary willful. I'm David West Bank outlined -- McCain would GMV now 3 July. If you're looking to -- or refinance a home like great mid West Bank on FaceBook or -- you could. A little mortgage for eight great mid West Bank simple eight. Local and I -- nice and simple and all that difficult I had all the -- Signal about the losing and tonight we will be back. Let the -- -- a basketball post game show. Coming up on Wednesday nights Wednesday night after the Bucs play -- of the Falcons and that is the all star break and we -- -- watch on us all star weekend. And looking very very -- so that's. And we'll see what happens with Anthony Davis Cup pelicans lost tonight -- Raptors won only one -- one. They're 22 -- 29 coming into this game and winds at 917 on the road -- may -- the Bucs will have a chance fought in this one coming up on Wednesday night. I hope for everybody enjoys the rest of your night so we will talk to tomorrow -- along with Ted Davis on the -- -- big shot Sports Radio 1250. WS SB.