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Feb 11, 2014|

Sparky throws out the idea of trading Giannis Antetokounmpo for Klay Thompson from Golden State.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And the following is a special presentation of Sports Radio 1250 WS has been real -- sports station and rob. Bucs fans. This is the big save basketball post game -- So what your thoughts on tonight's action. For one -- 7991250. 1250 dot com and don't forget that with the show at 1250 WS his -- -- give us your take on FaceBook dot com slash twelve. Now here's your host Steve -- driver. On Sports Radio 1215 WS -- being. Had -- nice. I predicted a win today so not my predictions in the last week or so I'm one -- one Melo went in the. What on Tuesday 86. Boston -- -- Milwaukee -- for the bucks maintain. Sitting. At just nine wins they have a possibility. Of being at nine wins going into the all star break as they only have. One game lap that's on Wednesday night against the pelicans. And and Danny Davis. Not at the -- -- Harris Riley center on the -- it's a basketball post game show for you that night as well now. You know hole. We always talk about this basketball team and how you're only as good this year it's all right me earlier this -- -- lose yet nice draft. -- can work out well for you get some good players. And you know it will be -- Well having said all that. Man -- can't catch a break at this point. -- -- about this you've got. Any trade deadline. Days -- It's that it's. Important that it didn't got -- all star break. So you -- ten years away from the trade deadline and -- Well Larry Sanders who you are gonna -- -- return any -- based on everybody talking about it. But he apparently has a broken eye socket on the now along their alliance. Indefinitely. So god only knows how long he's going to be out which is not a good thing for Larry he's had a horrible year you are that while about it -- -- the -- have had Larry Sanders is -- -- hole even worse kind of year. All right so that's out so if you thought or trade him thought -- you rate his stock best. Ersan Ilyasova that's another guy you'd like to trade he's still or he game -- Luke Ridnour another guy you'd like to polite now again nowadays I was going to be able play tonight. But don't. OJ Mayo. Hurt or sick or whatever you'd like to call -- at this point he blame either that's another -- -- Butler another -- you'd like to trade. Now plane. So. I supported your son -- played yet either and I did you was cleared to apparently apply immune to -- play. That does it just really how healthy really were they are they. They just had to have him on the bench -- -- resilient. Not good. You needed it. To have. These guys play well coming up to the deadline. Ten days from. You've got this game a couple games after the all star break got to show these guys -- -- Foreman returned -- but you know I don't think has any value whatsoever that's not gonna happen. -- I can't imagine he's gonna bring anything back. At this point doing really well and that's positive right six of eleven -- -- -- borders on eleven attempts at. That's to be one of the first times -- your eyes so Daniel played well maybe even -- him going to trade him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Does I can't see them -- Zaza. -- right now looks like journey you're pretty much at the trade deadline. Is gonna -- ago when you're gonna have the same team outside of maybe -- Does everybody does get me -- and it was electric for our guys having this team seriously. When things go bad it. -- we knew the goes bat for this basketball team and then on top of that tonight with John hands. -- and playing well again and -- for the most part sixteen points on the nine only three guard rebounds in 37 menaces. Not even -- -- -- -- to me how that's impossible but. Sixteen points on the last. On and -- ankle looked horrible. Hope -- bull. Hopefully it's just -- spring. But again may just sitting there watching -- ABC audio video flat panels. And I don't know -- -- the rest of you saw what I saw. -- -- does serve feel and around an ankle whatever else. With -- and soon. And you could just tell looked on -- face like he was told somebody knows absolutely horrible. I'm hoping he wasn't L -- and I'm really hoping that was not the message delivered. Feeling his ankle and has -- out there on the -- Because his face looked like he had been told some horrible news right there when he was feeling as fanatical as I would like to me. So will see -- let's hope it's not something that bat. Sprained ankle he's got a weaker too okay fine broke and he's all the rest of the year hall. That would be. Guess you're not trying to where I get that but that's his development but you could have. Would John Henson going forward but you're not going to get if something is -- so I'm really hoping -- I'm following the twelfth -- -- -- feed here. And seeing if we can getting used to break here I'm John Henson and how bad this injury as. That's just it's not good. But if that ends up -- nikkei's and -- Sanders on all he's going to be -- do you mean this is -- the tough situation to Sanders is another guy if you're gonna use him gold for then you wanna see employed and it -- -- out. Then Sanders maybe he does get to play power for next -- Zaza going for maybe you'll get to see more of that CL that looks. -- you lead things off on the biggest they have basketball post game show after the Bucs lose to the Celtics so tonight's 102 -- 86. I'm a mother then you know they can't catch a break as far as -- ten days away from the trading deadline -- get hurt. Yeah and that's kind of our causes where that probably the memo that I watcher input -- that you got a -- injuries going -- right now. Are on my -- -- is I was thinking about you know our -- medical -- being. And I was thinking about you know. I got another one for -- forget Mack Moore for a second I got another little current. I don't know if you saw the report today and CBS sports there was Matt Moore. They're reporting and California the Golden State has everybody touch a ball except for. Stuff curry manager Bogut. Anybody else they'll trade at the deadline. -- including Klay Thompson. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A lot of Hamad I'm getting a horrible for the last so much occasion is way out -- -- bag I don't care. He has a traditional shooting guard I'll take that. -- yeah and future and it would have that would our number two he's going to be drama to a -- -- -- yes them. You know to -- yet you make -- you make a terrifically -- you have to -- -- again. What is that going to take into the Bucs have enough assets to make that work that's a question and I I don't know we -- mean other than getting up our number one pick. Yeah spark or I would think and -- a lot say that Maclin more. Is because. I would think you know America more repeat two options -- try to -- -- important which I don't I'm not I don't think they're they would do that. John Hammond today whole lot a whole lot a lot before I before you go over just a -- update -- that. John Hammond today where Ted Davis on the pregame -- said he could see got us playing some point in the future. Lol wow what did that mean that they think -- I mean -- Parker -- pleasant stretch for. And yeah I -- -- our country that. I think I think you're right I think they think Parker can play -- -- I disagree. But I think they think you can play for us. Yeah net that don't you -- if you -- more you can have medical Moore Parker and -- -- a year where your court. If you -- a point I don't see how that could happen and let you know which sure. -- Parker completed stretch for a new years' worth it for two and three like -- It's going to be interesting to see how this whole thing plays out because. You know at the end of the day I'm deciding -- -- wanna see something if I did today you're sitting there at number one let's say. You're there and you're going okay what are we gonna do with that first round pick and let's say three is. Orlando let's say it's Orlando or let's say it's. Who else would be something like that Sacramento may be an everyday though the thing with the wind to a thirty day -- sitting here Thursday team at three. -- that really wants Parker a one. And you're okay taken Wiggins or -- -- falls to you had three maybe you make a -- from one to three you get an asset backed. Yeah that makes all of us -- In I wouldn't be opposed to medical or will he wouldn't even -- -- If we can make where we get them back more and come back and -- -- -- -- -- -- lord it would it would he has. You beat 22 Larry charge -- -- when Parker currently. Knock on -- -- -- -- I mean that's just. That's part of -- out of the box -- thinking. I guess or can't out of the box I mean you can't got to figure out OK how can I get two great assets out of this if there's any -- possible to do that. How do I do that. Now I did and I don't know old. Necessarily how the assets on this team are viewed by others in the week. -- Sacramento for back men -- You know what do they want in return isn't Sanders. Is it first -- to play next a cousins. Mean who is it that they want and how valuable do they think -- years. Because of the gonna give up on a guy this -- in -- or more who I thought it was the next Ray Allen quote unquote that's everybody thought this kid was if. They -- he -- that he was him. And did you have to play well this year I want to bail. -- Salem clay and Clay Johnson -- -- -- and he's available. Adds another one. The only -- are gonna keep -- curly Lambeau everybody else can be traded according to Golden State. Okay while I'm better president Klay Thompson David Lee -- I'm not no interest -- -- Null. But Clay Johnson oh yeah yeah you've got my you've got my attention now. -- -- -- -- -- this whole thing plays out because. I'll throw one at two bucks fans this'll this'll make you drive off the rolled so you're trample over. What year of also -- will give you quite -- you give us your honest. What -- -- where victory. Who has split up like -- for young. Did you guys you play take -- tabs he's or -- you draft -- Parker a one and there's your three. And you're -- -- Johnson and Jabari Parker you any proven guy or more proven anything else you're gonna have. Can't you get a small four of the future as well Jabari Parker. Would anybody do that. Straight up like Thompson for -- us. Eagles biggest -- -- -- -- -- at Augusta they -- shocked by that. But right now you're at a position you everything you had that you wanted to try to were -- hurt. Old man did -- hurt every veteran you wanted to reassert Butler is how many always out. Sanders is out. -- is -- -- -- -- so apparently deal applied neither one of those guys play it's a question how healthy they are. Mean you really respect and attention and you were gonna trade or at least we don't think you were gonna trade him on and -- we may be out for awhile. Based on how bad that look now again we're waiting to see here and I am following Twitter but a crazy person trying to see -- -- -- balanced John Henson. But yeah. Would you do a story get out there -- play under this as a topic -- it -- pop in my hat that would be outside the box. Yeah honest for Klay Thompson and and you take two by Parker one. Mark you're up first -- -- -- I should -- -- Sports Radio twelfth did you VS dusty after the -- loosen the Celtics tonight 102 to eighty cents. Rarely. Are -- -- -- did or their 56. With Reid report are under. -- -- -- -- Maybe baby -- Sixteen sit in the upper deck for free with an adult purchasing a ticket. I would think the upper deck would be a -- -- a lot -- minutes. There's -- upper deck was probably. Oh god I would even say. Maybe 200 people other than that group but it spirit figure bigger picture like go Bogut right probably boosters -- It'll pick has definitely got a good way to be able warm it up -- -- not you know why should they got great figured we're so people are you at all the other idea. I'm sure that they will watch the Olympics he. He didn't go in public -- of people with this team -- -- art it's it's a bad -- I -- I'd rather go watch -- right who played on according to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A look at their local ball Avery who entered the game you -- -- this you know all. I admire a little -- -- -- yeah I'm a better I'm better do you do what you gotta look at the big picture here. Of what this is gonna net a set yet and -- -- -- is a spark then all of this is more. Okay these are people there one approach that we're gonna get the number one what is -- like street I doubt -- senior. Yeah its something like that I've got experience like arguably the blow it up there for. Yup which you know what there but -- and I did that's why I'm telling you. This is different than most years most years -- god man there screw they're gonna end up at three or something. There's only two guys in this draft but there are three legitimate players in this draft in my opinion and if there's three and you end up -- three. Then that's all right now -- I'm Derek soon I guess is they got a chance -- -- debate only -- of the last sixteen NBA teams with the worst record ever won a draft lottery. Right to the last six -- That's not good odds -- You know if we were either -- -- What what is -- what you call it it's going to be sort of guy that doesn't work of the -- -- we don't. That doesn't happen in the NBA I mean the last couple back crap -- -- Matt it just it doesn't happen in the NBA like it does in the NFL and hasn't happened in the NFL and while placed -- call mark but it hasn't. This isn't MBA. -- slotted in. And you're gonna get this amount of money. Arm -- it's guaranteed money on top of that. If you want to be gone in four years go ahead now matter how bad the situation may be in most situations. The player picks up his option for the Max money stays for another three and you normally an -- like seven years. Then he goes to wherever it is that he may wanna go -- doesn't -- senior -- That's possible. Absolutely. 4147991254147991250. To box -- of the Celtics 102 to 86. I literally thought not a topic other then we start off with -- -- back and forth. About what the Bucs can do here. The trading deadline or coming up on the lottery and -- Parker would fit into this whole mass if you were to draft Jabari Parker. And there was a report this afternoon and CBS. A sports I think it was Matt -- -- -- his name. Came out of set. There's two guys that gold says the -- are gonna turn they're not penetrate Seth Curry and they're not gonna -- Andrew Bogut they're untouchable. Everybody else can be had including Klay Thompson. Because they're frustrated that they're not getting batter at a big enough chunk apparently and they want to switch up chemistry. -- -- So I now I can assist me there's no reported a -- doing this golf freaked out angle crazy about the -- this is just -- -- -- Making up my -- little thing here. All right. You just tell me whether or not you like -- one ever. Would you trade John -- For Klay Thompson shooting got a Golden State what do you make that deal. 4147991254147991250. Email -- -- live -- Sports Radio 1250 dot com then you'd have Klay Thompson at the two. And Jabari Parker at the three let's say or Wiggins at the three depending on which way -- of going. Chris -- Washington your -- on Sports Radio 1250 it's up grass. -- -- And it is Chris from ABC audio -- -- -- -- -- -- And I got upgraded -- I got a chance back and they brought me down there right behind the box bench. Regret it well maybe that's why there weren't as many people that. Sitting on top of their bring -- people don't -- they -- bringing them down I believe it is -- sort of down they figured it out to opt out a lot. Through three quarters they were in that game and I don't like which -- off and they just they -- and all based outfit that Walters if that a couple of guys than. You know just like -- box -- to -- Celtics. Ignore it but again it's 11 turnovers. It's gonna be hard to beat most teams and -- -- 21 journal. There were a lot of -- lot of sloppy play you know. That's like they have nine wins -- -- you know all around butler's -- -- -- I don't know -- -- between bat and they're all and it's gonna it's gonna. Kill another trade deadline. When you don't have guys you can move because there are hurt and you can't -- -- their healthy scratch going to be an issue -- Chris a question does this in Sparky mine I made up my own deal. What do you trade. John -- straight up for Klay Thompson -- -- I work -- Yup I thought I'd say that's I think I would too Chris thanks for the -- I think I would to them I'm sitting around thinking about it out loud. I think I do the deal too because now that gives you either one of the small forward you just play at small forward. Think I do that deal and I know -- tosses -- playing on the aware of that. But I give you legitimate shooting guard you get your small forward you still last Sanders and Henson. Four and five that's what you want to do night is still young enough to play point or Walters depending where you wanna go there thing I -- do that did. 414799125414799. -- fifty ticket -- basketball post game show back with your answers to that question. This is some -- I made up literally on the air during the show talking to Terrelle. That makes sense would you do it -- honest for Klay Thompson straight up -- get your -- after this. Inside the box what do you by coming -- You're listening -- -- -- saved basketball post game show. Only station Bucs fans and Sports Radio 1215 WS -- Quarterback Bucs -- route one -- shooting 86 to the Boston Celtics tonight it is. But it's a basketball post game show asking you. What are not. You -- make a deal straight out yeah honest. For clay towns in the shooting guard for Golden State now again on the emphasize there are no reports the Bucs are shopping on us so don't freak out like the bucks are gonna do this. I simply came up with that as I was talking with Terrelle to start off the show about you know the -- -- Parker what does that mean for the rest of the lineup and so forth. And the report out this afternoon a Golden State has everybody on the block. Everybody can be had. Except for staff Korean bogeyed those are the only two guys -- refuse to tree outside -- those -- everybody else can be out including Klay Thompson according to a report. So I said all right fine if you remove John as for clay Thompson you're too is clay your threes either -- or Parker. -- four is -- hands in your five -- Sanders report card as Brandon Knight. And for next year that's how you line a -- sports you still have verse on her side your forehands and comes off the bench like they've been doing and you player that next year. Whining no feuded idea present so the box was allowed to 86 you could answer necklace -- up 414. The last 7991250. Email -- lot of Sports Radio twelfth -- dot com or hit us up on Twitter Twitter said. 1250 -- SS speak. I -- quickly go into the -- or -- your answers Chris Milton tonight 27 minutes not really not a factor at all the first I've got some foul trouble to a six. One of three from three point range three of four from the line. Eight points five boards one assist one steal. -- two turnovers odds opera -- a three -- 82 of two from the -- eight points eight boards four assists two steals and three turnovers. John Hanson 37 minutes eight of twelve from the floor. Sixteen points three boards two assists two blocks. And five turnovers. Brandon Knight 41 -- seven of eighteen from the floor 204 from three point range six of eight from the line. 22 points five boards four assists. And five turnovers -- Walter's 36 minutes played two of nine final 41 of three from three point range to a four from the line. Seven points six boards three assists two steals. And one block shot off the bench tonight. Gary Neal got some playing time but that nineteen minutes six of eleven from -- 41 of four from three point range for five from the line. Seventeen points for -- couple -- One rebound and one turnover data sets when he six Mets -- -- 51 or two from three point range one of two from the line. Four points four boards -- turnover. Kept a you don't fifteen minutes and scored -- -- a shot either one board one assist one block and two turnovers. Miroslav -- let's not two of three from the field four points three boards for him. 43% shooting for the bucks. 47 point 7%. Shooting for the Boston Celtics three point shooting six of sixteen for the bucks a 120 for Boston. Free throws eighteen of 45 for Milwaukee eleven of fourteen and eleven more attempts and still lost this game. By sixteen points -- 43 rebounds for Boston 36. For Milwaukee. Turnovers 21 for the -- sixteen. For Boston that's ending number of points campaign -- ones I want forty for a forty. And fast break points 1513. Bucks win that one but they lose a game 102. Two ED six your Milwaukee -- on nine and 42. Five -- when he up next the pelicans and Anthony Davis. Wednesday night to -- to -- into basketball post game show after that Eddie Davis and all star are coming up this week -- -- places. Coby Bryan be nearby of that. Over the weekend part time -- -- to back to the rumor that I made -- myself right here on the air. And just doesn't gossip -- and often would you do -- honest for quite Johnson deal straight up. And to be a mistake L Europe -- and -- as a basketball postgame show. -- Sparky there's there's no way -- make that trade and for two main reasons. One Klay Thompson is party 2.4 years old -- from the nineteen yup. On -- there are potentially by doing that trade you also lose would be losing three years to control. Of the players. -- that was going to be going and -- his rookie deal coming -- next season. And on top of that. -- also. All basically. He's saying that you -- pick Klay Thompson has more potential to be a better player than yanish. And while I think he's definitely. Truly elite shooters in the game in the -- score. I think yeah and it says the potential for. And all around game that far -- -- -- potential. Let me ask you this moment when you -- -- honest. What what player comes -- your mind when you think -- -- -- -- All I think it's kind of hard to say because I don't know we've seen chronicler of his skills and also -- undeveloped at this absolutely -- -- I mean people wanna stay with the body typing on domestic Kevin Durant that's crazy it is never going to be Kevin Durant and I've heard nick the -- I think he could be better than -- to be honest with you but I'm not I'm not really sure there is the guy that you can directly compare but I think. He's the hybrid I think you -- Great skills great vision I think if you agree jumps out with his length and athleticism and -- inability to play defense. He is that a great knack for blocking shots he got robbed on a great one. I'm a fast break to nine and tackled for a while I just don't see he anyway featuring yeah -- at this point because if future a yeah. And -- -- built -- potential that I think most but I think we yet. I mean. Everyone is right not the -- at that point a future a pilot okay it didn't and. Right sure I understand sharing sharing -- rat no question about I totally understand what you're saying not. I'll tell you I think he has now Marty set -- -- a sports junkies video and it turns out according Gary -- look -- Boller said the same player I said when asked. Who he thinks -- reminds him. I think he reminds me -- Andrei Kirilenko. And apparently -- Boller without knowing that I said the same thing. Said Kirilenko as well -- that's got has been in the game senior I was in practice during games and everything else. Is Kirilenko enough of an upside to not -- I think yeah on a sentence has more flexibility than cure like however had I mean maybe as far as being an all around player. I -- I can see that compares and then -- mean. Yeah and he got it has roughly about the same -- Kirilenko because I -- to about 6869. Got to put a chemical size Geoff thanks for the god that that's the one thing -- guys. Is. As a general manager. And as a personnel department you have to yourself kind of pretty -- okay how much of a ceiling does he half. You know watching him practice and seeing him develop and see how he's developed over the course of time what really is -- -- Now if you'll look at -- -- okay -- series Kevin -- I think he's. I think he can be Kevin Durant -- then -- you're not trading for Klay Thompson I agree not happen. But if you look at guessing though his ceiling is -- until maybe. On that and then that maybe changes the thought process they -- west sider and acts on Sports Radio 1250. -- -- of the blue. Marion didn't man -- Marco. How about this blog is you don't 'cause on the radio -- good arm problem holding -- -- about it but you know we go back. -- man forever maybe. I'll just I don't -- just the other day it's item about -- -- -- match lenses. You know -- on the road back yeah well I remember Kirk yeah bill. To mark Schroeder and there. Yeah. No no now -- -- -- Okay well in my outcome or you gimmick points do little for your control up Koppen mean you're right though it's not what a -- -- next year. War period you're in other alleged Pro Bowl nobody had any -- government of the day but I don't have. The money to do -- sure they do well -- the -- and -- on the money to pay him. Yeah I'd expect expert but what we're doing well -- -- -- I mean if you move Larry Sanders you wouldn't you would have the money to make that. Mean who would you rather play Klay Thompson -- Larry senators. Moral or aren't under the in the -- sliders and have a say -- But why does this is you wanted to pick Klay Thompson you could trade Larry just trade -- to get money. That's my point. I would do that either went in -- would mark there's Barbara because the fact that if you look at award to knock -- bring our -- about it is. They they -- compared they certainty in Indian trading players that. They don't think our ability and I go someplace also become good soul -- player picked in the draft it. And if they really didn't -- -- -- probably number one overall Lotta people think yeah. And you've seen that everybody around the league -- -- -- -- the prepared told the start maybe not a -- -- but at least a spark. Why would you want to trade him for player that is not. Relieved right now he basically. You know well sure. I'll tell -- alive because if you're the owner of this basketball team if you don't have the patience to sit through losing another two or three years of Klay Thompson can help you win next year. -- it's a -- or Jabari Parker that may make more sense. Are rather -- at the minute I agree here in their here and so what I -- compound was -- I'm a big word I got to get a shows that he bothers -- forty -- -- people in the stands tonight. I mean it's. It's -- some order is part of your LeBron Ocala Florida I wanna do the -- for the call and I -- it's been brought up. By Ted didn't like he's a revenue -- this year herb Cole cant have that in the past so he's different some extra cash flow culminate here. So where it can make up for -- attendance at this point so he may be okay. 4147991254147991250. -- for Washington your next on the ticket say basketball post -- -- As part but I don't -- -- -- -- You know I was -- -- bottom -- it would cook American area and it. And all the work out of my mouth you -- you think like eight hybrid column. -- -- 47. It's like the guy has the ability he's got -- -- -- -- yet that given athletic ability. More -- to shooting game and Ehrlich about right I think that I think what's more important. -- more on their changes they wanna -- and their team you're going to be a pure -- pure white. The Duke Golden State following nickname -- Thompson yeah. Org you want walker every four and unfortunately I don't. The box and that that despite losing I I don't think tanking it are acceptable and but that's me right I. -- I want you to like. Well -- and -- -- we're gonna happen on this crap for the rest the army you're gonna in the remote -- -- like. -- jeweler and are featured in more than likely you're gonna see. Probably OJ -- get -- Ozzie years but but this is this your bad I -- -- senator saying and trainer Larry centers is done for the year. Now we don't know how long is on the broken eye socket or whatever -- that he's out there -- and definitely definitely after the all star break but. If he can't play the rest the because his visions all screwed up he's a big move this off season he's got -- play again next year for sure at eleven million dollars next year. But if -- -- -- -- -- next you know exactly you can -- yet to get more or what they think they're. It's -- making literature or spark how many there were reports that the -- at me three. Exactly -- more to the bar. I mean eight grip that I will give archer on you know a little bit credit when credit bill and about it beats -- -- -- broke export. Army all. Tell you what I want -- play while climate make a move guys for the -- were on man on this. I -- making these moves for sat around pace whatever you get in there and be efficient and you -- 201516. Sat around a soccer we. I'm more about -- -- and it. Which is -- said you know what screw this works and go -- some of from the and it -- -- -- -- -- for ten days they said you're done Chris Johnson yup you're doing it would bring UN lets you play the rest the year. Why doing that with a -- -- -- guys. For a couple guys are gold also. What do you league I'm in a place of a couple these veteran guys are wasting space. And maybe we don't consultant for going forward for the next you're too that a young guy that we can continued to develop and work with. Totals but it's better then what are you got the Luke Ridnour is a whole world and trying to get through this I just I I don't see the point. In some of these guys being on this basketball team right now because Gary -- there's no point for him to be here Ridnour -- are a you don't know served. Mean some justice there just wasting. Their wasting our -- At least I got a couple young guys and the -- -- at least. I can say all right -- when the -- -- and see what happens maybe you'll stumble upon some -- and we'll get lucky. Arnold's underwent six -- -- -- -- 02 to 86 have come acting more beer not comments on this so far. But I got about myself what I -- I came up with that and sold. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That would -- allow you to have Parker Wiggins the three going four to would be -- Walters Klay Thompson. Then at the three would be Parker or -- your four would be alias over -- your five would be Sanders back after -- some things that best bubbles tension. Beckett fastball posted -- out Sports Radio 1250 WSS bay Bucs lose tonight 10 -- it 86. It was -- portrait of -- to BS has beaten Milwaukee. Tired about a -- that I just throughout their male. This is not report from anywhere the only factual part of this is a gold say it is according to reports sent CBS sports. They are apparently have everybody on the block except for. Staff curry and Andrew Bogut boasted an animal everybody else including Klay Thompson can be -- Terrelle in a cycle inside the Jones said now know what we're gonna do we take to bark park where they can do with two -- and so forth. That -- into this idea all of by mean by him all of what if you traded yeah honest for Klay Thompson. And and Jabari Parker or weigh -- could be your three Klay Thompson could be a team -- -- -- -- after -- after next year and extend him to keep in your dad being clay Thompson you would have to deal of that. How would you do that -- are simple and -- Jeff south side and -- on Sports Radio 1250. There what I heard you bring up that a deal between united and Al west side of couldn't believe I did you -- good -- quite confident he's definitely. Topic that we got to know very very -- to -- features in this league but. Which -- artist will be old that this is capable I mean. Yeah he came in the league at age eighteen but he can -- from the European 88 equivalent age 1516. Mean -- dame playing -- a competition level right. Well you know we we still you can hear guys like Crumpler they're all those guys going to be -- -- -- -- -- you know that I don't. Yet a -- you know. Certainly -- you know at the -- kind of abilities but. This could definitely tell him a potential on the perimeter. You know ball handling passing skills and he's Phillip king at -- very very young -- twentieth -- this -- is definitely. The French -- putter for a future right now. But that's -- that's why I brought the question I mean because a -- -- talking about is. Training the unknown for more of a certainty and our younger players still in Klay Thompson. Are you can't -- their new quick thought that it gets it all -- -- quick are always going to be trouble -- player. You never going to be. You just said he had a superstar future when you started. Yeah I think every team and it's going to be a real true way you are not gonna I want you can just -- want to go -- and awfully solid go to -- But he's gonna have to play along with besides Lee -- could not -- -- the curry is. That we you know and in this situation you know that's why I think overall that the public -- without everything B well I think it people got together they got a real good -- Not according to the report today apparently the owners had as the owners had his -- and he wants more. Report on. -- It's the owner you're missing the point here according to the reports the owner is the one that's had his -- kind of -- herb -- what I heard say you know what we're gonna go for the -- -- now I've I've had my -- watching his three year. Kind of being voted the same type of dealing Golden State thanks for the top spot or talking about it -- Tom a -- How many shamrock only Mark Jackson wants to land -- mark Jackson's final with a group he's got. But that owners getting impatient out there -- he wants more and he wants to switch things up and make a move. Oodles and remember you've got -- dealing with a new situation with -- stadium new stadium situation which was all -- Danny apparently now -- -- a blow open their -- Because the cost of what it's gonna cost the bill besting of San Francisco. I think that's where they're -- and -- is way more expensive than they originally thought. Giles west side -- next on Sports Radio itself -- W -- Maybe RJR RR. I would never do -- currently -- Diplomats and it is in May and party -- 23 forward through your -- read it we immediately -- -- Want to -- maybe -- -- like you know Garnett in the Arctic. You -- are so much more weak arm is being used to the clay. It is not it is -- and our work -- at all what -- makes you. Know what I will go after are -- to Mack Moore are our -- keep spenders in yardage and argue appeared being -- there are. -- about -- and it's again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There and do -- -- engine would be right off our. More upside here are our. And company -- date only may want to appear he pretty. Dolly Matt Walters journey is -- -- more than him to get a better match more but yeah I. Whatever but our car mobile right -- -- -- in. You know I don't know point guard a leader like. No -- Travis is a score in a point tiger's -- and then you know I'm refuge outside -- for the cup aren't so far calls lies nobody is with me. It's over it's winner that's -- I gotta support on Twitter for this. I just -- to -- -- the tonight. On -- yet. -- -- -- -- terrible I that you are reading Allen fan would you want three point -- constant point. And also Andre has a terrific player sure Roger is a terrific player but Chris I don't think if he turns out to be -- -- -- I don't think that's good enough for most -- stance. -- Maybe I'll be wrong but if he ends up average in twelve points and I Damon his career like -- like a -- I don't think that's good enough for bucks -- -- until at his -- are his best year. Was 2003 his thirty year in the league he averaged sixteen points and -- reports. -- good enough. I'm tiger right now. Where everybody has their expectation level for this kid. If he puts up Kirilenko -- numbers that's not going to be good enough. It's not. And people are gonna lose their mind around here -- that's what he ends up being bit frightening right now a majority of people look at this getting though he's going to be don't -- He's going to be Kevin Garnett he's gonna be a super star. And if he's not a superstar. People are going to be absolutely disappointed. And -- we got so much -- yet to tell what every -- And again and you watch and I see the flash is just like do you trust me -- -- -- with the idea. Not that saint trade -- assists -- -- -- But with the situation that you have what Parker and Williams. Now you -- -- or take park maybe you think Parker can play the four. Maybe you think Wiggins can play the two and you take whoever. And you put him -- that -- -- -- let's see what happens. -- may very well may do that I think that's far more. Possible the men doing -- -- reminding I've heard they're not moving -- for any. So this whole idea that came what is in the probably held -- -- -- but wanted to get the -- her body and kind of wanted to test the waters and the loyalty. How good read things on assisting clearly everybody's on board down Sith lord west Dallas your -- on Sports Radio 1250. Yeah I mean I I an -- like. You know but the question such a -- and now they're like you know -- are you a mortgage like the future -- up that you already. You you know or not it can quite count but I -- to answer the question -- just I mean I say absolutely. Not not familiar to me. Physically Thompson -- keep not even a top twenty or -- right now and if people want to put -- there. I mean that's fine I would I don't keep a top twenty player to do that yet in the top when he she likes 17220. And I could -- right -- -- guys I think are battered -- you know. But you know quite constant you don't keep a one dimensional player I call on the show what he does stop all the time -- -- -- -- Yeah yeah as tiger is -- -- that -- is a 67. He's a 67 shooters what he has yet. Right you know and use a good -- there's no doubt about that but that's all he'll ever be. I -- clay tops and just giving idea where he's at he's averaging eighteen and a half points a game three boards two and a half assists a steal. I -- block whatever that's worth com buddy shooting percentage. Tom is 43%. Which isn't necessarily a horrible but it's our -- probably want to today shooting 41%. Off from three point range so eighteen points a game is what we're talking about here. -- ego of course -- and I and I understand that you know he's you can shoot and you had scored there's no -- about -- But like what -- give up on defense and an -- I don't know the answer back or I'm trying to say it quite. He's a guy like you aren't even on the nights where he's not or you can make a difference all over the court yeah area gaseous I -- -- -- -- special. You know -- people are not in it and if you are changed -- wood are always trying to like get all of you -- says. And then hopefully get that at her peak but -- build a team. You to get that everybody else and what you get up and repeat and that you are requiring pick me particularly. And I just gonna -- that. Yeah this is like neo in the matrix cure to like he is a walking -- -- -- his -- out. To being a top -- where -- you ever going to be like LeBron James -- Kevin -- I don't think you'll ever be that great but can -- yet -- when he player. Yes you can can you don't trade -- away. And I think that is that the expectation he's got to be top twenty I think you're right amount of right on the money -- thanks for the call. Marquez says Marcus has been tweeting a bunch tonight I mean I've just been trying to. Folks everybody else I'll Bucs should be eyeing a young superstar trade if they're gonna consider trading got -- heart and leveled strike. All quite doesn't doesn't qualify I'm not trading honest unless I'm getting stuff curry back. That's fine but there -- entrants are current obviously. Come -- Maybe you maybe you saw the -- aren't -- common. Don't think anybody in the -- saw James -- breaking up the way he did a first year pays quite well again obviously this year. Arnold -- maybe you did see him breaking out the way he did but McGee got to shocked everybody when he went to use and it kind of took over the way he did it my opinion. Do not think you would have made -- for hard and with him coming from Oklahoma State has never been the same way -- -- I'm gonna look at his numbers I bet you that James hardens numbers and Oklahoma City are -- Then what Klay Thompson's are right now in Houston. I mean militancy. Because then if we -- done the same thing with them relatively equal. Terrible percentage was much -- though 201162. Games he averaged sixteen point eight points a game. Four boards three -- says so those are relatively equal couple more points against Klay Thompson but he shot 49% that year shot less from three. So relatively equal for the most part. Well and six minutes or six less minutes -- or clay Thompson's play. An east -- -- -- on Sports Radio 1215. -- first of all agree with you take and Carol ankle wouldn't be good enough I think you know he's going to be it's gonna Carol I think trade. Of the Q. But I didn't let him vs -- that would do that trade not only do we not know how good -- is -- -- be we do know that. Ops and even though I'd like twenty forced pretty much known commodities very good at what he does but he somewhat limited -- you don't know how it is going to be didn't we also don't know if you don't -- -- -- -- he's nineteen years old we know he's gonna put another couple inches. So to me and I mean it's on the fantasize about what he could be certainly not going to be Garnett -- -- I think she could be a much more athletic guy Robert Horry who's another guy -- -- -- kind of strange skill level it's 610 guy but he can add the quickness serve a -- three -- something like that. You know big shot I think it it trees in the corner if you take it to the pocket and when you've had other superstars in the -- salad Chinese that the people -- the break he's just a fantastic. Finishers like I I think John has been more one of those guys and I look -- idea before his history even I would go for accounts and I love the idea of bringing back -- -- and I agree with his take on a percent and come back the more they've given up I'm too quickly -- change about his trade proposals that probably -- -- -- -- Walters reason being. At this juncture neither one of them is special but one of them take care of the ball the other one does. So why you have to ride that takes the guy you have to figure out as an organization want to -- an -- going to be and what you -- he had a point guard position outs would you have finger. Because in right now you'll have a night any offense and he's got to be to score brand -- But when you get to a point if you have a Parker or -- dornin beat whoever it is and if they're gonna average eighteen or twenty -- night. Then you have yeah Imus is gonna do the same thing now all of a sudden -- are not have to be a sort. -- -- about -- are committed a distributor and -- the other guys on the floor to make sure they get their shots if it becomes that that's. Then Friday -- not a thing. But he's not the -- Then I say it's more Walters our Rondo or somebody like that I'm not saying Walters is Rondo but just more forgot it's more of a distributor. Vs offensive minded -- and night. Is now Russell Westbrook but he's more of that -- where he wants to go -- score. I'm -- worry about everybody else later in public passable for I just don't think. As far as distributing Jamaican people batter I just don't think that's his strong suit right now maybe he develops -- but right now I don't think. That's his game so overwhelmingly everybody says are not trading honest. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You guys clearly. Are backing honest and wanna see this thing play out out -- the playing out I have no issue with that whatsoever act like as a panacea of -- UC. But I'm looking at it from not Jabari Parker Wiggins -- if you get down. Having Udonis. You can look at either as a blessing or a first as far as where you put him vs where you put the other Wiggins I can say is -- -- and I see that -- Parker I do not -- as a full. And I LCI dozens of -- as he has known beyond. I had at that point I don't know what they're gonna do -- Jabari Parker but you have to take him if he's the best player on the board in their opinion on their board. It's a lot -- and see what they -- bucks I'd take a while Louisiana I'd won a 286. And as big as a basketball post game -- -- five with yet. -- -- other side of the glass will go inside the locker room coming up next but -- Sports Radio 1250 W assistant. Let's hear from the coach -- said coach Larry Drew his post game press conference brought to you by -- national. Schneider national is hiring and call 18044. Try. Or log onto Schneider jobs dot com. You're listening to -- they can -- basketball post game show. Thought the only station Bucs fans need -- Sports Radio 1215 WS this team. Welcome back -- the Bucs don't up on the losing end tonight's. Of the Boston Celtics. One old -- 286. The box now -- nine and 425. And twenty. Now overall are the Milwaukee Bucks at home this year and again. Now based on a crowd tonight it was a very very small crowd. Of the B Myers Bronson but I liked hearing from Chris and ABC audio video. Who called in and said that they were in the upper deck you know ten pack him and I'm guessing the -- I came up and got him on and moved him down so that at least. Is a positive and that's so -- should be doing. And how does of the and this is me -- does go back to the county stadium days they used to -- as a county stadium for the Brewers and I thought it was brilliant yeah admirals to. If you're gonna have a big crowd. Did just -- the upper back why my -- concession people and all this other stuff. The big up there and have all the stuff open -- -- -- if we don't have -- -- people. And -- act this is not staying open -- to move everybody down and close the upper to. I'll wait till halftime if you want -- and the second Baptist everybody. Move on down to find an open seat or have ushers just randomly take -- not important and highest seats and a second level if you want. I don't care. -- every wanna do but at this point board for word. You might make the people that are -- the games as happy as you possibly -- As -- said before the -- night. That I've brought up many times before. If you have an empty suite at any of our people not using us we got in on a given night you should be -- net Swede says. Season ticket holders whoever drawing names out. During the game hey if you heard Joseph whoever. I hear at the game you have a chance do I've come up and said this week and meet me at the table behind 2141. Ever. And -- that way. They're taking a season ticket holders and say okay you're in a lower level -- our remove people -- were gonna give you guys a chance to go out this week -- Folsom hot dogs and some food and some bear in. Some saw that you guys -- we're gonna take -- -- on -- I -- scare them. So they're not complain about -- -- -- all this money movies be -- now because I you're gonna have an opportunity open to the sweet. And it it onto the drug thing than just rotated around so you call the guys and okay you're going to be in this -- these nights free on us at the -- -- -- Just -- All right -- said coach Larry Drew talked after the loss tonight this is what -- -- coach Larry Drew and the senate. Will look at this stat sheet we had 21 Davies scored. 32 points off of that we. He has cater to the basketball -- I mean is it's it is which is such -- -- You know such a dilemma you know and we -- turnovers -- we just couldn't recover from McNamee recover immunity -- toppled floor. And it was in a -- and just ticket -- up on the audience that we we really. We really were hurt with -- it was tonight that was really. One of our points of emphasis going into this game against his -- not to. Give him an easy baskets but -- we yet to take care -- as close and make sure that we were able to get a defense set. But we just turned a basketball and -- just put a society. You know such a 21. I was told you I was told it was a right sprained ankle right -- -- -- Yeah it was a two point game after three quarters. You know we were right at the beginning of the quarter. We were we were I believe that our first six was six positions I think -- -- score two or three times out of habit. We just couldn't we couldn't stop him and and then we turn -- -- well over Jeff Green getting more sort of making Johnson. You know they want from a two point game to an eight point game and and a tentative deal -- aspect in there but it. We we got out of we got out of rhythm you know in particular fourth quarter and again Greenstein that he started making shots everybody was -- he's got to get into rhythm and they scored we couldn't score. What they did a good job and you know it's a series of -- -- a shooter. You know he gets in the game try to -- office screens and try to give -- some good looks at thought. -- You know I thought he played with a lot of they would a lot of energy instinct he has some good looks at some shots in a couple of down. You know -- we -- get into a rhythm and you know -- You know yeah we. Make -- decision after he picked up his second foul to. To to sit in the rest of the first half. Because the game was there was like a wanna two point game. From the from the point he came out -- as long as the game was close. Was not going to jeopardize and picking up his third -- and so we we going to have time I believe it was a three point game. And they -- attempts off -- we were in in good shape it and him with 2000 -- -- -- the second half which I want to using morning which he did. But -- -- really felt over released it it hurt us with him because he's. Yeah he's he's got to root cattle from the parameters -- a shoot a basketball. -- but only present a great. Yeah do you in and you know that's kind of the disappointing. You know disappointing about a game like tonight they play last night. They -- last -- -- -- had to travel and come in and and they seem to be playing with more and more energy and -- and we did. You know one of the things that I talked about before the game was. We really had to get ourselves going -- couldn't you know we could wait on. But the crowd our our our our. You know we had that we had to generate energy within -- -- Boston has got a team again -- -- guys -- can make shots they did it physical to be. You know they can put points on the board if you if you don't get after it. I've got a -- who dude who dictated to to to to tone of the game at the very beginning was a bring -- -- as. I believe he had twelve points in the first quarter which teaches he just -- -- and on down on a down to block so. You know we did not we did not play him -- -- his county that that's yet to play -- like debt because. He's a you know he's -- he's -- he's a bruiser -- only really. -- catch a ball down low and Albanian and we did not you know we didn't handle them well -- -- first quarter. Yeah yeah -- -- and again you know it is the biggest team you know you know like Ross and you know that you gonna enhance. Four with a with a guy like like greens because he's -- he you know he's a he's a score but. We just didn't accept -- talent on on on on on Bassett thought I thought he really set the tone in -- down low and his team do you right. Also there seemed to get it going out today and in. To kill and -- came in and and he started playing with some energy and can't reason. -- next thing you know it was it was you know we were a war. Well you know again how fickle -- you know as we. You know as we prepare for this final game before we go into the break my biggest concern is is is -- health of of this team. Don't know. 260 enough of a John's injury but it. You know with Miller sign and and Larry still you know he's -- he's going to be on. Know -- no -- we're you know we're we're we're -- into the all star break and where where we'd be you know after the break guess my biggest concern you know hopefully we can we get some guys back we -- -- -- There is much said coach Larry tour after the -- Kamal on the losing -- tonight to the Boston Celtics 102286. -- -- nine and 42 as far as Henson. My -- -- for major remarkably -- sports who stops it's a John Henson are more of a foot injury then it is an ankle injury. -- and again I have not seen anything as of late. As far as -- -- how serious this injury is one would imagine. The there'd be some sort of a rhyme or something. Going Allen John Henson or X rays the serious it is broken or otherwise and will have Gary -- coming appear. On about fifteen minutes to find that out Andrew would say that we're retirement a little bit earlier I was. A -- a they were down to sixteen seconds left Kansas against Kansas State regulation he also -- -- with -- like a scoop shot. Right -- the basket kind of like a -- but not -- -- a lay up. All miss is the shot that gets his goals back gets is only -- -- puts -- back in a tight game descendant overtime. On the now they're losing in overtime may get -- -- was three of 103 of twelve I think -- as -- last that I saw and we against. And again so -- not a -- great night. Awful -- was far shoot the basketball but. Being a factor and I'm not seed and bead on -- for what are for a while and be very well may have gone foul trouble filed out and in the -- his closer attention to our ABC out of the deal flat panel -- With -- and deed is done in this game but. So -- -- -- update on Wiggins I was a great time I'll come back. -- we will go inside the -- locker room and the Boston Celtics locker room two straight ahead on the -- it's a basketball post game show on Sports Radio 1250 W assisting. You're listening to -- -- in -- basketball post game show -- the only station Bucs fans need. Sports Radio 1215 WS says he lets get into the locker room and hear from your favorite -- -- -- -- by Greyhound tracks motor trends when he thirteen 2014 truck will be. Club's first ever back to back champion Y by any other -- Got back to. Group tickets -- basketball post game show on Sports Radio twelve picking -- the SS big bucks lose tonight one hope to. 286. Bucks -- -- in 42520. Overall. Hard to be wires -- and up next for the box Wednesday night against Anthony Davis the all star placing Kobe -- the all star game. -- -- and the New Orleans pelicans coming up on Wednesday night -- you Bucs fans of Ted Davis. Following the NBA ten on Twitter he returned -- to the big show tomorrow afternoon. -- at 2 o'clock with Gary. Ronnie and myself salaam middle -- start tomorrow who knows. -- John -- talked after the game tonight John Henson of course hurt in this one. Hanson on the night -- sixteen points three boards doubled assessed couple blocks shots and eight of twelve shooting shooting I should say 37 minutes. Mine came down. -- -- -- Ankle foot and like I said before the break -- saying it's more for abandoned his ankle and this is what John Hanson had to say after the game. So eventually went through -- -- most food. It's tough when community and you boom it. And the season's been so you back soon as possible. -- -- are kind of relax and just used his normal food in my ankle so my own solution. Rosen is tough you know who knows. He's coming back and removed from coming off the wrist being so. Known. This -- Iverson's minutes are who have -- -- maximum as possible. There. Mean we thought we -- real world -- Moved -- from sort of saw it and who's -- -- the kind of pick it up and the students. And reform -- who's coming got to give their contracts and policy wounded -- you can. -- Him. There and yes. The -- -- proved we can play resumed. Over almost everybody can become main go to du Quebec a team that has -- conditions. Did you grow and mature we just kind of turned the ball over in the film room and I was again. That was the game areas John Henson and that is. The story of what this team -- Maine yes they other -- of the cant shoot obviously. I mean really the biggest thing for this team -- -- eternal ball too -- much sometimes. And are a lot of times and you're Ted Davis had a turnover at the -- and internal over the top of the key times do you hear that. And of course of a basketball game I mean it's just absolutely it's a lot of times -- -- You just can't continue to have that happen -- some when you have to get better. And hopefully they will get better speaking of Brandon -- -- I see also talked in the locker room after the game Brandon -- tonight 22 points. Five boards and four assists normal five turnovers seven of eighteen shooting. -- for Brandon Knight and I to a four from three point range six of eight. Off from three point range and none exist I should say from the free throw -- -- from three point six of eight from the free throw line. Now for -- that this is what he had to say. This. Hear that news about Larry. You know that are recognizable. How many and I was only our job is just -- -- you know. There's just a tough a tough to go through for them. You know just another bad break -- I guess it is our job just as teammates to discipline and uniform and you know that's really all we can can do about it's already done through. -- -- John Anderson to beautiful some guys. Record book. Are more flat went flat. And you went down and they take advantage of that it is very good -- taking advantage of it. Can. Yeah he started no plan always to -- making shots. And I really a boost and -- team. Not a lot I think so I think it was was us just. Miss him some passes you know you know or resumes at times there was nothing that they particularly -- To cause us to have them and tell us. What you do is kind of great players. And it -- -- concerns. I mean nothing is just didn't and -- getting rested -- treatment and trying to make sure he -- many guys to -- you know to play. Only -- back. Just never got a lot of guys in heard. You know going through a lot of things as individuals as far as injuries. And that's been our year for us so just like myself -- averages just about time to rest and and you prepare for this -- actually what you can do stuff on the rest of the dressed up as much as I can and continued to prepared for -- since announcing. There is Brandon -- talking after the game we had a court storming in -- basketball Kansas State knocks off Kansas. -- an overtime 85 to 82. So law changes was number seven. And that'll change after this -- done but tuck the -- Kansas spot and again. Look right now long thing about us see what exactly and be denying insight asset I Nazi -- Through majority of the time miles watching out there I guess some early and NC match that he. -- and the need. -- -- -- No one final. I have no idea unless -- sum and happen to him more -- books. Let's hope not and I haven't seen -- -- To a final four for MV denied six point six boards and assists a blocked two turnovers one follow in -- Wiggins for -- twelve. 04 from three point range eight of fifteen at the line. Sixteen points five rebounds one steal. On and one turnover for him tonight. Lets you update on those two guys as Bucs fans are. Watching and seeing now what's gonna happen going forward with who they're going to -- coming up in the draft and draft lottery. As a good time I'll come back we will talk with the BS has two basketball and senator woeful that is straight ahead. He got a big as a basketball post game show the box well may come up losers against night 102 to 86 record sits at ninth and 42. Let's get today's -- he's MVP the first nova wins MVP hit seven. -- tomorrow morning going to look at wins free food Wendy's when it's better -- Film about a hundred participating when he says is the big save basketball post game show. -- only station -- -- -- Sports Radio 1250 W assistant. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Follow what don't shoot 86 the Celtics beat the Milwaukee Bucks tonight -- Wendy's MBB of the game tonight's. Brandon -- 22 points five boards four assists. Seven of eighteen shooting 204 from three point range six of eight from the free throw line five turnovers of course Brandon -- your Wendy's. And VD of the game time is that Gary woeful. Tanya is that Gary -- full time -- is that how many more times like and asked Tonya. -- -- -- -- This guy woeful I've been asking him -- thank goodness here we -- let's. It inside -- locker room and break this one way. -- insider Gary global front do you -- -- and sand by the Thomas -- offices. This is the big save basketball post game show. -- the only station -- -- team Sports Radio 1250 WS this team. I joining us -- to -- -- -- it's obvious finally Jerry won't hold joins us after the Bucs lose 102286. Gary your thoughts on the game. Like them out at all when I'm trying to get you on the air and you guys are having your own little conversation yeah I don't I don't see it as a good thing -- -- -- Hey we were we are talking about what degree you Meyer OK now what -- you said about what did you think of the box to box game the night. What -- your yard yard that or is not you know rookies -- a -- you know. I think yeah out of -- at the -- smashed into it I mean that guy is dead in the water. Mentally physically or what are he needs the all star break he needs -- -- our break in the worst way it and what you like about you know. A year ago at the -- -- -- what thirteen games. And -- a couple -- you know in each game. Also now he's -- over thirty minutes a game a lot of games and yeah -- the radio -- harper who recharged after. Your thoughts are an -- John Henson in his injury how bad do you think it may be. Well our field barely for the guy I mean you don't hear that those risk injuries in the third -- -- -- minor health this year but. You know I talked about the game and he and he showed me -- -- -- it -- the next race went down the ankle order yet -- -- in the right at two spots. It and. X rays were negative -- Yeah can you know given the go tomorrow out Orioles and -- still you know what -- -- not you know -- told. Also nothing is broken is what you're telling me yeah army and out -- -- britney's but the fact that you want and often want. All right well that is positive good good good fine fine fine. Very very happy. Are you surprised. I guess I'm to take away from the box here. On -- -- surprised. About the firing in Cleveland with the general manager Chris grant both firing in Detroit. -- with Mo cheeks in the first year of his deal. -- Internet at all network or owner tackle -- -- yeah box where the president up and so you know we are what those on the air or do -- -- wac you know locker room. They were locked in three feet apart from locker room what a until yet that the yep considered the it and say it's -- work. And -- -- -- out that's not a good situation. -- so that. I've been told why several and -- -- people -- short you -- walking on denies that. You know what worries last year out of Mets know bulky and -- is. I don't -- see it. Same with Mike Brown equate what. Everybody's side about -- -- inspired all my problems in hot water through. So you know we you know whether you are you know they are announced but I think at some point he'll probably. Be Buehrle did it -- -- -- as well. I think by the end of the year you're gonna feel -- Alright well I'm relieved you know the next question -- because the next question as -- do with a 76ers he started off really well. On the crushed by about 45 of their last game and right now they're down 33 at halftime to Golden State. Yeah and any -- I mean brother's sake I hope they get the second that the -- but -- speculated that there that there -- the in the doctor Joseph mention the other day and he says. -- yes Sixers have made it known to everybody that. Everybody on that rosters available with the exception of Michael Carter Williams. Okay now -- takes me in my next subject because they're played the Golden State Warriors tonight and there was a report out earlier today. That said the owner of the -- state Warriors as frustrated and wants moves made and that everybody on this team is available for Golden State except staff curry -- Andrew Bogut. Mean -- Klay Thompson also is available as is Harrison Barnes. Are you surprised by that. I have a little glad that I don't necessarily buy it either. I thank. At the right Tokyo on it Bogut would be traded you know every right. I mean you know academy don't sit on that -- -- -- current. I would I'd be -- there's there's as they made in his votes in the western cap talks. And I can understand his frustration. Again I'd be -- -- -- book a court that. Klay Thompson being available I Stewart out there -- a topic on tonight's shelf. This is -- how this came about -- the north side who we all know very well call them the Seles said not try to figure out what this team is gonna do -- to -- Parker's the tech. On how does that mean -- does is go play some point -- what's gonna happen John Hammond. On the pregame show -- Ted Davis apparently said that. -- he would consider playing -- saw at the point some you know as we go forward in his career you could see that happening because then the debate was well. If not then Jabari Parker more than likely is gonna have to move to before which again I don't think he can -- off of that came the Golden State story. And -- my brain child there's no report this is just me and my Tracy had Gary breaking -- up. I don't trade John -- straight out for clay -- And you know I'm the president of the year -- Well he's one of six so far tonight in the first half as his shooting slump continues. Yeah yeah and I wouldn't I wouldn't thank you -- -- yeah. I mean -- the guy is not like well for a couple weeks now by the way you -- -- -- -- -- field goal percentage of its -- But -- -- under. -- 30%. To. Seventeen. -- a good. Orwell but it did I do think. Present outrage. I think you've got to -- the rookie wall mean he's played a ton of minutes and so this was bound to happen. I don't think there's any question about that. Found out but you know. I locally Thompson but I want to -- yeah. It does the thought process would be you don't have Brandon Knight Klay Thompson at -- -- who you'd have to figure out what to do with him gone for because he's three years into his deal a number. Mom and -- and you have either Parker or Wiggins at that three to go along with Hanson and Sanders. Didn't. Know I it but it makes sense you know out buttons and -- coach that -- on our lot of things but. New Orleans and we talked about a couple weeks go out at the box right. It and an original concern go back -- never ever played up to -- it in Orleans yeah. So the coach goes you know what. He's an -- -- that is not conducive worst place -- to get into a couple -- And he played -- their -- fair rate. -- He could be a very good player. And I after the settlement that what what about Milwaukee that night pushing the ball and it should yet you would be very they're in -- -- Now it in -- Injury problems galore. He's always -- -- -- he -- it's it's Campbell wouldn't trade it at your -- do you want rollers Sanders contract. Maybe -- You know -- it and and -- a mile they got a Gordon. Also and you -- -- Gordon and you got you know theoretically Parker. And Hanson. I'll tell you what that's a pretty good -- -- Sanders and Anthony Davis -- work perfectly with one another. I like that a lot from New Orleans I mean if on the pelicans I I. I would -- definitely do that deal are considered an -- night and they got to be sold on Larry Sanders developing and going forward but. -- -- -- by Sauer worked his Anthony Davis as a number we'll bounce offensive game we really would need Larry to be a score. And -- -- sort of look at grant been fired and Dumars you know aptly. New orleans' front office as I'm a few well but -- -- -- slump -- so I mean it you know come the trade deadline. If you're -- but I haven't seen at the trade. That's. Really. Out there and they're where they're desperate now they're ready Knoll there that are future you know is very very. As crazy stuff. He has Garrett -- forward -- and -- basketball insider check -- sports junkies at racing sports on back -- taking another. Session. Of that coming up on Thursday at Burlington Catholic central is that correct. Oh yeah Eric Anderson has done a great job out there with. Basketball program we'll talk to him coming up on Thursday and also -- of course a box version of sports junkies favorite -- -- Thank you Mary as Gary willful. -- -- bank -- -- McCain would GMB now after July if you're looking a buyer or refinance a home like great midwest bank on FaceBook. Or -- you could. A little mortgage for -- great mid West Bank simple eight. Local and I -- nice and simple and all that difficult. Then all the bucks a job on the losing end tonight we will be back. Let the -- -- a basketball post game show. Coming up on Wednesday nights Wednesday night after the Bucs play host of the Falcons and -- the all star break and we get so watch -- us all star weekend. And looking very very Ford so that. And we'll see what happens with Anthony Davis Cup pelicans lost -- -- Raptors won only one -- one. 122 with 29 coming into this game -- -- -- 917 on the road -- maybe the Bucs will have a chance fought in this one coming up on Wednesday night. I hope for everybody enjoys the rest of your night so we will talk to tomorrow too along with Ted Davis on the -- -- big shot Sports Radio 1250. WS ST.