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02/11/14 Chuck and Wickett 6am Hour

Feb 11, 2014|

Reaction to the Bucks' loss at home to the Celtics last night

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning. Sports Radio twelfth at UW SSP. It's shocking wicket that is -- Freeman I'm Mike -- Watching him cross country skiing -- -- up and TV right now. Viva sports it real times. The weird time decision saying. They'll put it sort of things -- -- about. There's -- World Cup in the the Olympic Games. Yeah I mean overstuffed really that's really captured -- so far at the at the winter games completely agree went out watching -- -- watch the when you see Julie -- -- so I want to watch that last night okay. -- it's it's amazing how you know you yet. Did they they they show these. These events taped obviously because nobody is awake right now watching all these of these events over in Sochi and it's amazing how you watch him in the tape format. And they they always just keep. Hinting -- hinting he can almost predict what's going to happen sure I mean maybe they're doing it on purpose David -- doing it just to draw you wind but -- just kept saying. And men Caruso weights and Mancuso weights and she was the last to go down on the -- all of the giant slalom or whatever yesterday. And -- weights will she be able to break in the top three and -- -- so weights and -- like. I got a feeling -- -- get a break in the top three and just sit here watching it and. Atlanta snapped it yeah yeah I haven't -- -- differently so -- stuff just start later on the sporting -- like -- The ski slopes trial's under way but -- like 11 o'clock our time. Shaun -- gonna try to win his third -- and gang. That's cool that's going there this morning ladies 500 is later on this -- 645. So this will be going a little later on this morning. But got system. You don't know if it's live or tape when he watched on TV -- -- like the packages they build around it you know all the all -- did the commentary. Will such and such people the battle for the fifteenth time like. Good feeling second set is gonna do okay did just based on the way -- building -- I get I get a good feeling it. Com and again that's what they're supposed to do -- -- digital watch. Supposed to build -- investigated. State tune in in tune in and do what it to whatever package they're going to be -- And I don't agree the I'm not really. Normally -- more into a game into the Olympics. This year I'm just I don't know what it is. Maybe -- the disaster that is so sheet and I am -- the actual games going on so -- it's like almost. What is going to be the disaster today supersedes everything else right exactly like Johnny Quinn. Got caught caught in an elevator and your ball -- it. They have the same guy -- got caught in his bathroom I get caught -- now that couldn't get out I mean those things are kind of overshadowing. Everything else that's going -- at least right now it's up to -- I couldn't believe we got two weeks left of us -- -- we have and yeah they're hilarious. I feel bad for that guy. Gotta feel bad for that -- This is going to be weird shock. -- fully admit that is he ready. Went to the bucks game last -- a fan. On a Monday night you really have a lot to do -- -- that with the fact that did not notes what prompted this Fred got free tickets -- in the lower bowl free tickets from boxed in no way right judgments that and parking. Okay and parking okay yet you know lower bowl like you weren't really footballer in the front row -- -- out of her in. Direction. It's so funny like whatever I get free tickets will Bucs game and they're like other free tickets -- lower bowl are you wanna come with me or whatever. And being in cool -- and you'd see different perspective yeah. Seats were four rows behind where we sit on media row OK -- -- was the same damn perspective I get -- -- aren't -- the ocean complain about that. But the only CF free parking at the walked a great deal -- part of a lot locked in and it it's funny -- that you bring up the free tickets -- As I was walking from my call -- -- to the into the Bradley Center yesterday. There is a guy standing out in front holding up to. Kind of thing and it's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- things Eddie's saying. Two free tickets does anybody want to a free ticket free tickets wants them to free tickets to free tickets and think in -- Already got my book but it's just amazing while. I I took 3162. Free ticket to Watson. You know I usually -- -- couple free once I -- -- go hang around the box office champ. And try to scare the hell out of somebody no no I don't -- -- -- I must say you know a dead in this kid yet and he could tell feel they don't have a lot of money and all that. Is supposed to tell -- the same thing and then I'll just say hey you know what the local tickets here's a couple of free ones are that that's -- view. I do the same thing. If I have extra -- I just say -- Diego. Especially for a box office guys covered -- Rolls Royce could give him bolstering its 1950 place -- -- guys you have to try is coming up with the skill at a and you know -- figure it's due to a game and or whatever you -- hard working soul yeah capsule if I'm a couple of levels given a -- picture yesterday is at the Bucs came in and we were sitting behind -- -- this -- -- -- at the end of the Celtic match. Behind the media members one. And -- a -- picture put a -- face but we -- -- a Twitter some points to Graham. And I -- points shock. And I and we know that the crowds are sparse. Fans are rare at these games but. Good lord I don't know the attendance figure was last night and they say was anything over 3000 there lying 1116. 111016. But that is a bold face lie at the 111000. There was 111000. Fourteen is trying to stay 111000 isn't good for NBA. 111000 will be great for a bucks game which -- -- 111000. 111000 for a box game is not. I mean death I could keep team here. You need -- you need 15161000. On -- Even on a Monday night well you might need to united again at night and I can get in -- get 111000 season about the -- I'd say anywhere but if if it's more than three or four OK I mean shot it was that bad it was pretty bad okay and it was pretty. -- And and for the most part yesterday. Bucs were in it actually in net game there in that ball game I mean I don't the score was in the end -- three but I remember sitting there. And -- some skills. That eats his skills in the in the third in the fourth quarter -- -- -- -- look back up the down fifteen. It would pretty -- -- big time in the fourth quarter in the hell happened here in the fourth quarter at at night and 42 Charles Carter rights as the paper this morning. And -- -- to the box with a final 31 games these two would not finish with a 500 record now my gash. That's awful. That's awful. But that the the the tank commander Steve Sparky fibre is probably at a good million a year from him coming up at 635. You're gonna hear from him at 635 on this one I'm -- -- and the rest of those that are taking for Wiggins -- Reagan for Wiggins and concede for MB and out and beat Sosa's and Bobby Tuesday on good penalty is ready for the NBA and -- -- Mean you didn't see a little bit in -- well he says right now he's gonna stay. Doesn't mean he's going to stay -- between the picture to me yesterday. Of -- well and beat wearing a -- -- Editing getting okay I thought it was Photoshop this person on Twitter promised me it was not OK okay. -- of I believe you were not -- He says he's gonna -- we -- -- I wouldn't say promised but certainly considered for the top five your god you don't light always at the box game. This is what you miss when you're gone what it -- or what could I possibly miss you. It's the big great -- violin capers. -- -- -- -- -- It's it's been dominated the news last Monday night was slow week Noll was slow was it -- next and -- -- -- we talk about their last Monday night. There was a concert at Wisconsin Lutheran College. And that this guy was playing a violin the -- that was worth five billion dollars. So we'd also at the parking lot. And -- gets robbed if it. What -- what. First -- but it's it's a 300 year old -- why would you play that -- -- they take the mantle rookie card and sticking your -- got up Mike spokes lady it was it's it's -- country not exactly what you like about. Museum so yeah I shouldn't that be like in a scientific museum somewhere this was it was like. This was the big news around town last week so stalled last -- finally they recovered it. We got the people who stole it they -- -- it. An enemy with a violent as Estrada -- -- That sort of thing never heard and I would know they regarded him in and the -- and of upstairs all of beat you house. The recovered it's okay how they get -- how they find out where like I I don't hole and they beat the somehow recovered it. And the guy had a concert. The -- he was reunited. With his violent last -- -- -- -- -- feels so good can't trust him Brookfield. Okay normally you know draw careful with sold out -- -- Lead story -- the newscasts last night and guys play your -- he came off the guy was probable we go came out got a standing ovation from the crowd of it was a -- real good -- toughest tickets in town. This well I must be wherever but it wasn't out there is Howard at the -- -- -- -- they were -- at the violin concert you know violin concert on you know. You know senator -- -- -- all go to the up. If you go to the journal sentinel it's one of the stops or -- on -- -- William Burke field last night but. The -- Barrios. Senator -- you're losing out to a stolen violin concert what it was like the novelty people out there to see though the thought I mean. Walking out one -- walking out of up anywhere. And -- clerics of the five million dollars wouldn't help like. Ten bodyguards round you would you -- like five big dudes standing around looking people trying to rob yearly dirty and walked out to the parking lot by himself he was taser to. And you know he stole the violent what are you planning to do with that -- when you steal it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- While that was the deal all you have a violated 300 years old at the start of Morris -- that doesn't happen to what the guys who stole it. Was a guy who -- the piece of art like 20/20 five years ago. And then if you use your years later tried to sell it to somebody and -- available but. Those are the kind of people that I wonder how they survive. On this planet. You steal -- at this taking like you know a might not taken money or -- Jordan's in -- mean. -- -- It at stealing -- -- -- that you can you know part out or editing like that. You're stealing. A 300 year old violated you know there aren't too many of them right I'm assuming their -- to -- a -- -- there pretty rare yeah. When you have one of them to sell you would figure somebody probably knows all wait that's the one that was stolen. Five miles away so the -- of the the guy his name is -- it was Allman. You know he was -- he'd be kind to me. Became a household name last -- violence it was -- you know stole -- we have the name of the thief there -- three of them yeah. Three guys all the violence of one day scope it out it wouldn't case -- when grabbed it ran. And I was one of the good getaway car not saying -- I would do it now and but. Bristol from the Wisconsin -- tournament who. Parking lot and nearly recovered it it would it was like the daily update of the news everyday. That's what I -- last night they were at the the performing arts veteran Brookfield. The -- three million dollar. And they -- -- and out of the Bradley -- -- -- -- -- This is not -- your franchise. But this guy kind of probably improbably made his Carter getting robbed and is definitely fill the -- up last night I was gonna play Carnegie Hall or something like -- -- coming up there was a record set for futility in the NBA and it had nothing to do with the Milwaukee Bucks. I'll tell you what it is next check and make it 615 Sports Radio twelve of. Only impressed don't put them -- -- room in the room quarter by February 10 and take advantage of sweetheart pricing deals. And yeah. Okay this is awkward go do what he's dot com. -- -- -- -- temporal skaters kilometers so that's accurate and easy that is thinks it has a lot of Tiki temperature every new parents should have won. Think one of -- cost or other fine retailers today. It was evident -- Allen here and join Sparky and me each and every Tuesday night for Brewers coverage it's repeat as hot stove weekly keeping you up to speed with everything Brewers Tuesdays at six era of Sports -- 1250 W ancestry. Sports Radio twelve to DW SSP good morning Jeff could make it 618. The weather forecast for today cold high of fourteen sunny -- that's nice right now five below feels like sixteen below -- -- it's. Warm up the fourteen it's not bad. It was they -- positive digits for a few days -- Pretty nice -- same -- coming -- on Friday. Which of course is Valentine's Day and guys. You better get -- stepping. Up you better get to step in when it comes taking -- the lady in your life. Because if you don't consider this one up well guess what you're gonna suffer all week and all month in the rest of the the rest of the rest of the year most likely get the woman -- you'll. Those have -- she's really gonna like this Valentine's Day. 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For just 1999 and you can double the varies for just ten bucks more take carrier -- this Valentine's Day guys go to -- dot com click the -- type -- WS SP. Are locked in the office with a box cities and all the ladies in the office couple weeks ago just started drooling your woman will do the same thing and that's a good thing. The operations Thursdays and get this done again go to -- dot com BE RR I ES -- dot com. Click on the -- type in the run up the -- like in the top right hand corner. And that have been my code WS SP that's -- dot com hurry up guys the deal ends on Thursday. Valentine's Day is coming up on Friday. At this -- guys it's not that difficult. The Bucs lost last night. But -- it was not the the -- who set the record for NBA futility in back to back games. That was set by the Philadelphia 76 years you see this story a -- -- Oakland California. Sixers loss to the Warriors won 23. To eighty. Mean that that's only the box score to me but it's 123 to eighty the Sixers loss -- the Warriors NBA record last night it was in the the first time. The -- team in the NBA. Had lost back to back games by forty points or more on Sunday night. The Sixers lost to the Clippers won 2378. They followed up by losing 123. To eighty. I think the score in the clipper game on -- at one point it was one all won at the fifty. -- or Donovan -- -- -- you will mean that is horrendous. It's the first time in NBA history -- team is lost by forty points in back to back games. Think about how many games have been played how many crappy teams -- -- -- how many great teams have played crappy teams -- He seems -- to -- that Texas three step with San Antonio Houston and Dallas in especially with. -- the mavs and Tim Duncan and the Spurs and just falling into that trap right they -- Or you know all those good piston teams in the early two thousands and LeBron when he was with Cleveland when they -- winning 4550 games a year. Mean you've figured somebody would to have this happen in the history of the NBA and they go back of course in in the ninety's in the eighties and some crap teams and our beloved Milwaukee -- -- as horrific as they have -- The record for futility for back to back games. Individually. It's is set by this year's Philadelphia 76ers. Now. Most president of -- figure somebody had to lose by forty and back out back games you know. Is it -- he says it's bad teams that -- some. Really really good -- a million NBA games played down you know that -- -- you figure that have to happen this is not by the way. The combined record for futility back in 1966. The Pistons lost back to back games by a combined 95. But they lost one of those games by fifty some and the other by thirty some -- -- from stats -- by the way the Sixers lost these two games by combined. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 88 points back to back is that wells grounds for firing when you lose expect to make teams like yeah. Not a grounds for contract extension are now -- yes -- who -- the Sixers head coach our favorite game. Who's the Sixers head coach -- round president your -- she -- you get half a point for that it's actually. Bob Brett brown Brett -- not a bad I didn't I wouldn't come -- with that now. -- I would've thought distillery brown not a -- -- Larry Brown is Brett brown related debris on -- brown. I don't think so OK now I mean they've had the Sixers to look at all the coaches they've run through over the years republic Detroit's -- -- mean they. They had both cheeks -- Uses Mo cheeks been affiliated with. Think he had a two OK I used to -- study was it was -- wouldn't. And Philadelphia Detroit probably right about that sounds about right now -- -- their been a lot of coaches since a 2003. Since. Larry Brown was the head coach. In Philly they've gone through Randy Ayers Chris for it. Chris Ford Jim O'Brien Mo cheeks Tony DiLeo. Eddie Jordan Doug Collins and now. Brett brown does -- of its interim coach. As -- guessing probably this guy because he's gonna make -- -- to -- Doug Collins was there yeah. Means is that I mean what I don't know make a -- -- -- my -- a full time coach -- Randy Ayers was just like to. -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know what -- I didn't want to make a -- -- -- -- -- Brett brown was a guy in the NBA coaching a team. I I don't know I have no clue. I was at the bucks game yesterday -- like do you like I am we had this conversation I think about. Watching a sporting event with a woman and we didn't go to a blitzing -- go to a bucks game yeah. With a woman and a and a woman called me -- today I got two tickets -- game you wanna come with me. Decent shore season got tickets and parking -- by us and our right hand and then -- -- -- -- do that I was gonna go see this violinist play and Pollyanna but I guess I'll go some of the second fiddle to that second fiddle yeah. Whole area. So. She's she picked me up -- go to the game got a ride to OK you know. And classy -- to do do you think new did not so we sit down -- the game she immediately pulls out of phone. After that the lights go down into the starting lineups. The end that is out there boom bubble blah. Game starts she's immediately on -- phone what do you think. Was the first thing that caught her attention between in in a game between the Bucs. And the self so she -- -- -- time a lot of it. A lot of -- -- What was the first thing of -- first thing just don't know why I don't -- that even came up on did well and a disappointment we left with four minutes ago or 54 and a half minutes ago -- come this year obviously lost total interest before tip off caring much less the fourth quarter. First thing in the -- -- happen in the first quarter and we're sitting behind the ears and we're sitting behind the Celtics bench. Brad Stevens it's not Brad Stevens. Not Brad Stevens who would have been she saw a member of -- needed Boston Celtics. It there it is not it it's like okay all right politically she's sitting there and she sees the last name. Humphries. -- halted if you're coaching -- and she says hit it way way. Is that Chris Humphrey. And I said yeah. She said. The one that married Kim Kardashian India and I'm like after that yeah that is our own alum watching now watch in the game. Puts the phone down -- is like. When does -- go and I'm -- sitting there like -- -- or any sports is not a damn thing how did you get the tickets I don't know some games or okay. Not at Danny made everybody feel about Gordon did you and I know you like golf the equipment. A little worse how do you feel like go at a sporting event. With a woman who doesn't noble sports doesn't care. I her following most of the time mostly on FaceBook bolstering things mostly -- -- I -- I mean OK if she's a -- our formal time. I don't know taken pictures. -- You know looking at who's respond. What women do and are you on your phone at all I let either that or -- mortal -- -- -- -- total wobble and I go somewhere. With someone I generally have my vote in my pocket I have the data off. So just keep in my pocket if you get to tax me that spider -- me that's fine sure we don't Twitter or instead Graham or FaceBook. All people you know you you leave the table or you know -- -- -- or -- at home I drive -- incredibly -- you're right which. Tom. I got after a storybook Steve fight for which we talked about last week with this point can -- -- it Kennedy to a break yadda and I got to get your. Opinion on a -- has. It enters a conversation last week but I. Not as -- opponents -- -- bring it home with our radio station here yeah I -- -- it's your pick to what he did what you think you Sparky -- There interest in this now aren't gritty and he -- a -- -- -- to be ruled the -- that was right up the Alley what. -- Allen told me last week with what happened now man I say I OK all right I wanna hear this and I really do I wanna hear it. Chuck and -- six when he served up by Perkins restaurant -- on Sports Radio twelve that beat WS SP we'll get to that next. -- 1250 Milwaukee sports reports starts right. From the -- the field Sports Radio to both of the updates studio I'm chuck freedom -- the field he wants dive shop for memorabilia autographs custom framing. An athlete appearances Bucs have now lost seventeen of their last nineteen dropping your overall record to nine and 42. Blown out at home by Boston -- 286 played shorthanded begin with the injuries the bus -- horrible job taking care of the basketball 21 turnovers. Energy was again the issue for Bucs coach Larry Drew. Clear last finance traveled come in and and they seem to be playing with -- more energy independent and we did we really had to get ourselves going we had that we had to generate energy within ourselves. Jeff Green led Boston with 29 -- -- 921 for the box more problems for Larry Sanders and corporal injury will keep him out indefinitely. I'm a football Packers new running back coach -- gash a twelve year NFL player it is today compared to a running bank packer running back Eddie -- to the hall of Famer Curtis Martin. Distance thing do you have a great player. It's very similar and -- -- and his mentality where you -- small -- -- you know cisneros started. He's an exciting -- it's -- there. Gash like for mark in his playing days in New England at the Olympic Shaun White -- -- third straight gold medal camp like finals today. American Julia Mancuso takes the brunt of the super combined at an American devil Logan takes us over in this ski -- style. -- mine at Sports Radio 1250 dot com. The update Russian Ivan -- keep your home organize with three deals that -- -- save big on -- shopping and more storage items Albany. Am an arts WS -- weather for today -- windshields at twenty below lots of sun today. Only -- -- of well. Right now three below. I've -- freedom Sports Radio twelfth -- the WS SP. Online at Sports Radio 1250 -- Sports Radio twelve -- BW SSB it's. -- wicked guys you probably screwed -- Valentine's Day before. -- -- -- individual -- lock onetime Valentine's Day he'd he'd be a decision -- my Martin's got a good handle walked another but this was like ten years ago. We just met. And out -- first it was it was awesome Valentine's Day at the Valentine's Day sounds familiar now. That maybe got a three day ice fishing triple guess what. -- imagine that at the Valentine's Day and we're -- -- -- or did he block you -- you mean John ligament not a little summer let them all went there in January view of me and -- -- -- struggling -- and today. Yeah I shots -- Leg as you can make up for -- Dallas your stories of Ballantine state failure and help you redeem yourself email us live -- Sports Radio twelve to -- dot com. Your -- of needed Valentine's Day redemption. And look -- we've got a that the dollar series berries get carded a -- you do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just email lives Sports Radio twelfth of the -- confident with the -- Get the woman in your life something she's really -- -- this Valentine's Day go to cherries fairies. And hooker upbeat the -- dot com Barry's got copies -- -- WS SC it's also easy for the guy because he's got -- with the Internet and -- a couple of numbers scenario. -- -- -- -- -- Time to get to -- three trends we'll start with the -- that we hear from the man who is probably a good -- because Milwaukee lost last night. And they lost that right there with the Celtics up until the fourth quarter when Boston decided -- -- pull away. From last night -- -- basketball post game show I know he's probably a good mood yours are good that my good buddy your friend in the little ball of hate take commander Steve Sparky Phifer. Morning shocked good morning mr. -- and what will be standing around a call against water cooler today. Talking about the box losing to the Boston Celtics last night 10286. But. More than likely be talking more about the fact that John Henson. Hurt his ankle -- -- in the game last night and there was a scare but according. Did obvious as the basketball and senator -- -- you'll talk to coming up the X rays were negative. On the ankle slash -- -- so doesn't appear that anything is broken that's good news bad news that is all these players that Bucs fans want traded can't seem to stay healthy Larry Sanders. With the broken eye socket or whatever you want to call -- at this point fractured orbital bull. Hit not playing and not knowing when he's gonna be back that's not good Luke Ridnour still -- flying that's not good OJ Mayo has been sick -- ever. I he's still now flying that's not good. I'm still waiting -- -- -- over to come back and prove that he is healthy at this point -- -- -- -- -- Butler is still hard to meet all of these guys. -- you like to see get dealt at some point possibly. Not not nobody wants -- Sanders traded -- you can't get anything I'm return form anyhow. But Ridnour. Ersan Ilyasova some people want move Gary Neal played well last night with seventeen points. I can't that you go another guy that people want -- mean you've got to have these guys healthy and playing well. The trade deadline coming up on a twenty of this month time is running out next game for the Milwaukee Bucks comes up tomorrow night that's the last game before the all star break. Against Anthony Davis and the New Orleans pelicans all the tickets -- basketball posting shall follow and what's coming up today act. Actually it must play by play voice tech Davis joins us on the Wendy's big shelf right your angle on Sports Radio 1250 WS says -- But a good day Bucs lose -- he's a good mood yet again and when we get there are trends -- -- Phifer story I can't wait to hear that did that. Really Gailey -- that quick day before pelicans. Maybe four pelicans -- bill Trenton he forgot the pelicans are these days -- in New Orleans. Our -- -- coach Wright I don't even know no Monty Williams ought to Williams -- name the year at the end of the Gretzky was much as they make a member of the New Orleans pelicans -- that steam as well in the house. Coming up next Pete Irish flavor the New Orleans Jazz let Brenda -- started the -- Anthony Davis the a former first overall pick. If you see the numbers that kid is put up. Do you -- that there are 220 and ten guys in the NBA you know Anthony Davis is one of them. Anthony Davis is quickly becoming the best power forward. Follow one of the best power forwards in the National Basketball Association he's averaging 2010 and three blocks a game you don't -- the guys who's quietly a pretty good player. Of the -- from cal Ryan Anderson yeah. And yeah yeah it's like eight -- twenty points a game. Pelicans 22 and 29 and fifth in their division. What they do the Bucs are 22 and 29 if the ball enough what an executive and -- wins -- would drop 5000 fans have been the thing. -- -- There are a lot of straight with Philadelphia when the Celtics fans -- need in the in the crowd last night where there really a lot of Celtics fans in the crowd last night. So yesterday of course you talk about Michael salmon the story was was growing and remember the the -- Louis story. -- to try to come out and he said he was recently shunned by the Minnesota Vikings we're restoring -- -- only spoke yesterday said he was pretty happy with though the Missouri star. Openly admitting that he was -- I'm really pleased to see this happen because it's an important step forward not not just for the NFL -- -- it is a -- it is happening pretty quickly this isn't something that I -- -- -- happened for another two or three years and better -- just a few that's -- very confident in his abilities he's a very good football player and hopefully he gets his chance and the itself. Read the weight and still seeming to get a lot of reaction out there of course and there will still be a lot of reaction. To the do the story about Michael Sam is -- he is the first openly gay NFL prospect and there are some people that are out there -- that are saying his stock is dropping. How stock -- begins -- -- -- the come line yet out I mean if if his stock is dropping for coming out that's awful that's terrible deaths that's not cool. That's not going to. And -- yesterday there was a press covered -- in Green Bay. The new assistants were introduced to the media yeah runs -- was there. Of Winston Moss talked about his new job title -- if covering the whole linebacker situation now taking over Kevin Green -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- guy at one guy run the whole thing I'd never could understand why was that an inside linebacker coach. And an outside linebacker coach Moss says the guys need to play better the linebacker spot. Well this game is always going to be about technique and fundamentals aren't -- our program has always been built around teaching and to me. It's very important that the guys that we were -- us understand -- growth. Commentary guys that didn't do this team and they've got to do comprehended and they're going to be able to work there. At the end of days that's going to be about production and consistency pars tomorrow. You have Winston Moss taken over and -- -- assistant head coach right now I don't know what that title actually means just the title there but but but but but but. When he's trying to get the linebackers have played better then I'll look we all want the linebackers to play better -- -- be nice -- And only -- stay in the 34 defense McCarthy city yesterday. Vernacular -- make any changes and an area so that we -- the defense little bit. Here's something novel McCarthy says he wants to be physically better next year wait wait wait wait wait -- He wants it -- the play better next year no crap you know I think. Amazing what a break drills now speak beat pretty good pairing make at least they begin the second round of the playoffs if it would be niners defense Cardinals maybe the top. Two thirds maybe I'd like that we just haven't average defense ought to be nice solid line all I want. It's for the the packer defense to be fifteenth. Which will be wonderful fifteen is a little ocean -- -- wonderful yes. Considering their -- the worst defense again last year unbelievable there's a three trends coming up I wanna hear this story about Sparky. -- -- -- Because it's our Perkins put on the table question of the day it's not a FaceBook page guys as a matter -- date -- gamer -- game rubber game. -- woman always -- phone. And when you can answer to injured dude always under a minute that the answers no but. He's your guy or your girl always on their full when you're at a sporting events what kind of goes both ways and it deals sometimes sometimes it yeah outside and I'll Taylor landed the other way -- looking forward this shut it -- 643 Sports Radio twelve that you WS has -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The grand in your hands your next coach what is coming up at 8 PM listen and endurance Sports Radio 1250 dot com slash cash and you can win 1000 dollars -- -- granted your -- On Sports Radio twelfth -- BW -- ST. Limited canosa -- -- It's tough man can your new Gooden would. It's kind of season's been so and you -- questions possible. Sports Radio twelve to VW SSB just in which served up by Perkins restaurant to make reads. It's 648 weather forecast for today high of 145 below right now you -- Feels like sixteen below it was John Henson. Is it was one of my favorite blocks by the way -- maybe my favorite blog yes I agree -- -- you know we have a studio really necessary it would bother me my fifth. OJ Mayo is -- -- -- ever. If you made it -- citing Bucs have ever had is stealing money OJ Mayo has been an absolute all. OJ Mayo has been absolutely horrific horrific acquisition he's got a lot of competition and area for worst signings right we can play that game later you know but you know -- With OJ do you always play -- six. For seven games the -- To bad flu broke a little part I don't know an amateur I it apparently he's saved illness -- -- Conditioning issue right now -- -- good signing real -- -- and conditioning. You know there's been broadcasters who've commented opposing team's broadcasters saying he's out of shape. Completely out of shape -- -- At least three times opposing broadcasts. As the the the you know the other team and said well you know point looks he deserves to slow himself he's he can't blow by anybody exist yet -- -- -- OJ Mayo have any pride. -- -- obviously I'm not trying to tell me you're not trying to be able to -- shock jock radio I don't believe it -- not trying to be a jerk -- -- -- OJ -- have a deep fry Betsy and is the game it comes down to that doesn't let. I'm early seventies because of illness is also went on there we don't know. We have a scary coming up in the fifth. As I mean if he's if he is it is there in the -- OK flew there should be -- all week almost made. I'd say -- hi -- I'm so I was last time -- seven games conditions his conditioning illness even when he was healthy he socked the Zia model awhile and what does it. What what is keeping him out and even even if he is it if he's I'd -- -- was what seemed to win any golf this team now he's that bad shots I would be pissed right now. Absolutely livid if I was on Herb -- or do they get eight million dollars a year and he sat on the bench is enormous. Seventh game is better understand it is it is any pride in OJ -- by and I absolutely and I mean you're actually right I don't think the risks. I just don't get -- -- no idea you know what it is sounds like a guy does want to play for a team that sucks. And I get paid what I get you don't wanna play for a team that's nine and forty when united 329 -- 429 in 42 we will know what you -- you want and economy here OK if if the box on the other hand were 42 wood nine. When -- be out there and a court. He was -- -- part of this team would he be on the court they're competing for a playoff spot where they competing for division title if they're winning games. Would OJ males suddenly find himself healthy and -- in shape and ready to play. Probably but the fact -- -- nine -- 42 is no excuse got the flu ready to get to the wanna go up there and play. Really come -- hurt -- dog ate my basketball shoes. You know it's different you know Larry Sanders has got the -- injury can't do I get dad. But to be -- seven games with the flow. What I -- in here I don't know. And let's try to less -- that serious illness and we don't know about it yeah and it is okay about the and we don't know about that. And we ask and we only get told anything evident he's sick aren't I'll find out from time last year as Gary as a person -- -- -- it's like every game like. Sooner or later OJ Mayo he'd get on the court played. -- eight million dollars he wanted to come here I know we did that slight don't think like you want you look. You couldn't have thought when the team was assembled when you sign that limited to 24 million dollar deal he couldn't have thought. That's championship team there and you had to realize you're part of a growing process and maybe -- year you could compete for. Second or third in the division maybe could begin a home court and you know you couldn't have sat here and thought. Yep I see John Henson and nice Larry Sanders and I'm not. -- Larry Drew she you to write that he want to come here because. The box -- the only -- the pay him eight million dollars a year yeah. And -- -- -- was like solid player of the -- blocks I think are in the playoffs three times in the last 28 years pat Gillick our teams out there right now that are just laughing. At Milwaukee resigning him. Just laughing yeah. She would books that. Negativity and -- OJ Mayo. This year when they -- OK here's a chance wrote -- final five years old to -- narron. It all really. Become made the friend the face the French live up to his drafts as -- spot he was supposed to be -- lottery nets' top five can't miss. -- always the best high school player in the country whom. Nick is school. Who told USC was coming and -- didn't recruit him told USC was gonna come there plays for a year didn't ever. Ever live up to the hype and now here you could be the face of -- franchise the city behind you and he had -- OJ -- Steve Bryant it's all up pride I hope we had some LB figures it out and I get out -- hasn't. So far isn't shields tried this organization right now. Look at -- and -- would that would is that organization and stand up -- nine and 42. There in jeopardy of not having a new -- -- of the franchise leaving the -- hands going elsewhere. Moving to another C -- If under a different owner as bad as an owner herb -- -- under a different owner they can be fielding offers right now I'll leave. I mean a mid may be under a different order there already and CO. I saw Seahawks Jersey the Bradley said area -- -- he really it was a T shirts are it was leaders even at Seahawks teacher right. -- the guys from Seattle just -- Rolling Hills UCL punctured deaths. No seeing them less Seattle moving -- now kids today -- that what did he see a movie bad you got to cut the senator we're in trouble. Forward we're definite trouble filled night of big Nike. I haven't figured truck up. There's some issues shoes try to get as you I got to -- Sparky Phifer story talking about you can't -- W went to a game last night and you'll the only -- -- on she was on the phone you know higher. -- out of stories pictures FaceBook you know I mean. Ice -- -- why he did you wanna come to the games and she said. I'm gonna let one game a year and she only got interest in the game when she figured out that Chris Humphries was playing and that's only because she like every other woman who is -- Texting and all that too but you know would in his time plays for -- -- night. Steve Phifer and Tim Allen. We're gonna have dinner. With the I -- in Zola and as parents at all from Kenosha Sparky examiner radio show the family out there and -- -- from Kenosha it's -- -- -- okay. In MEPs -- guys that you hang around with. And work from -- a Tim Allen and that's the sort of the mom could make -- she was sick. So was the -- Tim Allen jolt and buy for so they're sitting around this table in this restaurant and the whole time -- Before dinner during dinner after Phifer is I think -- followed him texting and tweeting and looking at Twitter. And try to -- conversation. Yet he's book Donna has fallen on his -- athlete. Banging away at it. -- Shows in solo work. Just that yeah I should demand that's embarrassing come on short little respect are at the end of their date has been for the first I'd -- that you three guys it's just three -- man it's still choice of respect to be bad if I thought for let's say you me and -- it and and Tim Allen -- -- some -- yeah some that are. I'm not gonna be my phone about it check it once or Tyler quotes you go to the bathroom or whatever come -- it will be on it up let's and you guys have backed out. -- but he literally his right out according to -- he literally in the fall right in front of him -- he was messed relish the whole time that sucks man come on sparkles. And -- -- Sparky single. I mean I don't like. Brawl he I respect your voice isn't it I mean it's just it's respecting. Respected since you don't do that when -- especially try to meet some of these you know -- parents or whatever means Sparky got a lot -- and you know. He's -- they want to meet him you know he's one of bases the use the radio station here. C'mon Sparky get off the phone I hate when people do that I meet somebody on the from the entire time I real I just can't stand it's funny -- like a few years who fight for do you have a Smart -- he didn't even know what he -- Twitter he thought it was stupid idea. He would have a -- -- -- flip phone now and now he's got the Galaxy S or he's on Twitter all the time -- Constantly -- -- it. It's amazing job and -- 657. Preserved by Perkins restaurant -- -- Sports Radio twelve that -- WS has been. --