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02/11/14 Chuck and Wickett 8am Hour

Feb 11, 2014|

Top 3 and bottom 3 moves for the Bucks under Hammond? & Sound Off

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is the only state you know what he sports fans main Sports Radio 1215 WS has been. Good morning it's -- -- -- served up by Perkins restaurant bakery son. Big chilly Tuesday morning. It's time to put a -- in your hands. Get ready to take this code word over Sports Radio twelfth of the dot com slash cash are you ready here we go. Human a thousand bucks -- you take the word vault that's right ball to its shots favorite summer Olympic event the vault. ZHULT. Take vault over to Sports Radio twelfth -- -- dot com slash cash and you put in 1000 dollars international contest. The next chance to win the Busch grand in your hand is coming up at -- -- -- -- Michael show here on Sports Radio 1250 WS says things. Aren't not -- -- fifteen. We -- a -- in setting year willful and what are people together is a list chuck. Other we're gonna put together here and we'll take yours as well 4147991254147991250. -- we're gonna deal. -- a lot of moves made by. Bucs general manager John Hammond. And I'm not a lot of worked out. Like -- can I say that not a lot of worked out bomb. So with that being said we're going to take the top three bottom three -- like we -- the NFL season -- do. Top three bottom three John -- moves top three bottom three John Hammond moves -- you can jump in. Either on the phones a 4147991250. Email live Sports Radio welteke dot com FaceBook and Twitter as well -- about FaceBook right now. Top three -- Bottom three John Hammond moves in his time. As a general manager of the Milwaukee Bucks job -- shock. Give me some good news gimme gimme your top three located John Hammond of. Move side number one be honest that's obviously that's given and yeah honest is sub -- question -- the best movies -- made -- you know some people think that he. He if the draft order to go to day that he neither one picked taken overall -- stuff was -- -- future. And -- -- is without question is best move ever. -- are -- two -- -- -- -- -- -- he didn't get a you know I'd -- John Henson and drafting John -- saw him in the draft John Henson in the Imus you know 12 I'll take both those guys. And you know -- -- Jon Hansen indicated to him I think John -- the honest the one to. Number three not -- from history this is the promising despite this half of the coin is very very OK not dig it could go deeper in your. How -- get jerked it it -- Jerry Stackhouse is the veteran presence on the 2010 team that's not I have totally forgot. I made out like -- let's not. There but it. Adding a veteran aging veteran like Jerry stepped -- should not be one of my top three moves. Like that -- -- that's were we have with Milwaukee barks -- I -- -- beyond us -- the drafting of those two guys -- and adding. The veteran Jerry Stackhouse -- the tube how's that empty -- -- Lost in seven games of the Atlanta Hawks in the the first problem this -- the Mike Woodson. Don't Hawks are Woody not -- Miller -- night obviously but -- goddess is what I top three. Look I I know it didn't work out. The drafting of Brandon Jennings got the town excited to got a people look up and up about an exciting young potential superstar. -- It didn't work out well I'll tell you why my bottom three but it didn't work out coming up -- but the drafting of Brandon Jennings very scrutinized. Having a better year still -- terrible shooter he is what he is but Brandon. -- -- always a different case good kid when he came here he said all the right things. It turned out not to be but he gave some people something to get excited about as a young player for one season and and John Salmons the trading the acquisition of John Salmons. That drag this team after the horrific injury -- Andrew bogey -- that help this team get to the post season. All along with a Jerry Stackhouse -- odd to me that was one of his best three moves I got -- Salmons and the drafting of Brandon. It -- two of the three have the -- -- 2000 attempt Goodyear you know. We get every year bottom three but you know again there's a one million -- and go on this but -- -- -- number one hiring of Scott Skiles is your head coach Lou. -- this guy is such -- Debbie downer. Okay you take a punch it defensively challenged players enthralled with -- defensively -- Ahmad defensive minded coach and great -- great idea just a guy who just the donor. -- looked terrible freeze for. For a franchise that needs some positive things and -- Scott Skiles yeah. Ersan Ilyasova when -- -- a bad deal from that. Todd might listen to their ago forty million bucks we say that was just terrible -- -- solely for -- you're going to sort of six Ers on even over the John Salmons the only. Our Ers on and then the JJ Redick trade for you know -- Tobias -- trade Mike. JJ yet nothing out of reversed -- -- JJ Redick who. You know help get you in the playoffs is the eighth seed I guess they lost the free agency the Clippers -- her son. The hiring Skiles and the JJ Redick Tobias -- deal. A three just bad moves I don't have any of those three on -- Across the -- side load off so I -- have a different three -- I haters -- are you ready. Acquiring Stephen Jackson. That destroyed this basketball team via the acquisition of Steven Jackson did -- what in my top one my top -- Brandon Jennings out. Stephen Jackson destroyed one of my top three moves. Although that the parties and everything Marion party planned in Toronto the night after a loss I -- -- -- left here after a loss like that Toronto had a party planned -- -- for his for his rap CD yeah that's a bad to happen and at. -- -- happened there. There was -- probably yeah probably so yeah that Zach jacks up my lesson that's be measured just get rid of them Corey Maggette bright -- Your thought it was gonna work out well stack -- -- terrible you're trading junk for junk their trading away Andrew Bogut for Monta Ellis. It trading away Bogut for -- today and every year and a half rental Monta Ellis and horrid and now you made that too. Shoot he just is that the right -- -- to shoot he is guards in the NBA together. Milk -- can't play a lick of defense and you put us. -- -- and then Leah -- and into words. Joseph Alexander. Joseph Alexander not even playing basketball not just not in the NBA. He's always played in in Jerusalem right now when he may play. My bottom three stack Jack Bogut for Monta and Joseph Alexander. 4147991250. Argue. -- I think there's probably more compare I have -- this list to rally around Sports Radio 1250. How much do this morning -- don't think. It's up. -- have -- -- guys. Mister -- Total in the league you know. -- bracket as your partner Joseph Alexander -- -- -- bomb. To -- in my head that's signing. I would have to say you know early I think given where -- -- big contract. After arm he barely -- all season. It would probably gonna -- America through years of -- productivity. I would I would say that was that was the -- one. That there -- I would have to say is -- -- -- you're a veteran. America remember it -- I got a good call her marriage. She. Did yeah I would say Irish got out -- -- the better coach. -- and -- directing pretty much you know they are a younger changed so. And had a pretty much put thirteen behind eight ball -- -- -- very good thing I'm Margaret you guard Courtney Paris is one. I would say -- that you wonder if it's a similar to wrap yourself more this year to -- your -- Didn't hit the eighteen runs you're. Number two. And -- during the I think. Which right now -- -- contracts just some sticks out. Even though when he signed him to a -- -- contract and get more money he ever get. A good focus you have a -- is contrary some guys. When he does make a -- Man band OK -- out -- what to buy it here straight about. I don't remember you try to bioterrorist for JJ Redick or make him an awful first round pick. I don't think anybody's in our union on us being the best yeah I think so in the early it's only -- three Mondale's. Stage -- Josh. I hate trash and a good guy but -- good guy not a great GM yet. How much shaky ever seen on Sports Radio 1250. I expect sort taking my call you out upcoming target my copy a quick he'll be like to -- it's great buried a joke -- the -- and let me let. -- -- -- -- -- -- And then. And Brandon Jennings. Bottom three books writing draw good -- the first state regency -- one pretty good by its -- children and Larry Sanders. Not that -- scratch or better or was that. The previous follow. I think at this that was that was -- have a -- Think that was handed. I'll check on and make sure I'm right big Barkley on Sports Radio welteke. We're we're not much time -- bottom three moves made by Bucs general manager John Hammond in his -- Top three. Obviously agree. Muppets I think Jerry Stackhouse took the bat that will start with you guys mentioned I'll bet that -- on number three and number two. -- -- -- -- -- The number one is yeah. -- -- -- -- I'm trying to remember the name have stepped up perfect counter to the point guard who Mench or Charlotte or release them -- that -- -- over. She was a restricted free -- that he told the old public tribute and I'm restricted free agent -- captured yep. You have. And say. Well well well -- They do homer time and he -- the top I have no idea -- -- big Marco. We have the product that we -- tried to drink soda and we'll -- -- -- larger. We're a little -- I'm -- a little I'm not. Winning the women and let -- get the first time or the second time they brought it. Well I'll remind -- Actually -- let it shouldn't let that -- -- -- and and so it and also Lynne Miller -- I didn't I had to go Milicic and. Do you have any good moves. Do you any good moves he's Darko Miller says she never was here tonight I think he's -- -- big Marco is losing right now. In the big mark o's lose and then I mean how many guys do you know -- through dude in a sentence news and fort for ways when -- Jon -- insight on his GM of the box. Policy after was seven. Was it would check it out here when and only signed on -- -- I might I -- it might have to cross Joseph Alexander off the list is he was drafted in 08. Was John here that. Was -- here. You remember. Remember when he was side when he became the other bucks -- I'm more calls coming up and -- you're our leadoff hitter chucked -- wicket at Iowa shift. RJR Bucs in center Gary -- -- coming -- all all it was his first draft but it was his first draft pick up so we did draft Joseph Alexander alright we have to remember that since 2008. Top but I'm -- top three bottom three. When it comes to move made by Bucs GM John Hammond -- calls to the next 41479912. That they. -- we got a lot of guys heard. You know going through a lot of things as individuals as far as injuries and has been all year for us -- just like ourselves -- -- just about time to rest and and you prepare for the second season. Sports Radio twelve to be WSS -- its job and wicked good -- -- were served up by Perkins restaurant and bakeries still happy to have you. Going to be chilly one today it will be a lot warmer than it has in the last few -- high of fourteen right now five below what it feels like five below. Wind -- of fact -- warning I guess all that it now just straight up cold it's just bounces straight up five below. When I was driving driving on us flying back from Mexico -- we get on the plane. And the other pilot comes on and says the current temperature in Milwaukee Wisconsin is six degrees. Boy you guys must really love living in Wisconsin -- That's a pop up. Gary woeful Bucs inside able to -- is at 915 because we got lobby on hold one again on this topic and you can't 4147991250. 4147 on 912 if you were talking about the blocks and no GM John Hammond -- kicking this around. He's got a -- out of nowhere last hour talking about the best moves made by John Hammond. It is tough it's tough to come up with three real good moves. -- we thought about the three worst moves. And it's real easy to pick for -- giant list of moves have not worked out since John Hammond has been the general manager of the Milwaukee Bucks -- were asking you to do the same thing we did. -- but the list of your top three in your bottom three. Moves made by Bucs GM John -- or did you just want the best and worst move made by. GM John -- it is time -- 2008414799125414. 7991250. You can also email us your list live at Sports Radio 1250 dot com. FaceBook and Twitter to -- river you're gonna get us a bad move junk yeah it was a good move you're just giving nine bad moves its -- Well I know I know one outweighs the other real quick give her list again at your top three nobody. -- the Joseph Alexander was drafted by. Hammond in -- used at the -- was John's demonstrate he -- is -- he -- he -- to Joseph Alexander the Bulls for John Salmons. Had a couple second round picks got you BCS up about. Hey -- I don't know whatever many women signed Selma to turn -- -- -- my top three top removed since John Henson drafts and those two guys. And -- -- Jerry Stackhouse of veteran presence in 2010 somebody on Twitter wrote about that up Paul RC 25 rates on Twitter at likely get -- -- if you GM what do consensus top three move was signing Jerry Stackhouse for thirty game exactly. Bottom three and her son long term Skiles as your head coach Andy Tobias JJ Redick -- My top three -- honest -- bringing in John Salmons the year they went to the playoffs and the drafting of Brandon Jennings. It's idiotic cited about a budding young potential superstar now didn't work out but I thought it was eight. Good move -- a time when I was very skeptical of and my bottom three signing stack Jack Bogut for Mon day. And Joseph Alexander. 4147 on 91250 what's your list 4147991250. -- -- Washington you're on Sports Radio twelve PP WS has pretty. You know our partners they're currently active with -- and -- Obama Marmol a little -- out and look. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our bottom why you don't do them more often than not with Hewitt let it get it is less doubt shot -- your -- let me is list. -- bottle -- I think it has to be trading him -- Bogut. Signing mean trading for or signing or trading or whatever even Jack. And the writing -- -- or whatever was of Corey Maggette. I was just garbage more I don't understand it but you know respect cultural I can go out there because -- -- little fire underneath Justine rear -- And that made him a little bit more out and want to play even harder. Bombing it looked like an exciting little bit of that you know it's only stick out but then what you people come up or what -- like throw stack outs. -- -- -- -- -- -- You do things been appreciated for 1479912. To people and 47991250. Lots on Twitter to get to -- up just negative ones Eric curl writes on Twitter top three -- sense and in trading Jennings for two potential poor piece isn't. And that would be of course -- nine and -- -- Middleton. Our bottom three stack Jack trading to bias in getting -- when we could have had curry is stacked -- a big eventually traded him. In the -- deal for Monta Ellis. Yeah I'm happy you know -- not Kwame Brown was throwing an idea I didn't even hate the acquisition of Stephen Jackson it just turned out that he destroyed. Everything out he destroyed the mind of Brandon Jennings it's lot of drama two years ago gave us a great SoundBite no I don't like. Followed John downtown -- on Sports Radio 1250. It would -- you you know I hit a tie for the best move to me would be an old John Salmons trade I mean obviously good for the fact that you know what happened or -- season. And bad for the fact I think that it actually sort of ruined and matched up payment plan you know -- I think he kind of -- a -- flat sort of we organized plan with that trade for the year in the fact they had success -- catching you're out what you want you know I think ultimately what COLT probably wanted to do. I mean I think a good thing I'm I'm with the ball get her -- traded because of the fact that people came -- Have a short memory but everybody wanted to enter -- out of -- prominent trade done. Mean the guy had been healthy for more than like 25 games for about two or three years in a row and you know there's excitement and the talent -- came along -- a -- I think that. Now the plot I'm -- think you know -- you know signing Jackson with a bad move. But you know -- an -- applause for getting religion England and -- in and night -- you know I think conduct would -- some repeat. The other bogey trade I didn't like that when trade for a ball -- like Monta Ellis that we could you when you already had nearly all parties like playing him at the yet guys learned surely does they they -- -- -- -- out. -- who both want the ball on their hands met -- would never gonna work out. 41479912541479912. -- he thinks the phone call. Let's see hear this from Jake -- eleven on Twitter trading one year old to bias -- hands down most idiotic trade ever. Number two deciding Scott I don't give a -- Skiles in over three Joseph Alexander. Back to the phones those doctor Brian -- Sosa Brian you're on Sports Radio 1250 -- Brian. Orbit the comment last question that I do a lit bit and let the -- moves could go on and on my question regards -- Do you think the -- should keep him and with the upcoming trap that how valuable is based on what he's done and I think -- September call it under my -- a little bit throughout this so important in their future. And trust it and with that pick. It would look bright I think the that the the question I think gazes. If it if they are number one and the odds are they should be number one which means -- before but if they're number one shot. It's gonna come down to can John Hammond -- really screw up. Parker or Wiggins I mean. Is -- you realize it's a real I mean isn't strip though because like he'd like to Oden B okay Oden. Went the poor women and regard and I Garnett directs the rain ended up with the Seattle at the time. I mean everybody liked -- everybody would take an old and or number one. -- -- I mean the box hot dog I personally would not -- I think it the majority of people would think you don't cheer then. But it is that it is that considered this to erupt when everybody says at the time. Now obviously -- -- the box at 9394. They took -- robs everybody said take Glenn Robinson Glen Robinson was the guy turns out that. -- -- Jason -- the best player taken. But out of the box dropped all the time when Roberts looked to -- the right move. Yeah I mean was it was Bogut. A bust. Because nobody knew Chris Paul was going to be no I only know none at all. So this -- coming -- did you argue that Hammond. Had a real good draft last year getting -- Walters. And got -- that's not bad it's pretty good draft predicted he we did most people like that draft grade I would say he's probably -- -- more productive GMs Lester in that draft. Getting those two guys. I would I would agree. And that and the thing is that the callers question can you trust him in this upcoming draft -- bright and Sosa I'd trust you to make the right choice right now. Wiggins Parker. Early on I was totally pro Parker. You look at -- breeze come along if you're watching him play in the second half of the season. Over at Ed KU. He's he's he's a guy that has really figured a few things out and is now really you'll get a -- warranting some of that overall -- -- draft prospect status. I don't think anybody can screw this happening right now both guys look like they're gonna be NBA -- -- I would agree Mike I think you can't go -- he shouldn't go wrong either way you with one of those -- both of those guys should be starts. You should goal you know whether -- what every take they should be. All star players so you would think that each institution -- -- -- probably should not or 147991254147991250. Can email live Sports Radio 1250 dot com. She and and bottom of the bottle in a final question that he actually fired by the time the draft gets here. Look we're making a list and it's tough to come up with a getting past Jerry Stackhouse of good moves he's made that is not -- -- keeping him around for a long long time. Mean do I wanna fire and today no we were asking the question is John -- get one more shot at this mean. And right now the hill there and nine in 42 basketball team before the big -- nine wins and it's almost Valentine's Day -- was the executive the year 2010 yes he was by the -- who went third after Kevin Durant in that draft Oden went one Kevin Durant went to be there -- only female notable Al Horford. Al Horford out or was was submit other draft no doubt it was a year or two later okay that was Oden Durant or -- Mike -- Jeff Green. EG on Leon went six and under and that's not -- so we can't blame that on -- -- now college is on the other previous regime. Danny Green -- -- on Sports Radio twelfth at the eight and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And Charlie Bell who are the Warriors. And it it's the worst would not being able to pull through with the -- -- I think. If I know they came pretty close and that -- were predicted a -- mean we could be talking about a completely different -- -- now. Big Josh Smith guy I'm not gonna lie -- I mean it would have been interesting to see the dynamic -- would have brought. -- the end of last year maybe they move up to that succeed or something like that something ridiculous I'm not a big Josh Smith guy I'm really not. Now and it's sorting out of your -- -- Detroit a waste of money true maybe the new coach can get something better out -- that does that nucleus there but yeah Josh Smith I don't think. You know maybe he would have played under Larry Drew played better -- we got more out of them. I don't who knows -- You can use the John Paul's view GM's seat welcome to sound off line at 44821624144482162. Coming up next. Why Sparky Phifer. Is -- -- -- certainly trillion lacked Sparky -- -- even matter what Sparky Phifer has in common. Would Bob Kostis. Chuck try to figure that one out what Sparky -- -- as in com and with Bob Kostis -- -- all time great broadcasters. I'll tell -- at the sound off line in twenty minutes. And not at 9 o'clock we'll revisit -- Perkins put all the table question of the day it's at her FaceBook page. Guys that matter it's a packer game or -- gamer bucks game is your woman. Always on -- phone at a sporting events will revisit that coming up at nine books in center Gary willful joins us at 915 it's 832 Sports Radio twelfth at BW as -- pretty. But 1250 Milwaukee sports reports starts right. From the Legends Field Sports Radio 1250 updates studio -- -- freedom Legends Field you want -- shop for memorabilia autographs custom framing. And amp it appearances not even to the all star break yet the bucks. Have -- themselves a losing record from -- season -- point to nine and 42. After -- 10286. Home loss to Boston last night the fourth quarter did them in outscored by fourteen. -- it was a two point game after three quarters or right at the beginning of the quarter. We just couldn't we couldn't stop him and and -- which are the best -- over Jeff Green getting more sort of make it just -- voice coach Larry Drew Jeff Green finished with 2911. Of those in the fourth quarter for the Selz. Meanwhile Brandon Jennings had 22 for marks Gary Neal -- the point of the bench with seventeen. Larry Sanders who have been playing very well this month out that I into Rio fractured -- he's out indefinitely. Marquette on the road at Seton Hall -- -- defenders hop back into the top 25 there in at number 21 on the football Packers coach Mike McCarthy. Added two new coaches Sam gash becomes the running back coach -- look. Takes over as assistant special teams coach fresh faces the coaching staff is always -- has been hurting. More frustrations. -- -- to new ideas. You know we we don't have all the answers. It's -- -- -- thoughts throughout this. At the Olympics Shaun -- goes for his third straight gold medal might have might finals today. American Julia Mancuso takes the bronze in the super combined an American -- Logan -- over in the ski -- style. For a while mine at Sports Radio -- -- dot com. The update brought to -- alleged the field throughout the first public autograph signing the badgers star receiver Jarrett ever terrorists. March 1 from 11 AM until noon at the don't feel -- but -- the field dot com for more information. WS SP weather sunshine and twelve right now one below I've -- freedom Sports Radio 1250 WS history. Sports Radio twelve to VW -- -- -- -- -- wicket were served up by Perkins restaurant make free time to get two or three trends in the world of sports. And I knew top 45 -- outs in college basketball Syracuse remains atop the bullet when he -- number one getting all 651 place votes. Arizona 23 -- one -- they're number two followed by the forty gators with three and then two mid majors. Wichita State and San Diego State both in the top five the rest your top ten no -- rock chalk jayhawk will not drop -- falling to Kansas State yesterday. The Duke he's safari and Cincinnati do you see anybody -- usual in the top 25 well besides the two. There's four teams and they're actually yes. Wichita State even though I know -- in the top here in a -- for last year SP SU I don't know if I can believe in them. Nobody a nobody before the season at no -- anywhere near the top top five in Cincinnati Cincinnati. -- But -- -- a team that -- the top 25 yesterday for the first time thirty years SMU southern Methodist at 23. You know the coach of SMU is Brett Favre. -- -- that's that's at southern miss and southern miss over the -- yes no Larry Brown. They're Browns coach of SMU. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Its previous seven before that victory the other night but. -- -- morning when the backe and think -- -- -- on a five seed right now yet but how quick drop that would from three. All the way down so you know they -- 100911. And -- dropped out. On top 25 when -- on your vacation and how do you from the third ranked team in the country out of the top 25 you lose fortify I know that's -- what happens -- rest of the Big Ten teams in the top 25 by the way got. As I mentioned it's party at nine. Michigan at fifteen and Iowa sixteen. Ohio State 22 yet in -- play to those three teams Philadelphia -- Michigan and Iowa both on the road here in the next couple weeks. Matt's. Going to be tough -- they've got Minnesota Thursday. That right Thursday Thursday Thursday at the Colts -- lost in the barn earlier Richard those guys stature. I would tell you losses in the big east that's in the top 25 Creighton -- in the big east yes there eighteenth yet to be a given his exit -- Xavier. Unranked. Yeah but there's two teams in the big east in the top 45 the Sabres at the Bradley Center -- center but hey -- -- -- home for a fantastic. Marquette got Seton -- right signal that I haven't seen all Bucs lose last night they faulty. Milwaukee -- fault of the season. Boston Celtics -- -- 0286. The final score. Brandon Knight was had -- -- a hot hand for Milwaukee scored 22 also dished out four had five boards sixteen for John Henson's seventeen shot. For Gary Neal off the -- this year reveal what it. That's a disappointing acquisitions and Terry -- do off the bench but when he does he is ridiculous the bottom three act without a lot -- Sanath. Not worse than I but I expected more to Gary Neal this year there with the yards but he hasn't been given what a lot of opportunity maybe Gary Neal really is just -- Good role player and a great team and he's not getting -- you can depend on -- he'd do anything on a consistent basis what was the most disappointing part of this year. The weather the I mean the -- -- Gmail yeah absolutely 100% without a doubt a team male or what their -- and Sanders but. You know months -- -- close race between him and OJ but OG -- so Gmail. And -- CS percent -- with the sniffles out -- -- -- got an illness and we'll find out at 915 but that is meanwhile another injury potentially for the Milwaukee Bucks big man John Henson. Limited you know so much -- Stuff in the community and you Gordon was. The season's been so looking back soon as possible. Hopefully we shall see -- take on the pelicans. Night at the Bradley Center go -- that game by the way go Ciampi Davis became for a -- Kentucky hadn't. When he -- -- -- -- in his second year gap once a very good player a missile were down to go see the other -- point. Yeah yeah I'm a Republican injures easily see -- Celtics jerseys last night's tally rallied a Republicans Jersey and -- Ryan Anderson jerseys probably not probably not. Yesterday some coaches were introduced some new faces some old faces in new deck chairs. This time it was Sam gash in the microphone the new running back coach -- ago. Where I don't know how many great barriers like -- -- football -- So yeah I'm actually you know start your cigars and around here and there's you know obviously a reason for everything. He was on Jim Schwartz -- staff in Detroit and you know Schwartz got the heave ho. And yes these -- just you know these these head coaches hired -- Franzen guys they're comfortable with and they'll both those guys runs a game. -- Sam gash McCarthy had a previous relationship with both -- -- -- and it's interesting to see Sam -- go from a team that had no fullback. -- -- team that does rely on the fullback now they did not have a fullback in Detroit knows what the reap bigger reasons why Jim Schwartz got fired. Was our inability to pick up crucial single digit yards you know and at third and ones third and two's third and inches. They have a fullback -- come here where let's third one you know the hell's gonna happen they're given -- ball to John Kuhn. Released they used to not get at -- so he's got interesting work load in front of him. Coming up what is Steve Sparky -- have in common with Bob -- not much but this answer will make you -- say that coming up here on Sports Radio twelve that -- -- USS feet. Friday -- eyes Friday Friday Friday that's right Friday it is. 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The box is 1999 double up on the varies for just ten bucks more but you gotta go to Barry's dot com and use my -- WS SP. That's WS SP better -- boys Valentine's Day is Friday this deal ends Thursday. Get it now go to -- dot com that's beat ERR I ES -- dot com click the -- type in WSS speak the deal ends Thursday. And movie and -- Good morning Sports Radio twelfth -- BW necessity it's -- -- served up by Perkins restaurant in bakeries. 849 high today of fourteen it's. -- four ball right now Milwaukee. Four below no wind chill which is nice feels like four below. We said Gil -- which will be wonderful today's actually -- shot I would consider. Getting my car washed. To be sunny no snow in the forecast -- the roads or try to seems little -- -- prevent I still I'd consider it at probably wanna do it but I would consider it zero -- the wait at least that the ball. 28. 28 -- were freezing here I think. Both of resist boy's -- new car like that now when I get it wanna get a clean it looks so much better clean and it it's turned it. Yeah I've never owned a black automobile problem is what's gonna freeze -- to put it through. Here you put through a nice car wash and only -- -- this quote you rethink it a shock. You have them on to figure that out. Guys you'll probably screwed up Valentine's Day before maybe -- toaster chuck got his wife a lock. Let us for Valentine's there I -- I was ten years ago not Smart. Maybe a three day ice fishing -- seem like a good idea ever -- -- well you know you screwed up and we're gonna help the out tell us your stories of Ballantine state failure. And -- to help you redeem yourself email us live as Sports Radio twelfth at the -- -- tales of needed Valentine's Day redemption. We got 150 dollar series varies gifts -- to get to give -- -- sell tell us you screwed up in order to help you totally redeem yourself. Just email -- -- Sports Radio 1250 dot com speaking of emails got this when your chuck from and -- Angie Angie she writes what's up with -- this. Guys your station doesn't support. Sincere -- what's up what does he -- support women. I'm sorry no -- -- this Mike what is in your station support women I asked because you Valentine's commercial is geared toward men for their female partner. What about the other way around. And I might well guess what our audience is dominantly men you know predominantly men -- for their female partner. And Valentine's Day Edwards is -- -- geared toward. Women enough to go to a music station that's -- a guaranteed toward women. And you won't have you want handles -- commercials are stationed like gotten. Where you know -- ask him hey guys steers -- -- gives it mostly women might be listening to a right hop -- how it forty or whatever the Max to break down all guess what. Traditionally it's watches -- not traditionally. It's dominated by female listeners I mean if we talk the way we talked and -- station we get thrown off fear all guide ya all guy. -- -- there's no way some of the things that we get away with on this on this radio station. Some of the things we say course -- man you guys in the complaints. You imagine when Allen Aaron said hey you know I don't like -- -- the women on the mix. -- Body crushed yet exactly oh my goodness. So I found out what Steve Sparky viper has in common with Bob -- Before you got -- -- my first year here Sparky went to spring training room with Tim Allen as he does each and every year. And when he came and he got pink -- when he was in in in Maryville sure. He came back shock and it looked like someone had died his eyes -- like I'm not even talking late light -- -- -- one night. Both eyes look like something out of -- horror movie an absolute. -- in a horror movie. And the hit the thinking behind all this was that Sparky you know became a demon -- it turns out he actually had -- -- gotten. And he wouldn't go to a doctor -- one of those guys it just doesn't go to a doctor I don't get that you've got insurance here. Lucky enough to have insurance. With our jobs and you have -- go -- he -- -- -- like a walk in clinic at south ridge mall or something like that that's what that's what that was the medical attention he seeks okay. So we find out that Bob Costas has been suspended. You know why it's been suspended he's been suspended relieved by Matt allow or -- the coverage of the Olympics on NBC carried. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And now all eyes there's a shot at him from last night. It looks like Sparky from spring training seven years ago -- and how ocostas I mean he prepares a lot he prepares for everything he does. But it all the time -- prep just like these athletes that he's put into this whole Olympics wasted now because he can't perform. Exactly at that stake and big guys that some of the goes away games you know in just a few days kids get penalized -- I had it when I was a kid and I had when as a kid. It's just -- -- were served up by Perkins restaurant -- bakeries where they're putting it all on the table coming up next. -- to go back to our original. Our original email original question today. I was a bucks game yesterday with a young woman and guess like. She did something that totally totally drove me nuts guys I'm sure I'm not alone. We'll tell you what that is bucks insider Gary -- fools to think of at 915 it certainly gets served up by Perkins restaurant -- Time now for the best in the twelfth if -- sound off line on Sports Radio 1250 WS is -- It's time for the best of John Paul's Buick GMC twelve to be sound offline. -- On Sports Radio vaulted the W as -- pretty Milwaukee's sports station. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. It would be more Americans it's like old -- -- all -- -- understand the Red Sox okay I thought Joseph got a keep -- -- -- -- -- -- But the and smoothing. Since -- no place you go. -- -- -- -- -- -- Why didn't WS that Pete and -- are pitiful three. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- were -- look at the movies. You can sound off on a John Paul's Buick GMC 1250 sound off line at 4144482162. -- a message. But John Paul's Buick GMC 1215 sound off line John -- hundred service department special is going on now -- GM's -- -- -- change tire rotation we will linemen and hundreds average a 7995. 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