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02/11/14 Bucks' Insider Gery Woelfel joins Chuck and Wickett

Feb 11, 2014|

Gery Woelfel talks about why Mayo is still not playing, the best three moves the Bucks have made and a look at New Orleans.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- What do you -- -- and sand by the Thomas -- offices. This is -- -- aren't the only station Bucs fans need Sports Radio 1215 WS this team. They are nine and 42. And they lose again last night. I was at the ballgame sitting just to my right is our -- insider Gary -- He's on the great mid West Bank hotline Gary good morning -- has a question for you Jerry. What is OJ -- deal. Feel monitored -- -- -- -- you know we got that. Probably what I want to know it's hard to Larry. How can OJ Mayo. Is some is a DMP every night and it says that he's got an illness what does this illness that he can't play. Mean that's -- top one and he really what's what people. Will say -- and Internet noted that element of what you know like oh. He did come now where we're at -- Or -- it is you know. And he awful I mean -- to what should be better but it's seven -- Geary. Yeah or yeah I agree and what a great or better obviously -- out -- he's he's back -- 100% and he put out for what are -- Earlier treatment. You know yeah there JP is back reporter well yeah it I would assume. You're up to all star -- -- -- -- on the court. All right so I mean it's not wrong for -- -- -- -- -- really question that a guy who's gone for seven games with the blue did you know especially the box have access stuff. In all this medical stuff and all this and -- would think that the -- to be on the court by now. -- -- -- Every you -- it is -- republic what was your I don't don't. I just don't get it I mean if the look at the -- winning would he be on the court. If you if they -- winning if they were in contention for division title. Would also and OJ Mayo be find his way to get on the court or is it affected -- and I am 42. But what the -- last week and -- -- argue too. I would simply don't aren't at that point so. I don't know is a mysterious do you Mike I mean in my Ron Dennis this is if the bus or 42 in nine I think you'd be on the court right now of those is saying it's just a little suspicious. I don't get it -- -- -- -- -- 42 -- nine he wouldn't even got a little too but if you're okay. But they have access to like the top medical treatment a row did you say you would think -- -- doctors yet. Don't we find a way to cure this. You know -- we're going to. You know last -- just don't -- It -- in conditioning is an issue now -- I don't know what a disaster they want me in every. In the big picture appear before you know -- now I just wasted money is another film. Exactly it in in. The way that -- report yeah I mean what you want to keep it well but if I went against effort of two years -- -- -- is BS I don't remember the other two weeks I -- -- -- that. -- not the -- that we're not there needs to. Don't long looks a bit contracts. And you know -- -- and that could push but not yet. Follow up -- what you saw billion dollars. You know guys in Orange and stop it very well. Certainly -- -- -- him. Gary we -- kicking this around got a lot of response and her FaceBook -- on the year we'll take it -- one porn at what part of the time. What are the top and it's reality top three bottom -- -- what are the top three moves. Made by Bucs GM John Hammond since he became the general manager this team top three. This is not a big show this is -- -- that's what we do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You are at their jobs all the -- that sort of all that's -- -- -- in my top three. And I heard it straight victory pretty even -- it's still earlier and off the charter let me you know it's ridiculous. The consensus is there. Until that the year is -- on -- -- -- -- -- Father -- Tim -- going to be best from the Francis -- guys like. I mean yeah they're they're not saying that would -- rebel. -- -- I mean it's more of a cynical. Beer or are you what -- Right about three to that top three good moves made by Bucs GM John Hammond. It is time is general manager of this organization. Okay -- go with Brandon -- yeah there's brand it something -- and -- You know I mean I meters Jerry I want -- -- should normally is part of what act -- Any -- got out of that. Though. I'll play what -- -- -- and all people. Watching the parks are all. That he has trouble along the way short on. -- worked for a cheap points or more or collapse by. Anybody except these the just got yummy guys every week or week. That's -- and so wore out my computer -- It 3040 years old yeah he has flaws. Q school. Now I -- my top three were young and it's John Salmons -- as John Salmons and the drafting of Brandon Jennings because again this city a young potentially. Exciting player not didn't work out with the drafting of Brandon Jennings chapel where you're you're able Giants -- as John -- In ending Jerry Stackhouse a presence. I was searching for number three -- Jerry Stackhouse for presence on at 2010 team now here's why this is difficult respite because it was hard to find three real good moves -- and have -- to go to the potential of the draft pick from nearly a year ago that says something about it. Now here's the hard part Gary what are the three worst moves made by GM John Hammond. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the people it's you know. Those guys are clearly you contract that they just -- -- -- we got some of that earlier yeah. Well for four years 44 million. And they -- It's aspect you're here next year yeah you know also got 44 million dollars -- -- -- there. Number -- But it's like being -- Right -- -- mean the thing is investments in the first one was hard because you couldn't find three the next one is it's tough to narrow it down to three. Yeah yeah I agree well good good and got you right there to write it abstract yeah I mean that -- didn't play at all last year. You get 70 -- at the anytime -- end to steal -- tells you something. Exactly I got a bit of speed this year another -- dollars -- out or cute though it now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I would say it's rating. Or even and where everybody. Yeah yeah do you know you want to contract extension. And there about -- epic I'll bite you adopt a bit. -- -- -- there are quite out yet so. Stephen Jackson go to work the he could we will work our forum. In San Antonio their problems with him. They can't play that guy a year you -- and you really have some issues. Yeah -- let you know he he they're what two weeks and yet elder. What has -- nobody would ever that element. They out right at the bottom three Mike -- got stack Jack in my top three as a matter fact Bogut Vermont today absolutely horrendous and two words Joseph Alexandria you know I did her son's. Career. -- you know Griese. Three -- better Osama and bottom three Jiri haven't heard that her son -- -- -- the very beginning you know. Hands. Me. As a nickname is flash is okay and Turkish classless yeah tennis is I get -- -- Larry Sanders stimulant and had to play well in his latest injury Scott Skiles there. And a Tobias Harris JJ -- deal. Yeah yeah you know sort of the you know that are there are still -- and that will be out of the -- An assistant general manager told -- the -- -- after. He thought away and got screwed big. I mean it out you know I thought early draw the people -- Bison team winning tip in the other day -- game winning dunk at the horn probably -- like seventeen in a -- he's having a much easier if you -- -- was great while seventeen and how is doing Graham okay. Alumni goodness. And here come the pelicans up next -- -- -- to -- What a true number one pick can turn into I didn't think Anthony Davis was going to be this good before. You know -- he'd be -- his NBA career when he came out of Kentucky -- in the championship game out of -- took a shot attempt against Kansas. The Gary this kid is turning out to be what a real number one can be hopefully that bodes well for Milwaukee down the road assuming they get the number one -- Yeah yeah I mean it I don't know gentry who put that count but -- -- you you have -- three people. TDs -- people are these -- predictions. That was my choice for most improved player of the year so I got warmed up like. An easy -- But that -- I'm I'm big if he. If you. With the perfect order. Are you out the -- to -- -- you your you'll recall. As good. Somebody mentioned this to a slower earlier today about this mentally to my exemption thirteen points -- -- them. Someone -- -- your current and now now we -- right. -- yeah of course he could. Yeah I think you -- yeah -- what are well do you find a spot with a bias at the small forward spot there's no doubt in my mind. Ahead of Chris Harrington yeah I don't want to buy but I predicted this year I think most people would take the bias -- Yeah okay. Whatever you -- Parker. What it starts by -- -- And I didn't illustrate -- JJ Redick. Missed this earlier do you trust John -- to make this -- pick. Yeah why not. You know -- -- That they -- like they it's been really -- Under the radar a -- negate it more away from union. General manager. And you both -- job you know -- all. You know I think that jumped straight -- -- -- Them pretty good job there I mean. -- outside of Alexander. And you can say that he got up what are their. The -- -- -- a BS is on Twitter are there any late hot trade rumors is John hammonds phone ringing are you hearing it you need GMs you speak with. Inquire about anybody in this bucks roster regretted most of them -- hurt. Yeah exactly -- -- yeah the -- that you know in our guys the veterans like we've written our. Rob Butler no -- that deal that. Other you won in Q well what -- -- so -- really well and popped up your day. He is where -- straight while -- at this point in there are several feet that are in that it hurts our boat won't be traded. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It does to should be adjusted now to see what word. You are counted -- -- -- -- -- trigger. Okay boys it's funny that there's no takers -- -- for Larry Sanders. -- -- I'd get dad but I I told Mike earlier it's of the social last week. When Larry I just made a whole conference I saw a little bit -- in the last five or six games that. Maybe give you some. Little bit of optimism he's a probation with me but I'd like to see him. -- -- stick around for a little bit. Well I mean I mean what what does that say that one but -- one more week so why you know I know again. You know I'm -- I mean it is values. Being a little lull you know. The only way they -- -- doubt that they should have a great job of out some and it's really attractive. Often -- we're we're gonna take about four out or you're forty Portland -- CL. What you don't huge gamble what -- what are all of them back there. So was -- -- went down that much because of that. Champagne -- -- champagne bottle thing the dog thing the resisting to Graham saying -- already leads the legal injections and technicals yeah that's a good guy but military and -- we review about you know that was a problem weren't that that don't mind when everything. Yeah now or never I mean that one general because I course -- You know and what it is yeah MBA course called work. Poppy -- computer what you eat you up the court drew when you better view of our record he beat -- -- -- it all worked well. -- -- appreciate the time little -- -- again next week enjoy the all star break. -- There's there's our -- -- -- -- -- on the great mid West Bank outlined. During the key with -- GMB now through July if you're looking to buy or refinance a home like great mid West Bank on FaceBook to learn how you can live mortgage free. Great mid West Bank simply local that is always a Bucs in -- -- willful brought to you by. Are good friends that repeat is fine foods and -- by the Thomas -- law offices for divorce for child custody in any other family law needs gold experience go with Thomas -- Online at Motorola law dot net that's a moral law dot net or 4143275800.