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02/11/14 Brent Barry on the Bill Michaels Show

Feb 11, 2014|

Former NBA player and current analyst for NBA TV Brent Barry joins Bill to talk about the All Star Game in New Orleans, the state of the Eastern Conference, and how can John Hammond fix the Bucks?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now on the Schneider orange hotline former NBA player himself an analyst for NB ATV Brent Barry is on the line -- -- you don't want. I'm like this summer I'm -- -- -- There are so many good things to do in the state -- Wisconsin you guys only get a chance to come through here in the wintertime and in the summertime -- -- rocks. Love and I mean -- MBA -- you're just downtown near Allentown as quick as possible but. And -- cleared some pizza and cure and a -- yes. That's the way to go it's a long driver that's the way to go. Hey will the dunk contest be better than what LeBron does in warm ups. I don't I don't think so yeah I got a pretty good reaction just messing around practiced yet today and well I hope so it you know every year I'm kind of I'm kinda tired about people -- pulling the the dunk contest as they have over the years I think every year there's something it's actually pretty decent about it. And this year obviously a lot of news about not only the guys -- in it but the change of format which could be quite interesting the way they're gonna do it this year. But a couple of different round so. It should be exciting and it's always an exhibition for the fans and in New Orleans -- obviously put on the put on a great show down there for everybody in north. -- in Indianapolis to be just the two cities to host big events. Yet biggest didn't go so well for the NBA when they -- it out there and while there's a surprise yeah. Yeah he's got a few cities. Yes Indianapolis is fantastic no allowances is great the San Antonio always does a great job. Whenever they're posting something whether it's NBA all star event -- bowl games or the NCAA tournament so there are some great -- to these types of things to -- -- -- lets talk about the it's between them and the Miami Heat everybody else is a wanna be at this point. At what point is Miami -- in your opinion just turn on and say okay here we are again. Yeah I think the last fifteen games of the season you're gonna really see that team lot and it's not that right now that that they're floating through this season but I think with Dwyane Wade's situation they're very cautious about his knee and making sure that he's a 100% healthy going into the playoffs but that last fifteen games -- Potentially see -- -- Greg Oden minutes in the second half of the season to see what he's capable of giving them off the bench. Could be quite interesting and then we still have the excitement of what this year could be. Had -- interesting with the trade deadline looming after all star weekend and some potential moves and some roster changes with. Guys who are playing somewhere teams who think they're close and feel like they can pluck one or two players up -- roster to to elevate their position in terms of their playoff -- Last year at the Miami Heat probably would have the Saints. May I should say the same at a similar season -- -- not been for the win streak when you think. -- very much so that they'll win streak was something special something that -- they latched onto it and who knows I don't think in the second half of the season obviously the win streak aside that there's there's going to be focused on that I think there's some rounding out that they need to do and I really do you think the -- situations quite interesting for Erik Spoelstra you gotta give them some rhythm minutes than. All the talk about saving him for the playoffs and certain battles. It'll be really interesting to watch out Frank Vogel the -- -- the Pacers and holding Andrew Andrew Bynum and getting him some time and some touches maybe for the Pacers. And what the -- -- doing with their big man -- it feels like god -- meeting monster at some point in the NBA playoffs in the Eastern Conference. The western side of things obviously a little more jumbled because there are out there there's the power shift has gone dramatically to the west now from the east and when you look at the west who is by far is suggested Kevin Durant Oklahoma City by far head and shoulders above everybody else or -- does the rest of that division -- -- that conference catch up on him. Well they've they've been pretty awesome without one of the most awesome point guards in the league and Russell Westbrook. You know obviously the talk over the past couple weeks about Kevin Durant being the MVP given the the -- -- on his shoulders no way he's carried the team. Think -- 24 and eight against the west so they've beaten up really the quality teams in the league and also in their own conference. But San Antonio may have a move left in them I think you got to worry about some of the nicks and injuries that they've had at this point but pot does such a good job down there. Well aware of how he operates in and controls the minutes for that basketball team. The Warriors have not really. Not really shown themselves. In the first half of the season but I think in the second half we'll start to pick it up a little bit and then there's some new players in the game with the -- Portland and Phoenix have gotten going to -- the west has a budget guys who could beat up on each other which they've done over the past few years to allow -- Miami -- come -- -- play against the team -- had -- gone through some some really significant battles before the. Finals before -- ago and I have cliff notes version if you're the general -- -- Milwaukee Bucks. What do you do. Well besides go fishing. This point -- yeah I think that maybe did. John Hammond to get out on the ice a little bit and get himself and Shaq can grab some pizza from that -- -- players and appear. After that I you know they have some guys that like -- said. Teams thinking about plucking guys off the roster and think you -- they can help about it media is Gary Neal one of those guys is OJ Mayo. It's been weird that way Ilyasova has been played this year. And Luke Ridnour as a point guard and I think some teams out there really really like his professionalism in the way he approaches the game could he be a back up for a team that wants to go somewhere maybe like the Wizards who are looking for a backup point guard so you know plucking off. Guys who are not young guys who have had some experience from that roster to -- Milwaukee some flexibility. Is they gotta do something has been -- top top year for the Milwaukee Bucks but maybe the the light at the end of the tunnel certainly the NBA draft for Milwaukee this year. NB ATV and NBA dot com they're all over the place -- -- -- mobile lap now why you guys doing your guys that are gonna combined for television or to televise more than a 140 hours of the all star program -- -- reported I think it's -- work in morning noon and night. You can see -- my response to. Absolutely not it is great to come -- Which can affect a politician would jobs -- go out there noble center is of pizza Brad thanks so much for joining different elements -- -- you guys they go Brent varies from NB ATV he joins us in the Schneider orange hotline.