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02/11/14 Andrew Gruman on the Bill Michaels Show

Feb 11, 2014|

Andrew Gruman of FoxSportsWisconsin.com joins Bill to talk about the state of the Milwaukee Bucks. Which players have a future in Milwaukee? How far are they from contending with the best of the best? Will a number one overall pick heal the wounds?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now on the national title orange hotline Andrew grew went from Foxworth was Johnson -- down the road and -- you don't. -- -- -- We're gonna while -- now we were talking in the -- last there'll be cut it or not that die soon look out I'm probably going to games now on I've been paying attention and there's just no life I mean it's just -- -- I think needs an injection or something or other and to meet. I would keep a couple your key pieces. Get that first overall pick. Make a deal in bring in somebody that you're going to overpay. That's going to bring some excitement and that's gonna hold guys accountable and brings in a winning record. It's not a coach it's got to be a player it's got to be somebody on the court that I'm not talking about energizing the crowd you start winning games the crowd get energized I'm talking about. The stench of losing in the organization right now and the acceptance of it. To me is unacceptable. And it's pretty obvious that. That they into the chancellor Gordon now logistical finding the right way to do it and and then it starts with the church -- -- coming out. Coming up here next week -- Bill that it was just another example what you're saying -- the -- was. From from all parties involved and and it. We looked about. We have confirmed -- certain thing but it we went through almost every year rather sinners and last -- announced crowd was. Was. Probably is the lowest announced crowd of revolutionary history and it goes there so that they -- in -- is in the Estes no lights and and promote from. From everything involved and then that's it's becoming a trend and then you're right they they need to there's some things are shaken up. Mostly what they do at the trade deadline and I don't know how much. I'm not much is gonna go down at the trade deadline -- just because I don't know how much they can get for the guys they want to trade right now in season. And yeah hopefully that I think they're banking on that first overall pick will be the start of changing that earned them -- -- -- -- the offseason will be more important. It's just finding that that guy you know -- is that that you're talking about me you know kind of like put Oklahoma what Houston did with James Harden. That's sacrifice. And that's gonna -- some. Some diligence on their part to find that right -- and haven't been able to do that the casting and hopefully they can hit on net that. That -- move or -- like that. Big because that certainly need it that was is right now the first services is just not a very good place in and it's it's the hope -- It Israel is reliance on that cup overall pick in the and then what they can do to build -- And in two reasons I say this -- that one because I believe whatever they get as far as the top overall pick I don't believe that that player with as much up and down plays we've seen -- -- these guys this season. That that player is ready to committing just take a franchise -- his back and take it to another level so I don't think that guys out to they have to make a move within the NBA they're going to get a key piece. But I don't think he's that guy secondly. I was told by two different people either within or close to the organization. They've got more than a handful of guys in this team that are 11 -- -- to me just collecting paychecks and the other guy said to me have absolutely no passion to win. Yeah I and you can -- it agencies have. There's some of those that are just -- -- to play out the contract. There or. We're just in the -- and you know I think during a situation as well documented. Yet he hasn't played and he has been happening. You know and I think he's happy just -- -- -- your country and I think is what. That he's gone by the -- -- -- or should be gone by the trade deadline justice to remove one of those pieces easily and then. If you've got a couple of those records are that are not I don't hear that you know that that. They don't have the means that they don't really. Her -- -- the return -- they really care what happens to a forward here because there are this year and -- That's not a rip on Luke Ridnour. Is if -- a pro last. Any he's handling his business the right way but -- it is Stuart and you'll really. You care what happens going forward -- -- erratic playing time you're you're you're worried about yourself and -- an -- of your career. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They haven't struck well let's -- a lot of that is the veteran pieces that -- Eric and a lot of roster types for -- Stewart going back for the last 67 years there haven't been able fired there. There and it's and it's not easy to do a lot of gossiping you're I think it's been a bit to make them -- move if -- if they're gonna reinvigorate. The franchise a little bit. Regulate what does that -- or -- spiritual of the year or Jabari Parker or someone like that there are gonna have the same expectations coming in. And they're not your beer they're not gonna meet them -- and they're -- -- -- can be anything bad but. Only way they made a -- It's only when they meet him as if they put pieces around on double make them successful. Exactly and there -- but -- so it is still common in Augusta one year college they're not going to be a -- regulated enacted a piece. What LeBron James was right away just because I mean that's a rare breed and then even Kevin Durant and and -- LeBron took a little bit of time to come. True impact player not comparing those guys to those. To at all but it's just saying it to each time prick here you have to adjust to the NBA so they're going to be. -- next year right away here or even competitive next year. There's gonna have to be some other things start them essentially dumped on them and that's where they're still in the past they haven't been able to do that you will see at stake and some popular now. On my next question is -- -- -- is a little while going the -- is John him and that guy. But I don't think it's spirit that question and it is used -- to -- it really well and that's why I think he sticks around. It's because I think they're gonna build -- Minnesota's ability are -- and the building that was young pieces and he's done a good job. A value rating in the draft and getting in getting these players. That's -- I think he he's status. But it got that Eric to raise that question if he's a guy that still otherwise she hasn't been able -- -- the roster and and any other way than notre increases the -- And -- that -- requests and and and he hasn't proven he's been able -- in Tibet but. I don't think you birdied the final two years and this contract extension of them and they're gonna they're gonna let -- -- the draft. But he especially if it is it is their sir Terry -- those -- that he is. Because the last time we had a big party for number one overall pick it was Andrew Bogut. And at the time we said you can't you know you can't teach -- And Andrew Bogut when he played he played well when he was healthy he was he was very good. But obviously that that turned out to be a failure we've had the number one overall pick a couple of different times and just hasn't panned out the way they want -- I understand timing is everything. It's not a year in which you're gonna get another LeBron James. To come out of the -- come out of high school and say I'm going to be your savior however. Bit there's there's talent there I think everybody agrees on that it's fining the -- it's gonna fit the talent so I'd like us sit with -- John Hammond on. Are there he's made a miraculous moves he at times he has been one of the better GMs and getting ready contracts in figuring ways out to get this team team. You -- out of the salary cap jail that they were in. What you expected something with the money so my question and also on top of it is with -- senator letting spend the money to go out and say you know what put us on the -- I think I think that senator would spend money I think he is. He has done that. First but -- -- just -- the wrong uses of the money you know John Salmons extension. Started -- just. A bad series of moves in that size Salmons -- to get rid of that concert -- that they can Corey Maggette is. It took to get rid of Maggette to have to bring instant rejection and -- -- was part of the -- trade just to dump them. You know bad signing to another are good -- -- spent money on him but that just was not oh why it's uses them money. So it's the question whether. You know the senator and -- And John Hammond can can use that money that they felt slightly or even draws as -- -- that -- that other than through free agency. It is it's definitely. -- -- -- have some belt now but. I think what they're gonna have to do it maybe -- for a trade I don't know how many. That impact free agents are gonna wanna come to Milwaukee in the -- there really aren't that many out there. They that that really would be that that franchise changer I mean it's the perfect model for that it is what Houston was able to do. You know that they found a guy like that that. James Harden who was sitting in Oklahoma City they knew he wasn't going to be able to research analysts. That's -- there just because of all those. It's that they had and they're gonna trick or they lock them up in a sign and trade and now he is he's their franchise piece but. That's -- you don't run and those situations too often for the Bucs have to get creative to. -- to find a way to get you some pieces to build around what they have. And -- they do have some some nice building blocks going forward on this roster couples on another distinctly below accumulate in order with how. Getting rid of some of the building blocks -- How do you -- Milwaukee. Stuff really do it's it's tough and I understood this because. You know the Brewers don't have the problem but for. Is that the Brewers -- -- beautiful summer you know and they have a beautiful facility. About except -- official franchise that that struggle. And then the temperatures have been in the negative so -- you know barely reached thirty all all winter and and that's definitely something that overcome when. When it went all the other sectors are working for them never -- another negative part episode as a as a episode -- there is here that you have a chance there. But they're they're -- outings which they look at just -- -- turn around. And be a part of that and be a part of a young roster. But couldn't commit to that young roster lists with the right veterans wicketkeeper in and -- -- liberals and and and maybe Lilja and -- those guys that. I just look at your he'll look into your -- and players themselves in other remaining. -- really commit to that young culture and and I think doesn't want to do that between. They were embraced the use and and then all that but they have a lot of factors working against them it's going to be a gigantic challenge and that's whether they can't really afford him anymore mistakes. It's. It's two point now it's like a critical mass moment. -- they did there is no tomorrow they have to get it right this time there is noted. People are jumping off that bandwagon saying good -- get the hell out of town I think it is a -- enormous mistake. If people take that attitude but that's where it's fallen to just you know let him go just your read on what I'm going no there's a save our box dot com web site. -- -- stuff but they have to get this right you cannot go through 345 more years. Of crap you just kept. I agree -- I also agree with the notion that that that they it would be a big blow to the city -- Here's an NBA franchise left that leave -- -- Packers are in the states but. Remark is of one professional. Major professional team hold them. You know they have -- that's right because they they need -- -- -- -- -- that during had to be able to stay in -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- some -- -- -- To the people that are gonna -- battery and then they happen and in you know. And here's my fear handers that they're gonna say -- we've got the number one overall put pick let's get some excitement in the building and you rely and that he doesn't have the pieces around him and it's a failure and then they say okay just another bust. And then the last gasp of hope that you possibly has a Bucs fan or even as a casual observer goes right out the window and then there is no way in hell you're gonna get tax money to build a new building no way. But it throughout the thing is it's. In the in rebuilding it -- it's it's a big importance that could not the only thing here that you can't. Sure. He hit if there's a chance this start could be a great player. They have put but yeah a lot of that there's been so when he busts are in the NBA -- and stuff like that that. -- airports in this summer outfit than in this case certainly that would be they'll both be the last straw. That you're right -- -- -- around at their their. They'll they'll use the topic as as just another building blocks you know babies. Little more talented than the ones that they aren't out for. Yeah they have to build around him and you have to get it right they have to make the right -- You know to surround our players and -- -- -- We -- with the right pieces and and that's that's where they've done wrong in the masters. But they haven't -- haven't been able to fill out a roster. For whatever that start but that's a different thing that that's what they have to fight first but. They also haven't been able to fill out a roster was the right positions and that's. That's so you -- there haven't been able six chemistry on the -- In years and that's that's going to be an important step to moving forward it is in a hotel in the world at the masters -- Wasn't that most -- -- they -- better than director -- but the chemistry is -- and so little louder than. That are gonna go and to turn history around the ups and the drought -- part of it is not the only thing. It is the league in which we just see retread after retread after retread when the stench of losing starts to -- a franchise they're again -- good stuff man I appreciate it -- -- -- soon. -- -- -- until later Andrew -- joining us on the Schneider orange chow line. From fox sports Wisconsin dot --