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02/11/14 Mark Daniels on the Bill Michaels Show

Feb 11, 2014|

Mark Daniels, reporter for 1440 WNFL in Green Bay joins the show to talk about the Packers new coaches, and what does Green Bay need in the draft?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now and I thought -- -- got the flowers -- him just for inviting them on the program. Mark Daniels and OUNFL and Green Bay is not a flower sending guy and at least jeopardize so -- -- don't buddy. Troy. Up. All right man com. I guess Gary -- got an interview we even know about it on. I don't. That. -- -- your ears and -- -- -- about it. That would have -- to really acoustic but eat they just went a little further south in the Big Ten that's so. Yeah so -- no big -- to Cleveland Browns more about them for awhile the Packers on the other hand they've got some new assisting coaches. Not -- I guess my question to you is where we're rivals would Ron's -- How big of an impact do you think he has do you think John slogans looking over short. I think shot might being her I I I was just really surprised and that's -- have that grind yesterday having and it felt coordinator. You know head coach -- two major programs -- -- coming back. To be what an entry level assistant special teams coach it. -- said yeah well you know he had just because I just like coach in and that coaches coach and no matter what position you're in or what job here -- its all about you know joining the team pulling together and trying to win and I understand that he's been out of football for a couple of years. He has got -- special teams work in the past you know -- the NFL level for a couple of teams and again he replaces Chad important as the Packers wanted to just make a change I think the captain and some of the special teams failures in the in the coverage and return units on Morton more so -- slocum who retains the coordinator job but. With those -- longtime association with Mike McCarthy going back to 2002001. -- it would surprise me that there's some troubles on the units again next year. That is that we'll just take over full time so. I think important times at the Shawn slocum -- -- -- Com -- I guess is this going to mean to the Packers overall in in the essence of transitional -- we all know the players do the position coaches more than they do with Mike McCarthy so -- -- or do you consider -- to be -- Yeah I think I did okay you know I kind of like the -- you know -- it's going to be dealing with a lot of the young players said that that's kind of his wheel house. -- all these kids that come on the rosters at the tail end their. They're the ones that have to play special teams and it's a constantly of revolving door and and I think he's gonna relate well to those young guys. I like Sam gash as the running backs coach is -- no nonsense. Bang -- pull back for over a decade in the NFL. He knows the division. After working in Detroit. He's really excited to work with Eddie -- refine his game I still want to see a fullback on our roster even though he agreed that. The fullback position maybe an endangered species in the NFL. And with the Winston -- -- Mike has put an awful lot of faith -- that guy by taking him as assistant head coach. Almost facility got here 2006. An outstanding his role to -- Kevin greens duties with the outside linebackers but still handling the inside -- and they had really a big say in the overall. Production of -- game plan week to week without it. I thought it was interesting in my McCarthy had said that that Ted did and his staff right now are going over the draft it was almost as if Mike was somewhat separating himself from that how much say do you think McCarthy has in the NFL draft. I think you've got a lot of I think when it comes down to that to picking. I I think it's still -- is and his henchmen you know Elliott wolf that and do -- -- -- those guys that that. Do really all the leg work. Mike you put -- can't -- You know how this player might fit with what we do. I like maybe like this guy over that guy. You know here's what I have at this position and here's what I think we need but beyond that. I think it's pretty much -- that's called. -- -- -- we've seen you know John Schneider obviously very successful this season so was so nobody Dorsey. With the erosion how much do you think that is affected Ted Thompson's ability to be able to have conference one and his staff and to really find the quality guys have been looking for. I think there has been an erosion I just look at bill you know last couple of drafts and you know I I know nick -- been hurt but. You know I think that they've missed on Jerod McMillan -- the fourth round pick. There's not a whole bunch of producing. Young draft choices from the 20111213. Drafts. I think there's some promise. But I'd. Record of the -- -- -- when they were in the room with that is a lot better than it has been over the last couple of years so. I'm not sure about -- you have to take on more responsibility or greater our -- TDs to delegate you know. The scouting reports that are written that a push to his debts from those guys that I I don't think have done as well. -- when you get into the draft I mean how much is this going to depend on the area of need. And how much is this going to be in your opinion best available Ted was at his best when he was -- -- best available. Don't think that's the way he goes I think that's pretty much spin the way he's gone all along. But that in mind there are. A lot of needs on this team I mean they've got to address the safety position. They've got to address what is sure to be an overall -- the -- sense -- why I was so many of those guys. As a restricted free agents. Another impact linebacker I mean there's a lot of -- they can go with that when -- first choice come may and and so it will probably at least in the first round. Be best player on the board at 21 regardless of position. It didn't sway him from -- taking a quarterback way back -- -- that's worked out pretty well. When they really didn't think they needed a quarterback at the time so I'm not -- all -- his. Approach in that regard but once you get that may be rounds. It was three they're really going to be stockpiling. What they need help -- Do you find it interesting a lot more draft colleges are saying that the Packers are going to be interest in -- a tight end and another -- or another offensive linemen that it is strictly a defensive player. I can certainly see the tight end position and I can't imagine to Mike the Phillies gonna get medically cleared as much he wants to return and resume his career. That was the -- three or. -- that wiped out you know Nick Collins and several others in -- is -- medical staff was still in place. I just think it's I think -- -- have to be hard pressed to be cleared by doctors. Do you beat -- by -- NFL doctors so they got -- I am. Andrew courses restrictive create you know while -- -- some nice things. I don't think he's the answer -- Taylor -- certainly not the answer DJ Williams -- doubt anyone eat. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I would be surprised the qualities I have their lives it's what -- want. It when it comes to the defensive side of the football where do you believe Sam Shields to meet everybody says he's a must sign and I I believe that but -- and a ridiculous amount of money at the drain if it just gets too high I think you -- come -- I've got to -- -- -- -- that bill I'd I'd hate to see them upset. You know of the salary apple cart -- they have shields I think he deserves to be paid more. I think he's going to be able to command more outside of Green Bay that he would. Within the -- organization so it's going to be very tempting for him. But again I don't know. Is there's no such thing as loyalty is there anymore you know. Home team discount this and that now I don't think so so. I think the Packers feel okay with Casey Hayward he has to become an every down outside corner. And so I I think they feel somewhat protect -- at that position if shields price themselves out of the Green Bay market. Which linebacker would you would you displace would be AJ hawk -- -- Jones. I would displace Reggie Holmes you know to tell you the truth -- I just. I don't know I got soft spot in my heart for AJ hawk I know he had -- you. In. Any yeah it's -- to get -- and he's get -- you know. Look bad chasing -- Vernon Davis down it seemed that things like that but so is -- Jones tonight and I just think AJ. Is is a productive tackler he's a great communicators he doesn't make a lot of mistakes in the mental side I think he's still really solid. NFL linebacker and he's still locked up for a couple of more years on that deal that was greatly reduced a year ago so I I'd say it's -- Mark -- -- -- thanks for joining us -- okay. They care they go Marquis Daniels from 4040 WNFL -- Green Bay joining us on the Schneider orange Rollins Schneider right now hiring drivers -- 844 pride. Or go to Schneider jobs dot com Schneider jobs downtown.