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Feb 11, 2014|

Do you think Gary Andersen is in it for the long haul as Wisconsin's head coach? Gary, Ramie, Sparky and Ted Davis discuss. Tom Mulhern of the Wisconsin State Journal also stops by and discusses Gary Andersen talking to the Browns for the head coaching job and what he thinks of his recruiting class.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Great show running back glossy Sparky Phifer Gary -- -- and the voice of the Milwaukee Bucks -- Davis anyway until 6 o'clock. Repeat as hot stove weekly takes over these airwaves at that time and -- to get to between now. And repeat as hot stove weekly coming up at three Adam silver wants to carry on David Stern's legacy of not letting Americans work plus a catch up with Michel Breuer. Of the Bleacher Report she does a few guys who. Be at the -- Biden who could be starting. For your Green Bay Packers next year drafted and starting immediately children is coming up. At 448. Loss to talk with Tom -- heard of the Wisconsin state journal at 248 he'll have the latest. On the Gary Anderson rumours and that's -- -- today heard big boys guys say take him in the -- judgment day. In -- -- -- the -- judgment of the day were wondering here on the Wendy's big show and he can jump in right now at 7991250. If Gary Anderson -- only bid in the batter's head coach for one year. Is in this thing for the long haul after the report that you heard there. In my Clemens update at the top of the hour Ian Rappaport tweeting this morning. Browns tried all during coaching search source says. They secretly interviewed Wisconsin head coach Gary Anderson -- Who got a rays -- on January 25 that raise was about -- 100000 dollars Gary Anderson and Barry Alvarez have released statements since Anderson saying officials from the Browns contacted me to talk about their head coaching vacancy. After our initial conversation. I decided not to pursue the position I am committed to the University of Wisconsin. And the student athletes in our program I love the city of Madison and I'm grateful for all the support from -- fans around the state and around the country. I look forward to the start of spring football. In a couple weeks and turning the focus to preparing for 2014 just a portion. A Barry Alvarez is statement the eight. He alerted me immediately that he had been contacted by the Browns and affirmed his commitment. To the university. Of Wisconsin Gary what do you make of all -- in somebody if. I mean. And maybe -- -- comes I'll Mueller and was -- -- -- -- somebody if I mean were they flew him out there. To Cleveland and ago playing gotten them all day I agree with the mayor Richard interest in golf and they had to sit down and -- and and he. -- took -- gander at the facilities there and looked around me tomorrow about a stadium in. Nargis wanna know because to me that's interview everybody else if everybody here in Dallas the all interview job here and -- -- you -- I'm Garcia now. If our local phone -- true Saturday. You know -- to tread on the point you know got his job for -- -- -- Level blah and I say no right that's not an interview -- doesn't do you -- -- -- -- -- I'm not trying to -- water. You know on our topic. But I've been here daughters stop on the radio all day about. He interviewed and I've ever seen anywhere yet. Where where he said. In that will be a Gary Anderson. -- he was interviewed by them. Or just what would you call the process and -- Or be your definition what -- are feeling out process right I guess you get to know -- and now things are you interested in right. Right and that's that's probably what -- calling from Houston. Appropriately or maybe New York or Cleveland kick the tires street to see where they were I don't call it equality and -- -- Aren't well the real quick spark -- -- -- -- -- while you're talking there I'm reading -- top Muller's report. And your he doesn't lay out what happened if if if Gary Anderson -- went to Cleveland or how far the discussions went. But and we'll talk to -- at 248. Throughout the article. He refers to this contact between Gary Anderson and the Cleveland Browns as an interview we'll see what he constitutes as an interview we talk with -- -- it right for you you know media guys -- and maybe you know somebody from Cleveland came to match. As -- and that sort of cabinet comes to an interview if they came to Madison to sit at a third down with them to real -- that interview with. When you look at his stuff we're Gary -- and and you lose Brett below them in the way you did. Ought to Arkansas and no no -- -- would've thought that that could happen to a program he's got to go rebukes for a lower. Maybe he's three years and he's fired you look at Gary Anderson his situation. I don't know have don't all hit a lot of Wisconsin -- not in four. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I you know I would think brutal to his own -- he's got you quotation marks in an interview. From Cleveland I think you know when US Cleveland. Yeah when you have to question. Are easy in -- for the long -- And and that's why give the wrong is because I don't know. Because I don't know if we had a interview enough if you win on any view. And went to Cleveland and -- -- there -- no I'm not an easier for a a bigger better deal he's in -- four. Our himself if in fact that's what he's did the idea because those jobs in -- -- are going to be that they're going to be happen or frequent -- I'm sure -- -- some digging and maybe he's actually found. -- now I've just I mean I went -- -- -- reports 200 timeline where the case may be. He said the original tweet that he had a -- this whole thing. Was brown started all during coaching search sources say they secretly interviewed Wisconsin coach Gary Anderson who got a raise and Jerry -- that I think the tie in is. That Gary -- -- when I taveras they look. Barrett shocking to me. And these are kind of numbers that they kind of brought up -- -- around and embarrass and we'll get some more money or will extend a contract and get a dot. As Barry Alvarez Renault -- man I mean usual number one was don't -- Yeah and I talked to Philadelphia Eagles were -- Nebraska old -- old dog noted a more. I -- so so Muslims and you can't out fault Gurion or through the year he received a phone call not -- figure offers phone rings our guys. Blow a lot of line would have -- when you can't be careful because. In a real world that's what you want but at very least you know you got a cold or someone -- respect what Garrett. End of the day are hitting a mile pace in the money they need to -- keys or I think you know -- you look at Paul Morin on column. You know he's -- -- -- escalator clauses are already in his contract. What do you really have to give him any more money you don't really -- extra 100000 dollars or more in bonuses because of what they did this year. -- call me cynical and I am seven around sports for forty years. We're all looking for the bigger better deal are we sure yeah and every coach I've got to look for the and less your countryman Livan -- -- -- here in less sure -- Nick Saban and -- an Alabama or you. I'm sure even if Saban gets here I come up with Texas I think it Calipari at Kentucky but now he's involved -- -- BA rumors every -- -- never not a bigger better deal out there possibly the only one that I would say probably is an issue ships he -- -- he doesn't seem to be looking for that next step that there may be a few instances where the -- -- okay I'm here. I'm staying here this is going to be my life calling. But most coaches and most of us are looking for the next best thing. So -- sure I mean it is Wisconsin a program that will keep a guy for life no they're not at that point yet and there are very few schools. You could say that are like that and so sure if Gary Anderson is looking for the next thing I don't blame -- we all are. Sparky think he's an -- for the long -- I think right now he's he has to figure out a way. To beat some of these programs -- in Alabama and then he's got to figure a way -- in the playoff. And that is where my concern lies what he's got -- one with Ohio -- -- but once he gets into the play out once the matches are -- -- for playoff structure for the national title or does he wins or loses a game in net. Then everything is can escalate up as far as these bigger programs that are bigger than Wisconsin. Are all -- -- are gonna have interest me -- that was Saban. The Michigan State I mean really he had that one great year and -- game call that it will take you didn't do that -- -- we'll take you are -- You're from LSU to Miami and -- back to Alabama after he walked on a Miami. So I think -- isn't gonna walk out on Wisconsin maybe you'd like Barry Alvarez maybe he'll just say no no no no no. Maybe Barry Alvarez when he heard Gary -- and I didn't look I'm going to be here forever. You want BA deal with when with we can make this an eventual -- -- you mention walking immediate role maybe deals that may or in that closed doors and we just don't know now that's just now he's leaving -- anywhere. But I I just don't know. If that's happened because to doesn't do you're never been -- -- when -- -- when -- first broke about Brad Gilbert and Arkansas well just finish shot. -- -- -- -- -- -- But doesn't sing and didn't give Barry a chance to match and then just said I took it out -- goodbye and part of that was. Well he didn't probably like the shadow that Barry Alvarez -- Of the -- and probably Barry Alvarez -- talking me and everything else beginning it was my heartache in a long walks and everything else. But at the end of the day that did it did it begin to be too much for Brett and he nobody could get out -- the -- From what I understand from -- for -- And that is important or not his wife had a lot to do with him -- -- that could be had he not sure had he not gotten married to her I think -- state. Because. You know we. Brett in some ways felt. In -- I don't like -- said and in some ways. Didn't feel respected for what he had done on the field. But the other two were always -- and thought he could never do. The right thing and and in -- -- a lot of bad rub. With a lot now which is his own doing. And they had a little -- civilian award you can go from. What can be -- leaders and overcome Nash. Mean that was there you mean that Brett Brett wife just had to Wear that dog mills she just had to put that on -- -- if you want emotional warmth the and she gave her Edward arm had to put that dog goes on I don't know are harder to battle this year look good dog -- that -- -- amazing thing do you -- Gary Anderson -- it for the long hall it's circular avoid judgment of the day get Ian Rappaport. He says that the Browns interviewed the batter's head coach right before he got a raise on January 25. Anderson says he was contacted by Browns officials he doesn't say interview in the statement released but. Knowing what you know -- college football what you know about the situation do you think. Anderson is in it for the long haul 7991250. A lot of Sports Radio 1250 dot com the when -- make shall be right back. Why -- -- show -- -- Gary voice the Bucs had Davis we'll talk with Tom Malvern of the Wisconsin state journal about. These Gary Anderson rumors Ian Rappaport tweeting this morning that. Anderson interviewed for the Browns head coaching job right before he got his rays on January 25. Anderson does admit there was contact. Between the two parties he doesn't use the word interview anywhere. In his statement do you think Gary Anderson is an -- for the long haul -- Madison 7991250. Email -- -- Sports Radio 1250 dot com drop -- line in the Wendy's and box also sentinels were looking for the Wendy's and box today another winner. For our 25 dollar gift card from rookies house of roses will be choosing one. Today and tomorrow and and all our daily winners and go into the drying. For our ultimate Valentine's grand prize that includes a dozen roses chocolate Teddy bear and -- plus dinner and Joey seafood and -- in Brookfield. Even if you don't win from -- while he's as an offer for WS SP listeners ten dollars off any order of roses are five dollars off any flower purchased. Two locations -- -- on 563. And north avenue. In Milwaukee we want to know what's the worst Valentine's gift. That you ever -- for somebody and then he can make up for with a big showed while he's awesome roses just email live. At Sports Radio at 1250 dot -- get right out to you guys on the -- starting in mosquito. And Anthony you're on the Wendy's big -- is Gary Anderson in this thing for the long haul Anthony. You know periods committed the program I think I think is very good coach and -- -- higher by Barry Alvarez is especially considering the circumstances and -- last. On -- -- that being said I'm from Gary Anderson's perspective. You're one year removed from -- -- -- coach of Utah State and Nam than it felt -- calling a lot of head coaching vacancy you absolutely have dance of the alternate at least consider it. Now -- that -- -- that. The Cleveland Browns have proven to be one of the most inept and dysfunctional front offices and ownership and all of professional sports so are -- you -- that's not the -- that I think job and at the very least stranded in -- got a Maria has sought to eat you absolutely have to feel that Colin on like -- one year removed from being the Utah State had posters and burglaries and not do. Like yesterday they're kicking the tires on him -- -- he absolutely has the right to kick the tires on them as well. But it is it is true. It is true that if you want more money in most cases here you have to have some leverage well throwing because -- -- -- supplement -- -- moment painful root. Can you -- up the whole transaction there I think he got a -- because of this. Now maybe this is there I don't know if you go through a Tom -- -- aren't article -- it tells you why he received more money. This year. Anderson received -- previously scheduled 100000 dollar increase in his salary but they had nothing to do with the Browns interview. According to -- athletic department source when Anderson signed his original contract. In December of 2012 in included annual increases of 100000 dollars. Anderson coming up in 94 record in his first year with the batters is scheduled to make one point nine million. For the upcoming season or did he not -- contradicts what he did you think in December is also Anderson recently received a one year contract extension that also had nothing to do. With the Browns interest according to UW. I think that. It happened right after the bowl game -- and because we're talking about that and I think what is a -- 20162017. The end of the year I was in January and it was -- right we have -- We had already gotten a listing it was for some rallies here and there are more photographer come over their roster to make your -- -- this big fearing. We're Gary and I'll walk. Were you got a guy in -- -- -- happened you've got a guy for future program. And it does it come on the heels of bigger -- I don't like -- means certain people probably think it's great to have that guy but. To me you got to be happy to me I think if -- do you have in February Guerrier. Got a -- -- it from a phone call. -- appreciated but I'm happier with you can't I mean every year Wisconsin. Blah blah blah I got money I don't anymore now. If I was to go along these trips Steve. You're you're -- because you recruiting distribution. And for sure from -- sample -- look at it from a little room to everyone's saying he's gonna interview. He's done here for a long haul all this talk toward a class you talk about. Now and then linemen while you're saying that he wants to already wanna go out -- you forget it's -- gonna probably Nolan and you bet that's worries. -- if if you can help with the way you did it's beautiful column go that when you struggle in the history of and you -- -- -- there Rome now. Alabama it doesn't matter album you know right now -- -- if nick -- ticket and still get the Bears recruits in New York I mean exhibit you'll get to assure him and his program now they. All the hard -- before with some of the coach but the recognition thing going right now -- -- hurt them. There which you guys tell me that the Browns owner Jimmy has -- up from just blew out his front office today you know. He's got ties Ohio State the GM and hired -- the art -- that was in their -- Was not involved in the interview for the Munich. -- -- as -- while also -- -- announced that the new head coach who might -- the bills defensive corner to get higher. He will now report correctly to the -- right. But I just want to say the -- the owners got this connection Ohio State right I mean wouldn't you love to do anything to mess up Wisconsin don't remember there was talk -- Tressel. There was talk of Tressel before they -- realist behind -- said he never got a call but. Until there was there was definitely talk of that -- I think it's two different things from me and I think. There we are color from I look at it this -- If you're welcome -- and sorry I mean you've got a list now it's you -- Michigan's. Gator Nebraska are similar to -- another college program. That's a croak out -- -- all the work. Guys come after this do because he's an NFL guy whatever -- I don't know necessarily scares me away. But it -- other colleges and he's going on trips other colleges and fill in and out. Then I get probably more -- -- or he sought after big time -- Utah State to where he was turning down -- jobs California you don't have Colorado job -- -- -- California Colorado and get -- no I don't know still looked -- by schools like Wisconsin sure it was going to be on that level but at Utah State I want saying as he was still get the -- in there that -- able to make him still weren't able to win. Utah -- Utah State I mean you know. As far as. The Q -- your recruiting me your recruitment different nobody's recruiting against the likes of you talked some of these other schools are they're still -- she's. Wisconsin's big -- there on hold Buffalo coming in to Kaczur are different for a Utah State. If you're warming. Your -- -- you to what is normal north. If all too well of course who knows -- on Normandy Cardinals -- a beer for years I know no noises step program for for a coach to go to -- -- -- in the history. Yeah right which is no mean you're a good parent and they know -- -- from the Utah State. In my -- is really good and we go to ball games and went to eleven games -- Gotta go somewhere else tenuous and Wisconsin isn't that what you shouldn't be but breast turn it through that -- QB. Here's the thing -- -- more from us there. It Wisconsin. He QB in a lot of improvement -- Barry Alvarez if you want to be. -- -- would never go broke never ever agree. If you've been there and be Beriault -- if you want to be -- and maybe a meaningless -- whole -- -- -- well. Was a category where. He's been speculated that person's -- -- -- to got to going where he doesn't have doesn't -- yelled at its interest thing that I mentioned coaches who are looking for the bigger better deal. I forgot completely Bo Ryan is not looking for the bigger better deal -- he's not a guy he's just to be hearing connected -- -- he's locked in right there. It's to that job right but there aren't that many -- that are like that. -- He's you know and I remember Bogor way back to our first cut in 1981 and he was under assistant coach in the vehicle. -- -- for a ball I think that was his dream job. Gary -- I don't know that his dream job and Abreu would be Lamar I don't know if that was his -- knew that's where you all -- in the state for a eventually he knew that's where he wanted to allow these guys you don't know -- dream job. Barry Alvarez I think that was his dream job but he turned into it. Even Tuesday all this and all of -- -- -- to do guys is world all he's saying. That. -- but he also if you win the Rose ball he's also you know that vote is bring in you guys you know and I mean yes and and and his cornering and that's when it comes down to Gary is. -- this can only be -- destination job. For somebody like a ball right and that's what I said about the Gary Anderson higher. When it was made as a -- -- -- might be a very good head football coach may be -- very good recruiter. But. I think you you should look more -- guy like -- Paul Crist -- at the time. He's he's -- dream job at Wisconsin -- trust me if you're playing on here you know what I -- -- Unless it's a guy like that must that's our order is Tigers like -- prayers -- -- -- -- his. Job exactly and and that's why when people were were going off on I'm -- be up for walking away for the bigger better -- I'll say look guys. If Gary Anderson succeeds here. It's going to be more of the same don't expect him to come here win a bunch of games and and make Madison home. This isn't Gary Anderson's dream job and I think it's proven -- one year the job he's already looking for the bigger better idea tells you. But -- did you reach out to Cleve you know and he made a phone that was made very clear by Ian Rappaport Dick Anderson did not seek out and around the -- called -- -- Melo was comet that's the first and the second thing is. I -- -- of seven don't job I get that. And I disagree with the Gary said about he was Rose Bowl he's king I don't -- -- -- anymore not here and maybe I'm wrong. But I think you've got to get in the final four he got in a playoff that's where he's got to get to and if he gets in the final four and their two -- -- a national championship. Then I think you start having that conversation of okay. Now I know I can compete in the final four now not only do I become king -- I'm Gary Anderson but number two. I know what can play at the level with Alabama and Florida and Auburn in Ohio State if I can get an F file for that should help my recruiting -- -- -- that final four. That really to me is what this is all -- in if he's getting calls from the NFL after one year. Pat -- and all that great necessarily after one year based on what he did it with not his own kids what would -- -- change in the system and everything else. That tells you in my opinion they even got to the next level respect how good a coach he has and that's a good thing right and -- our -- of the. -- Milwaukee -- -- -- at 1250 dubious history says that exactly does a good thing you want your got to be analyst vendor was Cleveland's list so he'll be around a bit. But you got trigger. If this was a job better -- call if it was a job better than the Cleveland -- -- -- the Packers talks probably go a little bit farther the Packers college. Probably can't talk would be deeper yes they don't -- -- -- -- the Packers but if it ain't that would be cant not not. Want to an NFL team of you call if you're council by -- I don't see how that happens even though I'm sure tech conversations with the Pistons over the years or other NBA teams I mean outlets like Jerry said -- -- now plane and went and interviewed. But I'm sure -- -- that all right. What are we talking about and he listened to him I know that coach -- gotten in vehicle -- -- -- Lakers won out here it's hard it's hard. Do you think Gary Anderson is an -- for the long haul let us -- on the John Paul's Buick GMC sound off line for 14448. 2162. Best of -- 550 jump back -- and we ask you to pick a lane. At 5 o'clock or it is -- -- -- -- judgment of the day text poll -- live and your answer. To 32961. Apparently Sparky and -- attacked former athletes who are now analyst on the show on Friday I wasn't here. Sparky did you went nuts and -- -- Well all -- of course I don't -- I was gonna do arguing not Jerry speaks defense a former athletes right after this is who it is makeshift. Does -- -- tonight at least you -- five for myself under penis out so quickly from six until seven right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What's the -- today's ceremony what -- -- him in Vegas of course. The train -- With great character and boy his younger players and yet conservatives and again and it's. We'll talk -- Mueller -- Lewis got the state journal he'll have the latest on the Gary Anderson's story coming up at 248. But on Friday. Neither Gary nor myself for here and apparently there was some discussion. About the validity of former athletes as -- -- LTV you know and on the radio show ran a -- a little bit of this all started with the comments of Charles Barkley who had a conference call with multiple media members including Bobble -- Of the Wisconsin state journal he said. Charles Rockies -- I have not watched Milwaukee play and I am not going to watch Milwaukee play right that's what he says while they're discussing yeah yeah opposite -- -- and -- -- what the various. Guys and a T and T think. Of the young buck and then later on the on the air but they TTE -- Charles Barkley says about -- this is that a current vote. He's going to be an all -- -- five years. And -- -- we puts it. That's exotic praise for a player -- and you have not watched him. What the Sparky was is I try to Coleman down. I -- that a lot of -- -- -- it is also not watching Orlando or Sacramento or the 76ers. Or. Anybody other than the ten teams he sees on the Thursday night TNT broadcast -- his world ten teams that are on that Thursday night broadcast every night but as we talked about you do realize that there are people are gonna watching TC. What Bart Lisa and Omega that's going to be an all star match also network set -- we go east is -- -- stock. And -- -- -- earlier in the day -- -- -- man -- C and that's and that's where my issue was with this whole thing was there are a lot of people. That are sheep when it comes to former athletes of if they -- -- thing. It's gospel and I don't care what anybody else says can I can have my opinion -- I'm not Smart enough so I won a gold what they tell me. If you watch sports for 2030 years -- how long you've been don't know 44 if you're -- aging you -- watch -- basketball for forty years and I don't care what athlete you bring in your former basketball -- -- come in here. And you don't want them all a -- and -- -- tells me somebody is. He -- his opinion of that same -- I'm gonna value. The opinion is good once -- watching and his whole life yeah one may have waited for -- and I respect his opinion but it's not gospel. And that's the one thing that I get irritated when you have guys like Charles Barkley. That do stuff like this and then everybody goes off -- in my speech when am I must be true and out knows OK it's entertainment -- -- he's he's gonna do what he wants to do. Fine but that's what set me off an agitated me. Rather the I've never felt like Barkley never even walk -- fair shake on anything to be counselor. Legislators -- this -- regarding. Agree freak here. But at least it is -- like I -- told use us to Europe and it -- town somewhere. And I -- -- word he came in from the left baseline. Went up against the Knicks came back on the -- sat put it in that yeah. Doctor. You know that this -- good I mean. I could watch him -- -- aren't these all star if I'm Charles Barkley packing yeah you're right if I'm Charles Barkley are asking you enough for -- How like that that I can watch our agency that's -- -- -- the guys count the guys that means you UST or two or -- She then you go wow now you about it you bought him -- did what but I immediately Islam to -- your -- -- but -- You knew more of Tim Thomas then we'll use all. On television court on television but we want to write what you knew more of the inside on him he knew more all of really I -- -- -- holiday I know he's about from dangers of these now where -- this Q you've been through doubt you'll think you've jumped out. -- -- -- -- -- -- I saw that in the -- -- some of the highlights of a couple of highlights that I had never watch the game went. I've been in it keeps bet -- if you just sort of -- Maybe Charles have seen a butcher highlight but not gains and -- make an opinion on this how good I think this -- Why and he say that's all conference -- good too instead of saying -- -- -- Milwaukee on what walking you're a conference call. What we've been talking to Kenny Smith -- what teams you play for. I -- he really yeah. That yeah he played all right and another guy laughed our Ernie Johnson. Give their duties who Katie Smith was trying as best as he could to just tell you the deal of luck we don't want to -- -- -- -- a lot -- about what -- far I get it. So I -- Charles Charles just typical. Just kind of watch and model auctions room I don't care about -- -- next question. Green -- like you're on the -- -- Charles you had a lot of inside their for all the journalists listening on the conference call and then you go watch TV is igniting proclaim -- -- me -- and also. Because I wasn't here -- I think go. A little inside. The player of the former player vs the guys they grew up want to do is all his life. That -- a row anywhere I think in the media. -- former players because you know those guys. Their first love worth whatever sport they're playing and they -- they want to do that -- -- and they kind of fell into -- Kevin -- with the -- security just congregated. I'll Wear a guy like Steve or -- -- grew up all their lives doing this is their job to and is -- want to do and they work harder crowd and they did it. And also got some guidance from an awful football basketball court culminating do you -- How things should go and analyzing the game. To me I think what I try to bring is not so much detail oriented. Because. Reggie White could not be a great coach -- -- stated that -- Reggie -- could not teach the hall move but he could do it. But he can teach -- guys you know how to do. I tried to bring in if you watch my tweets. When I do the Packers pulled strings or mopping Green Bay -- tournament -- -- different than anybody else in that room I think they should be. -- we should be more about what I anticipate that happens because I feel it because I. Been in that type situation for -- -- between -- -- third down and the -- -- over Gary leisure between Obama much should be more well. The anticipation coverage don't mean small other things -- by -- you. All through the -- think that I argue about. I'm side of the deal but I'm not athletes you go through the OK so Troy Aikman because that same day SI -- -- the top. Ten football Cruz right and I stated I can't stand former Cowboys compact games and I know a lot of people -- can't intent laughed at me but. We talk about Kosier look at -- got going on they only -- I was hot I really don't like Joe Buck and that's not an athlete you know as I would like Roman candle but you picked up a football blew the call bucket you know. Okay -- gonna listen right. Capital One of the big show and Gary ocean talks Brewers baseball what are we oh yeah yeah it's on the -- Works against you -- I. I always say the same thing just future might -- your own opinion -- to play baseball neither -- -- neither do that but does it make you already here -- Right right that's that's the same thing and that's where I get -- where you have though -- They just go along -- a lot of form there'll all opinion and just give it up -- personal two game make up your opinion what Butler says that all the top on the -- commodity boards -- somebody else -- game form your own opinion. And call -- it and that to meat is what irritates. The -- got a lot of meat would ever -- here and I tell you an otherwise I don't think that's expression because -- Wideman to. Another situation behind the curtains of Gary dollars and are -- audio system would Jerry Ellison came here. Jerry Ellison and he was here at the end of the first year to do very special green and gold mid day show with Flip Saunders. And we -- Gary a man blood despise -- -- thing and that's it. I get like so what's your circle -- payment they don't keep me what's -- -- I really like -- just fly how long do this all your I don't and I don't. Ahmad black and hope not met we haven't talked about it -- will -- here you -- -- we -- -- more results. We obviously -- because Gary still all these years later -- -- the mid day afternoon and has been a mainstay on the program. I'm -- wood -- -- -- because he's entertaining and people can relate to on all that other stuff but this is one of rumble on with this. So often an outside much of -- had the other day. Arm and I told 101000 on here it's -- -- sunny testicle ball myself but it's something that I've been on the -- in doing it kind of self evaluating. On how cool it is that -- not sports athlete. Is in the role late personality. On a -- -- an athlete because so -- times and you listen to the radio or TV the media -- I. Is kind of in the position of Robby -- he's leading in and out he's doing the calls emails -- the commercials the personalities of the show. Are kind of sitting on the outside. Right right. Not Gary -- could have just said uncle that basket. No Gary wanna more. Decking him -- -- my -- Shell out onto calls I wanna -- emails I'm not you don't want on the board you know one guidance. Another -- out now to try to give -- a few years. Yeah I guess that yeah this is not like the nuclear codes or anything -- -- because Starship Enterprise. But again. Dairy came and said look I wanted the radio guy to I don't want to speed up the color -- we got. Brady okay Gary came and through our last boss in the current boss learn how to do all the stuff we did Gary was a holds the post game Jonas him look like -- -- a great -- I -- -- -- So he came in he did it and now there's times when -- he's our -- -- run calls I'll do emails whenever. But everybody is like that -- our athletes -- in other markets that I've talked to Gary about that I've heard. -- might do Donna what your meg would usually make it help a lot more than you are. Because there are a lot of athletes in other markets that do what Gary does are boring dry and really had nothing to the program and they're really in my opinion only there because they played for the team in that city and that's why they have a job. Where it was Gary there is there's more to the package. And wanted to do radio and not just beat -- former athlete or whatever else. We don't -- idea director next time eagle and for a raise via he's -- okay then I thought that -- -- -- he's part of management to -- and yeah that's why guys take you know OK are you gonna go -- -- -- -- balls at some point you'll be very happy about it though now I'm not -- him out though probably on -- now has a large. Everybody respected and our. I think it's a great guard. -- did a great guy and everything that's were makers -- grow throughout the majors are it was a -- apparel brand larger than a year ago it all broadcast you know you're out there running. Now I really -- when you have the person -- called him play for us again in the -- and you know I don't care. Especially guessing you reject color and all that stuff you know I mean for most topics like that on the Jay -- to you about quitting the -- for errant pass I'd throw where I really. Yeah it unfair attacks against Jay Cutler -- toughness that NFC championship game and steroids in baseball bat on the things that like I take personal and yet -- -- those those leave a little sting. Other than that I'm really get -- letting stuff roll off my back and say see I know I never played basketball at the NBA level but here's one thing I do -- If you've got it and and if you've got to 301 fast break -- -- score. -- and she's gone got a charging call last night on this site and I don't you know I'm not normal little they'll score and everything's all good on the big show or -- turnaround vs the top of the -- at redemption -- and different showed -- of the Wisconsin state journal he has the latest on the Gary Anderson's story when the when he's breach or returned to. -- is bring Charlie Mack lost its marquee Phifer Jerry Ellison -- the -- Ted Davis. Coming up at 3 o'clock David Stern he left behind a legacy of not letting Americans work in. Adam silver would like to carry that on joining us right now the latest on the story of Gary Anderson. Interviewing with the Cleveland Browns he covers the badgers. For the Wisconsin state journal Tom -- joins us on the great midwest bank -- Tom thanks for a few minutes or this afternoon. Are you were -- well we're trying to decipher here on the Wendy's big -- just what constitutes. And interview you described it as an interview with your peace at Madison dot com. Ian Rapoport in the initial tweet reporting it today he described as an interview. What was the extent of the contact between Gary Anderson in the Cleveland Browns. Well I admit that's all subject to interpretation a little bit -- and we did we did have a discussion about -- in the office and all. I was trying to understand certain ball wasn't sure -- really -- student interview or not my. -- -- pretty strongly soul or we woman that Tom. You know it's -- like what we know for sure is that there was -- meeting took place and they discuss the double bogey on. The browns' opening. -- home and then subsequent to that. Gary Anderson made the decision that -- -- an interest in any more so on the set you know and they had some interaction. Where they discussed the job opening if you -- -- call that an interview or not column I get to depend on your definition and and you. Okay was the interview in person did Anderson go to Cleveland and Cleveland come to Madison do you know that. I don't know that's what Spurs took certain arm but you know I don't -- it doesn't you know maybe that would. You know -- -- -- a little more be -- the interest on their part. All home now but I think it's fairly straightforward when you're in that position that the Browns are and he cast a wide net and -- look and and looking around young which might find and there was obviously some interest there -- enough to at least initiate some sort of contact. And some sort of discussion about the job and on the wasn't until later after that discussion and Anderson apparently pulled his name -- slow. All my good thinker certainly you know enough interest on both target at least -- on some sort of discussion. And -- got to know and you know a lot of -- you were we do don't talk where you're right Watson on the specifics of you know because I would say this. If you know -- five McKie and I know -- Gary Anderson's lineup Cleveland. And he's interviewed for a job I don't know par wanna be a part of that program -- got -- feel -- this -- -- only -- one year he's looking -- to bigger -- to deal. But you know if there was a phone call meet you Gary -- and innocent phone call and they -- -- -- -- -- deal likely and blows there's. I think that's completely different from from being recruited and that's -- we're tribute to. The bottom of as -- did he likely ended a short stadium was -- steak dinner or did they fly here because to me I think that means something. As you tried to build a program. No I agree I I think those are all worked -- questions and home I think that will come to late the problem isn't that Barry Alvarez and Gary Anderson are both in Naples Florida. Today operate cult following the -- days down there -- -- we basically have to go buy -- statements out so. I'll keep Gil did not come -- yet but either way I don't think it's it's very hard on for -- Anderson to spin this to his players. And when the NFL comes calling I think -- -- And I think the players understand that and I think it I think it's a sign of a good program. And respected coach that that's gonna happen and I think it's happened more often and you realize and most the time it doesn't seem delighted -- -- so I don't think it's all that did -- part from that can and I I know exactly what you're saying and I'm sure in recruiting. Other teams will try to spin it that way that he got one foot out the door and com you know how long you going to be in mansion but. You know -- dealings with the got to the past year from I don't think that big a concern on that's just my take on it. And I just really honestly believe -- your head coach in the NFL comes call and at least he got to listen. Thought -- all one of those -- say journal here on the Wendy's big show on Sports Radio 1250 WS speak. What I solve its way for me gravel -- and then I saw the badgers confirm that this whole interaction occurred. I'll be out of my reaction was complete and utter shock that the NFL be -- Gary Anderson after one year at Wisconsin and what he did at Utah State what was your reaction. Yeah I would say that seems a little premature I think that might speak to go to Cleveland Browns. -- desperate and dire situation that they were in at the time. -- home and all the other people that they had failed to bomb attract all home. So maybe you're just doing due due diligence to that point so yeah it it seems premature to -- I don't know what your hands than them -- -- got no indication of bet. I can't say that that's something that I've got a chance to really distraught and -- with them. But he seems like a college guy to me calm you know maybe that that's what he's done up until -- points. But I am I'm not aware been yearning on his part home. To go to the NFL necessarily. -- -- that I just think you know I don't think it hurts -- -- into a leaflets and then and talk about it and you know I think he also made it pretty clear that he was -- guy who. Decided to pull out and decided -- -- you know what an interest and so -- you know I think that's something that probably need to be pointed out to the players as well. -- the other thing that we talked about already on the show today is no hot you keep but Gary Anderson from. You know being lured by another program other -- in college football or by the National Football League and the one thing that's -- -- bandied about here on this show ways maybe. There is a succession playing off him eventually replacing -- at some point is there ever been any -- by Barry Alvarez. On how much Larry wants do this -- a succession plan might look like. Com -- all on the and I have brought that up to a woman. He just says that he's pretty happy right now. And now enjoys what do you do -- And dom you know isn't ready to retire at this point so -- home. In on that I open and the same token number income from Gary Anderson -- it ultimately you want I think he's a long way off. He liked and coaching and become an athletic director or anything like that as well you know I think you have to embrace that I really do I know it -- and -- this time a year. But honestly it's a sign of strength of a program if -- people out there especially NFL people. Our interest in your coaches. I think it's fan you'd have to you are. You know have enough faith in your program and the guy running it in his case Alvarez -- if you do lose quality people that they're gonna bring quality people in the replay. And I think you just have to embrace and I think that's kind of been an indication yogurt and a considerable amount of turnover over the last three years -- -- counts and you -- almost an assistant coaches until a year ago. And obviously -- in the head coaching change as well. And through it all I've heard fans go crazy and and and and Whalen that your -- about the guys that -- lot. And then you guys come and replace them and are just fine she goes sailing along -- -- I know what you know that -- year and all the people get excited about that kind of stopped but it just got to put -- in the program I think they've been able to show that they're built along all. And they got the right decision makers right now and it seems like to make -- for the most part on the right writers. Some real -- -- last one or what do you make of the recruiting class for recruit -- last. Of Gary -- And it was pretty solid arm they had a chance to be spectacular and -- though. I a couple of lost a couple of guys at the end of the crazy year experts look at guys back and forth and most of those one in favor Wisconsin but they also lost a few guys. And then there are some really big time recruit like that -- -- and went to Oklahoma. And they were in it to the end for them and now there's no you know prize for second -- and recruiting that's for sure. Palm but the fact that they were in it for some really big time recruit I think speaks well of them as well and it's great that the big class point five. You know scholarship guys sidewalk on right now and he needs to be big. There's a lot of holes in the excellent. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Nick Resop from last year that cornerback in this huge area of need. The two quarterbacks were able to get late you know we're not really highly ranked guys but we -- that doesn't -- resolved you know predict the future. In terms of how well guys going to be able player not so I think they did a pretty good job of meeting most of their needs but there were a lot of needs to needed. Meeting -- with a better hope to take it on more than they -- -- this is really critical claps for them going forward. -- Tom all Bernie covers -- batters for the Wisconsin state journal Madison dot com find him on Twitter at top Malvern. WSJ. Top all the pleasure thanks for a few minutes especially on a such short notice -- appreciate it. You heard it here and -- -- joins us on the great midwest bank cut line turn the key with GM be not through July if you're looking to buy or refinance a home. Like great mid West Bank on -- there to learn how you could live mortgage free. -- mid West Bank simply local time now to give you a chance to put a grand. In your hand take this program about to give -- -- Sports Radio 1250 dot com slash cash for your chance to win 1000 dollars in this national contest the code word. Is collect CEO LL ECT take collect. The Sports Radio 1250 dot com slash cash for your chance to win 1000 dollars and the Wendy's big show will be right back.