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02/11/14 Tom Mulhern joins The Big Show 2PM Hour

Feb 11, 2014|

Tom Mulhern of the Wisconsin State Journal stops by and discusses Gary Andersen talking to the Browns for the head coaching job and what he thinks of his recruiting class.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us right now the latest on the story of Gary Anderson. Interviewing with the Cleveland Browns he covers the badgers. For the Wisconsin state journal Tom Malvern joins us on the great mid West Bank -- Tom thanks for a few minutes or this afternoon. Are you were doing well we're trying -- decipher here on the Wendy's big showed just what constitutes. An interview you describe it as an interview with your peace at Madison dot com Ian Rapoport in the initial tweet reporting it today he described as an interview. What was the extent of the contact between Gary Anderson in the Cleveland Browns. Well I admit that's all subject to interpretation a little bit -- and we did we did have a discussion about it and you know office and on. I would front and -- and -- wasn't sure it will account student interview or not might. Thought -- pretty strongly -- or we woman that come. You know it's -- like what we know for sure is that there was a meeting took place and they discuss the double bogey on. The browns' opening. Mom and then subsequent to that. Gary Anderson made a decision that -- -- an interest in any more so on the set you know and they had some interaction. Where they discussed the job opening if you want to call that an interview or not column -- get to depend on your definition of. -- was the interview in person did Anderson go to Cleveland and Cleveland come to Madison do you know that. I don't know an effort for which certain bomb but in -- I don't know that doesn't you know maybe that would. You know on -- chill a little more -- extent of the interest on their part. -- home now but I think it's fairly straightforward when you're in that position at the -- -- and he cast a wide net and -- look and and looking around young which might find them. There was obviously some interest there aren't enough to at least initiate some sort of contact. And some sort of discussion about the job -- on -- wasn't until later after that discussion and Anderson apparently pulled his name -- -- All my group and there -- certainly -- -- enough interest on both sides at least -- on some sort of discussion. And -- got to know and you know a lot of -- you -- we do don't talk where you're Watson on the specifics of you know -- because I would say this. We have you know if -- McKie and I know -- Gary Anderson's lineup Cleveland. And he's interview for a job I don't know -- wanna be a part of that program -- got to feel like this guy has only been one year he's looking for to bigger -- -- deal. But you know if there was a phone call meet you Gary harassing innocent phone call and they ask from your new deal likely and -- -- this. I think that's completely different from from being recruited and that's -- we're tribute to. The bottom of the as -- did he likely ended a short stadium was -- steak dinner or did they fly here because to me I think that means something. As -- tried to build a program. No I agree I think those are all -- -- questions and home I think that will come to light the problem isn't that Barry Alvarez and Gary Anderson are both in Naples Florida. To date operate cult following the badger days down there I'm so all we basically have to go -- -- -- out so. All -- -- -- not -- yet but either way I don't think it's it's very hard on for Gary Anderson to spin this to his players. And when the NFL comes calling I think your -- And I think the players understand that and I think -- I think it's a sign of a good program. And respected coach that that's gonna happen and I think that's. Happened more often than you realize in most the time it doesn't seem delighted date. I'm so I don't think it's all that but -- part from that can and I -- know exactly what you're saying and I'm sure in recruiting. Other teams will try to spin it that way that he got one foot out the door and on you know how long -- going to be in -- but. You know my dealings with the -- for the past year arm I don't think that's a big concern on that's just my take on it. And I just really honestly believe -- your head coach in the NFL comes call and at least you got to listen. The ensemble one of those -- say journal here on the Wendy's big show on Sports Radio 1250 WSS three. What I solve its -- for mean -- board and then I saw the badgers confirm that this whole interaction occurred. I'll be out of my reaction was complete and are shocked that the NFL -- -- Gary Anderson after one year at Wisconsin and what he did at Utah State what was your reaction. Yeah I would say it seems a little premature I think that might speak to the Cleveland brown. -- desperate and dire situation that they were in at the time. -- home and all the other people that they have failed to -- attract all home. So maybe you're just doing due due diligence to that point so yeah it it seems premature to me I don't know -- your -- and an old guy I've got no indication of -- I can't say that that's something that I've got a chance to really -- and up with them. But he didn't go to college guided me home you know maybe that that's what he's done up until the point. But I'm -- I'm not aware of any yearning on his part. To go to the NFL necessarily. But like that that I just think you know I don't think it hurts and it into at least listen in and talk about it and you know I think he also made -- pretty clear that he was -- guy who. Decided to pull out and decided -- -- you know what an interest and so -- -- you know I think that's continent probably needs to pointed out to players as well. -- the other thing that we talked about already on the show today is no hot you keep but Gary Anderson from. You know being lured by another program other -- in college football or by the National Football League and the one thing that's kind of bandied about here on this show -- may be. There is a succession -- off him eventually replacing Barry at some point is there ever been any -- by Barry Alvarez. On how much Larry wants to do to -- the succession plan might look like. I'll know all on the and I have brought that up to a woman. He just says that he's pretty happy right now. And now enjoys what you do -- And dom you know isn't ready to retire at this point so -- home. -- on that I -- at the same token number income from Gary Anderson needed it ultimately you want I think he's a long way up. And you want and coaching and become an athletic director or anything like that as well you know I think you have to embrace that I really do I know is charged and Corey this time a year. But I honestly it's a sign of strength of a program if -- people out there especially -- -- -- people. Our interest in your coaches I think it's -- you'd have to eat all. You know have an -- -- in your program and the guy running -- in this case Alvarez if you do lose quality people that they're gonna bring equality people in the replay. And I think you just have to embrace and I think that's kind of been an indication -- done that. Considerable amount of turnover over the last three years it was counts and you almost an assistant coaches until a year ago -- obviously -- the head coaching change as well. And -- at all I've heard fans go crazy and and and and Whalen that your key to -- the guys -- -- lot. And then you guys come into replace them and they're just finding mission goes sailing along slow on I know -- you know that time a year and all the people get excited about that kind of stuff I think you just got to put -- in the program I think they've been able to show that they are built along all. And they got the right decision makers right now and it seems like they're -- for the most part. On the right writers. Tom record -- last one or what what do you make of the recruiting class for recruit -- last. Of Gary Anderson. And it was pretty solid arm they had a chance to be spectacular and -- though. I a couple of lost a couple of guys at the end of the crazy year it starts -- guys back and forth and most of those one in favor Wisconsin but they also lost a few guys. And then there are some really big time recruit a cultural -- and went to Oklahoma. And they were in it to the end for them and now there's no you know prize for second -- in recruiting that's for sure. -- but the fact that they were in it. For some really big time recruit I think speaks well of them as well and it's great that the big class point five. You know scholarship guys are blocked -- now and he needs to be Derek. There's a lot of holes in the excellent. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- Resop from last year that cornerback this huge area -- need. The two quarterbacks were able to get late you know we're not really highly ranked guys but we know that doesn't always some you know predict the future. In terms about how well guys going to be able player not so I think they did a pretty good job of beating most of their needs but a lot of need it needed. Meeting -- -- -- better hope to take it on board and admit that this is really critical claps for them going forward. -- Tom all Bernie covers -- batters for the Wisconsin state journal Madison dot com find him on Twitter at top Malvern. WSJ. Top all the pleasure thanks for a few minutes especially on a such short notice yells appreciate it. -- and -- modern joins us on the great midwest bank cut line turn the key with GM be not through July if you're looking to buy or refinance a home. Like great mid west bank and -- there to learn how you could live mortgage free. -- mid West Bank simply local.