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Feb 11, 2014|

Should the NBA raise the minimum age? And why do we live here? Gary, Ramie, Sparky and Ted Davis discuss.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- running back -- Sparky -- the former packer and badger running back Gary Ellis and forced the bucks Ted Davis. Wicket till 6 o'clock repeat as hot stove weekly. At that time from six until seven Sparky telling me during that break Jon LeCroy joins us at 615. Also coming up later on in the Wendy's big -- at 4 o'clock Mike McCarthy's in all of been Dom Capers business is that a good idea. We'll discuss that covered up what power although there is Paula and our. There if he's only but other job for about a week and I'm speaking of -- -- -- -- NBA commissioner Adam go over for David -- what I say David's over that -- yeah Adams Adam Adam Stern -- because -- -- a -- like David paired according to Scott Howard Cooper of NBA dot com increasing the age limit to twenty. Is a priority for Adam silver it will be a topic of discussion. Once the union hires an executive director and of course a couple years left on the current collective bargaining agreement between the NBA. And its players association this apparently will be something. On the negotiating table -- it's time to come to an agreement for a new CBA -- I've said since they put in -- one and done rule in college in the NBA that. I'm not a fan of that I think that if you're eighteen if you're good enough to earn a living. Be in athletics or in anything else I mean character Doogie Howser -- cut people open at sixty if you're qualified. And their people out there willing to pay you to do it. You should be allowed to do it raising the -- to -- to me. Is it. It's just not a good idea it's -- -- hesitate to use this phrase Ted I do -- -- people start around all the time and I think it's it's over used it's -- American is what it is for it for this rule. Already to be in place and to make it even more strict and make it harder for kids to go out and earn a living is just flat out. An American well here's what policy. One way or the other either let kids come run at a high school like they used to LeBron James Kobe Bryant Tracy McGrady there -- a lot of them came right out of high school the NBA. Or make it a two year thing -- have to go to college for two years where you put an age restriction on -- say twenty. And do one or the other I'm like Q -- I don't like this one and done college thing I don't think it's good for college basketball I don't think it's good for the NBA. You get a lot of programs and Kentucky is the example I used. Where the school has decided that it's okay to basically have a semi pro team because these guys are coming in. For one reason one and done there're so many Kentucky guys that are one and done. And they have their eyes on the NBA now they can recruit that quality of player but they're not there for the campus experience in Kentucky -- In the second half of their one year. At Kentucky do you think they're getting anywhere near classroom heck no they got a semi pro team at Kentucky that's not a good thing for the university. So -- go one way or the other high school straight in or two years and and age limit of twenty and you brought up a good point in our pre show me anyone about a guy like -- honest who comes over from Europe OK make it twenty. Where onto the Kubel has to play in Europe for two years or come here and play in the but one way or the other either Letterman and high school or make it twenty the one and done I don't think is working. I'll argue that I'm not a -- one and -- -- I wanted to be longer I like to be three years down the I'd -- he's after your junior year and I think it's. Part of me is because I'm an NBA fan and I -- -- see more polished players that are ready to play when they did here vs trying to develop these guys like yeah I'm just over three or four years and on the -- years you know year your rookie deal is Don. Arm and then you get a -- if the other three years once he's close a finished product and then if he leaves in free agency really only get three legitimate years out of him. Is you have kids error playing in college -- two or three years it's a number of different things number one. And educational standpoint on I don't people care about athletes and education but -- educational standpoint arm if you're gonna say you have to a school not for three years palm. Nearly one year away from graduating ascension when your dot you -- -- go back that's a -- if you wanna come out -- -- that that's what I mean that's pretty much along the lines of actually -- do want to as you -- what baseball does which as you come out throughout high school otherwise you gotta wait. You don't so years three years or aboard -- case may be and baseball before you come back into the draft you can do that way or you just say and you have to wait. Two or three years before he -- NFL is doing it already angles on you to come in and you can say well that's a safety issue one way or the other. And that's fine but maybe got a kid that's 1819 years old means money no seeking to -- and -- play in the National Football League. Pomp and can't. For one reason or other and we've seen guys trying challenge of -- Clara. -- -- at a loss. I would try to -- to the wide receiver that he did when he there was both the same year so they didn't win if you decide to raise that there's nothing these kids can do it can scream trial they want. But you can raise it. And I think for college basketball's good now -- an educational process of the kid but also rivalries being built now again in college basketball now all of a sudden you got Kansas with. And be -- And weekends and -- -- to group. Other together for three years and I don't put -- for Kentucky for three years and to bigger -- Syracuse for three years and now the -- is of the world. There's a logical -- a freshman because I just lost my last last -- the NBA. I can't do anymore so -- some of these kids are gonna go play in other universities to level the playing field and a college basketball season will be -- hundred times better than wall we watch now. -- really enjoy watching not high school basketball a little glorified high school basketball -- -- programs which apparently a lot of you like I'm not a big fan of it but. That that's kind of what we're watching right now so that's -- the NBA benefits from it because you have three years of coaching college in development. -- you have rivalries maybe with other players do that you built up through college and now you -- to come into the NBA. And you're ready to play as soon as you get the floor and away we go the NBA product is better the college -- it is better and they get more education itself from any. I'm all for raising the -- you are correct in that that's how you really had kind of a Renaissance. With the NBA. And where did -- began it began with the Larry Bird Magic Johnson rivalry coming out of college and that continued on to the NBA but. You know to me it's either got to be one or the other you either knock it off completely and they has come -- at a high school or make it two years. Spark he's ideas three. But the one and done that is not working for either party I don't think should the NBA raise the. Age minimum 7991250. Can email lot of Sports Radio 1250 dot com -- heard from Gary on this hear from him and hear from you -- the Wendy's big show returns. Yeah since the Wendy's -- -- -- down there asking you with Adam silver lining to raise the minimum age to twenties in the NBA and enter the NBA draft do you think that's a good idea 7991250. He also email live -- Sports Radio 1250 dot com drops -- line. In the Wendy's and box of -- were looking for in the Wendy's and box is our daily what -- 25 dollar gift -- from well p.s house of roses. We choosing one every day through Wednesday and then -- -- from those winners for the ultimate Valentine grand prize that includes a dozen roses chocolate Teddy bear and -- plus dinner. At Joey seafood and grill in Brookfield will be choosing that winner. On Wednesday can check out while he's online. At well keys dot com get your calls on the NBA in the age limit. And just one sack but I think Jerry wants Wendy nix to be -- Valentine we spent that whole break literally that whole break trying to freeze frame it. A good shot of Wendy nix on NFL live today and here we got a good shot of winning next another bell -- hours and he's got out when -- -- let him. He's got the -- tied on -- -- leather but there is looking like other -- on those heels he probably -- Q is there. All marvel at the pony tail going if you're department or worse -- of blacks particularly DO. With the -- top of that Rico then the blouse at the blouse with a point -- yeah yeah I mean she threw. The hot today and a -- years and I'm ready to -- it up real -- this year that tiger uniform -- ripped off or use. Today and it's work and she's first and goal on that. Yes oh yes she is that the issue first -- our big house -- red zone. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Put it that way yeah -- and maybe you're ahead and doubtless looking at chocolate fudge -- companies are. On the wrong argued had you guys did it without the dodger dogs yeah -- both in a way we got. Now before I know they're bringing that on separate plays. -- -- Cut and had no no no no yeah I I think I can vouch for that all those years that -- Auckland and I hung out together -- you're gonna record would you want -- because we don't wanna beat you know in the same play what -- split happened kind of spread it out but -- sure you know that's little weird we're not sitting on the same side of the -- and that would be really weird it's just slightly -- If you're both dating from the same played from opposite ends of the table. I'll go hang out at Quaker steak and lube and have appeared -- -- -- -- What I don't contests. Curving it the way that your terming it being my mail I just hope to beat a valid -- no -- did the bar. Split and some New York -- -- can -- -- It'll continue in the corner had some organism that's even better -- -- -- right now glad that I'll. Your thoughts -- raising the NBA to have it -- a spark you got a lot of good reasons why why you should do it before the break in it it makes college basketball better makes pro basketball better -- low block. That's all fine and dandy for us to fans I don't. Think though that that constitutes violating people's rights to make a damn living. That's what it all comes down to for me is when you're eighteen if you're qualified to earn a living in somebody's willing to pay you. You should have the right to go and -- that living that's my only beef with the rule and you're making it. More un American by raising the age limit to twenty from what from what it already is right now -- -- Thoughts. -- -- Toward you you're -- you're raised and how do I have a while I can see how I -- -- -- ultimately led Auburn yesterday avoid -- -- here today. -- -- Some -- -- the cues from themselves. And you do know yes. -- longer here is in college the very he's going to be emphasized. With that kind of -- of these guys but that's not these guys have no idea how to budget your money would do their money -- a lot of people -- They're right in -- I saw this thing Marshawn Lynch. They were doing it in. Their martial -- -- well you know where -- grew up. An error margin goes. -- -- give this guy who didn't have -- who didn't really have a good education. You from all that money goes -- -- -- -- me. What yours -- you know critical I didn't know. College few of these guys -- basis. Of how to at all or what should -- or somewhat how what to do with their money. -- were you taking guys out of high school we just -- out there or when you're in college you do and where they're doing -- and register they don't have cars there weren't. They're big -- all -- -- you -- your game to me Arctic. Closer to hanging out with the guys Newton. I don't know five to go three years like -- he talked about but I think too if you're gonna do. If you're not gonna say okay -- a high school too I think would be. Very good for both the NBA and college and your right -- guys coming out of high school. Suddenly they're put in that in BA lifestyle and that's an NBA lifestyle that is unlike anything they've ever been around. Mean you're -- year old -- All of a sudden you're in very adult circumstances. In a lot of ways not just financially. But personally -- with the stuff that's coming at these guys when they're on the road -- and I can imagine myself coming -- -- high school and suddenly I've got. Hundreds of thousands of dollars at my disposal and all the temptations that came with its. Hold my gosh so are we gonna stop everybody from success at an early age because it can be dangerous because Bill Gates -- an -- -- -- -- you say well. That that's not me that's a different kind of thing how many tennis players are fifteen and sixteen years old -- -- pro not probably not all signs -- sixty yards I'm hearing about the size and I'm saying about the. Because. Not everyone -- -- If you go to and it's clear mostly of teams players come from they won't be -- They come from army is a country club sport. Golf they come from money music card. Predominantly country clubs were not everybody so it's so good if you're already and flew to become more -- Lewis book but no would you kind of got an idea how it all works and you -- educated. On how it all -- I think it is better. -- -- athlete to get an education Gary's Q2 years and I'm not. Disagreeing with you when you say that I'm saying it's not my choice your choice or David voters chose to make I think is different. And I don't see the difference today 7991250. Are a lot of Sports Radio 1250 -- -- are you trying to project I'm 34. South cited Jacob your other -- -- showed subject. They guys couple quick things -- I'm just kind of grumpy about it or it's my main point but first off number one industry to have billion women in this world number -- Wendy nix. -- Creepy obsession. It's. Well maybe -- of -- I would agree with your. -- Sparky. He's my guy loading -- of the biggest upset I've ever met but. I don't know yeah I had a couple bad games you're talking about trade him for -- -- I mean what was going odd man -- I doubt -- the last night it was earlier late in the hot spots the other I don't think I'm glad -- -- as. Often as. Our. I mean I don't I don't want to make your point coordinator -- But green luxury you're right. It global when he's done -- something's going to college -- to address -- guy -- I do think you know I don't -- whole argument that -- it's on American because if you -- a private enterprise it's not a right to be in India it's a privilege. So they -- -- you know at some restrictions on -- they should be able to do that. I think a good way to -- would be you can get any -- an opportunity be drafted out of high school. He well what I do which would -- -- is a guy that really thought he was -- make it -- and he undrafted. You know he's kind of screwed you keep can't go to break -- ball then I think what you do is. You let the ice you know anybody -- -- eligible to be drafted. If there undrafted let him go play college ball but that's what you put that three year restriction on every at the -- for three years because. If you're ready. We -- -- let him go play but if you're not punish a guy and ruin it like he -- he made a bad decision at age eighteen. Well -- and so -- at the education and probably. If he was getting at I think you can't get drafted by the time he's probable for years he might be a well developed a player to be addressed India -- And everything they got to do think that our paint -- something. And would get out of money that they -- I'm not a major college sports it's obscene. I don't wanna do it if you wannabes but not parent income or take it from merchandising dollars but it's ridiculous that these guys don't get any. Here's an idea that I've had and I've thrown this around a couple of times. Let's say you wanna come at a high school and -- make some money. Okay the NBA says -- we have a two year restriction. So you can go to the NBA money -- -- gonna make some money. And then after two years you can go into the draft or you can go to college for two years and then come into the draft at and at that point. You're not restricting the guy. From making a living your -- as saying it can't be in the NBA for two years. Say that again I got lost in your explanation you that -- they can go to the NBA then after two years and ideally they go into the NBA draft -- out. Why the why do they need to put these age restriction instead of leaving it the way it is or even going back to you can come straight out of high school but. NBA teams actually treating their. NBA basketball. Or we just don't I mean the they call -- the developmental league not that many guys come out of it. But they are making money down there it's not NBA money but you're not restricting -- -- ability to make some money right. But it's it's basically taken the place of what was the the association they just CBI the CB it's 'cause I don't take in the place of SEB -- hasn't served. As a minor league for the NBA. In really any way shape before -- get the occasional guy getting called up to be an ancillary bench player but you don't see them using it for guys who are young. Have potential had serious NBA talent but maybe are just not quite there yet there on the break. But they're not just quite there if they had that this wouldn't even be an issue what to age limit -- to come into the NBA. -- -- -- What I'm just answering your question of restricting -- a guy's ability to make money -- -- money it's not NBA money but you can still make money. So Sparky as wanna say I heard -- going home last night. And almost -- in about the traded at a Kuhn both -- with a one word answer poll. Done what happened with simple throw on the north side all led off the show. Called and said he not -- their remarkable things here what what are we going to do if we take two -- Parker what does that mean for you out and I'm your pregame show last night John Hammond said you ask -- bogged down as possibly some point that Jon Hansen yeah I can maybe see that happening in the future -- case may be and throw one back and we went back and -- of that about how Jabari Parker -- in. If they -- -- to -- Parker. And all of that conversation I talked about the story yesterday the gold standard as everybody on the block to be traded. While -- is available to listen to except for staff curry at. Andrew -- them that's right ball so those two -- Dutch -- -- as the rest of them can be traded including Klay Thompson well. If you're going to get a clay Thompson. Who is averaging eighteen -- points a game this year. -- that is your starting -- shooting guard going forward if you take a -- -- gives there your three. Henson and Sanders your for your five -- whatever you decided to have -- -- Walters whenever. At the point guard position it's a proven commodity for an unproven commodity -- -- is why you would make that trade so I asked would you do this deal I -- it myself. Wonder report from anywhere else I kept emphasizing next outing what are -- from the box already has -- itself up -- right this is the illnesses were became public event. I don't thing anybody agreed with me so what was -- what was your answer yes. So I think I would consider -- Melton and I don't know because this is the angle if you're Herb Kohl and delegate your advantage -- unique to be better quicker. And you're -- -- get a young player back -- Klay Thompson. That will help you get better quicker and -- Johnson you're shooting guard and Parker or Wiggins is a small -- mixture. In terms of the attendance factor the pressure is -- a little bit on that this year for the first time -- -- because of the revenue this year not that I was less pressure this year on that. Than ever before and I don't want this to become like Tobias Harris were we we trade a guy before we find out what he has I don't know what. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- People expect him to get top point play in India and that -- expect a perennial all star every year. And if he's not that people are going to be disappointed. Sucks for him. But that's kind of where the expectation level right now I like ice chest as the collar effort talking about what we're not talking about -- and -- brought it up further that why is I don't know. I know I'm averaging -- shafts apparently are we saying out of town we're in ankle are full former football -- talk about a double fault just are you wanna discuss raising the NBA age limit 79 I can hear you aren't sure when he makes you need that now we're not that girl there lavish Sports Radio talk to. 61 hot deals from Wendy's it's fast and it's easy. Log -- to Wendy's mail dot come see me when the email dot com. Sign up and start getting great offers from Wendy's today that's when email back -- it's easy -- your ticket hot deals and coupons. From Wendy's signed up today the Wendy's big show. We'll be right back but. What is -- -- hot and -- On the right track studios on Sports Radio 1250 WS asked me if you're looking for a new career. -- him last night. And had an idea I said he had a vision was it to lose -- -- movies. The vision was Robbie could start a new career a young -- drive during the night into comedy shows at night all over the country hop while working for yanks Russell make money during the day had to make money at night as well while while going after your other Kareem. That process is not a terrible I didn't wise I had a vision -- all this is like Miller's envisioned what is this going to be I got this rusty are going to be a big show but that's the attitude or maybe it's probably celebrity -- -- terrible I hope. Payrolls you'd probably be pretty good so -- and glove and you're looking for a new career goal -- -- express dot com. You could be as successful transporter of expedited -- drove -- -- express team. It's. JUNG express dot -- It turned out six to 700 votes a day which means they need more than a single person they need a city of people to come work for them to help them get everything -- That they should be getting done right now you can make a -- six figures a year just ask you some -- in a much better yet ask yourself this if -- doing this job right now. Your transfer -- -- transport right now for another company. Are they given you incentive packages include discounts on cell phone bills new tires oil changes. Vehicle -- -- its hotels they're -- on the road they hoped it would discuss -- hotels to. -- your company to -- that right now. You should go and switch companies right now go Orr at young express dot com. Success -- real quickly before we get your calls and whether the NBA should raise the minimum age at 7991250. Breaking news. From our Packers insider -- hot -- I don't know I mean Sparky to -- as he is doing his young express treating this just when I was thirteen seconds ago now. The NFL transaction wire the Packers have released -- slash guard Greg man wrote in. He spent most of last year on the IR. So farewell to Greg -- road abatements braking in this Packers and saw your packer friends on follow him on Twitter now let's move -- the north side -- the -- -- -- -- our business. -- on the north side -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I can right now well I mean god elevation. Are livid but I -- -- there that was documentary. And at that -- spoke like a no look Rodney. Carmelo -- when -- cook a documentary -- -- are back in 2002. You know he forego college skip college and Nick Faldo and -- really get dropped it. And then that story. You remember our -- letter about sixteen. We took another -- overweight. But -- had a -- -- school we played overseas haircut and what they're made it kind of money that he thought he could have -- I have a lot of guys pushing that direction go to NBA culturally. Project name -- a -- in the end up not even in its collective. In there and actually promised -- and do it again -- do you learn a bit in nineteen or something like that article about economic that -- hit a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tiger you -- and -- that's made it okay a guy like Anthony Bennett we had Tweety here from a guy who are you skull Syracuse mark. I'm sick of one and done some fizzling out stay in school what's gonna happen when you're a bus two words Anthony bat well that's a -- Now could he waste those millions at some point be -- moral thing I guess he thought I guess it is possible. But he got paid. So -- -- argument -- a little bit. If Anthony -- is forced to go back to school for another year like I'm -- proposing what happens if he gets hurt but he's not -- turnstiles and whatever else but it's not going to be like -- And that is the one thing that can happen if you comeback for another year longer than maybe you should half. And in response to that story about that one player who came out early to hammered -- a forum. I give -- Kobe Bryant LeBron James Kevin Garnett. I mean the list goes out -- not and not to mention guys who could have come out of high school after the one in general. -- pretty sure would have had successful NBA careers to Derrick roses of the world artists in the failures are more than -- okay. It puts -- I I I just disagree with them society trying to protect people from themselves you make a mistake in -- that's your mistake to live with try try and rebound and get back on the right road that's. That's sort of how things go you know what I mean not everybody is having themselves protected by society and -- rules and bylaws. People fail and people succeed. America that. Let's give them a chance to succeed -- ago exactly so let -- go to the NBA -- -- living well -- -- I think you know you. When you look at that -- fraud -- I mean there may be the case. Would you have so many stories little room of guys. Never make in it for me for every LeBron James probably -- five or six guys like this Q it is. -- -- really done anything in the and that's what's so frightening to me about an injury and Germany's school raised. -- -- -- -- -- Lot of young African American Q is that a -- don't give your education the door mr. how to budget your money. I don't understand things about a professional basketball and -- you know seemed to waste. And to meet Gary I look at it and I say why is it that the predominantly African American sport is the one where they want to put an age minimum and see that's the Marlins don't look at how well does it review -- me behavior -- me I think he's doing for years for the good of the game -- right than the -- talk about the NFL. Shouldn't kids are going on your line of thinking. It if you're talented enough to go from high school with the NFL you should be able to run I think you can make the case that it's unsafe to do that -- for themselves if they wanted to ask you -- that's that's got to go wanna guess what you just said it's unsafe physically for them to do that -- don't make their own choice. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Has a case where they have a liability they had there is something at risk for them. If these kids come up and suffers serious injury or worse but not because their body isn't developed enough to play in the NFL mount on animal there are on the hook for of this summit gets crippled in the NFL and -- open -- there. Have -- been sued and lost. There are no I've never heard of and over and we've had it happen. But I've never heard of anybody get in the NFL on that -- the NBA raised the age minimum 7991250. Live -- Sports Radio 1250 dot com it's a Packers stock in at 4 o'clock Morgan -- thoughts on this right after the very. That's why he's doing show live from the ram truck studios at 4 o'clock Mike McCarthy you know all of the Dom -- visited all the -- -- all and -- an army at the top of the our -- for a winner. Of our daily winner of a 25 dollar gift card from well he's house of roses tolerance needed to his email -- -- Sports Radio 1250 dot com the worst Valentine's gift. You've ever got for somebody will choose a daily winner every day through Wednesday and on Wednesday we'll -- the ultimate. Valentine grand prize -- includes a dozen roses chocolate Teddy bear and -- plus dinner and Joey seafood and -- in Brookfield -- while he's online. -- well he's dot com and again just email us the worst Valentine's -- -- we got from somebody. To -- that daily prod them a chance. At that grand prize Gary -- last week you went to and from New York for the Super Bowl yes and he came back with tales of miserable travel you know he made it -- -- Atlanta with relatively. Little problem -- area they get and there are things you know major delays though major issue isn't happy to be back in Wisconsin -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well as I was on in my home state of Georgia in in my hometown of Albany Georgia. -- -- -- -- I saw the food there which -- my high school. And a -- -- Ricardo -- you know we're currently -- through these -- -- -- -- Seahawks is from ours who user. The game with fuel you know -- back and colors and torture and work hamburger first -- That's awesome yeah -- Well I'm like you when you wrote it how there was a big like parade waiting for you what's the high school -- -- -- so they knew I was there okay. Food. Volume on -- tournament. Rami was impeccable and I don't know of you guys like. My mom one day -- ladies she she fry -- Turkey. A lot fried Turkey all okay love it a dog or the fried Turkey which is it -- -- would sit here I don't want to. Know not in my. And immigrated there's certain -- -- the front -- want what's wrong when you are -- -- confident that I know I'm not gonna -- When argue about it with -- You'll such how Albany and fried Turkey and ox tails and it turned into a wall my mommy just make ox tail soup. I can't get I would still like him when I'm record productive members of our field. -- from Q Tuesday. Over in college green glove laurels you don't know that -- Okay but after it was -- AJ is AJ for agency who -- your orchard. You it interest you Liu walked out is so good until that national's masters -- respond -- -- -- you lost and you boosters. So -- for me is used to borrow food it is. There have been home like in the wintertime -- normally go -- and summer. With seventy degrees every single day it's every -- or -- shorts. Seventy every day they were the same shorts every and a -- at all -- -- -- seventy every day. And journalists were injured came home came -- -- -- He had never been under these rules were two years and knows -- -- -- there with dad really never been around here. When it was you know when it was cold up here and more down is probably -- extremely -- is incredible. Yeah I'm back. Are small building to where -- -- airport. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As -- -- were flying to Milwaukee. In the temperature -- highlighted. Nine degrees went to ball. A massive mall on the plane. They rod delta was that part of it was because of the -- -- -- -- But -- huge massive moment right there there wasn't one happy single person ultimately I think next to a couple just came from my game. From two way. And it was like ninety down. There was not one -- souls so I get here I get through Milwaukee are going around baggage claim regular bags. I walk out for. In the here. If -- Race that -- -- you don't know what to do. -- America heart warming up go back inside and I'm just I'm says QB. And myself I usually don't go the route 200 runs. And get it would be nice kid I want to know. Why do we live here the use of cell line on the don't want to live here and why do you live wire -- -- Why didn't go well why do we live all right. I don't know why we live news conference they can seven and -- 1250 YQ is there. All right -- after that is obviously the media and live to see a -- All over the country about all over the back and forth your thirty years of at all over the place I've seeing good weather bad weather. People let's just suck it up okay yeah. -- up we got to just just get tougher here thank you grow up here I grew up and taxes but I I lived in extreme weather on the other end. We -- in May June July August September it's a hundred degrees every day. And you can't live the same way were right now I go from a heated house to a heated car to a heated building to a heated -- to my eight garage to heated out. In Texas you go from an air conditioned to an organization card to an air conditioned -- to an air conditioned theater to an air conditioned office to an air conditioned car to an air conditioned home. The same thing. Extreme weather on either -- so if you're saying. That you don't want cold weather ever you're eliminating half of the country. -- -- -- I don't want our -- I don't want this moment my sources say to -- entered. On Monday she called me swisher Gardner. -- his. Yeah. It's going to be a high of thirty degrees in Atlanta for the next -- days. And they're talking about closing school we have a state of emergency was salute is due to inch or so you've got to be cared. Alabama's conceivably see all of -- -- that -- here's the deal they got an ice storm and we're not only only plays and as bad weather folks. Minus twelve and Holliday 3012. In Denver when we were there the other day where it is now. I don't know the worst storms have been in the worst storms I've been in have been on the East Coast Boston Philadelphia or sure new York New Jersey opened on this storms ever been any worse than anything we've had a year -- we just gotta get -- Obviously and we have to get tough tiger itself 41 right now in Denver -- -- -- you see slugger mark ward get 52 tomorrow bunker. Just got to get tougher. The Summers are fantastic here when I finally had an album on there we get a month of summer -- the bat we argued are hot days you get there's ninety degrees. A step I -- think because they were like two maybe maybe a five days -- -- -- little bit. Summaries every day for 67 months I I other -- other degrees. We're gonna part of -- years was a group of -- I know I think I can put a sweater on but when it's a hundred there's not. A lot I can do take I'll come down to my shorts and that's you know -- groups who do. All they do they do that -- they do. They do I'll give you that a hole there some. Bigger homers member -- there. You want to follow -- I do. That name isn't on my street for some reasons and it's gonna sit line one -- on the -- why do we live here. -- watch film like yeah yeah I had Gallo sort or -- idea how much accurately and -- in Georgia for. Like I played -- here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And she had to do it yet but. Because they -- -- there that they could even go out because -- -- pretty. And then I actually called up and pushing them respect completely that and it's -- that -- good about it's all about beer. Culture that I -- you know I got that was the reporter that. There's -- I didn't let us and I am at that you bet there at you know the summer appear. Mentally to make up for the winners. You know what it is principal or you know orders for me like regular your hear your -- -- in its last two. I'll say this the lack of a spring. Where does get to you here because you don't get the true spring -- -- You get. Sort of two days of spring in the -- summer the year. Actually by this time a year from start to get used to it by Adam I haven't skipped the morning -- -- -- Used to this cold armor use I skipped the morning right yet this week here but I've I've been here seventeen years ruins my seventeenth year here -- this the worst it's been I've I'll admit that they always use the word isn't. I'm used to it a Tug at earlier in the winter -- having this polar vortex and it was 25 below with the wind chill and all that I'm like man I'm not taken the run this morning dog is just gonna have to suffer for -- -- without the run. That's all we got like a -- that bad it's what ten below the -- let's do this. Since I didn't think about it anymore I get used to it by this time every year I'm fine I'm dead like Ted said toughen up -- -- -- you live here on the John -- Buick GMC sound off line. 414448. 2162. Best coming up at 5:54 o'clock hour of the when these Vick -- coming up right after that.