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02/11/14 The Wendy's Big Show 4PM Hour

Feb 11, 2014|

Is it a good idea or a bad idea to have Mike McCarthy involved with the defense? And what do you think of field goals over 50 yards being worth four points? Gary, Ramie, Sparky and Ted Davis discuss. Bleacher report columnist Michelle Noyer-Grenaki also stops by to talk about the Packers' potential draft picks, who she likes at the safety position and concerns about Notre Dame defensive tackle Louis Nix.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are the big show running back costing Sparky -- Gary -- and -- the voice of your Milwaukee Bucks Ted Davis -- -- for a couple more hours. Repeat as hot stove weekly coming up from six until seven. Comment for Tim along with every area of Steve Sparky -- -- -- Corey joins us at 615 joining the Wendy's big show later the -- at 448 to be exact. Michelle -- Bernanke of the Bleacher Report. She know the few guys will be participating in the NFL com -- could be starting. For your Green Bay Packers coming up in 2014. And speaking of the Green Bay Packers Mike McCarthy a -- the assistant coaches. Being made available to the media up in Green Bay yesterday and the some comments from Mike McCarthy that raised some eyebrows here in the ram truck studios and -- discussing it. During a commercial break -- this coming from Packers head coach Mike McCarthy. He says our defense is going to change some you don't ever stay the same also at the vision for the defense Dom Capers in the defense of staff who carried out. There will be some adjustments under appeal notice them or not based on our personnel to. That obviously plays into it yesterday Sparky -- you read those comments to Gary and both you guys sort of like I said eyebrows raised. By the the comment W don't ever stay the same all set the vision for the defense Dom Capers -- the defense of staff we'll carry it out. I was surprised that you guys were surprised by those comments because I -- just assume it. That no matter what a head coach is special -- your expertise might be in Mike McCarthy obviously. An offensive minded coaches quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator for a long time. That there's still involved in the other side of the ball and they are essentially and Gary you could tell me if I'm wrong. Setting the agenda for their coaching staff in -- -- he says -- coaches go out and play out that agenda. Not now not now. And McCarty has stated from the time hired and chambers he's gonna do defense -- do offense and -- them I coach but yeah he's pretty much let -- do -- -- -- -- mean Tom's done it forever and it takes. A lot of pressure off McCarthy not having to worry about that side of the ball and an experience coordinator -- the case may be. This is the first time publicly like you said that he has -- Now you to be right maybe he had a vision last year I don't think so. I think in again misses -- conspiracy I think it was -- was -- then we need you may be NC and in your Dallas is due may be NC. You -- -- staff can say whatever the case may be and we're gonna go forward but I want to do things a little bit different -- me out now. Everybody want to look I'll talk about -- played a 43 defense here and dramatically changes the whole thing. But at a more multiple looks and doing different things that they haven't done in the past the problem is this mr. McCarthy. Which was laid out in the Milwaukee journal sentinel during the season because your general manager -- fumes as. They give you any help from a veteran aspect. You're asking that these rookies who are gonna make even more mistakes if you complicate things even more which is what Dallas trying to avoid. By doing it this why in saying no more going to be more complex were gonna do more more difficult things -- -- -- -- there right now are certainly do what you're asking to do what has been. You're setting yourself up for just a huge failure here and just I wish -- would just leave -- -- let -- do it his way he is he's knows this defense like the back as I. I think it's a mistake I understand he -- try to do what's best for him in the team and everything else maybe he's trying to -- capers job I don't know but -- I'm just not a fan of the. No I'm not either I think Steve when you look at this I need McCarthy to concentrate no profits. And break for Guss is very. You you brought Dom Capers and run his defense I mean -- never run opener I just don't. Dom Capers runs a very complex 34 defense that's why you brought him in -- let him do his job. You cannot goal range right -- dom what to do and -- -- cold game player for dom hopefully he implements an Indian are you trying to figure out. -- to do offensively. The issue is gonna -- -- quickly. If McCarthy just to me really have to stay in his -- there's nothing -- up and comers and -- You know I understand that a coach has to be a CEO in a way he oversees the entire operation. But if somehow you've lost some confidence in in capers then you -- -- -- change at the end of the season where he should be gone now. I agree with Gary he's an offensive coach he should remain on that side of the ball. And let capers do his thing I read that article today in the paper I don't know who wrote it but -- was talking about. This coach is moving here in that coaches moving there in this coach has more responsible ability here. This one has more to do with this now and we have an assistant this and you know it's just like shuffling the deck chairs on on on -- -- -- I don't. Until you get the players. -- matter what you do with -- coaches. And spark his right. There are free agents out there that can help -- that a list today on top 25 free agents. And they need safety help right -- you okay. The third -- top free agent was listed as Jerious -- safety from Buffalo and we've talked about on -- show the fourth was CJ ward safety from Cleveland. Is -- -- gonna go out there and get somebody like that no. He's gonna do it his way he's gonna do it in the draft. He better be good this year because there's a lot on the line for this draft until you get the players to play the defense. -- what the coaches do really doesn't matter what the scheme is it. And that's the issue when you're talking about he's inexperienced guys coming in. And I was trying to as -- -- as possible all right because it's not easy is this teams to pick up that was noted a journal subtle article about how the Steelers very rarely or will start a rookie. But Jason worlds -- whoever's name is the defense event outside linebacker asking a free agent. And its first two years giving it -- Golan until last year so. From that aspect. That's kind of how this works is the defense is sort of back up and when you're saying -- to run the draft you could say okay we're gonna draft export linebacker -- drive. Ex player at safety and doubled gonna start. And it's three years to figure it out well that's -- so not -- gonna have mistakes. Adoring games whatever else and when it feels Waller play more multiple fronts and all this other stuff. I just wondered if you're making even more difficult for the young guys to figure it out that's what I'm concerned about even more mistakes on defense -- guys are thinking and not -- Again this is a quote from Mike McCarthy our defense is going to change some you don't ever stay the same also at the vision for the deep deep as our -- what is your friends and he carried out on his mind the loss -- my last Tuesday who undergo me. Yeah yeah yeah. Apartment they -- to foreign service men. That's that would thank you to National Guard I'm asking you a question you're never bitten. In these meetings that -- and NFL locker matter how this solves all of -- -- -- to walk into -- bunker or what to do is just assume that head coaches like I said regardless of what their expertise is. Do what he's talking about which is set the vision you put the -- -- out look this is what I want the defense to accomplish this is now I think we should accomplish it. He head coach. I mean if he's not setting the vision. Why don't we just have co head coach's -- -- handles the offense what we handled the defense you can save some money if you don't give anybody the head coaching. Has somebody's got to make decisions on special teams wanna go for a and everything else that's that's some Mike McCarthy is is a new this happens all over the NFL. When you have a guy that is primarily offensive guy and he goes on -- hires a former coach -- -- has been a and it worked him out yet -- like each other. But it got to the Super Bowl ring I think -- Mike -- long but it. He know we have greatly -- -- went blank yes. In your hey -- just don't think -- -- while rob Duca helped. Us things which makes it. No less assistant special time he's not it is hard to do it any. And the shots and won't hire was confused tournament got a different -- -- about Kevin ordering your own category here we say okay who should replace and I said I'd I'd like a former player to coming into this. What -- -- to be Winston Moss knew what he loves Winston Moss I'm still trying to figure out what's -- -- that. So it's months -- -- all four linebackers inside and outside right. What did you see today do you see acidic steelers' average reporter it's gonna help on defense and and help with the linebackers -- defense -- assistant whatever they called. It was reporters -- coaching already but how does that -- where they have history though there. They run their defense. Which would has exploded without getting according to comment under yeah but he's a Pittsburgh. We can -- -- -- about Kevin -- and they're all right but if I'm gonna go somewhere and I've got offering table -- -- Pittsburgh. If there's multiple off short -- -- -- but my point is something what I would've liked something where you have a former what I argue what are innocent he would you -- you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now you go with them -- to an outside in. I don't know how completely -- due back in the day but Gary -- things for Spurs who have. It would be one -- if he developed an inside linebacker or support you know with Moscow which I do not say it's. And we said Mike McCarthy says the defense is going to change he'll set the vision Dom Capers. We'll play it out do you think this is a good idea 7991250. You can email Lotta Sports Radio 1250 dot com hear from you guys in the make -- -- Our guard your best chance -- your status and also to visit for the defense -- -- defensive stuff carried out there there will be some adjustments. There's our personnel -- adults who plays and took we're going through. -- game of their ways and we were always multiple maybe this year has been prior years really because of the stress of the -- -- that unit so we want -- back to some of the things that we did very well in the past. That's Packers head coach Mike McCarthy yesterday saying the defense will change he'll set the vision. Dom Capers and his staff will carry it out I think it's a good idea for McCarthy to be involved with that side of the ball 7991250. Viva Sports Radio 1250 dot com -- -- -- Is gonna set the vision for your Valentine's Day and what. Just -- -- here butler's there's a good programs you. Pro pro Jewelers is ready for Jones -- -- they have a wide variety of January. That is perfect for the actually. How old body her she cares if ended nothing -- take care -- on Valentine's Day or how body 24 ago. Do roles this one lasts forever -- like the regular roses. 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Yeah award right now but what is it because everybody -- traffic better do it quote -- -- and it -- -- you have -- type of thing but. I wanted to they would what happened with the coach. I think he's he's he picked I think it's not gonna help the Packard look the guys like a lot of them. If he's given an epic up and about abuse repute and executed better you or I changed to -- about big things -- a couple back implement. Some type. Normal routine and get the sense of it -- typical -- what I. And they're gonna follow it through the mail I mean she -- with it and look what happens -- yet. But if you keep check -- and you keep adding thing. As switching in the office just making it more difficult but there's -- these kids that were up and -- you know a lot. And and hopefully come out with a pull up -- it about bigger got more negative. Nice for the -- See that. In my opinion and Gary -- -- about 34 defense a dummy proof and everything. But every time we're -- doubled as Dom Capers defense I have yet to hear anybody that plays on his defense -- what how simple it is to understand play. -- let me ask you this I want as -- -- I'm not an x.s and those guys I didn't play. Is the defense they're trying to run so complex. That you're thinking so much when you're out there that it takes away your aggressiveness. It's yours are just thing last year -- I think they were very limited on what they could do defensively. Because of personnel -- there and -- which I talked to by the slogan last year. You look at what they used to have -- brand and -- When he was -- in silent about -- it Clay Matthews on the -- And in -- -- -- cycle packages we're in -- -- linebackers you know -- And they've never really been like there until they lost shielded him from ago and so I think that's kind of hurt them and I think they need to try to get back. Today imminent they British -- -- today to him when he played their package. Cullen Jenkins ward who was alone down linemen in that package where you lost Cullen Jenkins. Losman and Shuler I mean you lost lot of guys that that was a very important is that what brand they could -- run this year because of you know -- a couple of games where they only had like two outside linebacker -- really -- -- there. And then I went to -- Gabriel have liked to have -- -- they used to have enough for. They just have players available for -- there for dumb duo but likes. -- he points out like this every year. They get hurt every year. So you're dealing with the same thing every here -- Where you can't play this package him play that package your goal and less complex than you want maybe I I just wonder that we always talk about how the Packers. Need more aggressiveness. And I just wondered is there a defense of system where you can think too much. And it takes away some of the aggressive nature of football. What they you know a lot of kids -- there you know arm commented on. Capers scheme -- is it too complicated for those guys handle and they can't read and react. I think -- a young team in the sort of got into. They told a lot of guys this will warn you be in -- where you state of taking chances -- -- beaten wanna make sure. If there were silenced dramatically that they want your -- -- big -- -- -- that Seattle defense and I know -- the Super Bowl champs and all that but they've got guys flying all over the place. Now is that is that the difference lately is have better players and they can play -- Assess open a can make up for a lot of mistakes -- nobody -- Where you know it appears through that. In most defense offices you know where -- weaknesses are. And I felt that -- -- knew what their weakness worry in their defense. They knew were we were trying to attack from. And merry go over from there they knew what you were going in it was two -- were to break -- plus the Packers can't do. Mike tweets at 1250 WS SB he says but I I I want to -- does try not to be a jerk about this topic he says Max setting the vision for the defense can only help bright. I mean they take it much worse I appreciate the fire that it's a brings to and that's -- -- what I'll stick -- -- -- getting. Up in arms about Mike McCarthy -- -- change things on the defense. But defense was pretty awful last year -- -- -- -- is he gonna make it worse. Is Mike McCarthy you know getting in the kitchen and help -- Dom Capers took a little bit -- I gonna make it any worse I can't see it getting any worse anybody here. Yeah I think -- can -- like I said to begin with if you -- he's multiple fronts and everything that he's doing now you're telling these kids. I know including -- we -- to do last year so complicated more for -- and let's see if he can handle that yeah. I could see it getting worse things are taking -- course knowledge can get a couple hours there's -- -- -- I thought you're talking about communication issue breakdowns guys being in the wrong places. I think you -- -- more big plays next year than you gave up this year. About -- question because the thing is this army. All these three to six. -- so you don't bring back a lot of home. May have more new faces and Morgan after all the system right there all the young guys out of it which puts you give up your whole he'll bring some of these flyers back to actually know the defense -- -- for a few years Mike McCarthy saying there will be change on defense he'll set the vision Dom Capers and staff will carry it out you think that's a good idea 7991250. Drama north -- now that now he's on the big show it's up throughout. Well I don't know if -- Odom you I mean this is -- where you put the short leash on them capers. -- try to push him out the door without firing in the kicking him out. But what I take from it but. -- the biggest thing I think the reason why his defense is having problems is not so much of the talent. And -- not so much of an injury picked up and not -- and the players for the report be. -- they don't draft players that are comfortable and play any system before they get -- in the field level. And you China's what their position is and development into all this stuff you're adding years onto the line in the deepest and in a position that's too much stuff going on to these guys -- it. That they can't do that they that they as they might would be. If you draft a guy played what three. And college is -- you put forth during an NFL I mean at they've they've they've they've made a statement saying Richard Sherman is not really get -- But he's -- -- -- respect subsist. So court you're gonna play bad in the big present not that complicated because they're playing a -- report to -- They did a good debate preparation and he's got I used to playing nets being as you know weapon nick Perry who played -- -- being -- -- say what you schedules. Well I think he can translate over to all of -- -- on the outside linebacker. And -- you're just sit him out there and he can't play he. Like up and spent a lot of people -- -- he's trying to get a cup. So if anything happens to continue to -- throughout the players that they did people it is not gonna work on the pedal and -- period. But that's the problem that -- -- to go with this defense -- they were -- most 34 defense as they fought their problem where -- you commit these. Outside linebackers and their normally smallish linemen. Defense of -- in congress. No you gonna try to make down. -- -- You look at LaMarr Woodley I believe at Michigan he was a guy. He was our hands in dirt type player. But now you got to stand up and that's what you got to do in the 34 defense a lot of these guys. A lot of these guys almost Moss as a defensive linemen and you got to see if you can make them into this. Kind of vote 34 linebacker that you really need them in the Packers is that really done a great job of you know identifying guys in and in and give him into your system and making -- play that sort of position by him and that's the problem that they wanna answer. Daytona Jones last year he -- I remember when he first got to Green Bay and he got the playbook. And he goes man this is basically what what we did it UCLA -- -- -- -- -- Is now they're asking would do for the Packers are. Until it remain outside my background on that that was that was by necessity because there -- every outside linebacker they had went down with an injury but. Before that that even though he supposedly knew the system. We didn't see Daytona Jones on the field very much so he went out and got a guy who played the system in college near the system. And for whatever reason he apparently still wasn't ready for some more time on the field at that. That confuses me because I agree with Sparky a lot of time when he says that Ted Thomson puts his coaches in the top is Brandon. By drafting guys who aren't fit for the system he goes -- he gets a guy who's fit for the system. And we barely see that guy and the field let's get it one -- -- -- throb rob you're on the way. We drove I don't know. That you cover from the top I think you get compensated enough it's enough he has five years to prove. We're not not saying he's not a great calls. What is not working here and McCartney -- you do your seat and an evaluation -- -- you look at our defense as. All -- the coordinator. And see what the problem is indeed objective achieved what their problem that -- need to figure out itself and that's what they got looked at all regret these guys coming here. Because like. They're called report says. These guys don't shortly if they can't if they can't call those players thought it did make -- -- -- a different direction because they're talent -- -- being -- I don't care who don't live the live back and look at the front to back. All of -- underperform. And like they'd say capers playbook is very complicated that the problem. On the ought to probably for our defense there's -- -- run -- it up well they don't want the same packages says. As. The -- as a coordinator for capers do. -- don't worry because -- be more difficult because -- McCarty and topple top -- -- -- well McCarthy hit a lot. No he's not -- and -- I think that's why they have many and we got beat him. I don't know what I wanted to live with these jet -- -- if you got a lot -- -- they -- all -- -- lot of it will gain. All of on the Internet and what you can overcrowded that come -- with a lot. Our 10% -- never saw that last year that he can't simplify it any more than he already cast. To try to make it easier for these young guys who shouldn't be playing to understand how to play in his defense as it gets a -- anymore. An outlook these visit and it's a complicated more by having multiple fronts -- back Jerry that they're looking more -- right so it's going to be more information. -- through appears to me and how he says that he says we we want to do some of the things that we did very well in the past and make sure. Were carrying enough packages to utilize all of our players we obviously to get better on defense and I think these moves that we've made on defense will definitely put us on that path. And he says in in the in the press conference when he was talking that. They had so many injuries last year they had to limit the number of packages that they were able to use. So he did it sounds like he does plan on getting more complicated Sparky but he seems to think that being healthy and having guys who they didn't have last year. Will help that problem -- be more complicated. Which -- -- every right. Don't Williams and -- if somehow they have lost confidence in Dom Capers -- the caller may have indicated. Then they should make a change now you know because if it did. Goes bad early next year. And you -- lame duck situation with capers and the players start get the -- of that lame duck status it ain't going to be good next year either. So they better have full confidence in Dom Capers right now work make a change dealing its a good idea for Mike McCarthy to set the vision. For the defense of your thoughts on the John Paul's Buick GMC sound off line at 414. 4482162. Best of coming up at 550 or jump back in -- ask you to pick a lane. 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Stewart did a great job against big -- things like that before we come out here it is -- -- the void -- today. Do you think Gary Anderson visited for the long haul that's -- -- of -- -- judgment of the day tax -- side and answered. To 32961. They'll be one of the big topics will reset for you. On the big show risky pick a lane coming up at 5 o'clock we'll talk with Michelle Noriega -- -- of the Bleacher Report at 448. She -- some guys will be at that NFL come by -- or good enough to start for your Packers. Right now we'll find out here when she joins us coming up at 448 -- a few weeks ago here in the Wendy's big show we talked about. Roger Goodell is proposal to eliminate the extra point. You just get seven points for a touchdown in the need to go for too if you score the Q obviously you go to eight. Or you can and not get the two and then you go back down to six you and I -- both stood here and argued with Sparky forget half hour on this and said. Man -- today broke. Don't fix -- there's nothing wrong with extra points let's just leave it the way it is that's the way it's always -- So maybe I'm a hypocrite because Adam Vinatieri. I think has a good idea he -- this. And -- as a pro football are flatly I don't remember you signed up all night and I. I'm not say that it didn't happen -- and I'm -- -- may be wrong and he did say that not just don't remember it. But -- but it's -- -- going home on pro football talk live with Mike Florio. He says that field goals over fifty yards should be worth four points instead of three. And discussed a potential for coaches to use strategy in order to try for a game winning. Four point -- rather than a tying kick from 47 yards out Vinatieri thinks kickers should be a bigger part of football. Throughout the evolution of the games saying kickers are just getting bit better back in the day thirty or forty years ago when football wasn't a twelve month the year. Guys are just getting stronger they're just getting more focused didn't. I'd be more accurate guys are doing a lot more in the weight room in terms of getting stronger. Percentages back in the fifties and sixties if you're 70% you were leading the league now shoot -- guys that don't miss. Or maybe miss just one -- two kicks all season paddy is just a combination of a lot more snap hold kick worked. Throughout the season to kind of fine tune. I kind of agree with them Gary kickers are getting better and I think if -- -- you can make him a bigger part of the game and I like anything. That adds strategy and makes fans and makes coaches think light -- -- what are we gonna do here like he says adding and that four point field goal. It makes -- -- have to think and strategize. A little bit more. Few weeks ago I said if it ain't broke don't fix it leave extra points the way they are and now I think I -- with Sparky on this particular kicking issue though of making kicks of fifty yards -- More with Fort Worth four points -- -- while we've always sit in most cases kickers -- not a part of the team. Still. Even with -- you just said. Why are we do -- listen. Today that the thing that's -- bummer you know dusty today or crucial meeting and he would have -- all -- and on the -- he was due to the I didn't hit it about this stuff if it's it's fine what why are we doing this means -- Huge thing. You don't like change. Just in general you don't want -- stalk you because you've played it -- and you've got number one sport. In professional in in professional sports. Your -- while you're trying to keep it that way it's -- -- -- in Guatemala dog that's what brought that about boxing -- -- world. -- -- and honest about it it'd go to where you -- -- to do on his rookie stuff. No offer is made -- York I mean they like constantly -- million -- If fans rate you were Roger Goodell came hours from crazed -- -- -- two point considering. -- is probably truly in -- -- Making it more exciting -- thing. I don't gorgeous little -- that they've. -- -- it down for your right. -- you're in the game being over depth there now all of a sudden you're driving down in instead of trying to go for the touchdown -- necessarily trying to win it right you pull the kicked a field goal five seconds -- to try to tie the game decided to overtime are. You go for the win instead of taking -- going it's actually -- Now you -- when it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He'll -- parents -- from there but that's out. But I don't worry about the one that's stupid you -- about the trees. You never know what's gonna happen so used it -- would you would rather not throw. Mean it's what your grammar or you have something in place the people if you can do and make sure -- it makes you -- before bar after playing -- problem -- Sometimes you know -- I I've I'm against change just for the sake of change but when I heard this one I actually -- like to do. -- it changes it changes the. I mean how -- were rumored want to I mean they're trot him out of me. Just -- was target as you him you know our -- I mean the Packers note the best of starts he's going to bring so he's we -- -- -- Marbury is targeted and there like an irregular stark iron to -- me Gary's done. Thank you -- while like with more importantly -- how about real hot on the PAT thing I was -- and -- -- -- I think with the PAT PY was a fighting to get rid of it that's all I know I mean changing the rule was pointless he didn't change anything about the strategy of football. She did this makes things a little bit more -- thing. No because Sparky right now you have the option of having seven or going for too. You wouldn't elbow might have -- -- go back down and say what you for celebrity golfer to. I don't I don't -- that eliminate Dexter -- that's just crazy because -- not you have more you have more packages you have more. More drama down at the -- not Clemens -- -- -- -- he like -- -- he wants the NFL never to change until he dies. And leave it alone the same like if I'm sure you want to -- I really enjoyed the playoff games because the referee stay the hell out of a game like him are there. They played football present today when they weren't good work all these rules. All this -- -- -- and he's doing and manipulating the game on the field just go and sell some sponsorships. And you're Saturday night spotlight there -- but I just don't believe the rules of the game -- the but the game is fine simplified. You know your -- talking about Adam Vinatieri is part two. You know evolution you don't forget in the 50s60s. You know -- grows -- for the Browns Pat -- -- was actually an offensive tackle well Barney had what Jerry Kramer and and Paul horning kicking field goals and all that. And then you know when the Browns had success with Rosa and then Lombardi finally got to owes it to Chandler Don Chandler to come in. In the sixties they specialized they also expanded the rosters owners have to pay more money. Little more -- about it was is that those -- points on the board so that was part of the evolution that was a good thing for the games say you know what we should have a guy -- -- just a kicker. And for a while they thought that that wasn't very good idea. I don't know about the four point think that sounds like arena football it's like a circus to. We are your thoughts take the AT forget about this this is that this is the -- -- mark. Thank you I knew he was Nevada -- in and talked to wit and seated as I I -- John I don't know it's just easy to Gabon yeah it's you decisive not. This is the deal when you're number one. Anything. If you took place in the odds are gonna stay number one -- you're trying to constantly get better your chances of staying number one. Well I think the NFL as a Beasley can't be -- quite frankly -- dramatically change the game in terms of getting -- we talked about that before right but if it stays the way it is now they're always going to be popular to see in the NBA if you make a shot from past half court our four point -- up -- -- no I'm -- -- -- your thoughts on the four point field on the John -- Buick GMC sound off line at 414. 448216. To have the best of Korea. Coming up at 550 coming up on the other side of this quick break who's going to be at the NFL -- -- -- -- could start for your Packers to -- Michelle Margaret -- of the Bleacher Report she'll tell -- from the when he's make sure returns. So when he's -- shower running back boss Steve Sparky -- the former packer and badger running back Gary arson and voice of your Milwaukee Bucks Ted Davis. Coming up at the top of the hour there is something you want to chime in on earlier on the big showed -- every chance. We'll ask you to pick a lane coming up. At 5 o'clock joining us now on the great midwest bank -- and featured columnist for the Bleacher Report also does some work. For the Big Ten network NFL on fox in triumph books and she recently had a piece a -- Bleacher Report dot -- about seven guys. We'll be in this year's NFL draft he could start right now for your Green Bay Packers Michelle nor are -- MacKey joins us on the Wendy's big show Michelle thanks for a few minutes welcome into the show. -- Michelle before we get into this list and some of the specific names on its how many of these seven guys realistically. Fall to the Green Bay Packers at their pick in the first round do you think. You know how to. That and I think realistically the Packers -- rapists -- take up for a different hacker in the first round I think immediately wacko entertainment X. I'm not making reference -- intact he can -- round. I'm here -- you want to reference states in the first -- they you. You know. Maple -- their chance to get on -- actually -- not steep and -- could be a contributor in week one and I'm you know -- security ties in the NC on the Packers next year. Of the top two safeties because I'd seen it where -- index and prior the safety from Louisville both. Our right kind of by each other and I've -- differing opinions on both of -- which one do you think is the -- fit for this packers' defense. Yeah I honestly I'm content I'm Gillick hired there I think that he batters are you that the number -- and -- kept and I think that you know. Wouldn't expect ink can sometimes struggle as well for the power and power claim I'm I think -- -- -- -- complete safety he can cover of the trot. -- -- -- He's really heart beat saint. As a talks. I I think that he can have their greatest crime in that. Michelle you are real like you had human care who you talk more from the university Minnesota. Arm I watched him play a lot this year I think he would fit. That title spot in this 34 defense with the Green Bay Packers mark Favre is having watched a lot of draft a lot of teams. Well some of these draft guys that are are projecting where these guys are gonna fall have him going in the second round. Do you think he's a first round pick -- around period. Yeah -- your team think about -- -- I did not hear a lot he can make different and I think a lot of guys who can. Actually charity. And part of his. And he -- -- limited understanding. Blocking. Act he glaring factor -- structured system ballot and I started the Packers being cheap I wonder why in a conference. -- -- you can really -- -- -- in not structured form. I'm the -- I think he's eleven pounds I think it great I had packed and the Packers Eric. I'm really sort of -- line. We know the Packers need help on the defense of line and -- safety but they also need help at linebacker so where can they get help at that position in the draft. Absolutely and they've got a few diet -- he might war Wheatley finished outside and -- and fly out and mark glad work popped it blocked as. It -- it off he's -- And you know -- mostly he can go hot and you -- great prospect a couple of I'm not -- for a little you know. Closer to where the packet open looking at sort of -- -- get my mind if they can't be efficient out -- match and not done yet he. He's eager are like and try to -- -- it is very destructive and he doesn't to a stage is great instincts. It's her arm around my back there aren't that really turned round -- pack Patton the Packers. If he's not there. -- they go for linebacker help -- I think of practice and you know it it's. -- Barrett aren't gonna bunt he act out and I think that you know he. He might and actually Garnett in the top ten. He's not on the board Aaron I think that today. Meeting with monolith that -- I I personally really excellent player B I think that he really -- times pants and -- -- -- Wouldn't effect on companies and I could start -- one player I'm an advocate and that. I -- so I Edgar and the grain or aren't obviously out of confident and that's what matters Ali on -- -- really really hurt us. Motivated prior to honestly can pry it out and keep obviously. I come to elections I don't keep me. You know he's actually a linebacker who I think -- -- he. Let's go by the Louis next defensive tackle out of Notre Dame that's right and -- -- -- the Packers are drafting and he's mock drafts that you seek. I'm concerned about how big this guy's gonna give it if you give him the Miami -- -- is always been an issue with him and -- nimble on his fate. But how much of -- concern is that for you. Yeah absolutely compact and been cranking out there aren't treatment -- or -- -- he like he can't he can't move -- he. Can't he's he's got a couple of waits. I'm not thinking as the department is after last year -- -- sort of should need to hit and ability to try to keep that -- -- -- keep it that way. Aaron you know couple T he hot -- and naturally I knew I guarantee you I'm not a -- -- -- through out the way it really pushed the pocket -- Aaron I think that he and they're not -- injury content. Right tackle -- and march and I think he could be another prior to asking -- how far -- very important -- you know. It's not practice that you're not going to be happy but actually I think you know. You know aren't instantly -- need to work on it's going to affect my -- attack and he. Michel -- Bernanke can find their latest article 2014 NFL prospects it could be instant starters. For the Green Bay Packers it's up at the Bleacher Report can follow her on Twitter at Michelle underscore NFL Michelle pleasure thanks for a few minutes a suit against some time. And Michelle Margaret MacKey joins us on the great mid West Bank outlined turn the key with GMB. Now through July if you're looking to buy or refinance a home. Like great mid West Bank on FaceBook to learn how you -- live mortgage free. Great mid West Bank simply local quick break that we reset the big topics discussed -- today's big show ask you to pick a lane in the final -- are the Wendy's big show.