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02/11/14 Michelle Noyer-Grenaki joins The Big Show 4PM Hour

Feb 11, 2014|

Bleacher report columnist Michelle Noyer-Grenaki stops by to talk about the Packers' potential draft picks, who she likes at the safety position and concerns about Notre Dame defensive tackle Louis Nix.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now on the great midwest bank -- and featured columnist for the Bleacher Report also does some work. For the Big Ten network NFL on fox in triumph books and she recently had a piece a -- Bleacher Report dot -- about seven guys. We'll be in this year's NFL draft he could start right now for your Green Bay Packers Michelle nor are -- MacKey joins us on the Wendy's big show Michelle thanks for a few minutes welcome into the show. -- Michelle before we get into this list and some of the specific names on its. How many of these seven guys realistically. Fall to the Green Bay Packers at their pick in the first round do you think. -- got out -- that and I think realistically the Packers blocked rapists -- -- up for a different hacker in the first round I think they immediately walk away -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm here what you want to -- 181 round they you. You know. Maple Leafs at Santa Monica actually hop not steep and how good he could be a big contributor in week one and -- thank you know -- security ties in the NC on the Packers next -- Of the top two safeties because I'd seen it where -- index and prior the safety from Louisville both. Our right kind of by each other and I've seen differing opinions on both of them which one do you think is the -- fit for this packers' defense. Yeah I honestly I'm content I'm Gillick hired there I think that -- better value -- the number -- and -- -- and I think that you know. And -- I think sometimes struggle as well -- -- patents Kathleen I think that happened prior to really complete safety he can cover of the -- And conference -- really are -- Saints. As a talks in my eyes I think that he can happen -- the greatest crime in -- Michelle you are real like you -- McCalebb who you talk more from -- Minnesota. -- I watched him play a lot this year and I think he would fit. That title spot in this 34 defense with the Green Bay Packers mark -- having watched a lot of draft a lot of teams. Well some of these draft guys that are -- Projecting where these guys are going to fall have him going in the second round. Do you think he's a first round pick or second round -- Yeah at Maryland team think about it -- he acts I did not hear a lot he can make different and I think a lot of -- guys -- -- -- about charity. And part of his. And he answered the -- understanding. Blocking. Act he glaring factor -- structured as -- -- and I started the Packers being cheap I wonder why accounts and -- you can really -- and about in strips them on the I think he's eleven -- it great I had -- and the Packers are -- the to really sort of in line. We know the Packers need help on the defense of line and -- safety but they also need help at linebacker so where can they get help at that position in the draft. Yeah absolutely they've got a few diet I'm you know -- war Wheatley finished outside and rotten -- well and -- -- work popped it blocked out it in the off season. And you know speaking mostly he could go on hot -- -- that -- prospect a couple of I'm not happened following you know. Closer to where the packet open poking it sort of distracts won't get my -- if they can't get impatient out early to match not. And yet he. He's eager are like in -- -- is very destructive and he doesn't -- -- -- -- -- great instincts. I think it's her arm around my back there and didn't really turn -- -- -- -- middle of the pack. If he's not there. -- they go for linebacker help -- I think -- and you -- it it's. It Barrett -- on the on the act out and I think that you know he. He can -- it and actually Garnett in the top ten. He's not on the board aren't -- to pay. Meeting with monolith that you know I I personally really excellent -- -- that he really -- -- stand -- and obviously he. Wouldn't be tracked contact any -- -- and start that we -- I -- I'm not a person that. I -- so I guess that occurred in the grain or aren't obviously at a confident currently sits with that are already on -- really really -- Motivated prior who honestly can pry it out and keep obviously. I have come to elections I don't -- -- sixteenth. But you know he's actually a linebacker who I think -- -- he. Let's -- Louis next defensive tackle out of Notre Dame that's right in that area or the Packers are drafting and he's mock drafts that you seek. I'm concerned about how big this guy's gonna give it if you give him the Miami Dwyane Wade is always been an issue with him and organize nimble on his fate. But how much of -- -- is it for you. Yeah absolutely compact and he's cranking out there aren't three and forty and he like he probably -- -- on fifty. You know he's got a couple of the way I'm thinking -- the department is after last year it back and sort of should need to -- inability to try to keep that we got and keep it that way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Unser -- and that's -- he really pushed the pocket act. Iron I think that he injure your back injury -- -- -- or they got older and march and I think he could be another prior to. -- -- how far are not very important and you know. It's not a practice that we're not going to be happy but actually I think you know. You know by -- -- he'd need to -- -- -- -- affecting -- person comes out. Michel -- Bernanke -- their latest article 2014 NFL prospects it could be instant starters. For the Green Bay Packers it's up -- the Bleacher Report can follow her on Twitter at Michelle underscore NFL Michelle pleasure thanks for a few minutes a suit against some time. And Michelle Margaret -- joins us on the great midwest bank count -- turn the key with GMB. Now through July if you're looking to buy or refinance a home like great mid West Bank on FaceBook to learn how you can live mortgage free great mid West Bank simply local.