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02/11/14 The Wendy's Big Show 5PM Hour

Feb 11, 2014|

Gary, Ramie, Sparky and Ted Davis revisit today's topics and ask you to pick a lane followed by the best of the 1250 Soundoff line.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- he's Smart he Enron even go -- -- -- for three hours. I didn't crash and burn. Yet. It's time for the guys to -- the big topics from today's show and let you. Did a lame tactical things presented by legendary great -- graduate. -- to get my -- dot com slash watch for half price on a special VIP package including a meet and greet the gunmen himself. Jon Garland it's an icon in drag racing this is the big show. I'm -- on the big show -- Sparky Gary in the west the box Ted Davis -- for one more hour repeat as hot still weekly at that time. Myself and Steve Sparky -- -- with you from six until seven top consumers baseball. Photographers catcher Jonathan -- -- at 615 did you hear -- earlier on the show that you want to chime in on but didn't have a chance. When I was a chance go out and out up at 7991250. He can also email -- Sports Radio 1250 dot com that is up. In the Wendy's inbox -- can -- At 1250 WS SP if you just tuning in please allow us to reset the big topics discussed on today's big show then -- go ahead and jump on and whichever lane and is that you want to jump on and start off the afternoon talking about a report. From Ian Rappaport of the NFL network you treated out this morning. That Gary Anderson head coach of your Wisconsin Badgers interviewed for the Cleveland Browns head coaching position -- this happened just shortly before. Anderson received a raise in a salary and an added year to his contract a lot of people thinking those two things correlate now we did have. How -- of the Wisconsin state journal -- earlier he's one of the guys he's been all over the story. And even he said Gary that it's it's sort of cloudy as to whether or not you can call this an interview he said there was to face a face to face meeting. Between Gary Anderson and the Cleveland Browns but how far the interest -- on either side. Is not quite clear yet but he's certainly. Did you hear the offer Gary from the Cleveland Browns this is just one year into his tenure as the head coach of -- Wisconsin Badgers. It is Gary Anderson in this thing for the long -- should batters fans be on pins and needles reared here as to whether or not they're gonna need a new head football coach. I don't know arm I don't think so I think he's -- and -- -- to -- the badgers. Listen a lot a lot of guys between means cinema ignored -- that it is you want to coach. It's being wanted by everybody out. But I think is how you handle it come. And not taken a knock on Tom cream but it almost felt like -- over the job opening. -- Tom Green names were mentioned -- that's fine that's gonna happen. Whether he was actually in talks -- people. And that's -- I don't want for Gary Harris I wanted to be like it is here now. Army or mr. -- conversation and they actually talked face to face from a mister par or -- he said there was faced -- -- yeah amazed at mr. Fraser -- very. And so words we have to get down to bottom over to me I think it matters because I really don't -- -- coach. Doing fixture -- -- nobody I mean I just don't you know fees can be in he's -- -- you cannot stop guys from picking up their phone and Colin you and discussing where we want you coach your team can't stop that. But what you can't stop is -- or airplane flying down somewhere. And you know taken to was honest -- of furthermore you can't stop a team for getting on an airplane flying to Madison -- that -- either Brett you can't stop that. I just -- more geared to be on his. You know on his staying where he's got to go all over God's creation good looking for a job but he didn't want the job these include Wisconsin of Briscoe for a for college football so. That's the rightly Indians manager for march do you think Gary Anderson is in for the long -- up in Madison 7991250. He can also email -- lot of Sports Radio 1250 dot com. We are necessarily talk in some NBA and a guy like called I guess David silver numerous time -- we're having this conversation in the 3 o'clock -- Adam silver. The new commissioner of the NBA. I column that because these these sort of acting like David -- at least. Would like to act like David Stern according -- Scott Howard Cooper of NBA dot com increasing the age limit to -- -- Is a priority for Adam silver who will be a topic of discussion was the union. Hires an executive director Ted I didn't like it when they made the minimum of nineteen and I really don't like it when you make it at a minimum of two quade. I think no matter what your field of work is a matter what your expertise says if you're qualified enough that somebody is willing to pay you to do a job. You have the right to go and do that job I don't think we should hinder that for anybody. Here's what I've never liked I have never likes the one and done rule since it came in. So make up your mind either let kids come right out of right out of high school again like you used to LeBron came in. Kobe Bryant came in Kevin Garnett came in -- been a lot of players Tracy McGrady came straight from high school. To the NBA or. Make it a twenty year old limit which basically is two years in college now Romney's argument is kids have a right to make a living right. Get your argument yeah -- -- my solution to that would be. If you're a kid who needs the money. And you -- play basketball OK you can go to New York. Brandon Jennings did that. Or you can go to the NB DL play there for two years. Then at the end of that two year period you go into the draft and then you can get drafted I still think this one and done is working for anybody -- only its working for the NBA. I don't think it's working for colleges. You've got a situation at Kentucky where they've got a lot of one and -- And what Kentucky has done is basically decided they don't mind having a semi pro team. A group of guys that come in for one year they're gonna play for Calipari you're gonna get drafted high and they're gonna move on in. I don't think and that year they have a real connection to the student body at all -- is higher entertainers to play -- proper Reno which is not even on the UK campus so. Might -- by either come right high school or set the -- limited twenty but get rid of the one -- done because to me that's not working at all. Real quick before we move on to the -- -- my real beef with us. Well -- a lot of these that this but the thing that rubs me wrong about it more than any thing about this is if you're not American if you're coming from another country. You can come and play anytime you want 171819. Sure but appeared American and you -- to make a living here in the country where you were born and grew up in and live in the now we're gonna put restrictions on it. That I got a real real problem when that's why I said the age limit -- -- Know -- like a no matter what sort be honest -- -- after guys -- -- you play in Europe for two years or come with ideally. He can do that should the NBA raised the minimum age 799 wealthy -- a lot of Sports Radio 1250 dot com that's -- the center land. You can go Ireland and -- your -- school beautiful play -- -- -- for two years. You know you don't have to go to college you can go play in the NBA team right now. -- the other for the draft and -- -- kids. That came -- -- my school went there the other year and then were drafted after that now I'm releasing them work out I don't think us on this forgetting somebody. But you obviously can do that and today the tricky NBA might be okay we're back to they can control you for two years coach of the way they want you coach -- And who knows but what's gonna have to happen but to be successful as you're gonna have to have a -- that comes at a high school let's say on -- or Parker right. Manuel that accounts for two years we're gonna -- -- dealing against professionals for two years. After two years if they're still the number one pick or two or three. That it'll -- you'll see more more kids do it if they can prove themselves but if they go after two years to get exposed and -- good -- my father going to be. Because -- about playing college kids they don't go as high after two years. -- -- -- -- Should the NBA raised an age minimum to Swanee again our center -- 7991250. Or -- its Sports Radio 1250 dot com and the return -- talk in some Packers and Mike McCarthy. Who's gonna get in the mix on defense with this quote yesterday addressing reporters up at Lambeau Field. Our defense is going to change some. You don't ever stay the same I'll set the vision for the defense Dom Capers and the defense of staff. Will carry it out Sparky how do you like Mike McCarthy being a little bit more assertive in and applying himself to the defense of side of the ball. Apparently is something that he hasn't been doing during his time up in Green Bay which surprises me out by head coaches were. Always involved in both sides of the ball I understand. He's trying to he means well you -- trying to do the right yeah well he does he means well he's. He started the right thing I appreciate that I'm really -- coach I mean I appreciate you trying to help our -- do what he's done his whole life I really did. Arm but I am not a fan of this -- all not in the least bit and -- you already have guys that are confusing and don't understand what they're doing half the time. And I haven't tried to play is close -- the best as possible and make sure they don't blow assignments everything else dom has already said he's got it is the knowledge as possible is not much else he can do. Arm and now your head coach decided that. So stubborn up a notch and act like we have a better defense here and let's see what -- play a lot more multiple fronts let's have more information and for the young kids you don't understand it already. On top of that you have guys are coming up on free agency Sam Shields Johnny Jolly BJ raji. Guys that have Brian ticket doesn't know the defense that may not be back here next year the journal reports -- an experienced guys even more problems on the horizon I. Doesn't he means well I appreciate it coach I just think this is the wrong kind of -- don't. Gary how unusual is it for an offensive specialists like -- Mike McCarthy to be involved in the defense -- a head coach because I'll be honest I assume that this is what was going on behind closed doors for years I thought had coaches. Like he said they sort of set the agenda. And then and then and their coaching staff goes out. And tries to achieve whatever it is that he laid out is Mike McCarthy stepping out of the role that he's been in for a few years or this is the first time he's saying it. Very our usual I think Dom Capers in Rome you -- there's -- -- -- coach. Right now probably in the in the invention of the 34 defense he is he is the guy he's a guru he's a -- About 34 defense he invented it. YA is McCarthy who is they -- -- offensive guy. -- we tell me how to run his defense and have a problem there. Minimum mare -- -- destroy him figure out how to keep goodness offers score forty points a game third point again. -- really. We're comes on to me is is about the players and -- -- -- players last year to do what they need to do you know what to playing games out there Rummy where they had you know. Two linebackers two outside linebackers three in celebrate it's never enough guys. Three reset the big topics discussed on the big -- -- now ask you to pick a -- Right lane do you think Gary Anderson is in it for the long haul senator -- of the NBA raise the minimum age and the return lane Mike McCarthy. Saying he's going to be involved in the defense and there will be changes do you think that's a good idea 7991250. Email lot of Sports Radio 1250 dot com you'll pick -- of the Wendy's -- -- returns. When he -- -- saying the big topics discussed on today's show and asking you guys to pick -- -- Right lane do you think Gary Anderson is -- -- for the long haul after he talked. To the Cleveland Browns about their head coaching vacancy -- land. Do you think the NBA should raise the minimum age Adam silver thinks they -- the new NBA commissioner and the return -- Mike McCarthy says he'll set the vision for the defense Dom Capers and his staff they will carry it out says there will be some changes do you think it's a good idea. For McCarthy to get involved in the defense 7991250. -- Sports Radio 1250 dot com. Get your calls and just 12 Gary is setting the vision for your Valentine's Day though -- what she got. Awful hard jewels -- because -- -- they have a while or art of jury there's perfect for the occasion how body her she cares and nothing BC kids on Valentine's Day or how about a 24 carat gold Duke rolls. This one lasts forever -- -- regular roses. Today only having let limited supply of the gold Rose or hurry -- for the Bears selections to execute Romney. Mean there notable off I got company I'm nowhere on Saturday and they also carry beautiful -- -- these things off I'm -- and a nice collection -- gays and rings if -- -- -- popping of course you know draws and -- remember program Jews in the film -- and it will do you view. On that personalized serves -- you don't -- in the world are Jews are located on his record and national avenue. -- -- open weekdays from eleven to six varies from them for. The war but they will be opened the week of those -- -- from you know and don't worry they would take care of the gear for drafting where you as world. -- -- -- the phones at 7991215. Courtney on the north side here on the big show pick a -- court. You know what the middle lane and agree which absolutely and it's funny when I say things like that to people that you probably argument saying rights. And it. At that that doesn't really matter -- -- clubs out in the country that's when he flattened out. There's not sure that's -- -- year old -- -- buy alcohol I have all right to be in here I'll go to congress since. -- and so the NBA is lacking and -- also because of their age group look at the Eastern Conference. Wanted -- has. Destroyed their conference completely. And you've got -- -- is any doubt it will mature older so. Well Courtney forgive me if I care about a kid and earning a living more than I care about how good a conference and number -- their league is I'm giving you the option of making a living you don't really. You go to your. Right and Jennings what -- -- play in college you -- go make a -- living now you're making out on the money -- kid from Greece he can come over here and make the living that and that help an American but I can't make I said right now if they go to the twenty age limit okay. Then -- European players to agree but I thought about the way that it is now that's great that that proposal that you made that's what needs to be challenged but that's not what they're talking about -- -- talking about. Adding a year on to what we already have which is an unfair system. That's not what they're talking about what you're -- -- completely different. From what Adam silver was the biggest problem is -- Europeans are screw the American kids I think all around underscoring the American kids and that's just a cherry on top when you say -- data -- -- come play here. But when you said it's different if you can give our twenty -- -- with a system no I don't I don't want this to be in place -- -- -- -- it's it's rubbing salt in the wounds of these kids who can't play in the NBA right now. By saying European European Q. John -- and south American kids can we agree with tiger if you hole a 100% that nation having a lot of come over here today at the same age. As these other ones I did agent in nineteen let's win this thing is all settled it may be the twenty year limit in the European players may be involved in this that may be part of the negotiation when it's all said -- got him and they are from -- and he says -- I'm sorry but it's proving out. They hire. Age limit is needed because the product of the one and Dunn's is not good. The NBA practice suffering because the media mainly ESPN tries to create potential superstars out of above average talent. The last true superstar one and done since that came into effect was Derrick Rose of these young adults need more seasoning in college to mature physically. And mentally for the pro game if they -- -- be paid and go to Europe make the NBA until 20/20 one years old. Or three years -- moved. From your high school graduating class to Europe and it's not millions of dollars but it's more than the average Joseph and if they're worth -- -- they'll play in the big show one day NBA needs to do something because right now. You're filling up rosters with unqualified talent and the product on the court. Is suffering league wide how many unqualified. Unsuccessful guys are there in the NBA who went to college. Oh they're a lot probably far far more than high schooler -- -- it's it's a -- it's a sport worthy of failure rate is higher than that success -- -- -- -- worried about the failure of high schoolers but. We got that one on -- high school is gonna do an NFL in the NBA or don't get drafted. I want what I -- hear about that as much as I care about the college kid who goes and pails -- you don't care bottom. So this is what if it were telling them that now we're gonna try give you an education. For -- had a lot has changed -- wanna play basketball -- absolutely and you -- -- -- -- -- playground when you're not getting it -- that's the issue you don't care about the students you just care about the almighty -- doesn't on this and got bless your little right now based on the fact they're telling you only have to go to school for the fall semester and then -- -- that's the nineteen year -- are doing -- like the Wiggins and -- -- the world if it'll come back mister -- -- that's -- not a matter. And say -- football players or football players -- -- -- for more than one year but basketball players that's where there. Now you make it two years now are going your fault you're spring and your -- -- nonunion three semesters of education you have to focus on your -- and stuff done. In order for you to enter the NBA -- personally -- Like he did get your junior I'd like to make it -- that is our thing -- that apartment having given my opinion that I don't like the one and done if they change the rule. Before this draft Sparky I'm gonna kill. You are not now I would be fuming about how are not. Before -- yeah oh -- that they are. All this I don't know that not yet that's -- weird how things changed. Players thought they did after this year than you would have to be a sophomore in order to come out right sold -- -- -- becomes the number one player on the board. Gary Harris at Michigan State becomes. -- At -- points. -- into -- three -- -- Stein from Kentucky. His story pool with a -- gets a lot weaker along we are usually had a freshman -- at all. These good flat and we really started rejected a twelve right now. Union argued that would become three if you take international player amazing you know that. I will see how quick -- he just flip on that whole thing I'd go that benefits -- -- -- -- like the one and done by answered I'm watching this every night rob -- and -- belt -- pay off at the end of this -- becomes a top ten player over like immediately. We're gonna adopt employer is -- general before the draft and I would be fuming and Decker excite you bugs and -- Yeah -- go back out to the folks that the Franklin there earlier although it is big show it's up there. -- guys I think -- absolutely right McCartney choose. Our I don't -- -- say middle with the defense but at least have a pulse of these fronts and I'd like they're -- You know anybody in like the business world where a manager -- your project. That's aside from his superiors he has they have it and I'm on what you're doing it's not that he's doing it is yes I have an understanding of what's going on. Now what that I would like for the coaches and -- outside -- and -- -- not only to provide Dom Capers with with a veteran players. That they -- hard look at at the coaches that the position coaches Darren Perry and enjoyed junior. It is side are these guys are right guys to be teaching these young players I mean I know my job but. That doesn't necessarily mean that I'm I'll be good at teaching someone else what I do. -- is here and there arming and then just your regular job. -- you compare. What is right if you. Questions savior had. A young offering coming defense coordinator in this game. I think maybe being -- and when you hired a guy you can and if you're -- -- coach you came. Say and do some things. When you -- on a hard guy like Dom Capers who has a huge presently he's the man that's bigger than the head coach them. And has in -- really do -- out these fires all asking. In -- anything she she got a 34 year candidate. I don't know -- the head coach of the whole city Goran is where I think you should be -- See Jerry and I remember who the offensive coordinator was at the time but -- -- Dick Jauron was was the coach of the Bears are slimming down and Illinois and listen a lot of Chicago sports talk radio right. And I think it was in his final year. He essentially sad. -- -- poke my head in on the offensive meetings. That that's of these shook his big Girardi never had anybody has offered cornered there were none out but he's he basically ended the dream basically said that's all he does right is poke his head -- -- -- -- he wasn't involved in the offense at all. And Bears fans were up in arms and with. Or what is -- the defense what you do that if he's if he's only running the defense that's a glorified defensive coordinator yeah. So Mike -- -- a glorified offensive coordinator who like Sparky said earlier makes the -- decisions when it comes to going to -- it yes. Yes okay there are awarded if that's what he is and that's what -- -- aren't would it would have been Mike Holmgren wants. I'd -- well I know that is my job -- is offense for Shermer but I assume that -- I assume that head coaches sort of had their hand and everything is you you're -- you know. Now. We've had. More house for the Packers for a great ones he was an -- -- lineman who was you know he was a ball now. He did more than that he's -- into -- You know what -- -- and realize but you know it -- Jones island you -- you'll get someone that. But for the most part he did defense always wanted to show now for McCarthy and dump it was a part of -- of capers opens you know. Reciting the big topics discussed on the big show do you think Gary Anderson is in it for the long -- should the NBA raised the minimum age. And is Mike McCarthy being involved in the defense a good idea 7991250. Get in one more before the break. Tony you're on the Wendy's big show -- -- -- -- -- will -- with the on beat the NBA. I'll I'll I'll but the fact of the eighties you'd -- middle -- the point aren't in India India. That the goal. -- early college and declare hardship. You had -- heavily in the doctor. -- -- so they have hadn't rule it before. You know what his father's bogey young guys did it meet at the time when he belted the kids from my height who would be darknets in the cold -- The financial benefit. Now they're in but did not have seen the the benefit and negative effects of -- that kids now. Because -- -- -- there now prepare now. I like the idea though I can fit before pivotal. It to -- -- confident. And it and it a lot of pollution related -- comment at eighteen or nineteen year -- I would bet. I thought I also outlet like the -- to India and -- -- still this -- -- -- At your -- those -- year. I'll put on our school what are your bodies ready. In the future but fortunately. They -- illegal -- in -- till eight. Just can't can't -- -- right and I think if it didn't Purdue would get a couple holes where could you want -- -- done a good body are right about the Saints are you would have been graduating. Are on a college over. Think it would -- -- as far as. Guys not in and make money. Guys go to -- for your arm -- -- -- The big game right now India gate while the management part argument is erode our inaugural -- would accompany. Athletes in general artistic ability -- As far as the top law. -- -- of the of the players is better they were to come activists all year. He's right about the hardship thing and that came into play for Marquette one year when Al McGuire was around. Number I Jim Jones who played for Marquette he left in the middle of -- season. To go pro because he had. Financial issues at home. And that really hurt Marquette that you know because they were going to be a national championship contender that year and Jones left in the middle of the season. For hardship I couldn't imagine that happening today people lose their minds do you think Gary Anderson isn't it for the long ball should the NBA raised the minimum -- -- is Mike McCarthy involved in the a good idea 7991250. -- -- tennis up. On our FaceBook page 300 dot com. Slash 1215 -- SSP I got some of those comments and our status update coming up now I got some of Bermuda where concern now and in my Valentine. So that is not happening out six impatience these comment that -- not unhappiness last -- linings Billy do the players comment. Lessons -- sentence -- -- -- -- these muscles and shorts on. But we -- the patient you're not always -- you know where the all Wear these illegal -- -- this BQ I am not the Chinese or Q now our plans are definitely off all. And now I'm -- Traditionally they're gonna be my Valentine and I think -- Clemens would go with me wearing status update by the way has brought to my Quaker steak and -- and you -- and and that's where means American League on for -- Valentine's Day I can't wait. Sure I get much concern share -- sell Waller and but he's big -- not. I just got a new respect for. You were talking about just one sack. In the status update for Sami has done this time Gary lost your Valentine could that I got in. Do you know about it as you comfortably close right now we're giving it hurts yes I -- -- yes mall off. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- his job there -- god and Menard have you been heard a car accidents or. If you are dealing with a workers' compensation go to the expert go to Bob Menard -- -- and Menard. You know put a smile on your face and on your checking account column today 4142762104142762100. -- event. -- dollars on -- Menard. Dot com -- for the. Averaged right. The only thing tougher than hiding behind your phone hiding behind a FaceBook -- Some of these people are pretty horrendous extra pick and that's exactly what the 1250 FaceBook pages -- talking about. Taking the entire social experience of college. And putting it on line in all seriousness we know you can always call so. Let's look at -- 1250 FaceBook page and see what's on your. Now you're slightly warmer or -- about it that just one sack and FaceBook dot com slash 1250 WS SB injury -- comment on anything discussed. Throughout the day and the Wendy's big show and we ask you think Gary Anderson is an -- for the long -- mark was very upset that I spelled Anderson with an oh an oddity. -- mark Brandon says well the good news is that if he's highly sought after the program is being successful. Can't ask for more than that. And -- let's hear a destination job. You know for coaches and general -- for one particular coach like Bo Ryan the -- the basketball -- -- in Wisconsin. That's really all you can hope for. Is that your coach is doing such a good job -- That there are better jobs out there for him is right I mean it -- yup it's weird but that's sort of what you hope for I understand why fans might be a little miffed. One year on the job and he's interviewing but this was the NFL. The NFL they came calling you have to listen. And he said no. Cleveland screwed up there they're gonna have trouble finding. A lot of people that don't want to go they -- but. He's no. Nothing wrong with listening he still there. Should we raise the minimum age to enter the draft it's one a lot he'd chime in and on that marks as in my opinion if you're old enough to dive for your country. You're old enough to play any pro sport if you're good enough why not. -- how I feel mark Patrick says. Do like baseball every team should have a NBA teams actually owner -- team. And others are affiliated with the likes of the -- -- affiliate affiliated with the Fort Wayne man ants great nickname. Mad -- but anyway teams have affiliations with with dealing Tim Thomas says sports -- to play one year of college NB AD league or overseas makes little sense. Forcing them to play -- Makes even less sense. Justin -- and -- rubs me the wrong way and with Mike McCarthy. Saying he will set the -- division for the defense whether or not you think. That's a good idea Paul says a vision. Also would be bringing in a younger fresh mind to be defense -- coordinator one that can get through and maybe motivate these guys to play. -- seems to be talking. On to deaf ears and who was -- you said earlier you said that this is Mike McCarthy's way of sort of putting short leash on Dom Capers well a couple a couple of the call. And I think you -- read into this that maybe this is Mike McCarthy losing some confidence in Dom Capers. And if that's the case then you might as well -- the change now. Because it doesn't get any better. -- if guys think a guy is on a short leash or he's. He's an interim kind of coach with the head coach going and -- -- we might need to make a change here if they get with of that. It doesn't get better as the season goes on in particular if the defense doesn't improve so. My point was -- if you've lost confidence in Dom Capers you need to make the change now not later. He Gonzales commented FaceBook that counts last 1250 WS SP -- in the -- -- thing. Had over a FaceBook dot com slash 1250 the big show -- a -- dunking performance after practice yesterday also Kate Hansen. One of the rising stars in the Olympics not for -- losing. But for her dancing and also I think Bob Costas. Washes faced with the water in Sochi has anybody seen Bob Costas he's got that guy they always do coverage thing here like good -- he looked off he took the day off. This is the first time since Bob Costas worked for the Olympics that he's not anchoring the prime time coverage. And in the entire time he's been with NBC is the first time. That's not Bob Costas anchoring the the prime time coverage of the Olympics don't drink the water don't splashed the water to be Matt -- near the water and then what I -- on the FaceBook page about this next post two things I thought I'd never say. I may have to watch women's curling pool and I'm pulling for the Russians. My goodness -- we Ron Gary was getting uncomfortably close to me earlier because he is trying to get a look at the the photo gallery up there the Russians of the women's curling team all -- picture and cedar Obama. -- that one picture rushes inside here and win a little curler -- pretty good look on out there earlier today really now okay nice look at Burnett. I don't know she cannot do and a -- Obama. Right that name down Google it literature we -- Google image there's -- down there yourself the favorite we're doing this and company computers by the way rushing room. Yeah I can imagine that -- -- naked curling. Okay but I don't and I. I don't know what the safety hazards of -- but I've had a the good store shoes chair you can redshirt and sit. Well organized it's actually good look -- again FaceBook dot com slash 1250 the big show. We're back with the best of the John Paul's Buick GMC sound off -- maybe transcript and collar -- that's in the Wendy's big show wraps things up and make him of the -- -- -- What he's going to show best of the John Paul's Buick GMC sound off line coming up in just a few minutes I'm remiss in not mentioning that the status update. Which we just -- Samir comments at face but that counts -- fifty WS SP brought to you by. Quaker steak and -- -- Thursday through Saturday you can share would -- delicious appetizers pick two entrees among their -- rack of ribs. Eight -- thunderbird steak or char grilled salmon and top it all off. When a tasty dessert including -- triple fudge brownie that's their Valentine's Day special going on this Thursday through Saturday. And Quaker steak and -- in New Berlin and who's likely to see Sparky and myself there on Saturday night in his -- market this year what image. Don't have any shooters and their backcourt is one -- back courts I've seen. At Marquette -- quite a while announces it. My heart just we are realized -- game to start for -- -- -- accountable off sovereign people. Mean Purdue interest in -- four -- now see his hall and hall always has trouble drawing fans they always. -- Ago there was no it's not on campus it's in downtown Newark which is not the greatest neighborhood. Rear end they used to have an on campus arena but of the bigger arena downtown Newark is a nice place that for the nets used to play -- play for a couple years. Of it but Smart he's right -- just doesn't have enough shooters this year they go to a long periods of time where they just can't hit shots. -- -- -- -- -- Not that it bettors have more shooters than market does this year by far. So it's like the box sometimes to -- Bucs go through long periods really. Can -- shot we were joking about the Russian curling team -- that they were hot is a reason Rauch watched the the Olympics how much obviously though. Of the Olympics have you guys watched so far this year. Zero that's an zero for me -- Sparky I watched Sunday night we -- at a restaurant and they had a down hole skiing I'm. That is praising and you couldn't -- need to do -- always and while I mean we saw we stopped about women going downhill I'd like 72 miles an hour and apparently summing up over eighty miles an -- Mean you make a mistake it's more than I mean it is your life dog over. And they look like -- -- on for dear life also looks like they're out of control obviously they're not but that's what it looks like they're gone so fast and yeah that's that is -- Once you were Brock who -- our -- over that mobile thing order. Mole cool yeah over the moguls while you know the bumps on the ski hill while also its being via via the so many different skiing -- and -- -- monitor. He wants to do that you know let him do that homers -- -- -- Did any of you guys catch the the opening ceremonies. On mr. through OK I had that show for the National Guard on Friday night -- and thanks again to the National Guard for Lima to perform as a great time here and had a few drinks afterwards. And it -- up to my hotel room. And that ordered a pizza which I really should not have done but again I had a few drinks. And I'm sitting there and you know basketball. Shorts and a shirt I'm sure just looking sloppy drunk and shoving -- and to my fans. And the -- through my head. And really this drunk or is this that bizarre. You didn't catch any of the opening ceremony of one of the rings that lineup yeah what are the rays didn't light up and they just like. Like this -- Video -- -- -- and some beat Russian lady was just screaming out accomplishments. In Russian history. Russian if you can speak Russian -- to get this opening their bode at all there was no translation whatsoever -- that Berlin Wall thing that was good. It was like a PowerPoint presentation. With the Russian lady screaming the accomplishments of Russian throughout -- minister yes. And then they brought out this little girl. Who is hanging by a giant red balloon. And floating around the stadium. And I really I wasn't sure if I was really seeing what I was seeing it. Refine it really just had too much to drink so the next morning. We're not and I you know I looked at all the recaps of the opening ceremonies. And like you said -- I -- the moment when one of the Olympic rings -- moonlight up. And I was like yeah that was really. Just as bizarre as I thought it was I wasn't all that -- probably all out of the mind of Vladimir who. And probably it was so bizarre it was so weird. And let me -- -- Kudos to him I think he's he's softened. A little bit more I don't know what it sounds old KGB -- ran for a for a PR stunt if nothing else that -- -- that one right he suffered a little bit on the on the stance of the and the anti gay stance that that was you know sort of hovering over these Olympic Games when he -- he apparently cuddled. With the dog and Olympic no she's she described it as -- them at a bar afterwards not not on the medal stand. But at a bar afterwards she said she saw Wladimir -- and he gave her a cuddle. Not having any -- Betty did battered so it had been -- -- but she was AK and openly gay athlete. And he hugged her on the medal stand and then afterwards -- are there were no cameras around or anything. She talk to reporters later she said he came up to me and he gave me a -- What does that mean you can call a -- otherwise I don't know I'm what well we -- -- How would you describe McConnell Gary -- walk on and get a woman all Connell and I'll borrow what you do give us at the bar. What would she did there with two outs or drop out. Is that just an arm around the shoulder as far as that I have no idea OK I have no idea and definition for you -- -- I don't know. I'm not sure if you know what she meant by a -- -- you wanna comment than anything else Olympics related or anything you might -- heard. Here on today's Wendy's big -- leave your thoughts on the John Paul's Buick GMC sound off line at 4144482162448. 4162. Leaves a message there have a chance to be one of these people. In the best of tomorrow. It's time for the best of the John -- Buick GMC twelve didn't sound off line on Sports Radio 1250 double. The US has beaten Milwaukee sports station. And I dare criticize yeah. -- he's. Difference between not damage Jackie Robinson I think to compare -- -- ridiculous. Belichick did that it ended up being some people had no leader probably -- this is but there were no -- why do in the majors what Jackie Robinson give up so I think -- here this ridiculous. -- some people don't see. Gay people playing this course play you know it is what it is I'm I'm -- why am I know how to play the game -- -- football player and that's that's on matters. Your report that I don't get a ball that -- -- -- situations include port call in here and did quite a field where are you a college student. Yet what value do. What they -- what -- What the script didn't they think these guys should goal play pretty young BA out of high school of you know because they're -- -- -- their Maddon that guy doesn't I don't gather. -- marquis gave a great chip that went to the boxing game against Milwaukee were absolutely why -- -- block -- forty dollars. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I had a -- prep school. Ol' Roy got so costliest Otis hill there watered IP we read it are a lot of Chris probably -- belong here -- better. Or Vickers -- and don't want god you know -- -- -- yeah. You can sound off on a John Paul's -- -- GM -- 1215 sound off line at 414. 4484162. -- -- a message that John Paul Buick GMC 1215 sound off line John -- hundred service departments regulars going on them. Getting GMs -- -- change tire rotation we will -- and understood Africa 7995. With your service department. Call 5457000. Or visit John -- automotive dot com only on Sports Radio 1250 WS SC Milwaukee's sports station. That's good about good for us here on the Wendy's big show lots of thanks to pass out starting with you guys -- listeners for listening also filling it up. On the phone lines in the Wendy's inbox Twitter FaceBook great contributions from you guys. All afternoon long also Tom Malvern of the Wisconsin state journal with the latest on the Gary Anderson's story and Michelle Moyer grew -- of the Bleacher Report she -- the Packers for those guys. If you missed either of those interviews check him out at Sports Radio 1250 dot com anything. On today's show will be up in the podcast coming up next here on Sports Radio 1250 threw peanuts hot stove weekly Steve Sparky Phifer and myself. Right back with you for that when Jonathan -- right. Joins us at 615. Forcing Sparky -- Gary Elarton Ted Davis Mike Clemens on the other side of the glass with the help. Of -- -- at running back off saying thanks for listening to the Wendy's big show we talk to again tomorrow starting at two. Well I thought do I thought he.