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2-11-14: Rupena's Hot Stove Weekly Interview with Jonathan Lucroy

Feb 11, 2014|

Ramie and Sparky talk with Brewers Catcher Jonathan Lucroy to discuss the 2014 Season

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And joining us now on the great midwest bank hotline he is Brewers catcher Johnson the crew I -- faceoff -- and -- -- I don't know how you do and I mean it is us. I always wonder what it's like when you have a short off season I think is a short off season. Like you do in baseball -- and then you're going to somewhere warm which is nice and Arizona and all that and I would imagine the beginning part of spring training it's kind of fun and exciting the by the and you just might get the heck out of there and start the season. Where are you -- -- emotionally -- now they were this close. Well you know I know it started yesterday. So well in all pretty excited to be here and pretty try to get things started -- -- about. You know however about a month you know -- -- remarks -- -- like our -- to the -- you know yeah absolutely. It's always exciting week for -- Needs -- about this pitching staff and where this is now vs where it was when you're done. -- with the season at the end of last year and now you add a Matt Garza what was your reaction to that Garza signing when it happened and what does he bring to this rotation. Well in all pretty excited you know -- Know you for taking them and you know and our division -- you because. You know for three years on the knees it's -- good and he competes men and they have about Padraig -- -- -- are -- you can -- contrary to what can help. And definitely get some momentum or so -- also the -- off an inning -- You're talking with John and -- Argo had Jonathan moment yeah. Yeah update up and an eatery a lot of things and you know he's he's -- that the bullpen book is get them. Tyrone Johnson Luke drivers catcher here -- -- -- hot stove weekly. Jonathan how much do you follow sort of the what the Brewers are up purity is sort of weight from the memo from the team itself telling you hey we added so and so to the roster how closely are you following that as the -- season goes -- Well occupied a -- Monica I'm always excited you were doing and knew I was trying to. You know bombed out early on you know we were doing too much in the -- You know -- -- got they got Mark Reynolds -- -- you know -- -- a -- -- -- into camp and it. All of sudden you know -- -- -- -- -- negated bring Frankie back era. You know after those moves and -- like man I'm excited Emery Emery could also. Definitely. You know gets everybody pumped up for the season the prospects of winning so -- -- and I'm really pumped up for. Retired about this earlier in the show before you came on the and and the county article on mark says quote one of the things are a lot this off season was the Cardinals are still good the reds are so good in the Pirates are so good. We look at that at that as a challenge that we can be real good -- we -- gonna shrug our shoulders and say well gee we can't compete with these guys we're gonna figure out how to go out and compete with these guys. Now as a player that's gotta make you excited because not every organization. Is willing maybe to put their money where their mouth is like this team has done over the last few years. Yeah I mean you know are -- ownership of the history of I'll make it moves and to improve -- -- -- big moves late saw last year. But Kyle Lohse and and then you know it is all you know openers ago an -- to -- is the playoffs and you know regard Zack Greinke and then you for that they're -- that -- -- the big. You know -- with CC sabathia and also from and we got a history here -- You know when it -- so normally notice that man eight UP muscle from all were pretty excited man -- really am league where we're getting after it and it can be authorities. -- fifteen guys here go -- career -- -- so. But definitely can see the in intensity built on me overall -- You look at that bullpen with Jim Henderson now the closer job with John expert having moved -- Arm and nobody will say okay well these kids -- DA put bring in back K rod. I wish I would assume at some stability. In that bullpen having another option as a closer or is an eighth inning Seneca. Absolutely I mean they got sister of a competitor. And the chronicle about -- is -- -- -- great teammate. Great agree -- -- -- bring that experience and veteran experienced similar to the bullpen. Home -- including you know you know open up when god put me out a catcher enough so he. It got -- and you know in general leadership in the team you know he is very good with that so -- -- -- -- the job done. Whatever called upon -- -- he had no I don't know for sure he's he's pitched some big situations big games in his career. And the World Series champion -- -- rain you know it takes so I've got like that you know on your squad and -- Jonathan you mentioned how how old guy like that can help you out as a catcher. When he's brought back around for his third go around with the Brewers how quickly do you guys fall back into sort of that. That comfort zone where you know what to expect from him he knows what to expect from you. Is -- immediate because he's already been here a couple times -- you think it'll take some some getting used to all over again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know for two years and two and a half years and so he a pretty used to not know I know we like to do so. You know I guess. There are all you know or or at -- and come back. I would Jon LeCroy Brewers catcher here on Martinez hot stove weekly the -- mid West Bank hot line on Sports Radio 1250. WS says. Obviously you like your team it is there another team in this division that you are getting -- and that that's probably the team now we're gonna have to deal with here before it's -- -- done. Well -- look at everybody and you know you got -- people at the Cardinals who. In the pitching -- was unreal they can -- -- I mean that's. The parts eroding good last year. And near the resident they're never gonna go away they would give us all -- and the Cubs many Cubs stink up on -- you got their attention -- and let out. They're not gonna sneak up by any of them sign that you're being generous subs all like you're being very generous but OK -- -- -- -- -- -- out. -- maybe it all the funny games -- -- bigger stronger faster meant that book also. -- you know -- what the other pitcher on the mound have a good you have a good game and also the best on the down. Bomb in the -- but a lot of in the world do you ever come up with but the pictures of your game shut -- on -- down and you know that can happen any given day so. And I can't take anybody lightly gonna get out -- everybody who we -- and a couple of not so. -- definitely. Ready get -- tournament. -- -- Nicole -- questions popped in my head -- on the last cancer summit trying don't -- that's a scary when this happens out there and off the script a little bit here gonna go and a little bit different world of just talking about the Brewers but I'd just as a baseball player. When you talk about -- -- being about being bigger stronger faster and so forth and I start thinking about that and I give that. But you sure Panama how many games you guys play with a limited amount of off days -- -- yet. I would have to I assume are a lot of this game is surely physical but also mental to try to get yourself back up and ready to go the next day. Candidate that is I -- this game is a very physical game and you have to definitely take. Carry yourself in the offseason -- even during the season. You know not think like not burn the candle both sense you know eat rice support stand -- many guys -- you -- do it. -- -- -- -- it now play at a 160 games a year. And -- and there's a reason that everybody can play all those and Lehman and makes up for much horseback for a guy like -- -- -- -- -- -- sorry go I don't. All it then and now you know -- And where is not a catcher there's no way -- -- -- a -- disappear. You know. Our breakdowns so much are probably be invisible wasn't seasons I played good all those games of on the -- -- And that's -- -- the grind you gotta you gotta you gotta gotta battle the elements. -- Syria has talked about what's the off season starts say they take some time where -- not working out they're not thinking about baseball than they get back to it. What's your offseason routine like -- at what point do you start thinking baseball again get back into that workout regiment in getting ramped up for spring training. I'd take him take a month off after the season do not think I just do -- Bomb. And up for -- -- Stanley. It's been Palmer coming out there work around the house or whatever just -- -- Not think about it because it's it's. Not all you know it's a decision -- -- gratitude and -- You know -- I've played baseball every day for the rest a lot of football to go crazy. There's a lot of a lot of stress related it was a -- meant. And one of those things where you got a definite who has separated middle and that's one of the things I do let that take a month -- -- -- season and focus on our -- -- you know I -- on -- efficient. You do things like that so it works out. Diverse schedule Johnson -- -- right here on Sports Radio 1250 -- BS's -- back in this season it's a -- like -- just said he had -- all the time you drive yourself crazy. On the mental aspect the physical aspect. And when we talk commanders in the past I remember talking and -- yells at spring training Tim Allen one year. And that's -- -- -- worth two or three game that's pass out to guys like Glenn said now we don't believe you will there were totally against you on that. I think Amanda is more important than that how how crucial -- a manager when you're going through these stretches in June and July and you're really just trying to get through without -- keep yourself ballpoint. You're hurting more than you want to be hurting the mental grind and everything else. Did -- as confident all the majority big league managers -- played. I -- like -- to grind out a full season and you know aren't our manager Ron played. Might miss seeing that the Cardinals he played him in those guys all around you know the you know the big leagues I played and they don't know so you know they they -- they -- can relate to the players in the you know the fact that you know they know it takes you know what it -- -- goes through the no. You know in the middle -- in the dog days of August man. And it's a 110 degrees outside you know as an artist so you know it's about elements. It's a grind and you know not -- -- -- can do about the strong survive. From a player perspective. I'm always -- asked this question on -- -- never really have of of a player per say. But when you have a manager that. Is going to support you and defend you no matter -- never gonna call you offer doing something wrong even though maybe. The fans all saw the media all -- whatever else and he he's gonna defend you no matter what. Vs a manager who if you screw up he may say yeah you know he should've caught that ball -- that -- he should've made that play. Between those two -- it is there a preference would you rather have a guy that's gonna defend you no matter what or would you rather have a guy that. This is going to be Imus about certain things when players mess up. I like coming on -- guy and I appreciate -- -- on a lot of people. -- one I think in. Arnold in our ballclub try to be disrespectful about a -- Try to be honest about it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On the jumped on the what you needed to get better and without -- -- our perspective we're never gonna get better -- parred -- I can't I can't watch ourselves playing from the you know from the sciatica or like a lot of muscle on video after it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know that this is I don't departments must -- for. The other the other part of of being a manager that I I find an arresting. But in baseball -- -- but the Tony La Russa is over the Jim -- lends or some of those those crotchety old veteran guys I guess I'd call on. On is you know what -- maybe aren't going right. That manager may have an explosion in offense and everybody excited about the manager nobody's really talking about the players any of the more. They may -- takes a little pressure off from those players do players tend to appreciate and that's have a sub happens. But -- they know I've never had. I've never in the big -- and never seen happen in the happened mightily -- -- the big leagues. As -- only happened I mean I've never been in this situation in the big -- yet that we couldn't do that. You know I've been on losing streaks I've been and then losing seasons. I don't but never the point where manager comes at a table and it been like. I guess like I can see your point I'd never heard -- like that I've heard that you know that the -- manager goes and there. What's table does something violent and actually got these -- -- that's a together it would kind of fired up and everybody you know I think in the right way. Thought he retired about what he does with you guys want to do it when I'm talking about is a La Russa goes off on the press about one question or the other I'm -- answers questions -- goes up right where he -- that the media. And now the media has just blast in the manager that's all their time are the quotes. And now know usually -- -- the -- the field when you guys are struggling because he kind divert the attention and takes the pressure off you. Yeah I mean I -- that I can that was you know have him on purpose. On number I've never actually heard -- that and purpose I don't know did you do it on purpose but. I've never seen it but a bitter lesson to be a part of that happened to put up. Yeah no question about it is -- -- right catcher for your Milwaukee Brewers. Here are repeat as hot -- weekly -- thanks Robert -- thanks for being a part of WS's Steve the last several years. We always say you're the best interview -- -- disputed we've ever had at least on the station ten yourself thanks slot man and I look forward to talking again throughout the season. -- -- There is Johnson who -- had a great midwest bank cut line to turn. The key with GMB now through July if you're looking to buy or refinance a home. Like great mid West Bank on FaceBook to learn how you could live mortgage free great mid West Bank simply local.