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2-11-14: Rupena's Hot Stove Weekly Interview with former Brewer Paul Wagner

Feb 11, 2014|

Ramie and Sparky visit with former Brewer's Pitcher Paul Wagner to talk about the 2014 Brewers

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He has former Brewers pitcher Paul -- joining us in the great midwest bank hotline lots -- -- Or it's cold it's cold or you -- you have you ever been to Vegas nice. But it sure that there isn't that good ways. He didn't troubled areas you're. Like 34 visits a year -- And add up really good yeah did you have a really good tennis though. -- a good time and sometimes. You know those those places they take here you -- -- tickets and food and almost certainly did you coming back now the sport turned and side to sub yeah. That's -- -- -- out there what I'm sure. That's right -- -- a cab for a living. OK let's -- and above his Brewers pitching staff but obviously last year -- body guy -- I struggled I mean off the field. Life wise I -- what are you expected from guy Arnold this year. I'm more in Europe announced he needs to -- at about -- that -- -- yeah. He had some problems off field we all know -- well documented. Wasn't on the ball -- -- just just just out of -- in general. You know and I hope it's not. And I expect the comeback of American history and win twenty games. We are much much improved pitcher and he's bought little weight council -- finished eight. Got -- street and I think we're gonna see nobody get our -- You know from these past that would we all expected I don't think he -- gonna reached a pinnacle that we thought he -- is going to be a much better pitcher last year. Marital last -- twelve and -- -- -- 418. ERA I would expect that ERA to get under four for sure this year maybe three and a half 375. Absolutely -- -- -- a much -- and he knows you know what if he was embarrassed as well -- we're all all last technical. Of last year so he particular and so when he does yeah pride themselves but -- -- I expect good things -- you're right I expect depth Julio of world war. Then you have Kyle Lohse who last year -- a rough one month of the year for the most part other than that -- very well 335 ERA. Eleven and Tammy probably should've had more wins -- he got I'm the year I would assume Kyle Lohse -- probably be somewhere in that same area if he's healthy. I agree I don't think -- that that little -- It's -- -- -- veteran pitcher comes over whether it's a large free agent signing. Or just a situation -- signing you know you come -- -- winning its its hard. It's hard to lose when you're so used -- -- and but -- not an excuse because you know we are professionals in your professional collecting a paycheck up to go in there. -- every night and perform -- 100%. But yeah remember guys are human into Mexico border between -- came from what he was put into Asher he Italian -- at the concentration level -- And the effort wars which rewarded to lots and so while I expect the laps -- first champion the winner. It was a good sign -- and Dartmouth in the draft pick situation -- -- it was a great sign expect well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Repeat as hot stove weekly -- the next guy up in that rotation that we ought to talk about is the guy that market to -- brought in this year and Matt Garza. And win the signing happened we talked about it on the big showed how surprised by how much negative reaction there was to the -- because of his checkered. Injury passed to me a -- there is you know some sort of catastrophic season ending injury for Matt Garza. I'd rather take what needed 25 starts from a Matt Garza. Than what they had in the rotation in their already he'll probably run into some health problems and miss a few starts. But I really don't see a downside to that signing do you. No I the year cattle I knew you you have to do that Milwaukee market you got to go forward and option however that is. I'll never -- -- picked up for the rich called mutual or player option but. You know you'd you'd prefer -- goal last years I believe every general manager would love to to go lectures with pitchers that you know -- and kind of the checkered out. Personally when there was minor injuries tweaks elbows shoulders you know -- -- -- -- But yeah I agree -- yeah stabilize that rotation and we all know as much as we want. Pitching will win ball games and you know you -- a -- potentially I think it is Hewitt -- sent twenty -- maybe 26 starts. Whether you -- one -- -- for Lester for all star break at Purdue and adopt that beset that's a good sign you hurt a little hard from. A lot of guaranteed money in and so that's -- -- perturbed going to be -- three years and that's why don't shall. So happy with the Kyle Lohse and thought it was a great job -- done market or poor processed to get that title signing. The three years with that with whatever cage plays -- afterwards but for years to your -- if you stay healthy. -- -- Before I signed Matt Garza the X-Factor in -- -- deal as far as I was concerned was -- Peralta he just how big of a next step he's gonna take after having been in our rotation. I'll last year Peralta showed you signs of being -- -- of the Brewers think he can be at the front of the rotation. But he showed you the inconsistencies of being a young pitcher in his first year. In the big leagues last year 1115 a 437 ER -- this year what are you expect. I don't know I don't know. You're I don't know this year but it will be -- I don't know I. -- -- you can get double digit wins that he couldn't do a little bit better on the area Kuester could look at that number's I think you become more consistent. I think the upside -- would proper issue which. This -- the guy when we're talking last year about trades and stuff like that you got -- toward the plate it's a girl up the middle. I really like to Carlos Gomez and -- and solid their I think you're only untouchable last year that education was little -- -- -- He got everything -- what emerged in the clinic where they're giving that. I don't know the answer your question I think we're all of -- more consistent. Results personally or their next year but I think in the future -- become 2015. Out of a lights out now we -- top unit number two pitcher maybe even -- and I love the it -- -- a legitimate number two starter. Those guys are the front four in -- rotation we know that for sure now five. Is -- his favorite Marco Estrada and my one of my guys Tyler Thornburg a much of their -- respects all that much between Estrada and Thornburgh. Which one would you put in -- that five hole as of now. As of now to go to better Michael Estrada. I think it's his job I would say would be in my opinion -- -- jump to loose. I I would goal strata first if he it's and performs poorly spring training. Can't get anything down. Didn't confused looks awkward on the mound not throwing strikes something like that -- tweak an injury or something I don't mind going the other way toward but. I I go -- first. The worst thing that we're saying we're talk -- -- five man rotation I have restrict believer in the -- arms. Maybe in the bullpen lefties and up and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the -- having a dominant right handed dominant starting rotation I have no problems with that. And I think you will it will be beneficial I think the -- who's gonna put it together and you've got a guy a veteran catcher now behind the plate. Who kind of knows what -- do what. He learns every single day at every single year that goes by Abbott certainly has -- -- productions and becoming -- catch you understand how to handle pitching staff. That's where the true catchers out to -- to -- 25 Jets tried and so I'd run that straighter even England's. That's awesome offense production is optional but the way you handle that eleven of the twelve man pitching staffs. On unbelievable. Wags moving on to that bullpen a lot of -- fans were were looking around -- each other all offseason Longo what is Doug Melvin -- do something about this bullpen. And he finally did on Friday signing Francisco Rodriguez for his third third third go -- with the team. How much better do you feel about the bullpen with K rod in the mix now. I'll I still think. It's great -- the veteran. I'm familiar with everybody he obviously -- -- familiar with and we know we know how pitchers we know we -- slow we know we can be frustrating throwing balls and strikes but we know that didn't result that you can appear screw it it's it's going to be a positive most likely. I'm I think we need to. Still we still got to work -- it used to go to work and -- -- we need a lefty. Like I -- I don't mind. Late in -- dominating starting pitchers. But I need somebody really true we you'd need somebody get left handed hitters out in the time of the game -- -- most important. I think -- still got some work to do I don't think he's I think he's gonna add some. You know -- and that help an -- open I don't know where Wilson at -- and I don't know what he's got. From what I've seen just -- that little bit of that I saw -- -- and I don't believe he couldn't crack the rotation at all I just hope that he can you know. Perfect Deborah Campbell may feel a bit better and maybe you -- -- -- left handed guidance and -- the power lefties out to -- about and you know guys that we need to. Don former Brewers pitcher Paul Wagner here in Irving -- hot -- weekly on Sports Radio 1250 WSS state Doug goes on gets K rod. To come and now I'm assuming he'll media eighth inning setup -- would be my guess frank Kinsler raced him in slot into that role before. I K rod. But it's immediate. It -- a couple of different things against your set up got an obvious is a proven -- it also gives you insurance. In case Jim Henderson doesn't work out because you didn't have anybody really at this point can go win their something happened Anderson -- -- are you want Henderson as a closer. Well I'd bet that's exactly the point I think that's where it is because you what you have to do is when you bring K riot -- for guaranteed money like that not. Just spring training invite like some of the other guys but you're get a guaranteed money can -- supplemental question -- -- you got to talk to them because again. You're dealing with young players like -- you don't you don't want to -- -- the wrong way so sure they've had a conversation with them and so you know what. He pitched well in the eighth inning are Gholston out you would K rod switch a couple of that the cure it will be insurance for Henderson. And an at bat the way you've got to approach the guy do. This much and I don't believe in telling a pitcher what is -- -- in the bullpen because when I came up. With old time managers Jim Leland but Mike -- -- Your role. As well like you almost Egypt got out I don't worry about your -- you get to go out. Now what you -- younger kids with veterans and got up that's surely a full time established closer. While nursing these two mixing and matching I think you're right that he can rod K rod goes there to -- to mentor. I understand get a mantra -- where he needs to be be a legitimate closer -- come July 31 it was a couple prospects. He is Paul White a former Brewers originally -- throughout the year on Sports -- 1230 Debbie Estes in all the shells as we always going up wags for some expert advice like -- -- -- -- -- I did on the road. And real quick Sparky we got member states as well it's that simple quick -- baseball academy you know kind of walk we are signing up so high school kids -- the spring league so. Checking out. Great the facility at their this year Doug Henry was up there a lot obviously just a hostess coaching staff out Kansas City so -- down for spring training right now -- Are a lot of good instructors their support that -- -- -- up there and but to some baseball. -- he sentenced to -- do something wrong into orbit match. But he's sentenced to a few dvds something Iran after the war but -- -- for a full season that's and I. It's. A bit. And all I well I don't -- had to deal -- -- back I wish that on anybody -- -- by Israel to active. -- -- -- have a good run and yet there's areas Paul Wagner joining us in the great midwest and top -- are. The key with GM be not through July after looking to buy our refinance -- home alike great midwest bank on FaceBook to learn how you. Could live mortgage free great mid West Bank simply local.