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2-11-14: Rupena's Hot Stove Weekly

Feb 11, 2014|

Ramie and Sparky talk with Brewer's Catcher Jonathan Lucroy and visit with former Brewer's Pitcher Paul Wagner to get you the latest info on the upcoming baseball season

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah Sports Radio 1250 WS has been proudly presents the official kickoff of the best Brewers coverage it's -- -- is hot still weekly. You're in depth look at Brewers baseball yeah we know it's cold and yes we know it's football season but we also know that it's never too early don't follow the -- -- still weekly covers the players the management the coaches everything breweries including you the -- Let's Todd -- on Sports Radio 1250 WS his feet. Now -- -- Tim Allen and Steve Sparky -- I'm not exactly. No franchise to mound tonight he's -- in Las Vegas with train wreck the -- for him. I'll however running back off filling in for Tim Allen were not so rather be here than anywhere with trainer -- agree yes that is -- is not so weekly -- Barlow is here as always other side of the glass and -- -- mile -- -- just talking about. Going out on -- spring training trip will be to our hot should show weekly show out in sunny sunny warm Phoenix. Not that comes out by coming up in Marquez rather be very worried train -- when he -- our guys you're around the margin and yeah but -- -- I sewed it biologist I'm on the policy a NASCAR race route there -- -- get back Arsenal has all the sudden I did with that going there as temperatures Phoenix 74 it's that. I could be -- I don't -- 82 yeah I mean it's tough tough life. So we'll see how that goes double B gone out there and I will have a -- so weekly shows each night that -- -- -- them Monday through Thursday and Friday. Now we'll have the seven -- things -- examples hockey's -- won't have won that night but. -- look at forty getting out there on today's show Johnson -- or Brewers catcher John is coming up at a quarter after six and former Brewers pitcher Paul Wagner joins us coming up. At about 635%. Of the show -- tonight talking about an article. Required a BS has -- baseball insider Adam Mckelvin with quotes from mark -- announcing a couple days ago mark and to announce Gil said quote the Republicans -- -- is health. I really do think we've assembled a good senior. -- I -- no issue with that. And -- now still continues one of the things are a lot of this offseason was Cardinals are so good and the reds are so good at the Pirates are so good. We look at that as a challenge that we can be real good too we were -- shrug our shoulders and say well gee we can't compete with these guys were gonna figure out how to go out and compete. With these guys. Now. Again. I think. When you talk about the owner of this baseball team. And his thought process. And how he goes about doing his job as owner of this baseball team. He's like Herb -- In some ways. Where he is just not going to ever concede to losing. At any point in time I just I don't think that's ever ever going to -- -- Now the one good thing. About this it is. Is -- this Brewers organization doesn't look like they're ever going to concede. The argument of payroll. From time to time he's going to spend money. Oh yeah he thinks he has a chance to show that two years and -- -- big additions late in the -- now you get Garza now the crazy thing about this is according to reports. I think was Joel Sherman reported -- the Brewers were among a handful of teams and I'm -- first baseman. If given first race -- Jose -- -- was his name. And it. All every team involved in the five teams did over six million dollars wanna ended up with the White Sox say that -- went to the White Sox now obviously Tim Allen our timeout just obviously that team you would think before the Garza deal. Sold they -- full -- Undisputed first base prospect if that works out I'm guessing the you don't have Matt Garza on this team and they go to -- first -- on tar. It doesn't work out the White Sox get -- you make cars I find -- The running. -- being media guy here you're being media guy here. I was impressed that you -- went really for it. For an international guy because we really haven't seen them go that high for international prospect not that we've heard of or -- right. They get through the smaller deals like -- I you'll -- but you don't -- going that high now. The red flagged for -- is. He convinced that -- you have a first baseman right now colds. Because you've got a guy named hunter Morris. But I thought we all thought it was gonna be that first base prospect in the future -- -- -- and now all of a sudden you're going. You all all all the way or try to go all the way to get this first base kid from Cuba to meet this tells me eat again maybe -- media -- But did I talked about it -- -- of our scouts. I don't think they're sold. I'm here and being a long term answer at first base right now so you're saying that that's a sign that and not just that they're not satisfied with the first base position this year but for -- next couple years obviously. The near future yet you would have to assume because your body until throwing around sixty million dollars if you think -- Morse is a player. Mean I don't know what everybody else -- -- may solve that. But that's what -- screamed a meal of -- yeah we got these hold overs Reynolds and overbay and all of Adam that's fine and dandy an arm Arsenal -- -- your triple I. But when you make that terrible pitch and a first baseman. That tells me your not necessarily all that convinced -- Morse is the guy the same way I feel about Tyler Thornburg. I don't think Ursula Tyler Thornburg either as an organization think after all the strewn around they've done and then they could be those Sparky and. I because I don't know what the trade market would be for -- hotter Morris -- for any of the young first baseman that they have coming right through their system right now. This was all before the Matt Garza signing so maybe they're thinking and we bring in Jose -- you were set at first base your fears to come if he pans out. Now we have pieces that we can move. And bring in a little bit more pitching. And maybe that's why they waited so long in addition to the to -- a -- to that to get over with to sort of set the -- -- pitchers. Maybe that's why they waited so long to get Matt Garza they're seeing if they could find it but -- agreed it could have got the first base prospect we don't think and Garza -- I don't think they could have done multiple that's all that's over a hundred million dollars or talk and I'm trying to find Jose Brady's age here as as we talked about it. Mean that's not an easy deal he turns 27 and -- or anybody now so he's only really when he wondered when he too I mean he's not. You know real young worry is it takes time to develop if you -- did like the White Sox did you would think he comes and plays they want yes there's -- no single way for a couple of years and then double play and then AAA. You're -- that dude in a play right now yes. And again I just to me I would -- -- -- front Morris but -- where they are as an organization in hunter more struggle last year and I understand that I get that. And Doug Melvin said. That they probably should've called him up at the end of the year to give him a look see your -- coffee that's maybe date problem they may be regretted not calling him up. -- I honor Morris I look at this -- there's a chance. -- -- -- -- possibly Iraq by -- -- -- this year I will be starting at first -- for this organization no matter how many of these guys you wanna bring. -- just -- us a -- I look at as a challenge I would like nothing more. Looking at this Milwaukee Brewers team that -- -- Morris to be the first base enough because this team is out of it and you're calling guys up. But because he's earned it at some -- -- got season. I would love nothing more than to see under Morris. Be that first baseman -- -- not worrying about the likes of Mark Reynolds and Lyle Overbay and what that means for your lineup I think the best case scenario. As -- mores comes in -- starts impressing. From day one out -- training camp in -- -- That they couldn't work out better for the Milwaukee Brewers then for that to -- -- is 25. So he's two years younger than this cat -- Abreu who they -- and offered sixty million dollars to a guy who is -- six year 68 million dollar deal from the White Sox six years so 33 yes yeah so they're really. I guarantee -- -- prior to deciding factor was how long the contract was going to be maybe the birds went -- said five to twelfth. You know for sixty now he's 32 and he got six more the more -- -- That may have been the deciding factor but either -- like -- sides of me was different under Mars you look at this lineup that's -- there and data -- block. He's projecting. Again I. I hope he's right about this I really don't -- I don't know -- -- -- or not I'm confused in this lineup is -- they don't have a -- lead -- and I don't -- but. It's a girl -- off Carlos Gomez batting second. -- batting third Ramirez fourth -- LeCroy is gonna come up about five minutes he's got they got him projected as fifth. Mark Reynolds who is a -- home run machine that's kind of what he has strikes up a home -- that's kind of -- he -- Batting sixth Chris Davis batting seventh and then scooter -- -- eight. And and the pitcher. I mean personally. If you had in a break you. They're coming here and isn't gonna strike out at this rate -- Mark Reynolds and do all that happy stuff and he's and that wild plays a Mark Reynolds that lineup is much stronger. Much stronger. If potter Boris turns out to be the guy we think he has right let's say he hits 28285. And hits 4045 home runs. Other and that changes it as a goal and forward. Sturgeon -- in the eight year old James a durable I don't like that person. I would -- -- -- when -- -- what. This I don't like I don't want to -- -- -- I would rather have everything slide down so I brother has starter leading off. I'd secured to go -- three broad for Ramirez five -- -- sixth. Now and Ronald Saturday -- Chris Davis eight I'd much rather have that it just makes the line of deeper. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Necessarily changing who he is. By leading off and a leadoff position I don't disagree with you think there's a mentality that -- -- position they don't reflect the four yet they don't have a true lead off man and if there's one guy on the roster I would like to see him given it a legit shot to its scooter Jeanette as a leadoff -- agree with you there. I I described -- to the philosophy that your best hitter hits third. It is what you want to get him up in the first inning see if he can get -- -- get the ball roll aren't you want to get him as many at bat a lot of accurate data throughout the season. -- -- like the idea of pushing Ryan -- Down a fourth album with -- was -- -- -- leading off I think Johnson -- is is a good fit for the two hole. I think you -- go Ryan brought after that and then you figure out the order from their -- I -- on down before you can -- -- -- but I think Goldman as benefits tremendously. More power perspective being in front of Ryan brought -- career as an -- you have. Who I think you could put him I need to put Gomez between brown and Amir asked. Absolutely not I will I will be done 115 -- they do something like that. They got that this -- -- do us run it -- -- in the four hole because -- Gomez is swinging out of his shoes because I didn't. The one before in my opinion. Are different mentality and everywhere else in the lineup in the four hole you're the run producer you're the one driving in runs all that pressure's on -- In the one hole you -- to be the table setter you have to take more pitches so the guys behind you can see more pitches there's more. There's more -- in a warning for a lineup than the rest of the line. So for me I want to -- nowhere near four I don't want -- leading off I don't want Gomez four -- that put more every one but I like Gomez and -- brought. And -- -- a girl in the two hole so. I agree that you want -- he has -- -- is boss why I get that. But for me I would decide everybody down golf -- coming up next we'll talk with a guy is projected at number five in the lineup by Adam McKelvey. He is -- got a job -- -- you normal course which can -- during the baseball season we'll talk to him coming up next. Right European it's hot -- weekly on Sports Radio 1250 WS -- Part of -- -- not so weekly on Sports Radio 1250 W -- as tasty Sparky five with you a lot when -- Mac while filling in for Tim Allen who's. Parting in Vegas and train wreck and welcome Matt Barlow other side of the glass up producing the show him becoming along with Tim on ourselves out spring training coming up. On February 28. And joining us now on the great midwest bank timeline he is Brewers catcher Jonathan who -- giant events off -- comment. I don't know how you -- I mean it is us. I always wonder what it's like when you have a short off season I think as a short off season. Like you do in baseball -- and then you're going to somewhere warm which is nice and Arizona and all that in. I would imagine the beginning part of spring training is kind of fun and exciting the -- and you just might get the heck out of there and start the season. Where are you -- -- emotionally immensely now they were this close. Well you know I we just tired yesterday. So -- -- know I'm pretty excited to be here and a pretty try to get things started -- in about. You know however about a month you know -- remarks probably like our tails to the cigarettes you know yeah absolutely. It's always an exciting week for -- here. Needs -- about this pitching staff and where this is now vs where it was when you're done. -- with a season at the end of last year and now you add a Matt Garza what was your reaction to that -- signing when it happened and what does he bring to this rotation. Well in all pretty excited -- -- -- all. Know you for taking them and you know and our division and in because. You know for three years nominees it's a good stuff -- and he competes men and they have with the -- -- need are patient you can definitely contrary Derrek Lee can help. And definitely get some momentum for so -- also that you got an inning eater. Talking with John and oh sorry go hi Jonathan haven't yeah. Yeah -- -- it up and -- eatery a lot of things and you know basically -- is there's an open book -- -- them. I -- Johnson Luke drivers catcher -- -- -- -- hot stove weekly. Jonathan how much do you follow sort of the what the Brewers are up purity is sort of weight from the memo from the team itself telling you hey we added so and so to the roster how closely are you following that as the -- season goes on. Well occupied at -- -- Monica I'm always excited you were doing and and who called cannot. You know bombed out early on you know we were doing too much in the -- you know they got Garza got Mark Reynolds and they you know they -- the ball Lyle Overbay into camp and it. All of sudden you know -- they go to yet cars -- -- did -- bring Frankie back era. You know after those moves -- -- like man I'm excited Emery Emery -- so. Definitely. You know gets everybody pumped up for the season prospects of winning so -- -- and I'm really pumped up for. Retired about this earlier in the show before you came on via comments made by the owner this Brewers baseball club. And and the county article on mark says quote one of the things are a lot this off season was the Cardinals are so good the reds -- so good in the Pirates are so good. -- look at that at that as a challenge that we can be real good -- we were gonna shrug our shoulders and say well gee we can't compete with these guys we're gonna figure out how to go out and compete with these guys. Now as a player that's gotta make you excited because not every organization. Is willing may be to put their money where their mouth is like this team has done over the last few years. Yeah I mean you know -- -- ownership of the history of making moves and to improve the club -- big moves late saw last year. Kyle Lohse and and then you know that is all you know couple years ago Oregon offense is -- is the playoffs and you know regard Zack Greinke and then you for that they're viewed that -- -- the big. You know -- with CC sabathia and -- and we got a history here don't. You know when it counts normally you know what it says Amanda -- -- muscle memorial. I'm pretty excited man I really am league where our did not certain enemy territory resorted fifteen guys here and go right -- ago enough so. But definitely concede the -- intensity -- I mean overall Rockford some. You look at that bullpen with Jim Henderson now the closer job with John -- having moved -- Arm and nobody will say okay well these kids -- -- would bring in back K rod. I wish I would assume at some stability. In that bullpen having another option as a closer or is an eighth inning Seneca. I flew in Munich -- sister -- -- competitor. In the chronicle about it is immediate -- teammates. A great a great -- laughter I bring that experience of veteran experienced similar to the bullpen. A home -- including you know you know open up when god put me out a catcher enough so -- He's -- -- and you know in general leadership and seeing you know he is very given that so he just -- -- the job done. Whatever column on. And the World Series champion here at the rain you know it takes so I've got like that you know on your squad to -- -- review. Jonathan imagine now how a guy like that can help you out as a catcher. When he's brought back around for his third go around with the Brewers how quickly do you guys fall back into sort of that. That comfort zone where you know what to expect from him he knows what to expect from you. Is -- immediate because he's already been here a couple times they think it'll take some some getting used to all over again. No no -- really pretty immediate up Cottam. You know for two years and two and a half years and so he -- pretty used to not know until it like it is so. You know I guess. Overall they -- -- or at -- and come back. I would Jon LeCroy Brewers catcher here -- -- as hot -- weekly the -- mid West Bank hotline on Sports Radio 1250. WS says. Obviously you like your team it is there another team in this division that you are getting -- and that that's probably the team now we're gonna have to deal with here before it's all -- done. Well -- look at everybody and you know you have got to get people at the Cardinals who individual stuff -- memorial -- -- -- -- mean that's. The pars are really being good last year. And you know the resident and ever gonna go way they would give us all ought and the Cubs many Cubs pick up on actually got their attention -- and let out. They're not gonna sneak up -- of them -- -- you're being generous odds -- -- you're being very generous but okay go Elarton can tell. How that same bed made -- a funny game as well -- bigger stronger faster meant that book also. There's you know -- what the other pitcher on the mound have a good you have a good game and also the best on -- down. Palm inaudible but a lot of in the world do you ever come up with but the pictures of your game shut down a lot of -- and you know that can happen any given day so. America take anybody lightly gonna get out there -- who we -- and a couple of -- so. Are definitely. Ready get -- tournament. -- -- Nicole -- questions popped in my head this -- last answer summit -- -- -- that's a scary when this happens out there -- off the script a little bit here gonna go and a little bit different world of just talking about the Brewers but I just as a baseball player. When you talk about -- -- being about being bigger stronger faster and so forth and I start thinking about that and I give that. But usually are taught in my how many games you guys play with -- limited amount of off days achieved yet. I would have to I assume are a lot of this game is surely physical but also mental to try to get yourself back up and ready to go the next day. Candidate that is I mean this game is a very physical game and you have to definitely take. -- yourself in the off season and even during the season. You know not think like not burn the candle both -- you know memorize stuff like stay in shape many guys that you -- do it. -- became -- it now play in a 160 games a year. And an and as a reason not everybody can play all those and I mean more than makes up so much respect for a guy like are injured. I'll -- -- sorry -- and all of it -- it now you know -- And where it is not a catcher there's no way -- always a -- disappear. You know our breakdown so much are probably be invisible London season I played good all those games up on the plate. And that's that -- a grind you gotta you gotta you gotta gotta battle about -- Yells Syria -- talk about what's the off season starts say they take some time where they're not working out they're not thinking about baseball than they get back to it. What's your offseason routine like -- at what point do you start thinking baseball again get back into that workout regiment in getting ramped up for spring training. I'd take him take a month off after the season -- nothing I just do nothing. -- And up -- and ailments and me. It's been Palmer come out there were current house or whatever Estrada. Not think about it because it's such. -- -- you know such as the the program as a middle gratitude and -- You know I've I've played baseball or ridiculous or life -- crazy is there's a lot of a lot of stress related with -- -- -- and one of those things where you got a definite who has separated mentally and that's one of the things I do -- that take a month -- a -- and then. Focus on our -- and I go on -- efficient. You do things like that so -- it works out. Diverse schedule jobs and -- right here on Sports Radio -- -- BS's -- back in the season it's a ground like you just said he had do all the time you drive yourself crazy. On the mental aspect the physical aspect. And when we talk commanders in the past I remember talking -- Ned yells at spring training Tim Allen one year. And that's at Madison and worth two or three games act and I slightly and said now we don't believe you will there were totally against you on that I think Amanda is more important than that how how crucial -- a manager when you're going through these stretches in June and July and you're really just trying to get through -- -- keep yourself ballpoint. You're hurting more than you want to be hurting the mental grind and everything else. This is confident all the majority big league managers they played. I noticed like to grind out a full season and in our -- our manager Ron played. Mike Mussina the Cardinals -- play him in those guys all around the you know the you know the big leagues I played and they don't also. You know they they don't they awkwardly to the players in the you know the fact that you know they know it takes you know what it -- -- -- goes through -- no. You know in the middle and in -- dog days of August man. And it's a 110 degrees outside you know as an artist so you know it's about elements to grind and you know not. -- -- but he can do about the strong -- From a player perspective. I'm always -- asked this question on -- -- never really have a look of a player per say. But when you have a manager that. Is going to support you would defend you no matter one's -- gonna call you off for doing something wrong even though maybe. The fans all saw the media all -- whatever else and he he's gonna defend you no matter what. Vs a manager who if you screw up he may say yeah you know he should've caught that ball -- that match he should've made that play and I. Between those two managers it is there a preference would you rather have a guy that's gonna defend you no matter -- would you rather have a guy that. This is going to be honest about certain things when players mess up. I like coming -- the guy and I appreciate that's where -- -- lot of people. -- what I think and -- you don't -- try to be disrespectful about it but. I try to be honest about it and five and I like surgeon general because those guys you know -- that outside view. On the some -- you needed to get better and without -- -- our perspective we're never gonna get better -- part that I can't I can't watch -- else going on you know from the side like more like a lot of muscle on video after it. I can -- Russel lives so it's. You know this is I don't part of my spot for. The other the other part of of being a manager that I I find an arresting. But in baseball and -- but the Tony La Russa is over the Jim -- lends or some of those those crotchety old veteran guys -- guess -- call on. On is you know -- -- maybe aren't going right. That manager may have an explosion and -- -- and everybody excited about the manager nobody's really talking about the players any of the more. They may -- takes a little pressure off from those players do players tend to appreciate -- -- have a sub happens. But that's what. But -- -- say no I've never had. I've never in the big -- and never seen that happen it happened mightily in -- -- the big leagues. As early happened I mean I've never been in this situation the big -- yet that we couldn't do that. You know I've been on losing streaks I've been in the news agency in. I don't women never to the point where -- comes at a table and it been like. I guess like I can see your point -- never heard -- like that I've heard that you know that the -- manager goes and there. What's table does something violent and churches and at peace departure some -- that's it together what kind of fired up and everybody you know I think in the right way. He retired about what he does with you guys want to do it when I'm talking about is. A La Russa goes off on the press about one question or the other I'm sick answer this question -- goes up right where he knows that the media. And now the media is just blast in the manager and that's the other time are the quotes. And now -- -- time of the plan the field when you guys are struggling because he kind divert the attention and takes the pressure off the yeah. Yeah I mean I think that I can that was -- have him on purpose. -- I'm never I've never actually heard that on purpose -- on the did you do it on purpose but. I've never seen it but a bitter lesson to be a part of that happens got -- Yeah no question about it is Joba Luke right catcher for your Milwaukee Brewers. Yeah repeat as hot so weekly John thanks -- come and -- thanks for being a part of WS -- Steve the last several years. We always say you're the best interview -- NASA speed that we've ever had at least on the station ten yourself -- slot man and I look forward to talked me again throughout the season. You -- take care. There is Jonathan -- cry -- a great mid West Bank cut line to turn. The -- with GMB now through July after looking to buy or refinance a home like great -- West Bank on FaceBook to learn how you could live mortgage free great midwest bank. Simply local. Iraq coming up next we'll get in a sports update with Matt Barlow of the smiling now Barlow other -- -- -- And then coming double time with -- Brewers pitcher Paul Wagner will get his thoughts on his Brewers pitching staff -- -- -- -- he's a very happy person -- You know he's getting married. -- and oh I -- know that I didn't hear about the what is the what he -- and you -- moral. -- -- Just not this year wins a baby -- -- not just don't do it this year it's all -- because we've got I've -- slicing -- right now I prefer not to be this year. All -- is we have an idea to body's not a destination -- is about his. Our friends having won in Mexico December just -- yeah. Yeah we get said it was the best week of his life. Really. I'm thinking about where in these pink. Flash stance sliding so yeah it's -- trading. What do you think thank you -- like the night that while coming up next and I'm all white -- ever -- -- not so weekly on Sports Radio 1250 to be assisted. Running back while -- -- Sparky five for know Tim Allen he is -- vacation and who Las Vegas. For he has partying and then -- by -- there what like 34 times a year. A yet this year he'll be there three times because of February they're going for his fiftieth birthday party and September. And then he'll go back out before World Series -- and Mike November herself to thank goodness Vegas that much -- -- -- Here is Matt -- other side the last producing this -- joining us now than what we're pulling any more times of the year while lighter -- asked me that same question he has former Brewers pitcher Paul -- joining us a great midwest bank hotline -- someplace. Or it's a cold it's cold here you just you have you ever been to Vegas nice. -- -- -- sure that it isn't that good ways. You can he he -- troubled areas you're. Like 34 visits a year well. And add them up really good yeah to have a really -- though. -- a good time and sometimes. You know those those graciously take here you -- cup tickets and food and almost certainly did you come back now street or -- and -- -- yeah. That's -- or your Bogut out -- -- I'm sure. That's right -- -- a -- for a living. OK let's talk a little above his Brewers pitching staff obviously last year -- body guy -- I struggled I mean off the field. Life wise -- what are you expected from -- -- this year. I'm more in Europe announced he needs to -- at about -- that -- -- yeah. He had some problems off field beyond all that well documented. Wasn't on the ball writes -- -- Just just just out of -- in general. You know I I hope it's not. I I expect the comeback of American history to win twenty games. We are much much improved pitcher yankees lost little weight council back English -- Got priorities street and I think we're gonna see -- -- article. You know from -- past that would -- all expected I don't think he ever gonna reached a pinnacle that we thought he won this is going to be a much better pitcher last year. Marital -- twellman chemical 418. ERA I would expect that ERA to get under four for sure this year maybe three and a half 375. Absolutely. What you know what's -- and he knows what. -- -- -- -- he was embarrassed as well embarrassed with all all aspects I don't. Of last year so he's in particular among himself when he does yeah pride themselves but it and I -- I expect good things wrong but you're right and it's -- -- -- -- of world war. Then you have Kyle Lohse who last year -- a rough one month of the year for the most part other than that -- very well 335 ERA. Eleven and Tammy probably should've had more wins -- he got I'm the year I would assume Kyle Lohse -- probably be somewhere in that same area if he's healthy. I agree I don't think he has that that little -- it's tough when a batter -- pitcher comes over. Whether it's a large free agent signing. Or just a situation -- signing you know you comfortable winning its its hard. It's hard to loose when you're so used -- -- and -- it's not an excuse because you know we are professionals in -- are professionals collecting a paycheck up to go in there. -- every night and perform -- 100%. But yeah I remember guys are human and look at Kyle -- -- we're came from what he was put into Asher. He carried it appear at the concentration level and and the effort wars which rewarding to lots -- -- -- -- expect the laps the first champion the winner. It was a good sign up and start a draft pick situation -- it was a great -- expect the well. -- reformers -- -- near here on. Repeat as hot stove weekly -- the next guy up in that rotation that we -- -- talk about is the guy that market to -- brought in this year and Matt Garza. And win the signing happened we talked about it on the big showed how surprised by how much negative reaction there was to the -- because of his checkered -- Injury passed to me a -- there is you know some sort of catastrophic season ending injury for Matt Garza. I'd rather take what needed 25 starts from a Matt Garza. Than what they had in the rotation in their already he'll probably run into some health problems and miss a few starts. But I really don't see a downside to that signing do you. Don't lie and the year cattle but I do you you have to do that -- Milwaukee market you got to go forward and option however that is. I'll never that picked up -- the rich club mutual or player option but. You know you he'd prefer -- goal last years I believe every general manager would love to to go lectures with pitchers that it will help and kind of the checkered out. Personally -- -- minor injuries tweaks elbows shoulders you know you're that are. But yeah I agree -- -- stabilize that rotation and we all know as much as we want. Pitching will win ball games and you know you're at a better potentially that it -- you -- sent twenty -- Maybe 26 starts. Whether you -- in order to -- for all star break opportunities off. That beset that's a good sign you are so hard from. A lot of guaranteed money in and so that's -- -- -- perturbed going to be -- three years. And that's why don't -- so happy with the Kyle Lohse -- thought it was a great job -- done market or poor processed. That child won't signing for the three years with that with whatever -- plays an option afterwards but or you're guaranteed if you stays healthy. Perfect. Before I signed Matt Garza the X-Factor in -- -- deal as far as I was concerned was -- Peralta he just how big of a next step he's gonna take after having been in our rotation. I'll last year Peralta showed you signs of being -- pitcher that the Brewers think he can be at the front of the rotation. But he showed you the inconsistencies of being a young pitcher in his first year. In the big leagues last year 1115 a 437 ERA this year what do you expect. I. I know I don't know. You're I don't know this year but it will be -- I don't know I -- -- -- you can get double digit wins -- -- -- -- do a little bit better on the area Kuester could look at that number's I think you become more consistent. I think the upside I would proper -- -- There's some of the guys when we're talking last year about trades and stuff like that you got -- quarter and -- -- -- -- up the middle. I really like to Carlos Gomez and Alex and solid -- I think you're only untouchable. Last year that education was little -- twelve does not. He got ever doubted whether -- to the clinic. What are you giving you that I don't know the answer your question I think we're with a more consistent. Results person their next year but I think in the future may become 2015. Out of a lights out we got a top -- number two pitcher maybe even -- even -- -- -- the security but a legitimate number two starter. Those guys -- the front four in -- rotation we know that for sure now five. Is -- his favorite Marco Estrada and -- one of my guys Tyler Thornburg a much of their organization really respects all that much between Estrada and Thornburgh. Which one would you put in -- that five hole as of now. As of now -- to better Michael Estrada. I think it's his job I would say would be Matt could -- -- his job to loose. I I would goal strata first -- -- and performs poorly spring training. Can't get anything down. Didn't confused looks awkward on the mound not throw strikes something like -- good -- -- an injury or something I don't mind going the other way toward but. I I -- -- first. One other thing that -- -- saying we're talk about the five man rotation I have restrict believer in the -- arms. Maybe in the bullpen and -- lefties in and out there we will go over that later but the start having a dominant right handed dominant starting rotation I have little problems with that. And I think -- will it will be beneficial I think the staff is gonna put together. You've got a guy a veteran catcher now behind the plate who kind of knows what -- do what. He learns every single day and every single year that goes by that certainly has opted to productions. Becoming catch you understand how to handle pitching staff. That's the true catchers -- so predictably 25 Jets tried and so I'd run that straighter 89 runs. That's awesome offense production -- -- But the way you handle that eleven of the twelve man pitching staffs. -- unbelievable. Wags moving on to that bullpen a lot of birds fans were or were looking around -- each other all offseason Longo what is Doug Melvin -- do something about this bullpen. And he finally did on Friday signing Francisco Rodriguez for his third third third go around with the team. How much better do you feel about the bullpen with K rod in the mix now. -- I still think. It's great you know -- better. I'm familiar with everybody he obviously familiar -- familiar -- and we know we know how he pitches we know we were slow we know we can be frustrating throwing balls and strikes but we know that didn't result whether you can they're screw it it's. It's it's going to be a positive most likely. I think we need to. Still we still got to work on it. We still gonna work -- the -- we need a lefty. Like I -- -- mind. Late in dominating starting pitchers. But I need somebody we -- true we you'd need somebody to get left handed hitters out in the time of the game when it's most important. I think he's still got some work -- -- I don't think he's done I think he's gonna add some. You know some left handed opened -- open I don't know where Wilson at -- and I don't know what he's got. From what I've seen just -- that little bit of that I saw in life and I don't believe these -- -- -- the location at all I just hope that he can you know. Perfect unbreakable home debut of -- veteran maybe you don't need to be left handed -- -- get to the power lefties out to -- about and you know guys that we need to. -- former Brewers pitcher Paul Wagner here in Irving has hot -- weekly on Sports Radio 1250 WS -- state Doug goes -- gets K rod. To come and now I'm assuming he'll media eighth inning set -- got to be my guess -- Kinsler raced him in slot into that role before. I K rod. But it's immediate. It -- a couple of different things he gives you set up -- the -- is a proven guy would also gives you insurance. In case Jim Henderson doesn't work out you didn't have anybody really at this point -- can go win their something happened Anderson Howell sold are you want Henderson as a closer. Well I'd -- that's exactly the point I think that's where it is because you which you have to do is when you bring K -- -- for guaranteed money like that not. Just spring training invite like some of the other guys but you're get a guaranteed money can your supplement -- question -- eat you got to talk to them because again. You're dealing with young players like he -- you don't you don't want to a luncheon -- the wrong way so sure they've had a conversation with them and so you know what. He pitched well needs -- our Gholston -- you would K rod switch -- -- a little bit -- that will be insurance for Henderson. On an at bat the way you've got to approach to got to do. As much as I don't believe in selling a picture what -- whole lives in the bullpen because I came up. -- old time managers Jim Leland but -- -- gross. Your role. As well -- can -- almost Egypt got out I don't worry about your won't get -- -- out. Now what you -- younger kids with veterans and you gotta -- but surely a full time established closer. While nursing these two mixing and matching I think you're right I think he -- Q school -- there to mentor. I understood and get a mantra -- where he needs to be be a legitimate closer -- come July 31 it was a couple prospects. He is Paul White a former -- did you earlier in throughout the year on Sports -- 1230 Debbie -- in all the shells as we always going up -- for -- expert advice like -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- road. And real quick Sparky we got member distinction like it's that simple quick -- baseball academy -- kind of walk we are signing up so high school kids this spring league so. I'm checking out it's great the facility up there this year Doug Henry. Was up there a lot obviously you -- -- closest coaching staff -- in this city so he -- country right now what's. Are a lot of good instructors -- look like that's a good chance -- up there and but to some baseball. -- he sentenced to -- do something wrong to -- that. But he's sentenced to a -- -- do something Iran after the war but now ideals for a full season that's and I. -- -- Probably didn't. -- yeah well I don't know well that to deal about it back I wish that on anybody -- -- by Israel to active. Orangemen -- to have a good run and get these areas Paul Wagner joining us -- the great mid West Bank hotlines or. The key with GMB -- after July after looking to buy our refinance a home alike great mid West Bank on FaceBook to learn how you. Could live mortgage free great mid West Bank simply local. All right is -- being as hot -- quickly we'll come back in a talk a little bit about a couple of guys that. We haven't really just dot namely Rickie Weeks and the departure of -- I -- that's the next. But yeah so quickly out Sports Radio itself safety WS says beastie -- five with you -- long -- if so are running back -- I've heard that -- and while other sideline last smiley Matt -- load on his thing Garrett for brewers' spring training coming up. -- here and to get going on down a month -- -- -- February 20 and again bill Michaels will be -- -- Of the week all of February 17 so -- NW SS -- -- -- -- latest number spring training in Arizona. A throughout the month of march a couple of names that we -- bring up when we were talking about this earlier in the show. Rickie Weeks -- Last year hitting 209 with ten home runs only in 300 in 99 plate appearances. Now before he had a torn hamstring this year is gonna make eleven million. Dollars. Mom and they're saying it's -- job to lose at second base. I'd personally thank. That -- Rickie Weeks plays. The sic and spring training it's 275 to eighty similar that I think he's gonna get the idea that's my opinion that I don't think. They're they want him on the bench at this point if he gets to 75 to eighty maybe but if he comes in looking anything like the Rickie Weeks that we saw last weekend like a box it's not -- spring -- I don't -- -- -- and now he's got to play well spring training. Now without question nor -- being -- I didn't like it. Okay I understand that especially now the guy you got back is going to the bullpen Will Smith he's not even in the rotation at this point. But they don't have a veteran fallback option really was Chris Davis now they don't mean you're talking about it I -- -- I was just gonna say it's not Chris Davis is going to be -- Kindle or who's the other name I've heard mentioned over for that doesn't -- that that's the issue here mean. Yeah you're gonna have to finger on Schaefer right you're gonna have to figure out what you're gonna do and I I don't know how comfortable I am. With Caleb didn't know being out -- option if there is the struggle like my does that Logan -- last year though so I I liked him too but just taken power in that corner -- right Brett -- back off I'm -- -- Phifer Matt by the other side glass that's another additional penis shots -- -- -- -- to -- to on the Wendy's big show. On Sports Radio 1250 W assessment.